Best Exercise Bike Mats For Carpet, Concrete & Hardwood Floors

An exercise bike mat also called floor mat that fits under the base of an exercise bike, serves to fulfill several purposes. These mats for under exercise bike are sometimes overlooked.

Many people focus mainly on buying an indoor exercise bike while forgetting about the importance of an equipment mat. Using the spin bike without a spinning bike mat is never a good idea because it can cause a number of damages to your bike and floor.

A bike mat can reduce noise, protects your floor, and provide balance and extra cushioning. But finding the best floor mats for exercise bikes is not an easy task.

There are tons of bike mats for carpets and other types of floors on the market which makes it difficult to find and buy the best value exercise bike mat.

Luckily, you are reading an up to date and accurate exercise bike mats review. This buying guide is meant to help you find the best bike mat so your carpet and hardwood floors stay clean and unscratched.

In this review, you’ll discover the best exercise bike mats for carpet, concrete and hardwood floors. Additionally, we will also help you find out what to look for when buying the best exercise spin bike mat, upright bike, and recumbent bike mats.

With no further ado, let’s get into it and see the top exercise bike mats!

We have also created the table of content below to make it easier for you to navigate through our best home exercise bike mats review.

Here are the best stationary bike mates:

Top Exercise Bike Mats Compared

Comparison Table For The Best Exercise Bike Mats
Name & RankFlooring
SuperMat 20GS Mat for Indoor Cycles Exercise BikeCarpet
PVCSpin bike
and upright
Cap Barbell Premium Mat for Exercise BikeCarpet
PVCUpright bike
and spin
Goplus Exercise Bike MatCarpet
PVCSpin bikes and
Sunny PVC Exercise Equipment Mat For BikesCarpet
PVCUpright bikes
and spin
Marcy Fitness Exercise Bike Floor MatCarpet
FoamSpin bikes
and upright
CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bicycle TrainersCarpet
SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat for Recumbent BikesCarpet
BalanceFrom GoFit High Density Exercise Bike Equipment MatCarpet
PVCAll Exercise
ProSource EVA Foam Puzzle Exercise Mat for Gym EquipmentConcrete
FoamAll Exercise

1. SuperMat 20GS Mat for Indoor Cycles Exercise Bike

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7 used from $22.31
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Made in the US and featuring a unique quality, the SuperMat 20GS is the best indoor cycling exercise bike mat in this review. It is made of super tough PVC. The 20GS spin bike floor mat doesn’t contain harmful chemical or heavy metals which makes it safe for pets and children.

It is 2 feet wide and 3 feet 10 inches long. This dimension makes the 20GS SuperMat ideal for for spin bikes and upright bikes. Aside from using the mat for under spin bike, you can also place the pedal exercisers, steppers or even workout dumbbells on the mat.

Another excellent feature of this indoor cycling mat is its density. It is 1/3 inch thick and that is perhaps one of the thickest PVC spin bike floor mats on Amazon.

It is cushioned and thick enough to hold you and your spinning exercise bike without sinking into your floor. You can use this exercise equipment mat on the hardwood, carpet and concrete.

  • Name: SuperMats 20GS Heavy Duty Equipment Mat for Indoor Cycles Exercise Bikes.
  • Dimensions: 2′ W x 3’10″L
  • Density: 1/3″
  • Materials: PVC
  • Can be used on the: Carpet, Hardwood, Concrete, and Tiles.
  • 20GS Floor Mat is For: Spin bike, upright bike, and steppers.

2. Cap Barbell Premium Mat for Exercise Bike

 in stock

This roll up PVC mat stands out due to its 1/4″ thickness, affordable price and good consumer reviews. So, if you are looking for the best cheap exercise bike mat, this is for you.

The Cap Barbell Premium mat for upright bike is 3 feet wide and 4 feet long. The width is a foot more than many of the best selling exercise bike mats.

The extra foot width comes handy when you need to place other tools or equipment on the mat. As far as the type of exercise bikes goes, you can use this mat for a spin bike or upright bikes. But not for recumbent bikes.

Cap Barbell indoor bike mat is thick enough to distribute the weight well and protect your floors and carpets from the indentations and scratches.

When buying Cap Barbell exercise machine mats, you have two options. You can buy one exercise equipment mat or buy a pack of 4 mats for exercise bikes.

  • Name: Cap Barbell Mat for upright bike.
  • Dimensions: 3′ W x 4’L
  • Density: 1/4″
  • Materials: PVC
  • Can be used on the: Carpet, Hardwood, and Concrete.
  • Cap Barbell Exercise Bike Mat is For: Spin bike, upright bike, and steppers.

3. Goplus Exercise Bike Mat

 in stock

If you can not afford the rubber SuperMat ranked first in our best choice indoor exercise bike mat review and want a more compact mat than the Cap Barbell, then go for the Goplus. It is made of lightweight PVC materials which is easy to move and store.

The Goplus cycle mats are available in three sizes for treadmill, upright and recumbent stationary bike mats. This one is for upright and spin bikes. It is 4 feet long and 2 wide.

This size should be enough for pretty much all spin bikes. As far as the mat density goes, it is about 1/8″ which is thinner than the SuperMat listed first.

The Goplus is a good low cost indoor cycle mat that costs less than $20. It will easily protect your floor and bike for a couple of years if you use it indoor.

Some of the good features of this PVC mat includes water and non-slip resistance pattern that provide a good balance during workout and make cleaning easy.

  • Name: Goplus PVC Exercise Bike Mat.
  • Dimensions: 2′ W x 4’L
  • Density: 1/8″
  • Materials: PVC
  • Can be used on the: Carpet, Hardwood, and Concrete.
  • Goplus Bike Mat is For: Spin bike, upright bike, and steppers.

4. Sunny PVC Exercise Equipment Mat For Bikes

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2 new from $25.98
3 used from $17.69
Free shipping

This exercise machine floor mat is a relatively new product by Sunny Health and Fitness. Therefore, there aren’t many consumer reviews. But the few that you can see on Amazon, seems to recommend this buying this top budget exercise bike mat.

Aside from featuring easy to fold tough PVC material, the NO.083 spin bike mats have perfect dimensions for all types of upright and spin stationary bikes.

It is 2 feet wide and 4 feet long which makes a good compact mat for under exercise bike. This spin bike mat is not thickest but it is also not the thinnest on the market.

The NO.083 Sunny exercise bike mat is 1/6″ thick. It can protect and safeguard the floors and carpet beneath your exercise equipment. We recommend it for home use but not for commercial gym use.

Overall this equipment mat is a good value for the money. It helps dampens vibrations that can cause wear and tear to workout equipment, as well as noises that may disturb your family members or neighbors.

It will also prevent floor and carpet dust from entering the belts and the drive mechanical parts of your workout machines, helping prolong their life.

  • Name: Sunny PVC Exercise Equipment Mat.
  • Dimensions: 2′ W x 4’L
  • Density: 1/6″
  • Materials: PVC
  • Can be used on the: Carpet, Hardwood, and Concrete.
  • Sunny Exercise Equipment Mat is For: Spin bike, upright bike, and steppers.

Body Xtreme Fitness Exercise Bike Floor Mat

5. Marcy Fitness Exercise Bike Floor Mat

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2 new from $31.99
3 used from $22.46
Free shipping

The Marcy exercise equipment mat is 1/4″ thick. It is enough to help to safeguard floors and carpets from the damaging effects of heavy exercise equipment.

It measures 36″ wide by 78″ long, making it ideally sized for exercise bikes such as upright and spin bike, or use as a general weight bench mat.

What is really unique about this top exercise bike mat is the foam Materials. It is more robust and tougher than cheap PVC. It provides better padding to absorb exercise vibration. It also has better abrasion resistance and aging stability compared to PVC.

But why it is ranked fifth and not the second in our top exercise bike mat to buy review? The answer is simple, the Marcy stationary bike mat is too expensive.

Other than, it is a good exercise equipment mats for hardwood floors, carpet and other types of floors. Like the rest of the gym equipment mats in this buying guide, it can preserve the life of your exercise equipment by helping prevent floor and carpet dust from entering belts and the drive parts.

If by the time you are reading this best buy exercise bike mat review, the Marcy spin bike floor mat is less than $30, don’t hesitate to buy it. It would be worth it.

  • Name: Marcy Fitness Exercise Bike Floor Mat.
  • Dimensions: 3′ W x 5′.6″L
  • Density: 0.25″
  • Materials: Eva foam
  • Can be used on the: Carpet, Hardwood, and Concrete.
  • Marcy Exercise Bike Floor Mat is For: Spin bike, upright bike, and steppers.

6. CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bicycle Trainers

 out of stock

CycleOps Training mat is longer than pretty much all the indoor cycling mats listed above. The reason for that is because it is a bike trainer mat, not a spin bike mat.

So, if you are looking for something underneath your road bike when cycling indoor, the CycleOps cycling mat is for you. It is water resistance and easy to clean after use.

Featuring slip-resistance pattern, the CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bicycle Trainers is good for carpet, hardwood, concrete or tile floors. This sweat-proof rubber mat is 1/4″ thick and can properly absorb the vibration and noise.

The CycleOps rubber indoor bike mat is 36 inches wide and 65 inches long which should be enough for most bicycles and trainers.

Overall it’s one of the top floor mats for indoor bike trainers that prevent slipping and prolongs the life of your equipment.

I don’t recommend the CycleOps bike trainer mat for spin bikes because it takes too much space. And since it is bigger, it is more expensive than a spinning bike floor mat.

  • Name: CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bicycle Trainers.
  • Dimensions: 3′ W x 5.4’L
  • Density: 1/4″
  • Materials: Rubber
  • Can be used on the: Carpet, Hardwood, tile, and Concrete.
  • CycleOps Training Mat is For: Bicycles, trainer and recumbent bikes.

SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat for Recumbent Bikes

7. SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat for Recumbent Bikes

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2 new from $29.50
4 used from $24.47
Free shipping

You might be wondering why we added another equipment mat by Supermats. The reason is that the Supermats are made in the U.S and they are uniquely sturdy.

They also have hundreds of excellent consumer reviews that confirms the quality of their mats for under exercise equipment. Not to mention, they have a perfect exercise machine mat for every type of fitness equipment.

This one in particular measures 2.5 feet wide and 5 feet long which would make a perfect recumbent exercise bike mat. You can also use it for indoor cycle spin bike but it takes too much space.

This SuperMats’s best exercise recumbent bike mat is made of durable PVC. It is 1/4″ thick and very stable featuring a non-slip pattern. It is no secret that it can absorb the vibration and reduce noise better than low-quality thin PVC bike mats.

So, if you can afford it, we highly recommend you buy this recumbent exercise bike floor mat instead of buying cheaply made exercise bike mats.

  • Name: SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat.
  • Dimensions: 2.5′ W x 5’L
  • Density: 1/4″
  • Materials: PVC
  • Can be used on the: Carpet, Hardwood, tile, and Concrete.
  • SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat is For: Recumbent bikes.

8. BalanceFrom GoFit High Density Exercise Bike Equipment Mat

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1 used from $23.81
Free shipping

If you have been looking for a large foldable mat, the BalanceFrom Fold-To-Fit is one of the top choices. You can easily adjust and fold this mat in different sizes to make it fit your spin bike, recumbent, elliptical or treadmill.

Two versions of the BalanceFrom exercise equipment mats are available. The regular roll up mat and the fold up version. They both have the same dimensions (6.5’x3′), except the foldable version is divided into six 13″ folds.

It allows you to shorten the total length by folding the sections underneath each other. Featuring non-slip resistance that improves grip and prevent slipping, the BalanceFrom floor mats have PVC construction.

The PVC material is water resistance and helps to reduce the impact of the machine. Plus, it helps to protect your exercise bike from carpet fibers, which is important if you have a carpet floor.

It also features 2 years warranty and 1/4 thickness which makes it ideal for supporting personal fitness equipment such as stationary exercise bikes, steppers or other cardio exercise units.

  • Name: BalanceFrom GoFit High Density Bike Equipment Mat.
  • Dimensions: 3′ W x 6.5’L
  • Density: 1/4″
  • Materials: PVC
  • Can be used on the: Carpet, Hardwood, tile, and Concrete.
  • BalanceFrom GoFit High Density Mat is For: Recumbent bikes, spin bike, treadmills, and ellipticals.

9. ProSource EVA Foam Puzzle Exercise Mat for Gym Equipment

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8 used from $21.96
Free shipping

This type of foam protective flooring is common in the gyms and exercise rooms. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for under exercise bikes.

They are the thickest protective workout flooring in this review, featuring 1/2″ thickness. This amount of thickness ensures your bike always has a smooth surface with the minimum vibration.

The ProSource EVA foam workout mats are work great for the home fitness, children’s play area, garages and gyms. They thick and provide excellent cushioning for the knees, back and joints.

These Puzzle Exercise Mat are sold in set of 6 Interlocking Tiles. Each tile is 24″ x 24″. One set that costs $20 has 6 tiles, they cover 6 feet long and 4 feet wide of your flooring. So, you would have enough space for exercising and placing your bike.

The only reason these protective flooring for gym equipment mats are not listed top is because they are slippery on the carpet. And they are not as easy to move and store in the house.

If you don’t use the bike on the carpet and don’t move it after each use, we highly recommend these thick equipment mats. They are durable, water resistance, slip resistant and affordable.

  • Name: ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat, EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles.
  • Each tile dimensions: 24″ x 24″
  • Six tiles dimensions: 6’L x 4’W
  • Density: 1/2″
  • Materials: EVA Foam
  • Can be used on the: Hardwood, Tile, and Concrete.
  • ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat is For: Gym floors, recumbent bikes, spin bikes, treadmills, and elliptical trainers.

Things to know when buying exercise bike mats:



When buying exercise bike mat, size is the most important aspects to check. Pick the gym equipment mats that is a few inches taller and wider than your bike’s dimensions. The size of each bike floor mat in this reviews is listed below the review.

Note that some users like to do Pilates and anaerobic exercise on the same mat. If that is the case, we recommend you to buy a Gorilla mat. It is soft, durable and large enough to be an exercise bike floor mat as well as a good workout mat.

Floor types

We recommend the PVC or rubber exercise equipment mats for carpet floors, hardwood, or concrete floors. They usually have non-slip pattern that prevent sliding.

You may want to avoid using the foam exercise bike mats on the carpet. These thick exercise bike mats are good for concrete and hardwood floors but not so grippy on the carpets.


If you have been reading this exercise bike mat review, you already know that we suggest buying rubber exercise bike mats. Because they are relatively thicker, extremely durable and highly water resistance.

These exercise equipment mats are good for carpet floors and all the other types of floors. They cushion and prolong the life your exercise equipment by reducing the impact and preventing the floor dust from the entering the bearings and drive mechanism.


It is no secret that the exercise mat with thickest density offer better protection and smoother workout. So, when looking for the best exercise bike mat to buy, we suggest you get the thickest rubber exercise bike mats on Amazon.

The rubber mats density varies based on the brands. Usually the best buy exercise bike mat features around 1/2″ density. You need to consider that it needs to be thick enough to hold you and your spinning bike.

So, it doesn’t sink once you place you exercise equipment on it especially into the carpet. To make it easy for you, we already picked the thickest best floor mats for exercise bikes and featured them the first and second in this indoor cycling mat review.

Folding, rolling, tiles

The best rubber exercise spin bike mats roll up when you need to store them. However, the PVC exercise bike mats for carpet are often foldable.

The foldable design help to save space and fit different types of equipment perfectly. They are the second best mats to put under your workout bike after the rubber mats.

Last but not least is puzzle tiles exercise bike mat for home. Each square tile of these mats for spin bike are often 24″ x 24″. And they are made of thick EVA foam materials. Compared to roll up and fold up exercise bike mat for under spin bike, the tiles require more space and more effort to pack and store.


When buying spin bike mat or any other type of exercise equipment mat, the warranty terms and refund policy is important. Bike trainer mats featuring longer warranty indicate better quality.

Make sure it is not only “manufacturer defect” warranty. Because they wouldn’t replace or repair the mat in case the mat develop tear or ruin.


Spinning bike mat price starts from $15 and goes all the way to $60 depending on the materials. Rubber mat for under spin bike price is more expensive than PVC mats.

The best price exercise bike mat for hard floor and carpet are the PVC mats. They cost less than $20 and do a good job of protecting your bike and floors. Note, the price for large mats for under recumbent bikes are more expensive as they need more materials.


The best value exercise bike mats feature free shipping while some less expensive upright bikes mats have extra shipping fees. Thankfully most indoor bike mats shipping are free on Amazon.

Keep in mind that sometimes when buying cheap stationary bike mats and paying an extra shipping fee, you might end up spending the same amount that you would pay for a good quality top floor mats for indoor bikes.

Consumer reviews

I always recommend you to buy an upright bikes mat or any other type of exercise equipment based on features and quality. But it is also important to check the consumer reviews.

We pick the best exercise bike mat to buy for carpet and other types of floors based on quality and hundreds of reviews across the web. We made sure the owners of these good value mats for exercise bikes are happy their purchase.


Considering all the mats for exercise bikes on the hardwood and carpet have either plastic or rubber materials in them, a bit of odor shouldn’t be a surprise.

So, when buying the best floor protection mat for exercise bike, expect a bit of odor for a few days. Specially if you are buying a rubber stationary upright bike mat.

We suggest you keep the mat in the open for a few days before using it inside. If you are too sensitive to this type of odors, you might want to consider a PVC upright exercise bike mat.


For intense workouts such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), it is important to make sure your indoor bike mat doesn’t slip out from underneath your bike.

It is uncomfortable and can scratch the floor. Therefore, we recommend you to double check and make sure your favorite exercise bike mats are slip resistant on all surfaces.

Choosing one of the top exercise bike mat to buy from this review, you don’t need to worry. Because these indoor cycle mats are going to work for your floors.

Extra tip

Depending on the materials when you buy exercise bike mats, they come rolled up or all folded which can lead to it looking wrinkled for a short period of time. If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry. The cycling mat will flatten itself after a few days of use.

Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike Mat:

Floor Protection

If you purchased a spin bike or any other type of exercise bike, you also need to buy an exercise bike mat. No matter where you place the exercise bike, on a hardwood floor, concrete or carpet, using the mat for under exercise bike is strongly recommended.

The exercise bike machine’s weight plus your own weight can be enough to sink into your carpet and wood floor ruining the surface. The vibration can also leave ugly scratches on your shinny floor. Additionally, your bike is vulnerable to vibration, dust and floor humidity.

Fortunately, with a $20 investment in a bike mat you can minimize and eliminate all these damages. The best exercise bike mat for spinning, can provide cushioning and a protective layer for the floor and your cycle trainer.

Noise Reduction

Aside from protecting the floor, noise reduction is one of the main benefits of using a spin or upright exercise bike floor mat. When you pedal and do high intensity exercise, the bike vibrates. These vibrations causes noise and an unpleasant rough ride.

The noise can also disturb your partner or neighbors which is something you definitely want to prevent. Specially if you live in an apartment. Thankfully, an exercise equipment mat can help to minimize the noise.

An exercise upright bike mat or a recumbent bike mat can simply create a layer of padded cushioning between the floor and the bike. That helps to absorb the shocks and reduces the noise caused by the vibrations.

Keep in mind that a stationary recumbent mat or cycling trainer mat is not going to eliminate your bike’s noise. An exercise bike floor mat doesn’t change the noise caused by your bike’s drive mechanism, magnetic system or training intensity.

Smoother Workout

You already read the indoor bike vibration can ruin the floor and bike itself. But it also affects your balance on the bike which can ultimately make the workout less smooth.

Heavier people notice this rocking motion more than smaller people, especially if the exercise bike is lacking the rubber stabilizers. A bicycle mat helps cushion the base and secure the bike during use. An exercise bike floor mat can also help a lot in providing a smoother ride and better balance for the rider.

Easier to clean

During exercise, it is very likely to sweat which can be difficult and frustrating to clean every day because it is time-consuming and requires moving the bike. Plus, too much of sweat can ruin the hardwood.

Buy mats for under exercise bike is an easy solution. The bike floor mats are water resistance and can save you lots of headache. Because you don’t need to worry about your floor or clean the cycling mat everyday.

What exercise bike mat to buy, Rubber, PVC or Foam?

Rubber exercise bike mats:

  • Advantages of rubber indoor bike mats:
  • Large rubber bike floor mats can also be used as exercise mats.
  • Rubber bike mat for carpet is highly water resistance.
  • Rubber exercise mats are more durable.
  • They are non-slip resistance on all types of floors.
  • Disadvantages of rubber exercise workout mats:
  • The rubber material makes it heavier than PVC and Foam.
  • Some rubber gym mats have strong odor.

The name explains it all, the Rubber-Cal mats are made from rubber. So, they are more durable than other types of exercise bike floor mats. But that’s not the only reason we love the rubber mats for under exercise bikes.

Made from the recycled rubber material such as tires, these bike mats can absorb the impact and vibration better than plastic/PVC. This material is used in health clubs and weight rooms for professionals.

Additionally you can use the rubber bike mat for carpet, hardwood and other types of floors. Since they are heavy and made of rubber, they remain stable during exercise without slipping.

The rubber bicycle mats are also thicker and softer comparing to PVC. So, if you buy a large exercise bike mat that is made of rubber, you can also use it to workout your core, back, etc.

As for the noise reduction and floor protection, the thickness and rubber material does an excellent job. The only two problems with the rubber bicycle trainer mats are their weight and odor.

Not all but some rubber cheap spin bike mats have strong odor. The odor will go away eventually but for a week or two, you will need to keep them in the garage or even outdoor.

They are heavy and not as easy to move in the house as PVC exercise bike mats. Overall, rubber spin bike mats are the best options. They provide good protection for your floor and prolong the life of your bike. We included a few rubber mats in this best exercise bike mats reviews. Scroll up to see them.

PVC stationary bike mats:

  • Advantages of PVC exercise equipment mat:
  • PVC bike trainer mats are lightweight and easy to roll and move.
  • The PVC bike floor mats are cheaper than rubber mats.
  • They can be used as bike mat for carpet.
  • These equipment mats are the cheapest.
  • Disadvantages of PVC cycling mats:
  • They are less durable than rubber mats.
  • PVC exercise bike floor mats are often thin and hard.
  • They can not absorb the impact as good as a rubber indoor cycling mat.
  • Some PVC mats for under exercise bike release odor when new.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) gym equipment mats are the second best option for under exercise bikes. They are cheaper and have water and slip-resistance materials.

They tend to remain stable on all types of floors. So, you wouldn’t have a problem using a PVC indoor bike mat on the carpet. While they are good mats for under exercise equipment, they are not for exercising.

PVC exercise machine mats are relatively thin and have firm/hard plastic materials. That makes them less durable than rubber mats. But that’s not the only downside of PVC mats for under bikes.

The fact that they are harder makes them not to absorb the bike vibration and sound as good as a foam or rubber equipment mat. Some PVC mats release unpleasant odors for a while when they are new.

However, this usually tends to go away after a couple of days. PVC mats are seen in many top indoor exercise bike mat reviews across the web. We also believe they are good exercise bike mat for carpet.

But they don’t provide the same floor protection as the rubber mats. They are more affordable than interlocking tiles and rubber mats. We featured a few of them in this best stationary bike mats reviews. Some of the best Peloton bike mats are also made of PVC.

Foam puzzle tile home gym mats:

  • Foam equipment mat advantages:
  • They have multiple density thick layers.
  • Foam mats for under exercise equipment can better absorb the vibration.
  • The foam mats offer better cushioning for knees, elbows and back.
  • Some foam exercise equipment mats are also suitable for aerobics.
  • EVA foam puzzle mats are among the cheapest.
  • Disadvantages of foam fitness mats:
  • Packing and unpacking foam puzzle exercise machine mat tiles is time consuming.
  • Not as durable as rubber exercise mats.
  • They are slippery on the carpet.

Exercise equipment mat materials are mainly divided in three categories. Foam, rubber and PVC mats. The foam mat for the gym floors is one of the popular types.

They are soft and spongy mats made of closed cell foam construction. The foam material helps to reduce the impact of the machine. It also helps to protect your exercise machine from carpet fibers, which is important if you have the carpet floor.

Other advantages of foam exercise bike floor mat is that when you are not using a cycle on it, you can use the foam mat to exercise on it.

Compared to the PVC cycling mats, the foam gym equipment mats have multiple thick densities. Therefore, they provide comfortable cushions for spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors.

However, the foam exercise room mats are not easy to pack and unpack since they often comes in interlocking tiles. These exercise machine floor mats also can’t be folded or rolled.

Overall, they are excellent exercise equipment mats for hardwood floors and concrete home gym floors. But they are not ideal mats for exercise bikes on the carpet because they are slippery when used on the carpet.

And since they are difficult to pack/unpack and move in the house, we don’t always recommend them for bikes. For exercise bikes, most people are better off with a single piece PVC or rubber exercise bike mats. They are tidier, easier to move and ideal for carpet floors.

Types and sizes of exercise machine mats:

Spin bike floor mat:

Mat for under indoor cycling bike is one of the smallest equipment mats on the market. The indoor cycle floor mats are often 3 feet long by 2 feet wide.

They are compact and easy to store. You can use a spin bike floor mat for upright bikes, mini steppers, and pedal exercisers. Our best home exercise bike mats review includes several cycling mats. You can find them in the beginning of this exercise bike mat buying guide.

Recumbent bike floor mat:

Exercise recumbent bike mats are longer and wider than indoor cycling mats. The best recumbent exercise bike floor mat size is 5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide.

This dimension is sufficient for majority of recumbent workout machines. But they are too long to bed used an indoor cycling mat and too short to be used as a floor mat for elliptical machines. We listed couple of recumbent bike mats in this best indoor exercise bike mat reviews. Scroll up to see them.

Treadmill mats:

Unlike spin bike floor mat and recumbent bike mats, the treadmill mats are longer. You can use a treadmill mat as an exercise mat for elliptical, or a rowing machine mat.

The exercise mat for treadmill is long and wide enough for all of the above-mentioned machines. But keep in mind that an equipment mat for elliptical if not ideal to be used as an indoor bike mat because it takes too much space.

Weight lifting mats:

Extra thick gym equipment mats

Also known as weight mats, gym mats and gym floor mats, they are the thickest and most durable type of mats for under exercise equipment. Weight lifting mats are often made of heavy rubber and have square shapes.

If you already have exercise gym mats in your home gym, you don’t need to buy exercise bike mats. The gym exercise mats do a great job of reducing vibration and exercise equipment impact.

But they are too pricey and heavy to use as bike mat. If that is not an issue for you, these protective exercise equipment mats will provide years of protection. Click on the picture to see the exercise equipment mat prices.

Workout mats:

Premium large exercise mat

They are also called Pilates exercise mats and fitness exercise mats. These portable workout mats are up to 5 feet wide and 8 feet long to allow full body exercises.

These cardio exercise mats are often thicker and made of soft foam to provide better cushioning for knees, elbow, back etc.

The best exercise mats are durable and non-slip. You can place a spin bike on a corner and use the rest of the padded exercise mat to do Pilates. Click on the picture to see the price for these exercise mats.

How thick should an exercise bike mat be?

Assuming you would like an answer in mm, anything above 8mm (0.3 inch) would be ideal thickness for an exercise bike mat.

This additional thickness provides protection for the floor and carpets beneath the bike, as well as cushioning for your bike and joints while you ride. It also absorbs some of the noise generated by the bike, making it more pleasant for everyone in the household.

Is exercise bike mat and yoga mat the same?

No, they are not the same. Yoga mats are typically softer, thicker and more padded than exercise bike mats. They also tend to be more lightly textured, while exercise bike mats are often quite grippy and more durable to prevent slipping.

Finally, yoga mats also come in a variety of colors and designs, while exercise bike mats are typically much more simple in terms of aesthetics.

Do I need a Peloton Bike mat?

No, you don’t necessarily need a bike mat. However, a bike mat can be beneficial because it will help to protect your floor from scratches and scuffs.

It can also help to keep your bike stable in place while you’re riding. If you’re looking for a bike mat, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase.

First, decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor bike mat. Indoor mats are designed specifically for use with Peloton bikes and other stationary bikes, while outdoor mats can be used with any type of bike.

Outdoor mats are typically larger and more durable than indoor mats, so they may be a better option if you plan to use your mat outdoors.

Can exercise bike be placed on carpet?

Putting an exercise bike on a carpeted floor is perfectly fine, and some people do it without any major issues. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you’re going to use an exercise bike on a carpet.

First, make sure that the exercise bike is stable and won’t move around while you’re pedaling. If it’s not stable, it could cause an accident, damage your floor and carpet.

Second, carpet can absorb some of the impact from the pedaling but not all the impact, so you might want to consider placing a mat under the exercise bike to protect your carpet (and your floors).

Third, while doing cardio on an exercise bike, you will sweat and unfortunately cleaning a carpet is not convenient or easy. So, it makes sense to use an exercise bike mat on top of your carpet. Other than those considerations, there’s no reason why you can’t use an exercise bike on a carpeted floor.

Should I put a mat under my stationary bike?

I would say yes, you should definitely put a mat under your stationary bike. There are several good reasons for this.

First, it will help protect your floor from scratches and scuffs. Second, it will absorb some of the noise from the bike, making it less disruptive to others in your home.

Third, it will provide a bit of cushioning to help make your workout more comfortable. Overall, using a mat is just good common sense when you have a stationary bike in your home!

What do you put under an indoor bike?

You can put a rubber, PVC, or foam mat under your bike to protect the floor and make it more comfortable to ride.

You could also put a carpet or any other type of soft material. Normally you should try to put something under you bike that’s easy to wipe the seat off with a piece of wet cloth.


Best exercise bike mat review

Vibration is a problem when using exercise bikes, especially for heavier individuals. The movement during the exercise tends to create noise in the bike’s components, as well as vibration against floors. An stationary bike mat helps absorb the vibrations and minimize the noise.

Placing an exercise bike mat between the carpet and the bike serves to evenly distribute the weight and reduce fiber crushing. Most exercise bikes have rubber foot levelers on the base.

While these pads can help protect hardwood floors from the slight movements of the machine, a bike trainer mat provides an additional layer of cushioning. This layer of protection helps to guard against scratches in tile and wood flooring.

While some might say exercise bike mats are not essential accessories during an indoor cycling bike workout, we disagree. The exercise bike mats for under spin bike allow you to focus on your workout.

Most indoor cycle floor mats cost less than 20 dollars, making them a relatively inexpensive investment compared to the hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on the exercise bike.

If you haven’t purchased a mat for under indoor cycling bike yet, we recommend you to do so. Exercise bike mats are a great way to protect your hardwood floors and carpet from getting scratched.

Depending on the type and thickness of you mat, you can also use it for different exercises such as yoga, Pilates or ab and core workouts.

Hopefully, this best exercise bike mat review helped you narrow down your search and find a good mat for under your bike. But if you still have any doubts or questions, please email us or let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. I purchased the top supermat on you list for spin bikes. Sad to say it is not rubber but PVC as is the other supermat you recommend. Please get the details right when publishing lists like these. I relied on it for my purchase

    • Hi Louise

      In 2018 when we contacted the Supermat brand and added their products to this review, they were all made of rubber. We are not sure when but apparently at some point they replaced the PVC with the rubber materials.

      Thank you for trusting us and we are genuinely sorry about what happened. All of us at YEB constantly try to keep our reviews up to date but sometimes when sellers change the material of their goods and don’t inform us, these problems raise.

  2. do they make a non-skid floor mat to place under a pedal exercisor which is 22″ x 18″ that you can put on carpet

    • Hi Selina, thanks for stopping by

      There are a couple of brands that make floor mat for pedal exercisers, one of the most popular is the Cubii mat (25″ x 18″). It has a non-slip surface and works on the carpet as well as hard floors.

      Search for “Cubii Workout Mat – Non-Slip Surface – Protects Hardwood Floors and Carpets” on Amazon to see the price and availability.

      I hope it helps

  3. Hi, could you recommend a mat for use under the Rogue Echo Bike? I’m going to be using indoors in my house, not garage so want to protect the carpet.


    P.s your twitter account is suspended (i tried filling the link at the bottom of your page)

    • Hey Graeme, thanks for stopping by

      The Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. mat (available on Amazon UK, Canada, and US) would be ideal for the Rogue air bike. It is 60 centimetre wide and 117 centimetres longs (24-Inch x 46-Inch).

      Also thanks for letting us know about the Twitter, we just contacted them, hopefully they remove the suspension

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