Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Review

The Keiser M3i is an invention in the world of indoor cycling and spinning bikes. Keiser M3i indoor cycle was the first to feature a Bluetooth wireless computer to enable the riders to connect to the online platforms.

Keiser M3i indoor bike is the third model of Keiser M series bikes after Keiser M3 and M3 Plus and boasts better features. Whenever Keiser revolutionizes a new top-of-the-range exercise bike, there is a great deal of excitement among the fans, and that was definitely the case when the new Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle was officially launched.

In our Keiser M3i review we will disclose all the many pros and very little cons of this excellent spin bike. In terms of accuracy testing, the Keiser initiated a new venture that was never attempted before.

The Keiser M3i was the first indoor cycle to receive EN ISO 20957-1 certification by TUV Product Services, global testing, inspections, and certification organization. This means you can see accurate data of your performance on the LCD.

There are many reasons why riders like this Keiser spin bike but the most important ones are the exceptional durability of frame and parts and also the quiet maintenance-free operation.

Having said that, this bike weighs only 85-lbs in compact dimensions that can fit pretty much everywhere and support up to 300-lb. Its lightweight and the silicon transport wheels make it really easy for users to move the bike. Meaning, you don’t have to be super strong to move this indoor cycle from one place to another.

With everything being said, there are pros and cons that you need to know before purchasing the Keiser exercise bike to see if it suits your needs and budget. For example, you should know that Keiser M3i indoor cycle is the second most expensive Keiser indoor cycle exercise bikes after Keiser M3iX.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Table of Content

Keiser M3i Specs:

  • Q-Factor: 197 mm equals to 7.75 inches
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt
  • Warranty: 5 Yrs on Frame and 3 Yrs on mechanical parts
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Resistance level: 24-Levels
  • Resistance handle: Lever/shaft
  • Displays the current gear level: Yes
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes
  • Tablet Holder: Yes
  • Fixed Gear: Yes
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Foot levelers: Yes, 4 points
  • Chest Strap: A Polar-brand Bluetooth compatible strap included
  • Dimensions: H 45” X W 26” X L 49”
  • Item weight: 85 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 300-Lbs
  • Flywheel: 8-Lbs
  • Programs: None
  • Bluetooth: Yes 4.0 Standard
  • ANT/+: No
  • Data storage: Yes, on the Apps
  • Console: Backlit, displays the Time, Current Gear level, Distance, Speed, Odometer, RPM, Watts, Heart Rate, and Calories
  • Pedals: Keiser’s new revolutionary design Toe cage and spd pedals
  • Power Source: 2-AA batteries included
  • Handlebar Adjustment: Horizontal & Vertical
  • Seat Adjustment: Vertical & Horizontal
  • Protection Mat: Included
  • Assembly: Required, all tools included
  • User Height: Min 4.10″/ Max 6.7″

M3i Compatible Apps:

  • Bkool (Available in the ios and Andriod)
  • Keiser M3 Series Pro apps (Available in the iOS and Android)
  • GOInd (available in the App Store)
  • Impowered BeTested (available at Google Play)
  • Impowered BeTrained (available at Google Play)

Incompatible Apps:

  • Zwift
  • Trainer Road
  • The Sufferfest
  • CycleCast
  • Aaptiv
  • Studio Sweat On-Demand
  • Peloton

How to join these spinning Apps?

Keiser features Standard Bluetooth 4.0 but not ANT/+. Unfortunately, their BLE/Bluetooth can’t communicate with the most popular cycling Apps mentioned above. Although, it might connect to some of them, it doesn’t synch the cadence to these apps. Here are your options in order to properly connect the Keiser M3i spin bike with the Zwift, Peloton, Train Road and other Apps.

Solution 1: (Recommended)
Keiser M3i Converter

It was released in December 2018 and it is currently available in the US and UK. The converter is a small device that attaches to the backside of the M3i’s media holder and runs on a coins cell battery that lasts 3 months.

Once you double-tap the converter, it will automatically search and connect to the bike. Using this converter by Keiser, you can join the Zwift and many other cycling apps.

The converter will enable the bike to send the RPM and the Watt to the connected fitness apps. The M3i converter comes with a battery, instructions, 2 pieces of hook and loop adhesive tapes.

Currently (February 2021) the Keiser M3i’s converter is included in the M3i bundle. Normally, the converter costs around $190 but you get it for free when buying the Keiser m3i cycle.

Solution 2:
Wahoo sensors

Purchase a speed sensor and stick them to your pedal, download the FREE Wahoo App, move the crank arms to wake up the sensors, then turn on your device’s Bluetooth and there you will see the option to connect with the Wahoo sensors.

After connecting the sensors to your device download the cycling training app that you like and join the games, simple as that. The free Wahoo App is available on Google Play and Apple Store and allows you to track and save your daily progress on your account.

It costs less than $50 and takes less than 5 minutes to stick them to your bike’s crank arms. Wahoo speed sensor features Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT/+ connectivity. They can connect to pretty much all your Bluetooth-enabled Android and iOS devices.

Solution 3:
Power Pedals

There are many ANT+ and Bluetooth-enabled Watt pedals that transfer Power, Cadence/RMP, and Speed to your device. These pedals come with spd clips and install like any other pedal to your Keiser M3i bike. However, this option is very pricey. Some of the most popular high-tech pedals are Assioma DUO Power Meter, Garmin Vector 3 and Powertap P1 Pedals.

Wahoo vs Power Meter Pedals. Wahoo sensors only transfer the Cadence and Speed while the Power meters transfer Watts, Cadence, Speed, Foot balance, MPH and even more workout details. Obviously, Power Meters are the better option but they also cost up to 15 times more than a set of Wahoo sensors.

What is new on Keiser M3i indoor cycle

  1. Re-designed Pedals
  2. Bluetooth Enabled Console
  3. New color
  4. Media Tray

Keiser M3i is currently one of the most sold and loved spin bikes in the spin classes worldwide. The reason for it is the technology and engineering behind it. M3i is the advanced version of the M series bikes with pretty much no flaw to point out.

Keiser engineers went a long way and improved everything that was missing in the previous versions: the sexy combination of black, red and steel color, the Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to record your workout data and, last but not least, the new revolutionary pedals.

Keiser M3i Comparison and Overview

Keiser M3i is one of the most beautifully designed indoor cycles with the flywheel in the back for better protection from sweat and corrosion. Its V-shape frame helps to accommodate all sizes of riders, it also allows easy mounting and dismounting.

This Keiser spin bike features commercial quality solid stainless steel frame and heavy-duty aluminum parts for gym owners and riders. The quality is beyond questioning and that’s one of the reasons it has a warranty of 3 years for parts and 10 years for the frame.

The single belt requires little to no maintenance and makes this indoor bike very quiet. Forget about having a tool and adjusting the belt, it almost requires no adjustment. The Keiser M3i’s magnetic resistance system technology is another major factor in giving you a smooth whisper-quiet ride.

What makes the Keiser M3i indoor cycle bundle better than the M3 plus is the revolutionary re-designed Keiser Bike Pedal and the Bluetooth wireless signal for open API for tablets and smartphones. M3i spin bike by Keiser can revamp the look of any room or gym. Especially so after adding the new black and red color and Bluetooth to save the workout data.

In terms of comparison between Keiser M3i vs Peloton and other similarly priced indoor cycles such NordicTrack S22i, and Echelon EX7s, I would say Keiser a better quality bike. I understand the mentioned competitors comes with huge touchscreen monitors but they also come with, is an overpriced monthly subscription fee.

Basically, they sell you the bike trying to trap you with paid subscription, in fact that’s why the giant touch monitor that comes with Peloton, S22i and Echelon are pretty useless if you don’t subscribe to their apps. And even worse, these bikes only connect with one single application (the one of their brand).

To summarise the pros of Keiser M3i pros vs Peloton, Nordictrack, and Echelon, I would say there are 3 major superior features. #1, M3i’s monitor functions 100% without subscription, #2, M3i connects with almost all major cycling applications, #3, Keiser M3i indoor cycle is made in the United States.

The Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle is designed for tense cycling training and gives one of the most close-to-real cycling feels of an outdoor road bike. Overall Keiser M3i spin bike is a great cardio workout bike and features the simplest of engineering designs and fully made in the USA to ensure the high quality.

Keiser M3i drive system

Keiser M3i features belt drive which gives this spin bike a very smooth ride. Belt drive also makes the bike very quiet and free from everyday maintenance. Unlike a chain drive that breaks more often, needs adjustment and lubrication.

The Keiser stationary bike features a single belt drive which requires zero adjustments. The belt transfers the power from a big pulley to the little pullies and finally turns the flywheel. This drive mechanism creates a high gear-ratio which is one of the reasons you won’t get the up and down pedal motion and you get the real road feel cycling despite the light-weighted flywheel.

Keiser M3i indoor exercise bike console

Keiser M3i review
1 – Backlit Sensor
2 – Cadence (RPM)
3 – Power Output Watts
4 – Heart Rate
5 – Elapsed Time
6 – Current Gear
7 – Trip Distance

In this Keiser M3i review you will learn everything there is to learn about this bike. Just like other Keiser M series spin bikes, you get a digital display with a light sensor at the top of the console that turns on the back-lit when the room is dark.

If the room light is good enough to read the number without the back-lit,
then it stays off. It’s a good feature for longer battery life.

The LCD display is not touch-screen and doesn’t have any buttons. As soon as the crank arms turn, you will be able to see the values of your workout.

There are four new features on the Keiser M3i console.

  • Interval training set up
  • Keiser M3i Bluetooth setup for data storage
  • Bike ID# set up
  • Mile and kilometer set up

The workout values that you can see on the Keiser M3i spin bike console:

  • Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)
    Meaning how fast you pedal per minute. You can read the manual to see the max RPM you can do because there is a limit for your own safety.
  • Watts
    This tells you how much power you are generating, it’s an important feature, especially in the spin classes. Every few seconds the display alternates between watts and calories burned. Every time for 2 seconds you see the calories and for 6 seconds you see the watts.
  • Heart Rate
    The handlebars don’t have pulse sensors. In order to see the heart rate, you need to wear a polar strap which is not included with the bike. If you see an O, it means you are either not wearing a strap or your strap is not compatible.
  • Elapsed Time
    You will see the total time of your exercise.
  • Gear
    The current resistance level you are spinning is shown here. Keiser M3 and M3+ have 24 levels of resistance
  • Odometer
    When you start pedaling for a few seconds, it shows the distance of your workout since you bought the bike. After few more seconds, it starts showing the distance result of your current exercise.
  • How to reset the computer
  • Two ways to reset the computer. You can move up and down the gear shifter twice or leave the Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle for 60 seconds.
  • 60 Seconds
    If you stop pedaling for 60 seconds, the workout data will be automatically reset to zero. It’s one of the drawbacks of Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle, especially if you need to answer a call or open the door for a minute.
  • Average workout calculation
    To view averages of RPM, watts, and heart rate at any point in the workout, stop pedaling for three seconds. This will flash your averages until you start moving again or until the computer goes to sleep after 60 seconds.
  • Resetting ride averages, elapsed time and distance
    To reset your averages during the workout, stop pedaling for three seconds and the averages will start to flash, while they are flashing move the gear shifter from bottom to top two times quickly. This will reset your workout information back to zero.
  • Keiser M3i LCD battery and how to replace it
    To test the computer batteries and see if they are charged, pedal until the computer “wakes up”. If the battery is low, a “LO-BA” will display at the bottom of the screen. To replace the batteries unscrew the back of the computer housing, remove the old AA batteries and replace with a set of two new AA batteries.
  • Interval training
    To initiate an interval, starting from a high gear drop the shifter handle to gear 1 for 1/4 of a second and lift it up to a higher gear immediately. “inL #” will display confirming the interval has started.
    Repeat the above steps to end the interval. When the interval ends the computer will display “inL End” and the averages for that interval will blink.
  • Bluetooth and compatible Apps
    According to the Keiser website, some of the apps that support their M series bikes are:
    #1. Keiser M3 Series Pro apps (iOS and Android)
    #2. Empowered BeTested (Android)
    #3. Ride Buddy Buckets (iOS)
    #4. GOInd (iOS)
    #5. Empowered BeTrained (Android)

What we do like about the Keiser M3i indoor cycle console?

Bluetooth: it was a big issue with the older Keiser bikes as you couldn’t save your workout data on the bike or online. M3i is featured with a Bluetooth that allows you to connect to the Keiser App on Android and iOS platforms. You will need to create an account with your basic information, save the daily workout values online and share it with other cyclists. You can also place your phone or tablet on the media tray (included with the bike) and watch your performance data on the bigger screen.

The distance traveled is displayed in Odometer in the default settings. It’s somewhere between kilometer and mile but if you want to set it to miles or kilometers, watch the video below or read the M3i manuals. Note: At the time of purchasing you can also ask the retailer to set up the M3i trip distance to miles.


Keiser M3i indoor cycle spinning bike has 24 levels of magnetic resistance for all ranges of cycling from easy to medium and intense training, while most spin bikes come with less than 20 resistance levels.

Keiser M series features Eddy Current magnetic which means nothing comes in contact with the flywheel. It’s also very quiet and smooth because no parts touch each other. When you add resistance and bring tension on the bike, the two opposing magnets hover on both sides of the flywheel to give resistance. So, the more tension you give to the bike the more surface of the flywheel gets covered by the magnets. There is about two quarter-sized magnets on either side of the flywheel.

Magnetic resistance does not come in contact with the flywheel, therefore, there are no worn-out parts. The other types of resistance are friction and brake pads. They both make noise and need maintenance.

Keiser m3i review

Another good feature of Keiser M3i is the gear shaft and the current gear is displayed on the LCD. Most spin bikes have a knob for resistance adjustment and it’s difficult for the rider to go back to his last tension gear because it’s not written on most bikes.

However, Keiser M bikes come with a properly designed shaft right in front of the rider at the bottom of the handlebars for easy gear switching.

The gear level is displayed at the bottom left corner of the LCD which is also a very unique and useful feature. You can also use the gear shaft for the emergency brake. To do so, you need to move the shaft all the way up and hold it there. This way you bring more tension to stop the flywheel from turning.

Note: You can also set up your bike to do interval training and it’s a new feature on Keiser M3i indoor cycle. Read the above Console Paragraph for instructions.

Keiser M3i flywheel weight

Keiser M3i spin bike features an 8-lb steel flywheel. It’s proven that for spin bikes with magnetic resistance, single belt drive and the combination of big and small pullies, the flywheel weight is not a factor of smooth pedal motion.

All the Keiser M Series bikes have 8-Lb flywheels and still, they manage to give you the most natural road feeling in indoor cycling that you can get. The reason behind this is the belt, magnetic resistance, and both the big and small pullies.

It’s not freewheeling, which means when the flywheel turns, the crank arms and the pedals turn too. If you pedal forward, the flywheel turns forward as well. If you pedal backward, the flywheel turns backward. This great indoor cycle gives you a 360-degree pedal stroke which makes the motion more fluid rather than up and down.

Frame and maintenance

Keiser m3i review

Keiser indoor bikes are top-rated and designed for commercial use, meaning they are built to be used multiple users in the spin classes and clubs for hours daily. So, there is no doubt that Keiser M3i indoor exercise cycle has one of the best heavy-duty steel frames among the spin bikes in the entire market.

The perfectly designed dimension of this spinning bike helps to keep the bike and the rider steady even during the most energetic and intense exercises. The painted and the aluminum Keiser M3i parts are very durable against the sweat.

The main material used in the frame of Keiser M3i indoor bike is heavy-duty aluminum and steel. The new sexy dark black and shiny red colors, simplicity and strength design on Keiser M3i can attract even those who don’t do the spinning workout. The V-shape frame helps to get on and off the bike easy. It also helps to protect the bike from sweat. Keiser M3i frame requires little to no maintenance.

The base has four feet, providing maximum stability on uneven surfaces. For better protection of the floor, you can purchase a Keiser M3i mat to use under the bike as well (unless it’s included in your purchase).

Note: Three feet of the frame are fixed and can’t be adjusted but one foot is adjustable. The leveler’s foot is located on the left rear corner of the base frame. By rotating the foot inward or clockwise you can adjust the base on uneven surfaces.

Read the list of the parts you need to check daily, weekly and monthly:

  • Wipe off the sweat after each session
  • Check and re-torque crank arms and pedals, weekly for the 1st month
  • Clean with warm water and a soft towel, weekly
  • Check computer for low battery life, weekly (pedal until the computer “wakes up”. If the battery is low, a “LO-BA” will be displayed)
  • Check and re-torque crank arms, pedals and mainframe nut, monthly
  • Wax those areas most in contact with sweat, monthly
  • Lubricate adjustment handle threads, monthly

Handlebars of Keiser M3i indoor cycling

Keiser m3i review
Learn about the above handlebars in the Keiser M3i detailed review

Keiser M3i handlebars are designed differently and unique from any other spin bike on the market.

The shape is ergonomically designed for less stress on the back and a better view of the tablet and phone screen if you have them on the tray.

It’s 4-way adjustable to accommodate users with different heights. Despite the media tray, you can still use the handlebars in 4 cycling positions:
#1. Overhand front position
#2. Hook or middle position
#3. Extended position
#4. Time trailing position

Note: If you are planning to buy a spin bike that has V-shape frame, make sure that the handlebars are horizontally and vertically adjustable. Because they move up and down at a 45-degree angle.

On the V-shape frames, if you bring handlebars down, it gets too close to you because it doesn’t go straight down. The same rule applies when you move the handlebar up (it gets far from you) because it doesn’t go up straight. If it’s horizontally adjustable, you can simply adjust it to come closer or it gets far from you.

Seat Adjustment

The seat is easy to replace and very comfortable for a spin bike. You can adjust the seat for your height by loosening the levelers located at the back of the seat. It’s also 4-way adjustable, which means you can fore/aft, up and down to help you find the most comfortable and natural position.

Keiser M3i also features plunging system seat post. The seat post has multiple holes where you can lock the plunger. You can also have the seat halfway between two holes and just tighten the knob. The good thing is that if the seat adjustment knob is not tight enough and the seat falls down, it will fall down into a hole instead of going all the way down.

Pedals and crank arms

Keiser M3i features the new revolutionary re-designed pedals. They are engineered to be better and more comfortable than any other pedal in the market. You can exercise with both normal athletic shoes and cycling shoes, the pedals have SPD and the cage. Read below to see what’s new on Keiser M3i pedals.

  • Ramped barbs allow for secure foot placement without insertion difficulty
  • The curvature of the pedal matches typical shoe design, eliminating pressure points on the rider’s foot
  • Stronger bearings tested for static and dynamic loads experienced when the rider gets on, off, and rides the bike
  • Easily accessible SPD tension adjustment
  • Flexible and strong axle design that evenly distributes stress load. Forged, Chromoly steel axle, machined and heat-treated for maximum strength
  • Re-angled SPD clip position provides greater clearance between the cage and the ground when using the SPD clips
  • Due to the curve on the crank, you can wear normal athletic shoes and bulky athletic shoes without hitting the crank arms.
  • People with wider hips feel more comfortable on the bike due to the angle.

M3i Warranty Terms

  • 10 Years frame
  • 3 Years cylinders, displays, processor boxes
  • 2 Years compressor and dryer, cables, pulleys, and bearings
  • 1 Year Chrome
  • 90 Days paint, upholstery, seat belts, hand grips, and other rubber and plastic products.

Not covered under warranty 

  • Loss caused by accident, abuse, improper use or neglect
  • Improper maintenance
  • Improper assembly by the purchaser
  • Failure to follow instructions as stated in any of the manuals provided with the Keiser M3.

Power requirements

Keiser M3i cycle requires only 2 AA batteries for the LCD and thanks to the back-lit sensor, the batteries last longer than most competitor bikes.

Keiser bikes Accessories


  • Water bottle holder that fits both small and bigger bottles;
  • One set of AA batteries for the LCD Display;
  • Keiser indoor cycle comes with wireless Polar strap;
  • Assembly and maintenance tools;
  • M3i indoor cycle holiday bundle includes a media shelf;
  • Floor protection indoor cycling mat;

Bluetooth Technology

The first spin bike featured with smart Bluetooth was Keiser M3i and it’s the only piece that M3 Plus was missing. You no longer have to manually write down your workout values. With Keiser M3i wireless connectivity you can create a profile on one of the M3i compatible apps and save your values. Keiser M3 Plus and M3 don’t have Bluetooth so you can’t save your workout data on the bike or online. To find out which apps the Keiser M3i is compatible with, see the Console paragraph.

Media Tray

You no longer have to leave your phone far when pedaling because Keiser M3i comes with a well-angled and good size media rack. Connect your device and enjoy the workout performance data on the big screen. The Keiser M3 and M3+ lack in media tray so you can’t have your phone or tablet on the cycle.


Keiser M3i door cycles come half-assembled, the major parts that you need to put together are the frame on the base, flywheel, pedals and crank arms, handlebar, and Console. It takes about 2 hours to do it properly. Make sure to follow the manual step by step and put it together correctly because if you fail to follow the instructions, the warranty doesn’t cover the future damages. With the Keiser M3 spin bike Holiday Bundle all the assembly and maintenance tools are included with the purchase.

Torque wrench (Minimum 45 Nm / 35 ft-lb) 16mm, or 5/8” crowfoot
4” extension5mm Allen Wrench
15mm open-end wrench6mm Allen Wrench
16mm, or 5/8” open-end wrenchPaste or spray wax (used to clean after assembly)
#2 Phillips screwdriverClean cloth
15mm crowfootLPS #3 Heavy Duty Rust Inhibitor w/straw
2 - 10mm Wrenches

Final Word on Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

Being in the only spin bike completely made in the USA, the Keiser M3i indoor cycle is unbeatable in terms of built quality and quality inspection. I under Keiser M3i price is a bit steep but considering it’s fully commercial quality and top-notch design by Pro cyclists, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this bike to a friend or family. Unlike Peloton, Nordictrack, Echelon, and many other popular names, Keiser doesn’t limit the bike’s functionality to a month The Keiser M3i weighs 85-lb and has two silicon transport wheels which make it easy to move around in the house or gym, even if you are not a weight lifter. The compact Keiser M3i dimensions allow you to store the bike anywhere in the house without taking much space. Compared to its competitors, M3i Lite indoor bike weighs at least 30 to 50-lbs less. Simplicity, strength and easy portability are only some of the features that make Keiser M3i one of the best spin bikes in the market.

While Keiser M3i is not a budget indoor cycle, it’s a good value for the money. Beautifully designed for the most comfort, protection, and great look. The Bluetooth technology functionality that allows the user to track and download the workout values puts this cycle over the top of the list. Keiser M3i is a top-rated heavy-duty spin bike built with commercial quality. The quality and features added to this indoor cycle makes it very hard to find any cons.

9.5Expert Score
Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

M3i is a safe, Solid and Evidently maintenance free and also ultra-reliable machine. Hunderds of thousands of Keiser M Series bikes sold worldwide, mostly to professional cyclists and major indoor cycling groups proves that Keiser M3i truly exceeds the expectation of a rider. Is there a better-made bike in the market? No, We strongly believe the Keiser M3i is currently the best spin bike in the entire market, in terms of quality (not necessarily in terms of technology). If you are ready to take your indoor cycling to the next level and the budget is not your main concern, Keiser M3i is the best option. You might even get a free mat with the bike and it’s okay if you don’t because it’s only $20-30. This sexy solid indoor bike has everything you need for indoor cycling. Whisper quiet operation, 24 resistance level to challenge yourself beyond your limits, easy portability, innovative life lasting pedals and crank arms, stainless steel frame Bluetooth and more. However, there are two features missing, not only on Keiser m3i but on all the spin bikes. #1 User profile to save your workout data on the bike. #2 Preset-programs. Hopefully, Keiser will be the first cardiovascular spin bike manufacturer to address the lack of these features.

  1. Hi there, I’m trying to find out what apps are compatible with Keiser M3i spin bike but keep receiving different results, could you clarify this feature of Keiser bikes? I would really appreciate it!
    BTW, your Keiser M3i Review is really detailed and helpful. Thanks in advance

  2. Hi,

    Pertaining the Solution 1 option of using the Wahoo speed and cadence sensor to get connected to Zwift, can I find out how I would install the speed sensor ? I know the RPM(cadence) one I can stick to the crank arms but what about the speed sensor ?


  3. I am interested in this bike, but I will wait until Keiser update the bluetooth without the need of the M convertor. Also the Wattrate TFT Computer on Lift fitness IC bike and also the power zone color is way better than the Keiser’s, as once I enter my FTP value the computer will display my zone info base on power.

    • I agree TFT computers are more advanced, it is about time for Keiser to bring improvement on their M Series monitors. Not sure when they will update the Bluetooth as they have been saying it for years. I suggest you search our website for the “Flywheel Home bike”. It has a large HD monitor, WiFi, Bluetooth, magnetic system, Lock pedals, and overall great ergonomics. Thanks to Black Friday deals, you can save $700 on that bike.

      • The gym I go to used to have the Keiser M3 for spin class, and switched to the IC6 this year. Everyone loves the zone training idea so we can work at the right zone in the class instead of guessing the right resistance level in the Keiser bike. Just follow the RPM given by the instructor and adjust the level till reaching the right zone. The IC6 with the myride screen is $2300 CAD in BF and Keiser M3i is $2700 & $300 for the M series convertor. Keiser can keep doing their own thing and their own pace but I am afraid given the rapid changing of the industry it will be left behind pretty quickly. I can’t even pair my Garmin Fenix to the Keiser M3i is unforgiveable.

  4. I have an M3i and it is compatible with Zwift and l those apps listed as incompatible when you get the M Series converter.
    However it is now completely compatible with Peloton without the converter but it needs a secondary app called mPaceline used either on a second screen or in slide over view on iPad.
    It’s an excellent bike and compatible with everything

    • Yeah, mPaceline makes it work well with Peloton and the M3i has gotten better at working with other apps recently so it’s one of the better models out there if you ask me.

      • I’m using the keiser m3i converter, never used mPaceline. I wonder which one works better.

        • I think mPaceline works a bit better and it gets updated relatively often so I would go with that. The converter is a good alternative but I prefer mPaceline

    • Hello Cronan, thanks for stopping by

      Never tried it but I read that the mPaceline app pushes the HR and Cadence to the Peloton app even without the M Series Converter which is great because often the Converter doesn’t come included in the Bundle.

  5. Hey, I have a few questions. If anyone could answer them, I would be very thankful. If there are people that own a Keiser and can share from their experience, that would be awesome. I’m considering getting one but still have a few doubts. Thank you in advance!

    1. Is the Keiser M3i compatible with Zwift?

    2. Is a Keiser bike worth the money? I mean, why are Keiser bikes so expensive?

    3. How long will a Keiser bike last?

    • Some answers for you. Hope this helps.
      1. Is the Keiser M3i compatible with Zwift?
      No, it’s not but you can use the converter to make it work.

      2. Is a Keiser bike worth the money? I mean, why are Keiser bikes so expensive?
      Yes, Keiser bikes are well made and worth it in my opinion. If you can, just wait it out and get the money to buy one. It’s worth it.

      3. How long will a Keiser bike last?
      No idea yet but I think it will last a very long time if you take good care of it. I have mine for 3 years now and I’m hoping it lasts 10-15 years at least.

      • Thank you, Anda. Glad to know about the converter. I have also read good things about lifetime of these bikes and I am thinking they are indeed worth the cost.

        • 4. Is Keiser M3i quiet? If it’s too noisy then this is a no-no for me.
          A: Is Keiser M3i silent? Yes, it’s much more quiet than other similarly priced models. So, noise is not an issue.

          5. Does the Keiser M3 have Bluetooth?
          The M3 doesn’t have it, but the Keiser M3i has bluetooth.

    • For those that don’t know, there is a Keiser M3i converter (this is mentioned in this review as well) that can help with Keiser being able to work with Zwift or Peloton. Search for Keiser M3i converter to see what it does.

    • From what I know the Zwift app doesn’t work with Keiser. I don’t know why this isn’t fixed because many people would like this to work.

      • Yeah, they should definitely make sure Zwift and also Peloton works with Keiser. This is a no-brainer in my opinion as so many people want to use one of these two apps and when they see the Keiser m3i isn’t compatible with them, they just go for another bike.

  6. A few more questions 🙂 forgot to include them in my first comment.

    4. Is Keiser M3i quiet? If it’s too noisy then this is a no-no for me.

    5. Does the Keiser M3 have Bluetooth?

    6. What is the difference between Keiser M3i and M3i Lite?

  7. Is 20 minutes on exercise bike enough?

    • To stay in shape, yes, 20 minutes is enough, especially with the Keiser M3i indoor cycle. For losing weight, well it depends on how much weight we’re talking about and how fast. I would recommend 1 hour daily and you’ll also have to watch your food intake.

      • And you need to watch your food and eat healthier. Losing weight is mostly about the food you eat. Quality and quantity. The less you eat (without going hungry) the more you’ll lose. Combine this with a Keiser m3i indoor cycle and you’re golden.

      • 1 hour daily? Isn’t that a bit much? I would like to lose about 15 pounds in the next 3 months but I don’t see myself doing 1 hour every single day.

        • You can lose between 150-200 calories during a 20 minute session of moderately intense indoor cycling so you’ll lose 450-600 calories in an hour. That’s 4500-6000 calories in 10 days. So, you can lose weight but you’ll have to put in the work, daily.

    • Enough for what? Staying in shape? Losing weight?

  8. Thank you for the great Keiser M3i review and thank you for updating it from time to time. It makes it easier for newcomers like myself to find the right information without going to 10 different places. Well done!

  9. For people saying Keiser M3i doesn’t work with Zwift, they are totally wrong. We’ve been on Zwift for nearly a year with it.
    Pro: very quiet, solid, adjustable for many family, no center bar, easy assembly.

    Con: The bike has rather gross height adjustments for the seat height and the M3i dongle (required to work with Zwift) is an extra charge (should be included with it).

  10. Great review i have had my M3i for over a year love it! quiet easy to setup no issues other than i had to replace the pedals .. they were squeaky. My question is and i cant find this anywhere . has anyone done a wattage comparison for accuracy? i.e. if the bike shows im pushing 300watts is that what power meter pedals are showing as well ? how much difference is there?

  11. The Keiser spin bike is a pretty good one from what I can tell although the price tag might be a bit too much for what it offers. I’m considering getting a m3i indoor bike but I’m still not sold on it. What are your personal experiences with Keiser m3i? The good, the bad and the ugly please.

    • I have the keiser m3i indoor cycle spinning bike and I recommend it. If you see yourself using it 2-3 times weekly, it’s well worth it. It will keep you healthy, wealthy and wise 🙂 You’ll probably want to get a heart rate monitor as it doesn’t have one but other than this, it gives you what you’ll need.

    • The Keiser M3i is a good one for the price. It may seem like it’s on the expensive side but it’s worth it. Especially with the converter that allows for easy work arounds with other important apps like Peloton or Zwift.

  12. Got the Keiser M3i indoor cycle a few months ago and I’m happy with my pick. The converter plus some other apps out there make things so much easier. I can now use all sorts of cool apps and bundled up with the Keiser make this a great way to stay in shape at home.

    • Ever since this pandemic started, I tried finding ways to stay in shape and got into indoor cycling. I do it 3-4 times each week and got a Keiser M3i indoor bike at the beginning of the year.

      • Since I couldn’t go to the gym anymore, I started doing workout at home and a friend mentioned how he stays in shape with indoor cycling and I was intrigued. I always wanted to get my own bike but never thought I would be using it indoors.

  13. I like their handlebars. It’s the most comfortable indoor bike I have used and I have used a few different models in gyms. I can feel it doesn’t “attack” the back as much as others do.

    • Me too 🙂 I thought I was the only one that loves them. I often had back pain after using an indoor cycle from my gym but now that I got my own Keiser M3i indoor bike, my back if feeling so much better. Every bike company out there should be copying this model.

  14. Too bad Keiser doesn’t have a heart monitor, that should have been included especially considering the price of this bike.

  15. Recently bought a keiser m3i indoor cycle with bluetooth wireless computer and I’m very happy I listened to my gut and actually bought it. I was on the fence about it, not knowing if I’d use it that often or whether it’s worth the money. But, ever since I got it, I’ve been constantly using it (almost daily) and I’m in the best shape I ever was!

  16. I own the M3 and I don’t understand why they don’t just add bluetooth functionality already! I mean, can’t they update this model? Do we have to get the M3i to get bluetooth? Seriously?!

    • Yep, that’s the only way. Maybe they’ll create a converter for the M3 but I’m not betting on it. I’m disappointed that Keiser isn’t trying to fix these problems that many owners are having.

  17. @ John
    I second what John has said. The Keiser M3i is quiet. You can cycle indoor in the same room with someone who’s asleep and you won’t bother them all that much (or at all depending on how hard of a sleeper this person is).

  18. @Rona – I’m following the Paleo diet for a few days now and I’m feeling good. I hope that helps plus I want to get a Keiser M3i indoor cycle very soon and start using it daily for 30 minutes or so.

    • Indoor cycling + eating the right food for you = a great life at an optimal weight

      Eat more fresh veggies and fruits, less processed foods. Cook with less oil, eat less dairy products. Don’t eat the same things daily, diversify as much as you can. Eat different colored fruits and veggies as each offers something precious to our bodies.

    • The Paleo diet could be a good fit for a while, but I would focus on going for a lifestyle change rather than a diet. A diet is just something you do for a few days/weeks/months. Why not change your lifestyle and live a healthier life? You’ll be losing weight while you get healthier.

  19. So many details about so many things on this page! Such a good job! Bookmarked your site and we’ll be coming back and sending friends and family your way. Keep up the good work!

  20. I think you should update the Incompatible apps section and let people know that they can use the Keiser M3i converter to make the bike work with different apps.

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