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YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Review

The Yosuda indoor cycling bikes stationary are mid-range home use bikes equipped with maintenance free belt driven technology for an extraordinary quiet and smooth workout experience.

Though, these Yosuda cycling bike trainers were released in 2018 which is relatively recent compared to many other exercise bike, they already managed to become Amazon’s some of the best seller and highly-rated spin bikes under $500.

The Yosuda Fitness has only three indoor cycling bikes and not only one but both of these Yosuda spin bikes are best buys and rated higher than 90% of other indoor bikes on the market.

Some of the very good features of Yosuda bike include quiet and durable wool felt pad resistance, no-slip aluminium alloy pedals, ergonomically designed 4-way adjustable seat for extra support and inertia-enhanced heavy flywheels for enjoyable smooth rides.

But even more importantly, the Yosuda indoor cycling bikes feature an industry leading q-factors. With 177 mm q-factor, the Yosuda indoor exercise bike eliminates the stress and impact from knees and ankles. I will talk more in depth about the q-factor below this Yosuda exercise bike reviews.

In this Yosuda indoor cycling bike review I am going to cover the “YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Exercise Bike with Belt Drive (L-007)” and the “YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Cycle Bike with iPad Mount (L-001A)”.

In addition to an in-depth Yosuda spin bike reviews, you will also find the comparison table for Yosuda exercise bike down below. This way it is going to be easier for you to decide which one of these Yosuda stationary bikes to buy.

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Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Comparison

Comparison Table For The Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bikes
Name & RankVerdictAlternativeResistanceHandlebarsComputerQ-FactorFlywheel
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Exercise Bike with Belt Drive (L-010)Good ValueFor under 400, good valueMagnetic Resistance4 Way AdjustableRPM, Speed, Calories, Time, Odometer177 MM
Toe Caged
40 Pounds
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Exercise Bike with Belt Drive (L-007)OverpricedDMASUN is a better alternative for this priceFelt-Pad
2 Way AdjustableCalories, Time, Odometer, Speed177 MM
Toe Caged
40 Pounds
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Cycle Bike with Ipad Mount (L-001A)OverpricedDMASUN is a better alternative for this priceFelt-Pad
2 Way AdjustableCalories, Time, Odometer, Speed177 MM
Toe Caged
35 Pounds

1. YOSUDA L-010 Stationary Indoor Cycling Bike

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3 used from $366.29
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as of December 4, 2023 7:00 pm

We Only Recommend This Model of YOSUDA Indoor Bike (Under 400)

In last 2021 the company has finally decided to talk to Chinese supplier and as for the magnetic resistance version of their famous spin bike which I think is a good value piece of indoor exercise equipment as long as it stays under $400 price range.

But if they do decide to increase the price for this Yosuda indoor bike, you should know that there are better quality spin bikes such as Echelon EX15 to consider.

In terms of built, it’s pretty much similar to Yosuda L007 indoor cycle with a few nice improvement. This model comes with fully (up, down, forward, and backward) adjustable handlebars which was missing on the older model (L-007 listed below).

It allows for better bike fitting and is always a good thing to have on a spin bike as everyone in the family can comfortably and safely fit and use the spin bike. On top of that, this new model comes with fixing nuts to make sure the pedals don’t fall which was a major safety hazard and complaint on the other older model.

And on top of that, this Yosuda exercise bike also has a better iPad holder that stays out of the way and doesn’t block the handlebars so you have more freedom of movement and more places to change your grips and reduce hand numbness during indoor cycling.

But those are not the only improvement Yosuda brought on their new indoor bike. They also replaced the monitor with a different one which is still not my favourite and hard to read the stats. But it does come with RPM readings so you can stay more aware of your progress.

The materials used on this particular model are meant to be a bit more robust and can withstand 350 pounds of user weight which is quite impressive considering the price point of Yosuda indoor cycling exercise bikes.

Hopefully for the next model, they will consider changing the monitor to something brighter and maybe with Bluetooth. Plus adding SPD pedals and Aero bars would totally make this bike, the best in its price class. For now they have come a long way and are trying to catch up with the market which is good for them.

2. YOSUDA Indoor Exercise Bike Stationary

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We No Longer Recommend This Model of YOSUDA Indoor Bike

The L-007 Yosuda indoor cycling is a low to mid range home use indoor cycle equipped with belt drive system for a quiet and smooth spinning workout experience.

Its belt drive system is superior to chain drive bikes because it has low-maintenance and does not require lubing. It is also smoother and makes less noise. So, your exercise doesn’t disturb the rest of the family.

What is even more unique about the Yosuda stationary bike is its heavy flywheel. It is equipped with a 43 pounds bidirectional flywheel, which could offer more momentum to give you a challenging exercise experience.

You can pedal forward as well as reverse to simulate different leg muscle groups and benefits a more efficient workout. In terms of resistance, the Yosuda belt driven indoor cycling bike comes with the wool felt-pad friction.

It is not as quiet and smooth as magnetic resistance bikes, but it is smoother and quieter than cheap friction resistance bikes. Thanks to the high-quality wool materials.

This Yosuda stationary bike’s unique resistance material allows you to increase or decrease the cycling resistance to choose a different training level by a simple twist without creating annoying noise.

The Yosuda belt drive spin bike also has the press down emergency knob to stop the flywheel immediately if you need to dismount the bike. To make sure the sweat doesn’t reach the felt-pad and it stays dry, this indoor cycling bike by Yosuda has a unique water proof flywheel and resistance protection guard.

It is an important feature in friction bikes which I noticed many Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary reviews forget to mention it. Thanks to this durable protection cover, the felt-pad can last years.

My Verdict:

This Yosuda indoor cycling trainer has a fully customizable seat. It is also padded to provide extra support during long rides. The center cutout ergonomic design of the saddle offers anatomic relief and ventilation to prevent overheating during summer rides.

Beyond the ergonomic design and comfortable seat, this stationary bike is simply built to last with a 300 pound weight maximum and a solid, steel frame.

As for the handlebars, the L007 Yosuda cycle exercise bike can be adjusted only vertically and not horizontally. But, don’t worry, the Yosuda indoor cycling bike L007 frame’s built to comfortably and safely fit most riders.

As long your inseam fall between 28.3 to 37 inches, you shouldn’t have any problem riding this Yosuda indoor spin bike. There is also a media holder built-in the handlebars. It allows you to watch spin workout videos online or watch your favorite show to remain entertained.

This top home budget exercise bike by Yosuda is equipped with a basic no-backlit LCD monitor. It tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer While you are cycling to give you a more scientific exercise data and keep you aware of your performance.

The monitor does not have any type of wireless connection (Bluetooth and ANT/+). So, you wouldn’t be able to connect the bike to Apps to save your workouts. But that is not uncommon among the budget spin bikes.

This model also features front foot tube wheels to help you move the bike easily and includes the water bottle holder to make sure you are hydrated on during the exercise.

Supports up to 300lbs in all spinning positions, including out of the saddle, this spin cycle bike by Yosuda has solid crank arms and anti-slip pedals. They are designed with adjustable toe cages and straps to make your cycling safer.

The pedals don’t have SPD elements for clipless cycling shoes but they have the standard 16/9″ pedal thread and their SPD replacements are available widely.

This exercise bike comes with six months warranty. Unfortunately the only way to order parts under the warranty is to contact the seller on Amazon because the Yosuda does not have a website or direct contact information.

If you have any issue, I suggest you send an email through Amazon and wait for the seller to respond, they are very responsive, according to many reviews. But if they don’t respond, write a review explaining the problem that you need help with.

The main body of the bike comes pre-assembled with the flywheel attached. You will need to install the pedals, seat, handlebars, monitor, and the stabilizer feet. Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary manual and assembly tools are included in the box.

This bike ships in one box and requires two people for transportation. Overall the Yosuda indoor bike assembly is easy and I don’t suggest spending the extra $70 for bike assembly. The Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary assembly instructions will lead you through the process step by step.

Last but not least the Yosuda bike exercise machine comes with top of the line q-factors. With 177 mm distance between the pedals, this Yosuda spin bike is going to provide a low-impact and comfortable ride.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike with Belt Drive L-007 – Specs

Technical Info:
Q-Factor: 177 MM
Drive Mechanism: Belt
Warranty: 6-months frame and parts
Pedals: Toe cage only, 16/9″ pedal thread
Inseam Capacity: 28.3″ to 37″
Resistance type: Manually adjustable wool felt-pad
Chest Strap: Not Compatible
Bluetooth: No
ANT/+: No
Tracks: Time, speed, calories, odometer
Dimensions: 42.2L x 21.7W x 47.7H
Item weight: 88 Lbs
Shipping weight: 97 Lbs
Handlebars: 2-Way adjustable
Seat: 4-Way adjustable
Weight capacity: 300-Lbs
Flywheel: Fixed, 43-Lb
Assembly tools: Included
Power Source: Batteries, included

  • Pros:
  • Tablet holder to place your Phone on the holder during the workout.
  • Narrow q-factor for a low-impact, safe and comfortable spin workout.
  • The precision balanced flywheel combined with the belt drive mechanism allows for smooth and quiet workouts.
  • The Yosuda indoor cycling bike is equipped with a quiet and smooth felt wool brake pad system.
  • Aluminum alloy pedals and adjustable covers will prevent feet slip and offer more support while pedaling.
  • 43 Pounds balanced bidirectional flywheel for stability and smoother the ride.
  • Transportation Wheels to simply tilt and roll out for use or away for storage.
  • Base level adjustments at the four feet support are equipped to fit for uneven floors.
  • The rock-solid construction and the extra-wide base ensure outstanding stability and protect your floor and carpet.
  • Fully adjustable oversize saddle with big cushion gives you a comfortable riding experience during long time spin workout.
  • Yosuda indoor exercise bike has stainless steel seat posts and anti-corrosion frame coat.
  • Cons:
  • There is no direct contact details available from this bran, they are only available and can be contacted via Amazon.
  • Handle bar can be adjusted only up and down, it is not 4-way adjustable.
  • No backlit on the bike computer.

3. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

 in stock
as of December 4, 2023 7:00 pm

We No Longer Recommend This Model of YOSUDA Indoor Bike

This Yosuda indoor cycling Bike offers all of the necessities for a good cycling workout along with everything at-home fitness enthusiasts novice could wish for.

With over 90% 4 and 5 star user rating is clear indication of L-001A Yosuda belt spin bike’s quality and value. L-001A Yosuda stationary exercise bike’s high-ratings lead Amazon to add this bike to “Amazon’s Choice” category.

Featuring the belt driven system and s heavy 35-pound flywheel provides a smoother and quieter ride than chain bikes. Unlike the chain, there is no need to lube the belt or deal with stiff links in the chain.

This budget exercise bike by Yosuda is the cheapest model among the three Yosuda bikes. While it is a great value bike, it is not as good as the Yosuda Fitness bike ranked first in this review. Here is a quick comparison between these indoor cycle exercise bikes by Yosuda.

The L-001A best budget Yosuda stationary bike has a lighter flywheel (35 pounds vs 43 pounds), less weight capacity ( 270 pounds vs 300 pounds) and a basic seat (padded but not center cutout vs padded and center cutout).

Also, this bike is more compact that the other Yosuda home exercise bike. Therefore, it has a slightly less user inseam capacity (25″-35″ vs 28.3″ to 37″). Other than the mentioned differences, these budget best indoor cycling bikes by Yosuda are the same.

This Yosuda spin bike for home features a corrosion resistance coated sturdy steel frame and crank that adds quality and durability to go to the distance needed for novice indoor cycling enthusiasts.

The Yosuda indoor cycling bike comes with fully adjustable seat and a 2-way adjustable handlebars that offer a completely customizable experience for ultimate rider’s comfort and compatibility.

The adjustable saddle allows for multiple people in your family to use it efficiently and comfortably as long as their inseam is not shorter than 25 inches and longer than 35 inches.

My Verdict:

The YOSUDA cycling bike comes with a basic non-backlit digital monitor. It doesn’t feature RPM or wireless connection (Bluetooth, ANT/+) which is expected for spin bikes under $300.

The LCD monitor displays your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer. These computer calculations and readings allow you to keep track of your progress and understand your performance.

Yosuda fitness equipment brand also also provides a free flat bracket so that you can keep your phone/tablet on the bike to watch videos or listen to music and stay entertained while exercising.

A1 Yosuda Fitness indoor exercise bike features a micro-tension friction resistance. Obviously it is not as maintenance-free and as quiet as magnetic exercise bikes. But since it has high-quality wool pads, you don’t need to worry about changing the felt-pads for years.

The benefits of friction system is that no matter your fitness level, with a turn of the knob, you can make the ride extremely high-intensity to burn more calories and do strength workouts on the bike.

With safety and convenience in mind, the Yosuda indoor bike has adjustment knob quick stop. This home exercise bike allows you to quickly stop your workout at any time by pressing the emergency stop button.

One of the Yosuda Fitness affordable exercise bike features that no other cheap spin bike can beat, is its q-factor (177 mm). And In terms of q-factor, it is safe to say this Yosuda small exercise bike beats every competitors under $300.

The distance between the pedals is called q-factor. Wide q-factors tend to keep the rider’s feet too much apart. Therefore, the feet, knees and hips can not stay aligned. And that causes stress on the lower-body joints.

Unfortunately often cheap indoor cycling bikes have too much distance between the pedals (wide q-factors) and can cause discomfort on the long rides. Thankfully the L-A1 compact exercise bike by Yosuda has a surprisingly narrow q-factor which minimizes impact and provides comfort for longer cardio workout.

The Yosuda affordable spin bike comes with toe clips and strap that go over your foot. It does not come with the clip-in pedals/spd pedals that you would use for cycling shoes. You can, however, add any type of pedals you want because they are 16/9″ standard pedals.

The pedals are high quality and won’t snap off of the crank if you ride the bike out of the saddle. As for assembly, the tools are included and it is very easy. Following the Yosuda indoor cycling bike manual, it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes.

The parts that needs assembly are the handlebars, seat, bike computer, pedals, front and rear bases. The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Cycle Bike with iPad Mount & Comfortable Seat Cushion also includes transport wheels, feet levelers, and a water bottle holder.

Note: If you are not happy with the Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary parts or quality in general, you can return the bike and receive a full refund.

YOSUDA Exercise Bike with iPad Mount L-00A1 – Specs

Technical Info:
Q-Factor: 177 MM
Drive Mechanism: Belt
Warranty: 6-months frame and parts
Pedals: Toe cage only, 16/9″ pedal thread
Inseam Capacity: 25″ to 37″
Resistance type: Manually adjustable wool felt-pad
Chest Strap: Not Compatible
Bluetooth: No
ANT/+: No
Tracks: Time, speed, calories, odometer
Dimensions: 4L x 22W x 45H
Item weight: 85 Lbs
Shipping weight: 90 Lbs
Handlebars: 2-Way adjustable
Seat: 4-Way adjustable
Weight capacity: 270-Lbs
Flywheel: Fixed, 43-Lb
Assembly tools: Included
Power Source: Batteries, included

  • Pros:
  • Fully adjustable and padded seat for extra support and comfort. The comfortable seat can be easily adjusted for height and proximity to handlebars.
  • Bio-mechanically correct narrow q-factor for a safe and low-impact spinning exercise.
  • Excellent consumer ratings across the web.
  • Free tablet holder to keep you entertained during the cardio exercise.
  • Adjustable Felt Pad resistance system with Emergency Stop Brake
  • 35 Pounds solid flywheel create more momentum and ensures stability to avoid jolting while riding.
  • Yosuda indoor cycle emergency push down brake system stops the wheel immediately for safety.
  • Portability wheels makes the transformation of your home into your own personal fitness studio effortless.
  • Yosuda spin bike is equipped with a quiet and smooth felt wool brake pad system allowing for various tension levels and intense workout.
  • Cons:
  • The manufacturer/seller can be reached only via Amazon messages (no direct contact info to order parts under warranty).
  • Handlebars are not 4-way adjustable.
  • Bike console is not backlit.
  • It is friction resistance (not magnetic).

YOSUDA Spin Bike Buying Guide:

There are a few thing to know When buying Yosuda exercise bikes. One of them is that Yosuda Fitness still does not have a direct contact information or a website.

Therefore, if you need to order parts under warranty, you will have to contact the seller on Amazon. In most cases they responded promptly but sometime they seem to have ignored the costumers’ first email.

Bidirectional fixed-wheel (fix-gear):
Earlier in this Yosuda spin bike reviews I mentioned these bike are fixed-wheel and bidirectional. What it means is that the flywheel and the pedals are fixed together.

The disadvantage to this system is that in case of emergency, you will need to wait for the flywheel to stop turning before you can get off the bike. The advantage is that you can pedal forward and reverse to simulate more leg muscles.

Adjustable handlebar allows for multiple people in your household to use the equipment comfortably and efficiently. Having the correct handlebar adjustment is important to assure you won’t hurt your back while giving it your all.

While the Yosuda indoor stationary exercise bikes don’t allow 4-way adjustment (fore/aft up/down), these bikes feature excellent parallel frames that make sure the riders fit the bike comfortable. It is the same frame type found on the Life Fitness IC1 bike. So, as long as you fall within the recommended inseam, these Yusoda spinning bikes should be fine for you.

Bike Q-Factors:
One of my most favorite features that I have already talked about in this Yosuda exercise bike reviews is the q-factors. According to the seller, these Yosuda spin bikes feature 177 mm q-factor.

Unlike wide q-factors which is too common in the budget spin bike category, the Yosuda exercise bikes’ narrow q-factors keep your feet aligned with your knees and hips for a low-impact workout.

The Q factor is one of the most important features to look at on a Spin Bike. The Q factor is the distance between the inside of the pedal attachments on the crank arms on either side or, more simply, the width of the gap between the two paths your feet.

Bike Computers:
When buying Yosuda indoor cycling bikes, you will receive a basic computer. Like all the spin bikes under $500, they are not ANT/+ or Bluetooth enabled so you can’t track daily workouts on the apps.

These computers don’t have backlit which means if you want to see the stats, you will have to keep the room light on during the low-light condition.

Spin bike Flywheel:
The weight of the flywheel is a very important feature to look at when buying a spin bike. Specially if the bike has friction resistance system similar to Yosuda indoor cycling bikes.

Light flywheels tends to be jerky and not stable, specially during high-intensity. The heavier the flywheels tends to provide more momentum and a smoother ride. Thankfully, Yosuda spin cycles feature a 35 to 45 pounds significantly enhances experience a near realistic bike ride whilst ensuring safety.

Spinning Clothing and Accessories:

Cycling shoes:
Spinning shoes provide precision ergonomic fit, adding comfort and security to all of your rides. They allow you get the most out of every pedals stroke with fiberglass reinforced sole, which provides optimal stiffness and maximizes power transfer.

Padded shorts:
Unlike regular shorts, the bike cycling shorts with padding do not irritate the skin. They are designed with skin-friendly materials. The bicycle shorts have a great moisture feature and a four-way performance stretch and multi-panel anatomic design for superior chafe-free comfort.

Exercise bike mat:
Exercise equipment usually vibrates and scratch the floor on the hard surface. Buying a floor protection mat for spin bike can save your carpets and hard floors from damages of stationary bikes and other heavy exercise equipment. Dense mats can also absorb vibration, noise, and impact caused when exercising on cardio equipment. Spin bike floor mats are also easier to clean compared to hardwood floor or carpet.

Bike seat and cushion:
Yosuda exercise bikes stationary features padded unisex seats. They are comfortable but they are not as comfortable as gender-specific bike seats. Therefore, if only one person uses the bike, you may want to consider changing the seat. Before doing that, I suggest you consider adding a spin bike gel seat cushion. They are cheap and provide good support for spin exercise.

Final Word on YOSUDA Cycling Bikes:

Overall these Yosuda stationary bikes are designed with all the basic necessities to help you stay on top of your fitness goals. They are not for pro cyclists but with no doubt the Yosuda spin cycles provide everything a novice trainee needs.

The close to natural pedal stroke, comfortable feel of the bike’s saddle, adjustable handlebar and seating keep this exercise bike the perfect cycling trainer for your in-home gym.

Additionally, these affordable best indoor exercise bikes by Yosuda feature a combination of belt drivetrain and heavy flywheels which offer a smooth and relatively quiet workout.

The lightweight compact design and transport wheels make this cycling bike easy to move and store. And more importantly, the narrow q-factors tend to make the ride safer and and more comfortable.

However, if live in small apartment and looking for a quieter bike, I suggest the Efitment indoor cycling bikes. They have magnetic resistance, RPM computers and 4-way adjustable handlebars.

9.7 Total Score
Best Sellers

The Yosuda, incredibly quiet, steady and customizable indoor cycling bike that is equipped with belt drivetrain and ergonomic seat. Featuring small dimensions and transport wheels, the Yasuda indoor cycling bikes can fit about anywhere. These Yosuda spin bikes with heavy flywheels, durable frames, monitor and tablet holder cost about $200-$350 depending on the model.

YOSUDA Indoor Exercise Bike Stationary L-007
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary L-001A
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  1. This bike is cheap. I’ve already exchanged one time now in my 2nd bike in 6 months. Pedal stop while riding and come out. Both times.
    No company contact to call either

  2. mine has a problem too.
    resistance broken

    • Hello Sandra, thanks for stopping by

      Unfortunately, that’s a common issue with friction resistance indoor cyclin bikes (especially the budget ones). It’s been a couple of years since we are not recommending our readers to buy friction spin bikes for $200+, mainly because magnetic resistance spin bikes are now available for affordable prices. But it seems like the Amazon reviews are still convincing/misleading many buyers to invest in these spin bikes!

      As for the Yosuda parts, thankfully the company is still on the market so you should be able to contact them and order a replacement brake for your bike.

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