11 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes For Men | comfortable & affordable

What are the best indoor cycling shoes worthy of protecting your feet? If you do Spinning workouts, it’s only a matter of time before your feet slide off the pedal and hurt your shin if you are not using specific indoor cycling shoes to clip-into the pedals.

So make sure what you have on your feet is going to protect it while providing a comfortable indoor cycling workout. But what should you look for in spinning shoes? And what factors are most critical when buying indoor cycling shoes?

We took 11 pair of the most popular men’s shoes for spinning exercise and tested them for durability, protection, comfort, cleat compatibility, closure adjust-ability, and ventilation.

Without further ado, here’s our pick of the best men’s spin shoes. Whether you ride SPD pedals, Look Delta, or SPD-SL, you need a good indoor cycling shoe for good power efficiency and pedal stroke.

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Quick Overview – Best Indoor Cycling Shoes For Men

Best Men’s Spinning Shoes Compared

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes For Men
Spinning ShoesClosureSoleCompatibilityCleatsMaterialBreathability
Fizik R5 Mens Indoor Cycling ShoesBOANylon and CarbonLook & SPD-SL (not recessed)Not includedSyntheticMedium
Triseven Spinning Shoes Mens
Hook-and-LoopNylon and fiberglassSPD & SPD-SL (not recessed)Not includedSyntheticHigh
Tommaso Strada Elite Men's Spin ShoesBOANylon and fiberglassSPD and Look Delta (not recessed)Not includedSyntheticMedium
Gavin Mens Indoor Bike FootwearBOANylonSPD, SPD-SL, & Look (not recessed)Not includedMeshHigh
Peloton Altos Bike Shoes With CleatsHook-and-LoopNylonLook (not recessed)IncludedSyntheticHigh
Santic Indoor Spinning ShoesHook-and-LoopNylon SPD (recessed)Not includedMeshHigh
SHIMANO SH-IC501 Clipless Indoor Bike ShoesBOARubber and fiberglass SPD (recessed)Not includedMesh+SyntheticHigh
Pearl iZUMi Men's V5 Cycling ShoesHook-and-LoopNylonSPD and Look (not recessed)Not includedSyntheticHigh
Tommaso Strada Mens Spinning ShoesLaceNylon and FiberglassSPD and Look (not recessed)IncludedMeshHigh
Shimano SH-IC100 Indoor Spinning Shoes For MenHook-and-LoopNylon and FiberglassSPD and SPD SL (not recessed)Not includedMeshHigh
Gavin Mesh Indoor Cycling Shoes For MenHook-and-LoopNylon and FiberglassLook, SPD & SPD-SL (not recessed)Not includedMeshHigh

Our Best Men’s Indoor Cycling Shoes Picks:

1. Fizik R5 Mens Indoor Cycling Shoes

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4 new from $89.90
11 used from $65.49
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Ranking first in this spin class shoe reviews, the Fizik R5 has been seen on many best clipl-in indoor cycling shoes for men. They are compatible with 3-hole Look Delta and SPD road cleats, otherwise known as SPD-SL.

The key features on these men’s best footwear for indoor cycling include Carbon-reinforced soles and the combination of BOA closure system and power-strap.

Designed in Italy, they also have 2 years of manufacturer warranty which indicates the quality and durability of these men’s top footwear for spinning exercise.

While they don’t have breathable soles, their upper part is highly vented to keep your feet cool during intense indoor cardio workouts. Overall they are some of the most comfortable spin shoes on the market.

  • Compatible Indoor Cycling Cleats: SPD-SL and Look Delta (not included)
  • Shoe Sole: Carbon-reinforced, (not full Carbon)
  • Breathable: Only upper part (no sole vents)
  • Closure system: BOA and Power-Strap

2. Triseven Spinning Shoes Mens

 in stock

Triseven makes one of the industry’s best Spin class shoes for men and the Triseven Premium model is a good example of that. Available in many sizes and a good price, the Triseven spinning shoes for men are top-rated by consumers on Amazon and across the web.

These spin shoes on Amazon are made of Synthetic upper part with a highly breathable design. Both the upper part and the soles are of Triseven spinning shoes have plenty of vents to keep you cool and prevent overheating during summer rides.

Additionally, the Triseven spinning shoes for men are compatible with two types of cycling cleats. You can either attach your 2-bolt MTB (SPD) cleats or use your 3-bolt SPD-SL (road) cleats.

The reason they are listed second on our spinning shoes review is because the closure system is not BOA and their sole is fiberglass (not Carbon). If that’s not a factor for you, rest assure these spin bike shoes will give you years of enjoyable indoor rides.

  • Compatible Indoor Cycling Cleats: SPD-SL and SPD (not included)
  • Sole: Fiberglass (not Carbon)
  • Breathable: Upper part and sole
  • Closure system: Power-Strap

3. Tommaso Strada Elite Men’s Spin Shoes

 in stock

For mixed cross-training and spinning workout, try the lightweight Strada Elite indoor biking shoes that come with SPD and Look Delta cycling cleat compatibility.

They are made by industry’s one of the leading MTB, road biking, spinning clothes brands. The Strada Elite spinning footwear features the advanced BOA and hook-and-loop closure system.

The revolutionary Boa closure system saves time, opening and closing is comfortable, and fast with gentle tightening. They don’t add unnecessary pressure on your feet so you can enjoy the ride.

These men’s cycling shoes SPD compatible are also well-vented. So, you can do longer rides in summer without feeling overheated. If you are wondering why they are ranked third instead of first and second in this best clipless indoor cycle shoes for men review, here is the answer.

The Tommaso Strada Elite mens indoor spin shoes have Nylon soles (not Carbon), relatively higher price, but double cleat compatibility (2 bolt SPD and 3 bolt Delta). If price is not an important factor for you, I recommend you keep them in mind when buying the best clipless indoor cycling shoes for men.

  • Compatible Bike Cleats: SPD and Look Delta (not included)
  • Sole: Nylon (not Carbon)
  • Breathable: Upper part and sole
  • Closure system: BOA and Power-Strap

4. Gavin Pro Bike Shoes With BOA Closure

 out of stock

Nevermind the fourth spot in this spin shoe review because I found them later, the Gavin Pro studio cycling shoes are one of my most favorite indoor cycling shoes on the market.

These Gavin Pro spin class shoes come with a universal cleat system, compatible with two and three-bolt pedals. They fit SPD, SPD-SL, Look Delta, and Look KEO cleats.

Additionally, these indoor cycling shoes come with excellent breathability making them perfect for indoor use. The sole has several air vents and the upper part is made of mesh which allows airflow during indoor rides and prevents overheating.

The Gavin spin bike men’s shoes feature the high-end power strap and BOA closure system to ensures a perfectly fitting, simple system with a single turn of the knob, controlled by just one hand.

Mentioned features, plus the breathable sole and upper part make the Gavin Pro shoes one of the best spinning footwear for men (also good for women). For less than $90 you buy indoor cycling shoes that are compatible with major cycling cleats and pedals.

  • Compatible Bike Cleats: SPD-SL, SPD, Look
  • Sole: Nylon (not Carbon)
  • Breathable: Upper part and sole
  • Closure system: BOA and Power-Strap

5. Peloton Altos Mens Indoor Bike Footwear

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2 used from $61.22
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An excellent unbelievably breathable option for indoor cycling, the men’s Peloton Altos indoor cycling bike shoes have all the features you need to hit the class with confidence as long as your studio cycling class indoor bikes have Look Delta pedals.

Peloton revamped its indoor cycling footwear lineup the last year, and I especially like this clipless model for its quality, price, and breath structure. I am not crazy about the fact that only works with the Look Delta cleat and doesn’t give extra compatibility for SPD pedals. But considering that it’s built by Peloton for the Peloton bike I understand why it’s Intended to only work with the Look Delta (3-bolt) cleats and pedals.

I found these shoes to have durable and breathable upper material, and anatomic mesh padded insoles give extra cushioning to protect the feet and provide a comfortable ride. The shoe also has breathing holes at the bottom to make sure your feet remain cool in all seasons. After all, these Altos shoes are made by the most famous indoor cycling manufacturer (Peloton) so it’s understanding why they are so comfortable at all seasons including hot summer days.

What’s not to like with the Peloton spinning shoes? The sole is fiberglass and on the flexible side of the spectrum, which means it’s firmer than cushion and rubber outsoles but still doesn’t transfer the power as well as Carbon soles. However, if you are not training for any serious road race, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Unfortunately, this specific model doesn’t come with the BOA closure system which would have been a huge plus because those are more comfortable. But I do like the fact that they didn’t go cheap on the quality of the hook and look straps/velcros. I never felt hotspots and I think it’s mainly because the straps are pretty wide which also helps to keep shoes in place.

Overall, at this price, the Peloton Altos is one of the best spinning shoes and a solid value for a shoe that can handle years of long winter and summer indoor cycling rides. They also come with the assembly key/tool and a pair of Delta cycling cleats so you don’t need to buy those separately.

  • Compatible Spinning Cleats: Look Dleta (included)
  • Sole: Nylon+Glass (not Carbon)
  • Breathable: Upper part and sole
  • Closure system: Powerstraps

6. Santic Men’s SPD Spinning Shoes

 in stock

The Santic indoor cycling shoes made it to our best clipless shoes for spinning list because it combines a supple bonded and breathable upper with easy to put-on and take-off strap closure. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t have vents on the sole like those on Fizik and Peloton but that’s not a deal breaker because the mesh upper part material is so breathable that you will never feel overheated in these indoor cycling shoes.

Plus, thanks to its improved welded construction, there are fewer seams and fewer hot spots. It’s also comparatively a bit wider and more stretchable because of its mesh materials. Because of its sofer design, I wouldn’t recommend it for pro riders but for starters, it’s an excellent choice.

Because it has a soft rubber outsole, compared to carbon and fiberglass soles, it is less stiff and heavier but for the price, there are barely any indoor bike shoes with Carbon soles except for the Fizik ones that I tried. Also, for indoor cycling workouts both comfort and power matter not just power stroke efficiency unless you are an elite road rider.

These Santic indoor cycling shoes have a 2-hole cleat area which makes them compatible with only one time of indoor cycling cleats, the SPD and also known as MTB cleats. It’s not a big deal if you have a Keiser M3i, Echelon, or any other indoor bike that has spd pedals. But if you have an indoor bike like Peloton, then you can’t use these men’s spinning class shoes.

Something else that I liked about these men’s indoor cycling clipless shoes was the recessed cleating area. The cleat doesn’t stick out of the sole like Peloton, Gavin, Fizik and many other men’s indoor bike shoes do, they stay inside so you can walk with them and do CrossFit training with weights without scratching your floor or feeling uncomfortable. You find it helpful when you have to get off the bike for an emergency or when following classes on indoor cycling apps like iFit where you sometimes have a combination of on and off-the-bike workouts.

As you would expect from this popular brand for outdoor and indoor cycling clothing, it has a great venting design that keeps your feet fresh when pushing to your limits during summer spinning workouts. Additionally, these top indoor cycling spinning shoes for men feature classic velcro straps so they are pretty easy to wear or take off.

Weighing about 350 grams with medium arch support, it’s comfortable and offers good foot protection and the shoe performs well for indoor use. What pushes the Santic down our list is not because it is bad but because the other ones offer similar features for a bit cheaper (it might be different by the time you are reading our reviews).

Overall it is one of the men’s best clipless spinning shoes and a fine budget-friendly option for indoor cycling. But most indoor riders will be happier with one of our picks above.

  • Compatible Cycling Cleats: SPD (not included)
  • Shoe Sole: Rubber
  • Breathable: Upper part
  • Closure system: Velcro

7. SHIMANO SH-IC501 Clipless Indoor Bike Shoes

 in stock

Seen on several best men’s shoes for spinning workout buying guides and reviews, I had to try the Shimano SH-IC501 spd indoor cycling shoes and loved the performance and quality. I was familiar with Shimano but had never used their indoor cycling shoes and I am glad I did as they became one of my favorites in the higher-end category of studio cycling shoes.

Similar in design and feature to Giro Techne below, the SH-IC501 Shimano men’s indoor cycling shoes are quality clipless spin shoes at a respectable price point and I think so far the most advanced shoes for indoor cycling by Shimano with BOA closure system.

Featuring an integrated air intake and exhaust system keeps feet dry and fresh throughout your entire spinning workout. Furthermore, these Shimano spin shoes have stiffer soles (a combination of rubber and fiberglass-reinforced) and are compatible with 2-bolt cleats.

However, unfortunately, they are not compatible with SPD-SL and Look Delta pedals. Not an issue if your spin bike and/or cycling studio bikes have SPD which most possibly it is. Most indoor bikes I ever used in my classes including Echelon, Keiser, and Stages, they all had 2-bolt SPD cleats. If you are buying men’s clipless shoes to use in a cycling studio, you first need to ask about the pedals used on the bike in the club/studio.

Also, the actual cleats are not included so, if you are making the decision to buy indoor cycling footwear for SPD pedals, you should also buy the SPD cleat and keep a 4mm Allen key available to assemble the cleats.

What keeps the SH-IC501 Shimano men’s spin shoes from claiming one of our top spots in this men’s best clip-in shoes for indoor cycling review is the lack of SPD-SL and/or Look Delta cleat compatibility. Other than that, these Shimano men’s cycling shoes are perfect for anyone with a lower budget.

  • Compatible Cycling Cleats: SPD (not included)
  • Sole: Fiberglass-reinforced and Rubber sole (not Carbon)
  • Breathable: Upper part and sole
  • Closure system: BOA

8. Pearl iZUMi Men’s Select V5 Studio Cycling Shoes

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3 new from $75.00

Pearl iZUMi is well known in the indoor biking world for two things: affordable prices and high-build quality. The V5 shoes is one of their most popular indoor biking models.

With the current price, it’s more expensive than the options below but delivers on comfort and performance in a serious way. The key features of this cycling shoe include sturdy upper and highly-breathable sole.

Pearl iZUMi V5 Spinning shoes come with 3-strap closure which is not as comfortable as BOA. But to make up for it, they have a seamless upper that reduces hot spots. Furthermore, these indoor cycling shoes are compatible with SPD and SPD-SL cleats which is a plus.

The shoe soles are nylon so that can’t put down race levels of power, but they are good for a comfortable indoor ride. Overall from a performance standpoint, it’s on the soft side and lacks the power of a more expensive alternative.

  • Compatible Spinning Cleats: SPD and SPD-SL (not included)
  • Show Sole: Nylon (not Carbon)
  • Breathable: Upper part and sole
  • Closure system: Hook-and-Loop

9. Louis Garneau Actifly Mens Spinning Shoes

 in stock

The Actifly shoes are intended for indoor riding and as such are SUPER breathable. Most of these men’s spinning shoes are made of mesh materials and the soles have several vents, so it is not ideal for outdoor rides but works extremely well in a sweltering cycling studio.

In addition to the mesh materials which is what makes them ideal for studio cycling, these Actifly spin shoes for men accept both 3-bolt road spd cleats and 2-bolt mtb cleats systems, but they aren’t recessed which can make walking around a bit difficult.

These men’s clipless cycling shoes are constructed with a composition of fiberglass and nylon materials which is more durable and transfers the power better than rubber and plastic soles. The Louis Garneau mens indoor cycling shoes are equipped with the hook and loop fasteners and rear strap which is better than laces. They make it easy to pull on your shoes and start pedaling.

All in all, Actifly is one of the best cycling shoes for men, they were released to the market recently. So, you won’t find them in many best spinning shoe reviews, but rest assure they are good quality products from a reputable indoor cycling clothing manufacturer.

  • Compatible Spin Bike Cleats: SPD and SPD-SL (not included)
  • Sole: Nylon and Fiberglass (not Carbon)
  • Breathable: Upper part and sole
  • Closure system: Hook-and-Loop

10. Shimano SH-IC100 Spinning Shoes For Men

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2 new from $75.00
Free shipping

Not looking to make quite that big of an investment for indoor cycling shoes? The Shimano SH-IC100 mesh spin bike shoe model is a good value. These SH-IC100 indoor cycling shoes are comfortable and durable. With a precise, snug fit and nicely designed straps and heel cup, they provide sufficient foot stability.

Additionally, these mesh indoor spin bike shoes are highly breathable and have the perforated insole to drain moisture and keep you fresh. The stiff nylon sole is double-injected with fiberglass to help you get the most out of your spin workout.

Suitable for 2 bolt cleats and 3 bolt SPD-SL cleats, the SH-IC100 have been mentioned in almost every best indoor cycling shoes for men review. They can be used for indoor and outdoor rides with all 2-bolt cleats and pedals (SPD Shimano, Crank Brothers, etc).

These versatile, reliable and well-ventilated spin cycling shoes are great all around. With its wide power straps that minimise discomfort, and affordable price we won’t be surprised if the SH-IC100 spin shoes make a jump up to our list of best spinning shoes reviews in the future.

  • Compatible Spin Bike Cleats: SPD and SPD-SL (not included)
  • Sole: Nylon (not Carbon)
  • Breathable: Upper part and sole
  • Closure system: Hook-and-Loop

11. Gavin Mesh Indoor Cycling Shoes For Men

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2 used from $20.96
Free shipping

Compatible with Look, SPD, SPD-R, and SPD-SL cleats, the Gavin mesh model is one of the best budget spin bike shoes for men. They offer the comfort you’d expect from Gavin with the quick adjustment provided by a classic three-strap retention system.

The three straps provide a great range of fits, and they’re easy to use so you can quickly get your shoes on for indoor cycling class. The universal 3/2 nylon outsole allows you to mount either mountain bike or road cleats depending on your pedal preference.

The unisex Gavin Mesh indoor fitness cycling shoes are lightweight and have plenty of venting for comfort and utility. If breathability and versatility of cleat compatibility is your top priority, you will enjoy these men’s spin shoes.

Considering the price and its well-rounded design, the Gavin top-rated clipless spinning shoes are worth a look for those that like a roomier fit. They have an impressive range of useful features for comfortable, high-performance usage both indoors and outdoor summer rides.

  • Compatible Spin Bike Cleats: SPD, SPD-SL, Look (not included)
  • Sole: Nylon (not Carbon)
  • Breathable: Upper part and sole
  • Closure system: Hook-and-Loop

Types of Men’s Indoor Cycling Shoes and Cleats:

SPD Spinning Shoes

Mens Top SPD Spinning Shoes

Also known as the mountain bike shoes, the men’s SPD indoor cycling shoes are the most popular type of clipless shoes used in the spin classes. They have two holes on the sole for indoor cycling cleats.

The reason they are the most popular men’s clipless shoes for spinning is not that they are the “best” men’s shoes for indoor cycling. It is because most spin bike pedals are compatible with SPD shoes (2-bolt). So, the riders prefer using original pedals and not change them.

And if you are wondering why SPD cycling shoes are not the best choice for spinning, it is because they have small cleats. With men’s SPD spinning shoes, less than 1 square inch of the shoe sole comes in contact with the pedals.

However, with the men’s SPD-SL indoor cycling shoes and the men’s Look Delta spinning shoes, almost 2 square inch of the shoe sole comes in contact with the pedals. The larger contact area helps to generate more power and in the case of longer rides, 2 bolts SPD shoes are not as comfortable as road bike shoes (3 bolts SPD-SL).

But if you still want to buy the SPD spinning shoes for men despite my recommendation for not buying spin shoes with SPD clips for indoor cycling, here are what I suggest you buy and a few things that you need to know!

SPD spinning bike cleats
Aside from buying the men’s shoes for spinning bike, you also need to buy one pair of SPD cleats because almost always they are not included. There are two types of SPD cleats, the SH56, and the SH51.

The SH56 men’s cycling cleats float zero degrees while the SH51 spin cleats float 4 degrees. I recommend you to buy the SH51 indoor cycling cleats unless you are an elite rider. They allow your shoes/feet to have a bit of room for right and left the movement.

  • SPD spinning shoes pros:
  • Most indoor cycling bikes are equipped with the pedals that are only compatible with SPD men’s slipless spinning shoes, not with SPD-SL or Look.
  • SPD indoor cycling shoes and cleats tend to last longer.
  • Men’s SPD spinning shoes are perfect for crosstraining because their cleats are recessed. So, you can walk with them in the gym like regular shoes.
  • Majority of spin classes still use the SPD spinning shoes for men. So, if someday you decide to subscribe to a spin class, there is a big chance won’t have to buy new indoor cycling shoes.
  • SPD Spinning shoe cons:
  • SPD spin shoes feature very small cleats, therefore there is less power-transfer to the pedal.
  • Because of their small cleats, they are less comfortable for long rides compared to men’s Look Delta and SPD-SL spinning shoes.
  • There only 2 cleat choices for SPD compatible shoes (0° and 4° flat) while there are three cleat choices for men’s Look Delta indoor cycling shoes and the SPD-SL indoor cycling shoes.

SPD-SL Indoor Bike Shoes

Best SPD-SL indoor cycling shoes

Often called road cycling shoes, the SPD-SL indoor cycling shoes for men are in fact the best choices for spinning workout. Unlike SPD men’s shoes for indoor cycling, SPD-SL spinning shoes for men have larger cleats.

Therefore, they are more comfortable and even more importantly, they allow a better power transfer to the pedals. As I mentioned earlier in this indoor cycling shoe review, the SPD-SL shoes are the best spinning shoes for men because the pressure that is applied by the pedal when pedaling on the sole of your foot is more evenly spread.

However, because most spin bikes are sold with SPD pedals, you will hardly find riders using SPD-SL men’s spinning bike shoes. And that makes sense because most people don’t want to change pedals from SPD to SPD-SL.

But if your indoor cycling bike is equipped with the SPD-SL pedals or it has regular toe cage pedals and you are looking to change the pedals and also buy men’s shoes for indoor cycling exercise, I strongly suggest you consider the SPD-SL shoes and SPD-SL pedals.

Before purchasing the best men’s SPD-SL spinning shoes for your next spinning session, type of cycling cleat is an important thing to keep in mind. And they are usually not included with indoor cycling shoes. Keep reading this best mens spinning bike shoes review to learn more about SPD-SL cleats and cleat compatibility.

SPD-SL indoor bike cleats
There are three different cleat types for SPD-SL indoor cycling shoes. And this is where I make sure that you know which type you need before purchasing indoor cycling shoes. SPD-SL Red (0-degree) float, Yellow (6-degree) float, and Blue (2-degree) float.

Float-degree indicates how much you can move your shoes to the right and left when it is clipped-in. I recommend you buy the 6-degree (Yellow) cleats once you find the best men’s spin shoes. They give plenty of room for your ankles to move.

  • SPD-SL indoor bike shoes pros:
  • Top SPD-SL indoor cycling shoes for men allow you to use a bigger part of the ball of your feet to push on the pedal for a more efficient pedal stroke.
  • Men’s top SPD-SL indoor cycling shoes provide more support and they are more comfortable than men’s SPD indoor cycling shoes.
  • SPD-SL men’s indoor biking shoes give you the option to choose three types of spinning cleats.
  • SPD-SL indoor bike shoes cons:
  • Most of these men’s clip-in shoes for indoor cycling don’t have recessed cleats. Therefore, unlike SPD spinning shoes, they are difficult to walk with or do crosstraining (mix of spinning and upper body workout).
  • Often when you want to use SPD-SL men’s shoes for indoor cycling exercise, you also have to change the pedals because most spin bikes are equipped with SPD pedal, not SPD-SL.

SPD, SPD-SL, and Look Indoor Cycling Shoes (3 in 1)

Look Delta mens indoor cycling shoes

Often referred to as “Look”, the Delta shoes for men are with no doubt one of my most favorite types of clipless spin shoes. The best men’s Look Delta spinning shoes are 3 in 1. It means they are compatible with three types of spin bike pedals and cleats.

Therefore, if you buy the Look Delta spin bike shoes for men and in the future, you decide to buy a spin bike that has SPD pedals or SPD-SL pedals, you won’t have to buy new spin shoes. You will only need to change the cleats and hop on the bike.

Additionally, some of the world’s best spin bikes like Peloton and Flywheel Sports are equipped with the Look Delta pedals. So, if someday you subscribe to a spin class that has these popular indoor bikes, you won’t have to rent or buy spinning shoes.

The Look Delta indoor cycling shoes for men are kind of similar to SPD-SL shoes but they have two main differences which include the shape of the cleat and the float degree.

SPD, SPD-SL, and Look Delta indoor cycling cleats
Look Delta indoor cycling shoes give you three indoor cycling cleats options; 9-degree float, 4.5-degree float, and 0-degree float. As for which one to chose when buying the best men’s spinning shoes, I recommend the 9-degree (Red) cleats.

  • SPD-SL, SPD, and Look Delta indoor cycling shoes pros:
  • These mens spin shoes are often compatible with several types of spinning cleats include 2-hole SPD and 3-bolt SPD-SL cleats.
  • There is a 9-degree float cleat for indoor cycling that is only compatible with the Look indoor bike shoes.
  • SPD-SL, SPD, and Look Delta indoor cycling shoes cons:
  • It is difficult to walk or do crosstraining with the Look indoor cycling bike shoes because they are not recessed.
  • Usually, if you want to ride with Delta indoor cycling footwear for men, you also have to buy pedals because most spin bike equipped with dual-sided SPD pedals.
  • My personal recommendation for:
  • Best SPD, SPD-SL, and Look Delta indoor cycling shoes for men = Tommaso Strada Elite
  • Look Delta indoor cycling cleats = BV cleats
  • Look Delta indoor cycling bike pedals (optional) = VP S3 Look Delta

Benefits of Wearing Spin Shoes and Clipping into Pedals:

indoor cycling clip-in pedals shoes cleats
  • More efficient power transfer: Clipless indoor cycle shoes for men have stiffer soles compared to regular gym shoes. Therefore, the full energy transfers down to the pedal. Additionally, the stiff soles provide better protection for your feet while riding and also offer fatigue and cramping reduction. The stiffness inflexibility of sole acts as a lever that optimizes your energy.
  • More Comfortable: Best Men’s shoes for spinning workout are made with easily adjustable closure system and breathable mesh materials. But even more importantly, mens indoor cycling shoes have several vents on the sole which allow air circulate in the shoes easily while riding.
  • Push and Pull: Thanks to the clip-in design, wearing indoor cycling shoes allow you to take advantage of energy efficiency of push & pull of pedals. Additionally, indoor cycling shoes create almost no bending compared to other shoes. So, you have a flat and stiff surface to transfer all your power to the pedals.
  • No Slipping (safer): Not only spinning footwear for mens clip into the pedals which allow you to pull the pedal on up-stroke, but they also lock into the pedals for extra safety. Men’s indoor cycling shoes don’t slide off while pushing down pedals. So, your shins and feet are safer.
  • More durable: Men’s footwear for indoor cycling feature special material and construction that can withstand heavy or hard indoor riding. Majority of footwears for spinning workout have neat and perfect workmanship with durable synthetic leather and mesh.
  • Multi-use and Save $: Best mens spin shoes offer the compatibility of SPD-SL, SPD, and LooK Delta cleats which are used in outdoor MTB and road bikes. So, if someday you decide to ride a bike on the road or do a mountain biking adventure, you can use your spin class shoes. With a good pair of men’s clip-in cycling shoes, you also don’t need to rent shoes next time you want to ride in a spinning class.

How to Choose the Best Spinning Shoes:

benefits of clipping-in pedals cycling indoors

Length and Width of Men’s Spin Shoes

The best indoor cycling shoes for men are one of the most important items of indoor cycling clothing that you need to have for a comfortable and safe spinning workout.

But if you are not wearing the right length and width of mens cycling shoes, you won’t be able to do a comfortable workout. So, the whole purpose of buying mens indoor cycling shoes is defeated. Hence, usually, mens indoor cycling shoes run small so try half a size bigger than your running shoes.

Note: Most mens SPD indoor cycling shoes run narrow so if your foot is wide. make sure to buy one that is not too snug. There are a few models like the Zol men’s spin shoes with clips that can accommodate wide feet and allow your toes to wiggle. Basically you want a spin shoe that feels snug around your foot but also allows your toes to move freely.

Men’s Cycling shoe Closure System

There are lots of ways to close indoor cycling shoes. Best Spin class shoes for men feature a high-tech closure mechanism to create better indoor cycling experience to riders.

The options may include BOA, reel-based ratchet systems, or buckles. Others may be similar to zip-ties or velcro straps. Many men’s indoor cycling shoes include a mix of two closure systems.

The best indoor spin shoes closure system is a combination of BOA at the top and a velcro fastener on the lower half. This system allows for a secure fit with maximum comfort. These are also very popular. They tend to be expensive and are the standard for closure systems on men’s indoor cycling cleat-compatible shoes.

Breathability of Men’s Cycling Shoes

One of the features that make a pair of men’s indoor cycling shoes great is breathability. Therefore, aside from looking for a good fit, high-tech closure and style when buying the best men’s shoes for spinning bike, consider ventilation.

Unlike some MTB and road shoes that need to be waterproof, the men’s top clipless shoes for spinning need to have breathable construction and vents, especially breathing holes on the sole. That way you can do an enjoyable spinning workout without overheating.

No matter your cleat preferences, in this best spin shoes for men review we have breathable recommendations that will make your next indoor ride faster, more enjoyable and comfortable.

Spinning Shoe Soles

In addition to what I mentioned earlier in this best indoor cycling shoes for men review, it is also very important to pay attention to the material used in your indoor cycling shoe soles. Companies usually use one of the following two types of material (Carbon and Nylon) on the soles of indoor cycling shoes.

For indoor cycling, the best sole is the vented carbon sole. Carbon is trendy, rigid, and low-weight, and very popular for mens indoor cycling shoes. There is also Carbon reinforce Nylon sole which is not as good but still delivers a good balance between comfort and pedaling efficiency.

Nylon, on the other hand, is a more popular choice for mountain bike riders. It is cheaper and has a more flexible sole, which is more comfortable for walking. They can also effectively transfer power from your leg to your crank arm but not as good as pure Carbon soles.

Spin Bike Cleats and Pedals

Indoor cycling shoes come in several specific models designed to fit different types of pedals. So, before buying the best spin shoes for you, you need to check your bike’s pedals.

Here are the three typical types of pedals that most indoor cycling bikes have: SPD pedals, they fit the 2-hole mountain biking shoes. SPD-SL pedals, they are compatible with 3-hole mens clipless cycling shoes.

And last but not least, the Look Delta pedals, they are compatible with 3-hole Look Delta indoor cycling shoes. If you can’t figure out which type of pedal your spin bike is equipped with, send us an email with an image or leave a comment with the model of your cycle.

Gender-Specific Spin Shoes

You can ride a spin bike in just wearing any shoes, but anyone who rides regularly would know the benefits of proper designed mens indoor riding shoes. As you probably already know studies show that the heel-to-ball, width, and instep of men are significantly larger than women’s.

Therefore, wearing the right clip-in indoor cycling shoes for your gender is critical for long term comfortable indoor cycling workout. In fact, top brands that manufacture the best men’s indoor cycling shoes always offer a specific model for men and specific models for female indoor cycling enthusiasts.

Note, this review and comparison emphasis on the best men’s shoes for indoor cycling exercise. Therefore, if you are looking to buy women’s indoor cycling shoes, I recommend you to check out our indoor cycling clothing section for women’s spin shoes.

Spin Cleat Placement

One of the factors that dictate a comfortable indoor cycling ride is the indoor cycle cleat placement. So, where you place the cleat on the sole of spin cycle shoes is important.

Many mens cycling shoes (not all) have a wide range of spots where cleats can be attached. Sometimes the two-hole cleat attachment piece can be moved along an anterior-posterior track. But some shoes do not have a track so you’ll need to assess cleat placement as part of overall shoe fit.

There are plenty of easy to follow videos on Youtube that show you step by step on how to fit the cleats once you have your mens indoor cycling shoes and pedals. Note: Items that you will need for setting up the cleats on your indoor cycling shoes are; 4 mm Allen key, flat-head screwdriver, grease, and a clean rag.

Price of Spinning Shoes

Whether you are looking to buy cycling shoes to pedal on roads, mountains or in an indoor cycling class, you need to decide the maximum amount of money that you want to invest.

And when it comes to finding the top men’s shoes for spinning exercise, the bigger the budget, the better the quality. There are tens of spinning clothing brands that make spin bike shoes but only a few of them stand out. These names include; Sidi, Fizik, Giro, Louis Garneau, and Shimano.

Their indoor spin shoes can make a big difference in your workout. Thankfully all these companies have tens of spin shoe models on Amazon. From 2-hole recessed cleat shoes to 3-hole SPD-SL and Look compatible bike shoes, you can find a good pair of indoor cycling shoes from these reputable names for affordable prices.

Shipping and Warranty

Once you are sure there is good closure system and mesh ventilation at key places such as upper shoe to allow your foot stay cooler, you need to look for brands that sell spin shoes for men with free shipping and a good warranty.

The best indoor cycling footwear for men often include free shipping and at least 1-year warranty while lesser-known brands offer shorter warranties.

As for the shipping, the majority of indoor cycling shoes for men on Amazon include free and fast shipping in the U.S. Last but not least, when purchasing the
men’s top shoes for indoor cycling exercise, check the return policy.

Final Word on Men’s Spin Bike Shoes

Using indoor cycling shoes to clip-into the pedals has many benefits. These specific cycling shoes are part of the necessary spinning clothing that would help you stay comfortable and remain committed to your indoor cycling workouts.

While many people start out with a pair of cross-trainers or running footwear, as they eventually progress, the benefits of one of the indoor cycling spinning shoes for men become clear.

The best men’s indoor cycling shoes offer far better power transfer, foot protection, durability and, most importantly comfort for a long calory burning spinning cardio session.

Note: When looking for the best mens indoor cycling shoes it is essential to assess what type of pedals your bike comes with – SPD, SPD-SL or Look. This will influence what type of shoes and cleat to look for when buying spinning shoes.

Always keep in mind that safety and comfort come first and finding the right fit and style for your needs can save you loads of headaches and help burning tons of calories in comfort.

All clipless spinning shoes in this review are certified to provide full protection, comfort, and long-lasting durability. Taking the time to find the correct fit and style for your spinning needs is the best decision you can make.

I hope this review and guide was helpful for finding the best spin bike shoes to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a spin bike shoes for men I didn’t include, please use my contact page to get in touch. Have fun and enjoy the ride!


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  1. I need extra wide width bike shoes size 8 1/2 or 9

    • Hi Gordy,

      I would have recommended the “Louis Garneau Actifly” but unfortunately, it has been a couple of months that it is not available on Amazon. I suggest these Gavin SPD cycling shoes. They should work fine for you, they are, breathable, wide and comfortable!

      I hope it helps, we would appreciate if you let us and our readers know your experience with these shoes.

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