Best Exercise Bike Seats For Comfortable and Painless Indoor Cycling

You have finally purchased your spin bike to do your weight-loss spinning cardio workout, get lean and build some muscle. However, after a few sessions, you realized your stationary bike workout is not very comfortable! Well, one of the main factors that cause uncomfortable indoor cycling workout is the
exercise bike seat.

While exercising on a spin bike (indoor exercise bike, indoor cycling bike) is one of the most effective cardio training workouts, it’s not very comfortable for some users. Because their exercise bike seat is cheap. So if have the same problem and want to know how to make exercise bike seat more comfortable, read our in-depth best spin bike seats review.

So, if you are ready to get comfortable and get rid of your bottom soreness and numbness, follow one of these options. There are at least two options that you have a comfortable spinning workout. Buy one of the best padded bike seat covers/gel for spinning or replace your spin bike seat with one of the most comfortable exercise bike seats in this review.

After weeks of researching for the best stationary bike seat and the best gel bike seat cover, we were able to pick the 10 best spin bike seats and covers for you. Investing the extra $20 in your stationary bike seat makes the exercise bike workout more comfortable and healthier for your lower body. In addition to that, the best exercise bike seats help to keep you longer on the stationary bike and burn more calories.

What Is The Best Exercise Bike Seat?

Depending on the type of indoor stationary bike and how you set on the seat normally, the seat of your exercise bike varies. If you have an upright exercise bike, it means you set in a straight upright position so you can buy a wider seat. If you have a spin bike but you don’t lean too much forward, you want a little narrower seat to avoid chafing. But if you have a spin bike and normally lean all the way forward like road racing mode, you need a really narrow seat to perform better and to avoid chafing. Here is the list of the best spin bike seats as well as the best upright bike seats and recumbent exercise bike seat cushions.

Best Spin Bike Seats

While some exercise bikes come with comfortable seats, many spin bike seats are cheap and bring pain, blister, and sores to your bottom while exercising. However, there is an easy and inexpensive fix that can be done within a few minutes and will cost less than $20. The spin bike seat replacement or a best-padded bike seat cover for spinning is all you need. Although, before buying the best spin bike seat, there are a few things that you need to consider.

  • Is your bike’s seat mount (seat post) shaft or rail!
    The shaft mounts look like your thumb (can be vertically and horizontally). The rail mounts look like two fingers (peace sign) holding horizontally. It’s important to know because some exercise bike seats are made for shaft mounts and some stationary bike seats are made for rail mounts.
  • Here is the deal though!
    Regardless of what your spin bike mount is (shaft or rails), you can buy any of the cushioned bike seats from this review and install it on your spinning cycle. All you need is a seat adapter also known as post clamp. It allows you to put a soft mountain bike seat (built with rails) on your spin bike with shaft/round mount. And you don’t always have to buy this adapter because most sport bike seats have an adapter included in the package. In the review of each comfortable spin bike seat, we will mention if the adapter is included or if you should buy it separately.
  • Important!
    The seat adapter adds about 2-inch to the overall bike height. So, if your spin bike is built to fit 5 to 6 feet users and you are 5 feet tall, adding this adapter to your spin bike seat is not a good idea.
  • Important! Make sure to check the description of the seat adapter diameter. We recommend you to first check the outside diameters of your bike seat post (seat mount) with a ruler or measuring tape to make sure the adapter and the shaft match.

Exercise bike seat adaptor by VELO.
Exercise bike seat adapter by Onipax.

1. Selle Royal Lookin Men’s Exercise Bike Seat

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9 new from $38.00

If your spin bike seat hurts or its design is not good, we (Your Exercise Bike Team) highly recommend the Selle Royal Lookin saddle. There are three versions of this indoor bike seat, “Relaxed” which is great for heavier-weight beginners who like to set in an upright position, then there is the “Moderate” which is great for all levels of riders, especially average-weight users and then there is the “Athletic” version which is awesome for pro riders and those who lean on the handlebars often and do longer riders.

The “Atheltic” version is not as supportive as “Moderate” version but it has very little friction so if you happen to ride longer on your spin bike, you won’t end up with painful bruises. If you are just starting indoor cycling, I don’t recommend the “Atheltic” version. Instead, I highly recommend the “Moderate” spin bike seat by Sell Royal.

This seat helps to eliminate prostate pressure, numbness, and pain. It’s one of the best spin bike seats replacement. This bike seat features a professional design structured based on specific gender’s anatomy.

Being one of the top bike seats for indoor exercise bikes and outdoor cycling, the Selle Royal Lookin seat has a soft cushion that improves comfort for mountain biking, Hybrid, and stationary exercise bikes. The Selle Royal Lookin bike seat also doesn’t require the extra spin bike seat cushion because it’s well-padded with unique Royal Gel.

This exercise bike seat has both the rails and the exercise bike seat adapter. Therefore, regardless of your spinning exercise bike seat post type, the Selle Royal Lookin stationary bike seat fits your bike. The package also included a waterproof rain cover, mounting instructions, and installation tools.

Overall it’s one of the best-rated exercise bike seats which is comfortable, has universal rails mounting and Cool Cover to keep you fresh. Last but not least, this stationary exercise bike seat has a special Xsenium cover material that keeps your 25-degree Celsius cooler than standard materials. It helps to ride at home for a longer period during summer.

2. AIKATE Unisex Exercise Bike Seat Replacement

 out of stock

The second best spin bike seat is one of AIKATE seats that I think would be great for users of average weight and sit bone width but probably not the best choice for heavier riders with wider hips. While it’s originally made for outdoor mountain cycling, the AIKATE seat is a good replacement for spin bike seats. It’s unisex and designed for both men and women. Therefore, all members of your family can do comfortable 30-40 minutes spinning workouts on your indoor bike at home.

This indoor cycling bike seat features a cushion pad with a deep center cut that provides good comfort for indoor exercise workouts as well as outdoor cycling, especially if you have sensitive bottom or hemorrhoid issues.

Unlike oversized bike seats like those of Bikroo, the AIKATE exercise bike seat is narrow and features a breathable deep center cutout design. And that helps to keep you cool during summer indoor exercise sessions.

It’s also one of the best prostate bike seats that help to reduce prostate pressure. This spin bike seat replacement is made of PU leather, gel, and foam. AIKATE stationary bike seat replacement has standard rail mounts and also an additional exercise bike seat adapter.

You also wouldn’t need to buy a spin bike seat cushion because of its unique anatomy hollow-core soft design. Overall it’s one of the best men’s and women’s indoor cycling spin bike seats I have tried and reviewed.

3. Velmia Bike Seat

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1 used from $36.47
Free shipping

With an exceptionally designed, memory foam padding, and nonslippery square pattern that keeps you firmly in place and avoids sliding, Velmia is truly one of the best stationary exercise bike seats. Unlike Selle which gives you to opt for gender-specific spin bike seats, unfortunately, Velimia only offers unisex seats.

The fact that it’s a unisex seat is not necessarily a bad thing especially if a male and female will be using the same indoor bike. But if it’s only one person who uses an exercise bike, it’s always best to consider a replacement saddle like Selle for your own gender.

Velmia indoor bike seat is designed for men and women it’s one of the most prostate-friendly bike seats on the market in 2023. I used it on my stationary exercise bike and did a couple of 45 minutes rides without feeling pain or overheating.

I am an average-weight person with an average body type and sit bones, plus, I normally tilt a little forward when cycling, so I bought the Velmia Touring and it was great. But if you weigh a little more than average and rather sit upright on your exercise bike, you would need to consider the “City” model. It’s the same price as the “Touring” model but it has a wider surface so there is more support.

There is also the Velmia Athletic/MTB which is a bit narrower than City and Touring. It’s a great choice for experienced indoor riders who ride longer. It’s not as supportive as the other two models but because of its narrow design, it has the minimum friction. It also has a thinner foam pad so your power efficiency is better.

If you are not sure between MTB and Touring models, I suggest you order both of them, then try and see which is best for you. If you install and use these indoor bike replacement seats with caution, you can return them and get a full refund within the first month.

Velmia Touring exercise bike seat features soft foam padding and has a flexible base. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to buy an extra exercise bike seat cushion. It has a center recess with a cutout for comfortable anatomic relief which makes it one of the best bike seats for indoor cycling workouts.

Here is the deal if you want to use this seat for your stationary exercise bike! The seat is rail mounted and to go with spin bikes or other stationary bikes, you will need a rail seat adapter which thankfully it comes with. You can also use Velmia as a Nordictrack replacement seat as long as you use the original clamp of your bike. It’s much better than your spin bike’s uncomfortable original stock seat.

4. Bikeroo Exercise Bike seat

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9 new from $16.99
4 used from $23.25
Free shipping

When I was reviewing the Schwinn IC4, my wife found its seat really uncomfortable so we bought the Bikeroo to review the seat and we were really pleased with the result. It was way more comfortable than the standard seat that came with our spin bike.

Highly rated on Amazon the Bikeroo is one of the most comfortable stationary bike seats in 2023 with its 3-inch thick foam cushion. Unlike some other exercise bike seats in this review, the Bikeroo is designed for women’s anatomy which makes it the best women’s bike seat for indoor cycling. But I also found it comfortable for men.

This indoor bike seat features soft cushion padding that provides comfort for indoor exercise but I don’t recommend it for outdoor rainy-day cycling because its cover is not all one piece like Velmia and Selle. It’s multiple pieces stitched and swed together so water can reach the foam, especially after a while when stitching areas start expanding and getting loose. So, unless you are planning to use the seat cover when you park the bike, I don’t recommend using this seat outdoors in rainy seasons.

That said, it’s perfect for outdoor summer city bikes without needing the rain cover, indoor spin bikes, and also upright exercise bikes. It has a deep center cutout design for airflow, universal rails mounting, and decent quality materials for the price. Therefore, you don’t need a spin bike seat cover with this indoor exercise bike saddle.

The seat has one of the thickest cushions among all the spin bike replacement seats I tried and reviewed which makes it very supportive but also can reduce your pedal power efficiency so you need to keep that in mind. Plus, because of seams/stitches and the width of the seat, there is a little bit of friction which might cause inner thighs to chafe if you have a skinnier boy type.

While Bikeroo is one of the cheap bike seats, there are useful accessories included with it. There is a waterproof rain cover, mounting instructions, mounting tools, and also a saddle adapter. So, for your spin bike/stationary exercise bike seat, you wouldn’t need to purchase an additional adapter.

Overall it’s one of the cheapest and best replacement spin bike seats for women if you carry a little extra weight and do shorter indoor cycling sessions.

5. Wittkob Touring Indoor Bike Seat Replacement

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2 new from $34.50
9 used from $34.08
Free shipping

One of the most comfortable indoor cycling bike seats is this “Touring” memory Wittkob 5-zone concept saddle or I should say saddles. When you click you see there are three different options to choose from and the one I loved the most was the “Touring” (aka Trekking) version.

But at first, I honestly wasn’t sure which one would be the most comfortable for me and my wife, so I ordered all three of them and tried them all for 50 minutes rides. The “City” version was just simply too wide fro my body type so I felt more friction between the seat and my inner thighs. But if you have bigger hips and weigh more than average, you might actually like the Wittkop “City” seat instead of the Touring seat.

Then there is the MTB version which is great for skinnier professional riders who want to ride for longer periods without chafing their inner thighs. But for me, the Wittkop MTB bike seat version just wasn’t supportive enough as I am currently not in the greatest shape and gained some 20 pounds. So, I decided to send back the MTB and the City and keep the Touring seat for my spin bike.

It’s not gel like Selle that I reviewed earlier but it has memory foam which is pretty comfortable and would make an excellent spin bike seat for those who are serious about indoor cycling. It has a semi-narrow design with a deep center cutout to allow airflow.

This comfortable exercise bike seat features an ergonomic unisex design. Therefore, male and female exercisers can enjoy a nice spinning workout. Not just me, but many indoor bike owners who purchased this exercise bike seat for their spin bikes and other stationary bikes are happy with the result.

Unlike wide, huge, and hard spin bike seats, the Wittkop causes minimum friction and has soft paddings and a breathable design. And if you decide to buy this seat for your stationary exercise bike, you don’t need to order an exercise seat adapter because it is included. The bottom line is that for less than $30 this comfortable and breathable spin bike seat is unbeatable.

6. IPOW Exercise Bike Seat

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2 new from $15.28
Free shipping

One of our favorite spin bike seats is the IPOW. The shape of the seat is a little similar to upright air bike seats. This memory foam cycle seat is a good choice for outdoor cycling and indoor spinning workout. It’s also unisex. Therefore, IPOW would make a great spin bike seat for women as well as men.

Considered one of the best spin stationary bike seats, it offers comfortable spinning workouts without adding an additional gel cover. However, if you want to add extra comfort to it, you can get a spin bike seat pad. The materials used to cover this spinning bike seat are Premium artificial leather which stands against outdoor weather elements while its interior materials are high-quality steel, sponge, and soft abrasion. There are also two rubber balls undernet the seat to minimize impact and vibration.

The rear of the seat is rounded and a bit raised to provide extra comfort for the buttocks. The hollow core and deep center cutout seat design allow airflow and also help to reduce the pressure on the prostate. Overall it’s a good exercise bike seat. And if you do decide to purchase this men and women spin bike seat, you don’t need to purchase an exercise bike seat adapter because it is included.

7. Xmifer spin stationary bike seat

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1 used from $22.07
Free shipping

It’s also one of the best exercise bike seats for women as well as men due to its unisex design. The Xmifer is one of the most comfortable exercise bike seats built for outdoor and indoor exercise workout. Unlike a few other top indoor cycling seats, this one has a dual coil spring suspension that adds more comfort to the rider.

Along with coils springs, it features ultra-soft memory foam materials which puts this seat among the most comfortable spin bike seats for women and men. It’s an oversized bike saddle that offers extra comfort, unlike your hard regular exercise bike seat.

With the purchase, you also receive the mounting clamp/adapter and tools. So, you wouldn’t need to buy another adapter to install this seat on your spin bike. However, we always recommend you check out your spin bike Seatpost size to make sure it’s standard (27.2mm). Otherwise, you might have to purchase a smaller or bigger seat post adapter.

8. Zacro Memory Foam Bike Seat

 out of stock

A perfect replacement for your stationary indoor bike seat is the Zacro. This is one of the best seats for spin bikes as well as upright bikes. Due to its round rear shape, it can provide comfortable exercise in an upright/cruising posture. The materials of this exercise bike seat are artificial leather and soft dual-density gel foam padding.

Unlike many exercise bike seats, the Zaco seat has carbon steel coil dual spring suspension. While this feature is to smoothen the bumps on the road, it also adds comfort to the stationary cycling workout. The saddle of this bike seat is thicker and softer than most seats.

If you are looking for spin bike seats for women’s or men’s comfort, the Zacro is a good choice. Some of the consumers who used this saddle on their spin bikes are very happy with the result. You also wouldn’t need to purchase the spin bike seat cushion because it’s already well-padded, soft and comfortable.

You also don’t need to purchase the exercise cycle seat adapter because it’s included. Overall it’s good quality and makes a good spin bike seat for women and men. Note that you can use it for upright exercise bikes also.

9. Grean Unisex Exercise Bike Seat

 in stock
3 used from $13.99
Free shipping

With a deep center cutout design, this spin bike seat replacement eliminates the prostate pain. Many consumers who installed this seat on their spin bikes are happy. Here is what one of them said about her purchase: “I bought this seat for my spin bike (sunny) great purchase”. It feels so comfortable and makes
spinning more enjoyable.”

So, if you are looking for men or women’s bike seat to replace the hard stock seat on our spin bike, we recommend the Grean. It’s also suitable for upright exercise bikes. The materials used on this seat are artificial leather, high density perforating foam, and dual springs.

The springs are covered with rubber rings to avoid injuries. Overall this center grooved seat is a good value for the money and has good quality. With this seat, you don’t need to buy the spin bike seat cushion because it’s soft and comfy. The additional exercise bike seat adapter is also not required because it’s included. The bottom line it’s a great replacement exercise bike seat that adds comfort to your workout.


Best Spin Bike Seat Cushions

Not all spin bike seats need to be changed. Some seats feature good design and durable materials. However, they are hard and uncomfortable. Therefore, you don’t need to change the spin bike seat. You only need to purchase one of the best gel spin bike seat covers we have reviewed recently.

And after thorough research on the market, we were able to pick and review the best spin bike seat cushion for women and the best spin bike seat cushion for men. So, you don’t need to spend hours looking for comfortable exercise bike seats or seat covers because we take away that burden from our readers.

If your bike has a wide seat, you need to pick a wide spin bike seat cushion. And if it’s a narrow seat, you need a spin bike seat cover cushion that is similar to your seat. Note that a little difference in the size of the seat and the seat cushion is not an issue because they are flexible and stretchable. See below the list of the best spin bike seat cover for women and men. We included the best gel bike seat covers for you.

Best Upright Exercise Bike Seats

By changing your exercise bike seat not only you get a comfortable exercise bike workout, but you also get a more effective cardiovascular weight-loss workout. Therefore, it is very important to have a comfortable exercise bike seat that doesn’t make you get off the bike before completing your workout routine.

Upright exercise bike seats are wider compared to regular spin bike seats. They are designed for the upright posture workout with the large rear support which makes them more comfortable. However, not all upright exercise bikes come with comfortable wide seats. Therefore, sometimes you might need to find a stationary bike seat with back support or an exercise bike seat pad to enjoy indoor exercise.

But don’t worry about looking exercise bike seat cover or seat because we found the best alternative bike seats for your uncomfortable indoor cycling bike saddle. They feature cushion padding, airflow design, and good materials that make them the best exercise bike seat replacement.









Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Seat Cushions

Beginner or elite, at home or in the gym, a comfortable exercise bike seat cushion will help you enjoy and stick longer to your workouts. However, some of these low-impact cardio workout recumbent exercise bike seats with backrest aren’t comfortable. And it’s okay if your recumbent doesn’t have the best comfort bike seat because you are not alone. There are many exercise bike seats that are either hard or they have a bad design that adds pressure on the prostate.

Here is the deal! There is an easy solution that doesn’t require too much time or money. All you need is a large comfortable recumbent exercise bike seat cushion. And there are many of these extra-wide exercise bike seat cushions that do multiple tasks. You can use them with your recumbent exercise bike, rowing machine, while driving, working behind the desk or even while dining.

Using these soft exercise bike seat cushions on top of your uncomfortable indoor exercise bike saddle will help you stay longer burning more calories and also enjoy the exercise session. Check out the list below and get the most comfortable exercise bike seat cushions for your recumbent bike.

H&R recumbent exercise bike seat cushion

How to make your exercise bike seat more comfortable.

Spin bike saddle pain is such a horrible thing while cycling, and I believe it is something none of us should have to go through. Saddle sore can put you off wanting to ride your exercise bike, which is the last thing you want when you have invested in an indoor cycling setup.

Thankfully, indoor bike saddle pain can be fixed very quickly. You just need to get the right seat and know the process of how to fix other issues that might be causing the exercise bike seat sore. We want to avoid indoor cycling bike saddle pain at all costs, and in this article, we’re going to tell you which bike seats are extremely comfortable and how to prevent pain and get back to your indoor cycling training with that distraction.

Gel Pads for Exercise Bike Seats

Purchase one of the spin bike seat pads/seat gel. Cycling outside or spinning indoor using a gel seat for spin bike adds comfort and makes your stationary exercise bike workout more pleasant. We picked the best gel spin bike seat covers for you. Check them out and see that one fits your indoor exercise bike seat.

Replace The Hard Seat With a Soft Bike Seat

Purchase one of the best spin bike seat cushions. Many indoor cycling bike seats are not comfortable. Therefore, you may need to invest in the spin bike seat replacement. We picked the most comfortable spin bike seats for you that cost less than $20. And don’t worry, changing your indoor stationary bike seat is easier than you might think.

Use Chamois Cream

If you are serious about indoor cycling and you want maximum comfort while spinning, applying Chamois cream helps a lot. It’s a water-based lubricant that offers comfort to your bottom. You can apply it inside your cycling shorts (or on your body parts that receive the most pressure of the seat) to reduce friction.

Seat Design

Narrow spin bike seats are more comfortable than wide seats. Wide oversized bike seats don’t allow your hips to freely move. Every time you pedal, your adductors swipe against the seat. This causes irritation, pain and also reduces the energy that goes on the pedal.

Seat Adjustment

Customize your bike seat to your height. If exercise bike seat is not adjusted properly, even the best spin bike seat won’t be comfortable. If your exercise bike seat hurts, make sure the seat is not short or high vertically and close or far horizontally from the handlebars. Check out this Youtube video for further instruction.

What Causes Exercise Bike Saddle Pain?

The first question we need to ask is what causes saddle pain. As a bike fitter, I have met a lot of people who suffer from saddle pain, and typically, it’s one of these things; Wrong Saddle, Incorrect Clothing, Bike Fit, and/or no prevention techniques.

If you are riding and your behind is sore, then it’s your body telling you to stop, and we need to listen to these messages to make sure we don’t cause ourselves any long-term damage. It’s not hard to pick up saddle sores that could keep you off the bike for a while. In the next section, we will approach each of these issues and tell you how to approach fixing them.

Using an Incorrect Saddle for Your Body

Typically, your exercise bike seat will probably not feel very good the first time you use it. The next day, it might feel even worse, but everyone says eventually, it will get better if you keep using it. As much as I agree with that statement, I believe if after ten rides, it’s still awful, you need a new saddle.

Nearly every stationary bike you can swap your saddle on, and you should take full advantage of this and try other saddles. You have a few types you can try; Female and Male-specific saddles, Sit Bone Saddles, Extra Padded Saddle and Saddles with cutouts.

Unfortunately, there’s not a saddle that works for everyone. We’re all built differently, and it might take a bit of trial and error. If you go to your local bike shop, they should have a few you can try, and they will all fit your indoor bike.

Wearing Incorrect Clothing For Cycling

There are times when the saddle you’re using might be ok, but the clothing your wear to cycling might not actually. The most important piece of clothing that you can buy is padded shorts. Padded cycling shorts, also known as bib shorts, are the best thing you can buy to help alleviate saddle soreness.

They give you the feeling you get from sitting on a gel seat, but it’s contained in your shorts instead. It cushions your behind and also helps stop any friction from clothing. This is probably one of the first things I would try in this list and does give the most success in fixing saddle pain.

Like with the saddle though, all padded shorts are different, and some might work for you, and others will not. Cycling shorts can be as cheap as $20 all the way to $200. I recommend starting by spending around $40 for a low to mid-range set and seeing the difference it makes before investing in high-end shorts.

Wrong Indoor Bike Fit and Setup

Your stationary bike seat hurts, this is something I used to hear all the time as an indoor cycling instructor, and if they have tried shorts and changed saddle, I would highly advise them to have a bike fit. A bike fit is a process of setting you up on the bike correctly, not just for maximum efficiency but for comfort. A bike fit takes time, and there’s a lot more aspect to a bike fit than most people think. The ones you’re going to want to help fix bike seat pain are incorrect saddle height and saddle level.

If your saddle is the incorrect height, your riding will feel very uncomfortable, not just in your knees but also on your saddle. Having the saddle too high makes our hip bones go side to side, and you end up rolling over one side of the saddle to the other with each full rotation. This causes unnecessary friction, and your behind gets sore. We highly recommend getting on Youtube and watching a few videos on how to get it correct.

Then we have saddle level, and most people tend to lean their saddle too far forward or too far back. I start by using a level to get it flat, then if it needs adjusting, do it ever so slightly to get it the correct position. You will also want to make sure that you are sitting on the right part of the saddle. If not, adjust it forward or back as well. You can fit yourself pretty easily by watching Youtube videos, but a local spinning instructor or bike fitter will probably do better.

Not Using Prevention Techniques

It’s expected that people with sensitive skin might not just need a decent pair of shorts, but they might need to take some extra measures to fight off those saddle sores. If your spin bike seat hurts even after you have a basic bike fit, you may need to use some chamois cream.

Chamois cream lubricates areas of friction and stops the build-up of irritation in sensitive areas. It’s a fantastic way to elevate saddle soreness and is very cheap to buy. You can go down other routes to help with indoor cycling saddle soreness, and we can’t advise what to use from a medical standpoint.

We hear a lot of people have success with Sudocrem, but again, this is what we hear and we never tried it. Make sure whatever you use to apply it to the right area. If you get issues where your sit bones are or where the bike saddle goes up the center, apply there.

Another thing that helps is that you should wash as soon as you finish your session on your indoor exercise bike. If you tend to sit around for a long time and the salt is just sitting on a sensitive area, there’s no doubt that it will cause problems.


Exercise bike saddle pain isn’t pleasant to have, and it can ruin a workout and completely demotivate you when it comes to your indoor cycling training. We feel your pain, and many of us have been there. The key is to use a comfortable indoor bike seat and as soon as you feel uncomfortable. We hope these comfortable exercise bike replacement seats and out tips help you do pain-free long indoor cycling spinning rides at home.

10Expert Score
Comfortable Exercise Bike Seats

We were recently asked by our reader to include the spin bike accessories in the spin bike reviews category. Therefore, we looked and picked the best spin bike seat replacement for you. We also included other types of exercise bike seats in this 10 Top stationary bike seats review. So, if you are looking for a comfortable exercise bike seat cushion for upright bikes, recumbent bikes, or spin bikes, you are in the right place. We also included tips on what to do if your spin bike seat hurt. There is also the best padded bike seat cover for spinning by DOMAIN as well as the gel seat cover for spin bike by Zacro to make your exercise bike seat more comfortable. These exercise bike accessories help you enjoy longer riding sessions.


Hi there, I'm Sayed Hamed Hosseiny, the founder and one of the authors at (YEB). I am a former indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. With a passion for indoor cycling, I have spent years designing cycling parts, repairing, and importing exercise bikes. All the articles, tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on (YEB) reflect my personal opinion and expertise in the field. I'm excited to share my knowledge with fellow exercise bike enthusiasts and help people find reliable indoor cycling information and the best exercise bike for their needs. If you have any questions or suggestion, you can contact me at

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  1. Which seat cover is best for women on a narrow seat Kaiser spin bike?

    • Hi Nancy

      Sorry for the late reply

      The first and second seat cushions (Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover and Premium Bike Gel Seat Cushion by Domain Cycling) fit well on Keiser spin bike seats. Zacro bike seat cover is more comfortable for women because of its ergonomic design.

      Let us know if you have any other question

      Your Exercise Bike Team

  2. Which seat covers would work for a Sunny Health & Firness indoor bike? My bum is sore! Please help!! :’)

  3. Best seat cover for SF-B1421B indoor cycling bike?

    Thank you!

  4. Your link or graphic is broken for the seat cushions.

  5. Hi. I hope that you can help me. I am not just having a need for a well cushioned seat. I need a seat that will keep me from sliding/slipping backwards,especially when I turn up the resistance level. I have tried putting things over the seat that seem non-slippery to me like towels, flannel sheet. I have worn different kinds of shorts. Nothing is working.. I am having back pain every time I try to spin.

    • Hi Christy

      Did you try adjusting the seat clamp? You can make small incremental adjustments to the front and rear of the saddle to ensure it is perfectly leveled.

      If that doesn’t help, I suggest the “SGODDE” seat listed 6th position in this review. It is unisex, gel-cushioned, and has non-slip up PU leather materials.

  6. I have a Nordic Track S15i Indoor Cycle NTEX05119 Seat is painful so am unable to ride for more than 5 minutes, and even that is excruciating. Have tried adjusting seat up and down and forwards and back but it doesn’t help. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Mary, thanks for reaching out

      I suggest you use padded cycling shorts for spinning and if that doesn’t help, you would need to buy a seat cover. You can search our website for the best spinning shorts for women and spin bike seat cushions.

  7. Hi there! Great information, but I have one question. Can you recommend one/some that will fit on a Nordictrack S22i? I bought the oversize buckaroo and the rails are about 1/4 too wide. Please help!

    • Hi Adrian, thanks for stopping by, according to one of the S22i consumers, the Xmifer seat works fine with this bike.

      After installing the seat, please let us and our readers know your experience with this specific bike seat.


      YEB Team

      • The Xmifer does not work on the s22i, it fits but will not tighten on the rails securely, got on bike and it became loose within seconds! Still searching

        • Hello Mark, thanks for the feedback

          If your saddle slides backward and forward, it is probably caused by the saddle rails not having a tight enough fit on the seat post clamp.

          The first thing to do here is to check for dirt and debris. Remove your saddle and take apart your seat post clamp. Then you need to check both the saddle rails and the seat post clamps. If they are dirty, try to clean it properly (you can even use some soap and water and brush with an old toothbrush).

          If you still don’t have any luck when the screw is fully tightened, one solution is to cut a piece of bike inner tube (rubber) into strips and wrap it around the seat rails. This method can be a quick and easy fix and last for a very long time.

          I hope it helps

  8. I have the same issue as Adrian but with the nordictrack s15i. I bought the oversize buckaroo and the rails are about 1/4 too wide.

    • Hi Kesha, thanks for stopping by

      As far as we know the Xmifer seat (number 7 in this article) is compatible with both Nordictrack indoor bikes (S15i and S20i).

      I hope it helps


      YEB Team

  9. Is there an accessory Saddle Seat for the Epic A17U exercise bike. looking to prevent groin numbness.

  10. Is it compatible with a pro-form 405 spx?

    • Hello Eunnie, thanks for stopping by

      Most of these seats are compatible with the ProForm 405 SPX, although I suggest the Xmifer. It’s probably the most comfortable!

      We hope it helps


      YEB Team

  11. What would work best with an echelon ex-3 without adding more height? I am considering a wider seat or a good gel cover but want to make sure it is compatible and comfortable!

    • Hello Christina, thanks for stopping by

      Pretty much any seat gel would add more height, pulse it would still be uncomfortable if you don’t wear any padded cycling short. So, I suggest you first try to use gel-padded cycling shorts and see if it is more comfortable with Echelon EX-3’s original seat. Or, if you are already using padded shorts and it is not working, I recommend you get an Xmifer (listed #7 in the article). I believe it is compatible with the EX3 and wide enough to provide the needed support.

      Please let us know how it goes and which solution you choose to get rid of your spin bike saddle pain.


      YEB Team

  12. Which seat is the best replacement for the Schwinn IC4 for me. I am 5’ tall and would like the most comfortable seat. Would I need a adapter?

    • Hello Andrea, thanks for stopping by

      Sgodde gel seat is what you are looking for. It has a gel layer, breathable design, and plenty of cushioning to provide comfortable support even during longer rides. It comes with an adapter so you you don’t need to buy it separately.

      Please note that no matter how good your seat is, if you are not wearing a good padded indoor cycling short (we picked some of the top ones and featured them on the website), you are still going to experience chafing and saddle sore after a while.


      YEB Team

  13. Thank you for writing this post. I need to replace the peloton hard bike seat. It is very helpful for me to choose the best Peloton bike seat.

  14. I want a comfy, simple-to-install spin bike cushion for my bike, I bought this Domain Cycling Premium Bike Gel Seat Cushion Cover. It is made durable with high-quality material: soft silicone gel and stretchy lycra material designed for indoor spinning and outdoor cycling. The gel cushion is quite comfortable when biking or used for exercises at home. It remains still and doesn’t slide around while I’m cycling. It has different colors that you can choose from.

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