Women’s Health Men’s Health Eclipse Bike Review

WHMH Eclipse Bike Overview

The Eclipse Indoor bike from Women’s Health / Men’s Health is an excellent example of a good indoor cycling bike for a very reasonable price. They were designed and produced by an innovative brand currently releasing sports and fitness products at a much more affordable price than their competitors while maintaining the quality. Although a mid-range spinning bike in the market, it boasts some high-end features. It’s stable and solid to the ground, meaning during those sprints or heavy sessions, it still feels safe and sturdy, allowing you to put down the power with confidence. This sturdiness also gives the bike the ability to be very quiet compared to other bikes, so if you have a close neighbour or live in a flat, it will be perfect for training at night or early in the mornings.

It is easy to set up as all tools are provided. The warranty offers an unbeatable five years on the frame and three years on all parts; this is one of the best warranties available for an exercise bike. The tablet holder on the front is a nice touch as very few other bikes have this. The bike will sync with their MyCloudFitness app, which is an excellent tool for training.

The spin bike comes with a free six-month subscription to the MyCloudFitness App; you can log all your workouts and see your progress. It offers many features and new content every month, such as classes for the bike, yoga, HIIT workouts, and strength classes. It can design you a plan, and you can even add other products such as a rower to make your home fitness studio. One of the top fitness apps on the market and is snowballing with its amazing instructors.

Women’s Health Men’s Health Eclipse Features

  • Pedals: Standard Metal & toe Cage Flywheel: 6lbs
  • Resistance: Magnetic Transmission: Belt Drive
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Height capacity: 5’0″ – 6’4″
  • Bike weight: 89.5lbs
  • Bike dimension: 55”L X 25”W X 52”H
  • Monitor: None (Tablet or Phone required)

  • Power Source: Batteries (Included)
  • Required Connectivity: Bluetooth devices
  • Applications: MyCloudFitness
  • RPM tracking: Yes
  • Speed tracking: Yes
  • Resistance tracking: Yes
  • Watt tracking: Yes, Based on Speed and Cadence

The bike is focused around the MyCloudFitness App, as it provides data to enhance your workouts. You will see information such as your speed, distance per session, calories burnt. It will also display watts, a feature associated with high-end bikes, providing you with the power and speed put through the pedals. From someone who has used many spin bikes in their time, the tablet option is by far the best as it provides variety and structure to your training. Having your tablet at such easy access means you can combine your workout with entertainment, such as films and TV. Using a tablet also means you can link up devices such as heart rate monitors or cadence/speed sensors.

It has a three-piece crank system that will provide the user with a smooth, consistent motion while pedaling. It is belt-driven, eliminating the need for a noisy chain and providing the perfect support for standing climbs for that uphill climbing experience. Unlike most bikes with a friction brake, the resistance is magnetic, so it’s done electronically, making the changes in resistance more precise and smooth. The smart power knob is an excellent feature as it enables you to adjust the resistance tailoring the workout specifically for you.

Measuring your resistance level and RPM gives corresponding watts, calories, distance, and speed for your workout effort. With the power function being in a mid-range bike, I can assume that the power is calculated through the speed and resistance level, unlike a high-end bike that uses a unique power component, still good for data but will not be accurate. It offers 14 levels of resistance for you to play with, so whether you’re a beginner or pro, this bike can cater for you; you will see your progress as you work up the levels, pushing yourself while you get fitter and physically stronger.

It has a 6lb cast iron flywheel and, matched with the magnetic resistance system, is fantastic; it’s smooth and makes the bike light enough to move around the house. The days of giant heavy flywheels are gone; now we have electronic and magnetic technology; no longer do we have to have the bike stuck in the same place because it’s too heavy to move. It has metal pedals with straps, precisely what you would see on a spin bike in a class. However, there is the option to swap them for clip-in pedals, such as road racing pedals or mountain bike pedals. It can cater to any user, no matter how specialist the footwear may be.

As mentioned before, the bike is solid and sturdy, and it can support a rider up to 300lbs as it is made of high-quality steel. This whole bike’s weight is 89.5lb, a great benefit as it is stronger and more solid than its competitors. Although heavy, the transport wheels on the front make it easy to move around the house. The sizing is excellent; there are many bikes made too small for the majority of riders, making it difficult to get the right fit. With this bike being larger, it offers much more comfort options and can suit riders from 5.0ft to 6.4ft which is an incredible range. The seat can adjust up, down back, and forward and comes with a very comfortable saddle, unlike the racing saddle you usually see on these bikes. The handlebars have many grip positions to help you climb out of the saddle and comfort on longer rides. The material it’s

covered in is sweatproof and easy to clean. You can also adjust the handlebars up and down to suit the rider. It also has adjustable floor supports so it can be placed on an uneven floor and still have the capability to be solid to the ground. A great safety feature is the emergency brake if you need to stop quickly. It also comes with a water bottle holder, so you don’t have to leave the bike to rehydrate.

Women’s Health Men’s Health Eclipse Pros:

  • A very well-made strong bike, with floor adjustment pads.
  • Quiet with the belt drive and magnetic resistance.
  • Capacity to suit an extensive range of users.
  • 14 Levels of magnetic adjustment.
  • 3 Piece crank system helps to keep momentum.
  • Very easy to assemble and comes with all tools.
  • A very generous 5-year frame warranty with 3-year parts warranty.
  • Lots of data, including power.
  • The free MyCloud App Subscription at a value of $100+
  • So many classes to choose from, not only for just the bike.

Women’s Health Men’s Health Eclipse Cons:

  • Tablet or a phone required to see your progress.
  • After 6 months, the MyCloudSubscription will be chargeable.
  • Handlebars don’t move back and forth, only up and down so some riders can’t set upright.
  • The tablet holder is satisfactory, but you must make sure the adjusters are tight.
  • Only synchs with MyCloud Application (not Zwift, Peloton, etc).

The Final Verdict

The Women’s / Men’s Health bike is a perfect bit of kit to help you exercise, and it comes at such a low all aspects considered. The frame is solid and sturdy and boasts great adjustment so that it can suit nearly any rider. The MyCloudFitness app is incredible; not only do you get fantastic cycling workouts, but you also get HIIT Classes, yoga, and much more; it can even create a training routine. It’s great if you are a beginner but will also suit experienced fitness enthusiasts. If I went to a gym and saw this bike, it wouldn’t look out of place.

It has the quality to be a piece of workout equipment that will last without feeling the need to upgrade or replace soon. Assembly is easy; tools are provided. I have tried many bikes while reviewing this model; I found it of great value compared to its competitors. I would highly recommend this as a home spin bike; make sure you have a tablet/iPad to make full use of the features.

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Women's Health Men's Health Indoor Cycling Bike

The Eclipse Indoor bike from Women’s Health / Men’s Health is an excellent example of a good indoor cycling bike for a very reasonable price. They were designed and produced by an innovative brand currently releasing sports and fitness products at a much more affordable price than their competitors while maintaining the quality. Although a mid-range spinning bike in the market, it boasts some high-end features and worth the $400 price tag, especially with 6 virtual spin class membership.

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Bike Fitting and Ergonomics

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