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Find in-depth reviews of the spin bikes from Keiser, Life Fitness, Mad Dogg, Sole Fitness, Sunny Health and Fitness and so on and so forth. Additionally, this category of our website includes the best tips on how to choose your Indoor cycling bike for a maintenance-free comfortable workout.

We cover all the essential things to know before buying an advanced high-end or a budget indoor cycling bike for your homes such as adjustability, belt drive, computer integration, weight capacity, warranty and other important features for a perfect spin bike for a complete home gym equipment.

The expert team behind this website have looked at dozens of products to discover spin bikes with the best values for the money at different prices. From the feature-rich Keiser spin bikes to the affordable Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bikes, we have some great options for improving your health and losing weight at home. We also recently reviewed the best spin bike seat cushions as well as the best exercise bike seats on the market. Make sure to check these stationary bike seat replacement and find yourself a comfortable exercise bike seat.

What Spinning Bike and Spinning Mean?

While many people think the spin bike as a generic word for indoor cycles, the word spin bike and spinning were created by Mad Dogg Athletics for their indoor cycles. They promoted the indoor cycling under those terms and today many believe the spinning class is what indoor cycling is called.

Throughout our articles, we also sometimes refer to indoor cycling class as spinning class and indoor cycle as the spin bike. So, don’t be confused because in our reviews we use the word spin bike as an alternate word for indoor exercise cycle.

Spin Bike Features to Look for:

Whether it is really cold where you live or you just can’t get motivated to go for a road ride or to the gym, you can still do excellent cardio and strength workout in the convenience of your home while watching television or listening to music.

You can achieve this with an indoor cycling bike also known as spin bike and spinning bike. We pick the best spin bikes for you, and there is bound to be something that will suit your, fitness level, needs, and budget.

Hopefully, this will help you get on track for the coming year and sort out your spin bike choices. The indoor cycle is a good investment for your overall fitness improvements, as it provides cardio and strength workouts which cuts down on the need for other equipment.

Here is the list of a few things to look for when buying a spin bike;


There are two types of resistance for a spin bike, the friction which is a break and the magnetic. You always want to look for magnetic resistance indoor cycles because they are soundless and they don’t require maintenance. Magnets don’t come in contact with the flywheel, they simply get close to the flywheel and that bring tension on your spin bike. However, the friction/brake directly touches the flywheel to bring tension. That’s why friction makes noise and wears out often.


There are two types of spin bikes, belt drive, and chain drive. The belt is better because it doesn’ make noise and also doesn’t require lubrication. However, the chain makes noise and also requires maintenance.


You want a stable bike that holds its own weight and doesn’t rock during intense cycling exercise, so you can focus on your workout. Look for indoor cycling bikes with adjustable leveling feet and wide base supports.

Handlebars and seat:

A good indoor cycling bike comes with fore/aft adjustable seat and handlebars. The full adjustment provides proper bike position for every member of your family no matter the body shape and height. So, you and others in your family can benefit from a comfortable and safe spinning workout.

Bike Monitor:

High-end advanced consoles and wireless connection capability can make your biking experience better and also keep you motivated. Some of the features to look for in spin bike computer are; Bluetooth and ANT/+ connectivity, Watt and RPM readings. These features allow you to properly monitor your performance and save your daily progress.

Tablet and Bottle holder:

For continence and to make sure you can stay hydrated and entertained during a workout, look for spin bikes with built-in bottle holders on the handlebars and tablet holder, preferably adjustable so you can place different devices on the bike.

Why indoor cycles are popular?

Because it helps burn more calories than pretty much any type of exercise bike. It is also more convenient to ride indoor rather than ride outdoor, especially in busy cities and with rough weather conditions. So, the majority of cyclists would rather have a bike in the house and do their cycling whenever it suits their schedules.

One of the reasons indoor cycling became popular is the lack of a proper and safe environment for outdoor cycling. Where you could bike without problems 30 years ago is now packed with vehicles and buildings. In many cities, due to the high volume of traffic, it’s no longer safe to ride a bike on the road.

Although, this is not the only reason behind the popularity of indoor cycling. People tend to be busier today compared to a few decades ago when they could easily dedicate hours every week for bike riding. For more reasons, read on.

  • You can save money and time. By spending a few hundred dollars on a spin bike you can prevent that heavy spin class monthly fee. With the money of one-year spin class membership and transportation expenses, you can buy a very good spin bike that will last years. You can also save time because you don’t need to drive to the spinning class every day.
  • When cycling inside the house you have more control over your surroundings. You can watch TV or YouTube exercise videos while working out.
  • Indoor cycling can be anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes and you burn calories depending on the intensity of the workout and your weight. Approximately anywhere between 500-1000 calories per hour which is unique among all the exercise bikes.
  • You won’t miss a cycling session. When the weather is bad or you are expecting someone, or even expecting a mail to arrive, it’s not convenient to leave the house. However, if you have your own indoor bike, you can simply stay home and do your cycling exercise.

What muscles spinning works on

Cycling, unlike weightlifting, doesn’t build much of muscles, it’s a cardio exercise and helps you burn calories and lose weight. However, if you bring variety to your cycling rather than just straight flat road cycling, you can tone some lower body muscle groups. In order to tone the lower body, you should stay off the seat more often and raise the resistance level. Pedaling with more pressure helps build muscles. The main muscles that spinning works on

  • Hamstring
  • Gluteus
  • Quads
  • Heart
  • Core

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