Indoor Cycling Clothing

A spin bike looks very different from an upright or recumbent bike, so it only makes sense that the rider would, too. There’s no law against wearing a gym or baggy hiking shorts when you ride on a spin bike.

But with no doubt, you’ll enjoy time on your spin bike a lot more if you have clothing and protective gear that fits what, how, where and which season you ride.

Protection, as well as comfort, are the keys. Whether you do a low-intensity spinning or a high-intensity interval training, you’ll want coverage to protect you from the hazards of chaffing, bike parts, and slipping off the bike pedal.

This category includes some things to consider as you decide what clothing goes into your indoor cycling bike gear closet. While the spinning gears listed below cost very little, they bring a huge deal of comfort into your indoor cycling workouts.

What to Wear For Indoor Spinning:

Spinning Socks:

A pair of athletic running socks would be perfect for indoor cycling as they offer a supportive fit that’s ultra-comfortable. Made of moisture-wicking technology, indoor cycling socks help to keep the sweat away from the feet, stay dry and cool during a cycling session.

Some of the features and performance of top indoor cycling socks include; tab of the heel which supplies extra comfort & protection, no more blisters and prevents the sock from slipping.

Additionally, they feature breathable mesh panels which reduces heat, for better ventilation, reinforced heel and toe for durability in high-wear areas, arch elastic to provide support and stability for a perfect fit and sufficient cushioning for optimal shock absorption and protection, absorbs impact and reduces friction.

Note: Cycling socks are also great for running, workout, walking, gym, tennis, hiking, trekking, work, triathlon, competition, marathon, traveling, trip, golf, outdoor activities, etc.

Indoor Cycling Footwear:

Cycling like every other type of spinning apparel, there are women and men spinning shoes. Best cycling shoe offers specific perfection for road biking, spin class, commuting, or fitness riding.

They are specifically designed to offer riders maximum comfort and power transfer, assuring more riding efficiency. But more importantly, they are designed to make sure your feet always remain on the pedal and don’t slip off, even during high intensity out of the saddle spin workouts.

One thing to look for before buying indoor cycling shoes is the pedal compatibility: Your first consideration is compatibility with the type of pedal system your bike has.

Most indoor cycling bikes come with SPD pedals so you would need to buy a pair of SPD shoes. There are also SPD-SL pedals but it is very rare for a spin bike to come with those.

Thankfully, now, you can also get shoes that work now with both platform pedals and can accept SPD cleats as well as SPD-SL cleats. In fact, some of the best spin bike shoes are designed to fit all standard spin shoe cleats, including Shimano SPD, SPD-SL, Look, and Speedplay, which is perfect for road riders and spin classes.

Note: If you are buying the clipless shoes for indoor use, you can ignore the waterproof protection features but if you also want to use them outdoors in the wet, cold conditions look at shoes with waterproof liners. Another option is to buy a pair of shoe covers.

Spinning Jerseys:

Generally, spin bike jerseys don’t differ too much from road and mountain bike styles. In order to efficiently wick away sweat and to eliminate chafing, they will be close-fitting, and perhaps a bit tighter than mountain-bike jerseys.

Cycling jerseys feature a zipper that goes all the way down so you can easily take them off when your ride is over. The material itself is very light and soft which makes it moisture-wicking and breathable.

Unlike regular shirts, in the bottom, they have elastic bands and a rubber coating so that it stays in place during your spin workout. Overall, these indoor cycling shirts help keep you cool, and comfortable and they perfectly fit your body. They are also very much affordable.

Short sleeves are good for summer rides but for winter, depending on the temperature of your room, you may want to consider long sleeves as they provide additional coverage to keep you warm.

Note: For indoor bikes with media shelf, Jerseys with rear pockets are not a must. For spin bikes without device holders, pockets are handy for stashing keys, phone, etc.

Spin Bike Short and Padding:

Spinning bike shorts offer stretch for easy leg movement and a padded crotch liner to reduce friction and wick moisture. For indoor cycling, you can wear road cycling short as well as baggy mountain biking shorts.

However, if you are highly heating intolerant, we suggest you consider padded cycling underwear as they are thinner and extra breathable.

For indoor cycling, aerodynamics is rarely a concern, so your shorts can have a baggy fit. However, if you do pro or intense cycling workouts, you’ll likely choose cycling shorts that are tighter fitting because they provide muscle support.

Some features to look for women and mens padded cycling shorts are; high-quality gel padding to alleviate discomfort when active, wide power-band for leg-grippers instead of narrow silicone band grippers to stop them from riding up.

Also, try to look for breathable wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry when riding indoors. Lastly, search for short with multiple panels and wide waistband as they help to prevent cycling shorts from bunching or riding.

Note: Spinning baggy shorts feature sturdier fabrics, multiple pockets and they are also less revealing so you can also use them for commuting.

Sweatband for Men and Women:

Working out is a global phenomenon that’ll never go out of style. We all like to add workouts in our daily schedules, and we all want to look good doing it and feel comfortable.

Well, having salty sweat dripping into your hair and eyes definitely is nor trending neither a pleasant. Especially when you are trying to push your limits and do that last few minutes of HIIT.

With a good sweatband, you can exercise without worrying about your hair or sweat getting in your face. These highly affordable headband feature moisture-wicking technology so it’ll last you all workout without feeling soaked.

The best ones feature specially blended material that dries faster than regular sweatbands, so all you need to instantly dry is ring it out and it’s good as new.

These exercise sweat bands are suitable for pretty much any activity; from an intense session of Pilates or a 50-minute long Spinning class to biking or taking a long hike on a sunny day.


If you are thinking of stepping into the spinning world, do your research. Maybe take a few spinning classes, to get a feel for the bike and the type of workout it offers.

If you are still not sure, ask us about spin bikes, spinning clothing, accessories and the features we like and don’t like. Check online for spin bike reviews and make your choices based on your own personal needs and preferences but more importantly, based on the features and value of the actual bikes.

Take your time, and find out all the information you can about your new spin bike clothing and apparel. Hopefully, you find the perfect products to keep you fit, comfortable and take you spinning into the next level.

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