10 Best Spinning Shirts For Women – Indoor Cycling Jerseys

Whether you like to do intense indoor cycling or logging a couple of quick miles and burning some calories after work, we’ve found the best women’s indoor cycling shirts for any situation.

Everyone knows the importance of a good pair of spinning shoes, but it’s easy to overlook the necessity of a good Spin class top. And while you could do spinning workout in any cotton shirt, investing in a quality women’s spinning class shirt is worth it.

While wearing the wrong shirt for indoor cycling will chafe, stink, and fall apart after a few intense spinning workouts, the right Spinning shirts for women dries quickly, stays odor-free, and is so comfy you’ll forget you’re even wearing a shirt.

After countless hours of research and years of experience in indoor cycling, we’ve found the best spinning shirts for women. While this Spinning class shirt list doesn’t contain every women’s indoor cycling shirt on the market, it does run the gamut — from Spin class tank to long-sleeve Jerseys.

They should comfortably fit a variety of body shapes and spinning styles. These are the spinning class shirts we continue to wear and regularly recommend to our readers, family, and friends.

Best Spinning Jerseys For Women Comparison:

Best Indoor Cycling Shirts For Women
Cycling ShirtImagePriceFabricBestDesignPockets
Pearl iZUMi W Elite Escape Womens spinning Tank91% Polyester
9% Elastane
For hot
Tank TopOne back
Pearl iZUMi W Sel Escape ss Graphic Womens Jersey100% PolyesterFor hot
Short Sleeve
Three back
SILIK Women's Indoor Cycling Jersey Short Slevee95% Polyester
5% Spandex
For hot
Short Sleeve
Three back
Endura Hummvee Womens Indoor Cycling JerseyN/AFor hot
Short Sleeve
One back
Canari Cyclewear Dolce Tank Top for Cycling100% PolyesterFor hot
Tank TopThree back
Under Armour Women's Cycling Spin Bike Tank TopUA Tech fabricFor hot
Tank TopNo pocket
Icyzone Womens Spinning Workout Tank Tops95% Polyester
5% Spandex
For hot
Tank TopsNo pocket
Bpbtti Women’s Sleeveless Indoor Cycling Undershirt100% Polyester
100% Mesh
For hot
Tank TopNo pocket
TSLA Women's Wintergear Compression Long Shirts87% Polyester
13% Spandex
For cold
Long Sleeve
No pocket
Uriah Thermal Long Sleeve Women's Spinning JerseyPolyester
& Fleece
For cold
Long Sleeve
Three back

Quick Overview of Women’s Spin Class Shirts:

Our Picks of Best Cycling Shirts for Women:

#1 Pearl iZUMi W Elite Escape Women’s spinning Tank

Pearl iZUMi W Elite Escape Women’s spinning Tank

Pearl iZUMi is known for making indoor cycling clothing that lasts, and this shirt for spin exercise is no exception. It has the ELITE transfer In-R-Cool fabric that provides superior skin cooling and moisture management.

The thin breathable back panel keeps you cool throughout your workout and dries quickly while the pocket allows you to keep your belongings. Some of our favorites are the adjustable interior support bra and the multi-panel design that allow a comfortable and nice fit.

This women’s exercise spin class workout tank is a little more expensive compared to other indoor cycling bike shirt. But considering its unique durability, anti-chafe fabric, and design, it is well worth it. We recommend the Pearl iZUMi Elite women’s spin class tank top for summer indoor and outdoor rides.


#2 Pearl iZUMi W Sel Escape ss Graphic Women’s Jersey

Pearl iZUMi Women's Sel Escape Short Sleeve Graphic Jersey

Pearl iZUMi’s Sel Escape series is one of our favorites for women’s short sleeve shirt for spinning workout. While no fabric will keep you 100 percent dry during a proper indoor cycling workout, 100% Polyester is one of the best options. It works well in hot or cool weather, dries quickly, and doesn’t smell.

The Escape shirt for spin bike exercise comes with a full-length zipper for venting with tailored draft fl AP finish. It also has elasticized hem for secure stay-down fit. So, when you lean forward on the handlebars, your back remains covered.

There are also three back pockets for easy storage. Overall this is one of the best indoor cycling shirts for spring, fall, summer, and even winter spinning class workouts.


#3 SILIK Women’s Indoor Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve

SILIK Women's Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve Bike Shirts with 3 Pocket,

This short-sleeve shirt for indoor cycling lies at the crossroads of performance and comfort. The combination of Spandex and Polyester is extremely soft and lightweight, while still wicking moisture like a boss, thanks to breathable comb mesh fabric.

Available in many colors and for as little as $20, the Silik is the top budget Spin class shirt in this review. It’s especially a good option for summer, spring, and fall indoor cycling sessions. Surprisingly, the Silik Spinning class shirt includes 100% full refund assurance within 30 days which is rare to find for a budget women’s spinning exercise shirt.

Additionally, the Silik women’s indoor cycling shirt three pockets for storage. So, when cycling, you can put wallets, bottles, phones, keys, towel, etc. Overall this Spinning class shirt for women keep you cool and comfortable while riding.


#4 Endura Hummvee Women’s Indoor Cycling Jersey

Endura Womens Hummvee Cycling Jersey

This high-quality Women’s spin class shirt for indoor cycling is by Endura which is one of the best for making cycling clothing for women and men. Endura Hummvee, in particular, is a great option for, spring, fall, and also winter indoor rides.

This breathable women’s spinning class jersey features a soft silicone grip, which combines style and function, creating the perfect choice for a long session in the saddle on the road or in your indoor cycling class.

It has the Polyester fabric which keeps you drier, cooler, and more comfortable during long exertions in the saddle. On top of that, there are three back pockets for easy storage. Overall featuring a durable fabric, professional design, and multi-panel cut, the Hummvee Jersey is a good Spin gift for women.


#5 Canari Cyclewear Dolce Tank Top for Cycling

Canari Cyclewear Women's Dolce Tank Cycling Jerseys

If you like to wear something more stylish, the Canari Dolce is what you need. It has a unique design with nice graphics printed on the sides of the shirt which gives the shirt a more elegant and cooler look.

Being one of the best Spin class Tank tops for women, the Canari Dolce three rear pocket that allows you to store your music player or a small water bottle during the ride. We recommend this women’s exercise spin class workout tank for summer outdoor and indoor rides.

Other features include a lightweight and soft perf fabric, 30+ UPF, hidden invisible 1/2 zip, and last but not least, flat-seam stitch construction which prevents chafing and provides maximum comfort.

#6 Under Armour Tech Victory Women’s Cycling Tank Top

Under Armour Women's Cycling Jersey Sleeveless Bike Tank Top

Affordable and without sacrificing on design or quality, the Under Armour Tech Victory can be one of the best spin class tank tops. It is made for outdoor summer activities but also has all the features needed for a comfortable spin workout.

Made of UA Tech fabric, the Victory spin class tank top for women stretch nicely to fit the rider. The back hem and breathable panels keep the sweat off the back during the ride.

In addition to a highly breathable and moisture-wicking fabric on the back and on both sides for venting. The main con to this indoor cycling shirt is that it doesn’t have pockets to store your belongings.


#7 icyzone Women’s Spinning Workout Tank Tops

icyzone Workout Tank Tops for Women

With over 3000 sold only on Amazon, the Icyzone is one of the best budget exercise shirts that would make a nice summer indoor cycling shirt for women. It is affordable (3 shirts for less than $20) and can be used for lots of indoor and outdoor activities.

While many cycling jerseys are made with a boxy shape which fit a mans physique far better than a woman’s, this Spin class tank top fits a woman’s figure well.

There are more technical shirts on the list if you’re planning a steamy, summer ultra spinning workout and outdoor rides. But for shorter indoor cycling workout, hiking, traveling, and road-tripping, this is a good-looking, quick-drying option.


#8 Bpbtti Women’s Sleeveless Indoor Cycling Undershirt

Bpbtti Women Sleeveless Cycling Undershirt

This unique and flowing tank from Bpbtti is the perfect blend of performance and grace. Feminine in its look yet fierce in function, this is one of our all-time favorite pieces for this summer indoor cycling workouts.

Originally, it is made to be used under Jersey shirt for outdoor rides, but nothing can stop you from wearing it for your hot indoor cycling sessions. This shirt is also great at wicking sweat, making it an excellent choice for hot summer days.

It is open back and entirely made of mesh panel construction are great for keeping you cool, and the anti-chafe seams maximize comfort. you are never overheated in the summer with this spin class shirt for women. Its free movement and all-purpose style make perfect for hiking, running, training, and spinning.


#9 TSLA Women’s Wintergear Compression Long Shirts

Combining style and function this compression winter shirt also features a soft silicone grip. This is a high-quality multi-purpose shirt that is perfect for a long session in the saddle on the road or in your indoor cycling class.

This workout shirt is ideal for home gyms that are kept a bit colder in the winter. You can order your usual size but if you prefer a looser fit, choose 1 size up. Thanks to the two-way Air circulation design, it wicks-away the moisture and dries quickly.

It is made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex to provide a good support and correct fit for the riders. Perfect option during various indoor activities and outdoor excursion. This Tsla winter indoor cycling shirt material is abrasion-free with excellent elasticity and durability


#10 Uriah Thermal Long Sleeve Women’s Spinning Jersey

If you’re looking for increased warmth during cold months indoor cycling workouts or something to wear on your way up to class, the Uriah women’s long sleeve cycling shirt is a winner.

The breathable polyester and fleece inner Keep you warm while providing a strong moisture-wicking ability and quick-drying function. The Uriah is made to power you up and revolutionize your ride with its design and functionality during cold seasons.

This long sleeve Spinning shirts for women features fleece inner fabric to keep you warm on your way to class or on long outdoor rides. But can also be used indoors, depending on the temperature of your home gym.


How to Choose the Best Women’s Cycling Shirts:

Cycling Shirt Materials:

When buying the best indoor spin bike shirts for women, the goal is breathability and wicking. That basically means the cotton is replaced by the performance fabrics.

For indoor cycling shirt, wool is popular because it dries quickly and is naturally stink-free. But Polyester is the most popular choice. As you look for the best indoor cycling shirts, you’ll find that most brands use unique blends of wool, polyester, and spandex.

With this being said, these materials are not for everyone because they can cause skin rash. Therefore, individuals with very sensitive skins are recommended to use 100% natural cotton Spinning class shirt.

Spinning Shirt Size:

When looking for the best indoor cycling shirts, it is important to make sure you buy the right size and fit. Cycling shirt fits are mainly divided into four categories.

They include race-fit, form-fit, semi-form fit, and relax-fit. For spinning exercise, the most popular indoor cycling shirt fits are the semi-form fit and the relax-fit as they are more comfortable and ideal for 40-50 rides.

As far as the size is concerned, when buying the best spinning shirts with Polyester/Spandex materials, stick to your standard size, especially if you have a regular figure. However, if you are slightly on the heavy side, it is better to size up.

Sweat-Wicking and Breathability:

One of the aspects that promotes a comfortable indoor cycling exercise is the breathability, which was another aspect we used to evaluate the shirts on this women’s spin class shirt review.

As you already know, sweat has a tendency to pool around the exerciser especially when you workout hard sitting on the saddle for long periods of time. While we all sweat at different rates, it is something you are going to have to deal with.

Wearing shirts for cycling bike that are not made of breathable fabric can make the workout extremely uncomfortable. Not only you end up sitting in a pool of your own sweat, but you also provide the perfect condition for bacterial growth.

In this spinning shirt reviews, we picked the best indoor cycling shirt that is breathable and will be able to wick the sweat away from your body. This gives the moisture somewhere to go and prevents lots of discomfort during a spin workout.

Biking Shirt for Different Seasons:

The first thing to consider is what temperature will you be cycling. Do you want to head out for a couple of miles outdoor and sometimes use the shirt indoor in the hot summer days? Knowing the answer to this type of questions will help identify the best indoor cycling shirt for your need.

For summer indoor cycling, you can get away with a less-technical shirt that features loads of venting. For winter indoor rides though, you’ll want to consider your room/spin class temperature. A long sleeve spinning shirts like the Uriah women’s cycling Jersey could work well in some areas.

If your summer spinning workouts are hot and steamy, we’d recommend looking for something with maximum venting. The open back of the Icyzone Spin class tank top for women is great on hot days. Pick the best spinning shirts based on the season and the temperature of the workout room.

Seams, Color, and Panels:

Spin cycle top construction matter a lot for good fit especially if you decide to buy a cotton shirt. Today’s modern fabrics (spandex, polyester, etc) with high stretch make the good fit possible with fewer panels and tailored pieces. Often top indoor spinning shirts are sold as 5 to 8 panels which provide s perfect fit.

Additionally, look for the indoor cycling shirt with flat-seam. They will fit right into all of the curves of your body and even more importantly, the flat-seam stitch construction prevents chafing and promotes comfort for spinning workouts.

When buying shirts for indoor cycling exercise, many forget how easily white indoor cycling shirt can look dirty. White and other bright colors do look elegant, reflect light rays and look appealing to the eye. But they require more care than dark colors because they can easily catch stains.

Shipping and Return:

When searching for the best shirts for spinning workout, check the shipping policy to avoid crazy shipping fees which usually cost as much as half the price of a good indoor cycling shirt for female cyclists.

Most of the best indoor cycling shirts for women listed in this women’s cycling Jersey review feature free shipping policy. And if you are a Prime member, you can receive them way sooner than the basic shipping.

Also, remember to check the return policy when buying the best spin class top. When it comes to women’s indoor cycling workout shirt and other outfits, it’s always better to buy products with the free return policy. Because you never know if the top Spinning class shirt that you just picked perfectly fits you or not.

Women’s Cycling Shirt Price:

When buying indoor cycling Jersey for women you will come across different prices. Some third-party retailers often sell the spinning Jerseys for women more expensive than others.

After a though research we found that Amazon is one of the best places to buy sweat-wicking indoor cycling top for women, cycling short and other indoor cycling clothing and equipment. You can find the best indoor cycling shirt for less than $50 while on some websites the same product is more expensive.

On Amazon sometimes you also might be able to find spin bike shirt for women on sale which helps you save a lot and buy two for the price of one. Another good reason we like Amazon is the tons of options they have for the best women’s spin class shirt for indoor cycling.

Last but not least, when buying the best spin class gift for women on Amazon (shirt, shorts, shoes), you also get fast free shipping. Amazon offers more options, free fast shipping, and often the cheapest price for the Spin gifts for women.


Aside from the basic women’s cycling shirt, many spin cycle shirts have extra elements like reflective patterns and hidden pockets. These features come handy both for indoor cycling and road cycling.

For example, you can use the extra pockets to keep an energy bar or other belongings. So, don’t overlook these little extras when buying women’s cycling tank top or short sleeve shirts. They can make the difference between a good shirt and an awesome indoor cycling shirt.

We didn’t select these indoor spin bike shirts randomly. Based on the most important factors to consider when purchasing indoor cycling shirts such as construction, fit, comfort, style, and breathability, we picked every Shirt for spin bike workout in this review.

Final Thought on Women’s Indoor Cycling Shirts

There are many different reasons why people subscribe to a Spin class or buy their own indoor cycling bike. Maybe you’re tempted by the opportunity to burn 800 calories within a 60-minute window or you’re looking for an alternative to riding your bike in freezing temperatures.

Whatever your reason may be, indoor cycling exercise will only be comfortable and enjoyable if you are equipped in the right women’s indoor cycling clothing.

Wearing the right indoor cycling apparel for spin class is extremely important. If your legs are bruised and chaffed or don’t feel stable and safe in your shoes, you can not concentrate or enjoy the ride.

That’s why it is important to feel comfortable and confident in your skin before you even break a sweat, and the right shoes, short and women’s spin class shirt for indoor cycling will help you focus on what’s really important.

We picked the best Spinning class shirt for women for a wide range of indoor cycling styles room temperatures. But if you have a favorite indoor cycling shirt, Let us know in the comments and we’ll check it out for future updates to this Spin class shirt review.

Note: Check out the following articles where we highlight some suggestions for what to wear in Spin class, including some of the best, must-have indoor cycling clothes, from clipless spinning shoes to indoor cycling shorts for women.

Pearl iZUMi W Elite Escape Women's spinning Tank
Pearl iZUMi W Sel Escape ss Graphic Womens Jersey
SILIK Women's Indoor Cycling Jersey Short Slevee
Endura Hummvee Womens Indoor Cycling Jersey
Canari Cyclewear Dolce Tank Top for Cycling
Santic Women's Cycling Jersey Spin Bike Tank Top
Icyzone Womens Spinning Workout Tank Tops
Bpbtti Women’s Sleeveless Indoor Cycling Undershirt
TSLA Women's Winter gear Compression Long Shirts
Uriah Thermal Long Sleeve Women's Spinning Jersey
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