The Ultimate Guide to Top Spin Bikes Under $500 in 2024

If you like cycling, getting a good spin bike is very essential to your fitness journey. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, training for a race, or just building endurance, spin bikes are just the thing for you. If you’re on a budget, getting an affordable spin bike under $500 can still serve the purpose just well if you find the best options.

But unfortunately, it is not that easy to find the best spin bikes under $500 because there are hundreds of options in this price range in the market. Plus, there are tens of misleading best spin bike reviews that are written by people with little to no knowledge about indoor cycling or simply written by AIs.

Knowing how difficult and time-consuming it is to find the right spin bike under 500 dollars, I went ahead and tried several indoor bikes. After detailed analysis, review, and comparison, only a few of them made it to the list of the best spin bikes buying guide under $500.

They stood out from the crowd not only in terms of value but also in terms of quality. With any of the following indoor bikes that I have hand-picked and reviewed, you get every single benefit that you would have gotten if you were riding in an overprice spinning studio bike.

For some of these indoor cycles, you would spend less than one-tenth of a Peloton bike, and still get all the benefits that come with the Zwift and Peloton applications. Without further ado, here are the best spin bikes under 500 in 2024.

Unveiling the Best: Indoor Bikes Under $500 Compared

Niceday Indoor Exercise Bike with BluetoothZwift, Peloton, Rouvy, Trainer Raod, Kinomap, and Strava (through QZ app)Magnetic resistance, & belt-drive (no automatic resistance)380 Pounds - 4.7 to 6.3 FeetRPM, Speed, HR, time, calories, and distance45 lbs4-Way adjustable w/ tablet holder
Echelon Ex15 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling BikeEchelon, Zwift, Peloton, Rouvy, Trainer Raod, Kinomap, and Strava (through QZ app)Magnetic resistance, & belt-drive (no automatic resistance)300 Pounds - 5.1 to 6.2 FeetSpeed, time, HR, calories, and distance20 lbs2-Way adjustable w/ tablet holder
Women’s Health Men’s Health Indoor Cycling BikeWHMH, Zwift, Peloton, Rouvy, Kinomap, and Strava (through QZ app)Magnetic resistance, & belt-drive (no automatic resistance)300 Pounds - 5.1 to 6.3 FeetRPM, Speed, Watt, time, calories, and distance30 lbs2-Way adjustable w/ tablet holder
Yesoul S3 Indoor Cycling Stationary Exercise BikeZwift, Kinomap, and Strava (through QZ app)Magnetic resistance, & belt-drive (no automatic resistance)260 Pounds - 5.2 to 6.1RPM, time, HR, calories, and distance10 lbs2-Way adjustable w/ tablet holder
Bancon Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor BikeZwift, Trainer Raod, and KinomapMagnetic resistance, & belt-drive (no automatic resistance)300 Pounds - 5.2 to 6.1RPM, resistance, watt, speed, time, HR, calories, and distance35 lbs2-Way adjustable w/ tablet holder
Dmasun Exercise Indoor Cycling BikeNone (no wireless connection)Magnetic resistance, & belt-drive (no automatic resistance)330 Pounds - 5 to 6.3Speed, time, calories, and distance40 lbs2-Way adjustable w/ tablet holder + drop bars
Merach Indoor Cycling Stationary Spin BikeMerach, Zwift, Trainer Raod, and KinomapMagnetic resistance, & belt-drive (no automatic resistance)280 Pounds - 5.2 to 6RPM, resistance level, speed, time, calories, and distance18 lbs2-Way adjustable w/ tablet holder
Goplus Magnetic Belt Drive Spin Bike Under $500None (no wireless connection)Magnetic resistance, & belt-drive (no automatic resistance)300 Pounds - 5 to 6.2Speed, time, HR, calories, and distance30 lbs4-Way adjustable w/ tablet holder
Revitalize your indoor cycling experience with my carefully curated Comparison Table of the Best Spin Bikes Under $500! Explore a seamless blend of functionality as I break down key features like versatile applications, customizable resistance, impressive capacity, insightful readings, flywheel magic, and handlebar comfort. Uncover your ideal spin bike companion without breaking the bank.

Editor’s Indoor Bike Picks for Under $500

My colleagues have already picked, compared, and reviewed the best spin bikes under $500 but because new bikes become available on the market on a daily basis, I created the “Editor’s Pick” section. It is where I search the market frequently and pick the one spin bike that I think is the best value for under $500.

For this month, I picked the Echelon EX15 as one of best indoor bikes for under $500. Based on my personal experience with this spin bike, I can say without a doubt, EX15 Sports Connect is the best indoor cycling bike you can buy for under $500.

It comes with a year warranty on all the parts, it has a durable construction, comfortable seat, ergonomic handlebars, good flywheel, and 300 lbs user weight capacity.

Additional features that make this spin bike the best option under $500 include lightweight handlebars and seat post, powerful magnetic resistance, and belt-drive transmission.

But what really made me choose this indoor bike for the best choice under 500 USD are its child-safe covered flywheel and Bluetooth connection. It connects with Zwift, Peloton, Kinomap, Echelon, and Strava through the QZ application easily.

The only thing it’s missing to become the perfect indoor cycling bike under $500 is the lack of automatic resistance. If EX15 had electronic resistance, I would have loved it because I normally do Zwift and Peloton, and would have been nice to let the bike change resistance on its own.

My other choice for the best spin bike under $500 is the Niceday bike. It’s as good as Echelon EX15 and even has four superior features which are a built-in console, dual-sided sped pedals, horizontally adjustable handlebars, and two dumbbells.

Here is an overview of 8 best indoor cycling bikes under $500

  1. Niceday Bluetooth Indoor Cycling Bike
  2. Echelon EX15 Sport Indoor Cycling Bike
  3. Women’s Health Men’s Health Indoor Bike
  4. Yesoul Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike
  5. Bancon Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Bike
  6. Dmasun Exercise Indoor Cycling Bike
  7. Merach Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike
  8. Goplus Magnetic Belt Drive Spin Bike

The 8 Best Spin Bikes Picks Under 500:

1: Niceday Indoor Exercise Bike with 45 Lbs Flywheel

Niceday indoor cycling bikes

Before starting to tell you what I enjoyed about this indoor bike and why I chose it as one of the best exercise bikes under $500, I feel like you should know what you might have to deal with. Bear in mind these cons might be limited only to the bike I received so you may not even have to deal with them.

So, first of all, I didn’t like the tablet holder design because it takes a big chunk of the handlebars especially if you have a bigger screen tablet. They should have used an angle adjustable holder separated from the actual handlebars.

The next thing I noticed was the poor quality control and I know I am not alone as some other people have also confirmed it. So, you might receive the bike with damaged and dented bits. Not everyone had the same experience but it can be the case so be ready for it.

Another common issue with this Niceday and other unknown brands based is the support and replacement parts. Unlike companies like Echelon, or Schwinn which have established headquarters in the US to support the customers, Niceday and other lesser-known companies can disappear off the grid any day. So, if a part breaks, you have to throw the bike out of the window.

Unfortunately, this is not the case only with this indoor bike under $500 but a very common problem that many people forget to consider. So, as a rule of thumb, I strongly recommend trying to buy a spin bike from an established brand even if you have to pay an extra hundred dollars.

Getting back to Niceday, right out of the box it was also making a little bit of noise but it was easy to fix. I just needed to tighten the crank arm nuts. I know some people reported that resistance settings are too limited and I agree with it but unfortunately, that’s another issue with most spinning bikes under $500.

Now that you know all the cons that might be (but not necessarily) associated with this indoor bike under $500, here are some cool features that I liked about it. There are several factors that I couldn’t let skip my list of best indoor bikes under 500.

Niceday is very stable even during interval training it remains in place without wobbling. It is a belt-driven spinning bike for home that features heavy-duty cranks and a 45-pound magnet drive system for a smooth ride.

While its flywheel gives a good amount of inertia, its belt transmission provides a smooth and quiet workout. Plus, it has fewer breakdowns than chain transmissions.

Would have been great if its belt was “Timing” but to be fair that’s too much to ask for indoor bikes that cost less than $500. So, don’t bother looking for an indoor cycling bike in the $500 price range with a Timing transmission.

It is a spin bike with magnetic resistance which I always find better than friction resistance because it doesn’t break and makes zero noise. My complaint with the resistance of this spin bike is that I can’t see the actual resistance level on the bike’s console.

So, you never know which resistance level you are at. It’s the opposite of what you get with Echelon EX15, WHMH, Dacon, and Merach spin bikes under $500 USD. They all cost around the same so they are not more expensive but still, they show your current resistance level which I found useful especially when following indoor cycling classes on Peloton.

Listed as one of our best indoor bikes under 500 available on the market, this bike has an adjustable seat that can lift you to any height that’s most convenient for you if you are anywhere from 4.7 to 6.2 feet tall.

Its handlebars are fortunately are vertically and horizontally adjustable which is superior to what you get with WHMH, Echeelon, Bancon, Merach, and many indoor cycling bikes that I bought, tried, and reviewed for under $500.

I am glad this company/Niceday understands that without horizontal adjustment, the consumers don’t have many options to adjust the bike properly to suit their body in every cycling position particularly if the rider is a bit shorter.

For instance, when I do relaxed cycling, I liked to bring the handlebars closer to me so I can be in an upright position or in City/Trekking position but it’s not possible when there is no horizontal adjustment option.

Another indoor bike under $500 that I remember with horizontal handlebars adjustment is the Sunny SF-B1805. I found it to be extremely solid and sturdy but there is no monitor on the bike.

For monitoring, the Niceday spinning bike has a relatively basic console. It has a black-and-white screen that provides you with accurate results of your speed, workout duration, distance, RPM, heart rate, and calories.

There is also Bluetooth for Zwift, Peloton, and Kinomap cycling but there is no resistance or watt readings. If you want to track your resistance level, I suggest you buy the Echelon EX15 instead. It already has Bluetooth, plus it reads your resistance level which is something you don’t get with the Niceday.

Although the Niceday has a tablet holder to safely keep your tablet, it is fixed on the handlebars I found it difficult to see the screen of my tablet when seated on the bike’s saddle.

I don’t know why they are still making tablet holders on the handlebars of spin bikes when they can easily put a detachable tablet holder with an adjustable angle and away from the grips.

It’s what the WHMH did with their spin bike and it’s a great idea. Someone should tell these manufacturers in China that indoor cyclists often use handlebars and change grips to avoid hand numbness.

Now comes another part that I liked about the Niceday indoor cycling bike, the dual-sided pedals with cleat elements to clip in MTB/SPD specific indoor cycling shoes or wear regular sneakers and use the baskets.

None of the bikes I reviewed and compared for this article of the best indoor bikes under $500 have SPD pedals. I am glad Niceday added these pedals with the bike or you would have to spend another $50 to buy them separately if you like using indoor cycling shoes.

Last but not least, the Niceday spin bike also includes a bottle holder where you can keep your bottle of water to stay hydrated as you ride.

Located on the side of the fork arm is not in a handy position or as easy to reach, as the bottle holders of the Merach spin bike. Even budget spin bikes under $500 should have certain ergonomic features. It doesn’t cost more, just needs a little more attention to detail.

Additional Information!

Weighing 110 pounds and able to support users from 4.7 to 6.3 and up to 380 lbs, this bike comes in a sturdy construction with dimensions (53Lx20Wx55H) and adjustability features that make it easy for users to get their preferred positions.


  • It is portable and easy to move from one location to another
  • Dual-sided SPD pedals for specific spinning shoes
  • Cadence reading to help improve
  • Low noise level while cyclin and a 45-lb flywheel
  • Bluetooth connection and horizontally adjustable handlebars


  • Tablet holder blocks one-third of the handlebars
  • Monitor is not backlit and a bit difficult to track stats in low-light
  • Doesn’t read the resistance level
  • The saddle is a little hard

2: Echelon EX 15 Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Echelon EX15 Review

Whether you want a spin bike for home or for the office, if not the best, Echelon EX15 is just one of the best options for you under $500. It comes with well-designed handlebars that offer multiple handgrip options including aero bars which could have been great if there wasn’t a tablet holder to block.

On the positive side, the tablet holder does allow you to keep your tablet or phone on the bike. I just wish they built a tablet holder separate from the handlebars with an adjustable angle so you can set your tablet more vertically when you are seated on the saddle.

While talking of handlebars it’s always worth mentioning the fact that it only adjusts vertically. I didn’t like it to be honest as I am short and I like to achieve a perfect bike fit. Maybe not the perfect bike fit for all but if you are between 5.1 to 6.2 feet tall, you should have a safe bike fit.

Anyways, the tablet holder is always a nice touch but I hate seeing these good bikes being ruined by badly designed details. Thankfully Echelon fixed this issue on the Echelon EX3 and EX5.

As you would expect, EX15 has a manually adjustable magnetic resistance. It offers smooth pedaling and a lot less noise compared to friction indoor cycles. I had no issues riding the bike early morning when my wife and child were still resting, it didn’t bother them. But unfortunately, it’s not electronically adjustable.

So, you can not set the bike to change its resistance automatically when you connect the bike to Zwift or Peloton. It’s not a huge deal but some people like the idea of allowing the bike to automatically change its resistance when they reach a Zwift uphill or when an online Peloton class trainer calls a new intensity level. If it’s something you really, I suggest you consider another Echelon smart connect bike, the EX1, EX3, and EX5 would do automatic resistance on Zwift and Peloton without a problem.

As like every other indoor bike I tried for under $500, the EX15 also comes with a press-down emergency braking system that gets you to a safe and quiet stop when the flywheel is rotating. Its flywheel only weighs 20 lbs which is not heavy but considering the magnetic resistance, I didn’t notice jerky movement or lack of inertia.

I like the fact that its flywheel is fully covered so my child’s curious fingers couldn’t get anywhere. Plus, when he runs around the bike, I am less worried. It wasn’t the case on my last spin bike though, I constantly had to make sure the door is locked so he couldn’t get to the bike.

Getting back to the weight of the flywheel, I have no doubt that you can reap the indoor cycling benefits with this bike just like you would with a spin bike that has a 40 lbs flywheel.

This bike doesn’t come with a console but it has Bluetooth sensors that give you a reading of your RPM, speed, time, distance, calories burned, and resistance levels. In order to see your stats, you need to use your own device (tablet, iPad, phone, etc) on the handlebar.

What’s more? The echelon’s seat is not super comfortable but it can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. If you wear proper indoor cycling clothing, you should have a safe and comfortable indoor cycling workout. Especially indoor cycling shorts play a big deal in comfort and safety.

I had to change the pedals on this spin bike because they don’t have a cleat area so I couldn’t clip in my SPD shoes. If you also wear SPD or Look Delta shoes, you should consider getting a pair of dual-sided spin bike pedals but if you wear regular gym sneakers for indoor cycling, they are fine.

If you enjoy indoor cycling at home and end up buying one of these best spin bikes for under $500, I highly suggest considering using specific cycling shoes. They are safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.

Additional Information!

With a bike weight of nearly 90 lbs and the ability to support riders up to 300 lbs, this bike comes with a strong warranty (1 year) for its price class. It also comes with transport wheels, dimensions of 42″ (L) x 5.3″ (H) x 20″ (W), and overall adjustability to get your preferred positions.


  • Compactly designed with a covered flywheel for extra safety around kids
  • EX 15 indoor cycle has silent magnetic resistance and a quiet belt
  • It is stable and provides maximum support
  • The EX 15 synchs workout data to Bluetooth devices
  • Zwift, Peloton, Echelon, Kinomap, and Strava connection (via QZ)


  • There is no LCD/monitor built into this bike
  • The handlebars are not horizontally adjustable
  • Pedals are not SPD or Look Delta compatible
  • The saddle could have been more comfortable

3: Women’s Health Men’s Health Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

Womens mens health bike review

After trying the Women’s Health Men’s Health indoor cycling bike and comparing all that it has to offer, it was impossible not to add this WHMH to the best spin bikes under $500 buying guide. It is a powerful indoor cycling bike with a solid structure, belt drive, and a magnetic resistance system that ensures you can get a quiet and very stable workout.

It’s pretty quiet so you can use it about anywhere in the house without bothering others with annoying bike noise. I like that has magnetic resistance so I don’t have to do frequent maintenance but I wish it was electronically adjustable so it could automatically change resistance on Zwift and Peloton.

Women’s Health Men’s Health includes a convenient multi-control resistant (14 levels) knob that makes it easier to handle but sometimes I wished it was micro-adjustable. Instead of 14 levels if it had 25 or 30 levels, would have been great.

Talking of Zwift and Peloton, I wasn’t sure it was compatible with any of those applications because I thought it only works with MyCloudFitness (MCF) application. Then I found out I can connect the bike’s RPM, Speed, and Watt/Power to Zwift through the QZ application. Also, it connects to Peloton but only syncs the RPM and heart rate if you wear a chest strap or a heart rate monitor watch.

You would need to download the QZ on your phone, connect the bike to the app via Bluetooth and then connect your heart rate monitor to the app. At this point, you can see all your stats on the QZ app and then you can download the Zwift (or Peloton) on your tablet/iPad and connect both applications with each other. I wrote a detailed guide on how to use the QZ application that you can read on my site.

With that out of the way, if you want to use this indoor bike with the application of its brand (MCF), you don’t need the QZ application. I highly suggest trying the bike at least for a while with the QZ because it is more than just a bridge.

Now, let’s get back to the physical features of this top-rated indoor cycling bike for under $500. This Women’s Health Men’s Health also features a thickened frame as well as widened stabilizers to support the goal of having a stable spin workout session.

The design of the bike and the dual load-bearing tubes of the bike provides better support to make sure that the bike can comfortably bear your weight. It has one of the most generous warranties (5-year frame and 3 years parts) which confirms the bike’s quality. Normally spin bikes under 500 USD come with a 1-year warranty. Not that I needed to use the warranty while I was trying the bike for review but it gave me peace of mind.

Supporting up to 300 pounds and sturdy built also cooperate a lot in making the WHMH one of the best spin bikes under 500 dollars. This indoor cycling bike is built with a high-grade belt as well as a smooth press roller to enable the driving of the bike. In addition, it has a high-quality steel bearing that goes even further to provide support and stability as well as enable smooth cycling.

In terms of adjustment and handlebar design, they could have done better. I didn’t like to see the handlebar of WHMH spin bike can only be adjusted vertically but not horizontally. Also, the handlebars are too simple, there is no ergonomic curve, elbow rests, or drop bars. If you are from 5.1 to 6.3 feet tall, you should fit the bike as there are seven levels of adjustments on the handlebars to get your preferred height.

Honestly, in comparison, I liked the handlebars of Dmasun a little more. One thing I did like about the WHMH bike was the fact that they built the tablet holder away from the handgrip positions. It doesn’t block the handlebars and its height and angle are adjustable. I think Echelon, Dmasun, Bancon, and Merach should learn from this and make their indoor bikes with such types of tablet holders.

Now let me tell you a bit about the seat that comes with this indoor bike. Right out of the box, I liked the seat, it can be adjusted to four different horizontal positions and eight different vertical positions for a comfortable spin bike setup.

The quality of the seat is much better than the one that I got with the Finer Form bike. It has more padding and it’s supportive. I think for being one of the best indoor cycling bikes under $500, it has a good saddle.

But if you have narrow hips and inner thighs, you might have to change the seat and get a slimmer saddle for this indoor cycling bike because it’s a little wider than performance seats. Anyway, you don’t need to buy a seat now because seats are more subjective to the rider and his specific body shape.

I am sad to say but I think the q-factor on this exercise bike can be a deal breaker for semi-pro and pro riders because it’s too wide at 210mm. It’s a little similar to fat bikes and keeps your feet a little too far apart is fine if you are doing relaxed cycling but not really ideal for 40 minutes of mixed intervals indoor cycling workout and you are full power efficiency.

The pedals are simple with toe baskets and there is no cleat area to clip in SPD or Look shoes but if you wear regular sneakers for cycling they are just fine. The actual pedal thread is 9/16 which is pretty standard so if you want to swap them with a pair of dual-side spd or Look pedals, you can do it easily for as little as $40. I personally suggest changing the pedals and getting a pair of specific indoor cycling shoes to clip-in the pedals for safety and better pedal stroke.

Another reason I decided to review this bike as one of the best indoor bikes under 500 dollars is its workout data readings. Unlike Goplus and Dmasun which only provide your speed and distance, the WHMH stationary bike calculates your resistance level, cadence, watt, distance, and speed.

I am really happy that it gives so many details about my performance on the bike so I know how I am doing and where I should be working on. The approximate watt reading is also pretty unique as most indoor bikes under $500 USD don’t provide watts.

Just like the Echelon EX15 bike, this one also doesn’t unfortunate with a monitor/screen on the bike. So, the only way for you to see your riding progress is to use your tablet or phone to connect to the bike via Bluetooth.

Thanks to its dual front wheels and relatively compact structure, you can easily relocate the bike without needing to do any heavy lifting. If you’re looking to get one of the best spin bikes under 500, you just found one. It’s also often on offer so you might be able to get it for as little as $300. If its flywheel was more than 17 lbs, I think it would have been nicer but considering the magnetic resistance, it’s not a major factor.

Additional Information!

The sturdy and heavy-duty construction of Men & Women’s Health ensures that this bike can provide sufficient support to users of up to 300 lbs. The adjustability and dimensions (42.9L x 19.7W x 42.5H) of this bike allow riders to get maximum comfort with their preferred positions. The 90-pound weight of this bike contributes even more to its sturdiness, enabling it to provide better support for the rider’s weight.


  • It has Bluetooth technology to send out data to other apps
  • It is very sturdy and comes with an excellent warranty
  • This bike comes with multiple holders (device and bottle) to keep your items
  • Magnetic resistance and a belt-driven system
  • Tracks RPM, Speed and Watt


  • No monitor on the bike
  • Pedals are not dual-sided SPD
  • Handlebars are only vertically adjustable
  • Q-factor is wider than it should be

4: Yesoul Indoor Cycling Stationary Exercise Bike

Yesoul S3 bike review

When Yesoul S3 came out to the market, I wasn’t interested to be honest, but then decided to give it a shot and try to see if it stands the hype. After a couple of indoor cycling sessions, I realized it is one of the best exercise bikes under 500 USD that I have ever tried.

The build quality is quite good I would say but I guess if I was going to choose between this and the Echelon EX15, I would buy the Echelon EX15. The handlebars on the Yesoul S3 were my least favorite features to be honest.

They don’t adjust forward and backward which normally it’s not a huge deal but for Yesoul S3 it is a big deal because the Yesoul handlebars go a bit to the front when you set it to a higher level. If it was going up and down straight vertically like Echelon Ex15, it would have been acceptable.

I bought the Yesoul S3 because I needed to review the bike I think most people buy it instead of buying Echelon EX15 because of the price. It is often $200 cheaper than Echelon EX15 and still offers some really awesome features.

Now let’s get to some of the technical specs of this bike that are associated with its performance. With a 16 pounds flywheel and magnetic resistance, this Yesoul S3 bike offers sufficient resistance and is surely better calibrated than some other spinning bikes under $500.

I know its lightweight flywheel gives less inertia and resistance but it is also great for senior users and those with bad knees. It’s also good for high-cadence workouts with minimum knee impact.

As I said earlier, it doesn’t win with adjustability as the handlebars are only vertically customizable but users between 5.2 to 6.1″ tall could make it work.

The seat on the other hand is comfortable and supportive plus it is both vertically and horizontally adjustable, allowing the riders to get a better bike fit.

Let’s talk resistance and I gotta admit it’s pretty silent. Similar to all magnetic resistance spin bikes, this exercise bike under 500 also comes with a manually adjustable magnetic system and an emergency stop brake.

There are 100 levels, and its resistance is not electronically adjustable and can’t automatically change when you ride on Zwift or Peloton. But if that’s something you want too badly, you can buy an accessory called SmartSpin Shifter. You can attach it to the resistance and enjoy automatic resistance change.

However, I personally don’t recommend that because it cost $200 and can be buggy. So, if you want to spend $500, just go buy yourself an Echelon EX3 or even an Echelon EX1. Those bikes cost around $600-$700 and both have electronic resistance out of the box.

In comparison with Finer Form, this bike has one disadvantage and that is the lack of a console on the bike. But thankfully, it has Bluetooth sensors that track the workout and sends them directly to your smart devices (tablet, iPad, or phone).

I am pretty impressed with the feedback the bike provides. It’s more detailed than the Finer Form and of course more accurate. It keeps you motivated with cadence, estimated watt, and resistance level, speed, calories, and distance. Its tracking system ensures that you can accurately get all your information as you ride.

But the main reason Yesoul S3 is also one of the top exercise bikes under 500 is its open app connectivity. This bike can connect to Yesoul which has a free and paid versions, Kinomap, RGT, Zwift, and Peloton.

I used the QZ app to connect to Zwift. The process is pretty simple, the QZ app on my phone gets the data from the bike and then transfers it via Bluetooth to the Zwift on my iPad and Peloton.

On Zwift, you can connect, cadence, speed, and power so you will have all these data synced to Zwift. But on Peloton, it’s only Cadence and heart rate if you wear the armband heart rate monitor that comes free with this indoor training bike.

I also noticed that my Yesoul S3 was reporting way too high wattage because the bike doesn’t have direct watt powers. It gives an estimate of your watt based on your cadence and speed so it’s understandable to be a little off.

Thankfully there is an easy fix through the QZ application as you can use the “Zwift Gain” setting on the QZ application to 0.5. When connecting to Zwift make sure to link the power in order to get your cadence on the application.

If you want accurate power readings, you can buy a pair of power pedals but they cost a lot, even up to $1000 for a pair of power meters. So, if you are not a pro cyclist, I don’t think you need to go that route.

It also has an adjustable and properly built tablet holder. It’s another little feature that many of the top indoor cycling bikes under $500 I tried don’t come with. It’s not flat on the handlebars to block your grips.

Instead, it is correctly angled in front of me so I get a much better view of my table screen than the one on the Finer Form and Echelon Ex15.

Although there is no phone holder included, you can just buy a simple exercise bike phone holder that attaches to the handlebars and keep your phone as well as your tablet on the bike.

Additionally, it has two bottom wheels which are pretty standard for all the exercise bikes under 500 that I reviewed and compared in this article. They make the transportation of the bike from one location to another much easier.

As for the assembly, I have to admit, it was one of the easiest spin bike assemblies that I have done in the last ten years of reviewing spin bikes. It comes almost fully assembled, the only parts that you need to attach are feet, pedals, saddle, and handlebars.

As I mentioned earlier, the Yesoul S3 doesn’t have a Console and its resistance is manually adjustable via a knob so you don’t need to plug in the bike at all.

It uses a 1x3V Lithium Coin Cell (CR2477) battery to power up the Bluetooth sensors component located just above the flywheel. I didn’t need to replace it because I used the bike only a few times for review purposes.

But unfortunately, it’s something that you have to do from time to time if you use the bike more often. For changing the coin cell battery on the Yesoul S3, you have to remove the cover of the sensor. It’s really easy and also mentioned in the bike manual.

I suggest you buy a high-quality rechargeable CR2477 to minimize the cost. Also, remember that removing the battery and placing it back could sometimes help resolve connection issues.

I will wrap the review of Yesoul S3 spin bike with its pedals. They are basic pedals with toe cages, there is nothing special about them. They don’t have a cleating area so you can’t clip in cycling shoes. But the thread is 9/16 so you can quickly find indoor bike replacement pedals with cleating elements if it’s something you want.

Affordable and simple to use, Yesoul S3 should be one of your considerations if you are searching to buy a spin bike for under $500. Especially if you can’t afford the EX15 by Echelon. You can not go wrong with this bike (at least not until it is under $500).

Additional Information!

Yesoul indoor cycling bike comes with a user weight capacity of 260 lbs and a compact dimension of 40″ in length and 20″ in Width. It weighs 70 pounds so it’s nearly 30 pounds lighter than the Finer Form and therefore easier to move around the house.


  • Bluetooth technology and free workout videos on the app
  • It offers sufficient magnetic resistance for a challenging workout
  • Resistance level, watt, and RPM readings
  • Good tablet holder for devices up to 10″


  • There is no monitor with this bike
  • No SPD elements on the pedals
  • Handlebars are not comfortable or horizontally adjustable
  • Too much battery consumption

5: Bancon A5-S Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Bike

Bancon Zwift indoor bike

I listed the Bancon bike recently to my list of best exercise bikes under 500 because it has what it takes to be considered for this price point. It comes with a silent magnetic resistance system that combines with a belt drive to give you a smooth, noiseless ride. Apart from routine inspection, the drive-train does not need maintenance, which makes this bike a lot easier to own.

Although I like its smooth resistance, what I don’t like is the limited number of resistance levels. There are only 8 levels which is much fewer than the Echelon EX15 or Merach bike down below. Don’t get me wrong, it does have easy, medium, and challenging intensity. But I think it would have been better if it had up to 30 resistance levels so you could do micro-adjustment than jumping from easy to medium.

Its resistance is only manually adjustable and not electronically adjustable so I can’t have automatic resistance change when riding on Zwift or Peloton but that’s hard to expect and find in spin bikes under $500.

Now comes the part that I didn’t like much, the handlebars. It’s dipped which is good and allows good grips but there are only a few hand grip positions. There are no drop bars or Aero bars. Plus, the handlebars only adjust vertically and can’t be moved forward or backward.

So, even though the seat adjusts horizontally and vertically, some riders may not fit the bike comfortably, especially if they are shorter or taller than average. If you are between 5.2 to 6.1 feet, you should be able to fit this safely.

Unlike the Merach, this one doesn’t have bottle holders below the handlebars but it does have a media shelf that can fit any tablet size or a phone. You can’t fit two devices at the same time on the tablet holder but that’s an easy fix with a $10 bike phone holder.

Again, the design of the tablet is not impressive as it will cover the bike’s monitor if you place your tablet on the bike.

It has a 35 lbs heavy-weight flywheel that makes sure you have a splendid experience, and its belt drives ensure a smooth, noiseless ride.

Although the pedals are basic with no SPD elements, they have the standard 9/16″ thread so the spin bike spd pedals are widely available if you want to use your indoor cycling shoes. The pedals that come with the bike are good quality and keep your feet relaxed and secure even during intense spinning exercises.

Its digital monitor is not backlit and I had a hard time seeing stats in the dark but with a light on you can see the feedback. It provides feedback on RPM, resistance, watt, speed, time, calories, distance, and scan.

Its Bluetooth sends all the stats to several applications including Zwift, Kinomap, and even Peloton if you connect the bike to the QZ application. If you decide to use the QZ which is an excellent application, make sure to contact Roberto, the developer, and ask him to add the Bancon to his app.

Additional Information!

Bancon exercise bike provides adequate support to users weighing up to 300 lbs. With dimensions of 40.94 inches x 21.26 inches, Bancon weighs 70 pounds. The compact dimensions plus lightweight and transport wheels make it really easy to move around the house.


  • Magnetic resistance and belt drive system
  • Relatively heavy flywheel
  • Bluetooth technology and Zwift connectivity
  • Cadence, resistance level, speed, and estimated watt readings


  • The handlebars are only vertically adjustable
  • No MTB/SPD elements on the pedals to clip-in cycling shoes
  • The seat is not breathable or ergonomically designed
  • A tablet or phone would cover the bike’s screen

6: Dmasun Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

DMASUN indoor cycling bike review

I tried the Damson exercise bike a couple of years ago when they released the very first version. It was nothing special and had a few flaws including noisy friction resistance and wobbling handlebars.

After a couple of indoor cycling sessions at home, back then I decided not to review and compare the best spin bikes under $500. But two years later in 2021, Damson removed that bike from the market and replaced it with the magnetic version and improved handlebar posts.

In 2022, they went ahead and improved the overall quality even further. They added an extra padded foam saddle, better quality adjustment knobs, and a much better seat-slider which was always an issue in the past.

To make the story short, Dmasun indoor bike has been improved a lot since it came to the market in 2019. In 2024, without any doubt, I am recommending this indoor cycling bike as one of the best options under $500.

The Dmasun magnetic resistance bike provides excellent performance that makes it one of the very best indoor bikes under 500. Its quiet belt drive system ensures that you can enjoy an indoor cycling workout without annoying noise or frequent maintenance.

It comes with a manually adjustable magnetic resistance so you can choose between easy high-cadence cycling sessions or high-resistance spin workouts to get your heart rate up.

You can increase resistance into its 40 lbs flywheel through the magnetic system to help you gain maximum benefits. It’s much smoother and has less maintenance than friction resistance.

Unfortunately, the resistance is only manually adjustable and there is no motor or electronic involved. So, you can’t set the bike to change resistance level automatically but that’s the case for all the best indoor bikes under 500 that I reviewed and compared here in this article.

If you want to make its resistance automatic, you can buy a SmartSpin2 accessory. It costs around $200 and does allow automatic resistance change with Zwift and Peloton if you connect it through the QZ application.

The one place that Dmasun hasn’t improved in the last couple of years is the monitor. It still comes with a super basic and dark digital monitor that doesn’t track cadence, watt, and resistance level.

It only provides feedback on cycling time, distance, speed, calories burned, and pulse. There is no Bluetooth or wireless heart rate armband connectivity.

And because there is no Bluetooth connectivity, you can’t connect the bike to indoor cycling applications like Zwift or Peloton. It’s a pity that such a quality bike still comes with an outdated wired screen.

If you are into online cycling classes and like to track and save your daily workouts, I suggest that you buy an EX15, Merach, Bancon, or WHMH indoor bike. They all have Bluetooth sensors for online cycling.

Or, if you perfect the Damson bike because of its handlebars and heavy flywheel, you can buy a pair of cadence and speed sensors and attach them to the bike’s flywheel and crank arm. This way you should be able to connect your speed and cadence to the Zwift app.

As for moving the bike from one place to another, I had no problem. It’s a compact portable home-spinning bike that comes with transport wheels. Later I will talk more about the actual dimensions and the weight of this indoor bike.

As for extras, the Dmasun bike does have everything expected for an indoor bike under $500. It has a water bottle and a tablet holder that you can keep your tablet and watch online spin bike classes or Netflix shows while cycling.

It’s good that it has a tablet holder but I personally didn’t like it because its angle is not adjustable so when you adjust the seat lower, you don’t get a good view of the screen. I preferred the tablet holder on the Yesoul S3 bike and WHMH bike because I could adjust the angle of the screen.

There is no phone holder on the bike thought therefore you will have to buy one separately if you like to keep your phone and tablet on the bike at the same time.

The pedals that come with the Dmasun bike are basic compared to the Finer Form bike pedals. They only have toe cages and there are Clip-in elements for using indoor cycling shoes.

So, you will have to replace the pedals if you want to use specific indoor cycling shoes instead of regular gym shoes. Thankfully it’s easily resolvable because the pedals are 9/16 and they are widely available for as little as $30.

Now comes one of the parts that I love the most about Dmasun, the handlebars. Unlike any other spin bike under $500, that I reviewed for this article, Dmasun handlebars have well-designed handlebars.

They have different hand grip positions in addition to drop bars. They are also dipped so your hands don’t slip and you can have a good grip. Although it is vertically adjustable unfortunately it’s not horizontally adjustable to achieve a better indoor bike fit.

But in the case of Dmasun the lack of horizontal adjustment is not a huge deal, unlike Yesoul bike. It’s mainly because Dmasun handlebars adjust straight up and down like an “I” rather than 20% angle like a “V”.

So, basically, the handlebar adjustment is not a deal breaker if you are between 5 to 6.3 feet tall. But if you are shorter or taller than the mentioned height, you will need to consider different spin bikes under $500.

Last but not least is the seat of Dmasun that contributes in making this bike one of the best indoor bikes under 500. The seat is very comfortable and adjustable so you can get into your preferred position.

I tried Dmasun indoor bike for a few days without padded indoor cycling shorts and I didn’t get saddle sore but was way more comfortable when I used padded spinning bike shorts. So, I highly suggest that you also invest a little bit in proper indoor cycling clothing to avoid chafing and painful blisters.

Additional Information!

Dmasun comes with a user weight of up to 330 lbs, and with its overall dimensions of 41L x 21.26W x 47H and easy adjustability, riders can get maximum comfort with their choice positions. Also, with a weight of up to 95 lbs, the sturdy construction of this bike ensures that it can provide maximum weight support to riders.


  • Comfortable seat and drop handlebars
  • Dmasun provides smooth and quiet spinning workouts
  • The 40 lb flywheel is heavy and the overall construction is sturdy
  • The seat slider and adjustment knobs have been improved a lot


  • Handlebars are not fore/aft adjustable
  • No RPM reading and no backlit on the monitor
  • There is no SPD elements on the pedals

7: Merach Indoor Cycling Stationary Spin Bike

Merach indoor bike

An 18 lbs flywheel bike that helps you to get all the intensity you need during your cardio workout. Like the other indoor bikes under 500 USD on this list, this Merach indoor cycling bike comes with an adjustable seat that you can move either vertically or horizontally.

The seat is built for comfort and it’s not for high-performance indoor cycling workouts. I found it to be wide but it does provide you with maximum comfort for a semi-relaxed cardio workout. If you prefer a narrower saddle, you can get an indoor bike replacement seat and easily swap them.

Although the seat adjusts vertically and horizontally, Its handlebars can only be adjusted vertically. Unfortunately, there is no horizontal adjustment for the handlebars so shorter riders may not be able to set up the bike perfectly for their heights.

Featuring a dipped handlebar (no cheap covers) contributes to making it one of the best indoor cycling bikes under 500. In addition, Merach includes a tablet holder to keep your devices in place as well as built-in water bottle holders to help keep your water right by your side.

If you use your tablet on the bike, there is no room for a phone so you might need to separately buy a phone holder to attach to the handlebars. I used a few indoor bike phone holders, you can see if you like any of them.

This indoor bike comes with cage pedals to keep your feet comfortable. They are not SPD or Look Delta but the bike has 9/16 pedals thread so you can replace them without any problem. That’s if you like to clip into the pedals with specific indoor cycling shoes, otherwise, the bike’s pedals are just fine for regular sneakers.

This Merach also has a magnetic resistance system which is one of the reasons I wanted to try it and added in the best spin bikes lists under $500. There are 100 levels and the actual resistance is displayed on the Merach application. It’s not electronic so you can’t do Zwift automatic resistance with the bike but it’s manually adjustable and gives plenty of challenge.

Just the other indoor bikes I reviewed and added to this list, this one also has the belt-drive for transmission which is better than a chain drive. It is very smooth and quiet so I can ride the bike when everyone is sleeping or relaxing without annoying anyone.

Unfortunately, this bike doesn’t have a monitor/screen. However, it has Bluetooth sensors that send your progress to ios and Android devices. So, you can use your phone or tablet to connect to the bike and see your RPM, resistance level, speed, time, calories, and distance. The sensors work with 2 AAA batteries which are included with the bike.

Now, one thing that makes Merach one of the best spin bikes under $500 is its open-source Bluetooth protocol that connects with all the major applications including Zwift, Merach, and Kinomap. It sends an estimate of power, speed, and cadence to the indoor cycling applications I mentioned. So, you can enjoy longer and more interesting indoor cycling workouts without getting bored.

Here is something really important for people who have small kids at home. The flywheel on this indoor bike is fully covered which means all the sharp edges of the metal flywheel are hidden. So, your kids are safer around this bike than Dmasun and other indoor bikes that don’t have a covered flywheel.

I know it’s not a factor for people who don’t have small children or have a specific home gym where kids are not allowed to play but for some of us with kids, a covered flywheel is a buying factor.

Additional Information!

Merach comes in a sturdy construction that ensures it can support users of up to 280 lbs. I am 5.5 and can adjust the bike without any problem. There is a bit more room for shorter people and taller people. I would say you can comfortably fit the bike if you are anywhere from 5.2 to 6 feet tall. It also has dimensions of 46”L x 21”W as well as a bike weight of 73 lbs so it is not too difficult to move the bike around the house after use.


  • It comes with magnetic resistance and a belt-driven system
  • Its flywheel is fully covered
  • Affordable price range
  • Bluetooth connection and Zwift compatibility
  • RPM, speed, and resistance readings
  • There is the tablet and two bottle holders


  • No digital display is on the bike
  • Handlebars are only vertically adjustable
  • 18 Lb lightweight flywheel

8: Goplus Magnetic Belt Drive Spin Bike Under $500

Goplus magnetic exercise bike review

Here’s another top indoor cycling bike under 500 that offers solid magnetic resistance and a 30lbs flywheel. Equipped with an LCD screen, this spin bike for home makes it easy for you to give you real-time feedback on your speed, duration, heart rate, calories, and distance. Its ergonomic design ensures that you get maximum ease and comfort as you exercise.

To ensure even more comfort, the seat of this exercise bike can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. Additionally, its handlebar can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally to ensure a better spin bike setup. So, you can easily get your preferred positions for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Also, listed as one of our best belt drive magnetic spin bikes, Goplus comes in a sturdy, steady construction that can support a rider up to 300 lbs. Helping you quickly burn fat, strengthen your heart, and build core muscles, Goplus has a plastic dip handle that includes in three positions that help you get different cycling modes.

Definitely one of the top indoor cycling bikes under 500, Goplus also provides maximum stability and support. This is an affordable bike so, if you’re looking to get an indoor cycling bike under 500, it is an excellent option. With this top indoor cycling bike under 500, you don’t even need to carry out frequent maintenance as it is designed to be strong and durable.

Additional Information!

Goplus is capable of supporting a user weighing up to 300 lbs and 5 ft – 6.5 ft height. With dimensions of 49.5″ x 21.5″ x 48.5″ (L x W x H), this bike weighing 85 lbs also provides adjustability for maximum ease.


  • This top indoor cycling bike under 500 is low-maintenance
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • Goplus provides you with feedback on your workout
  • The seat and handlebars can be adjusted to suit your preferences


  • There is no RPM readings or backlit on the monitor
  • Pedals come without the SPD elements

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do spin bikes really do?

A: Spin bikes are made specifically to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. They are the perfect alternative for ugly rough days that you can’t get on the road. Also, indoor bikes are great alternatives for high-impact exercises such as running. You can use them with weights to do a full-body workout while focusing on major muscles like the calves, thighs, hips, abs, and shoulders. These help you to burn lots of calories.

Q: Are spin bikes noisy?

A: Spin bikes are generally not noisy, especially the ones we listed in this best spin bike under 500 reviews. Mostly, they are near silent bikes, even though they are not completely silent. Also, they come with different levels of noise/ silence depending on the type of resistance and drive transmission.

Q: How long does a spin bike session last?

A: It’s barely ever necessary to ride an indoor bike beyond 45-50 minutes. But, they can last for up to 90 minutes depending on your intensity, age, and how you feel in general. Note: We don’t recommend using spin bikes for more than 60 minutes on a daily basis. This should be enough to help you lose 500 to 800 calories.

Q: Can you ride a stationary bike every day?

A: You can use a stationary bike for aerobic exercises, no matter the weather. You can also safely use a stationary bike every day. But in general, it is always good to give your body at least one day of recovery.

Q: Is it better to have a heavier flywheel?

A: Yes. For indoor cycling bikes under $1500 a heavier flywheel helps you get a more natural and smooth riding motion, which delivers an overall better experience. For spinning bikes under $500, look for the bikes that come with at least 30 lbs flywheel to give maximum benefits and a better riding experience.

Guide to Help You Find the Best Spin Bike Under $500

Reading spin bike reviews under 500 is definitely a good way to find out which are the best spin bikes to buy under 500 because you know what to look for in this price tag. You might also want to consider where to buy a spin bike and how much a spin bike shipping costs (especially if you’re on a budget). There are other important factors to consider when buying an indoor fitness bike. So, if you’re considering getting a spinning bike at home under $500, here are some factors to keep in mind:

Drive system: Spin bikes under $300 and $500 come in many different types. While some of these bikes have chain drive systems, others have belt drive systems. Belt-drive bikes are typically quieter and they also require a lot less maintenance. So, if silence matters more to you, you might want to go for the belt drive. But if you want better power efficiency and you don’t mind doing maintenance, go for the chain drive indoor cycling bikes for under $500. Unlike belts, the chainrings don’t slip under high resistant spinning workouts so full power transfers to the flywheel.

Resistance system: There are magnetic and friction resistance for you to choose from when searching for spin bikes under $500. The magnetic resistance system is a lot less noisy than the wool or leather friction mechanism. Even though the magnetic system is actually more expensive, if you would love to ride without the noise, this should be your best bet. Almost all the best spin bikes we have reviewed come with magnetic resistance.

Convenience: Consider your comfort when choosing a spinning bike under $500. You’re probably going to be using this indoor bike for a long time, so you want something that gives you maximum comfort. Ensure that the seat is comfortable enough for you to sit on and also ventilated enough to make the ride easy. Additionally, look for indoor cycling bikes under $500 that come with fully adjustable handlebars so you can set up your spin bike properly. Generally, the design and the features of the spin bike are important, and you should make sure to look at things like the location of bottle holders, tablet holders, and all the other components to make sure that they suit your taste and need.

Durability: You’re going to be riding this exercise bike a decent number of times every week, so you surely want something that can survive all of that pressure. Make sure that your bike is designed sturdy and durable enough to stay with you for a very long time, even in the face of constant use. You don’t want to have to replace your spinning bike every other month or so.

Weight of the flywheel: The weight of your bike’s flywheel plays a very important role in your overall experience. The higher the weight of the bike, the more resistance you can get for a smooth ride. It is the flywheel mechanism that mimics the experience of a real bike, so if you want it better, get a heavier flywheel. An ideal flywheel should weigh at least 30 lbs.


If you’re looking to get a top-rated spin bike under $500, you should consider the above-reviewed indoor bikes. Using years of experience dealing with spin bikes, we have picked the top spin bikes under $500 to help you to achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals. You can use them to do a full-body workout and burn calories as you focus on major muscles like the hips, calves, abs, thighs, and shoulders. The best part is that unlike a rowing machine or some other exercise machines, spin bikes are almost noiseless, especially if you buy a magnetic one. If you’re looking to burn calories and achieve your fitness goals, consider buying a spin bike today.

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Best Spin Bikes Under $500

Getting a good spin bike is very essential to your fitness journey. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, training for a race, or just building endurance, spin bikes are just the thing for you. If you’re on a budget, getting an affordable spin bike under $500 can still serve the purpose just well if you find the best options. I have spent months trying, reviewing, and comparing many indoor cycling bikes to finalize this list of the best spin bikes under 500 US Dollars in 2024. They all come with magnetic resistance, quiet belt-driven systems, and sturdy structures.

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