Discover the 12 Best Indoor Cycling Apps for Spinning Workouts

The bicycle was first introduced as a mode of transportation more than a hundred years ago, flash forward to now and it is being used as a form of exercise as well. With its amazing cardiovascular and weight loss benefits cycling has become one of the more popular forms of exercise today. People are now riding the best indoor cycling bikes and using indoor cycling apps to bring the outdoor riding experience inside their homes.

Today’s exercise equipment manufacturers and even bicycle manufacturers are designing indoor cycling bikes for home gym users. To go along with the equipment and to reach your goals without getting bored cycling on your own, you need to find the best cycling app. These spinning apps including live and on demand classes that bring industry leading indoor cycling instructors in the comfort of your home to help you maximize the benefits that indoor cycling has to offer.

This best indoor cycling apps buyer’s guide is designed to help you, the reader to be able to make an informed decision about the best spin workout app. We have done all the research and came up with 12 of the top applications for indoor cycling. We included some of the things to look for when comparing indoor cycling apps and some of the more popular questions that you should be asking. We also included a brief summary of each of the 12 spin bike apps we reviewed.

1. iFit Indoor Exercise Membership

iFit indoor cycling application

Unlike many indoor cycling apps like Zwift that connect with almost every Bluetooth indoor bike, the iFit is a little picky on which machines can connect to the app. That means some fitness equipment don’t synch with this application and yours might be one of them. So, I suggest you check with the guys at iFit and see if your specific spin bike can connect to their application. If you have a Nordictrack S22i or S15i bike, you wouldn’t have any problem connecting with the iFit cycling applications.

The good news is that even if your spin bike doesn’t connect to their application, you can still enjoy their classes on your TV, Tablet, or phone and track your workouts (RPM, speed, etc) on your bike’s monitor.

As for why we like this application, is pure and simple (affordability and content). These are the two main things that put the iFit on top of our best indoor cycling application review for 2023. This company offers two packages, Individuals (it allow you to create one profile and one device at a time) and Family (it allows you to create up to 5 profiles for every member of your family).

Although the iFit Family is too expensive, the price for an Individual package ($180) is unbeatable in terms of value. There is no other leading Indoor Cycling App that would give you access to so much awesome content for this price tag.

Additional Information

  • Two different subscription packages to make it more affordable
  • Thousands of precorded classed without adds to intrupt you
  • Live on demands available and new classed is added every day
  • Can control resistance on some iFit compatible equipment
  • Requires a web browser loaded on your Apple, Android mobile device

2. Zwift Indoor Cycling App

zwift cycling app

Zwift Training app is one of the top-rated training apps for spinning workout. The app is really easy to use and it can be used in a number of different ways including; pre-programmed workouts and custom workouts. It only takes a few minutes to get your account setup and you ready to get riding.

The Zwift app works on any of your mobile devices that you will use in conjunction with your indoor cycling bike. Each training session includes onscreen prompting to help you be motivated from start to finish. After you are finished you consult your stats and see in real time how many calories you’ve burned, the distance and cadence that you followed, and whether or not you reached your target heart rate goal.

Zwift spinning application does work with aftermarket power pedals and cadence sensors that are designed for your specific brand and model of indoor cycling bike. You can DIY Zwift setup with your spin bike using these accessories. These devices can be extremely valuable if you don’t have a smart indoor bike. You will be able to follow in real-time with the app installed on a smartphone or tablet. This best-rated apps for spin bike workout can automatically change resistance for uphill/downhill on smart indoor bikes.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – $14.99 per month
  • Number of Profiles per account – single profile
  • A free version (if available) – No free memberships
  • Connectivity – uses advanced Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity
  • Mobile OS – works with both Apple iOS and Google Android OS and Windows

3. Peloton Cycling Workout App

peloton indoor cycling app

Peloton is one of the reasons that make cycling indoors better than cycling outdoors. This Workout App is widely considered to be one of the top applications for indoor cycling. It is packed with features designed to maximize your indoor cycling experience. While it is designed to be used in conjunction with a Peloton Indoor Cycling Bike, it can be used with other indoor exercise bikes.

This app works differently than all other apps in that it is actually a streaming service. While other apps use video game-style graphics, Peloton shows real time video footage and instructors that lead you through each of the training sessions. The live trainer gives you the experience of being in a spin class at your local fitness center or gym.

You can choose the length of the riding sessions between 10 minutes to 2-hours and the type of training session from the list of more than a dozen different types. It also includes a scenic experience that shows you riding on the road through one of the thousands of different locales throughout the world. You will be riding to your favorite music without having an instructor with you. This spin bike app for IOS and Anderoid does require a nominal membership fee to get started and that is on top of the cost of a Peloton Indoor Cycling bike.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – $39.99 per month
  • Number of Profiles per account – single profile
  • A free version (if available) N/A
  • Wireless connectivity – Connects via Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Mobile OS – Apple iOS for mobile devices

4. Trainerroad Cycling App

trainer road cycling application

The TrainerRoad App is a high-end indoor cycling app that combines powerful interval training sessions and real time data collected from your exercise bike. All of the pre-programmed training sessions have been personally designed by a world-class cyclist and certified cycling coach. You can choose between 1000’s of professionally-designed interval training sessions.

Once you created your account and signed up for a membership plan you can get started setting up your workout program. During the setup process, you will be asked to establish an FTP test. This data will be used in all future calculations for your workout sessions. The FTP data is used to help maximize all of your future workout sessions.

By using the pre-programmed interval training sessions and the real time data that is being collected from your indoor cycling bike you will see everything displayed on the screen of your mobile device. The display features a computer-generated scenery with the data superimposed on the screen. The display also includes inspirational and motivational messages from trainers designed to help reach all of your designated goals.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – Monthly fee is $15 per month or $129 annually
  • Number of Profiles per account single profile per account
  • A free version (if available) N/A
  • Wireless connectivity Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Mobile OS Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows

5. The Sufferfest Training App

the suffer fest spinning app

The Sufferfest Training App is one of the top applications for indoor cycling that centers around powerful interval training sessions. It is an exclusive 4DP smart training technique to develop a power baseline in order to be able to maximize your workout sessions. They use a coaching mentality instead of solely relying on instructing each training session.

The Sufferfest app also has another aspect that helps to set it aside from the other apps and that it uses actual video footage of a cycling ride through different portions of Europe. You are only going against yourself so that you are not competing with any other riders. It also includes the ability to watch a number of things on your display while you are working out on your indoor cycling bike.

It’s the ability to sync training apps like Strava, Garmin, and TrainingPeaks that also helps to set it apart from many of the other training apps available on the market. The training system also includes messages from a live trainer to help motivate you to finish the important tasks associated with your lesson.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – $12.99 per month or a one-time payment of $99 annually
  • Number of Profiles per account – a single profile per account
  • A free version (if available) – N/A
  • Wireless connectivity – Connects wirelessly using advanced Bluetooth technology and ANT+
  • Mobile OS – Fully compatible with Apple’s iOS mobile OS, Google’s Android mobile OS and Windows

6. Rouvy Indoor Cycling App

rouvy indoor bike application

Rouvy Indoor Cycling App is a multifaceted app that can be used with different types of indoor cycling trainer systems including a direct drive, smart drive, or wheel on. Unlike other very popular spin bike apps that are mainly designed for a specific indoor bikes, the Rouvy app can be used with just about any type, brand or model of bike you have or are considering getting.

Rouvy is powerful enough that if you are using it in conjunction with a smart trainer enabled exercise cycle you can actually control the amount of resistance through the app. You can also use it totally manually if you so choose with the same app. You can also enjoy an interactive ride through the countryside somewhere in Europe or even a leisurely ride up and down PCH in sunny California. Just watch the magnificent scenery pass you by on both sides as you are immersed in your favorite music.

You can choose from thousands of pre-recorded routes, augmented routes, and even ones that created yourself. The membership you sign up for is good for everyone in your household and each can set up a unique user profile.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – $10 per month
  • Number of Profiles per account – All members of the household can create a separate profile
  • A free version (if available) – N/A
  • Wireless connectivity – Advanced Bluetooth technology
  • Mobile OS – compatible with Windows, Mac, Apple TV, iOS mobile OS

7. RGT Indoor Cycling App

rgt cycling app

The RGT Cycling System actually consists of two different apps and both are required in order for it to work. The RGT Screen App and RGT Mobile App each do two completely different things; the mobile app goes on your smartphone and it allows you to control the total operation of your account and the screen app is used to set up and control the interactive display. The screen app can be used on Apple’s mobile OS (iOS), Google’s mobile OS (Android), and Windows devices.

As you get started you are able to connect to your indoor cycling bike in your home via Bluetooth to your smart trainer system. Once you are connected you can take advantage of one of the most realistic indoor riding experiences. You can select from a number of different riding options including real roads, real riding events and even create your own riding experience using the exclusive Magic Roads tool.

As a premium (paid) member you will automatically have access to all of the cycling coaches that RGT has assembled. Using the exclusive feature called TrainingPeaks, you can have unlimited access to all of the training coaches who are always ready to help motivate you to push yourself to new heights.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – Premium membership costs $14.99 per month
  • Number of Profiles per account single account set up
  • A free version (if available) there is a limited-feature version that is free
  • Wireless connectivity – Bluetooth wireless connectivity and ANT+
  • Mobile OS – compatible with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS

8. CardioCast Spin Bike App

Cardio Cast cycling app

The Cardiocast Training App is a highly popular cycling training app that is based around music. CardioCast features a wide range of high intensity training sessions perfectly timed to your favorite music. They also lined up a long list of high-quality trainers and coaches that are dedicated to helping to motivate you every step of the way.

CardioCast is fully compatible with your smartphone whether you have an Apple iPhone or one of the many available Google Android phones. CardioCast makes it possible to combine your actual playlist on your phone, Apple Health or Google Fit depending on which phone you currently use and the coach of your choice to build the best possible cycling workout.

The CardioCast system is really easy to use once you get signed up and begin your 7-day free trial you have full access to all parts of the system. It is very easy to get started by selecting the type of training session; Classic Ride and Beats Ride. Classic ride features timed interval training and Beats Ride follows closely to the beat of your music selection. You then select your length of training session (20, 30, 45, and 60 minutes). Then you get to select the coach who you want to work with to help guide you through your workout. Finally, you select your music playlist and begin your training session.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – $7.50 per month, after a 7-day free trial
  • Number of Profiles per account – one profile per membership
  • A free version (if available) N/A
  • Wireless connectivity Advanced Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Mobile OS – Apple’s iOS Mobile OS and Google’s Android OS

9. Variis Indoor Bike App

variis spin bike app

The Variis App from Equinox Media is a unique and powerful platform that helps to bring the best of the training systems created by Equinox Media and puts them all in the palm of your hand. The Soul Cycle app was designed specifically for cyclists and that includes the indoor cyclists to get the best workout.

With your paid membership you will also have full access to all of the unique workout apps in one single account. Your Variis membership allows you to have full access to all of the benefits of SoulCycle anywhere you happen to be in the world. Whether you are in your home gym getting ready for an intense workout or on the road in a hotel that has a fitness center, you get in your training session without having to worry if you have enough time for a good workout .

The instructors and coaches are always ready for you to set up your workout routine whether you are at home, or on the road or even halfway around the world. The best part is that you can use the SoulCycle app with the brand new SoulCycle at-home bike to get a world class spin workout or you can use it with your indoor cycling bike in your home gym.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – $40 per month
  • Number of Profiles per account – a single profile per membership account
  • A free version (if available) N/A
  • Wireless connectivity – N/Ac
  • Mobile OS – Apple iOS OS and Google’s Android OS

10. CycleBar Go Spinning App

cyclebar spinning app

The CycleBar Go App is a high-intensity and high energy studio designed home indoor cycling workout. The power is in the high-energy music and super low-impact cardio workout designed for your home gym. Each of the sessions are expertly led by one of the highly respected instructors. As a paid member you have access to all of the training videos and are available anywhere you have Internet access on your phone or tablet.

The CycleBar Go app is designed to be used by any rider regardless of experience and fitness level. There are on-demand full screen video training sessions that will definitely fit your needs. Whether you are at home riding your own home gym indoor cycling bike or out of town using the fitness equipment in the hotel you are staying, this is one of the best apps for spinning workout.

CycleBar also features a large online community designed to help its members to stay motivated and encourage each other to excel with each and every indoor cycling workout session.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – $19.99 per month membership
  • Number of Profiles per account – one profile per membership
  • A free version (if available) – N/A
  • Wireless connectivity – N/A
  • Mobile OS – Compatible with Apple’s iOS for tablet and iPhone and Google’s Android OS

11. Global Cycling Network – YouTube Channel

Global indoor Cycling Network

YouTube is the one of the most visited websites on the Internet and it is likely the largest repository of how-to videos on the planet. With more than 1 billion videos and more are constant being uploaded daily. It is the perfect way for anyone to find indoor cycling training sessions without having to pay a small fortune on monthly membership fees.

The Global Cycling Network is a YouTube Channel where you can find a wide range of training videos that were made and uploaded to YouTube for anyone to access for free. The Global Cycling Network Youtube Channel is a unique collection of hundreds of training videos that are perfect for the person who wants to get the most out of their indoor cycling without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money every month like most of popular training videos.

The best part of Global Cycling Network since it is online you can access the material for free from a mobile device that has an Internet connection anywhere you happen to be. All of the training videos are filled with valuable information covering a wide range of topics relating to cycling and indoor cycling.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – N/A
  • Number of Profiles per account – A single profile can be used
  • A free version (if available) – There is no paid version
  • Wireless connectivity – N/A
  • Mobile OS – The YouTube app works with all of the different mobile OS

12. Road Cycling Rocks – YouTube Channel

Indoor Cycling Videos

The Road Cycling Rocks Channel of Youtube shows that you don’t have to sign up for an expensive membership on a smartphone app in order to get help with your indoor cycling routine. This YouTube is loaded with hundreds of really good how-to videos that contain indoor cycling sessions that range in length from 30 minutes up to 3-hours in length.

The trainers in the videos are there both for instructional and motivational purposes. The videos feature both live action riding and computer generated graphics. The videos cover all riding skill levels from beginners all the way to advanced riders.

Whether you are looking for a really good cardiovascular workout, a fat burning weight loss workout or a combination of the two, you are likely going to find it inside the Road Cycling Rocks Youtube Channel.

Additional Information

  • Monthly Fee/Annual Fee – totally free to all visitors to YouTube
  • Number of Profiles per account – no profiles needed
  • A free version (if available) – N/A
  • Wireless connectivity – N/A
  • Mobile OS – Compatible with all mobile device browsers, including; Apple iOS, Google Android

How to Choose an Indoor Cycling App

Compatible with mobile devices – One of the most important things to look for in an indoor cycling app is that it is fully compatible with all of your mobile devices; smartphone and tablet. This is very important since not all indoor cycling bikes have a display screen and you will need a mobile device to load your indoor cycling apps. So, be sure that whether your smartphone is an Apple (iOS) or an Android (Google’s mobile OS) that you choose the right cycling app.

Interactive riding experience – One of the keys to getting the most benefits from an indoor cycling bike is to have a well planned out routine. This is where really good indoor bike exercise apps come into play. The app should offer a number of different interactive experiences such as simulated scenery. They can also feature instructor lead training routines that simulate what you would find in many of the local fitness centers.

Compatibility with most major brands of indoor cycling bikes – An important feature of many of today’s top indoor cycling bikes is the ability to track specific metrics from the bike. Most indoor cycling bike applications have some type of sensor built-in or offer them as an addon (for a nominal charge). Then using spin bike apps for ios and android you can capture and display the statistical data on your smartphone or tablet. Be sure that you pay close attention to the brand of equipment you have when looking at the indoor cycling apps.

Smart Trainer enabled – Mobile device apps continue to evolve as technology expands and one of the new functions found in the best spin bike workout apps is called Smart Trainer. This function is able to tap into the telemetry of the indoor cycling bike and import it via Bluetooth technology into the app. This works by connecting to the built-in Ant+ Speed and cadence bike sensor via Bluetooth or USB stick sensor. Some bikes have an ERG Mode which can be used to allow the app to adjust the magnetic resistance directly from the app. This is one of the many things that makes smart indoor cycling apps very popular.

FAQ About Indoor Cycling Apps

Is it compatible with my smartphone or tablet?

When you are looking for the right indoor cycling app to go along with your new indoor cycling bike be sure to start with spin bike apps for ios and android compatible ones. By doing this you will know for sure that it is compatible with all of your mobile devices. This is especially important for those people who are not necessarily married to a specific type of mobile device.

Does it include an interactive training instructor?

When spinning was first introduced back in the ‘80s the biggest draw was that it could be used as an exercise routine. Then fitness centers figured out how they could create a bonus for its members by turning it into an instructor lead class. These instructors were there to demonstrate and motivate the members of the club to properly ride an exercise bike. Now that these pieces of equipment are being moved to home gyms, there had to be a way to get that spin class benefit along with it. This is where a spinning application comes into play. Many of the top indoor cycling apps come with an interactive trainer that can be the necessary motivator when used on a mobile device.

Does it include a built-in virtual riding experience?

One of the nice things about outdoor cycling is the scenery that you are able to see when you are out riding. This is especially true if you happen to live in a part of the country or the world that is known for spectacular views and landscapes. Fortunately, there are many app designers out there that have incorporated virtual riding experiences into their indoor cycling apps. This allows them to virtually put you inside the screen and replicate the imagery so your mind gets the overall feeling that you are right there in your favorite place to ride.

Do you have to pay for a membership in order to use it?

This is the tricky part, many of the best apps for spin bike workout do unfortunately require you to pay a monthly or annual membership fee in order to use it. However, there are some that either have a free (stripped down version) or totally free version. Either way, you can get a really good indoor cycling workout by using one of the available apps at an affordable price.

Can I get a quality training app for free?

The answer to this question is yes, however, you will likely find out that the ones that do not offer a whole lot of features. You will likely be limited to what you can get out of the free version. With that said, it does not mean that you cannot get a really good workout from the free versions.

What application can I connect with my spin bike?

It depends on your spin bike model and its wireless protocols. For instance, if you have a Peloton Bike, you can only connect the Peloton app with your spin bike and if you have a Nordictrack S22i bike, you can only connect the iFit application with your spin bike. But if you have an Echelon EX5, you can connect any application with your bike.

What application can I use with my spin bike?

Some of the best indoor cycling apps that can turn your living room into a indoor cycling studio are Peloton, iFit, CycleCast, and Motosumo.

Is there an app for spin bike?

There are tens of free and paid application for spin bikes. Some of the most famous indoor cycling applications are Zwift, Peloton, iFit, Trainerroad, Sufferfest, Rouvy, RGT, and Cardio Cast.


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