Best Indoor Cycling Shoes For Women + My Personal Choice

At home, indoor cycling or joining a spinning class is a great way to build lean muscles and get in shape. And while the spin bike is what you initially need to start, the right cycling clothing is what keeps you spinning every day.

Without the proper spinning shoes and proper spinning shorts, indoor cycling is nor comfortable neither safe. And if you are not comfortable exercising, it won’t be long before you stop using your spin bike.

So, here is the deal! Whether you are a novice or an elite spinner, you need to be equipped to enjoy your spinning workout and to actually want to do spinning more than once a week.

Therefore, one of the first cycling clothing you may want to look for is spinning shoes. And for that, we researched the market to find the best spinning shoes for women.

There are at least two types of best spin shoes for women. The SPD and the SPD-SL shoes. And many women’s indoor cycling shoes are either compatible with the spd and spd-SL pedals or you can use a converter to make them compatible.

So, regardless of what type of spinning pedals your bike has, you shouldn’t have a problem using any of the best cycling shoes for women in this review.

However, not all the spin bikes have the SPD cleat pedals to allow you to exercise with spinning shoes. Therefore, you need to buy spin bike pedals with spd cleats to be able to use the indoor spinning shoes for women listed in this female cycling shoes review.

Top 10 Women’s Shoes For Cycling Indoors

Cycling shoes are not just for men. Women have different feet and needs when it comes to cycling. That is why we have put together a top 10 women’s indoor cycling shoes comparison chart.

This will help you find the perfect shoe for your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our chart and find the best shoe for your next indoor cycling session!

Editor’s Choice

Every month we search and find the best indoor spinning shoes for women to make sure our readers get the best value shoes for the money.

Our top picks for the best cycling shoes for spinning for this month are the TIEM women’s elite cycling shoes and the Tommaso Pista Aria women’s spinning shoes with BOA, reinforced plate, and rubber outsole. They offer all the benefits of spinning shoes while being quite affordable.

With no further ado here are our top 10 picks for the best women’s spinning shoes for spin class and indoor cycling to help you enjoy and focus on your workout.

1. Shimano SH-IC500 Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

 out of stock

With no doubt, Shimano is one of the best cycling clothing and accessories brands. They are popular around the world for their cycling shoes, pedals, and other spinning kits. The brand manufactures high-quality spinning clothing for women and men.

The SH-IC500 Shimano spinning shoes are one of the brand’s best-selling women’s indoor cycling shoes for narrow and medium width feet. These Shimano cycling shoes for women for spinning have a narrower heel cup, reduced volume, added support at the instep, and a mid-size toe box.

They are women’s specific fit and designed based on women’s anatomy to provide the maximum comfort for the female studio cyclists and to secure the foot for a more efficient upstroke. With multiple ventilation points on top and on the outsole, these Shimano shoes keep your feet cool during indoor cycling. SH-IC500 cycling shoes for women have a state-of-art BOA and a wide strap closure system that prevents uncomfortable pressure on the foot during the exercise.

What makes these Shimano shoes one of our favorite indoor cycling shoes for women is their SPD recessed cleat design. You can use these cycling shoes by Shimano with the main indoor cycling pedals (MTB is also known as SPD and 2 Bolts). The lightweight reinforced plate and rubber sole provides a balanced of stiffness and compliance to transfer the power better into the pedals.

The mesh that is used in these cycling shoes for women by Shimano is supple and stretch-resistant. It’s also light, strong, and more breathable than leather or other materials. The IC500 Shimano spinning shoes are one of the best cycling shoes for spinning that feature 4 holes to allow you adjust the cleats how it fits you more comfortably.

SPECS ……………………☟
Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats (Two-bolt cleats)
Cleats: NOT Included
For: Women
Recessed Cleat Area: Yes

2. TIEM Slipstream Ladies Studio Spinning Shoes

 in stock
2 new from $119.99
1 used from $52.77
Free shipping

The Tiem women’s spinning shoes are designed to fit your feet correctly, provide top-notch breathability, and the best power to every pedals stroke. Despite the fact that these indoor spin shoes are new in the market, they have gathered quite a reputation for comfort, price, and design.

To start, the Tiem indoor cycle shoes have the slip-on construction and single strap closure system. This helps give you a quick tightening and release when you need it. The straps are wide so you can “lock” your feet into these indoor cycling shoes for women without squeezing your feet or casing hot-sports.

The outsole is made from nylon which is not as stiff or thin as carbon outsoles. The less rigid sole makes it extremely comfortable and highly recommended for novice and intermediate women indoor cycling enthusiasts. It helps give you good power transfer from your legs to your pedals.

The tongue is attached that is meant to hug your foot in all the right places to give you the most support and comfort on your indoor spin class rides. These best women’s indoor cycling shoes have a comfortable insole that is high-quality and was created to ensure that comfort and performance never compromised in all seasons.

TIEM recommends choosing a half size down from your normal athletic shoe size for a secure, optimal fit when buying these women’s spin shoes. The US women’s sizes are available on Amazon.

Last but not least, seen on many best indoor cycling shoe reviews, the Tiem indoor spin shoes are compatible with the 2-bolt SPD system. The recessed SPD cleat assembly and rubber outsole allow you to easily walk around the studio while off the bike.

I’d recommend these best indoor cycling shoes for women if you’re looking for a very affordable shoe with the less rigid outsole to keep your feet comfortable during intense spin classes. However, if you are a pro cyclist, you may want to consider indoor cycling shoes for women that have carbon soles.

SPECS ……………………☟
Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats (Two-bolt cleats)
Cleats: NOT Included
For: Women
Recessed Cleat Area: Yes

3. Tommaso Pista Aria Women’s Cycling Shoes

 in stock

Whether this is your first investment into the clipless spinning shoes or you’re looking to replace an old pair of kicks, these indoor spinning shoes for women by Tommaso add a bundle of comfort to your indoor cycling. The Psta Aria women’s indoor cycling shoes are made of high-quality materials and sold in three colors.

With 3D breathable mesh for optimal ventilation, and SPD and Look cleat compatibility, they are one of the top three women’s spinning shoes in our review.

Tommaso Pista women’s indoor cycling spin shoes can pair with two-bolt and three-bolt cleats so you can use them with your mountain bike, road bike, and spin bike (of course only in summer for outdoor rides).

Tommaso Look Delta spinning shoes feature quick strap and BOA system that makes it easy to put them on and take them off. The Tommaso women spinning shoes are made and designed to fit female cyclists.

Compared to unisex spinning shoes, they are more comfortable and fit better the female users. The spd cleats and the assembly tools included however, the 3-bolt cleats are not included with the Tommaso women’s spin class cycling shoes.

SPECS ……………………☟
Compatible Cleats: SPD and Look Delta (Two-bolt and three-bolt cleats)
Cleats: SPD Included
For: Women
Recessed Cleat Area: No

4. Pearl Izumi Women’s Studio Cycling Shoe

 out of stock

Sold in white and black colors, the Pearl women cycling shoes are highly rated cycling clothing for women. With over 40 top user ratings, these Izumi v4 road cycling shoes are perfect spinning shoes for women for the spin class and at home use. These shoes are designed for summer and spring cycling with breathable textile materials.

Therefore, the ventilation of these women cycling shoes in the spinning classes will prevent your feet from getting too hot. And the arch support design adds extra comfort to your indoor cycling routine. The 3-strap closure also removes pressure from your instep to eliminate hot spots.

The Nylon composite power plate brings lightweight stiffness and durability during the cycling and for off-the-bike adventures, the lugged rubber outsole provides superior traction. Overall, the Pearl footwears are good value for the money and with no doubt, they are great spinning shoes for women to use with spd pedals.

Built by one of the top brands that make cycling clothing for women, these cycling shoes can be used indoor and outdoor. They are 2 and 3 bolt cycling shoes, meaning they are compatible with 2-bolt spd pedals as well as 3-bolt Look pedals.

SPECS ……………………☟
Compatible Cleats: SPD and Look Cleats (Three and Two-bolt cleats)
Cleats: NOT Included
For: Women
Recessed Cleat Area: No

5. Shimano SH-IC300 Women’s Actifly Indoor Cycling Shoes

 out of stock

Specifically designed for spinning classes and indoor cycling, the Shimano SG-IC300 women spinning shoes are the best indoor spinning shoes for women. While they are a bit more expensive compared to other spinning shoes for women, they are worth every penny that you invest.

Shimano SG-IC300 indoor spinning shoes feature soft outsole. Although the sole is without air channels the upper part is highly breathable to keep you cool during an intense spinning workout.

The upper part of these women indoor cycling shoes are made from synthetic leather and mesh for optimal airflow and maximum comfort. Looking at the materials and ergonomically fit design, it’s not difficult to say these Shimano products are good spinning shoes for women.

The rubber=nylon outsole used in these women’s spinning shoes offers a stable and firm platform, yet comfortable, especially for beginners. Therefore, you can have powerful fluid stokes without foot sore.

The BOA fasteners prevent unnecessary pressure on your feet and also make it easier to put the Shimano SG-IC300 women’s spinning shoes on and get started.

The mesh materials prevent from overheating and dry faster between spinning class sessions. Last but not least, these Shimano SG-IC300 women’s indoor spinning shoes are compatible with SPD but not SPD-SL or Delta spinning cleats.

SPECS ……………………☟
Compatible Cleats: SPD (Two-bolt cleats)
Cleats: NOT Included
For: Women
Recessed Cleat Area: Yes

6. PEARL IZUMI Vesta Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

 in stock
2 new from $93.75

Thanks to the high-quality and durable materials the PEARL IZUMI Vesta shoes for spinning class are made of, we decided to add more than one pair of indoor cycling shoes from this brand to our spinning shoes reviews.

The PEARL IZUMI Vesta women’s cycling studio shoes are specifically designed for indoor cycling with relatively softer outsole. They look more like your casual sneaker shoes and feature velcros rather than laces.

The textile breathable material allows your feet to stay cool during intense indoor cycling workout which is another reason they are chosen for women’s best spinning shoes review. The hidden inner shank plate and the EVA mid-sole transfer the power efficiently to the pedals.

While for this price they are considered mid-level spinning shoes, they offer on the bike and off-the-bike walking comfort for the rider, thanks to its recessed cleat area. As far as the user fit goes, these are the best spinning shoes for women with narrow and average feet (not super wide).

You can use the PEARL IZUMI Vesta spd spinning shoes with SPD pedal systems. With that out of the way, to be honest, these wouldn’t be my first choice for women’s indoor cycling shoes. They don’t offer enough value for the money.

I would recommend the Tommaso, Shimano or Tiem shoes instead. However, if those guys don’t have the size or colour of your choice, then these PEARL IZUMI Vesta studio cycling shoes would be worth considering for your next ride.

SPECS ……………………☟
Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats (Two-bolt cleats)
Cleats: NOT Included
For: Women
Recessed Cleat Area: Yes

7. Fizik R4 Donna BOA Shoe with Fuschia Trim

 in stock

Frizik is a popular spinning shoe brand that has been developing the women best cycling shoes in collaboration with leading professional cyclists. This is why the R4 women spinning shoes feature the proper cut, sizing, and styling specifically for female riders. The R4 spinning shoes are light, fast, secure, and comfortable – and also complemented by one sailcloth strap.

The outsole features stiff reinforced carbon for better power transfer. The insole is supportive and comfortable to ensure that every precious watt goes straight into your pedals. The diamond-shaped laser-cut perforations help to keep the footwears cool and the reflective heel cap offers visibility on the road.

R54 women’s spinning shoes are compatible with three bolt cleats and pedals only. Therefore, you can’t use these cycling shoes with two-bolt SPD pedals unless you purchase a set of adapters. With these women indoor cycling shoes, the cleats are not included.

Overall Fizik R54 Donna BOA Shoe with fuchsia trim is great quality and definitely some of the best comfortable shoes for women in spin classes.

SPECS ……………………☟
Compatible Cleats: Look (Three-bolt cleats)
Cleats: NOT Included
For: Women
Recessed Cleat Area: No

8. Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Bike Cycling Shoe

 in stock

One of the best-selling and highly rated spinning shoes for women are the Tommaso Pista cycle shoes for spinning. While they are budget so very much affordable, they can offer comfortable outdoor and indoor cycling workout. They feature a versatile design that makes them perfect for road riding, commuting, touring, and spin class use.

Tommaso spinning class shoes are compatible with SPD-SL and the SPD pedals. Therefore, you wouldn’t need the extra adapter to use different pedals. These cycling shoes for spinning have two years manufacturer’s warranty and 100% free fit return policy which is pretty unique on the market.

In order to eliminate any extra pressure on the foot and to offer precision ergonomic fit, Tommaso cycling shoes for spinning class feature Velcro straps. The hook and the high-quality velcro straps also add comfort and security to all of your rides.

These shoes for spinning by Tommaso feature fiberglass reinforced sole that allows you to get the most out of every pedals stroke. The Tommaso Pista spinning shoes provide optimal stiffness and maximize power transfer to allow exercisers to ride longer and faster.

Another reason that puts the Pista shoes among the best shoes for spinning is durable synthetic leather and the ventilated mesh portions that help cool your feet with ease.

SPECS ……………………☟
Compatible Cleats: SPD and SPD-SL Cleats (Two-bolt and three-bolt cleats)
Cleats: NOT Included
For: Women
Recessed Cleat Area: No

9. Zol Predator MTB And Indoor Cycling Shoes

 out of stock

With highly-rated 50 reviews on Amazon, the Zol footwear are the best cycling shoes for wide feet and indoor spinning. Known as one of the best women’s spinning shoes, the Zol Predator SPD shoes for spinning feature mesh leather and breathable materials to keep your feet cool.

These spinning cycling shoes are compatible with SPD pedals and if you want to use them with SPD-SL/Road pedals, you will need adapters. What makes the Zol shoes the best women’s cycling shoes for spinning is their ergonomic comfortable design, carbon fiber velcro straps, and affordable price.

These spinning spd shoes keep your feet safely secured while pedaling and the carbon fiber designed heel cup provides foot stability for better exercise. The lightweight materials of Zol women’s spd spinning shoes bring extra comfort during the workout.

The double injection fiberglass nylon sole combined with perforated insole helps drain sweat and adds the right amount of stiffness to transfer maximum power to the pedals during cycling. Overall, the Zol cycling shoes for spinning women are a great option for indoor cycling and spinning classes for a good price.

SPECS ……………………☟
Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats (Two-bolt cleats)
Cleats: NOT Included
For: Women
Recessed Cleat Area: Yes

10. Tiebao 2 and 3 Bolts Women’s Cycling Shoes

 out of stock

Tiebao created cycling shoes for women with all the bits and pieces that you would need for spinning. With these cycling shoes for women with clips, you won’t compromise on fit or durability. With their sleek new design and fiberglass-injected nylon sole, these women’s spin shoes are a wise investment.

The Tiebao women’s spinning shoes with cleats can be purchased for less than $70. The fit is further fine-tunable with three velcro straps that provide more security, ensuring that riders with narrower feet don’t experience heel slippage while pedaling.

Allowing for efficient power transfer throughout your spinning workout, the shoes’ fiber-glass composite sole will make sure that you won’t lose watts.

These women’s cycle shoes for spinning don’t include pedals or cleats but considering the price, it makes sense. If your spin bike doesn’t have the spd pedals, you will also need to purchase pedals and cleats in addition to the Tiebao spinning shoes for women.

The Tiebao cycling spinning shoes are compatible with Delta, Road, and MTB pedals. Overall they are some of the best cycling shoes for spinning and many consumers are happy with their purchase.

SPECS ……………………☟
Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats and SPD-SL Cleats (Two-bolt and three-bolt cleats)
Cleats: Not Included
For: Women
Recessed Cleat Area: No

Women Spinning Shoes – Buyer’s Guide

Indoor Cycling Shoes vs Outdoor Cycling Shoes

When it comes to spinning shoes for women, it’s perfectly fine to wear your favorite outdoor cycling shoes. Although, you might find that some shoes that work well outside feel too hot and sweaty indoors.

Most outdoor cycling shoes feature thicker layers and protective materials to keep your feet safe in case of incidents.

And since you are exposed to the fresh air while cycling outside, the shoes don’t feel too hot. But when you do spinning for 50 minutes indoors, it’s better to have workout clothing with a little more ventilation.

2 Bolts, 3 Bolts, 2 & 3 Bolts Shoes

When choosing indoor cycling shoes, you need to know that there are mainly three types of spinning pedals (two bolts/SPD, three bolts/SPD-SL or Look) and three types of spinning shoes (two holes/SPD pedals compatible, three holes/SPD-SL pedals compatible, and five holes/SPD, SPD-SL and or Look pedals compatible).

So, basically, if you buy one of those that has 5 holes on its soles, it will work with 2 and 3 bolt cleats/pedals. Before purchasing any of our best training shoes for women, make sure they are compatible with your exercise bike pedals.

With this being said, many of the best spinning shoes in this review are compatible with both, the SPD and the SPD-SL shoes. At the bottom of each spinning shoes women review, we describe what pedals are compatible.

2 Bolts and 3 Bolts Cleats For Women Cycling Shoes

The cleat is what you attach to the bottom of the spinning shoes. Some best indoor bike shoes for women come with cleats. So, you don’t need to purchase cleats for spinning.

Also sometimes the spd (2 bolts) cleats or spd-SL (3 bolts) cleats for spin shoes are included with the pedals. However, if your pedals and spinning shoes don’t have the cleats, you can buy them separately.

Best Cycling Cleats

Some spinning pedals and indoor spinning shoes are sold with cleats while most shoes don’t have the cycling shoes cleats included. Therefore, you will need to buy the cleats for spinning shoes separately.

There are two main models of spinning shoe cleats: the SPD also known as MTB cleats and the SPD-SL also known as Road cleats. And depending on the type of your bike’s pedals, you can purchase either the SPD or the SPD-SL cleats.

  • If your spin bike has the dual-sided SPD pedals, you are going to need 2-bolt cleats.
  • But if your indoor cycling bike has the SPD-SL pedals, you are going to need 3-bolt cleats.
  • We have written an extensive review and buying guide of spin shoe cleats, it included SPD, SPD-SL, and Look cleats.

SPD to SPD-SL Adapter

If your bike’s pedals are SPD but the spinning shoes that you like are compatible with SPD-SL pedals and vice versa, here is your solution! You are going to need what’s called the adapters/converter.

They allow you to exercise using your SPD shoes (2 bolt) with SPD-SL pedals (3 bolts) and vice versa. So, here is what you need to buy if you want to exercise with spinning shoes that are different from your bike’s pedals.

SPD-SL to SPD adapter
SPD to SPD-SL adapter

Benefits Of Spinning Shoes

Clip in spinning shoes have many benefits including a more comfortable and stable cycling exercise. They don’t slide off the pedals and don’t slip forward and back during exercise. Therefore, you can concentrate and focus better on your spinning session.

On the other hand, cycling sneakers without clips are loose and you won’t feel firm and as stable on the exercise bike. They can also slide off the pedals and cause injuries.

  • Better power transfer
    Cycling shoes have stiffer soles compared to running and regular gym shoes. Therefore, the power better transfers into the pedals.
  • You can focus better
    Your feet will stay firm in position without moving so, you can concentrate better and do more powerful pedal strokes.
  • Powerful pedal strokes
    Using the best spinning shoes will get you a better pedal stroke. The cycling shoes help lift your pedal on the upstroke.
  • Spinning shoes are comfortable
    The best spinning shoes prevent the “hot spots” and help you keep your feet more comfortable throughout your spinning workout.
  • Indoor cycling shoes are safer
    Last but not least, women’s spinning shoes prevent injuries. They don’t slide off the pedal, unlike the gym workout shoes.

Are indoor cycling shoes the same as outdoor?

This is a great question, and the answer is no – indoor cycling shoes are normally more breathable than outdoor cycling shoes. The reason for this is that indoor cycling generally results in more sweating than outdoor biking.

So, it’s important to have a shoe that can wick away moisture and keep your feet cool and dry. In addition, indoor cycling shoes typically have stiffer soles than outdoor bike shoes, which helps to improve pedaling efficiency.

Therefore, if you’re planning on doing a lot of indoor cycling, it’s worth investing in a good pair of shoes designed specifically for that purpose.

Are indoor cycling shoes worth it?

Yes, they are totally worth it if you are serious about indoor cycling and planning to use them frequently. Cycling shoes are designed to clip into the pedals of a stationary bike, which provides more power and efficiency when cycling.

They also protect your feet from the pressure of the pedal stroke and from other bike pedal related injuries such as feet slipping off the pedal. Plus, indoor cycling shoes can help you maintain proper form while cycling.

Are indoor cycling shoes universal?

No, not all indoor cycling shoes are universal. There are a few different types of indoor cycling shoes, but some indoor cycling shoes should be universal. There are three types of cleats attachment system on indoor cycling shoes – multi-clip style, mountain style, and road style.

Most indoor cycling shoes have either mountain style or road style cleat attachment system because it is those are the most spin bikes are are compatible with one of the two cleat systems.

On the other hand, there are indoor cycling shoes such as “Tommaso Pista Aria Elite Knit Quick” with multi-clip attachment system.

These indoor cycling shoes are universal and they have 7-hole pattern on the sole. They fit both three-hole and two-hole pedals.

It’s important to buy an indoor cycling shoes that fits your indoor cycling bike pedals. If they don’t fit your bike, you either need to return them or you can purchase an adapter to change the fit.

Do I need special shoes for indoor cycling?

If you want to do serious indoor cycling rides, yes you need special shoes. Indoor cycling shoes have a stiffer sole than running shoes, which allows more power to be transmitted from your feet through the pedals to the bike.

They also have a cleat on the bottom that engages with a pedal clip, which holds your foot in place and prevents it from slipping off the pedal during your ride.

If you’re just starting out with indoor cycling, you can probably get by with regular running shoes until you develop a better sense of how much power you need to generate throughout the entire pedal stroke.

Once you start putting in greater mileage and really challenging yourself on those rides, I would recommend investing in a good pair of indoor cycling shoes.

Can indoor cycling shoes be used outdoors?

Yes, if they are compatible with your outdoor bike. Cycling shoes are designed to clip into the pedals of a bicycle, and therefore they will only be compatible with bikes that have the appropriate attachment mechanism.

If you have indoor cycling shoes that are compatible with your outdoor bike, you can use them outdoors during the summer months when the weather is nicer.

Just be sure to attach your shoes to the pedals securely before taking off, and always be aware of your surroundings in case you need to quickly unclip and get off of the bike.

Which women’s indoor cycling shoes are compatible with peloton?

The Tommaso Pistaville Aria Elite Knit Quick – binding women’s indoor cycling shoes are compatible with peloton. They have both the Look Delta and SPD Cleat attachment system.

The PEARL IZUMI Women’s Select Road v5 bike shoes are also compatible with peloton and have two different types of cleats – Shimano SPD and Look Delta.

Both of these indoor cycling shoes have air holes throughout the design to keep you cool and comfortable during your ride. If you’re looking for an economical option, the Tommaso Pista without BOA might be a good choice. These women’s indoor cycling shoes are also compatible with peloton and have two bolt cleats. I hope this helps!

10Expert Score
Women Indoor Cycling Shoes

Finding the best spinning shoes for women is a time-consuming job since there are a countless number of companies manufacturing indoor cycling shoes for women. But we took the burden of research away from you by picking the 10 best women indoor cycling shoes in the market. The list of the best women’s spinning shoes includes 10 different footwear from reputable cycling clothing brands such as Shimano, Reebok, and FiZik. Now it’s your turn to pick the footwear you like to bring maximum efficiency and comfort into your spinning class routine. My favourite is the Tommaso Pista Aria indoor cycling shoes. Great brand, good quality, reasonable price, and BOA closure, what is not to like?

Tommaso Pista Aria Women Indoor Cycling Shoes


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