The 7 Best Commercial Spin Bikes Reviewed For 2022

These days most gyms and health clubs all offer spinning classes to members. These classes usually have dozens of commercial indoor cycling bikes lined up inside a large room. Unfortunately, these spinning classes while available to all members they generally come at a relatively high price or free for upgraded members.

Thankfully, there is a way that you can get all of the same benefits that can get from a health club spinning class without having to leave your own home. If you have the resources you can buy commercial indoor cycling bikes and add to your home gym equipment. If you are willing to part with a substantial amount of money, you can easily purchase a professional spin bike that costs a little less than you might think.

As part of our research for this comprehensive buying guide for commercial grade spin bikes, we did an enormous amount of online research in order to bring the reader plenty of valuable information to make it easier to make the best decision. Our guide includes the seven best commercial spin bikes that we could find on the market. To help make it easier to make a decision we also have included commercial spin bike reviews. By the time you get to the end of this guide, you should be well prepared to select the right one out of the commercial spinning bikes on our list.

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Best Commercial Spin Bikes Comparison Chart:

Best Commercial Spin Bikes Comparison Chart
Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle330 LbsSelf-Chargin, Backlit, RPM, Direct Watt, Resistance, HR, Speed, Distance, Calories, Time, BluetoothManual magnetic resistanceToothed BeltSPD and toe-cage9 Pounds155mmSteel
Schwinn AC Power Indoor Bike350 LbsSelf-Chargin, Backlit, RPM, Direct Watt, HR, Speed, Distance, Calories, Time, Bluetooth, & ANT+Manual magnetic resistanceToothed BeltSPD and toe-cage44 Pounds168mmAluminum
Stages SC3 Indoor Cycling Bike350 LbsBacklit, RPM, Direct Watt, Resistance, HR, Speed, Distance, Calories, Time, Bluetooth & ANT+Manual magnetic resistanceToothed BeltSPD and toe-cage44 Pounds158mmAluminum
Spinner Chrono Power Commercial Spin Bike350 LbsSelf-Chargin, Backlit, RPM, Direct Watt, HR, Speed, Distance, Calories, Time, Bluetooth & ANT+Manual magnetic resistanceToothed BeltSPD and toe-cage44 Pounds162mmAluminum
Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle300 LbsBacklit, RPM, Watt, Resistance, HR, Speed, Distance, Calories, Time, BluetoothManual magnetic resistancePoly-V BeltSPD and toe-cage8 Pounds197mmSteel
NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle S22i350 Lbs22" HD Touch, RPM, Watt, Resistance, HR, Speed, Distance, Calories, Time, Bluetooth, & HDMIElectronic magnetic resistancePoly-V BeltToe-cage32 Pounds150mmSteel
Echelon EX7S Smart Spin Bike330 Lbs22" HD Touch, RPM, Watt, Resistance, HR, Speed, Distance, Calories, Time, Bluetooth, & HDMIManual magnetic resistancePoly-V BeltSPD and toe-cage28 Pounds204mmSteel

Editor’s Best Commercial Grade Indoor Bike Choice!

My colleagues have already picked 7 bikes and listed in-depth commercial spin bikes reviews down below, this part is where I narrow down you options to make extremely easy for you to chose the best commercial spin bike for home.

Based on tens of criteria and features the editor’s choice for the best commercial indoor cycling bike goes to Stage SC3. Let alone the fact that it is the industry’s one of the top commercial bikes, it also has a generous warranty to give you peace of mind for years to come.

Another reason that I believe the Stage SC3 should be on top of your commercial gym indoor bike list is its watt tracking system. Unlike most spin bikes that measure an estimation of your watt output based on your RPM, Speed, and resistance, the SC3 gym-quality spin bike uses direct watt tracking sensors to provide unique power accuracy.

Additionally, this high quality commercial indoor cycle is equipped with a toothed Carbon belt to make sure 100% of your power transfers down to the flywheel without giving the belt the room to slip under high-intensity spinning workout.

Quick Overview of Best Commercial Spinning Bikes:

Out Top 7 Studio Indoor Cycle Picks:

1. Life Fitness IC7 Commercial Indoor Cycle

Matrix IC7 spin bike

Everything about the Life Fitness IC7 screams high tech and high-end quality. The IC7 is filled with technology that delivers industry leading results to your home gym. It is definitely one of the best commercial spin bikes for home use. It really will tick all of the boxes you are looking for in an indoor exercise bike.

It all starts with the unique, off-set, v-shaped, all-steel frame with heavy-duty all-steel stabilizer bars for extra strength and support. The stabilizer bars each have adjustable leveling feet to give it extra support and there are two wheels mounted on the front stabilizer bar that makes moving it around the room easier. The frame, drive train, and flywheel are completely covered in a hard, impact resistant plastic shroud to keep it protected from sweat and moisture. The flywheel is also mounted in the rear to keep it extra safe from sweat accidentally getting at it and causing damage.

The IC7 features an energy saving feature that generates all of the power that it needs. It has a flywheel mounted generator that converts the spinning of the flywheel in the electricity that charges the built-in Lithium-polymer battery pack. The power goes to the onboard computer that receives all of data that is collected from the movement of the flywheel. All of the information is then displayed on the LCD screen of the patented direct WATTRATE TFT Computer 2.0.

The power/drive chain system has gone high tech with Life Fitness and ICG joined forces to develop a highly advanced two stage drivetrain that incorporates the ICG Hybrid Poly-V and tooth belt drive technology to help create a smooth and high speed flywheel motion. The lighter weight aluminum flywheel generates high speeds and yet it still produces a smooth, comfortable ride.

It features a magnetic resistance system that uses a series of magnets that are suspended above the flywheel and by inducing an adjustable amount of eddy current, the resistance can be raised or lowered by simply turning the knob. The knob features a selector that is segmented from 0 to 100 increments and is very responsive to even the slightest turn of the knob,

Last but not least, the IC7 is extremely adjustable which makes it a very family friendly professional spin bike. The seat features a stepless all-aluminum post that can be moved up, down, backward, and forward in order to accommodate a wide range of riders from 5-foot to tall up to 7-foot tall. The handlebar post is equally adjustable and is also made from aluminum and has the same stepless adjusting. It has four different hand grip positions to deliver multiple riding experiences. There are also 2 large bottle holders mounted to the handlebars. This health club quality spin bike doesn’t give estimation of your watt but a uniquely accurate watt rate, thanks to its built-in direct watt readers.

Additional Information!

Dimensions and Weight: 52 x 20.5 x 40.2″, 119 lbs
Size of rider: rider up to 7-foot tall
Maximum weight of the rider: up to 330 lb.
Warranty: 5-years on the frame, 1-year on the electronics, and 3-years on the mechanical systems


  • The two built-in large bottle holders mounted on the handlebars will handle 32oz bottles
  • The high tech LCD display on the onboard computer changes color based of workout intensity
  • It generates its own power so that you don’t need to plug it into an outlet
  • Toothed belt to provide prefect watt transmission between pedals and flywheel
  • Direct and accurate power meter built in the bike


  • The IC7 is a bit on the expensive side as compared to others on our list
  • It’s Bluetooth is limited to ICG app
  • To connect this fitness club indoor cycle with Zwift and other popular apps, you need extra accessories (ANT+ Bridge)

2. Schwinn AC Power Cycling Exercise Bike

Schwinn AC Power Review

Schwinn Fitness is one of the top manufacturers of cardio equipment and the AC Power indoor cycle is a fine example of the high-quality equipment that they make. It has a number of innovations and technologies that all combine to provide a fitness club quality workout in your home. It is made using only the highest quality materials available.

Underneath the dual-colored frame, the traditional spinning style frame and stabilizer bars are all made from high-quality aluminum for extra strength and durability. They have adjustable feet on each end of the stabilizers to help provide a much more stable platform. There are also two wheels attached to the front stabilizer bar to make it easier to move around the room.

The seat and handlebar posts are each made from lightweight aluminum to reduce the weight and not sacrifice strength. The posts move upward and downward by twisting the locking knob, handlebars also slide forward and backward to provide a more comfortable ride. The seat is well-padded for extra comfort and handlebars have a soft, PVC covering for extra comfort and grip ability. The handlebars feature multiple gripping positions to provide many different riding experiences. There are also two large water bottle holders built into the handlebars.

The drivetrain includes Carbon Blue toothed belt-driven transmission that connects the pedal and crankshaft to the flywheel. The top-of-the-line belt system requires very little maintenance, unlike other drive systems that need more maintenance to keep them running normally. The AC Power also has a magnetic resistance system that increases and reduces the amount of resistance using a single lever. The pedals feature a toe cage on the top and SPD clips on the bottom.

The Schwinn AC Sport commercial exercise bikes are also equipped with excellent self-powered fitness tracking monitors which means less maintenance and cost. The 4iiii crank system and the 2G monitor that comes with this bike provide super-accurate power/watt, rpm, speed, distance and heart rate readings. Thanks to its Bluetooth, ANT, and USB port, you can connect the bike to cycling apps and easily download your rides after each ride.

Additional Information!

Dimensions and Weight: 49 x 21 x 41″, 120 lb
Size of rider: Information not available
Maximum weight of the rider: 350 lb
Warranty Structural frame: 1 Years, Mechanical components: 2 Years, Labor: 1 Year


  • Backlit monitor and direct watt tracking via 4iiii crank arm with Bluetooth, ANT+, and USB port
  • The seat and handlebars are highly adjustable for a more comfortable ride
  • The dual water bottle holders mounted to the handlebars each hold 32 oz of water
  • SPD compatible pedals to clip on indoor cycling shoes
  • Smart release system, toothed belt, aluminum frame, heavy flywheel


  • it is a little more expensive than a few other options here
  • No drop handlebars for racing style rides
  • No elbow pads on the handlebars
  • Small screen with no entertainment options

3. Stages SC3 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike

stages SC3 review

This Stages SC3 Indoor Bike is comparable to many of the health club indoor cycling bikes that you will find in the many of the best fitness centers all across the country. Stages SC3 is a gym-quality spin bike that you can easily have in your home gym as long as you can afford it. It is made from all lightweight materials, but it does not sacrifice strength and durability.

The frame and support stabilizer bars are made from all tubular aluminum that reduces the weight without sacrificing strength. The frame and supports are all covered in a very durable gray powder coat finish to provide many years of lasting use. There are four leveling feet under the stabilizer bars to provide the most stable ride possible. Stages included two wheels mounted on the front stabilizer bar to make it easy to move it around the room.

The Stages SC3 drivetrain features several exclusive technologies only found on this and other spin bikes from Stages. It all starts with the cast iron, perimeter weighted, high-inertia flywheel which is front mounted. The flywheel is driven by the exclusive CarbonGlyde that features the Gates® Carbon Drive™ and includes a carbon fiber belt. The system helps to deliver the most smooth ride of all the spin bikes on the market. There is no requirement for lubrication or any type of maintenance like you have with other drive systems.

Some of the best commercial spin bikes reviews that we came across online say that the Stages SC3 SprintShift system that controls the magnetic resistance is second to none. No more having to twist a knob in order to change the resistance up and down. Instead you simply grab the shifter lever and flip it back and forth.

The ride of the Stages SC3 is highly adjustable in order to support a wide range of riders from 4’ 10” to 6’10”. The seat and handlebars feature Stages exclusive FitLoc™-activated height adjustments (patent pending design) which makes it 5 times faster to make height adjustment as compared to the typical twist lock mechanisms. Both handlebars and seat also feature fore and aft adjustments for added comfort. The exclusive RoadBar™ handlebars are uniquely shaped to replicate that shape of the handlebars found on road bikes.

But what makes this one of our most favorite studio cycle spin bikes is its unique direct power meter built-into the cranks arms and toothed belt. These two together make sure you get accurate and excellent power efficiency. No matter the resistance level or spinning position or the weight of the user, the belt will no slip because just like chainrings, the belt teeth will keep the power transfer at 100% efficiency. Additionally, this professional spin bike comes with dual-sided SPD pedals, ANT+, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Additional Information!

Dimensions and Weight: 24.5” W x 43.5” L , 96 lb
Size of rider: 4’10” (147cm) to 6’10” (208cm)
Maximum weight of the rider: 350 lbs
Warranty Frame – 15 yrs. CarbonGlyde Carbon Fiber Belt – 10 yrs. Mechanical System – 3 yrs. Labor & Electronics – 1 yr. Wear Items – 6 mos.


  • The Stage Power system tracks and transmits the data directly to the onboard computer more precisely than any other bike
  • The exclusively designed economic handlebars are extremely comfortable
  • The ultra comfortable seat is padded in all the right places
  • It connects with all popular cycling apps including Zwift without the need for additional accessories


  • It is feature-filled, but it comes at a high cost
  • The LCD monitor is small considering the price
  • No arm-pads on the handlebars

4. Spinner Chrono Power Commercial Spin Bike

Mad Dogg

The Spinner Chrono Power appears to be one of the best commercial spin bikes for home and studios on our list based on several facts and online reviews that we have read. It is made from only the highest quality materials and features several different exclusive technologies. Its compact and very sturdy design and construction does not take up as much space in your home, while still being able to fit a wide range of riders.

The frame was constructed completely of aluminum for extra strength, durability, and easy portability. The front and rear stabilizer bars are made from aluminum with an ultra-durable powder coating and the entire frame is also coated with an extra durable powder coating. The stabilizer bars have adjustable feet on the ends to help provide a much more stable ride. Spinner included two wheels attached to the front stabilizer to make it much easier to move it around the room when not being used.

The drivetrain employs an exclusive fusion drive “TOOTHED” belt system that reduces noise and requires little maintenance. Thanks to the combination of tooth-belt and steel tooth-ring, you will get 100% power efficiency (just like IC7 and Stage SC3). The pedals feature both a toe cage to keep your feet on the pedals even during heavy pedaling and a SPD toe clip system for the riders with compatible riding shoes. The 43lb flywheel is weighted along the perimeter for smoother turning and it is front mounted with shroud to keep away the sweat during operation.

The rider’s comfort is also taken into consideration with a nicely padded saddle and the all-aluminum seat post is highly adjustable upward, downward, fore, and aft to accommodate shorter or smaller riders. The handlebars also feature a highly adjustable all aluminum post which is also highly adjustable upward, downward, forward, and backward. The handlebars feature multiple grip positions, built-in dual water bottle holders, and place to put your tablet or phone.

Being one of the best-buy commercial spin bikes for gyms for durability, the Spinner Chrono Power comes with a magnetic resistance system. It is quieter and has less maintenance than any friction resistance system on the market. But what sets this bike apart for the other 4 spin bikes down below is direct watt tracking capacity and self-charging top-of-the-line backlit monitor. This commercial cycling bike tracks right/left and total watt, RPM, BPM, speed, distance, calories, time, and more. Additionally, the console is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible so you should be able to pair the bike with most spinning apps.

Additional Information!

Dimensions and Weight: 48″L x 20.4W 110 pounds
Size of rider: 4’11” to 6’4″
Maximum weight of the rider: 350 lb weight limit
Warranty: Frame 10 years, Mechanical Parts 2 years, Labor 1 year, Wear Items 90 Days, Belt 10 years


  • Compatible with cycling apps to load on your tablet or phone for coaching and tracking;
  • Lightweight and durable luminum frame;
  • Built-in self-charging technology
  • Direct watt tracking for accurate data tracking;
  • A Timing Belt (toothed-belt and tooth-ring) for maximum power transfer;
  • Fully adjustable handlebars with built-in bottle holders and a comfortable racing seat;
  • Unique generous warranty for peace of mind;


  • It comes at a high price;
  • The size of the monitor could be bigger;
  • There is no drop bars on the handles;

5. Keiser M3i Commercial Indoor Cycle Bundle

Keiser M3i Review

If you have the money to spend a little bit more to look at commercial bikes for your home gym, the Keiser M3i commercial spin bike will check all of your boxes. The unique frame design and adjustability makes it a really great choice for a family exercise bike. Made in the USA, the Keiser commercial spin bike is packed with many different features designed to replicate the exact fitness club spinning class experience into your home gym.

Keiser was the first to introduce the V-shaped frame that was designed to mimic a little bit the shape of a standard outdoor bike configuration. The frame and stabilizer bars are constructed from high strength and extremely durable all-steel materials. The shape of the frame is also designed to make it easier for taller riders to comfortably use it. Thanks to the high degree of adjustability, it can accommodate riders who are 4”10” all the way up to 7’ tall and everywhere in between.

The extra adjustability comes with the seat post that can be adjusted up and down in very small increments and it can also be adjusted forward and backward in smaller increments as well. The handlebars on the Keiser M3i commercial stationary bikes feature a highly adjustable post as well, which means it can be raised and lowered in small increments like the seat post. The handlebars can also be adjusted forward and backward for increased rider comfort. This special bundle includes a media tray to hold a tablet or your phone, and has a water bottle holder.

The drivetrain features a very unique ultra lightweight flywheel that is rear mounted to protect it from sweat and moisture while you are riding it. The poly-v belt drive is self-tensioning for virtually maintenance free and whisper quiet operation. The pedals are designed for both SPD riders in mind in that they have the shoe clips and a built-in toe cage for those who don’t use the shoe clips.

The final feature is the watt and RPM reading onboard computer that connects Bluetooth to the included Pular Heart rate monitor with chest strap and it also connects to your smartphone and tablet so that you can use the M Series fitness tracking app or other supported apps.

Additional Information!

Dimensions and Weight: 45 x 26 x 49 inches , 85 lb.
Size of rider: fits riders from 4’10” up to 7’ tall
Maximum weight of the rider: Up to 300 lb.
Warranty 3-years full warranty


  • The unique v-shape frame makes it much more comfortable for extremely tall riders up to 7’ tall
  • The bundle includes a media holder that is perfect for a tablet, phone or magazine
  • The Bluetooth connected Polar Heart Rate monitor w/chest strap comes in the bundle


  • The M3i doesn’t use direct watt reading technology which means it’s power measurement is not as accurate as IC7 or SC3
  • There is no armpads or drop racing grips on the handlebars
  • To properly sync with Zwift or Peloton, you need the Keiser Converter (sometimes comes included)

6. NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle S22i

NordicTrack S22i review

The S15i and S22i studio cycle spin bikes from NordicTrack, one of the foremost experts in fitness equipment are top of the line commercial grade spinning bikes. The two sizes represent the size of the built-in LCD touchscreen monitor. These commercial gym indoor bikes are designed to interact with the online fitness service iFit and it includes a 1-year iFit membership. The NordicTrack S22i is the best interactive spin bike on our list with its included iFit membership you can easily simulate any of the typical spinning classes you will find at your local fitness center in your own home.

At the of the S22i is the heavy-duty, all-steel frame and all-steel stabilizer bars in front and in the rear of this commercial grade spin bike. The S22i is unique in that it includes an automatic tilting mechanism that is controlled by the onboard computer and activated through the use of the iFit programming. Combined with the amazing 22” HD touch screen monitor you will get the most out of your workout.

The ultra sturdy construction and highly adjustable seat post and handlebar post on these S22i commercial indoor bikes is capable of supporting a wide range of riders from really short up to very tall. It is also able to handle riders up to 350 lbs. The seat post is highly adjustable upwards and downward, forward and backward. The handlebars are equally adjustable forward, backward, upward, and downward. The handlebars also feature multiple grip positions to provide many different riding experiences. It also has two holders for the two 3 lb dumbbells.

The drivetrain features a virtually silent belt driven flywheel and the exclusive SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance from NordicTrack. The system produces an amazingly ultra quiet and extremely smooth riding experience. That combined with the iFit experience with routines featuring trainer lead spinning classes and global positioning is able to put you in some of the unique and picturesque places all over the globe.

Although they are high-quality commercial indoor bikes, they have lots of electronic smart and moving parts that require good care. For home use it’s totally find because there is usually one or two person who will use the bike and it’s well looked after. But for busy spinning studios, we suggest you to consider a simpler health club indoor cycling bike in order to avoid frequent and expensive maintenance.

Additional Information!

Dimensions and Weight: 55.00 x 21.90 x 56.90 inches, 204 lb
Size of rider: No data available
Maximum weight of the rider: 350-pound user weight capacity
Warranty: 10-year frame warranty; 2-year parts warranty; 1-year labor warranty


  • The included 3lb dumbbells, 360-degree rotating 22” screen adds upper body and stretching to your riding routine
  • The included iFit subscription makes it a huge workout value
  • The 350 lb weight limit is among the highest on our list


  • This spin bike is the heaviest on our list, which also makes it hard to move around
  • There is no SPD elements on the pedals so you can’t clip on your spinning shoes
  • Not self-charging, it needs be plugged into an outlet to work
  • The monitor can only be used with iFit application

7. Echelon EX7S Smart Studio Spin Bike

Echelon EX7s Review

The Echelon EX7-S is one of the best studio quality indoor training bikes value on our list, since it is the lowest price and delivers an amazing amount of performance, we feel confident in saying that you can’t go wrong with this one as long as you don’t mind the monthly subscription fee. Echelon is a well known company in the fitness industry and the EX7 is their top model and it is a great example of their design skill and craftsmanship.

Unlike other Echelon indoor bikes, the EX7S is quality enough to be used by commercial fitness clubs and low enough price to be used as a home gym spin bike. The heavy-duty all-steel frame and stabilizer bars make it much more stable. The adjustable feet located on each of the support bars will help to level the bike regardless of how not level your floor is. There are also two wheels attached to the front stabilizer bar to make it easier to move it around, since it does weigh quite a bit (123 lb).

One of the big draws to the EX7s is that it is highly adjustable and allows for a wider range of riders, from the very short to the very tall. The adjustability comes from the multi-position seat post and handlebars, along with the offset design of the frame. The seat post can be raised and lower by twisting the locking handles and pulling up or pushing down on the seat.

The seat can also be moved back and forth with a twist of a handle. The handlebars can also be moved up, down, fore, and aft by turning the associated locking handles. The handlebars feature multiposition grips to adjust to the style of riding. There are also two holders for water bottles that hold large size bottles.

Additionally, this affordable commercial spin bike includes dual-sided SPD pedals to allow you to clip on your spinning shoes or go for an indoor ride with your gym shoes. Designed with commercial quality and affordability in mind, this spin bike also has an excellent 22″ HD touchscreen fitness tracking monitor. So, if you want to see your spinning stats, you don’t need to spend money on additional accessories such as power meter pedals or spinning speed and cadence sensors.

Additional Information!

Dimensions and Weight: 56 H x 20 x 44 L inches, 123 lb
Size of rider: 4’6″ 6’6″
Maximum weight of the rider: 330 lb
Warranty: 1 Year on parts and components


  • It really works great for high-intensity workouts
  • It is extremely stable even when being used by heavy or taller riders
  • When used with Echelon apps, the 22″ monitor is fun
  • Commercial SPD pedals, and dual bottle holders


  • Can’t install non-Echelon applications on the bike monitor
  • Doesn’t come with a great warranty

Considerations When Looking for Commercial Grade Spin Bikes?

As part of our comprehensive buying guide, we wanted to help the reader by giving them some things to think about while they are doing their own research on commercial indoor cycles. Below we have included six important topics to consider while you are searching for the best commercial quality spin bike for you.

Weight of the flywheel – The flywheel of the spin bike is designed to simulate the motion of a traditional outdoor bicycle. The flywheel is turned when the rider pushes down on the pedals just like a regular bike. The pedals are connected to the weighted flywheel and heavier the weight the smoother the ride. The weight of the flywheel of commercial spin bikes generally ranges from 30lbs to over 50lbs. Most high-end commercial spin bikes have flywheels that weigh over 50lb. Note: In some cases depending on the gear-ratio and resistance type, the weight of the flywheel is not an important factor.

Frame construction – Most of today’s fitness centers offer spinning classes to its members and most of them use health club quality spin bikes since they are designed to handle the amount of rough use. These high-end machines are also able to handle taller and heavier riders than your typical home gym exercise bike. These commercial spinning bikes will have heavy-duty, all-steel frames, and extra sturdy stabilizer bars to provide more stability.

Type of drive system – The drive system of a spin bike is a term that describes how the motion of the pedals is transferred to the flywheel in order for it to turn. The flywheel can be either mounted in the front or the back of the commercial gym indoor bikes, depending on the manufacturer of the specific model. There are two different types of drive systems on today’s best spin bikes; chain and belt drive. You will find that for the most part, the belt is the preferred drive system because they are much quieter and require much less maintenance than chain-driven systems.

Type of resistance system it uses – Resistance is used to increase the benefits of a spin workout by making it increasingly difficult for the flywheel to be turned. While there are four different technologies that have been developed over the years to add the desired amount of resistance, there are really only two that are in use by today’s commercial-grade spin bike manufacturers; friction and magnetic. The friction system is found primarily on lower-end machines and has a tendency to wear out, make noise, and slip. Magnetic resistance spin bikes use a series of magnets that are suspended above the flywheel and create a magnetic force that can be increased or decreased by the turn of a single knob and also can act as an emergency brake to stop the flywheel from turning. They don’t wear out, make noise or slip, so magnetic resistance spin bikes should be your primary choice.

Overall adjustability – One of the important aspects of commercial gym indoor bikes is that they need to be able to be used by a wide range of riders. This is why many of them use a unique v-shaped frame that extends the handlebars out and up in order to be able to support riders up to 7-foot tall and still be able to handle shorter riders. The seat posts also should be highly adjustable forward, backward, and also up and down. Generally, the handlebars will also feature multiple grip points in order to offer several different types of riding experiences. In our best commercial spin bikes reviews, we have included the bikes that can be adjusted fully to adapt to every rider’s height.

Commercial warranty – One thing that most commercial spin bike reviews overlook is the warranty. What good it does to buy commercial stationary bikes but without the warranty for it? In fact, the best commercial-grade spin bikes always have a valid warranty for fitness club which is often different from the home use warranty. The warranty confirms either a spin bike is made for commercial use or they simply use the word “commercial” to mislead the buyer.

FAQs About High Quality Commercial Indoor Cycle

Question #1 Does the commercial spin bike have a belt drive?

A: When it comes to commercial spin cycles or indoor cycling equipment, there are basically two different types of drive systems that are used. This type of equipment uses either a belt drive that connects the pedal mechanism to the flywheel or a chain drive mechanism. While both systems are still available, it is highly recommended that you look for a commercial exercise bike that uses a belt drive since it provides a much smoother ride as compared to a chain drive.

Question #2 What kind of resistance system is used?

A: For commercial indoor cycling bikes it is very important to know what kind of resistance system that is used. The ability to easily adjust the amount of resistance during your exercise session will go a long way in ensuring that you will stick with your home workout. To get the most out of your spin bike you need to be able to adjust the resistance on the fly. The most popular of all the resistance systems are magnetic resistance.

Question #3 Is both the seat and handlebars adjustable?

A: When you are looking at commercial spin bikes to find one that can be used by your family in your home gym, you want to be sure that it is adjustable. Since most families do not have family members that are exactly the same size as everyone else, it is important that you are able to adjust the ride to match the size of the rider.

Question #4 Does the commercial indoor spin bike have a display?

A: It is really important to be able to track your results during and after each of your spinning sessions. Being able to track things like the distance you traveled (miles), power output, RPM, calories burned, heart rate and speed are all important in order to be able to analyze your exercise performance. One of the best ways is to have an onboard computer with a display. However, not all commercial indoor bikes have this feature.

Question #5 Is a commercial grade spin bike right for you?

A: Commercial or studio cycle spin bikes tend to be much more sturdy machines and also are able to handle a wider range of riders since they are highly adjustable. These machines are also designed to be able to support taller and heavier riders than most lighter-duty indoor exercise bikes.

Final Verdict!

Whether you are looking for one of the most advanced commercial spin bikes out there or simply looking to dip your toe into the cycling game, these are some of the best commercial spin bikes on the market. Offering direct watt rate, some of these commercial indoor cycles provide top-of-the-line cycling feedback. With the many magnetic resistance systems that are on display here, the amount of quiet and smooth rides is honestly astonishing. They provide workouts that really make you feel like you are on a bike in the outdoors.

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