Best Spin Bikes with Touchscreen Monitors

Spinning is a fantastic exercise that has advanced hugely advanced over the recent years. Spinning used to involve you going to a gym, getting in a class, and smashing it out with your fellow spin team. With digital technology becoming so advanced, a few companies said, why can’t we do this at home? Then interactive spinning bikes with huge high definition screens hit the market, and we have never looked back.

We now have our indoor bikes at home. When we want to do a class, we turn the indoor bike on, and we can do it on the screen in front of us. We could still spin with our friends in live classes and even communicate with the celebrity instructors. Thanks to new indoor cycling bikes with screen, spinning has changed, and we’re in a new era where so much more is possible.

Many people have a misconception that a spinning bike with a screen has to cost a lot of money when it actually doesn’t. There are many indoor exercise bikes with screen on the market that you would be surprised by how cheap they are. Also, many people think that a Peloton bike is your only choice when you are searching for the best indoor cycling bike with screen but it definitely isn’t.

Our Top Choice: NordicTrack S22i

Bottom Line
Best Spin Bike with screen
NordicTrack S22i review
NordicTrack S22i
Spin Bike With Screen
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Bottom Line
I recently purchased a Nordictrack S22i, and I must say, it’s the best indoor cycling bike with an HD touchscreen I have ever tried. I was blown away by the amount of technology it has, and it makes working out so much fun. Compared to the Peloton, the S22i offers a larger screen with cooling fans, more resistance levels, and a lower price tag. Additionally, the S22i comes with two 3-pound dumbbells and a holder built into the bike, which is not available with the Peloton. But what really sets the Nordictrack apart from Peloton is its electronic incline and decline system that gives feeling of going uphill and downhills.

The iFit membership that comes with the S22i gives me access to over twelve thousand indoor workouts including studio and outdoor scenery rides and provides me with guidance during my workout sessions. Compared to the VeloCore and Echelon EX7s, the S22i offers a wider variety of workouts, and the iFit trainers are some of the best in the business. Not to mention iFit full access “individual package” costs less than half of Peloton and Echelon’s Full Access classes at only $180 per year. The 22″ Bluetooth receiver (not transmitter) and iFit-enabled HD screen is unlike anything I have seen before on a spin bike. The touchscreen display allows me to save my workouts and follow along with my iFit programming.

I also like this because it comes with two 3-pound dumbbells and a dumbbell holder built into the bike (on the handlebar). I love this feature because I can mix upper-body strength training with lower-body cardio workouts. I know you can put a set of dumbbells on the Proform Studio Bike, Peloton, and Echelon indoor bikes with screens but you need to buy them separately.

The Nordictrack S22i bike also has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and offers 24 levels of precise “Smart” electronic magnetic resistance for a smooth, challenging, and silent workout. Compared to the Peloton which has outdated manually adjustable magnetic resistance, the S22i offers is much smarter with the ability to automatically change your resistance and follow the trainers. Plus, it has resistance controls on the handlebars which makes it extremely easy to change intensity if you prefer manual adjustment. You don’t need to twist an endless knob.

But even more importantly, this awesome spin bike with screen has incline and decline settings, which makes the workout more challenging and engaging. I know the incline/decline motor and parts make the bike a little heavier and harder to move but I think it’s worth it. No other spin bike with screen by Peloton, Echelon, or ProForm has such a system to mimic uphills and downhills.
The 4-way adjustable monitor is another feature that makes the S22i stand out. The tilt-adjustable and 360-degree pivoting screen provides me with a perfect screen view on and off the bike. Compared to the VeloCore, which has a screen that doesn’t pivot to right and left, the S22i offers a better view when you are out of the bike doing Yoga, stretching, or weight classes.

The low-maintenance quiet belt drivetrain is another feature that makes exercising on the S22i a joy. It’s so quiet that I can enjoy a workout without disturbing anyone else in the room. The bike also has an HDMI port to connect it to a bigger screen which comes in handy when you are following iFit instructors out of the bike and an audio auxiliary port to listen to the videos with higher quality speakers.

Finally, the money-back guarantee and easy-to-reach resistance and incline/decline adjustment controls on the handlebars make the S22i an excellent investment for me. Overall, I would highly recommend the Nordictrack S22i to anyone looking for a high-tech spin bike with a screen that offers a wide variety of workouts, resistance levels, and incline and decline settings at a reasonable price point. So far my main issue with the bike is the lack of compatibility with Zwift and Peloton applications but other than that I am happy.

Top 8 Spin Bikes with HD Screens for Virtual Cycling Classes

This list has been hand-selected by us and is what, in our opinion the best indoor bikes with screens on the market currently. We will run through a bit of bit about them and give you some pros and cons at the end.

Bike NameScreen SizeResistance SystemIncline and DeclineCooling FanCompatible Apps
1. Peloton Bike+ with 22″ Touch ScreenSwivel 22-inchAutomatic magneticNoNoPeloton (best fitness app)
2. Proform Studio bike with a 22″ HD ScreenSwivel 22-inchAutomatic magneticNoNoiFit
3. Bowflex Velocore With 22-inch Screen22-inchManual magneticNoNoBowflex
4. Nordictrack S22i Studio Cycle with 22 MonitorSwivel 22-inchAutomatic magneticYesYesiFit
5. Echelon Ex-7S Bike With 22″ HD MonitorSwivel 22-inchManual magneticNoNoEchelon
6. MYX II Fitness Bike with HD TouchscreenSwivel 22-inchManual frictionNoNoMYX
7. Proform TDF Spin Bike with 10 Inch ScreenSwivel 10-inchAutomatic magneticNoNoiFit
8. Freebeat Boom Bike with 15.6″ Touch Screen15.6-inchAutomatic magneticNoNoFreebeat
Best Spin Bikes With HD Touchscreens

Peloton Bike+ with 22″ Touch Screen

Peloton bike screen and applications

What you need to know

You knew our list of best indoor exercise bike with screen had to start with the updated version of one of the most legendary interactive stationary bikes ever to hit the market. The Peloton bike plus did take its time to come out, but it was worth it when it did hit the market. Let’s start with the design. It’s a beautiful looking bike, and I’ve always seen the Peloton as a modern take on a classic spin bike. The oversized tubing looks excellent, and the mat black finish adds class.

The Peloton is known for its technology and interactivity, and that’s what I believe makes the community they have. The screen is a 23.8” HD beast, with a front facing camera and a 4 point microphone. Unlike the previous Peloton, it has the ability to swivel. It has uprated speakers, but it’s equipped with the new Bluetooth 5.0 tech if you like wearing headphones. The Peloton application is fantastic, the live classes are incredible, the on demand classes are amazing, instructors are very motivating, and having the leaderboard to give it that competitive edge in that class is entertaining. The application also offers strength training, yoga, HIIT classes, and various other fun forms of exercise. The app does cost $39 a month, and the screen is locked to this, but that’s what you buy the bike for, not to use other apps.

The internals of the stationary bike has a huge amount to offer. It’s a magnetic resistance system and completely frictionless. The drive from the pedals to the flywheel is completely belt driven. The bike is silky smooth and not only very quiet, but it also doesn’t vibrate like other spinning bikes with screen on the market. The bike itself weighs 63kg and is very easy to move around on the transport wheels. Its max user capacity is 300lbs, and its height capacity is about 4ft 11” to 6ft 4”. It’s a fairly average range. A big plus is free delivery and free installation, which makes a massive difference to the experience.

The exercise bike has some great special features, such as auto resistance control, which means the instructor can change your resistance. You also have the leaderboard in live classes, so you can go up against other spinners and see how you do. It can also integrate with Apple Watches, and you can track your fitness more accurately through them. You will also have weights included with the exercise bike too.


  • 23.8” HD Screen with Camera
  • Auto Controlled Resistance
  • Great Design plus Look Pedals
  • Peloton Community
  • Classes and Instructors


  • Subscription cost
  • Long delivery times

The Peloton is a fantastic exercise bike, and we struggle to fault it. In fact many Peloton owners think it is the best indoor bike with screen. It’s not the cheapest spin bike with screen, but if you want to own the bike everyone talks about, this is it.

Proform Studio bike Pro with a 22″ HD Screen

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Review

What you need to know

I think ProForm is one of the most underrated suppliers of spin bikes with monitor on the market. They make some incredible products. I personally believe they keep up with the big brands in indoor cycling but charge a much lower price, and because of this, you will see two Proforms on this list in all their glory. Let’s start with the Studio bike 22. This is ProForms most expensive bike and is currently the flagship model they offer. The design is gorgeous, and they have tried to make it look too much, and it looks super clean and just not over engineered like some bikes on the market.

The technology is great on this exercise bike. You’re looking at a 22” HD Swivel Screen here with the iFit application, which is impressive. iFit does cost $39 a month like the Peloton application, but that’s for the family plan, and the individual plan is $180 for a year. It offers live cycling classes, prerecorded classes, lots of off the bike classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Strength training, and many more. If you don’t fancy classes, it has google maps integration so you can plop yourself anywhere in the world and just start cycling in a visual map made by Streetview. It has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can link your other devices up to this, such as HR Monitors and Headphones.

The Proform internally is an incredible spin bike. Magnetic system and a belt drive make it extremely quiet and smooth to ride. It has 24 resistance levels to challenge you with. The flywheel is Inertia Enhanced, making it super efficient, which adds to the smoothness of the ride. The spin bike is solid in sprints and, when being used, just feels great to ride.

The assembly of the spin bike is pretty simple, but you would benefit from having two people helping as some of the parts are quite heavy. It can take anyone up to 250lbs, and they don’t state a user height range but judging by the size, I can confidently say 5ft to 6ft 5” in my professional opinion. It can be adjusted easily on the saddle and the handlebars. One thing to mention is the handlebars can only move up and down, not back and forth. Special features wise, the spin bike is relatively straightforward. It has an automatic resistance system which is excellent so the instructor can change the resistance for you while you ride their classes. You will also find some weights in the box when you buy it too. You can see why this is one of the best indoor cycling bikes.


  • 22” HD Screen
  • Auto Controlled Resistance
  • Great Design
  • Price
  • iFit application is excellent


  • No SPD or Look pedals
  • No incline or decline adjustment
  • Only compatible with iFit application
  • Can’t move handlebars back and forth

There is no incline or decline adjustment or leaning modes but the ProForm spin bike with screen is a hugely underrated bike and well worth getting.

Bowflex Velocore With 22-inch Screen

Bowflex VeloCore Review

What you need to know

When it comes to looking at a spin bike for the home, you can spend hours looking at bikes that all look the same. Then you come across something pretty incredible that just completely sets itself apart from the competition and leaves you thinking I need that spin bike. This is the Bowflex Velocore, and this is that indoor bike. Looking at its design, it is much bigger than other spinning bikes, but il tell you why later. Even though more prominent, it still looks excellent, and the rear facing flywheel just looks incredible.

The technology on this bike is excellent. It has a 22” HD screen hence they call it the Velocore 22. Unlike the other bikes on this list, it uses an application called JRNY. This application is half the cost of Peloton and iFit. It has similar classes, from cycling, strength workouts, yoga, and many more. It can also use other applications like Netflix and other streaming services. The spin bike has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can link devices up to it and listen to your music through headphones or even use a heart rate monitor. If you didn’t want to use headphones, the speakers are excellent on this.

The internals of the bike are excellent. I’m a massive fan of a rear facing flywheel, and the Velocores looks terrific. It has a magnetic resistance system linked with a belt drive, and it’s super silent and smooth. The 100 resistance levels are smooth to move through, and they will challenge even a seasoned pro at the high levels. The assembly of these spin bikes can be a little more technical than other spinning bikes. It can be done but will require patience, and I would have a couple of people there to complete it. They offer a building service for $199, so if you don’t feel confident, you can use it. The bike will fit anyone from 5ft 1” all the way to 6ft 5” and has a weight limit of 325lbs, which is perfect.

This indoor exercise bike has an ace up its sleeve, the lean feature. On the center of the bike, you have a pin. Pull this pin-up, and the bike releases and can lean side to side. This is an incredible feature and makes the bike so much fun to ride. Not only does it give your core a great workout, but it also makes you feel so much like your riding a bike outdoor. The bike also has auto resistance, and you can go into a class with the instructor making the changes for you and comes with some small weights for your indoor cycling.


  • 22” HD Screen
  • Auto Controlled Resistance
  • Leaning mode to right and left
  • Compatible with Zwift and Peloton applications
  • JRNY application is excellent
  • Watch Netflix account and other apps


  • Large bike
  • No incline or decline adjustment
  • Resistance is not automatic
  • Can’t move handlebars back and forth

The Bowflex is a great bit of kit and we understand why so many spin bikes are being sold made by them. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a spin bike with screen that leans to the right and left to mimic road corners.

Nordictrack S22i Studio Cycle with 22 Monitor

  • Great looking design
  • iFit application
  • Auto Resistance, Incline Decline
NordicTrack S22i review

What you need to know

Nordictrack commercial s22i studio is an incredible machine, and you will often find it in some serious home gyms. I feel the Nordictrack S22i was hugely overlooked by people when it came to buying a spin bike, and I put this down to Peloton just being so big at the time and everyone wanting one because of the hype. Before we start talking about it though, there are two types of this indoor exercise bike that share the same name, the new model and the older model. The new model isn’t much different but is much quieter when using some of the spin bikes special features, and it’s worth going new and not second hand with this bike. The design is brilliant, and a simple classic modern spin bikes design.

The screen is 22” HD like many of the other bikes on this list. Just like the Proform, it uses the iFit application. You will be getting great classes such as the all body workouts, outstanding instructors, google maps integration, and scenic rides. Something very cool about this screen is that it has an inbuilt fan inside it. What an incredible thought. I rate that they chose to do this as so many indoor cyclists end up buying their own fans on top of buying a bike. It has Bluetooth connectivity, and you are going to be able to link up all the devices you need to this, though it does come with a heart rate monitor included.

The exercise bikes internals are great, and you will find it an exceptionally smooth ride. It has a magnetic resistance system and also, of course, a belt drive. Nordictrack has something called magnetic system, and this is one of the quietest exercise bikes on the market. This will require very little maintenance, and you will find it to feel punchy and solid when you’re riding it. The bike can be assembled in less than an hour, but we advise you to have a little longer and take your time and get it right. The user weight limit is 350lbs and the biggest we have seen on a bike. It doesn’t recommend a height range, but you’re going to be roughly looking at 5ft to 6ft5”.

This bike has a fantastic feature that we think is absolutely incredible. It’s not seen on many other bikes and will completely change the ride. This bike can incline and decline, and we’re not talking via resistance. We’re talking it will literally lift and drop the front as you go up and downhill. This can also be controlled by the instructor along with the resistance. How interactive and fun is this going to make the bike, very in my opinion and it’s going to make for the best indoor cycling. Also, don’t forget you have a set of dumbbells included with this studio bike.


  • 22” HD Screen that swivels
  • Auto Controlled Resistance
  • Cooling fan and speakers
  • Great Design, incline and decline
  • JRNY application is excellent


  • Large bike
  • Can’t move handlebars back and forth
  • Pedals are not clipless (only toe-cage)

The NordicTrack S22i is amazing and just something so few bikes can step up too. In fact, I never tried any spin bike that can offer as much as S22i. Even more expensive spin bikes don’t offer as much as this indoor bike with HD screen does. I really believe S22i is the best spin bike with monitor, let us know if you agree or disagree.

Echelon Ex-7S Bike With 22″ HD Monitor

Echelon EX7s Review

What you need to know

Echelon was seen as a cheaper alternative to a Peloton bike when it first came out, and I believe it shouldn’t have never had gotten that reputation. Echelon bikes are incredible, and I think they offer a much better range and have handled the growth of indoor cycling much better than Peloton spin bikes ever did. The EX-7S is one of the best spinning bikes with monitor on the market, in my opinion. The first thing to note is it’s the best looking bike on this list. The rear facing flywheel and that mat black finish gives it an incredibly sleek look. I highly rate the minimal design, and it just looks so sporty.

The screen is a 21.5” HD Screen, and it is linked up to the Echelon Application. You are going to get everything you need from it. On demand classes, pre recorded classes, yoga, BootCamp, HIIT, and many more. The application cost is $39 a month, but they are currently offering the first year for free, which I thought was amazing as that is a saving of $468. You have all your connectivity via Bluetooth here and will be able to link up heart rate monitors and headphones with ease. The screen also swivels for the off the bike classes.

The bike is incredibly silent, and Echelon has done something very unique here. They have a magnetic resistance system and a belt drive, but they use a very small light flywheel. The flywheel is evenly weighted and made of extremely high quality. This system is so efficient, and it just works incredibly.

The bike can have anyone from 4ft 5” to 6ft 8,” and that height range is incredible. The max user weight is 325lbs, which is above average. The bike internally is a very impressive machine, and you can feel it when you ride it. The bike is very lightweight and easy to move around because of the light flywheel.

The bike as a whole doesn’t have a massive amount of special features, and it can’t automatically adjust its own resistance levels. It doesn’t mean side to side or goes up and down, but it doesn’t need to as it’s just such a good all-round bike. The bike does come equipped with weights. I personally love it when a company does something to make their bike stand out, but sometimes it’s just great to get the fundamentals right, and Echelon has done that here. I absolutely love the best indoor cycling bikes ever in my opinion.


  • 21.5” HD Screen
  • Best looking bike
  • SPD pedals and studio quality
  • Echelon Application is excellent


  • No Auto Resistance
  • No cooling fan for summer rides
  • No incline or decline adjustment

By far the best looking spin bike and it also can pack a punch. Although this spin bike has a nice HD touch screen monitor, it is far too expensive in comparison with Nordictrack S15i and S22i bikes. And it doesn’t offer enough to justify the extra.

MYX II Fitness Bike with HD Touchscreen

MYX Fitness Bike Review

What you need to know

The MYX II Fitness bike is relatively new to the market, and it’s a great piece of kit. They have come in with a view of making a better spinning bike than Echelon and Peloton bikes. That’s a challenging task to do, and it’s interesting to see what they have done. The design is very similar to the Peloton, it looks very modern, and I think the designers have done a cracking job.

The screen is 21.5” and the same as the original Peloton and the Echelon high-end bikes. It’s a touch screen and is high definition. It’s running the BODi application but can connect to a few more. The application cost is $29 a month, which is much cheaper than Peloton or the other leading brands. It also can connect to open fit another application.

The screen can swivel 180 degrees, and like the Peloton has a camera on the front so the instructor can see you and, if required, correct your form, you don’t have to have this feature on if you didn’t want to. I love the fact you get news and scenic rides on the application. You have loads of classes to choose from, such as indoor cycling, yoga, pilates HIIT, all body workout, and many more.

The bike internally isn’t as impressive as some of the other indoor cycling bikes in this list. It has a friction system, and this means to create the resistance and slow the bike down, you will find that it will be much noisier and require more maintenance over time. It does have a 41lbs flywheel which makes the bike feel super solid in any sprint.

The other exercise bikes offer levels on their resistance, and this bike cannot do that, so they push heart rate training instead, which is actually very smart and, over time, will become better for your fitness. The bike can work for anyone from 4ft 11” to 6ft 8”. This is a great range, and as far as weight capacity goes all the way to 350lbs, amazing.

As far as special features, the bike does come equipped with free weights and a mat. What they have done here is make the bike not just about cycling but all-around fitness. I like that they have gone into heart rate training and not power or level training. It’s a very basic bike underneath it all, and it’s not much cheaper than the bigger brands on the market. I think MYX still has things they could change to improve it, but it is fantastic as a training tool.


  • 21.5” HD Screen
  • Looks great and SPD pedals
  • Multiple Applications is excellent
  • Weights and mats


  • No Auto Resistance
  • Friction resistance
  • No levels for resistance

This spin bike with virtual screen is a new contender in the market and although good they have a lot to improve, both on the bike and the application. I would personally spend the extra and get the newly released and improved NordicTrack S22i indoor bike with the 22-inch screen that rotates (the old s22i doesn’t rotate/swivel).

Proform TDF Spin Bike with 10 Inch Screen

proform studio bike pro review

What you need to know

This is the second Proform spin bike with screen on this list, and it has to be here as it has a very cool, unique feature we must speak about that makes this bike a contender for the best spinning indoor bike with touchscreen monitor at the budget price. They call this the Tour De France spinning bike, which is mainly aimed at cyclists. That’s a very bold statement to make, and it is has a lot to live up to because of this. The first thing to mention is the design, and it’s very bold. This might be for some or might not be for others, but it’s going to stand out for sure.

The screen on this indoor bike is only 10,” and it is made to be used with the iFit application. The bike comes with a full free year of iFit, which is a lovely touch and a massive $450+ saving. If I’m honest, it’s a very basic bike screen. It will give you everything you need as far as cycling goes. It’s the off the bike workouts your going to suffer with.

ProForm TDF spin bike with interactive screen has all the connectivity you will need for headphones and heart rate monitors, but this will not easily work with cycling applications like Zwift.

The bike’s internals are excellent, and it comes equipped with a magnetic resistance system and a belt drive. It’s super smooth and in the heaviest of sprints, feels able, and you always feel stable and in control. It’s enjoyable to ride and just gives an incredible feeling of connection.

The next cool thing about this indoor bike is that you change resistance with buttons and not a dial. Very few cycles do this, and it’s an amazing feature. The max user weight is 300lbs, and the height range isn’t stated like the other Proform. I assume 5ft to 6ft 5”.

The best thing about this indoor cycling bike aside from its HD screen is that it has a swivel monitor, just like the new Nordictrack S22i. It’s an incredible feeling that you can get off the bike and follow iFit classes when you are off the bike. The final thing about this spin bike with monitor I love is that the handlebars are made to be like a road bike, and this is such a bonus to any cyclist looking for an indoor trainer.


  • 10” Screen
  • Looks great
  • IFit compatible with one month free subscription
  • Button Resistance changing
  • Auto Resistance


  • Looks a bit too bold
  • No incline or decline adjustment
  • No cooling fan and no SPD or Look pedals

I can’t see many Tour De France riders on them but they are an incredible bike. If price is not an issue, you should consider the ProForm Studio that comes with 22 inches touchscreen monitor.

Freebeat Boom Spin Bike with 15.6″ Touch Screen

Freebeat Boom Bike Review
Discover the impressive features and benefits of the Freebeat Boom Bike in our in-depth review.

What you need to know

In my opinion, if you’re on the hunt for one of the best spin bikes with a touchscreen monitor without breaking your bank, the Freebeat Boom should absolutely be at the top of your list. After extensive exploration and hands-on experience with various models, I can confidently say that Freebeat has raised the bar with its Boom bike, offering unparalleled features and performance that truly set it apart from the competition.

What truly sets the Freebeat Boom apart is its seamless integration of advanced technology and user-centric design, delivering an indoor cycling experience that is nothing short of exceptional. From the moment you hop on, you’ll be greeted by a 15.6-inch touchscreen monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution, zoom, and scrolling capabilities that boasts stunning clarity and responsiveness, providing you with all the essential metrics and feedback you need to track your progress and push your limits.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Freebeat has gone above and beyond to ensure that the Boom bike is not just a piece of exercise equipment, but a powerful fitness companion that caters to your every need. With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily sync your heart rate monitor and headphones for a truly immersive workout experience. Plus, the inclusion of Wi-Fi connectivity opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to stream your favorite workout classes and entertainment from Freebeat directly to the bike’s display.

In terms of performance, the Freebeat Boom delivers in spades. Equipped with a robust automatic magnetic resistance system, this bike offers smooth and quiet operation, allowing you to focus on your workout without any distractions. And with a wide range of resistance levels to choose from, you can easily customize your ride to suit your fitness level and goals.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Freebeat Boom is its attention to detail and user comfort. The ergonomically designed seat and handlebars ensure a comfortable and natural riding position, while the adjustable saddle and handlebar height allow you to find the perfect fit for your body. Plus, the inclusion of a charging USB port and integrated dumbbell holder adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to stay connected and entertained throughout your workout.

Of course, no product is without its drawbacks, and the Freebeat Boom is no exception. While the bike’s touchscreen monitor is undoubtedly impressive, it does come with a hefty price tag that may be out of reach for some budget-conscious shoppers. Additionally, some users have reported issues with app compatibility and software updates, though Freebeat has been quick to address these concerns with regular updates and improvements.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a spin bike with a touchscreen monitor that offers top-notch performance, advanced features, and unmatched convenience, the Freebeat Boom is the way to go. With its cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design, and exceptional build quality, this bike is sure to take your indoor cycling workouts to the next level.


  • 15.6” touchscreen display.
  • Smart saddle detection systme.
  • Great value for money and often discounted.
  • Automatic magnetic resistance sysmte.
  • Dumbbell holder and USB charger.


  • Only compatible with Freebeat applications.
  • Handlebars aren’t horizontally adjustable.

I believe this to be probably the best value all rounder on this list, and it’s cheaper compared to Nordictrack or Peloton indoor cycling bikes. If you want to spend less and still buy one of the best spin bikes with screen, I would say choose this model.

Why do we use a spinning bike with a screen?

  • Keeps you motivated
  • Fun to do classes at home
  • Great for your fitness goals
  • Fewer trips to the gym
  • Can spin anywhere anytime
  • It’s a lot of fun

A spinning bike with a screen is a totally different experience from a standard basic spinning bike, and many people, once they have tried a bike with a screen, tend to get their own or struggle to return to a standard bike.

What do we look for in a Spinning bike with a screen?

If none of these indoor bikes take your fancy, then finding another spinning bike with screen to suit your needs can be difficult. In this next section, we want to speak about what to look for in a spinning bike. With this information, you know what to look at and what to avoid, making it easy for you to find the right bike for you. We are going to speak about;

Frame and Design

When looking at a indoor cycling bike, the first thing you want to look at is the design of the frame. Firstly I feel it is vital to like the look of what you are riding. If you’re lucky enough to have your own little home gym, you want to be proud of what’s in there. The first thing I always look at is the positioning of the flywheel. You will either have it front-facing or rear-facing. In my opinion, rear-facing looks much sportier, and front-facing gives the bike a classic indoor cycling bike look.

There is a purpose behind where a designer will put the flywheel. In the rear, it avoids sweat and anything falling into it from above. At the front, you can see it, and it is in a safer position if you have pets or children running around. The next thing is you’re always going to want to look for transport wheels at the front. Not every bike has these, and they make getting the bike around the house much more straightforward than carrying it. Then finally, look at the handlebars. Are they a design that you like? It’s common for spinning bikes to have various styles, such as road bike style bars or indoor cycling bike bars.

Screen and Technology

When it comes to the spin bike screen, the first thing to think about is the size and if it can swivel. You’re going to want to get a indoor cycling bike that suits your needs, and if your squinting to see the screen to get a headache from too might light input, it’s not going to inspire you to want to train again. Then after that, you need to see what the screen is capable of. Many screens are locked to specific applications, such as Nordictracks will only work with iFit, and Peloton will only work with the Peloton application. Companies actually make more money on subscriptions than selling a bike, so they will lock you into only that service.

The next thing you need to take into account is connectivity. Indoor cycling bikes typically connect in two ways, Bluetooth and ANT+. Bluetooth is the most common and the one you want to make sure the bike has. ANT+ is a bit more dated and often used as a cheaper option for manufacturers. Getting ANT+ compatible devices is much more complicated than getting Bluetooth compatible devices. You have to be careful with so many companies saying specific bikes are compatible with things, but it involves buying extra hardware only they sell.

Drivetrain and Transmission

The drivetrain of an indoor cycling bike is what we are talking about. In my opinion, if you are looking at a modern bike, it is best to have something with decent insides as some companies try to cut corners. You will commonly hear friction and frictionless systems. This is how the resistance is created. Frictionless is done by magnets and is by far the most effective way. Friction is done with brake pads and isn’t very efficient at all. Frictionless or magnet requires less maintenance is much smoother and quieter. Friction systems require more maintenance, are noisier, and are not as smooth. Anything these days really should be frictionless, in my opinion.

On a modern indoor cycling bike, you will typically get belt or chain drives. Belt drives are quieter, last much longer, require no oil, and are much more efficient. Chain drives wear quicker, they require oil, when worn, can slip, and will need replacing over time. I think we all know we will want a belt-drive bike here.


When you look at indoor cycling bikes, they are not all built the same as you can probably tell. It’s vital to make sure you check the accessibility of the bike before buying. Is it capable of your height and weight? This is commonly overlooked, and many people end up getting a bike that doesn’t work for them. Do your best not to make this mistake.

Special Features

A modern indoor cycling bike is actually pretty basic under it all. When you start looking at high-end bikes with screens, it comes down to the unique features that make the bike great. For example, the Peloton is actually a very basic bike, but the screen and the interactivity it gives makes it worth the money. The Nordictrack s22i and S15i studio cycles having the ability to climb literally adds so much to the experience it becomes worth the money. Special features add a tremendous amount of value to a bike they are worth looking into.


When you’re looking at a indoor cycling bike with a screen, you’re going to be looking at reasonably expensive bikes, so double-check you know what you’re getting. Also, remember a lot of these bikes have subscription costs, so take that into account. If you are financing, there is still an extra charge. Bikes can add up over time, and it is essential to know what to expect.

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Engaging and Fun!

Every indoor cycling bike with HD touchscreen monitor that we tested and added on this list has something great to offer, and if you were to buy, would be a great choice. We only put stationary bikes with monitors on this list we highly rate, and they are all fantastic value for money. Getting the best at home spin bike with screen can be life changing, and they offer so much value to your life. They help you get fitter, live longer, and offer you a community of people who want to better themselves. We hope you enjoyed reading the best indoor cycling bikes with screens.

Virtual Cycling
  • Immersive Experience: The touchscreen monitor enhances my workouts by providing interactive features and engaging visuals, creating a more immersive cycling experience.
  • Convenient Controls: With the touchscreen, I can easily adjust resistance levels, monitor my performance metrics, and access workout programs with just a few taps, making my rides more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Entertainment Options: The touchscreen allows me to stream live and on-demand classes, watch videos, listen to music, and even browse the internet during my workouts, keeping me entertained and motivated throughout.
  • Data Tracking: I appreciate the built-in tracking features that allow me to monitor my progress, set goals, and track my performance metrics over time, helping me stay focused and accountable in my fitness journey.
  • Cost: Spin bikes with touchscreen monitors tend to be more expensive upfront compared to traditional models, which can be a significant investment for some users.
  • Maintenance: Touchscreen monitors may require additional maintenance and care to ensure their longevity, such as protecting them from sweat damage and regularly updating software.
  • Dependency: While the touchscreen adds convenience and entertainment value, it also means that the bike relies heavily on monthly paid app subscription and technology, which could pose challenges if the monitor malfunctions or requires repairs.
  • Limited App Compatibility: Some spin bikes with touchscreen monitors offer limited app compatibility and are only often compatible with one cycling applications.


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