Here are the 5 Best Turbo Trainer Desks For Cycling Indoors

Indoor cycling is challenging and requires so much effort and concentration. I have been doing it for years and have learned a lot over time. When I first started, I had no clue what I was doing and made it so hard for myself. I used all the wrong equipment and didn’t know how to get my pain cave set up right.

After seeing loads of personalized content and ads pop up on my computer for turbo training accessories, I started exploring many new products and where the best place was to get them for as little as half the price of the ads. The accessory that helped make the cycling turbo quieter and cycling accessories that really improved my pain cave setup was an indoor trainer desk, and it just made my training so much easier.

Why do we use an indoor cycling training desk?

  • Organization
  • Can reach the tablet or laptop for app control
  • Doubles as a Tablet Stand
  • Great if you are in a tight space
  • Space for food and water
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble

These were the main points I found that made having a turbo trainer desk very valuable, and it made my training much more accessible and just more enjoyable. In this article, I want to speak about some turbo trainer desks and tell you a little bit about them.

1. Lifeline Pro Turbo Trainer Table

KOM Cycling Media Display Stand

The lifeline Pro turbo trainer table is impressive, and we’re starting with one of the best you will ever see. Lifeline is a brand Wiggle who is a distributor of a lot of cycling gear, and they have made such an intelligent turbo trainer desk here.

Firstly it has an extension lead so you can plug it in the wall and have plug sockets on the table. It has a phone and tablet groove so you can position them right in front of you. It is large enough for a laptop and even has a grippy top and a cup holder for that drink or a morning coffee.

It looks great and has been made with straightforward engineering. I love the fact they have also made its height adjustable and put it on wheels so you can move it easily.


  • Great Design
  • Plenty of Space
  • Wheels and Grippy top
  • Cupholder
  • Extension and sockets


  • Fairly Large
  • It is the most expensive

I think Lifeline has done a fantastic job here, and I massively rate the Pro trainer table. It’s large, yes, but the Lifeline turbo trainer desks for cycling indoors have absolutely everything.

2. KOM Cycling Media Display Stand

Lifeline Pro Turbo Trainer Table

The KOM Display stand for your turbo trainer is an excellent piece of kit, and you have to give them loads of credit for making something, unlike many other turbo training tables. The big difference is the stand itself. Instead of being like a double leg design which can be pretty terrible for space, they have made a single leg tripod. It’s a fantastic design and a great way to save space. You can adjust the height of this indoor cycling desk with ease, and although stable, I wouldn’t say it’s as stable as a two leg stand.

The top itself is equipped with a tablet and phone groove, two cup holders, and a grippy mat to keep everything nice and safe. Unlike the Lifeline bicycle trainer desk, it has a beautiful Mat black color and just screams stealth look. It assembles and disassembles very quickly and easily and could be used for many different purposes.


  • Large Capacity Table
  • Space Saving Design
  • Mat Black Stealth Color and Grip Pad
  • Good Price Compared to Wahoo Cycling Desk


  • Less stable than other turbo trainer desks

The KOM Cycling Stand is epic. It is very different, and they have thought out of the box here. I highly rate it for such a low price.

3. Tacx Cycling Floor Stand for Tablets

RAD Cycling Training Adjustable Desk

Tacx is one of the leading brands when it comes to indoor cycling. If you are looking for an absolute minimal stand and something that is going to be very easy to store, this is it. The Tacx floor stand isn’t like anything else on this list, and it’s not designed as a table, and it is purely a stand for a tablet.

If you’re looking for space savings and just to mount a device for your training applications, this is what most people are using. This Indoor cycling desk for a bicycle trainer is well made and looks impressive with a clean grey finish, and it takes up next to no floor space with an intelligent counterbalance design.


  • Small taking up minimal space
  • Very easy to setup
  • Counterbalance design


  • It only works on a tablet
  • Can’t store anything else.

If you are someone who is just training with an iPad or tablet and lacks space, this is ideal. This isn’t for you if you’re looking to use a laptop and have a coffee on the table. It is depending on your settings you have at home that makes this work.

4. RAD Cycling Training Adjustable Desk

Tacx Cycling Floor Stand for Tablets

The RAD cycling desk is something that I came across really quickly. It is a great two leg counterbalance design with a Mat black desktop. This adjustable height desk for indoor cycling has everything you will need, from a grippy top, a cup holder and a tablet or phone groove.

This bike turbo floor stand for tablets and laptops is an excellent compromise between the Lifeline Pro and the KOM stand. It has the top of the KOM with the Lifeline bottom. It’s a well thought through product and has a bit of everything. In my opinion, probably the best looking out of them all.


  • Looks Great
  • It has everything it needs
  • Great Adjustability
  • Lovely finish


  • No power socket
  • Not the smallest

I like the RAD desk as it is not too much but enough to do precisely what you need when it comes to having a Turbo Trainer Desk.

5. Wahoo Kickr Turob Trainer Desk Stand

Wahoo Kickr Turob Trainer Desk Stand

Wahoo are a huge name in cycling and you knew that eventually, we would end up speaking a Wahoo desk. They make top quality products and are definitely at the leading end of technology when it comes to indoor training.

It has great construction and a feel of excellent quality to this adjustable bike trainer fitness desk. I am a fan but the only thing I can say is it is extremely basic. You haven’t got two water bottle holders, tablet mounts, slightly larger towel rails like other trainer cycling laptop desks, it’s just very basic. I appreciate that is what many people want and I do believe simplicity is key. For the price, I feel the Wahoo Kickr desk could have just been much better and cheaper.


  • Looks Great
  • Amazing quality
  • Great Adjustability


  • Lack of features
  • Crazy Price point

The Wahoo Kickr Desk is good and if your looking for simplicity and quality great but it isn’t cheap.


It was very tough to choose out of all these turbo cycling trainer desks. It comes down to how much you train, in my opinion. It’s about what you’re looking for in desk for indoor cycling bike turbo trainers. If you only do a quick hour on the turbo, the Tacx Tablet stand is enough. If you’re doing long endurance sessions, the Lifeline is the one cycling trainer desk I feel is perfect. The Lifeline indoor cycling desk for trainer is just amazing, I love the wooden finish, and it has everything.


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