Things to know before buying an elliptical bike

If you need a single exercise bike that will give you a complete body workout exercising both arms and legs, toning your muscles and strengthening your heart, an elliptical machine is what you are looking for.

In this article, we aim to tell you few basic but really important things to look for when going through elliptical reviews.

We also understand no every has the time to look for these important elliptical features. Especially because not all elliptical reviews have these features described easily.

So, to make it easy for you, we put together the best elliptical machines. And guess what? We made sure every single detailed feature of each elliptical machine is available for you right under every review.

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The benefits of a good elliptical bike

1. It gives you a full body work out and no other equipment out there does what elliptical machine can do to your body. You can tune BOTH your legs and arms/lower and upper body while strengthening your heart by using the handlebars, changing the stride length or reversing the leg motion.

2. It has a low impact workout on all your muscles and joints. Your feet will never leave the pedals during the workout which proves the lack of impact, unlike running. Many people are recommended not to run due to the high impact on their body because when you run, you have to take your foot off the ground.

3. You can burn up to 600 calories per hour and strengthen your heart muscles. The elliptical machine is great to achieve a good cardiovascular strength.

4. Not only an elliptical machine helps you bring ALL your body in a better shape, it’s FUN to use.

5. The machine can be your personal trainer and decide when you need to do reverse leg motion, wide stride and resistance.

Elliptical machine vs. upright bike, spin bike, recumbent bike and treadmill

  • With the bikes, you work out the lower body
    On an upright exercise bike, spin bike and recumbent bike mainly your legs are doing the exercise and they are moving while there is no upper body weight pressure on them. This is why using these bikes you can strengthen the legs only and not even enough since they move on the pedals without much of pressure.
  • With the treadmill, you can…..
    Jog, walk and run, although you can’t do steps, or use your arms and shoulders with treadmill, plus it has a higher impact compared to any bike or elliptical machine.
  • With an elliptical machine you can do what bikes and treadmill do, and even MORE
    By adjusting the stride and incline you can jog, walk, run, pedal, do steps, hike and you can work out your arms and shoulders at the same time. The elliptical machine offers everything you need to do for a full body work out and cardio session, plus it has a low impact on your joints.

Elliptical machines: things to know when you are buying one

  1. Adjustable stride
    No matter who uses the machine, they can get in a comfortable position (just like a spin bike with 4-way adjustable seat). Stride adjustable elliptical gives you the option shorten the strides and work out up and down (like going up a step) or make the stride longer like running a marathon.
    It lets you stay motivated and work on different muscles during your workout session on your top rated elliptical bike. If you are 5.3 feet or shorter you need 16-18 stride. If you are 5.4 to 6.7 feet, your stride needs to be from 18 to 21. If you are taller, there are great elliptical machines that work for you as well. It’s all adjusted in a push of a button on the console of your compact elliptical bike.
  2. Large pedals
    An elliptical machine constrains you to its movement and you are not free like running on a treadmill. To make sure you are comfortable you should choose the best elliptical bikes with bigger cushioned pedals. Some machines have adjustable pedals to accommodate all sizes and bring lower impact on ankles and knees.
  3. Backlit screen display and tablet holder
    For some, it might not seem so important, but you should know that without a bright screen to see your workout progress your pedaling sessions will soon get boring. The tablet holder is a good feature to have on your elliptical bike to keep you busy watching a movie or listening to music.
  4. Multiple hand-grips
    Look for multiple hand-grip, so you can change your hand position and work on different muscles on your upper body. It’s even better if there are buttons on the hand-grip so you don’t have to reach up to the console to adjust the resistance or incline settings.
  5. Heavy flywheel
    The heavier the flywheel, the smoother your ride and more solid the bike during the workout. Elliptical machines with the flywheel in the back are longer as they take more space. You can also look for a model that can be folded and moved in the house if you don’t have much space.
  6. Workout programs
    Workout programs play a big role in keeping you longer on the bike and motivated.
  7. Resistance levels
    A long range of resistance is important for burning more calories, pushing yourself to the limit and staying motivated. The gradual change between the resistance is important as well.
  8. Wireless and hand pulse sensor heart rate monitor
    To get the best result for your body based on your heart rate, you can simply wear a chest strap or put your hands on the handlebar sensors so that the heart rate programs automatically adjust the resistance and incline for you. This way you let the machine train you efficiently based on your heart rate. It’s an excellent feature in a good elliptical indoor machine.
  9. Inclined ramp
    Some machines have an inclined ramp which brings more intensity and tone different muscle groups. Look for power incline so you can change the settings from the console without having to get off the machine to adjust it.
  10. Warranty
    Longer warranty on the parts and frame is good for many reasons. It proves the company is confident on the quality of the products and you don’t have to spend extra money if something breaks within the first years.
  11. Built-in fan and water bottle holders
    They are always good extra features in order to keep you cool while exercising on your elliptical bike and drink when you need it rather than having to stop your workout.
  12. Close space between pedals
    The space in the middle between the two pedals should be close. NOT the space between the back of one pedal to the front of another pedal because that’s the stride. Look for pedals that are close to each other, if they are further apart, they can cause ankle, knee and hip joint problems.
  13. Brand
    Go for an established brand. If you want a club quality workout from the best elliptical machines, choose the brands that make successful commercial machines because they bring the same technology in the home equipment. Life Fitness, Precor, and Sole are some of the best brands.
  14. Larger railways and wheels
    If the machine has wheels, look for the ones with larger wheels that rest on large railways.
  15. Wireless
    Some of the best elliptical machines directly connect to the internet or have Bluetooth to connect to your apps online where you can save your progress or get into a comparative environment and challenge yourself. You may also look for elliptical machines with built-in wireless speakers that connect to your device through Bluetooth.
  16. Elliptical machine size
    It’s important to first check the space you have in the house and check the dimensions of the indoor gym equipment you are buying, especially elliptical as they are more expensive compared to some other equipment. On average, the best elliptical machines can range in length from 48 to 85 inches. Keep in mind that during the workout the pedals might extend out beyond the length of the elliptical machine and you will also be elevated. So, make sure you have some 20 inches of extra space around the machine.
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