spin bikes

Our reviews include commercial spin bikes such as Life Fitness, Keiser, Schwinn and other popular spin bike brands. Instead of paying a crazy amount of subscription fee every month for spinning classes, you can now purchase a gym quality indoor cycle bike at an affordable price.

There are tens of brand manufacturing spin bikes and we try to have as many of those reputable brand in our spin bike reviews as possible. We also demonstrate how you can save money instead of spending thousands of Dollars on bikes like Peloton spin bikes.  You now can ride any cycling app with pretty much any spin bike by spending less than $100. Even a $200 sunny spin bike will enable you to ride along with the expert cyclists in the environment.

We provide reviews on how to pick the best spin bike and what the top-spin bikes under $500 and the best spin bikes under $1000. Our top reviews include upright exercise bikes and recumbent exercise bikes as well.

There are many other exercise machines that will allow you lose weight in the comfort of your home that cost less than $200. You can choose to go with mini stepper or a pedal exercise bike that takes very little floor space.

Important specs of spin bikes

There are quite a few things to look for and we wrote an in-depth spin bike buying guide for it. However, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here.  Seat, handlebars, resistance type, drive-system, pedals, computer, and flywheel are the most important factors of a good spin bike.

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