Men’s Best Padded Bike Shorts for Indoor Cycling

Saddle soreness and chafing are common discomforts faced during indoor cycling workouts, but with the right gear, you can ride pain-free. Padded spinning shorts, specifically designed for men, offer a solution to this problem, providing skin-tight comfort with chamois padding. If you haven’t invested in padded spin shorts yet, you’re missing out on a significant level of comfort and safety during exercise.

Navigating the vast array of cycling shorts available can be overwhelming, with numerous brands offering gel spinning shorts. However, you’re in luck – our comprehensive review has done the legwork for you. We’ve scoured the market to bring you the top spinning shorts for men, making the selection process a breeze.

In this roundup, we’ve ranked the best spinning shorts for men, ensuring that the top picks are showcased first. From superior comfort to durable design, our recommendations cater to every cyclist’s needs. Scroll down to explore our favorite men’s padded indoor cycling shorts, or use the table of contents below for easy navigation through our top picks.

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Best Men’s Cycling Shorts Compared:

The 8 Best Spinning Shorts For Men Compared
Louis Garneau Fit Sensor 2 Padded Men’s Spinning ShortMemory
MediumWithout breathing panelSeamless inner legsWide10
Pearl iZUMi Elite Escape Spinning Shorts For Men1:1 FoamHighWithout breathing panelSeamless inner legsNarrow6
Eco-Daily Mens Spinning Shorts With Gel Padding4D FoamHighWith breathing panelsSeamed inner legsWide14
Santic Padded Spinning Shorts Men’s Design4D FoamMediumWithout breathing panelSeamed inner legsNarrow12
Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts With Gel Chamois3d GelMediumWithout breathing panelSeamless inner legsNarrow6
Baleaf Men’s Chamois Padded Cycling Shorts3D GelMediumWithout breathing panelSeamless inner legsNarrow10
Przewalski Mens 3D Padded Cycling Shorts3D FoamMediumWithout breathing panelSeamed inner legsWide9
Sportneer spin class padded shorts3D FoamHighWith breathing panelsSeamed inner legsNarrow10

1. Lous Garneau Fit Sensor 2 Padded Men’s Spinning Short

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The Louis Garneau Fit Sensor spinning shorts for men is the ultra-popular spinning clothes for men. It is one of the best-padded cycling shorts for men you can buy. Professionally cut and ergonomically tailored, this spinning short looks great and fits comfortably.

What brings the Louis Garneau Fit Sensor to the top of the list for men’s spinning shorts are the unique memory foam chamois, powerband leg gripper and 10 panels. The anti-bacterial moisture wicking memory foam cushion retains its shape after wash and use.

The Louis Garneau Fit Sensor 2 padded spin shorts feature 10 panels which provide better fitting and less friction. Featuring two wide powerband leg grippers keep the short in place without squeezing your legs and causing irritation.

But the features of Fit Sensor 2 spinning padded shorts aren’t over yet. The Fit Sensor 2 spinning bike shorts have seamless inner legs, flatlock stitching, and an elastic drawstring waist to offer the maximum comfort.

Additionally, this spinning padded short is made in the U.S. which ensures quality over cheap padded spinning shorts. Overall it’s the best cycling short men’s design in this review. It’s durable a men’s padded shorts for spinning and we recommend it for all fitness levels.

2. Pearl iZUMi Escape Quest Spinning Shorts for men

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The Pearl iZUMi Escape Quest spinning shorts for men’s style is the go-to garment for indoor cyclists and road riders looking for high-performance, durable shorts for spinning.

Ranking highly in reviews, this spinning shorts men’s design is recognized for its quality, often outperforming expensive alternatives from other brands.

This piece of finely tuned, comfortable, bike shorts for spin class sits at the top end of the spinning class shorts spectrum. Featuring seamless inner legs, and 1: 1 Pearl iZUMi synthetic chamois with a foam pad.

This cycle touring short also features edge P.R.O. Transfer fabric at leg opening for soft stretch comfort with silicone for added grip. It also has two reflective logos to provide safety in low light on the road.

If spinning is one of the best exercises you can do for your body as far as natural motion with low to no-impact, then the Pearl iZUMi men’s padded bike shorts is one of the best-padded cycling shorts to do it with.

3. Eco-Daily Mens Spinning Shorts With Gel Padding

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The Eco-Daily cycling chamois short is a good example of getting loads of value for the inexpensive best-padded cycling shorts for men. This bike short doesn’t feature seamless inner legs but it does have breathable panels which create a very comfortable exercise and saves you on hot summer days.

And that’s just the beginning. Featuring effective 100% gel, UPF 50+, 80% Nylon, 20% spandex, and lycra material help to fit like a glove and feel like a second skin.

As I said earlier, these Eco-Daily bike shorts for men are highly breathable to provide optimal cooling for superior comfort on short and long rides.

But what makes this spinning short different from others is the 6-layer breathable chamois padding. The multi-level high-density padding foam is designed to offer excellent support to minimize the saddle sore.

This cycling short for men also includes reflective elements for low-light visibility and multi-panel anatomical design (14 panels) to facilitate better fitting and unrestricted freedom of movement.

With durable fabric, ergonomic fit and flat-locked stitching on all seams, the Eco-Daily spinning shorts for men comes in at a very reasonable price. By consumers on Amazon, it’s also rated as one of the best spinning shorts for men.

4. Santic 4D Padded Spinning Shorts Men’s Design

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This cycling short boasts an exclusive 4D foam cushion with the Coolmax microfabric laminated on this surface. And if this spinning short had seamless inner legs, I would have definitely ranked it higher in this padded spin shorts review.

Featuring 12 panels, it’s a shame that the Santic padded bike shorts for spinning don’t have breathable panels on each leg. Usually, shorts with fewer panels have at least one breathable panel on every leg.

But if you don’t mind about seams on the inner legs and lack of breathing panels, it would make a good spinning bike short. It’s engineered with 12-layers of padding including the antibacterial finish and integrated perforated inserts for added comfort.

Santic mens spinning shorts feature a relatively narrow silicone leg gripper. They are not as comfortable as powerbands that you see in the best bike short for men listed on the very top.

But they are anti-slip and keep the short in place. As for the silicon waistband, most users report that they are comfortable and don’t cause irritation. If you can’t afford the padded spinning shorts featured first and second, you can buy this spin bike short. It’s one of the best affordable cycling shorts for guys.

5. Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts With Gel Chamois

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This popular men’s bike short has been rated the best-padded bike shorts for men under $30 in several reviews. And we truly love about Sponeed comfortable cycling shorts is the seamless inner legs the 4D gel pad.

While it’s not fully seamless, part of the inner leg doesn’t have seams which is what makes it different from other extra padded cycling shorts in this price range.

It has over 1000 mainly high-rated reviews by consumers and that is a good indication of quality. The Sponeed men spinning short features 6 panels which are less than ideal.

But most consumers seem to be happy with the support it provides. Featuring polyester and spandex lycra, it’s highly stretchable to provide good fitting and extra comfort during spinning exercise.

The waistband and leg grippers are narrow silicon. So, it’s not my favorite but I can’t expect comfortable powerbands for this price either. The 4D gel pad though provides good support during the ride.

Overall it’s one of the best gel cycling shorts you can buy for under $20. And if you are lucky, you might find the Spooned cycling shorts discounted sometimes.

6. BALEAF Men’s Chamois Padded Cycling Shorts

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This popular and top-rated men’s indoor cycling short features unique breathability and 2-big side pockets for your phone and accessories. So, if you are sensitive to heat, this padded cycling shorts for men is ideal for you.

There are thin breathable panels on the back and on each leg to keep you fresh during your summer indoor cycling rides. The multi anatomic panels built on the Baleaf spinning padded shorts provide excellent fit and help to reduce chafing.

These bicycle shorts for men by Baleaf are very stretchy and provide freedom of movement throughout the exercise and on the road.

This good spinning short for men has comfortable elastic leg grippers which are better than cheap narrow grippers found on competitors. It also has flatlock seams to reduce chafing and eliminate irritation.

Other good features of these best men cycling shorts include 3-D gel padding including multiple layers, reflective stripes, and affordable price. As I said before if you can’t buy men’s spinning shorts listed first and second and would like a spinning short with pockets, go for this one.

7. Przewalski Mens 3D Padded Cycling Shorts

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The budget spinning class shorts by Przewalski feature truly unique leg grippers for this price. The 7cm wide hems prevent shorts from riding up and don’t leave marks on your legs after use.

It’s designed with intensive silicone spots attached equally to ensure you will never feel tight or irritated during cycling. The Przewalski top cycling shorts with padding is consist of 9 panels.

The amount of panels is enough to provide an ergonomic fitting when you are spinning, mountain and road riding. The foam padding though is 3D and only made of 3-layers unlike the padded shorts for spinning ranked 4th and 5th in this review with 6 layers.

This road cycling short also has reflective logos design in front and back. But what’ even more special is the 90-day no-risk 100% full refund assurance that allows you to buy these best cheap cycling shorts with more confident.

What I don’t like about Przewalski road bike shorts for men is the inner leg seams and lack of breathable panels. But for this price, it’s not a huge deal so these shorts for spinning class are actually good value for the money.

8. Sportneer Men’s Spin Class Padded Shorts

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If you have researched the market recently for best men’s shorts for spin class, there is a big chance you came across Sportneer padded bike shorts. Featured on several best indoor cycling shorts reviews, the Sportneer spin shorts for men are our favorite budget mens spin shorts in 2023.

They are available for less than $15 while similar padded shorts for spin class are twice and even three times more expensive. These budget best bike shorts for spin class are made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex blend which help them provide optimum moister transfer and airflow keeping you dry and chafe-free.

The Sportneer men’s cycling shorts with padding are fitted with 3 layers of high-performance sponge cushioning for maximum comfort. It is not as comfortable as memory foam or gel but it is breathable material to prevent overheating.

Other features that put the Sportneer men’s padded bike shorts among our best shorts for spin class are; silicon grippers and cat-eye reflectors. It has sufficient grip on the leg to make sure they don’t ride up and stay-put.

All in all the Sportneer mens padded cycling shorts are one of the best-padded bike shorts for Peloton and other indoor cycles. We highly recommend these mens bike shorts for under $25. However, if you can afford to spend more, I suggest the Louis Garneau ranked first in our best men’s shorts for spin class.

What to look for when buying men’s spinning shorts:

Inner Leg 

Most of the times, people overlook and forget to check the inner leg design. The best cycling shorts for men don’t have inner leg seams. 

Regardless of how flat these seams are, they often sink into the skin and cause irritation. Because the inner leg area has very sensitive and delicate skin.

Unfortunately, most budget best cycling shorts for men have seams in the inner leg part. But there are some mid-price spin bike shorts without the seams. The first two best cycling shorts 2023 in this review don’t have seams on the inner legs. They prevent chafing and also don’t leave marks on your legs.

Color and UPF Protection

When buying spinning class shorts or bicycle shorts, color is an important factor. The best spinning clothes for men and women feature dark colors for many reasons. For one, black cycling shorts provide a good camouflage for sweat stains. Black biker shorts are also versatile enough to go well with anything.

When looking for padded indoor cycling shorts, the UPF sun protection is not a factor. But if you want to use your padded bicycle shorts both indoor and outdoor, then make sure this feature exists. A few men’s padded cycling shorts reviewed in this article offer 50+ UPF protection.


Short’s size is the most important factor to consider when buying road bike shorts or spin class shorts. Unfortunately, when purchasing mens cycling clothing online, you can’t try them. But luckily all the best mens cycling shorts on Amazon feature a precise chart size.

Looking at the best-padded cycling shorts size chart provided on Amazon, you should be easily able to make the decision what size is best for you.

Keep in mind that unlike regular clothes, bike riding shorts are highly stretchable. Also, riding shorts often run small. So, if you buy a cycling short one size larger, it would still fit nicely.

Leg grippers and Panels

Most cheap road cycling shorts and spinning shorts come with silicon leg grippers. They are anti-slip and hold hems in place but silicon gripers often squeeze the legs too much and restrict circulation.

The best men’s cycling shorts though, don’t have silicon grippers. They usually have wide powerbands that provide good support without restricting circulation. There are a few shorts in this padded bike shorts review that have comfortable grippers.

Best padded bike shorts feature 8+ panels. Lycra cycling shorts with more panels offer better fitting. Some top chamois cycling shorts for men in this buying guide feature up to 10 panels.


Chamois is also known as gel, padding, and cushioning. There are several types of bicycle riding short chamois. Majority of them have 3 layers “3D” but there are some that have up to 7 layers.

More layers provide extra padding and absorb the shock better which is good if you are heavier than average or ride on rough terrain. But often more paddings looks bulkier and not really comfortable off the bike.

The number of layers is not necessarily a sign of good quality, it’s the materials of the padding that you need to look for. The best-padded cycling shorts feature a moisture-wicking layer, antibacterials fabric, and memory foam chamois.

The memory foam retains its shape after use and provides truly comfortable rides. Best bike shorts also feature ergonomic fit to prevent chafing. The cycling outfit featured first in our men’s padded bike shorts review has the ergonomic, moisture-wicking memory foam padding.

Waistband and Breathability

The best cycling shorts feature wide waistband to prevent adding uncomfortable pressure around the waist. The wider waistbands tend to keep the short in place better through all riding positions.

The best-padded bike shorts feature a breathable panel on each leg or completely breathable fabric to keep your body temperature low. Gel padded cycling shorts with moisture wicking breathable fabric can prevent the stress caused by overheating in the summer.

Fabric and Flat-lock seams

When buying cycling clothes online, pay good attention to the fabric. The best bike shorts feature 4-way stretchable and moisture-wicking fabric. Shorts with this type of fabric is often referred to as the spandex biker shorts.

They tend to keep the rider dry and cool during long rides in the summer. We suggest you avoid cotton cycling clothing as they lack the moisture-wicking feature.

What makes men’s cycling shorts anti-chafing is their fabric and way they are tailored. The flat stitching can effectively prevent friction sores between skin and stitching seams.

Reflective logo

If you are purchasing men’s spinning shorts for indoor cycling only, the reflective logo is not a factor. But if you are buying men’s cycling leggings, cycling shorts, or cycling pants for outdoor and indoor cycling, it’s safer to buy a padded short with reflective logos.

Features such as reflective patches are often overlooked when searching for road cycling clothing, but they are essential. Remember that the more drivers can see you on the road in the dark, the safer you are.


When trying to figure out how to choose a pair of comfortable indoor cycling shorts, you might come across different prices. Some third-party retailers often sell these products more expensive than others.

We found Amazon the best place to buy mens’ spinning short, cycling tops and other indoor cycling clothing and equipment. You can find the best men’s padded cycling shorts for less than $50 while on some websites the same short is more expensive.

On Amazon sometimes you also might be able to find bike shorts on sale which helps you save a lot and buy two for the price of one. Another good reason we like Amazon is the tons of options they have for the best men’s cycling shorts for long rides.

Last but not least, when buying the best road bike shorts on Amazon, you also get fast free shipping. Amazon offers more options, free fast shipping, and often the cheapest price for the best bicycle shorts.

Other considerations

Buying the best men’s cycling shorts in 2023 should be enough to get rid of the saddle sore. However, if you still feel uncomfortable when using cycling tights for men, you may want to consider a few things.

  • Bike seat
    We recommend you to replace your bike seat with a gender-specific seat. The same goes for the rest of the cycling kits for men, they need to be gender-specific to provide maximum comfort. You can see the best cycling saddle for men and women in this article.
  • Bike adjustment
    Even the best men’s cycling shorts with a padded cushion is not comfortable unless your bike is set up properly. The seat and handle of bicycle and spin bike adjustment matters a lot. This brings us to the point of why you should always buy a spin bike with 4-way adjustable handlebars. Wrong bike adjustment brings saddle discomfort and pressure on the joints.
  • Seat cushion
    When using cycling shorts for men with minimum padding, you might feel a bit of saddle sore during long rides. Especially if the seat is hard. A gel exercise bike seat cushion can often resolve the issue.
  • Chamois cream
    Wearing padded cycling shorts for men should be enough to eliminate chafing. Especially if you get the best value cycling shorts listed top in the review. But if the chafing still continues, you can consider a chamois cream. It’s applied inside the short on the padding/chamois.
  • No underwear
    Bicycle shorts for men as well as other cycling suits for men have anti-bacteria crotch linger as well as flat seams to reduce friction and irritation. But if you wear underwear underneath the gel cycling shorts for men, you will take away the benefits of the biking shorts. Therefore, we highly recommend you not to wear any clothes underneath the best Lycra cycling shorts. Cycling shorts fit like a glove preventing skin irritation.

Types of Spinning Class Shorts to Wear

Regular lycra shorts

All the men’s gel cycling shorts reviewed in this article are regular lycra shorts. These cycling shorts for men that you see in the picture are the most popular type of biking short.

They are the best budget cycling shorts among all types. These padded lycra gel shorts can be purchased for little as $10. But that’s not the only reason millions of professional cyclist and spin class instructors wear them.

The lycra bike shorts are made of stretchable lightweight fabric that provides superior quality, comfort and fit. These top mens padded cycling shorts are highly breathable which makes them ideal for summer.

You can use the lycra cycling shorts men’s design for spinning workout indoor and outdoor in the warm season. But they are not the best for cold temperatures.

Lycra mens padded bicycle shorts are tight and revealing and also they are not comfortable for walking or running. If these are not important for you, scroll up to buy a lycra cycling short featured in this top cycling shorts for men review.

Men’s bib shorts

Many roadies, mountain bikers and indoor cyclists choose cycling bib shorts over regular shorts. While cycling bibs might look silly at first, they are the most comfortable type of shorts for long rides.

What makes them so comfortable is the lack of waistband that eliminates the itchy uncomfortable elastic cutting into the abdomen. Also, the best bib shorts for men don’t slip down so the chamois stays in place.

But that’s not all, men’s top cycling bib shorts for long rides keeps your back covered in all cycling positions and on windiest days. Unlike regular bicycle shorts, the best endurance bib shorts feature breathable straps that keep your back and plumber’s crack covered.

The only downside to men’s cycling bib shorts is that they require extra effort when stopping for bathroom breaks. Often you will have to take off your jersey and other cycling kits that you wear on top to be able to use the toilet.

Buying a pair of cycling bib shorts for men is a good choice for spinning workouts. An indoor spinning session lasts 45-50 minutes so you don’t need to worry about bathroom breaks. Click on the picture to see the men’s best bib shorts for long rides.

Tri Shorts for men

While Triathlon Shorts look similar to regular cycling shorts for men reviewed in this article, they have a different design. Tri shorts are made for multi-purpose exercise. Unlike padded biking shorts for men, you can use the tri shorts to workout in the gym, on the treadmill, elliptical, or on a bike.

As you can see in the picture, the men’s Tri shorts feature thine padding that provides chafe-free support throughout your bike rides. It’s light and slim so you can use it for running without looking like wearing a diaper.

The only downside to this type of short is its thine padding. Depending on the type of your bike’s saddle, the padding may not be as comfortable as a 3D cycling padded shorts.

If you are planning to do spinning only, I wouldn’t really recommend the Tri Shorts. But if you want to do treadmill and spinning or go for a ride outdoor and then do some walking and running, then these shorts for cycling are for you.

Baggy cycling shorts men’s

Also referred to as men’s mountain bike shorts, loose cycling shorts, and MTB shorts, they have a few advantages and disadvantages over regular cycling shorts.

These loose style casual shorts for men are not revealing so it’s easier to walk with them in the summer road adventures. But that’s not the only reason we like the mens mountain bike shorts.

Unlike tight-fitting shorts, the best cargo shorts for men feature up to 8 mesh and zippered pockets. So, you can keep all your belongings with you on the bike.

The best baggy cycling shorts for men also have detachable liner/chamois. So, you can unbutton and remove the liner/padding to use the mountain bike shorts as a cause outdoor short.

And if the padding ruins after a while, you don’t need to buy a complete padded MTB short. All you need is a liner which often costs less than $15. If you don’t feel comfortable with tight-fitting, we highly recommend you to consider the mens MTB shorts.

The only downside to men’s baggy cycling shorts is that they don’t keep you as cool as regular gel cycling shorts. These men’s urban cycling shorts have two layers (a liner and baggy outer shell). To buy an MTB cycling short, click on the picture.

Men cycling knickers

Often called men’s cycling 3/4 shorts and longer shorts for men, the gel knickers are the best type of shorts for those who want more protection from the wind and extra support for the knees.

The best 3/4 cycling shorts cover and support your knees during spring and fall rides. You can buy the cycling 3/4 shorts in loose and tight-fitting for the same price of regular shorts.

The slim fit cycling 3/4 shorts provides better muscle control and reduces the drag coefficient. These short cycling pants are relatively smaller than regular pants.

The only downside to these long shorts for men is that they are hotter in summer. If that’s not a factor, we recommend the padded mens cycling knickers for outdoor biking in warm seasons and for indoor cycling during winter and summer spinning exercise.

Mens Cycling Underwear Shorts

They are also called MTB liner and chamois. These bicycle riding MTB liners feature 4-D or 3D paddings and look similar to regular cycling shorts except they are often shorter and way more breathable and cooler.

The best cycling liner shorts can be used under any type of pants. You can wear a padded cycling underwear undernet your favorite loose jean without letting anyone notice you are wearing cycling padded shorts.

Some people use the best-rated cycling shorts at home for spinning without wearing anything else on top. However, we don’t recommend that as they are not durable to use them without a shell.

But if you are heat intolerant, then, by all means, wear one of these comfortable cycling underwears without a shell for spinning. In general, we recommend them to be used as underwear, not to wear them independently as cycling shorts because they can ruin quicker.

Padded Cycling Pants

Buy the mens cycling short with padding for summer but when it comes to cold weather cycling gear for men, go for winter cycling gear. Wearing the best cycling pants for men will make the ride more enjoyable in the cold weather.

Cycling trousers are available in fit and lose designs. Both types of cycling trousers for men feature flat seams and soft paddings to provide comfort and support.

The best bike pants will provide good support for all your lower body muscles and joints while keeping them warm. We recommend cycling pants for men during winter for indoor and outdoor use.

But they are not ideal for summer rides. For warm seasons, you are better of with mens cycling gear that let the air come in direct contact with your skin to keep you fresh and prevent overheating.

Benefits of wearing cycling shorts

Men and women cycling shorts are sleek, sporty, and professional but the real benefits of the best cycling shorts for long rides isn’t about the look. Cycling shorts padded for men are vital pieces of cycling accessories that provide the rider with several advantages over regular gym shorts.

When buying a spinning bike, the padded cycling shorts men’s design becomes a necessity. Later in this best-padded cycling shorts review, you can find a few benefits of using cycling padded shorts for men.

Absorb shock

Bike shorts for men come with a padded liner which is called a chamois. It’s designed with several layers to provide extra cushioning between you and the seat. It’s important because bike saddle tends to add pressure on the junction of major nerves and arteries between your buttocks and gentiles.

Additionally, on rough terrain and bumpy roads, it absorbs the shock to reduce the impact on your lower body. A padded chamois with cell foam wicks away the moisture and protects against bacteria build-up.

Last but not least, cycling shorts men padded protects your groin area from chafing and friction.

Comfortable fitting

Padded cycling shorts men’s design feature from 6 to 15 panels to provide extra curvature. Unlike regular shorts with 2-3 panels, the men’s cycling shorts are made with a specific panel for each part of your lower body.

Prevent Chafing

Lycra cycling shorts padded style are designed with a stretchable fabric that fit tight to move with your body. While the tight-fitting stretchable fabrics support your muscles and stimulate blood flow, it prevents chafing.

When using loose-fitting shorts, on every pedal stroke you rub your legs against your clothes. But compression shorts for men stay attached to your body so there is no friction and chaffing.

Two other reasons that help cycling clothes for men to prevent chafing and irritation are their flat seams and leg grippers. The seams don’t press into your skin when riding your exercise bike. And the grippers at the bottom of these anti-chafing shorts for men keep them from riding up.

Wick away moisture

Best tight-fitting cycling shorts with padding as well as cycling pants for men feature Lycra, spandex, nylon and polyester fabrics with yarn woven throughout.

This high-tech fabric dries quickly, wicks away moisture, keeps you cool and allows your skin to breathe. It’s something you can’t expect from cotton shorts.

Look good

Regardless of what you do, trying to look as professional as possible in that field is an encouraging factor that ensures commitment. If you hop on the spin bike with regular clothing and gym shoes, your brain will automatically start to take the exercise less serious.

So, don’t be surprised if you notice less indoor spinning exercise every week. It’s simply how our brains work on many occasions. To see the difference get yourself a pair of spinning shoes, nice unique cycling jerseys, and padded cycling shorts.

A pair of affordable cycling shorts can make a huge difference in how you look and feel on the bike. Let aside all the pain that a good pair of men’s cycling shorts with padded can save you from.

We included several nice looking stylish black shorts in this men cycling shorts review, scroll up to see them. They look great with any cycling jerseys and spinning shoes.


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    • Yes to this! I thought gel pads are just a fad but after trying a pair of short my gf bought for me I was sold.

  3. Baleaf and Sponeed are both affordable and more than enough for your regular spinning class. I switch between the two but I tend to think the Sponeed ones are better in terms of comfort and padding.

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