XTERRA Fitness MB550 Bike Review: Sturdy + Affordable

The XTERRA Fitness MB550 Indoor Cycle is a good choice for people who want a low-priced quality bike, that will help them meet their fitness goals, no matter how extreme they might be.

XTERRA Fitness MB550 Indoor Cycle with Wireless LCD Display is designed for fast cardio indoor cycling as well as strength workout featuring felt-pad dial, infinite micro-adjustments resistance.

Designed with a resistance knob located conveniently on the frame allows for easy resistance adjustment. Simply flip the knob to adjust (increase or decrease) the intensity of your effort.

By merely pressing down on a similar knob, the braking system activates quickly and safely. Small flip adjustment permits swift and smooth transitions to higher intensity levels.

The fully adjustable seat and handlebars of Xterra indoor cycle MB550 help proper bike fit to fulfill the necessity of your fitness workout. This MB550 Indoor Cycle’s adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars allow a customizable fit for ultimate user comfort and compatibility.

Priced around $400 the Xterra MB500 bike delivers a close to natural road bike feel and durability of a $800 indoor cycling bikes such as the Sole SB700.

Thanks to its heavy 48.5 lb precision balanced flywheel and smooth belt drive system, the pedal motion is enjoyable (non-jerky) and the sound of operation is very little. Even more importantly, the belt-system requires very little maintenance, unlike chain bikes.

As far as the user weight and height goe, the XTERRA Fitness MB550 cycle is also pretty unique. This indoor cycle by EXTRRA Fitness can support up to 250 pounds user weight and 4’9″ to 6’2″ user height.

On top of all the above features, the XTERRA MB550 comes with one of the most generous warranties for the price point. The XTERRA MB550 includes a one-year part and labor and lifetime frame warranty to confirm the quality and give you peace of mind. If you need to know about other aspects of the Xterra mb550 indoor spinning cycle, read the XTERRA Fitness exercise bike review down below.

Comparable Alternatives To Consider

Due to the reasonable price, pro indoor cycling frame design, top of the line heavy flywheel, and full seat and handlebars options, we have listed the XTERRA Fitness MB550 indoor bike in our top spin bike choices under $300.

However, if you want a little quieter bike with magnetic resistance and you prefer Bluetooth technology to connect your bike to Zwift and other cycling apps, I would suggest the Bancon indoor bike instead. It’s not as durable as this bike but it’s great if you are under 200 lbs. It has a 3×2 inch monitor and overall good quality.

Another alternative that I would suggest is the Echelon EX3. Normally it’s around $500 which is more expensive than this Xterra bike. However, when Echelon EX3 is on offer, it can be as cheap as $250 which is a great value for money.

What I love about the Echelon EX3 are its automatic resistance system which is more convineint and smoother than Xterra’s bike. EX3 also has dual sided pedals which is better than Xterra bike’s single sided pedals. I highly recommend you consider the Echelon EX3 specially if when you are reading this review, that bike is discounted.

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Technical Information:

XMB550 Cycle Specification:

  • Max User Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Height: 39″
  • Width: 23″
  • Length: 46″
  • Bike Weight: 105 Pounds
  • User Height: 4’9″ to 6’2″
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Adjustable Base Levelers: Yes
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes
  • Power Requirement: Battery (included)

Featuring 250 pounds weight capacity isn’t impressive but considering the price point and the fact that it is a home use indoor cycle, it is not too bad either. As far as the rust and corrosion go, you have nothing to worry. The XTERRA MB550 bike has a multi-Phase paint process & stainless steel components to prevent rust and corrosion.

Unlike cheap spin bikes that usually rock when you ride off the seat, the Xterra spin bike is stable as a mountain. Thanks to wide base and the 4 point contact with adjustable levelers.

XTERRA Fitness MB550 indoor cycle has durable quality wheels to make it easy to maneuver around and store after you are done working out. This bike also has a water bottle holder but unfortunately, it is not in a conveniently built on the handlebars. It is on the frame and you need to lean down to reach the bottle. Finally, this XTERRA Fitness exercise bike’s computer runs on battery.

XTERRA MB550 Computer:

MB550 spin bike computer
  • XTERRA MB550 spin bike has a small non-backlit computer.
  • The computer tracks time, calories, distance, and speed.
  • It doesn’t track the RPM, HR or watt/power.
  • Xterra MB500’s computer does not use radio frequency to connect with the wireless chest straps and also does not have Bluetooth or ANT/+ connectivity.
  • The fitness monitor is wireless (receives the data from the sensor without wire).

The XTERRA Fitness MB550 Indoor cycling bike comes with a very basic computer. It is not backlit and doesn’t track the RPM which is one of the main disadvantages of this cycle compared to some other budget bikes.

This computer will track the average for your speed, distance, calories, and time. But it does not track the watt and also it is not Bluetooth or ANT/+ enabled.

Therefore, you can not save your progress on fitness apps or join virtual cycling competitions. Thankfully there are other encouraging and motivation options if the watt/power and workout tracking is something you want.

The cheapest option would be a Wahoo sensor. While it does not track the watts, it track your time, distance, and RPM. Wahoo sensors have Bluetooth and ANT+ technology that allow you to join cycling apps online and track your fitness progress on your smart phone or tablet.

If you are intermediate or a more advanced rider and like to see the real-time right and left leg power efficiency along with accurate RPM and Speed, nor the Wahoo neither the EXTERRRA Fitness bike computers works for you.

In this case I suggest a pair of Power pedals. They effectively provide you with encouragement and motivation together while helping you to improve your cycling level.

Note: If you buy the power pedals, you can save on buying SPD pedals because the power pedals are spd compatible. Most of these pedals have Bluetooth and ANT/+ connectivity. They are compatible with most of the spinning apps such as Zwift for a useful and entertaining ride.

Pedals and Q-factor:

EXTERRA MB550 pedals
  • Xterra MB500 Q factor is 181 MM.
  • The Xtrrra MB500 pedals are toe cage only.
  • The straps are adjustable to accommodate wide feet.
  • Xterra MB500 cycle has standard bike pedal thread size (9/16″).

Unfortunately, this XTERRA Fitness exercise bike has single-sided toe caged pedals which is high quality but they are not compatible with the clipless cycling shoes.

So, if you want to use proper spinning shoes for a safer and more efficient pedal stroke, you will need to spend another $50-100 to buy one of these spin bike pedals and replace them with the MB500 pedals.

Note that for under $400 it is very difficult to find spin bikes with SPD compatible dual-sided pedals. As far as the q factor goes, the XTERRA Fitness MB550 indoor bike beats most of the bikes in this price class. With 181-mm q factor you will have a safe and comfortable ride.

In case you are new to indoor cycling exercise, the q factor is the distance between the two pedals. If there is too much distance between the pedals, your feet cannot stay aligned with your knees and hips.

As a result, your knees will be under stress. Thankfully, you won’t be having this issue with the XTERRA Fitness MB550 Indoor Cycle, because it has a bio-mechanically correct narrow q factor.

MB550 Flywheel:

MB550 balanced flywheel
  • XTERRA Fitness MB550 has a 48.5 pound flywheel.
  • It is a precision balanced chrome plated flywheel for a smooth ride.
  • The bike flywheel is kept dry and protected by a sweat protection guard.

MB550’s solid structure and balanced flywheel translate into momentum, speed and a less-impact workout. The machine balanced design guarantees that you will have a smooth and close to real road bike cycling experience.

As I have always said, the weight of the flywheel is an important feature when buying spin bike, especially if the bike has friction resistance. Thankfully this Xtrrra MB500 cycle has what is needed for a smooth enjoyable exercise.

One especially relevant design feature that I like about the MB500 bike is the flywheel and resistance sweat protection. To keep the felt pads and the flywheel dry, they have designed a sweat guard on top of the flywheel which reduces maintenance.

MB550 Resistance:

MB550 bike resistance
  • The XTERRA Fitness bike MB550 resistance is friction.
  • It has micro-adjust resistance knob with emergency safety stop.
  • MB550’s has the felt-pad brake resistance type.

In general, I am not a big fan of friction resistance bikes because they make noise and require brake pad changing every few years of use. But this Xterra Ftiness spin bike’s felt-pads are high-quality which makes them relatively quiet and more durable.

Note: Unlike most magnetic bikes, the friction brake offers unlimited resistance. Therefore, no matter your fitness level, you will be able to do a challenging strength workout in addition to cardio workout on this bike.

But if you want a silent bike because you live in a small apartment or in general don’t want to bother your partner with the noise, I suggest you buy a magnetic spin bike (search our website for the best magnetic bikes).

Belt Drive System:

EXTERRA Fitness MB550 drivetrain
  • MB550 EXTERRA Fitness features a high quality belt.
  • It offers a smooth, nearly silent maintenance-free performance.

Xterra MB550 indoor spinning cycle review is seen everywhere and one of the reasons is its near to silent drive mechanism. The XTERRA Fitness MB550 indoor cycle features a high-quality belt. The type of the belt is not disclosed but giving 1-year labor warranty is a sign of excellent quality.

The MB550 indoor Cycle has a top-notch quality belt that does not stretch. So, you don’t have to adjust the belt every few weeks. And unlike chain indoor cycling bikes, this belt is smooth, near to silent and does not require lubing. Therefore, your floor and hands stay clean.

Handlebars and seat:

MB550 sea handlebars
  • XTERRA Fitness MB550 handlebars are 4-way adjustable.
  • The handlebars feature the Aero, Cross, and Bull-Horn grip positions. but not the drop bars.
  • XTERRA Fitness MB550 seat is also up/down for/aft adjustable.
  • It is a narrow high-performance spinning style saddle.
  • Seat post and handlebar stem are made of stainless steel.

Earlier in this Xterra MB500 bike review we talked about the micro-adjustment and comfortable user bike fit accommodation. Well, it is thanks to the infinite fore and aft adjustments seat and handlebars.

This XTERRA Fitness bike comes with a fully adjustable seat and handlebars which are both quite comfortable and easy to adjust. There are several hand-grip positions to reduce stress on your wrests and allow you ride the bike in different positions.

MB550 cycle price and warranty:

  • You can buy XTERRA Fitness MB550 cycle for around $400.
  • This EXTERRA Fitness indoor bike is warranted for home use.
  • The home use warranty includes:
  • Lifetime Frame
  • 1 Year Parts
  • 1 Year Labor
  • You will need to register the bike to claim parts under warranty.

Warranties on this piece of fitness equipment are broken down into separate categories and they are pretty generous for this price tag. Unlike companies like Sunny Health and Fitness that usually feature a 90-day warranty on everything.

The EXTERRA Fitness offers lifetime on frame and 1 year on parts and labor which is pretty awesome giving the consumers peace of mind and insurance for the investment.

This generous warranty proves the quality and durability of the bike will last you a lifetime, and as I mentioned earlier, there aren’t lots of bells and whistles that could potentially go wrong.

The EXTRRA Fitness MB550 is built and warranted for home use. So, if you are a gym owner, I recommend the Body-Craft SPX indoor cycle. It will provide years of cardio workout for your trainees.

Note: After purchasing the EXTERRA Fitness equipment, you can register and submit the warranty form on “https://www.xterrafitness.com/support/warrantyreg/ “.

Shipping and assembly:

  • EXTERRA Fitness MB550 assembly is very easy.
  • You need to install the pedals, seat, handlebars, stabilizer feet and the water bottle holder.
  • Required assembly tools are included.
  • EXTERRA Fitness MB550 shipping weight is: 115 Pounds
  • Shipping box dimensions: 43″ Long x 10″ Wide x 38″ High
  • XTERRA Fitness MB550 Indoor Cycle Manual is included for easy assembly.

According to pretty much all the consumers, the EXTERRA MB550 exercise bike arrives greatly packed with very little parts to assemble, thanks to lack of bells and whistles.

Based on the few parts that needs assembly, it should be extremely simple and fast to assemble the MB550 spin bike. You will need to just tighten a few things.

Assembly could take about 30-40 minutes and the parts required to be assembled are: pedals, handlebars, seat, install stabilizer feet and install water bottles.

XTERRA Fitness MB500 Bike Pros:

Thanks to the high range of seat and handlebar adjustments, everyone inf your family can ride the XTERRA Fitness MB550 Indoor Cycle. Featuring a biomechanically correct frame and fore/aft adjustment design, the Xterra indoor cycle mb550 can comfortably accommodate riders below 6’2″ feet tall.

When buying the Xterra Fitness MB500 indoor cycle, you get an excellent warranty compared to many budget spin bikes in this price class. The lifetime frame and one year part and labor warranty on MB550 indoor cycle indicates how much the company trusts its product which ultimately indicates the quality of the cycle. Note, the majority of budget spin bikes like these Sunny spin bikes come with only 90-day warranty.

  • Heavy duty steel frame gives cross country cycling experience.
  • Multi-grip 4-way adjustable handlebars offers multiple riding postures for comprehensive workouts.
  • Fore/aft adjustable versatile seat with high-end density padding.
  • Portable wheels on its base are highly stable ensuring hassle-free transportation without damaging your floor or carpet.
  • Quality brake pad to provide a low-maintenance smooth and quiet exercise.
  • Aluminum alloy caged pedals provide slippage free comfort pedaling.
  • 48.5 Pounds balanced chrome plated bidirectional flywheel to provide momentum while resisting abrasions.
  • A small wireless LCD monitor that allows you to track your burnt calories along with time, and distance.
  • Belt drivetrain with low-maintenance and less noise compared to the chain system.
  • There is a protection guard to prevent sweat dropping on to the pad and flywheel.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Affordable price.

XTERRA Fitness MB500 Bike Cons:

This XTERRA Fitness bike does come with a computer but it is too basic and small. Due to the size of the screen and lack of back-light, the workout stats are really difficult to see. Also, the monitor doesn’t record the RPM which is an important metric when following the cycling classes.

Tablet holder:
Unfortunately, the tablet holder is not included when buying the Xterra Fitness MB500 indoor cycle. You can buy this table holder seperatly if you want to keep your tablet/phone on the bike during the workout.

MB550 indoor cycle pedals are toe caged, they are not SPD. Therefore, you can not ride this bike with clipless cycling shoes. But thankfully the XTERRA Fitness MB550 spin bike has standard bike pedal thread size (9/16″). So, you can buy one of these dual sided SPD pedals and replace them with MB550’s toe caged pedals.

Friction resistance:
This XTERRA Fitness exercise bike features the friction resistance system which is not silent like the magnetic resistant bikes. Because it comes in direct contact with the flywheel, it makes a bit of noise and also requires new brake pads every couple of years depending on how often you ride the bike.

  • Resistance levels not marked making it difficult to return to previous settings.
  • Does not have the drop and elbow-rest for upper body workout variety and comfort.

Last Word on XTERRA MB550 Indoor Cycling Bike

EXTERRA Fitness MB550 exercise bike review

If you’re looking for a quality bike within your budget that fairly meets your indoor workout demands, this XTERRA Fitness MB550 indoor bike is one of the best to consider.

Designed for both novices and mid-level cyclists, this decent bike offers you plenty of adjustment to workouts safely and comfortably. With unlimited resistance system (felt-pad), the XTERRA MB550 bike provides fast cardio workout as well as strength training.

Additionally the XTERRA Fitness MB550 cycle features one of the heaviest flywheels on the market to mimic close to real road cycling feel. On top of that, the flywheel is machine balanced chrome plated.

While giving you similar options for convenient and efficient workouts, this bike is a much cheaper choice than most other bikes in the market.

Overall considering, the pro design, full adjustment, heavy flywheel and even more importantly, the low maintenance belt, the XTERRA MB 550 spin bike is great value equipment. This sturdy looking bike is built to last.

What XTERRA MB exercise bike lack in terms of bike computer, it definitely makes up for in heavy flywheel, high quality and market’s one of the best flywheels. If the bike computer is not a factor, you won’t be disappointed with the XTERRA MB 550 spin bike.


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