Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper Reviews

Xiser revolutionized indoor stepping exercise with the top-of-the-line quality Xiser mini steppers and continue to lead the way. The Xiser steppers are engineered to match the needs of elite athletes as well as beginners. They offer an unrivaled premium smooth stepping workout for a variety of users for the gym and at home.

The company is currently manufacturing four steppers: two Xiser commercial portable stepper machines and two home use Xiser steppers, as well as other fitness equipment. They feature the most durable parts and frame compared to any other mini steppers on the market.

But what is really special about aerobic steppers is their biomechanically correct stepping machine design.

It’s mainly because the founder of these solid top mini steppers is both a PhD and an athlete himself. Committed to making the best stair steppers, he definitely succeeded.

So far, there hasn’t been any exercise steppers manufacturer able to beat the quality of Xiser portable stepper. There are no fancy bells and whistles in this equipment to wear out.

A Xiser stepper has a three-piece design that makes it easy to store, assemble, disassemble, and carry on your next long trip.

Not all hotels have a gym or cardio exercise machine, so it would be nice to come to your room and do a cardio workout after a day out. Working out can really help fight depression and frustration after a long day.

Not to mention it strengthens your immune system and reduces stress to prepare you for a more effective day.

This Xiser stepper review includes all four machines by Xiser. If you are interested to find out which Xiser stepper is the best, keep reading our Xiser mini steppers buying guide.

To help you easily navigate through this Xiser stepper reviews, we have made the table of content here.

Overview: Xiser Mini Steppers

Our Top Xiser Stepper Picks

Comparison Table For The Xiser Mini Stairmaster XMBC, XMC, XMB, and XM
Name & RankXiser Stepper PricesQualityDaily UseUser
Powder CoatedWarranty
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black$409CommercialUnlimited400-PoundYes5-Year
All Parts
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Polished Alloy$399CommercialUnlimited400-PoundNo5-Year
All Parts
XMB Xiser Stepper Black Personal$350Home Use3-Hours400-PoundYes5-Year
All Parts
XM Xiser Stepper Polished Personal$340Home Use3-Hours400-PoundNo5-Year
All Parts

1. Xiser Stepper Black Professional (XMBC)

 in stock

XMBC Xiser commercial portable stepper is the most expensive and has the highest quality among all the Xiser products. It has an extra robust interactive cylinder designed to tolerate commercial use.

This means you won’t be dealing with broken parts or loose resistance using this fitness stepper.

XMBC features a tough black baked-on-powder coating that makes the stepper rust-resistance, more durable and gives a nice look to it.

Featuring aircraft aluminium alloy pedals and frame allows this Xiser commercial trainer stepper to support up to 400 pounds user weight.

In hot and cold temperature, the interactive resistance system responds immediately after your aerobic exercise.

You can also easily customize your Xiser anaerobic trainer’s resistance via the brass valve on the hydraulic unit.

The resistance mechanism and solid parts can provide Navy Seal and male CrossFit workouts.

Bottom line is that if you can afford it, we encourage you to go with this Xiser commercial mini Stairmaster as it features unrivaled precision technology.

  • Xiser XMBC Key Features:
  • Max user weight: 400-Lb
  • Stepper weight: 13.5-Lb
  • Dimensions: 21″ x 14″ x 4″

2. Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster (XMC)

 in stock

The second best stair stepper in this review is another Xiser commercial mini Stairmaster. It has the same features of the black stepper except the black backed powder coating.

Instead, it has a shiny polished coat which still protects against corrosion and looks good.

XMC Xiser stepper is around $20 cheaper compared to XMCB. So, you can go with the one that matches better your home/gym decoration as they both have the same quality.

The XMC Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster is excellent for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

And this ability makes it perfect for training for fitness trends such as CrossFit and Navy Seal workouts.

This Xiser commercial portable stepper features textured grips on the steps that help stay stable. So, you can focus better on your HIIT aerobics exercise.

Keep in mind that the HIIT shouldn’t be your entire fitness regimen. But using this mini stepper allows you to incorporate the high-intensity training into your workout.

  • Xiser XMC Key Features:
  • Max user weight: 400-Lb
  • Stepper weight: 13.5-Lb
  • Dimensions: 21″ x 14″ x 4″

3. Xiser Stepper Black Personal (XMB)

Xiser Mini Stepper Personal Trainer Black

Featuring home use quality, this Xiser mini stepper can provide aerobic and anaerobic exercise for at least 5 users every day.

While it’s not designed for commercial use, it can still handle office and home workout. Xiser personal trainer XMB comes with powder coating finish and 400-pound weight capacity.

The resistance is easily adjustable to accommodate all fitness levels. And when buying Xiser Stairmasters you will receive clear instructions on how to change the resistance.

The high-quality cylinder design combined with the aircraft aluminium alloy pedals and frame make this Xiser portable stepper the best in its kind.

This is one of the best Xiser steppers that can offer a good cardio workout, but if you can afford to add another $70, we recommend you consider the commercial Xiser steppers above. They have a cylinder design that handles heat more efficiently.

If you can’t afford it, go with this personal mini stepper. Because regardless of which one you buy, purchasing a Xiser portable Stepper is a 100% reliable good investment that won’t make you regret your purchase.

  • Xiser XMB Key Features:
  • Max user weight: 400-Lb
  • Stepper weight: 13.5-Lb
  • Dimensions: 21″ x 14″ x 4″

4. Xiser Stepper Polished Personal (XM)

Xiser Stepper Personal Trainer Polished

The last Xiser mini stepper in this Xiser review is the Xiser personal stepper. It has the exact same quality of XMB, except it’s polished and not baked on tough powder coating finish.

The price varies around $10, so you wouldn’t really choose one over another because of its cost but preferably based on which color is better for you.

As far as the cylinder goes, it can easily provide up to 5 hours of daily indoor workout which is perfect for families and offices.

The resistance on these top-rated steppers is adjustable to meet your fitness level and type of workout. The materials are aluminium grade, which is way more durable and light compared to many other exercise steppers.

To store this top mini stepper you can hang it on the wall, place it under the furniture, lean against a wall or keep it assembled under your working desk.

It’s compact and lightweight, which means you can carry it practically anywhere. From the plane to the train, cars, trucks, boats and your hotel when you travel.

This stepper machine can go anywhere you can go. You can also use it while working at a standing desk.

  • Xiser XM Key Features:
  • Max user weight: 400-Lb
  • Stepper weight: 13.5-Lb
  • Dimensions: 21″ x 14″ x 4″

Reasons To Buy Xiser Anaerobic Trainers:

The following features cannot be found on any other home fitness steppers. They are only available on Xiser aerobic steppers.


The biomechanically correct length and width of the frame led the Xiser mini stepping machines to become the most stable type of mini-steppers on the market.

It’s almost impossible to tip back these stair climbers even when you are doing HIIT with only the ball of your feet on the pedals.

So, you can get the best steppers exercise workout without worrying about tipping the machine back and getting yourself hurt.

Made in the USA

Not only you provide jobs for future generations, promote American economic independence, and boost America invented opportunities, you also get guaranteed quality of steppers.

When it comes to goods, “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, great craftsmanship, and top-of-the-line products. Other mini steppers made in foreign countries don’t ensure the same guarantee of quality and longevity.

Excellent Warranty

Xiser offers up to 5 years of warranty for all their mini-steppers. All Xiser manufactured products maintain a 100% parts and labor warranty.

The warranty for the Xiser high-intensity trainer HIIT and the Xiser high-intensity trainer pro is rated the most generous on the mini stepper market. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can buy Xiser steppers with confidence.

Foldable Design

In three easy steps, you can fold and convert a Xiser mini stepper machine into a flat 4-inch piece of metal to fit in your backpack, carry-on, under the desk, etc. These fitness steppers can be disassembled and folded in 5-10 seconds without using any tool.

Cheap steppers exercise machines, on the other hand, cannot be disassembled and folded after each use because they often require tools and at least 30 minutes to do so.

Responsive Resistance System

The way the hydraulic system is made in Xiser products is totally different from other exercise steppers you find on the market. The cylinders are designed to instantly respond to the type of your exercise.

When you step on a pedal, the fluid goes from the cylinder on that side to the cylinder on the other side and vice versa. So, nothing will stop you from doing a perfect hill running or sprint cardio workout.

Other cheap stepping machines have cylinders similar to the cylinders of store doors that slowly close it after you step over the threshold. The problem with that is the closed chamber: the fluid in the cylinder has nowhere to go, so it but gets compressed creating rebound field.

Therefore, the stepping motion is not fully responsive to your movement so you cannot do a proper sprint workout.

Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Pedals and Frame

Xiser Mini Stairmasters are made of 3 separate cast aircraft aluminium pieces. That means there is no welding, so it can tolerate way more user weight capacity without breaking.

Cheap mini steppers are made of steel with many welded parts. So, they can’t support as much weight and eventually they break.

Excellent Weight Capacity

Due to the high-quality cylinders and non-welded aircraft aluminum materials, these steppers can provide weight loss workout for up to 400 pounds users. This weight capacity is about twice more compared to other steppers on the market.

Easy Xiser Stepper Assembly

Lucky you, there is no assembly required. Xiser Mini Stairmaster machines are pre-assembled and you can use them right out of the box. As for the resistance, you will receive clear instructions on how to add or reduce it using a screwdriver.

Xiser Shipping and Price

All four products listed in our Xiser stepper review include free shipping. As far as the price goes, Xiser commercial portable steppers retail between $320-$400 depending on the model. And that is a fair price for such a high quality piece of exercise equipment.

While you can buy Xiser commercial mini Stairmaster black and polished on Amazon, the other two Xiser personal steppers are only available on Xiser website. You may also find these mini steppers on sale sometimes or buy a Xiser stepper on special promotion.

About Xiser Company

After years of hard work, studies and experience Dr. Juris Terauds, professor in biomechanics, the founder and president of Xiser, designed the Xiser steppers in 1977.

Having accomplished good track and field records and being an athlete and a scholar, he managed to make one of the best portable exercise machines. These virtually maintenance-free steady steppers can last generations helping you save money and time while improving your health.


A quality-made piece of machinery that is made 100% in the US, the Xiser is the best stepper exercise machine. Using these mini steppers can help you improve your blood circulation, heart condition, posture, memory, metabolism and more.

As a matter of fact, a regular use of a stepper exercise machine like Xiser can help you lose weight and improve your mental and physical health.

Bottom line, buying Xiser mini steppers is a good investment that you and other family members can benefit from. You can use these mini steppers at home, office, hotel, holidays, road trips and about anywhere else.

Xiser created effective mini steppers that can provide high-intensity interval training for all fitness levels. But if you can’t afford the Xiser weight loss steppers, check out our best mini steppers review. It includes 10 affordable mini steppers from other good fitness equipment brands.

10 Total Score

In this review, we are looking at the Xiser Personal steppers and commercial portable steppers, also known as the Xiser mini StairMaster. Made in the USA, the Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper and the personal steppers are stable, solid, biomechanically correct and lightweight top mini steppers for home use and commercial use. These exceptionally sturdy Xiser mini stepper machines are designed to accommodate all fitness levels up to 400 pounds. While they are perfect for doing traditional step workouts, the Xiser mini steppers were originally created to provide Sprint Interval Training (SIT) and hill running. Xiser steppers feature top-of-the-line quality, and engineering, although they lack in high-tech features such display and wireless connection capabilities. So, you can't track the calories burned, the number of steps, or your heart rate and pace. But if these features are not a factor for you, rest assure that Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper and home use Personal Stepper will give you years of effective workouts.

Xiser Stepper Black Professional (XMBC)
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster (XMC)
Xiser Stepper Black Personal (XMB)
Xiser Stepper Polished Personal (XM)
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