Peloton Bike Original Review: Is it still worth in 2023!

The Peloton is the most talked about spinning bike in history. It was completely different from many other bikes on the market, and it was very well marketed by their team.

It made such an impact on the health and fitness community. It became a replacement for Spinning Studios for so many people, and when the pandemic hit, you couldn’t get them fast enough.

Peloton Bike is also the go-to choice for so many celebrities including Oprah and the first name people say when you tell them you want a spinning bike for home. But does the Peloton warrant all the hype around it though?

To find out the answer, I used the Peloton bike for a while and was able to compare it with other indoor cycling bikes that I used in the last couple of years. Honestly, I think it’s a great spin bike but as long as you like the Peloton application.

But if you don’t like the Peloton app, or if you want to use Zwift every now and then, Peloton is an overpriced spin bike that you should avoid. It’s because the Peloton Bike is limited to connecting only with the Peloton app which is not acceptable.

When I pay $1500 for a Peloton Bike (Original model), I want should be able to use the bike and its screen with any application that I like. It’s not like Peloton gives the bike as a gift and then tells me to pay $400 per year for membership.

It’s ridiculous that they put the Bluetooth technology on the Peloton bike but then limit the connectivity only to heart rate and headphones (not even Apple Watch). If they wanted to lock the screen for their application, I would have said fine, at least I can use my tablet to connect the bike with the Zwift.

But they went a step further and limited the whole bike to their application. Unforthently that’s the problem with all the current indoor cycling brands. We have allowed them to be as greedy as they can be mainly because we didn’t have many options.

Now that you do know a little bit about the Peloton Bike Original, let me jump into a comparison between the Peloton Bike Original and the Peloton Bike Plus. I know many of you are interested to know what is the difference between the two Peloton Bikes.

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Original Peloton Bike

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Last update was on: July 22, 2024 6:23 pm
$1,343.33 $1,445.00

Peloton Bike Original vs Peloton Bike Plus

Peloton bike Plus vs Peloton bike original
Peloton Bike vs Peloton Bike Plus

The main differences between the Peloton Bike and the Peloton Bike Plus are the screen and the resistance. Plus model has an electronic magnetic resistance while Peloton Original has a manual magnetic resistance. Peloton Plus also has a 23.8″ screen which is 2″ bigger than the Peloton Original and it has an improved anti-glare feature.

I like the Automatica resistance feature on the Peloton Bike+ because it changes automatically when the trainer calls out a new intensity level so I can focus on my ride rather than continuously adjusting a resistance knob.

The Peloton Bike Plus also has Apple Watch integration so you can synch your heart rate to the screen and Peloton app. Unfortunately, the Peloton Bike Original doesn’t have Apple Watch integration so you can sync them together.

Peloton has also added two additional improvements to the Peloton Bike+. The speakers are of higher quality so you don’t need to use external speakers to listen to Peloton instructors when you are out of the bike and the screen is rotatable.

So, when you are out of the Peloton bike and doing strength or Yoga exercises, you can turn the screen to face toward you. Unfortunately with the Peloton Bike Original the screen is fixed and doesn’t rotate. Thankfully, there is an additional accessory that you can buy that allows you to rotate the Peloton Bike Original’s screen when you are out of the bike.

Although it is a lot more in price, I feel you get a lot more for your money with Peloton Bike+. I think it comes down to the user’s budget before anything else.

NamePeloton Bike OriginalPeloton Bike Plus
Screen22-inch Not Rotatable23.8-inch Anti-Glare Rotatable
Apple WatchNot CompatibleCompatible
ResistanceElectronic MagneticManual Magnetic
SpeakerStandard qualityHigh quality
App SubscriptionAll Access $44/M (App Membership $12/M)All Access $44/M (App Membership $12/M)
Adjustment KnobsBasic LeversQuality Knobs
CoverStandard Transmission CoverStealthy Transmission Cover
Zwift ConnectivityNo (but possible with this DFC, power pedals or sensors)No (but possible with power pedals or sensors)
AccessoriesBottle holders onlyBottle holders only
DrivePoly-V BeltPoly-V Belt
GearsUncustomizable gear ratioUncustomizable gear ratio
Size22″W x 59″L22″W x 59″L
Height capacity4ft 11” – 6.3ft4ft 11” – 6.3ft
Bike weight140lbs140lbs
PedalsLook DeltaLook Delta
StatsWatt (estimation), RPM, Speed, Resistance, Calories, and Distance.Watt (estimation), RPM, Speed, Resistance, Calories, and Distance.
Peloton Bike Original vs Peloton Bike Plus

Drivetrain, Flywheel, and Resistance

Peloton bike resistance and flywheel

The Drivetrain, when it comes to the Peloton, is excellent. Peloton doesn’t disclose too many technical specifications, but from what I gather, the Flywheels is about 30lbs, and this is great. It is built with a fixed-flywheel system which means there is no coasting on this bike.

It is driven by a belt drive system which is excellent for many reasons. Firstly it makes it quiet, and secondly, it makes the bike require very little maintenance. However, it is not a Toothed/Timing belt, it is a simple Poly-V belt.

So, on high-resistance off-the-saddle rides, you might not have the same power efficiency that would normally have with Carbon/Toothed-belt driven spin bikes such as Stages SC3.

The Peloton bike also uses a magnetic resistance system. This is intelligent. Instead of brake pads, it uses magnets. What is impressive about this is that it works by pulling magnets closer to the flywheel pushing it the other way, and creating resistance. It means the bike is even more silent and also again requires even less maintenance.

The next thing we need to mention is resistance. The Peloton works with 100 different levels to challenge all levels of users. It also has a power meter function. This, although it is fantastic to have it, is just an estimate. So, it’s not super accurate.

It’s hard to improve your pedal stroke technique with the Peloton bike because it doesn’t have built-in pedal stroke analysis for accurate recording of left and right detection. It’s not a deal breaker because you can buy a pair of power pedals for around $600 but considering the Peloton bike price, I think they should have included this technology.

Overall, Peloton has a very simple drive system. There is no physical or virtual front and rear gearing options. So, you can’t change the gear ratio of the bike. I know a few Zwift-compatible indoor bikes such as Tacx Neo, Wahoo Kickr, Preform TDF, Wattbike Atom, and Stages SB20, that have virtually adjustable front and rear derailleurs.

Screen and the Application

Peloton bike screen and applications

The screen is a 22-inch high-definition 1080p monitor. It looks great and adds to the experience of riding the bike when in a class.

The inbuilt speakers are great, and also it has Bluetooth if you wish to connect your headphones or Heart Rate monitor.

Peloton is not just a bike with a screen though, it is an application, and the screen is pretty much just locked to this.

The Peloton Application is fantastic. It has so many classes were not talking about hundreds. We’re talking thousands. They don’t just have classes with all different instructors and types of music.

You can do the classes live, see yourself on a leaderboard, and go up against other people doing the session. What also is remarkable is the instructor can see who is in the class, and they often shout out to people.

The bike will give you a lot of different metrics while riding, such as RPM, Speed, Calories, Power, Duration, Time, etc. There’s not much the bike doesn’t tell you as far as spinning bikes go.

Many people ask the question if they can use the screen for applications such as Zwift. Peloton doesn’t let you get away with this, and the screen is limited to just Peloton.

Not only indoor cycling, but Peloton has many other types of classes too. They offer HIIT workouts, Strength workouts, Yoga, and many more. It offers the user a huge variety of exercises that aren’t just spinning.

I love that they provide off-the-bike classes, but it can be challenging to see them sometimes as, unfortunately, the screen doesn’t swivel around.

This does make it a bit more challenging, but you can buy custom swivel brackets, but you don’t want to be doing that. It does come with a Micro USB Charger and a front-facing camera for video chats on board too which is a nice touch.

Connecting Peloton Bike to Zwift and Other Apps: 4 Solutions

Right out of the box, Peloton Bike Original only works with the Peloton application but it doesn’t connect with Zwift, Kinompa, QZ, and other apps. It’s because the Peloton bike sends the data from its drive to the screen via cable instead of using Bluetooth to do that.

They designed this on purpose so that you can use the Peloton bike only with the Peloton application. But a few hardware and software developers found some practical solutions to help you have other options aside from the heavy Peloton paid subscription.

Without further ado, here is how to connect a Peloton Bike to Zwift. Any of these solutions will enable your Peloton bikes to connect with the Zwift application. To further enhance your Peloton indoor cycling rides, you can also connect your bike to the QZ application. It cost only $4 and has so much to offer.

Solution Number 1: SmartSpin2K V3 (only for Peloton Bike Original)

I think this is the by far the best way to connect a Peloton Bike Original to the Zwift application. Aside from connecting the bike to Zwift, it also makes the Peloton Bike Original’s resistance automatic.

So, when you are cycling on Zwift with your Peloton Bike, it will automatically change your resistance level to mimic uphills and downhills on the application. No other solution for connecting a Peloton Bike to Zwift has this ability.

It’s extremely easy to use as there are no major installments or programming. You just put the SmartSpin2K V3 on the Peloton Bike resistance and connect the bike’s data cable to this accessory.

It takes less than 2 minutes to set up the SmartSpin2K V3 on the Peloton Bike and make it compatible with Zwift, Kinomap, and other indoor cycling applications.

You can install Zwift on your phone and connect to the SS2K (Peloton Bike) via Bluetooth. Then you can share your phone’s screen to the built-in console on the Peloton bike through “Moonlight” mode.

If you want to use a bigger and higher quality screen instead of Peloton’s console, you can buy a Smart screen/monitor (preferably 24-inch +), install and log in to your Zwift account and connect with the SS2K.

Solution Number 2: A DFC Accessory (only for Peloton Bike Original)

If you do wish to connect the Peloton bike to Zwift, you can use a DFC (Data Fitness Connector). It’s a little device that you attach to the back of the Peloton Bike Screen.

One end of this DFC connects to the cable that comes from the drive of the bike and the other end of the DFC connects to the Peloton monitor.

Basically, it receives the workout data from the bike’s drive, sends it to the screen of the bike, and at the same time broadcast the data via Bluetooth so that you can receive the data on the indoor cycling applications of your choice.

You would still need to use your tablet, phone, PC, or smart monitor to install the Zwift. You can also install Zwift on the Peloton console but you have to hack the screen.

I suggest not installing the Zwift on the Peloton console because it doesn’t have the required capacity (Ram, storage, and graphics) to smoothly run the Zwift application.

You can install the Zwift on your tablet and have the DFC broadcast the data via Bluetooth so you can easily connect the application to the bike. It’s probably the easiest solution to connect the Peloton Bike to Zwift.

Or, you can remove the Peloton screen and mount a 24-inch Smart Samsun monitor with 100mm VESA. Then, go ahead and install the Zwift on your phone, connect the DFC to the phone via Bluetooth, and connect the phone to the Samsung monitor via an HDMI cable or DEX wireless protocol (if your phone has this technology).

Solution Number 3: Speed and Cadence Sensors (Peloton Bike Original and Bike Plus)

If you don’t want to use the DFC or SmartSpin2K to connect your Peloton Bike Original to Zwift, you can use speed and cadence sensors. Both sensors cost around $70.

You would need to attach the cadence sensor to the crank and the speed sensor to the Peloton flywheel. Not my favorite solution but it’s an affordable option you have.

Solution Number 4: Power meter pedals (Peloton Bike Original and Bike Plus)

There is also another solution for connecting the Peloton Bike to Zwift but it is the most expensive solution of all. You would need to buy a pair of power meter pedals like Favero and connect them to your tablet or phone.

What I like about this solution is that you can always swap the pedals and use them on your road bike when you don’t want to ride indoors.

Plus, power meter pedals provide extremely accurate watt output. If you buy the ones with double sensors, you also get feedback on leg balance to compare your right and left leg performance.

Three Peloton Memberships to Choose From

When it comes to Peloton monthly membership, there are three options that you can choose from with your Peloton bike. The Peloton App Membership which has less content allows the creation of one profile and costs $12.99.

Then there is the Peloton Guide Membership which has more content than the Peloton App and also has the Personal Guide which will guide you through every strength workout. It costs $24 per month and allows the creation of up to 5 profiles. If you buy this Peloton Membership, you will need to buy a Peloton Guide Accessory which costs $299.

Last but not least, there is the Peloton All-Access Membership. At $44 per month, this is the most expensive Peloton Membership. It has everything that comes with Peloton App and Peloton Guide, in addition to exclusive content, like Scenic and Lane Break.

NamePeloton AppPeloton GuidePeloton All-Access
Monthly Cost$12.99 per month$24 per month$44 per month
Account SharingYes, you can share your account with family and friendsYes, you can share your account with family and friendsYes, you can share your account with family and friends
ProfilesOnly 1 profileUp to 5 profileUp to 5 profile
MachinesOne Peloton machine at the timeOne Peloton machine at the timeMultiple Peloton machines at the same time (a tread, a rower, and a bike). Not two of the same machines (two bikes for example) at the same time.
Peloton GuideNoYes if you want to access a personal guide for strength trainingYes if you want to access a personal guide for strength training
Scenic ridesNoNoYes
Leaderboard CompetitionNoNoLeaderboard Competition and Peloton Challenges
In-app MetricsHeart-rate monitoring and calories burnedHeart-rate monitoring and calories burned, plus Movement Tracking and Body ActivityHeart-rate monitoring, and calories burned, plus advanced metrics like output, resistance, and speed
ClassesLive & on-demandLive & on-demandLive & on-demand
Made for Movement TrackerNoAccess to “Made for Movement Tracker” programmingAccess to “Made for Movement Tracker” programming
DevicesThe Peloton App is available on web and for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Fire tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku TVThe Peloton App is available on web and for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Fire tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku TVThe Peloton App is available on web and for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Fire tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku TV
Peloton App free for 30 days?You can access Peloton’s full library of live and on-demand classesYou can access Peloton’s full library of live and on-demand classesYou can access Peloton’s full library of live and on-demand classes
FollowingYou can follow and have a maximum of 2,000 followers on the AppYou can follow and have a maximum of 2,000 followers on the AppYou can follow and have a maximum of 2,000 followers on the App
Activation & CancelationIf you subscribed to the Peloton App Membership via, you can activate or cancel your Membership from the Subscriptions page. If you subscribed via the Apple App Store or Google Play, you can activate or cancel your Peloton account via your Apple or Google Play account.If you subscribed to the Peloton App Membership via, you can activate or cancel your Membership from the Subscriptions page. If you subscribed via the Apple App Store or Google Play, you can activate or cancel your Peloton account via your Apple or Google Play account.If you subscribed to the Peloton App Membership via, you can activate or cancel your Membership from the Subscriptions page. If you subscribed via the Apple App Store or Google Play, you can activate or cancel your Peloton account via your Apple or Google Play account.
Peloton Bike Subscription Cost

Peloton Bike without an active membership

You can use a Peloton bike without any membership. You just need to create a Peloton profile which is free and then you can see your workout stats on the screen.

Without a Peloton membership, you can have access to 5 pre-recorded Peloton classes. Not daily or weekly but every two months these Peloton classes will be refreshed with new ones.

Completion of these 5 classes will also be shown in your Peloton Member Profile. To watch these 5 free pre-recorded Peloton sample classes, you don’t need to have a Peloton bike.

Here is the catch though, Pre-recorded classes are pre-selected and they are not live. Although you are able to take these 5 selected classes, metrics will not be recorded or saved to your Peloton app member profile.

Pedals, Crank, and Q Factor.

Peloton bike pedals and q factor

The Peloton uses a Standard Pedal thread, so you can put really whatever you want in there. The Pedals they recommend you use are the Peloton clip in pedals, and they are Look Delta Clip-in pedals and standard in the industry.

Peloton does recommend their shoes, and they are ok, nothing too special to call home about. You can always opt for a pair of these shoes we recommend for Peloton bikes.

The crank length is 170mm. This is the length of the pedal arms. This is an excellent bike feature as many spinning bikes use a minimal crank arm length. It is the same as a lot of Road bikes and Mountain bikes. I feel they have done their research here.

Now we have the bike Q Factor. This is the size of the bracket where the pedal arms attach to. A regular Mountain bike would typically be about 170mm, and a Road bike would be about 155mm.

Peloton have made the bike 170mm. Many other spin bike manufacturers will go much larger, and it doesn’t give the bike a very nice feel to it.

User limits and adjustments


The Peloton bike is 59” in length and 22” in width. This isn’t a giant bike and knowing it has a 22” screen on the end actually makes it pretty small compared to some of its competitors. It weighs about 64kg but do not let that put you off. It’s pretty easy to move around the house as it has wheels.

They cater to people taller than 4ft 11” up to people who are 6ft 4”. This isn’t a massive range for the users especially compared to Keiser M3i, but I’m sure there’s a little room to play with. The weight limit is 305lbs, which will cater to many users.

The bike can be adjusted easily, and they have put time into keeping this a simple task to cater for families or housemates that will share a Peloton.

It can adjust up and down and forward and back at the saddle. The saddle itself is okay but if you get too much saddle sore, I suggest you get yourself a padded comfortable replacement seat for Peloton.

The handlebars will go up and down but, unfortunately, will not go back and forth. However, if you do find yourself in an awkward position and think that might want to ride the bike in a more “upright position”, I highly recommend you get a Peloton handlebar adjuster.

It’s sold separately and can be installed in a few minutes. One thing I like about the bike is the fact they number the adjustments, so it’s effortless to find the place you were before if someone else has used the bike.

Warranty, price, and support

Peloton warranty support

The warranty on Peloton, in my opinion, has always been an issue. They offer 12 months on parts and labor and five years on the frame, which isn’t very much compared to other spinning bike brands. They did speak of extended warranties at one point, but nothing ever came of it.

Now for the nasty bit, the price. Peloton bikes are not the most expensive bikes on the market, but they are not cheap. You are roughly looking at about $1700 for the bike currently. Which compared to what they were initially is actually much more reasonable.

This isn’t the only cost involved with Peloton. The subscription is $39 a month on top of buying the bike. It isn’t the cheapest setup, but they offer a fantastic service, and the bike is excellent. It’s still less than most gym memberships.

You have different packages you can buy when you buy a Peloton bike from the basic bike all the way to them, coming with two pairs of shoes and two heart rate monitors. Or you can just ignore the overpriced stuff that Peloton sells and get these great Peloton women’s bike clothing for half the price.

Peloton has a pretty good support network. They are highly rated on trust pilot, which is a good start. Many spinning bikes you can buy on the market at a lower cost have no support. It’s nice to see they have people you can go to for issues or technical advice.

Peloton Bike Assembly

Peloton bike assembly

Putting a Peloton together is very easy and is not something to worry about. If you are lucky enough to be buying one where XPO delivers, they will even install it for you too.

Things to watch out for are making sure the seat post and handlebars are nice and tight. Peloton users make one of the most common mistakes when they first get the bike, they don’t tighten the pedals up enough, and it destroys the thread of the crank arms. Do not let this happen to you.

Peloton Community

Peloton community

One this that sets Peloton out from the crowd is the community behind it. Not only do you have the interactive capability to ride with live instructors and other people you also have a lot of clubs and groups around the Peloton.

You will make friends from all over the world by joining these communities, and for motivation, this is amazing. When you have a problem, you search the forum or ask your question there and quickly find solutions. So, you don’t even have to spend time waiting in line to contact peloton support.

Alternatives to the Peloton Bikes

The market for high-end spinning bikes is vast and you will find a lot of competitors of the Peloton or alternatively, you have the option to buy a less expensive bike and DIY the Peloton Setup. In this next section, I want to speak about other bikes that I believe are worth considering.

Nordictrack S22i

NordicTrack S22i review
Nordictrack S22i cycle

The Nordictrack S22i bike is an amazing alternative to Peloton Bike. Not only has all the features of the Peloton bike but it also has the ability to literally make the bike feel like it is climbing.

Thanks to its incline and decline system, the bike tilts forward and backward to simulate uphills and downhills. Instructors in the virtual online spin classes can control the incline on your bike and the resistance to give you one of the best interactive workouts possible.

Additionally, it has resistance controls/buttons on the grips and a 3-speed cooling fan which you don’t get with the Peloton Bike. And on top of that, the Nordictrack S22i screen rotates 360 degrees.

So, you can adjust the angle while you are doing cross-training, warm-up, Yoga, Stretching, and other indoor exercises on iFit out of the bike. For the Peloton bike, you actually have to buy the accessory to make its screen rotate to right and left because out of the box it is not rotatable.

Echelon EX5

Echelon EX5 Review
Echelon EX5 Bike

The Echelon EX5 bike I feel is one of the most underrated spinning bikes on the market. It is a high-grade spin bike brimming with amazing technology such as a Bluetooth monitor, app connectivity, RPM, and Resistance readings

It’s compatible with Echelon, Peloton, Zwift, Rouvy, Kinomap, Strava, and many other applications. It costs less than $900 and doesn’t have a screen but it does have electronic magnetic resistance.

So, when you connect it to the Peloton app, it will change the resistance automatically when the trainer calls out a new resistance level. The same goes for the Zwift. You can set up auto-resistance for uphills and downhills.

Useful Peloton Accessories and Clothing

23 top accessories for Peloton Bike

There are tens of accessories for Peloton that would enhance your Peloton ride experience. We have recently, reviewed the best accessories that you might want to consider. Although they are not mandatory, they can change your Peloton experience.

Peloton Bike FAQs

What is better Peloton or iFit?

When it comes iFit is better because it gives you the option to create an “individual account” and pay $130 per year while in Peloton your only option to access everything in the app is $400 per year. In terms of navigation, Peloton provides a better user experience than iFit. In contrast, iFit’s library is much larger than Peloton’s — they offer upwards of 20,000 live and on-demand classes, whereas Peloton keeps their library in the 10,000 range, both adding new classes daily.

Is Echelon as good as Peloton?

In short, No. Peloton bikes are higher quality equipment and the Peloton Plus comes with an automatic resistance system that puts it way above the Echelon bikes including the Echelon EX7-S model. Aside from that, the Peloton application is more reliable and has more/better content than Echelon.

Can I connect a peloton bike with Zwift?

Although you can open the Zwift website through the browser on the Peloton screen, the Peloton bike does NOT send your stats to Zwift (or any other application except for the Peloton app). So, in order to send your stats (like cadence, speed, watt, and HR), you need to buy additional accessories separately.

Is Peloton better or NordicTrack?

No, Peloton is not necessarily a better indoor bike than NordicTrack, especially if you like to simulate the uphill and downhill terrain while cycling on the bike. With that said, both, Nordictrack and Peloton exercise bikes score high in terms of quality and streaming content. But in comparison, NordicTrack, especially the S22i Model, comes out ahead in affordability and smart features whereas Peloton has better reliability rating averages among their bike.

Can You Watch Netflix on Peloton?

The answer is yes. Although the monitor on the Peloton bike is not meant to be used for browsing on the web, there is a possibility (trick) that allows you to watch Netflix or browse something else on your Peloton Bike while exercising. So, to answer the question “can you watch Netflix on Peloton?” Yes, it is possible to watch Netflix while on a Peloton bike.

Peloton is better or Bowflex Velocoer?

Peloton Bike is a popular stationary bike that has been making waves in the fitness industry. But how does it stack up against the Bowflex Velocore? Both bikes have their pros and cons, but ultimately the decision comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking for an immersive cycling experience, Peloton Bike is probably your best bet. But if you want something that pivots to right and left and doesn’t require a subscription, then the Bowflex Velocore might be a better option for you. Ultimately, both of these bikes are great options for getting fit, so choose the one that fits your lifestyle and needs best.

How do I watch Netflix on Peloton 2023?

On the Peloton bike screen, click the bottom right corner “three dots”. This will bring up a bike information box. Tap the bottom right-hand corner of the box quickly several times repeatedly. A browser will appear, and from there you can type in Netflix and log in. You could also install the Netflix application on the screen but that requires jailbreaking the bike and causing other issues.

Can I access someone else’s Peloton membership?

Yes, if you are not the subscription/membership owner, the subscription owner will have to add you to their subscription. This can be done in one of two ways. On the Peloton Bike or Tread, you’ll need to be added as a rider. On the Peloton app, have the subscription owner log in. Once logged in, you can go to the More tab → My Subscriptions → Select the Peloton Subscription you would like to add to → Click “Add Account” → Enter your username and tap “Add Account”.

How many people can I share my Peloton membership with?

An All-Access Membership provides you and members of your household at one residential address (up to 5 user profiles) with full access to Peloton’s available classes, content, and features on one Peloton Product from each Peloton Product category”. Just like Netflix, although they say not to share your account with other Peloton owners, there is nothing that can stop you from sharing your Peloton account with the people you know.

Can you use 1 Peloton membership for 2 bikes?

Yes you can use 1 Peloton membership for 2 bikes but you can’t use them both at the same time. You can use one Peloton membership for 3 products at the same time, a rower, a tread, and a bike. But if you want to use 2 of the same machines (for example 2 bikes) at the same time, you need additional Peloton membership.

How can I access the Peloton app on my Peloton Bike?

If you have a Peloton account and an active membership, you can simply log into the Peloton app on your bike’s screen, phone, tablet or web browser. You will gain access to the Peloton app at no additional cost as long as you continue to have an active Peloton subscription.

How to ride Peloton without a membership?

If you are a Peloton bike owner who wants to enjoy the ride without any additional membership charges, you can use the ”Just Ride” feature. While using your Peloton bike on the Just Ride program, you can see all the real-time stats and metrics on the bike’s screen. Without a membership, you’ll be able to access only five pre-selected classes and you can’t save your progress.

Does Peloton App have free trial?

Yes, it does. You can access Peloton’s full library of live and on-demand classes which comes with the Peloton All-Access Membership for 30 days for free. Thousands of on-demand and more than 10 live classes include running, strength, cycling, yoga, and more. The peloton will remind you seven days before your trial ends so you won’t be accidentally billed and you can cancel anytime.

9Expert Score
Peloton Bike Review

The Peloton bike is fantastic, and it has been around long enough to realize it’s not just a passing fancy for people. Since Peloton came out, many bikes have been released, but still, people go for the Peloton. Let’s take out all the celebrities, let’s take out all the marketing, and look at it as a spinning bike. It is well built, looks absolutely fantastic, it has incredible classes, and some of them are even live, and it has a great support network and community. Does Peloton deserve the hype? 100%. But if you are Zwift, Kinomap, iFit, or Rouvy fan, I suggest you consider an alternative indoor bike. Even the Echelon EX5 would be a good alternative for those who want to ride at home on non-Peloton applications.

Peloton Bike Pros
  • Amazing Classes and Instructors
  • Great quality bike
  • 22 inches touchscreen monitor
  • Manually adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Great Support Network
  • Reliable and up-to-date Application
  • Up to 14 live daily spin classes
Peloton Bike Cons
  • The screen doesn't pivot for off-the-bike exercises
  • Subscription Cost and bike cost
  • The warranty is short, considering the price tag
  • The screen is Limited to just Peloton stuff
  • Timing/Toothed belt drive would have been better
  • Handlebars only adjust up and down, not forward and backward.
  • The saddle is uncomfortable and resistance is only manually adjustable


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