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Indoor cycles also known as the spin bikes, spinning bike and indoor bike are the best cardio machines to lose weight and get in shape. Indoor cycling bikes like the Keiser M3i Spin Bikes by Keiser, Platoon indoor cycle, Life Fitness, and Schwinn bikes are among the most popular and best seller spin bikes on the market for the high-end indoor bikes.

However, for budget spin bikes the Sunny Health and Fitness Efitment, L-Now and few other companies are the most popular indoor cycling bikes. The high-end Keiser spin bikes can be seen mostly at the gym and spinning classed as well as residential use. Our spin bike reviews will help you pick the best indoor bike for home use and the best indoor bikes for commercial use.

What is an indoor cycle, “spinning bike and spinning?

While many people think of “spinning” as a word for exercising on an indoor cycle, you should know the words SPIN®, Spinner®, and Spinning® are terms created (and copyrighted) long ago in the early ’90s by the founders of Mad Dogg Athletics. Mad Dogg Athletics, Star Trac®, the distributor of the bikes, and the Spinning® lord have done a good work promoting indoor cycling around the globe that most people think of the spin bike as a generic word for cycling.

Using indoor Cycling Bikes at home

If you go into Spinning class, cycle studios, gym, or fitness clubs, you will come across trainees pushing their limits on the indoor bikes. You may actually be one of them. Well, it’s because indoor cycles have proven record of offering the best cardio workout. So, how about having your own indoor exercise bikes at home which can help you work out more than you would in a spinning class or gym?

You can always walk home to your calorie burning machine and she will always be looking forward to giving you a ride to healthier tomorrow. How does that sound? If you own home indoor bike or Spin Bike, you can jump on and knock out a workout in 30 minutes while you can’t go to the gym due to bad weather or tight office working hours. Workout and losing weight is much easier when you have an indoor cycle at home.

Working out at home is more comfortable, less noisy, less stinky, and more fun. It’s also less expensive. Having an indoor cycle at home allows you to save on spinning class subscription and workout on your own hours rather than gym hours.

Even better, you can order a top-quality indoor cycle online from Amazon or other sellers where they will ship it to your front step in no time. Don’t worry about spending half a day to reach to get to a store and see few options, instead spend that half an hour here on and order your unite and get your exercise equipment shipped to your home.

By using an indoor cycling bike/spin bike you can easily improve your health and physical fitness in the comfort of your own home. If you like to ride with other cyclist connect your Keiser spin bike to an App and enjoy riding.

Upright bikes are also known by many as indoor cycles however, that’s incorrect as the word indoor cycle can only refer to spin bikes and the world indoor bike can refer to upright bikes.

You can also watch cycling videos and a million of workout programs on computer or TV by connecting to Youtube. If you like to exercise with an instructor, you can also do so by subscribing to Platoon and other apps where cycling trainers are live in the virtual environment. Get yourself a set of indoor bike shoes and one of the best spin bikes and start pedaling toward your dream shape.

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