The 5 Best Spin Bikes Under $300 in 2024

Spinning at home is a great idea for anyone looking to be more physically active without putting too much strain on their body. Indoor cycling is a great cardio workout that engages your entire body simultaneously and will help you burn calories like crazy. For this reason, spinning promotes safe weight loss and fitness results that you’ll be able to notice quickly.

However, it’s not easy to choose a spin bike, especially when you’re on a budget. There are too many spin bike reviews to go over because there are many options available on the market. But if you’re looking for the best spin bikes under 300, this article will be enough for you.

Keep in mind that purchasing an indoor bike under 300 is not as easy as it might sound. There are many factors you need to consider to make sure your spin bike will serve your purposes and help you reach your fitness goals.

That’s why we’ve put together a short buying guide for you at the end so you can pay attention to the features that matter most. Before reading the reviews for each spin bike under $300, we suggest you check out our comparison table. It’s where you will easily be able to see the main differences between exercise bikes under $300 recommended in this article.

Best Overall Spin Bike Under $300? MERACH Bike

Alright, let’s get straight to the point. When it comes to spin bikes under $300, the Merach indoor bike takes the crown, hands down. Why? Well, let me break it down for you.

First off, this exercise bike comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can easily sync it up with Zwift, Merach, and Kinomap for an immersive workout experience. But what really blew me away were the little things — the two bottle holders, the perfectly angled tablet holder that fits any device, and those oversized silicon transport wheels that make moving the bike a breeze.

But that’s not all. The Merach boasts a stainless steel frame, a semi-comfortable saddle, and a magnetic resistance system that’s whisper-quiet. Plus, with its sturdy design and impressive 280 lb weight capacity, you can pedal away with confidence knowing this bike has got your back. So if you’re in the market for a top-notch spin bike under $300 that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Merach.

Merach indoor bike

Best Spin Bikes Under $300 Comparison Chart

Comparison of Indoor Cycling Bikes
Compare the top indoor cycling bikes under $300.
Ready to find the perfect spin bike without draining your wallet? Dive into our comparison chart featuring the 5 Best Spin Bikes Under $300. From weight capacities to monitor readings, resistance systems, and Bluetooth connectivity, we've got all the details you need to make an informed decision. Whether you're into magnetic or friction resistance, adjustable handlebars, or syncing up with your favorite fitness apps, we've got something for everyone. Get ready to level up your home workouts without breaking the bank!
Indoor Bike NameWeight CapacityMonitor ReadingsResistance SystemTranmissionFlywheel WeightHandlebar AdjustmentBluetooth
Merach Indoor Cycling Bike for Home Cardio Workout280 Pounds
4'9" to 6.3 feet
Speed, cadence, time, calories, and distanceMagnetic resistance (no auto-resistance)Belt18 lbs2-Way adjustable with device holderBluetooth and app connectivity
Bancon Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike300 Pounds
5.1 to 6.2 feet
RPM, resistance, watt, speed, time, calories, and distanceMagnetic resistance (no auto-resistance)Belt35 lbs2-Way adjustable with device holderBluetooth and app connectivity
Advenor Magnetic Indoor Cycle Bike330 Pounds
5.1 to 6.3 feet
RPM, speed, time, calories, and distanceMagnetic resistance (no auto-resistance)Belt35 lbs2-Way adjustable with device holderNo Bluetooth
Pooboo Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike300 Pounds
5.1 to 6 feet
Speed, time, calories, and distanceMagnetic resistance (no auto-resistance)Belt35 lbs2-Way adjustable with device holderNo Bluetooth
Vigbody Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike330 Pounds
5 to 6 feet
Speed, time, calories, and distanceFriction resistance (no auto-resistance)Belt20 lbs2-Way adjustable with device holderNo Bluetooth

MERACH Exercise Bike with Exclusive App

MERACH Exercise Bike for Home with Exclusive App
Enjoy an immersive indoor cycling experience with the MERACH Exercise Bike and its exclusive app.
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MERACH Exercise Bike for Home with Exclusive App

As an avid indoor cyclist, I found the MERACH Exercise Bike to be an absolute game-changer, especially for beginners looking for the best indoor bike under $300. With its exclusive app, I could seamlessly transition from solo workouts to professional training sessions led by top instructors. The magnetic resistance system ensured whisper-quiet rides, making it one of the best spin bikes under $300 that won't disturb your household. Plus, the personalized fitness program and real-place video trails added a touch of adventure to my rides, keeping me engaged and motivated every step of the way.
& Free shipping
Last update was on: May 18, 2024 6:44 pm
$239.99 $399.99

While doing research to write the article of best spin bikes under $300, I found the Merach Exercise Bike, a beacon of simplicity and efficiency in the world of indoor cycling. Here’s my in-depth review after weeks of rigorous testing.

Upon delivery, the bulkiness of the package was evident, but assembling the bike was a breeze. Piece by piece, I brought it together, tightening bolts and connecting cables with ease. The result? A sturdy, well-constructed exercise companion standing tall in my home gym.

The Merach bike embraces simplicity without sacrificing functionality. A manual stop lever ensures quick halts, while the magnetic resistance system delivers whisper-quiet, smooth rides. The patented all-rounded design enhances safety and minimizes noise, a boon for both my workouts and household peace.

A standout feature is the integration with the Merach app, offering a myriad of training options and immersive outdoor riding experiences. Whether I opt for instructor-led sessions or craft my own regimen, the app’s live metrics and real-place video trails keep me engaged and motivated.

While the included seat left much to be desired, a quick fix with the Wittkup Medicus Air transformed my cycling experience. The bike’s adjustability caters to a wide range of users, with customizable handlebar and seat heights ensuring comfort for exercisers ranging from 4’9″ to 6’3″.

In conclusion, the Merach Exercise Bike offers a compelling blend of affordability, functionality, and simplicity. While it may require some upgrades to optimize comfort and performance, its solid construction and versatile features make it a worthy contender in the indoor cycling arena. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice enthusiast, this bike has the potential to elevate your fitness journey with its intuitive design and immersive training experiences.


  • Reasonably priced with solid build quality.
  • Easy assembly and near-silent operation.
  • Seamless integration with the Merach app for personalized workouts.
  • Sturdy construction and ample adjustment options.
  • Bluetooth compatibility for tracking workout data.


  • Issues with seat discomfort and pedal design out of the box.
  • Limited iPad holder size and water bottle placement.
  • Wobbly feel reported by taller users, potentially impacting stability.
  • Mixed experiences with Bluetooth connectivity and customer support.

Bancon Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

Bancon Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike
Achieve your fitness goals with the Bancon Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike.
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BANCON Stationary Exercise Bike for home

When it comes to indoor cycling, the Bancon Exercise Bike stands out as a reliable companion for my fitness journey, offering one of the best spin bikes under $300. Its sturdy framework and magnetic resistance system provide a smooth, quiet ride that mimics the feel of outdoor cycling. The adjustable seat and handlebar make it easy to find the perfect fit, while the LCD monitor keeps me informed of my progress every pedal of the way. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, I can easily sync up with my favorite fitness apps for a truly immersive experience.
Last update was on: May 18, 2024 6:44 pm

Our sec0jd option today comes from Bancon. Although it is not always under $300, when it is under $300 like right now, it’s with no doubt one of the best exercise bikes under 300 if you like to connect your bike to Zwift and other indoor cycling applications.

There are many reasons that I choose the Bancon as the best spin bike under $300. The first one being it has a super solid build with a frame that’s composed of a 35 lbs solid steel flywheel and can support a maximum of 330 pounds.

Another great feature is the 4 horizontal adjustment knobs you’ll find under the front and rear stabilizer. They will help you keep the bike stable on different surfaces for a safer riding experience no matter where in the home you place it.

With its magnetic resistance and belt drive system, this Bancon indoor cycle fulfills your spinning workout plane while providing a smooth and quiet ride. This is particularly beneficial if you live in an apartment or if you want to exercise at home at any hour of the day. It won’t disturb anyone either way!

The resistance of the bike is manually adjustable and it can’t do automatic adjustment when cycling on Zwift or other indoor cycling applications. Unless you can spend up to $700, I suggest you not look for automatic resistance. Those are hard to come by and cost more.

The wide seat and handlebar are adjustable so users of different heights from 5.1 to 6.1 feet can find comfort. I am crazy about its handlebar because they are very simple and they adjust vertically at a 20-degree angle.

So, when I rise the handlebars, they get away from me. And because there is no horizontal adjustment on the handlebars, I can’t have a comfortable grip unless I extend my arms fully and lean further which is not always a position I would like to ride my spin bike.

The pedals are lightweight and they’re made of anti-off aluminum alloy material. They also feature adjustable straps to fit different size feet. I don’t complain about them because they are standard pedals for the price.

Plus, I know even if it is the best spin bike under $300, there is no way Bancon company would have included SPD pedals for the price. In case you are new to indoor cycling, SPD pedals allow you to clip in indoor cycling shoes into the pedals. Usually, spin bikes under $1000 have dual-sided SPD pedals but indoor bikes under $300 almost always have standard foot cage pedals.

Anyways, it’s not a huge deal because Bancon pedals threads are 9/16. That’s the standard size for spin bike pedals so you can find and buy a pair of dual-sided spd spin bike pedals easily.

A pair of these pedals can cost around $50. I bought the Venzo pedals for $30 and they were excellent so I recommend those unless you prefer to use different spin bike cleats and shoes.

This exercise bike under 300 is also very safe and secure thanks to its emergency stop brake and handlebar-adjust tube bump. Additionally, it features a multi-use holder that can support a tablet. If you need to keep other things like a phone on the bike during your indoor cycling workout, you will need to buy a phone holder.

The digital monitor is not backlit but it has a relatively easy-to-read LED display. Bancon indoor bike has the best console among all the spin bikes under $300 that I tried and reviewed. It provides information on RPM, resistance level, power, speed, distance, time, and calories.

It also has a Bluetooth protocol that sends these stats to fitness applications including Zwift and Kinompa. You could also connect its cadence to the Peloton application but for that, you would need to use the QZ application as a bridge.

I honestly don’t think it could get any better for indoor bikes under 300 USD. It’s pretty unique and hard to beat. But that’s not the only thing that’s unique to this spin bike. It also has a fully covered flywheel which is safer if you have kids at home.

The maximum user weight this exercise bike supports is 330 pounds and the maximum user height capacity is between 5.1 to 6′ 1″. All parts have a 1-year warranty for a free replacement for 1-year, so make sure you contact them if you have any issues. The bike package dimensions are 42.52 x 8.86 x 33.07 and it weighs 70 pounds.


  • Solid and sturdy design.
  • Bluetooth technology and app connectivity
  • Magnetic resistance system.
  • The easiest spin bike assembly I have done.
  • Heavy flywheel for smooth spinning
  • Affordable, comfortable, safe, and quiet.
  • Cadence, resistance, power, and speed readings


  • Handlebars don’t adjust horizontally
  • Bike fit is limited to a certain height
  • There is no backlit on the screen
  • Pedals are not SPD

Advenor Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike

Advenor Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike
Experience a quiet and effective workout with the Advenor Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike.
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ADVENOR Magnetic Resistance Indoor Exercise Bike

As someone who values quality and durability in my exercise equipment, the Advenor Indoor Cycling Bike exceeded my expectations, making it one of the best indoor cycling bikes under $300. Its commercial-grade steel construction and hyper-quiet magnetic drive system ensure a stable, noise-free workout experience that's second to none. I love the personalized fit options, with adjustable seat and handlebar heights catering to users of all sizes. And with its 35 lbs flywheel and 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels, I can push my limits and challenge myself with every ride.
Last update was on: May 18, 2024 6:44 pm

On the third spot in this review, comparison, and buying guide of best spin bikes under $300 buying guide, I have added the Advenor indoor bike that’s yet another great option in this price range. The only reason I didn’t rank it number 1 in the list is that it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity and doesn’t provide resistance level or watt/power output.

If you don’t care about the mentioned features, Advenor is a better spin bike under $300 than the Bancon bike. But I know for most indoor cyclists those features are important because we all like cycling in virtual groups and competing in applications like Zwift.

Here is what I got with my Advenor bike and what you can expect. It has a sturdy steel frame with a 35-pound flywheel, helping this indoor bike provide a smooth cycling workout. The pedal strokes are consistent and there is plenty of inertia.

But as you would expect from any indoor bike under $300, the Advenor bike has a fixed flywheel. So, you can’t cast on the bike or stop pedaling for recovery while the flywheel is still turning.

I didn’t expect the bike to have a free flywheel because I know only high-end indoor bikes like Life Fitness IC8 have this specific feature and they cost thousands of dollars.

Featuring a magnetic resistance system, this indoor bike provides a smooth ride. It is better than wool brake pad friction resistance that you would find on most indoor bikes under $300. There are a series of 6 magnets that create resistance and there is a good range of adjustment.

My main problem with the resistance was the lack of a resistance level meter/reader. I never knew which resistance level I was pedaling because the screen on the bike doesn’t display the resistance level and because there is no indication on the resistance adjustment knob.

It took a while but I got used to it and was able to guess my max, average, and lowest resistance for mix intensity indoor cycling workouts. If it’s something that you want, you should probably consider the Bancon indoor bike which I reviewed earlier in this article.

The Advenor indoor bike does have a push-down brake that will allow you to stop your spin bike workout immediately whenever you need it. It’s for emergency situations and pretty much indoor cycling bikes under $300 have this technology.

Also, note that the Advenor fitness stationary bike’s resistance adjusts manually and there is no electronic motor to do that. Therefore, the bike can’t do automatic resistance adjustment if you ride on Zwift or Peloton.

I recommend not looking for a spin bike with automatic resistance under $300 as that would almost never happen. The cheapest spin bike with Automatic resistance for Zwift and Peloton cycling that I tried was the Echelon EX3 and that bike costs $699 unless there is a special offer or discount.

The seat on the Advenor indoor bike on the other hand is pretty darn good. It has more padding and an airflow hole which is more comfortable than the basic seat on the Bancon, Dripex, and the other two spin bikes under $300 that I tried and compared.

You can comfortably do a 40-minute indoor cycling session without saddle sore if you are wearing indoor cycling shorts. Since there is plenty of foam padding on the saddle, even a single-layer spinning short should do the job.

It is horizontally and vertically adjustable so you can get a good indoor bike fit for your height if you are between 5.1 feet to 6.3 feet tall. But if you are shorter or taller, you might have problems setting up the bike for a comfortable and safe cycling workout.

It’s mainly because the handlebar on Advenor’s indoor bike only adjusts vertically. If it was also horizontally adjustable, shorter and taller people could also fit the bike comfortably. It is not ideal but all the spin bikes that I bought for under $300 in the last couple of years had this issue.

That said if you loosen the nuts that hold the handlebars on the post, you can slide the handlebars forward and backward for almost an inch. It’s better than nothing but requires using a tool (included in the box) to lose the screws.

If only one person is using the bike is fine because you adjust it for your height once and you don’t have to do it every day. But if more than one person is using the bike, it’s not practical to use a tool for horizontal adjustment on the handlebars.

As for the transmission, the Advenor indoor cycling exercise bike has a belt drive system that provides a smooth and quiet experience while requiring little maintenance. You won’t disturb anyone at home and you’ll enjoy the ride a lot more as well.

The pedals are not SPD (understandable considering the price) but the cage pedals have straps to keep your feet in place and a bottle holder that provides easy access to water during your workout.

If you prefer to change the pedals, you can do it easily because this bike has the most standard pedal thread which is 9/16. Their replacement is widely available on the market for as little as $20.

That’s in case they break or you like to wear indoor cycling clip-in shoes for a safer and more efficient spinning session. I wrote a more detailed article so that you can learn more about how to choose a pair of shoes for indoor cycling.

Although I am glad Advenor stationary bike includes a little monitor to see my stats it has no backlight so you will need ambient lighting to see the readings. There is no Bluetooth so you can’t connect the bike to any application unless you buy separate cadence and /or speed sensors.

It doesn’t provide resistance level and watts but it does give your current speed, distance, time, and calories. It gives the cadence/RPM but it’s not accurate, in fact, there is no sensor associated with the cranks or pedals.

The only sensor that collects data is associated with the flywheel which is how I know it shows the RPM (revolution per minute) for the flywheel instead of the cranks/pedals.

I attached a Wahoo cadence sensor to the crank and it gave me accurate cadence which comes really handy when watching Peloton indoor cycling classes on my tablet. There is also a tablet holder to set place your device on the handlebars of the bike.

If you want to keep your phone and tablet on the bike together, you need to buy an exercise bike handlebar phone holder which costs some $15. Then you can attach it where you prefer on the handlebars.

The Advenor indoor bike supports a maximum user weight of 330 pounds. The dimensions of the item are 42 x 20 x 45 inches and it weighs 78 pounds which is great because it is easier to move after use.

They offer a 12-month free part replacement which is not bad at all considering the fact that you would be investing less than 300 USD for a magnetic resistance spin bike.


  • Smooth and quiet magnetic resistance system
  • Sturdy and long-lasting build.
  • Comfortable and cushioned seat with airflow cut.
  • Doesn’t take up much space, easy to move.
  • Stainless steel seat and handlebar posts.
  • Flywheel cadence and speed.


  • No SPD pedals (lack of spd is common for the price)
  • No backlit on the fitness monitor to track your spinning exercise stats in the dark.
  • Handlebars don’t adjust horizontally without using tools.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity for applications.
  • No resistance or power/watt readings.

Pooboo D525 Indoor Cycling Bike

Pooboo D525 Indoor Cycling Bike
Enhance your home workouts with the Pooboo D525 Indoor Cycling Bike.
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Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike with Magnetic Resistance

Meet the Pooboo D525 Indoor Cycling Bike – my go-to choice for a solid, effective workout at home, considered one of the best exercise bikes under $300. With its heavy-duty steel frame and 35 lbs flywheel, this bike offers stability and smooth operation that rivals gym-quality equipment. I appreciate the fully adjustable seat and handlebar, allowing me to find the perfect riding position for maximum comfort and efficiency. Plus, the LCD monitor and iPad mount keep me entertained and motivated as I track my progress and crush my fitness goals.
Last update was on: May 18, 2024 6:44 pm
$199.99 $299.99

Next, we have a Pooboo indoor cycling bike. I have only done seven 30-40-minute workouts on this indoor bike and although it was not a bad experience, I liked the Advenor and Bancon indoor bikes more. Mainly because both those spin bikes have better handlebars and better consoles.

So, if those indoor bikes are still under $300 and available on the market, I would suggest that you consider them instead. But if they are no longer available or out of stock, you can consider the Pooboo 528 as an indoor bike to buy for under three hundred US dollars.

Now let’s find out how it held on during the time that I was using this exercise bike. There were things that I liked and things that I disliked and I will explain them all in this review.

It’s equipped with a 35 lbs bidirectional flywheel that offers high-cadence spinning with good momentum so you can choose to have a challenging or relaxed spin workout. I know it says 35-lb flywheel but to be honest it didn’t feel that heavy.

If I used the bike for longer, I would have disassembled the flywheel to weigh it. Based on resistance and inertia, I would say the flywheel on this Pooboo exercise bike weighs between 20-25 lbs max. If you do end up weighing the flywheel, please comment below.

Anyway, I didn’t have any issue with the actual weight of the flywheel, it runs smooth and stable, and the ride is quiet which means the bearings are good quality. It has a belt for transmission which requires little to no maintenance. It is good news for anyone who hates oiling chains and getting their hands dirty.

Adjusting the intensity of your workout is as easy as turning the tension knob and if you ever want to quickly stop your workout, you only have to press down the emergency knob.

Similar to Dripex and Advenor, this Pooboo bike also doesn’t display the resistance level and it’s only manually adjustable. So, there is no automatic resistance change.

The pedals feature toe cages and straps that are adjustable and anti-slip for greater comfort and safety. Although they don’t have the SPD cleats for clipless indoor cycling shoes, they do have the standard 9/16 thread so replacement pedals are widely available.

I have to admit, this Pooboo indoor cycling bike has a thicker and sturdier high-quality crank and steel frame, making it one of the best budget spin bikes that can support up to 330 lb user weight. The frame tube and seat post are really solid and don’t jiggle.

The seat is adjustable in 4-way but the handlebar only adjusts in 2-ways (vertically). I am 5.5 and have the seat post more than half extended. I would not recommend it if you are taller than 6 feet.

The handlebar is designed poorly and it’s not dipped so not as sweat-absorbing as the handlebars on the Dripex and Advenor. The quality of the saddle is actually good, it has air permeability to avoid overheating during longer rides.

I’m a big fan of more tech during my indoor cycling workouts and this bike comes with an extremely basic console. It’s even smaller than the Dripex screen and there is also no backlight on the console.

So I always found it to be pretty hard to see my stats during higher-intensity indoor cycling sessions. You would need some sort of ambient light if you want to see the stats in the early morning or evening. But if you set up the bike next window and ride during the days, you should be fine.

The monitor tracks your speed, distance, time, and calories burned. It is really nothing compared to Bancon’s indoor bike that shows your resistance, watt, and cadence.

There is also no Bluetooth technology so you can’t track your performance on indoor cycling applications. I think for the price they should have built resistance and cadence wireless sensors to give a little more useful information about the workout.

I know it’s an additional cost but if you want to track your workouts, you can buy a set of rpm and speed sensors to connect the bike to your phone or tablet. This way you can have more information on how you are doing and where you need to improve.

If you don’t want to buy a speed sensor, that’s fine because the bike does provide your speed but a cadence sensor is easy to attach to the bike crank and would be essential if you like Peloton indoor cycling classes. So, think about it.

There’s also a rack that can hold your phone or tablet or even a book so you can entertain yourself during your spinning bike workout. And, of course, you also have a water holder but you should buy your own bottle.

The bike size is 38.99” long by 18.11 wide and 39.37” to 42.91” high. It includes a 12-month warranty and a 30-day full refund policy is available.


  • Smooth, stable, quiet and secure ride.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars.
  • Air permeability and heat dissipation system saddle.
  • Magnetic resistance system.


  • LCD monitor doesn’t offer a lot of functionality, just the basics.
  • No backlit or RPM reading on the bike monitor.
  • The handlebar is only vertically adjustable (not horizontally).

Vigbody Friction Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike

Vigbody Friction Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike
Stay motivated with the Vigbody Friction Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike.
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Vigbody Friction Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike

For a dynamic and engaging indoor cycling experience, look no further than the Vigbody Friction Exercise Bike, another contender for the best spin bikes under $300. With its sturdy build and adjustable features, this bike offers a personalized workout tailored to my needs and preferences. I love the digital monitor, which tracks my time, speed, distance, and calories burned, keeping me accountable and motivated throughout my rides. And with its sleek, modern design, this bike adds a touch of style to my home gym while delivering unparalleled performance.
& Free shipping
Last update was on: May 18, 2024 6:44 pm

This Vigbody was the cheapest spin bike under 300 USD that I bought for review purposes. It cost me around $210 and I found it to be a good-quality indoor cycling bike. So, I decided to review, compare and add it to this buying guide for indoor bikes under $300.

In terms of quality, it’s sturdier and more solid than some spin bikes that I tried at a higher price range. But in terms of technology, it is not as good as the Bancon indoor bike or Advenor indoor bike but definitely better than the Pooboo and Dripex bikes.

The actual size of the console is a bit bigger and the metrics are easier to see and read than Pooboo. But it still doesn’t have Bluetooth for app connectivity or cadence and resistance meters.

It’s understandable for spin bikes under $300 because technology + quality costs a little more so you can’t expect to get both of them when buying an indoor cycling bike under 300 USD.

I am still happy that Vigbody had two device holders to keep my tablet and phone at the same time on the bike so I didn’t need to buy a separate device holder. It’s something I didn’t see on the other bikes.

Now let me talk about one feature that I liked the least but then I will talk in detail about the things that I liked the most regarding this highly-rated exercise bike under $300.

Resistance, that’s the only feature of this indoor bike that might be a dealbreaker for some of you guys. Vigbody has a friction resistance that is not as good as magnetic resistance. It is made of wool material that wears out and makes noise because it comes in direct contact with the flywheel to create intensity.

The other 4 spin bikes that I reviewed and compared in this article all have magnetic resistance so they never wear out and they don’t make any noise at all. It is because they don’t in contact with the flywheel to create resistance.

The only thing that I like about friction resistance is its unrestricted adjustability. There is no fixed minimum or maximum resistance, you can turn the knob for absolute ZERO resistance or you can turn the knob for absolute maximum resistance.

On magnetic resistance spin bikes, the resistance is restricted as there is a fixed minimum and a fixed maximum that you can’t go beyond. In fact, that’s the reason some cyclists prefer to use friction-resistance spin bikes.

I personally always prefer the magnetic resistance because I don’t like to deal with broken resistance and my wife hates the annoying noise that it might end up making after a while.

Plus, we live in an apartment and I like to keep things as quiet as possible to avoid bothering my family and neighbors as well, especially in early morning rides. So, as much as I liked the quality of this spin bike under $300, I had to get rid of it.

Another reason that I didn’t want to keep this spin bike is of course because I use these bikes temporarily only to review them and I can’t fill out my home with bikes. I know that won’t be the case if you are buying an indoor bike for under $300 to stay in shape and do cardio exercise.

Now, the flywheel of this indoor bike is 20-pound which I found to be a little too light. I think if they want to stay with the competition, they need to increase the flywheel weight to at least 35 lb. It’s important specifically because this spin bike doesn’t have magnetic resistance.

If you are new to indoor cycling or you have knee issues, you will probably appreciate the light weight of this bike’s flywheel because it is easier to spin and has less impact compared to heavier flywheels.

Although the handlebars on this indoor bike only adjust vertically and there is no horizontal adjustability, they are the highest quality handlebars I have ever seen on an indoor cycling exercise bike under $300.

They are dipped so your hands remain comfortable with tight grips even when you sweat. They are not made of cheap bars with removable cheap foam covers which is very common for spin bikes under 300 United States Dollars.

On top of the actual quality of the handlebar and its dipped coating, it is also perfectly designed with four additional handgrip positions so you have more verity to avoid numb hands during longer rides.

There are the Aero bars, horn bars, and racing bars. There are rarely any magnetic spin bikes at this price range that have such handlebars, let alone spin bikes under $300.

It would have been great if the handlebars were also horizontally adjustable so that I could bring them closer to the seat for relaxed upright indoor cycling exercise.

However, I am not disappointed because I already knew it was almost impossible to find an indoor cycling bike under $300 with horizontal adjustment.

The seat, on the other hand, is horizontally and vertically adjustable which is essential for all types of exercise bikes because if the seat doesn’t adjust in all directions, you can’t fit the bike comfortably.

I am 5.5 and was able to adjust the bike for my height without any problem. There was very little room to adjust it up and down so it’s safe to say this bike can’t fit a wide range of users when it comes to height. It can fit riders that are 5 feet to a maximum of 6 feet tall but not taller or shorter.

I have to admit, Advenor had a wider range of user fit especially for taller users, I would suggest the advenor indoor bike instead. It can be adjusted for users up to 6.3 feet tall.

As for the quality of the actual seat, I was actually impressed. It has a semi-ergonomic design and soft foam cushion. I did a couple of rides without wearing my indoor cycling bibs and it was tolerable.

The seat is 9.5 inches long and 8.2 inches wide so if you feel that you need more support during longer indoor cycling sessions, you can buy a spin bike seat gel.

The “Schwinn Sport Seat/Double Gel” fits the seat and adds plenty of support. You could also put the Zacro seat cover but its width is a little smaller than the seat.

It goes without saying that you could also completely replace the saddle if you are not happy with it especially because everyone has different preferences and needs when it comes to choosing an exercise bike seat.

Either way, I highly suggest that you wear indoor cycling shorts that have padding. They are non-slip and have no friction making for a comfortable and safe riding experience.

And if you still experience spin bike saddle sore, try to use chamois cream to avoid chafing and saddle soreness. They always help to get rid of chafing and improve cycling performance.

The toe-caged pedals are adjustable and it will fit most sizes of feet securely. There’s also a device holder for your tablets or mobile phones, as well as a water bottle holder so you can remain entertained and replenished during your workout.

This indoor bike is easy to install, only taking about 30 minutes of your time and the user manual will tell you everything you need to know. It’s also portable thanks to the two wheels at the bottom, so moving it around will be very easy until you find the perfect spot for it at home.

The Vigbody indoor bike supports a maximum user weight of 330 pounds. They also offer a 1-year part replacement warranty in case something happens to it. Item is 47.44 x 21.65 x 48.46 inches and weighs 60 pounds.


  • Heavy steel frame, sturdy build.
  • Upgraded dipping handlebar.
  • Tablet and bottle holders.
  • PVC dipped handlebars with multiple hand positions.


  • Handlebars are only vertically adjustable.
  • Friction resistance system.
  • No Bluetooth for application connection.
  • No resistance, watt, or RPM readings.

Buying Guide: Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best Spin Bike

Before we leave you to choose the right spin bike for you, we wanted to mention the factors you should pay attention to. First of all, the weight of the flywheel is important. The heavier it is, the better it will replicate the rolling movement of a road bike, and the smoother the experience will be.

When looking for the best spin bikes, you also want the seat and the handlebar to be adjustable. Saddle quality is essential to comfort and to reduce the risk of aches and injuries and adjusting the handlebars will allow for a more accurate setup.

It’s also important to look at the resistance type. There are two types of resistance on indoor bikes: friction and magnetic resistance. Magnetic resistance works great and it won’t require pad replacement like friction resistance. There are some spin bikes under $200 and $300 that come with friction.

A water holder is definitely a must but also an exercise bike tablet holder is a plus. You also want a fitness monitor to keep track of your stats as it will allow you to have a better knowledge of your performance. The pedals on your indoor bike should fit securely and comfortably as well and transportation wheels will make your life a lot easier.

You’ll find most of these options on our list for best spin bikes under 300 have all these features and more. So, take a look at each option individually and decide which one is the best for you!

8.8Expert Score
Affordable and Good Value!

Spinning at home is a great idea for anyone looking to be more physically active without putting too much strain on their body. Indoor cycling is a great cardio workout that engages your entire body at once and it will help you burn calories like crazy. For this reason, spinning promotes safe weight loss and fitness results that you’ll be able to notice quickly.

Tracking Display
  • Budget-friendly introduction to indoor cycling.
  • Certain models boast adjustable magnetic resistance systems.
  • Lightweight for effortless mobility.
  • Space-saving design perfect for compact areas.
  • Beginner-friendly features for easy start-up.
  • Lower durability in comparison to pricier alternatives.
  • Limited fitness tracking capabilities on smaller monitors.
  • Reduced stability during high-intensity workouts.
  • Potential for discomfort due to subpar seat comfort.
  • Lack of advanced functionalities like auto-resistance.


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