IC7 spin bike review – Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle

Hands down the Life Fitness IC7 spin bike is one of the best indoor cycles in the range of $2500-$3000 in the entire indoor cycling market. It’s a multiple award-winning commercial quality indoor cycle that provides the maximum user comfort and precise Watt rate power meter.

Life Fitness once again proved that they are specialized in revolutionizing the indoor fitness equipment. Although Life Fitness IC7 and the Matrix IC7 are from two different leading Fitness industry brands, they are identical and almost have the same features.

If you have been waiting for that ultimate life-lasting indoor cycle, get ready to be introduced to one. Matrix spin bike IC7 is built beyond a rider’s expectation. The true road biking feeling inside your living room with the most advanced technology is now possible.

Have you been waiting for an elegant sexy professional cycle to reward the look of your house? Or wanted to have a safe indoor cycle so the children stay safe playing around it?

Well, no more waiting because that dream is now a reality, the ultimate indoor cycle is finally in the market. If you want to know why ICG Series IC7 spin bike is the best indoor cycle on the whole market, keep reading our ultimate Life Fitness IC7 indoor bike review.

Life Fitness LifeFitness IC6 Indoor Cycling Bike with MyRide Console, only for $2200. With MyRide console, this bike is normally $2900.

To help you easily navigate through our ultimate Life Fitness IC7 exercise bike review, we have created a table content below:

IC7 bike frame

It’s nor straight neither V, it’s more like a U Shape. The frame is made of stainless steel for protection against corrosion and sweat but that’s not it. The whole frame is covered with a super-durable plastic cover for further protection. The black cover gives a professional look and adds decades to the life of this indoor cycle. It’s also good for safety if you have children in the house.

We know kids love to stick their fingers everywhere and most indoor cycles have many places for that. However, IC7 spin bike frame and mechanism are fully covered to eliminate the chance of sweat getting on the machine and of children hurting themselves.

Unlike any other indoor cycle, the frame is NOT steeped in the mechanism of the bike, the middle frame bar has 20 degrees toward the front of the bike. Therefore, when you sweat, the fluid goes toward the front of the bike and away from the drive.

The handlebars and seat post of the ICG IC7 bike
ic7 life fitness indoor cycle

ICG Series IC7 spin bike features revolutionary handlebars and seat. They are fully adjustable like most other indoor bikes but what makes them special is the gas-assisted posts. You no longer have to get off the bike to adjust the handlebars or seat vertically. Because on IC7 the gas smoothly pushes the post up when you pull the lever.

This makes the adjustment much easier for cyclists. You can adjust the seat and handlebars horizontally with a turn of a knob. The sliders are all marked so that you can easily find your preferred adjustment measures. The marks on the posts are very helpful, especially for the bikes used
by multiple users. The ergonomic shape of the handlebars allows for all the cycling grips. On both sides of the handlebars, there is elbow rests for the highest comfort during the aero position.

Life Fitness IC7 bike seat

ICG Series IC7 spin bike features one of the most professionally designed seats. The seat is durable and built for comfort. In the middle of the seat, there is the ventilation area to prevent the rider from overheating.


Like all the high-end indoor cycles the Life Fitness IC& spin bike has smooth and quiet magnetic resistance. Although, the resistance level makes it special. The 300-degree magnetic resistance offers adjustment from 0 to 300 knob twist.

The knob has 100 clicks and each click is one resistance level. Unlike other cycling knobs where you don’t have the click and just turn the knob for easy and difficult tensions. For an easier understanding of the tension, the highly precise resistance level is shown on the LCD in percentage.
Note: For emergency brake, you can push the dial to stop the flywheel.

Drive mechanism
matrix ic7 spin bike review

Just like a car engine, it features a durable belt which makes the bike super quiet, smooth and maintenance-free. The thick and strong Toothed poly-V belt on this indoor cycle allows you to exercise for years before having to change or adjusting the drive.

The adjustment is also very easy, on the small pulley there is a small Allen bolt. You can loosen the screw, pull or push the pulley to adjust the belt. The single belt drive combined with big and small pulleys was originally seen on Keiser indoor cycles and was very successful.


The weight of the flywheel is not disclosed but it’s not a factor when the bike features magnetic resistance with single belt drive combined with small and big pullies. The flywheel on this bike is anywhere between 8-15 lbs. Again, everything you heard about the flywheel is not relevant to this mechanism.

You can rest assured that with IC7 indoor cycle you will have the most natural and closest to real outdoor cycling experience. It also a safety guard all around the flywheel for better protection.

Pedal and Crankarms

IC7 indoor cycle features dual-sided spd pedals for cycling shoes and heavy-duty durable cranks. Life Fitness bike’s frame and the parts are high quality and can take up to 330-lbs user weight. The crank arms are wider than most indoor cycles to ensure greater durability. They can support user weight during all cycling positions.


life fitness bike ic7 review

This is the information shown on the LCD: RPMs, calories burned, distance, heart rate, resistance level, watts, training zone/watt rate, and heart rate, maximum and average performance values and the feedback of the user’s time in each training zone.

The LCD is fully colored, has touch-sensor buttons and is super easy to read. Before starting the ride, you need to click on the profile button at the bottom of the console and enter your mode settings, gender, weight, age and weekly hours of cycling.

The bright full-color screen is self-powered which means you don’t need to change batteries every week. This indoor cycle captures the rider’s energy through a compact generator at the flywheel and recharges the bike’s integrated Lithium Polymer Battery.

The console displays five different training intensities in different colors. When the screen is white, it means you are riding very light, blue means light, green means moderate, yellow very hard and red maximum exercise level. So, depending on which level you exercise, the color on the screen changes and it plays the role of a coach for the rider. The color of the screen is also visible in front of the bike of the instructors to monitor the student’s performance.


The IC7 spin bike features Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ technology and can be connected to Android and iOs devices. There are several apps you can sign up to and create your own profile to save your daily workout data.

The ICG training APP allows you to create your custom workouts, send workouts to your friends and receive theirs, or even select a workout based on intensity. The Bluetooth feature also allows the rider to connect with other cyclists, share workouts and compete online.

Heart rate monitor

The bike picks the heart rate through the wireless chest strap (ANT+, BLE, and analog belts). Although, it’s not included and needs to be purchased separately.


IC7 indoor cycle includes the industry-leading Q-factor. What’s the Q-factor, you wonder? Simply the distance between your feet when sitting on the bike. The bigger the Q-factor, the more pressure on the lower body joints because ankles and knees can’t align with each other. The IC7 has 155mm Q-Factor, which makes you feel like you’re on a real bike, increasing safety, comfort, and efficiency in every pedal stroke.

MyRide VX- Tablet

If you want to add more excitement and options to this award-winning indoor cycle, you can purchase the MyRide VX- Tablet and the three APPs mentioned below are included in the purchase (while the tablet bracket mount is not included and you need to buy it separately):

  • Myride® Tablet
  • Myride® World View App
  • Myride® Studio Coach App
  • Myride® Tour Coach App
  • Myride® Tablet mount

Specifications of MYRIDE® VX – TABLET

  • Display size: 10.1″
  • Display type: HD multi-touch display
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1200
  • Server connection: WiFi
  • Operating system: Android Customized
  • Power source: 110-220v AC input for USB Charger
  • Weight: 580g
  • Warranty: 3 years

Specifications of MYRIDE® VX – Handlebar tablet bracket mount

  • Compatibility: IC5, IC6, and IC7 indoor cycles
  • Viewing angle: Adjustable
  • Audio Connection: 3.5mm output
  • Weight: 190g
  • Warranty 3 Years

Assembly of IC7 spin bike

This indoor cycle requires assembly and if you are not good with the tools, we recommend you spend an extra $90 and have it assembled by a professional.


There isn’t much to say about this as the bike is complete. You will receive everything you need to start riding and exercising. The IC7 indoor cycle has two water bottle holders located on the handlebars and very easy to reach. However, you can use one of the holders for your phone.

Life Fitness bike IC7 has adjustable foot levelers to prevent the bike from rocking and also from scratching the surface. However, to protect your surface from the sweat, I suggest you invest in an extra $30 for a cycling mat.


  • Structural frame – 5 years
  • Mechanical components – 3 years
  • Other parts – 1 year
  • Labor – 1 year

Transport wheels, max user weight and feet:

  • Life Fitness ic7 bike has two tall and durable transport wheels for easy portability
  • The 4 feet of the bike is adjustable for better stability on uneven floors
  • IC7 indoor cycle Maximum user weight is 330-lb


  • L 53″
  • W 20.5″
  • H 40.2″

Most Favorites:

  • Fully covered frame and parts for protection and safety
  • 100 Resistance levels adjustment
  • Easy gas-assisted handlebars and seat aluminum posts
  • Self-powered
  • Bright LCD display
  • The console has built-in coach by color
  • 4-way adjustable Ergo formed multi-position soft PVC handlebars
  • 4-way adjustable unisex padded sport saddle
  • Dual integrated bottle holders on handlebar
  • 2-Stage Hybrid poly-V and Toothed belt drive
  • Elbow rests on the handlebars
  • Compatible with Myride tablet and apps
  • Bluetooth & ANT+
  • Customizable programs
  • Long Warranty
  • Dual-sided SPD pedals & toe cages
  • The shape of the frame gets the sweat away from the drive system
  • Small q-factor. 155mm
  • Commercial quality

Least Favorites:

  • The elbow rest is not comfortable
  • The handlebars don’t have the race grips

You think Life Fitness IC7 spin bike is expensive? Check out the Life Fitness IC5 or IC4 cycling bikes.

9.9 Total Score

Matrix IC7 features the latest technology for indoor cycling on the market. Built by a global leader, the Life Fitness, this indoor cycle lacks nothing and offers a great workout. Matrix IC7 has Bluetooth BLE and ANT+ connection capability and features Coach by Color which keeps you entertained and on the right track to reach your target

Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle
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