XTERRA AIR650 Pro Air Bike Review

If you are looking for an exercise bike in the modern day, it can be a rather frustrating process. There are so many that are available, with so many different price points that you might not even know where to start. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. We go through and look at the variety of options out there to see how they stack up versus their price point and if they are worth it. Today we’re going to be looking at the XTERRA AIR650 Pro Air Bike. We’re going to look at the various elements of resistance, the monitor, size and more to see whether or not it is a good choice to buy. So with all of that out of the way, let’s hop right into our review of the XTERRA AIR650 Pro Air Bike.

We’ve mentioned price multiple times so far, which means we might as well start with that. The XTERRA AIR650 Pro actually costs a fair amount for one of these air resistance bikes, especially when compared to the XTERRA AIR350. You can find the AIR650 Pro for around $900, which is nearly three times as much as the AIR350. You’ll find that the warranties that come with the AIR650 Pro are actually quite terrible and don’t even really improve on the AIR350’s. You do get a lifetime warranty on the frame (compared to 1 year for the AIR350), but the 1 year warranty on the belt and 1 year warranty on the parts stay the same. There is no warranty on the labour. While the frame warranty is obviously an improvement, the overall guarantees are still pretty horrible. The shipping process should take around 1-2 weeks, but that can be affected by different elements like human error and slow mailing. The assembly process of the AIR650 Pro is actually fairly straightforward, which is appreciated. A lot of it is preassembled, with the remnants giving you an easy assembly process. Even if you aren’t particularly handy, it still shouldn’t take too long.

Now we’re going to cover one of the more important elements to modern exercise bikes: the monitor. So many bikes these days have monitors that can do so much. The XTERRA AIR650 Pro might not have the most advanced monitor out there, but it still has a pretty good one. It offers 7 different preset workouts available for you to choose from, with an 8th custom mode. There are interval programs (20/10, 20/20 and custom) and target programs for your statistics. These programs are excellent to help your high intensity interval training (HIIT). It will display a variety of statistics like your time, speed, RPM, distance, calories, total time, heart rate and watts. On the fairly large LCD screen that it offers, you’ll find that you can see plenty of these stats and metrics are available for easy viewing. If you want your heart rate, you’ll have to get a wireless chest strap to connect with (as one is not included). There aren’t any sort of online connections available with apps or other entertainment sources, which is a bit unfortunate. However, those are also typically reserved for the super advanced and super expensive bikes. You can also use the scan mode to cycle through the various stats, with a final bonus addition of being able to switch between metric and imperial measurements. This console is powered by 4 AA batteries and will shut down after a short time of inactivity is detected. Especially when comparing the AIR650 Pro monitor to the AIR350, it is like night and day. This is an excellent monitor and raises the value of the bike by a fair bit.

The other major element of these types of bikes are the resistance settings that they’ve got. With many air bikes you will find that the fan of the bike is what makes the resistance go and provides the challenge. The AIR650 Pro is not any different. It offers a dynamic air resistance via the 9 blade fan that will react according to your efforts. Once again, this is great for those who want to use HIIT workouts and exercise routines. The drivetrain of the AIR650 Pro is a chain one, which means that it will make more noise and require more frequent maintenance checks than a belt drive would. However, it isn’t loud enough and the check-ups aren’t frequent enough to be bothersome. The crank system seems to be 3-piece, as there are separate pieces to be installed. This is good, as the crank system is more independent and less likely to break all in one movement. We don’t have any information of the Q-Factor of the AIR650 Pro/ For those who are unaware the Q-Factor is the distance between the pedals. Too wide of a distance and the ride is uncomfortable, while too narrow of one causes the same and even potential injury.

People generally want to know how big of a bike they are getting. It is only slightly heavier than the AIR350 and bigger by only the slightest margins. Specifically, it measures out to be 48 inches (122 cm) long, 28 inches (71 cm) wide and 54.5 inches (138.4 cm) tall. It weighs 115 lbs (52 kg) and can carry a maximum weight of 350 lbs (136 kg). There are stabilizers on both ends of the bike, although they aren’t very large. They do the trick, but there is still the occasional wobble. There are also wheels on the front of the bike to help with mobility around the home. Those wheels are quite small though, so don’t expect the easiest time with it. The mobility isn’t great, but the size and general build of the bike is generally pretty good.

We’re going to finish out by looking at the rest of the physical elements that make up the AIR650 Pro. First up are the handlebars. These are obviously the elements that you’ll be holding onto the most, and you will find that they are dual action. This means that they move with the pedals. In combination with the footrests on either side of the fan, you can get some exclusive upper body workouts alongside the lower body ones. The handlebars are probably not officially multi-grip, but they can be in sort of a funky manner. You can grab either the top or the bottom of the foam padded grips that come out from the sides of the bars. The saddle of the bike is adjustable both vertically and horizontally, allowing a wider range of people to fit onboard. You should find that people between the heights of 4’7” – 6’0” should be able to fit comfortably onboard thanks to the general design and adjustable seating. While the seat itself isn’t exactly like sitting on your couch, it is most certainly more comfortable than the one on the AIR350, and that’s a win in our books. The saddle tube isn’t all that large, which could lead to some shaking around on the more intense workouts. It isn’t anything extreme, but it might just be noticeable. Then there are the pedals, which are another improvement from the AIR350. These pedals are anti-skid, with dual-sided molded pegs. They just offer more than the standard pedal (which doesn’t really do anything). And that’s it for the physical elements. You unfortunately won’t find any bonus elements like a water bottle holder or media tray for some rehydration and entertainment, respectively. Obviously these would have been nice to have, but they aren’t necessary.

XTERRA AIR650 Pro Air Bike Pros:

  • Monitor provides preset workouts to add more workout variety
  • Monitor provides a selection statistics in both metric and imperial measurements
  • Dynamic air resistance allows for a whole host HIIT training and general challenge
  • Adjustable seating allows more users to get comfortable
  • Handlebars and footrests allow for upper body workouts
  • Build of the bike can fit a large amount of users’ weights and heights
  • Handlebars offer multiple grips
  • The bike itself is fairly compact in terms of the general build
  • More comfortable seat than the AIR350

XTERRA AIR650 Pro Air Bike Cons:

  • Fairly expensive for an air bike
  • Awful warranties besides the frame warranty
  • Monitor lacks internet connection or app integration
  • The wheels don’t provide the best mobility


The XTERRA AIR650 Pro is actually an extremely good air resistance bike. It offers a quality monitor and a wide range of customization for comfort regardless of who is using the bike. You’ll get a good challenge thanks to the dynamic air resistance and plenty of variety from the monitor itself. It isn’t a perfect bike, as the warranties are lacking and the wheels don’t make it that mobile. However, compared to the XTERRA AIR350, it is a much better purchase, despite the large increase in price. Once you start comparing it to other expensive options like the Assault air bikes, it does get a bit tougher, but the AIR650 Pro at least puts up a good fight. Especially when the bike goes on sale, it looks like a better and better deal all the time.


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