Indoor exercise bikes

When talking about indoor exercise bikes some people think of spin bikes, some believe it’s a generic word for upright bike and some might even think it’s used for the recumbent bike. However, the world indoor exercise bike refers to all the three bikes I mentioned and also any other type of bike that you might use indoor that has a seat and crank arms.

Indoor exercise bikes are in four main categories:

Indoor cycling spin bikes

Spin bikes, they are known for providing high-intensity cardio workout and fast efficient result. No other indoor exercise bike can make you sweat and lose weight as fast as a spin bike, also known as the indoor cycle. If you are serious about getting in shape and losing weight and also improving your cardiovascular fitness, we at recommend you to check out one the best spin bikes and pick one that suits your budget and needs. However, if you are in rehab or a senior user, you might not be fit to use the spin bikes as they require a strong back and flexible joints. Therefore you might consider the other types of indoor exercise bikes we mentioned below.

Upright indoor bikes

Upright bikes, also known as the indoor bike and stationary bikes are the most popular type of indoor exercise bike worldwide. They are the ones with soft seat and pedals right below the seat and handlebars fixed. On an upright bike, you set straight and the hand-grips are located right in front of you so you don’t need to lean forward. Top Upright bikes can be used by pretty much all users except for those who are in recovery or can’t set in an upright position. An upright indoor bike wouldn’t allow burning as many calories as a spin bike because the whole time you would be seated and can’t get off the seat to add extra intensity.  If you can’t set vertical for long periods without a backrest, check out the recumbent bikes below.

Recumbent exercise bikes

Recumbent bikes, also known as the indoor stationary bike are the most comfortable type of indoor exercise bike. They are built to offer low-impact and also easy to use. To get on a recumbent bike you don’t need to lift your feet up because they feature to step through design. It means you walk to them and set on them just as you would set on a sofa. Best recumbent exercise bikes have the wide cushioned seat and an adjustable backrest with lumbar support. This feature allows you to get in a relaxed seated position with your feet in front of you and do the pedaling. You will also have the backrest to lean back and enjoy the workout. Recumbent stationary indoor exercise bikes can’t offer as a high-intensity workout as the upright or spin bike but yet they can help to improve heart rate, lose weight and also improve overall health and fitness condition.

Sit and Cycle

The last but not least is the sit and cycle known for their compact design and easy portability and multi-functionalities. Sit and Cycle bikes are mainly for those who want to multi-task, For instance, watching TV while losing some weight, or working on the computer during the workout. These mini exercise bikes don’t burn much of calories yet they are better than staying stead without being active on a sofa.

Bottom line they are all better than nothing and it all depends on which one is best for you. You can also decide to go with one of the top ellipticals but keep in mind that they are pricey and take more space than indoor exercise bikes.

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