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If you’ve been to at least one spinning class or owned a spin bike, then you’ve probably already heard about spin shoes and you’ve been told you should 100% have them. But why? Why are spinning class shoes so important? Well, that’s what we’ll be discussing today! Once you understand how they can elevate your spin sessions at home, you’ll want to invest in a pair of shoes for spinning ASAP.

The problem with that is there are just too many spin shoes out there for you to choose from. But if you want to find the best indoor cycling shoes, we’ll help you do that today as well! Men’s indoor cycling shoes and women’s indoor cycling shoes are widely available and they offer many benefits for your workout.

You want to make sure you have the best spin shoes you can buy, not only because they will offer great value, but also because you want to have the best spinning experience. Getting into spinning is not just about investing in the right spin bike for your goals; it’s also about having the right gear. That includes having the right cycling socks and the best spin bike shoes.

Before we get into the list of top clipless shoes for indoor cycling, I want to discuss the reasons why you should get a pair. Many people don’t know the benefits of spinning cycling shoes are meant to provide, let’s take a quick look (you can more details below)! Spinning shoes offer better power transfer, better foot alignment, safer, and more comfortable ride.

With no further ado, let’s take a look at the best trainers for spinning you can purchase today! We’ve divided the list into two sections: One for women’s indoor cycling shoes and one for men’s indoor cycling shoes, so please refer to the section that relates to you, and you’ll find the perfect choice effortlessly.

Best Cycling Shoes For Spin Class Compared

Best Spin Class Shoes Review & Comparison Table
Spin Shoe NameShoe SoleCompatible CleatsClosureDesignedBreathablity
TIEM Slipstream Indoor Cycling Spin ShoesRubber outsoleRecessed SPD cycling cleats (not included)Single power-strapFor WomenHighly breathable mesh upper
Pearl Izumi Vesta Indoor Cycling ShoesSynthetic soleRecessed cycling SPD cleats (not included)Three power-strapFor WomenHighly breathable mesh upper
Pearl iZUMi Select Road v5 Studio Cycling ShoeSynthetic soleNot recessed, SPD & SPD-SL cleats (not included)Three power-strapFor WomenMid-level Breathable mesh & ventilated sole
Shimano SH-IC500 Spin Cycling ShoeCarbon composite outsoleNot recessed spinning SPD-SL cleats (not included)LacesFor WomenHighly breathable mesh & ventilated sole
Tommaso Pista Elite Clip-in Cycling ShoesInjected nylon and fiberglass outsoleNot recessed, SPD & SPD-SL cleats (not included)BOA and StrapFor WomenMid-level Breathable upper & ventilated sole
Pearl iZUMi Quest Road Studio Cycling ShoeSynthetic outsoleNot recessed, SPD & SPD-SL clips (not included)Three power-strapFor MenMid-level Breathable upper & ventilated sole
Fizik R5 SPD-SL Indoor Cycling ShoesCarbon reinforced nylonNot recessed spinning SPD-SL clips (not included)BOA and StrapFor MenMid-level Breathable upper & ventilated sole
Santic Mesh Spinning Class Cycling ShoesRubber outsoleRecessed SPD cycling cleats (not included)Two power-strapFor MenHighly breathable mesh upper
Giro Carbide R Spin Class Cycling ShoesCo-molded nylon and rubber outsoleRecessed SPD clips (not included)Three power-strapFor MenMid-level Breathable upper only
Shimano SH-IC501 BOA Indoor Cycling Shoes - Men'sReinforced rubber outsoleRecessed SPD cycling cleats (not included)BOAFor MenHighly breathable mesh & ventilated sole

Editor’s Best Pair Of Spinning Shoes Choice!

Our team has already picked the best shoes for spin class and reviewed them down below. This part is where I regularly search the market to find the best value shoes for spin class.

For this month, my most favorite spinning shoes are the Tiem for women and Tommaso Pista Elite for men. I picked both of these shoes based on several criteria including brand, versatility, breathability, comfort, price.

If you disagree or think that I missed better options, please leave a comment below. We love to hear your opinions and will definitely look into what you think should be the best cycling shoes for spin class.

Quick Overview of Best Studio Cycling Shoes:

The 10 Best Shoes For Spin Class in 2023:

#1 TIEM Slipstream Indoor Cycling Spin Shoes – Women’s

 in stock

The TIEM Slipstream Indoor Cycling Spin Shoe is definitely a high-end choice, but they’re definitely worth the money if you choose to invest in these. They’re available in black, hyper blue, lunar gray, merlot, black geometric, white marble, and midnight navy, so you’ll find the perfect pair for you. These are one of the best shoes for indoor cycling available thanks to their stylish, comfortable, and highly-efficient design.

These indoor cycling spin shoes are breathable thanks to the engineered mesh and athletic fabric, which allows your feet to breathe during your workouts. They’re also super comfortable, thus making your spinning routines a lot more enjoyable. They’re also very convenient because the SPD cleat assembly and the rubber outsole allow you to perform to the best of your ability on the bike.

The TIEM Slipstream cycling shoes for spinning class offer high performance because they’re SPD compatible and feature durable nylon cycling shank underfoot. They’re also highly stylish; you will love the slip-on, single-strap design that makes these shoes super easy to put on. When it comes to size, they recommend you purchase a size down from your normal athletic shoe size so that these spin shoes fit beautifully. Overall, these are one of the best spin shoes you’ll find on the market, and they will definitely check off all your boxes.

Additional Important Considerations!

With no doubt, Tiem is one of the best cycling shoes for spinning but there are a few things to keep in mind when buying them. First, these indoor cycling shoes are a bit wider than most road cycling shoes which means if you have very narrow feet, it’s better to consider another option. Second, the SPD clips are sold separately. The company recommends the Shimano SM-SH51 model which is widely available on Amazon. Third and last, these spin class shoes are NOT compatible with Delta, LOOK, or SPD-SL pedals and cleats.

#2 Pearl Izumi Vesta Indoor Cycling Shoes – Women’s

 in stock
2 new from $125.00

Our next women’s indoor cycling shoes option comes from Pearl Izumi and it’s another high-quality, high-end option for you to consider for spin class and home cycling. They come in black and white, white, white and gray, black thunder, and sea salt and metallic gold. This is great news for ladies who like having options when it comes to their shoes. You’ll find one pair to fit your style perfectly so you can look and feel amazing during your spinning sessions, whether at the gym or at home.

The Pearl Izumi spin shoe is made with both textile and synthetic materials to provide a highly-functional and comfortable shoe that will support you during your sessions. The lightweight EVA midsole will make you perform a lot better so you can get the most out of your training.

These cycling shoes for spinning are SPD cleat compatible and have recessed cleat area, so you’ll have no issues there! Overall, these make a great choice for anyone. Not just because their design provides everything you need to make the most of your spinning sessions, but also because they look great, they’re sturdy, and they will last you for a long time!

Additional Important Considerations!

These Pearl Izumi Vesta spinning shoes are perfect for riders with average width feet. But, if you have wide feet, you may want to consider the Tiem spin bike shoes featured first place in this spinning shoe reviews. Also, keep in mind that the SPD clip is not included so you will have to buy them separately. Last but not least, it must be an SPD cleat (not Delta, LOOK, or SPD-SL) because these cycling shoes are not compatible with three-bolt clips and pedals.

#3 Pearl iZUMi Select Road v5 Studio Cycling Shoe – Women’s

 out of stock

The Pearl iZUMi are another great pair of women’s indoor cycling shoes to consider. Here we have another pair of spin shoes that’s entirely synthetic, complete with a synthetic sole that will provide comfort and functionality. The shaft measures low-top from the arch of your foot. Overall, these indoor spinning shoes have a great design and even though they’re not available in a great variety of colors, you’ll find they still look amazing.

One of the greatest features of these spin shoes is that they’ve integrated anti-microbial upper mesh into their design. This is great because it will fight off bacteria and fungus that cause your sneakers to smell. These spinning sneakers also feature synthetic leather collar lining and they’re padded with closed-cell foam, which will shed all the sweat you produce during your spinning workout.

What’s more, the Pearl iZUMi spin shoes feature updated PE cycling sock liner with Silvadur so they will last you a long time. These shoes are durable and they provide not only comfort but also high breathability and anti-microbial properties that will keep your feet nice and fresh no matter how intense your workout is. Overall, these are the perfect clip-in spin shoes for anyone looking to elevate their experience on the indoor bike.

Additional Important Considerations!

We believe the Select Road V5 is one of the most comfortable spin shoes. But they have Synthetic sole which makes them a bit stiffer than your traditional gym sneakers. But what you need to keep in mind the most is that these indoor cycling shoes have flat outsoles. Therefore, unlike the other two options listed above, the cleats will not be recessed and you can’t walk comfortably with the shoes. Last but not least, the cleats are not included. So, remember to buy a pair of cleats (SPD or SPD-SL) based on the type of your spin bike pedals.

#4 Shimano SH-IC500 Spin Cycling Shoe – Women’s

 out of stock

The IC500 spin shoes make another great option for women looking for their perfect pair. They come in gray, glacier, berry, and black so you’ll be able to choose the one that suits your personal style the best. Shimano challenges the status and innovation is truly one of their priorities, and it’s reflected in the cycling shoes they produce.

Shimano’s technology is not new when it comes to athletic footwear, but it is new to indoor cycling shoes. Indoor cycling shoes require comfort and performance to be mixed, which is not something athletic shoes can provide. It’s simply because they’re built for different purposes. The IC500 cycling shoes feature a recessed cleat area and mesh upper, which is proprietary and it was developed specifically for studio cycling classes. There’s also a reinforced core that provides all the support you need for your strokes to be powerful while still being airy and comfortable.

Another great thing about the IC500 is that it’s DWR-treated so it repels water and it’s easy to clean. The soles are rubber and thanks to the reinforced plates, you can be certain these women’s indoor cycling shoes will last you for a long time and give you the support needed. They’re sturdy enough to be a smart investment that you won’t regret. Plus, the combination of the BOA dial and a wide strap provides a powerful combination that make these SPD spin shoes truly innovative.

Additional Important Considerations!

Shimano SPD spin class shoes are one of our most favorite indoor cycling shoes due to its quality, design, breathability. But, there are at least two things you need to keep in mind before buying them. First, they are only compatible with the SPD (two-bolt) cleats so if your spin bike comes with 3 bolt pedals, you will have to also change the pedals to SPD. Second and last, you will need to buy the shoe cleats for spin class separately because they are not included with the shoes.

#5 Tommaso Pista Elite Clip-in Cycling Shoes – Women’s

 in stock

Last but not least for women’s indoor cycling shoes, we have the America-Italian Tommaso spinning bike shoes, which are the most expensive on the list. They come in black, and pink glow, both incredible options for anyone. The Pista elite cycling shoes offer a roomy fit, which will provide comfort throughout your spinning session, no matter how long you decide to go. These spin shoes are made of seamless synthetic leather and mesh upper, which makes them highly breathable, so your feet stay nice and fresh.

The Pista elite compatible cycling shoes also feature a Boa L4 one-way micro-adjustment fastening system that’s easy to customize so your fit is perfect. The outsole, which is made of injected nylon and fiberglass, is also well-ventilated, so this is a high breathability spin shoe. Also featured is the patented Ergo Air insole, which is amazing, and the heel retention system provides greater stabilization so you power transfer is optimal.

Overall, this is one of the best spin shoes money can buy. Not only because it’s a high-end option, but because it provides everything you need to be comfortable and get the most out of your workout. Made with high-quality, innovative materials and providing one of the best designs available, you’ll find these cycle shoes for spinning are worth every penny!

Additional Important Considerations!

Although they are made for road and MTB rides, this pair of shoes are perfect for spin bikes. They are versatile and have stiff soles for better power transfer. However, there is one thing to keep in mind and that is the lack of recessed cleat area which makes it difficult to walk with them comfortably. Other than that, these spin class shoes are a great option. They are also compatible with three-cleat and two-cleat and pedal types (SPD and Look Delta).

#6 Pearl iZUMi Quest Studio Cycling Shoe – Men’s

 in stock
3 new from $100.00

The Pearl iZUMi Men’s Quest Studio cycling shoe is one of the best spin shoes for men. Made of synthetic material and featuring a synthetic sole, this cycling shoe offers all the support you need during your workout. The shaft measures approximately low-top from arch, and it’s a super comfortable fit.

One of the best things about these men’s indoor cycling shoes is that they feature anti-microbial upper mesh, which will fight off fungus and bacteria that cause bad smells in your shoes. Plus, the design includes synthetic leather collar lining and closed-cell foam padding, which make the cycle shoes for spin class completely sweatproof.

Another great thing about the Pearl iZUMi for men is that it features updated EP sockliner with Silvadur anti-microbial top sheet material. That does not only add to the anti-bacterial properties of this pair of spin shoes but also adds durability. The design also features ventilation holes, which makes these shoes super breathable. Overall, this pair of spin shoes provide everything you need to feel comfortable during your workout and get the most out of it.

Additional Important Considerations!

Highly breathable and versatile, with no doubt the Pearl iZUMi men’s Quest Road v5 are excellent for studio cycling. In fact, they are design and constructed for spinning exercise. Although, before purchasing, you need to consider that these indoor bike shoes lack in recessed cleat areas. Therefore, you won’t be able to walk comfortably with them. Also, remember that these shoes don’t come with spin cleats so you will need to buy them separately.

#7 Fizik R5 SPD-SL Indoor Cycling Shoes – Men’s

 in stock

Next on the list we have the Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoes, which come in different colors, including black, white, navy, dark gray, red, and coral. This pair of shoes will suit every rider and every ride, even if it’s in your indoor bicycle! The timeless look of this shoe is incredible and it offers versatile performance. The smart form-fitting construction will provide ultimate comfort and this will elevate your workouts to the next level.

These spin shoes feature the R5 Nylon Composite outsole that creates the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency when pedaling. The power-strap on this design features foot-wrapping Velcro, which creates an enveloping fit. The strong construction on this shoe will guarantee they will last for a long time, which means they’re a smart investment.

Overall, these men’s indoor cycling shoes offer everything you need for your spinning workout. Comfort, stability, efficiency, and durability are everything you want from your spinning shoes. Plus, they have a stylish design that’s available in different colors so that they will suit your personal style.

Additional Important Considerations!

With hundreds of top-rated reviews, the Fizik R5 has been seen on many best spinning shoe reviews and buying guides across the web. But you may not know is that they come with the “Carbon Reinforced” soles which makes them pretty stiff and uncomfortable for novice cycling enthusiasts. Therefore, I don’t recommend you to buy these shoes for spin cycling unless you have used carbon sole shoes before. Additionally, keep in mind these spin class shoes are only compatible with three-bolt SPD-SL pedals and cleats (not two-blet SPD pedals and cleats).

#8 Santic Mesh Spinning Class Cycling Shoes – Men’s

 in stock

The Santic men’s indoor cycling shoes are another great option to consider. They’re made with mesh material and they come in black and also blue, black and white. The design of the closure features 2 hooks-and-loops straps that provide a nice fit and a ton of comfort. The footbed is made of die-cut insoles and the sole is made of rubber, so it will provide a ton of comfort and decent efficiency when it comes to your spinning session.

One of the best things about these cycling shoes is that they provide recessed SPD cleat compatibility, so you won’t have any issues walking. The Santic cycling shoes are simply one of the best options available because they provide everything you’re looking for from a pair of spin bike shoes including excellent breathability to keep your feet fresh.

They’re high-end, super durable, and well-padded with standard toe box size which will provide extreme comfort, and a perfect fit, and they will contribute to a wonderful spinning experience. No matter how long or intense your workout is, your feet won’t feel the pain and these shoes will actually help you amp up your performance.

Additional Important Considerations!

These Santic indoor cycling shoes are awesome both for indoor cycling and road cycling, especially on hot summer days. However, there are at least three things to consider when buying these spin class shoes. First, the clip area is recessed so the sole will be flat when you attach your cleats and you can wear these like a regular sneaker when not in spin class. Second, the cleats are not included so you need to buy them separately. You can use SPD/MTB two-bolt indoor cycling cleats but can’t 3-bolt cleats like SPD-SL or Look Delta so if you have a Peloton Bike, this won’t work for you unless you also change Peloton’s pedals. Third and last, these indoor cycling shoes are more comfortable for riders that have wide feet than Giro down below.

#9 Giro Carbide R Spin Class Cycling Shoes – Men’s

 out of stock

Next, we have the Giro Carbide R men’s indoor cycling shoes which come in different colors: dark shadow and flame orange, black and charcoal, and also lime and black. Plus, the design is very stylish and you’ll enjoy wearing them. The design of these spin shoes features a molded EVA footbed that provides medium arch support so you can be comfortable and super effective during your workout.

The classic 3-strap closure design makes these spin shoes super easy to put on and they also provide a comfortable fit. The outsole is made of co-molded nylon and high-traction rubber. The design also accommodates steel toe spikes and overall it provides a super comfortable experience.

These spin shoes provide all the features you need to not only elevate your workout but also to allow you to perform better. If you want to get the most out of your workout, it’s important that you have the right spin shoes, and this could be a great choice.

Additional Important Considerations!

Thanks to their Co-molded nylon and rubber outsole and beautiful design, these Giro SPD spin shoes are one of the top-rated options for 2023. With that being said, you need to consider the fact that these spin bike shoes are not compatible with SPD-SL (three-bolt) cleats and pedals. They are only compatible with SPD pedals and cleats. Remember that you need to buy the SPD spinning clips separately if you already don’t have them because these spinning bike shoes don’t come with clips/cleats.

#10 Shimano SH-IC501 SPD Indoor Cycling Shoes – Men’s

 in stock

Last but not least we have the Shimano BOA Professional Road Bicycle Shoe. They’re made of synthetic and mesh material and they’re affordable, not to mention long-lasting and sturdy. The inner material is textile and the outer material is highly breathable, which makes it perfect for the price. The BOA closure is advanced and it will provide a nice fit.

These BOA indoor cycling shoes make the perfect option for someone on a budget but who still want to upgrade their workout to the next level. They provide comfort, efficiency when it comes to pedaling, and a great fit so that you can get the best of your workout.

Overall, these spin shoes provide everything you need for your spinning sessions at home. Comfort, stability, efficiency, and a great fit are everything you need from your spin shoes, and this pair provides it all. They’re available in black, so they provide a pretty classic look, and you won’t regret the purchase.

Additional Important Considerations!

Despite their low-price, Shimano indoor cycling shoes are one of our most favorite shoes. They are incredibly unique in terms of price and quality. Thanks to their breathable design and recessed cleat area. So, you will be able to walk comfortably when you have them on. The indoor cycling cleats are not included but you can buy them as little as $10. Unfortnelty they only work with 2-bolt cleats (aka MTB/SPD). If you have an indoor bike like Keiser M3i, this works great but if you have a Peloton bike, you can’t use these shows unless you change your bike’s pedals.

The Benefits of Having the Best Spin Bike Shoes

The clip-in indoor cycling shoes benefit the way that regular training shoes won’t. In short, there are 4 important factors that are improved by spinning shoes: power, alignment, comfort, and muscle-building. Let’s take a look at each of them individually.

Power: Spin cycle shoes have a stiff sole compared to regular cycling sneakers. But that stiff sole has a purpose: to allow the power that your legs produce to go straight to the pedal instead of being absorbed by cushioning in the sole. This feature actually makes pedaling easier, so you’ll be able to increase your resistance a lot more than you could while wearing regular shoes.

Alignment: If you wear regular sneakers for your spinning lessons, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to maintain proper position. Why? Because regular sneakers don’t lock into place. Spin bike shoes do lock into place, so you won’t have to make an effort anymore. You’ll be perfectly aligned once you start wearing your spin shoes, so your risk of injury will be lower!

Comfort: Because spin shoes do clip into place, they will make your feet a lot more comfortable than other kinds of shoes. People with big shoe sizes often have difficulty keeping the ball of their feet on the center of the pedals, which is why they end up pedaling with their toes. And people with small shoe sizes tend to place the arches of their feet over the center of the pedals. Both of these situations cause great discomfort, but this will be avoided with the best spinning shoes.

Muscle-building: Another great thing about spin bike shoes is that they will allow you to target your core and glutes a lot more efficiently during your workout. Because spinning shoes lock your feet into place, stress will be taken off other parts of your body that are not vital for your workout, such as your shoulders. This means the muscle-building quality of your spinning sessions will improve greatly.


Now that we’ve provided several great spinning bike shoes for men and women, let’s talk a little bit about the benefits this type of clip-in shoes are meant to provide. First of all, the soles are stiffer, which is exactly what you need to transfer your power more efficiently onto your pedals.

These shoes also lock your feet in position so they don’t slip from the pedals as you workout on your indoor bicycle. This means you won’t constantly have to check your positioning and your feet won’t slip, which will reduce the risk of pain and injury. Plus, they will allow you to stand up on the pedals with security so you can make the most of your workout.

Spin shoes also provide a ton of comfort and they won’t cause hot spots, which is the kind of aching you experience once you’ve been riding for a while. Because the soles on these shoes are stiff, they dissipate the pressure of the pedal over a larger area, so hot spot pain is avoided.

Indoor cycling shoes also allow you to have a smoother pedal stroke, which gives you a great advantage and will actually elevate your workout. They provide more control, but there’s a bit of a learning curve to it and you’ll get through it after a couple of days of spinning workouts. Additionally, Spin shoes are lightweight, which will make your feet less tired, no matter how long or intensely you ride.

If you want to take your spinning seriously, getting a pair of the best spin shoes is a must! They will support your feet and provide everything you need to feel better and more confident on the bike. They’re definitely an investment, but they’ll be well worth your money once you unlock their potential!


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