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Find out the best stationary bikes on the market with top-of-the-line indoor bike features. Discover the stationary bike benefits and why Indoor exercise bikes are becoming popular among all levels of athletes.

One of the main reasons we want to exercise is to either lose weight or maintain and control our weight. Stationary bike weight loss is a proven fact. Many people have got into their desire body shape by simply exercising an hour on a stationary bike in their home’s comfort while watching TV and surfing the web.

There are at least three different stationary indoor bikes.

The recumbent exercise bike, which is the most comfortable of all the indoor exercise bike. Recumbent bikes feature a large seat and padded backrest with the pedal in front and step through design. All these features make the Recumbent exercise bike as one of the best indoor stationary bikes with the least impact on the joints. Therefore, seniors and those on recovery and pretty much anyone else can benefit from a recumbent bike.

The second most popular stationary bikes are the upright bikes with a relatively smaller seat compared to recumbent bikes. Upright Exercise bikes don’t feature backrest and they are not step through. It means you need to cross your leg over the frame of the bike to get on the seat which is not easy to do for senior users. It’s also not as safe as recumbent for those on recovery and senior exercisers. On an upright stationary bike, you need to lean on the handlebars while on a recumbent you can just lean back and exercise.

The third most popular exercise bikes are “Spin bikes”. They are considered the most interest type of exercise bike. They are definitely not for those on recovery or senior users. Because the seat is narrow, and the handlebars are pretty far from the seat so you need to lean on them. Spin bikes help to burn more calories compared to the upright exercise bike and the recumbent bikes.  You can find the top-spin bikes on Amazon with the affordable cheap prices.

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