Best of Sunny Health And Fitness Indoor Cycling Bikes Comparison

If you want to buy a Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bike and want to discover the best Sunny spin bikes for 2023, this in-depth review is for you. Sunny Health & Fitness is a well-known brand for providing affordable fitness equipment designed for home use, mainly.

In addition to spin bikes, they produce multiple types of exercise equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, rowers, and pedal exercisers. However, the Sunny spin bikes are one of the brand’s most popular products.

Until 2017 I wouldn’t have recommended Sunny Health and Fitness indoor bikes for elite cyclists because the brand didn’t offer any high-quality indoor cycling bike options, but that has changed. Ever since Sunny Health and Fitness has been manufacturing some of the best seller spin bikes for residential use in an unbeatable price range.

Aside from affordable prices, another thing that helped Sunny Health and Fitness spin bikes grow was finding repairs and spare parts that you can easily order directly from “”. You can fill out a form and get Sunny spin bike brake pads, seat, chain, or any other Sunny indoor bike parts. It gives peace of mind compared to other indoor cycling bikes sold by Chinese sellers based in China who sometimes are hard to find after a couple of years.

In addition to easily findable parts and reasonable prices, Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycles are also durable and some of them like SF-1805 are extremely solid and heavy providing a stable platform to do aggressive and high-intensity indoor cycling workouts.

Without taking too much of your time, let’s get into discovering the best indoor cycling bikes offered by Sunny Health and Fitness and see which one of these is good value. Where applicable, I will also go over better alternative indoor bikes that you should consider.

Quick Answer: Sunny Spin Bikes

  1. 7150 Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Minotaur Spin Bike
  2. 6100 Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Sprinting Spin Bike
  3. SF-B1986 Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro II Cycle
  4. 7130 Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Lancer Spin Bike
  5. SF-B1709 Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Indoor Bike
  6. SF-B1805 Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Spinning Bike
  7. SF-B1714 Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike
  8. SF-B1509 Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Premium Spin Bike
  9. SF-B1002 Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling bike Belt Drive
  10. SF-B1001S Sunny Health And Fitness Indoor cycling bike

Sunny spin bikes comparison

Comparison Table for Sunny Health and Fitness indoor Cycling Bikes
Asuna Minotaur Cycle Exercise Bike 7150Not included33-LB184MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
ASUNA 6100 Sprinting Commercial Indoor Cycling BikeRPM, HR, speed, distance, time, and calories (no Bluetooth)37-LB176MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike SF-B1986RPM, HR, speed, distance, time, and calories (no Bluetooth)40-LB216MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna Lancer Cycle Exercise Bike 7130Not included33-LB184MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1709 Magnetic Belt DriveRPM, HR, speed, distance, time, and calories (no Bluetooth)7-LB203MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 Indoor Cycling BikeNot included44-LB182MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)TOE CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro Indoor Cycling Bike SF-B1714Not included44-LB216MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)TOE CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1509 Belt Drive PremiumNot included40-LB216MMBELTManually adjustable friction (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling BikeNot included49-LB216MMBELTManually adjustable friction (not motorised)TOE CAGE
Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling BikeSpeed, distance, time, & calories30-LB209MMCHAINManually adjustable friction (not motorised)TOE CAGE

Sunny Health and Fitness Spin Bike Overview

Until some time ago Sunny was popular for offering budget spin bikes under $300. However, in 2017 they introduced a new series of spin bikes called ASUNA. Unlike the old Sunny spin bikes with basic features, the ASUNA Series bikes come with more modern features and functionalities such as magnetic and belt drive and heavy-duty good quality parts and frames.

Even with the new upgraded Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bikes, there is no monitor or if some of them do have a monitor, they don’t offer good workout feedback and cycling App connection capability. Therefore, you can’t join the cycling applications on the web to exercise and compete with other riders in the virtual environment unless you invest in additional accessories like power pedals or cadence sensors.

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bikes are no Peloton or Nordicktrack but what they are and what makes them popular on the market is affordability. Sunny offers some of the best magnetic spin bikes under $1000 that function independently without paid application subscription so you wouldn’t need to worry about an extra $400 a year of application cost.

Out of these 28 Sunny bikes, our expert team here at Your Exercise Bike picked the top 10 Sunny indoor cycles for you. We ranked them from 1 to 10 based on their features and quality. To see our regularly updated verdict, I highly recommend you check out the comparison chart that is listed above.

Guide To Sunny Indoor Cycling Bikes

1. Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA MINOTAUR CYCLE EXERCISE BIKE (7150)

ASUNA Minotaur 7150 Review

As of 2023, the ASUNA 7150 is the most high-end Sunny spin bike. It came out in 2017 but due to the high price, buyers weren’t interested in this indoor bike because used to Sunny spin bikes under $1000. However, this top Sunny indoor cycle is definitely a solid bike that can provide a high-quality workout to all levels of users.

From beginners to intermediate and elite cyclists, this ASUNA can satisfy all workout needs. The magnetic resistance level and the belt drive mechanism provide a silent and maintenance-free workout. The tension knob functions for resistance adjustment and emergency brake. This Sunny Health and Fitness Spin Bike allows you to workout while your partner is resting without waking them up. It’s something you don’t get with chain drive and friction resistance.

The 33-pound aluminum and high alloy steel flywheel provide a high inertia exercise for users up to 330 pounds. Unlike the Keiser M3i bike, Sunny 7150 cycle features a front-drive design which means the drive mechanism is located directly under the sweat zone. However, with Sunny 7150 you don’t need to worry about sweat getting into the drive system because there is a durable sweat guard that covers all around the wheel.

The seat and handlebars are also both 4-way adjustable so you should be able to get good bike fit if your inseam is between 30 to 38 inches. Here is how you can measure your inseam to make sure you can adjust and fit the bike comfortably.

The materials on the posts of the seat and handlebars are high-grade aluminum which reduces the weight of these parts for easier adjustment. All the posts are numbered/marked. So, let’s say someone else uses the bike and changes the seat adjustment for his size: it’s going to be easy for you to re-adjust the seat back the way it was.

The handlebars offer multi cycling grips and also two water bottle holders to keep you hydrated. There is also another water bottle holder on the side of the frame. The racing seat is cushioned and comfortable but if you are a starter, I suggest you get an indoor bike seat gel like Zacro. There are parallel seat rails that run along the underside leaving the middle hallow for extra comfort and adaptability.

Additionally, its pedals are dual-sided with spd cleats and toe cages. Therefore, you can exercise with cycling shoes and regular athletic shoes. There are four-foot levelers to allow you to adjust the bike on your floor so it doesn’t shake/rock. For stretching and warming up there are also two elevated pads at the back of the frame to stand on them and warm up before the ride.

Our least favorite feature about this Sunny spin bike is the lack of display and Bluetooth connection. However, if that’s not an important factor for you, the Asuna Minotaur indoor cycling bike is an affordable commercial-quality spin bike on the market and totally worth its $899 current price tag, especially for commercial facilities because its lack of electronic technology/parts has fewer maintenance.


ASUNA 6100 Sprinter Review

This Sunny Health Fitness Asuna 6100 is also a commercial spin bike that can provide comfortable and high-quality indoor cycling exercise for all users, including elite cyclists. Back then, Sunny Health and Fitness set a new standard for indoor bikes under $1000 with ASUNA 6100 when they released this bike in 2019.

Just like Keiser M3i with rear-drive mechanism away from sweat and liquid, professional look, magnetic resistance, fully adjustable racing handlebars, SPD pedals, excellent media holder, and commercial quality, it was my favorite indoor cycle under $1000 until Echelon EX5 was released in the market with smarter automatic resistance and Bluetooth connection.

The magnetic resistance is precise and adjustable through an easy-to-reach knob. It offers enough resistance to make the workout difficult for all levels of cyclists but it’s not automatic and only adjusts manually via its knob. The 37-lb flywheel has a guard all around for safety purposes. It also gives the bike a nice professional look and provides a 360-degree consistent pedal stroke.

Compared to Keiser M Series spin bikes, the flywheel is 29-lbs heavier, which means ASUNA is a good choice for those who often do high-intensity indoor cycling rides. The belt drive mechanism creates a quiet and maintenance-free indoor biking experience. Handlebars are fore/aft up&down adjustable and offer multiple cycling positions including the road racing grips.

The seat is also 4-way adjustable, comfortable and similar to outdoor cycling seats. With a 176mm Q-factor, the ASUNA 6100 has one of the narrowest gaps between pedals compared to other Sunny Health & Fitness indoor bikes. This feature allows your hip, knee, and ankles to stay aligned and stress-free.

ASUNA 6100 spin bike features a basic non-interactive console that allows you to track all the necessary workout progress. However, it doesn’t feature Bluetooth so, you can connect to cycling Apps. ASUNA 6100’s console displays the time, speed, distance, calories burned, rpm, pulse, and scan. It’s also compatible with the chest strap to allow you to track your heart rate. There is a free heart rate monitor included in the box so you don’t need to buy it separately.

This Sunny spin bike also has dual-sided pedals with spd cleats on one side and toe cages on the other side. In terms of accessories, this Sunny indoor cycle has a fantastic built-in tablet holder and two large water bottle holders to keep you entertained and hydrated.

There are also two transport wheels for easy portability and four-foot levelers to keep this indoor cycling bike stable during the workout. Overall, it’s one of the best value Sunny Health and Fitness spin bikes and there is no other spin bike by this brand that can beat these features in under $900 price range.


Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1986 Review

With few superior differences from Sunny Health exercise bike mentioned in the 6th place, the SF-B1986 occupies the third position in our Sunny Health and fitness bike review. The SF-B1986 Sunny Health and Fitness spin bike comes with a 40-lb flywheel that provides a smooth cycling exercise workout.

The Evolution Pro II SF-B1986 Sunny Health cycling bike is belt driven which is quieter and smoother than chain-driven systems. Also, it has less maintenance and doesn’t require frequent lubrication.

In terms of the Q-factor, I have to admit this Sunny Health and Fitness indoor bike doesn’t impress me at all. Sunny Spin bike SF-B1986 comes with 216mm Q-factor which is really wide. For many potential buyers, that’s the main reason to consider other Sunny spin bikes ranked first and second.

As for durability, the frame and the crank arms are stable and strong. They can handlebar all spinning workout styles without snapping or shaking like an earthquake. Additionally, the pedals are dual-sided toe cage and SPD which means you have the option to ride with your running sneakers or wear specific lipless indoor cycling shoes for extra comfort and power efficiency.

One thing that we really like about this Sunny indoor spin bike is its adjustability. Both the handlebars and the seat are fully adjustable, up and down and fore and aft. Therefore, users of different heights can find the natural position on this indoor cycling bike.

Unlike few other Sunny spin bikes, the Evolution Pro II SF-B1986 spinning bike’s seat is soft/cushioned and perfect for longer indoor cycling sessions. But what sets this indoor spin bike apart from its similar model (Evolution Pro) is the RPM reading monitor that comes with this model.

It’s not backlit or super bright but allows you to monitor your workout progress without having to go through the headache of installing a new computer or spending on other indoor cycling accessories to see your progress. On top of that, this indoor bike comes with a nice large tablet holder and two-weight holder for upper body workout. Overall, it’s one of the best magnetic spin bikes under $1000 that offers a solid cardio workout.


ASUNA Lancer 7130 Review

This indoor cycle sits in the same price range as the Sunny spin bike ASUNA 6100 but with a lighter flywheel and fewer bells and whistles. ASUNA Lancer rear-drive magnetic commercial indoor cycling bike has a standard Q-factor, like most of the Sunny spin bikes. It can prevent extra pressure on your lower body joints because hips, knees, and feet can stay aligned with each other.

If the Q-factor (the gap between the pedals) is wide, your feet to your hips will be in a V-shape rather than a naturally straight and aligned H-Shape. The pedals of this Sunny Fitness spin bike are also dual-sided (spd and toe cage). It means you can use SPD mountain cycling shoes or regular athletic shoes to workout.

This top-of-the-line Sunny Health and Fitness spin bike also features magnetic resistance adjustable with a lever rather than a knob, which makes tension adjustment easier during the workout. Lancer Sunny Health Fitness indoor cycling bike comes with belt drive which makes it a very quiet and maintenance-free spinning bike. The seat and handlebars are up & down fore/aft adjustable and have high-grade aluminum safety posts which makes it light and easy to adjust.

This Sunny Health and Fitness have a 33-lb flywheel which makes it 25-lb heavier than Keiser spin bikes. There is also a safety black metal guard all around the flywheel. What we don’t like about ASUNA Lancer is the lack of a console which means you can’t track your progress unless you buy extra accessories such as Wahoo Sensors or Power Taps.

Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Lancer 7130 lacks high-tech features such as a console, wireless chest strap compatibility, and a table holder. If these are important factors, I suggest that you either buy the ASUNA Sprinter 6100 or Sole Fitness SB900. It costs just as much as the Lancer but has a better overall quality, a tablet holder, and a fitness tracking monitor.


Sunny Health Fitness SF B1709 Review

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1709 exercise bike was (and still is) the best-value indoor bike by this brand with good features and decent quality. I ranked it 5th in this Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bike comparison article because the other Sunny indoor bikes have better options a bit better quality but not necessarily because they are better value.

With 7-lb cast aluminum and steel flywheel, this Sunny spin bike provides a smooth and 360-degree pedal stroke. In addition to that, the SF-B1709 Sunny Health spin bike offers a maintenance-free and quiet belt drive. Combined with magnetic resistance this Sunny cycling bike provides one of the most enjoyable workouts.

Its resistance is not automatic but it’s a manually adjustable magnetic resistance system that is powerful and can provide a challenging indoor cycling workout for all cyclists, including semi-pro indoor cyclists who are on a budget. This Sunny Health and Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike also features an emergency brake that stops the flywheel immediately. SF-B1709 magnetic belt-drive indoor cycling bike features dual-sided pedals.

You can ride the bike with SPD cycling shoes or regular athletic shoes. In terms of Q-factor, with the 203 mm gap between pedals, this Sunny stationary bike is wider compared to what a few other indoor cycling bike brands make these days. The frame and crank arms of this Sunny Health & Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike are made of durable steel.

As far as the seat goes, this Sunny fitness bike is fully adjustable. Most users should be able to find a natural cycling position to ride on this Sunny Health spin bike as long as your inseam is between 29″ to 38″ inches (roughly from 5.2″ to 6.3″). The multi-use handlebars of ASUNA 5100 allow you to ride in flat bar, hood, or drop-down racing positions.

Unlike most of the Sunny spin bikes, SFB1709 Sunny indoor cycle has a console, which means you can actually track your workout progress without buying an additional spin bike computer. But you can’t save your daily progress unless you purchase one of the devices (power pedals or cadence sensors) mentioned at the beginning of this Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bikes review article.

Lastly but not least, this Sunny Health and Fitness indoor bike also has one water bottle holder, four feet levelers, and two transport wheels. I did feel the bike was wobbling at first but when I adjusted the feet levelers, it was pretty stable. It got even better when I put a rubber indoor cycling bike mat under the bike.


Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 review

When I tried the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 years ago, I immediately added it to the best magnetic spin bikes article I had written back then. It was and still is one of the best-rated Sunny Health and Fitness spin bikes due to its durable frame, low price, and a few other features I will go over here in this Sunny indoor cycling bikes review and comparison blog.

It’s pretty similar to the SF-B1714 which is ranked number 6th. The only difference is the design: B1805 Sunny Health Stationary bike features belt which is quiet and doesn’t need lubrication. This Sunny Health indoor bike comes with a 44-lb chromed solid flywheel that provides a really smooth and close-to-natural cycling motion.

The frame and crank arms are heavy-duty and can support up to 300-pound user weight. The professional indoor cycling bike design and a long range of seat and handlebar adjustments are a few other factors behind this Sunny Health and Fitness stationary bike’s popularity.

Unlike some other budget spin bikes, the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 can accommodate short, average, and tall users. The seat and handlebars are fore/aft and up/down adjustable. And thanks to the long range of seat adjustments, you will be able to find a natural cycling position that doesn’t bring excessive pressure on your joints and back.

The handlebars offer few basic cycling positions such as seated flat, standing run and hovering over the saddle. This Sunny Health indoor cycling bike comes with single-sided pedals that will allow you to exercise with regular athletic shoes but not with SPD cycling shoes.

If you are serious about getting fit, we recommend you purchase a set of spd pedals and cycling shoes for extra comfort and a more enjoyable cardio workout. That’s another $70-$100 investment on your health but it’s worth it.

The SF-B1805 Sunny Health and Fitness cycling bike also has a water bottle holder, wheels for easy transportation and foot levelers. Overall it’s one of the best Sunny spin bikes under $500 for residential use for starters.


Sunny Health Fitness SF-b1714 Evolution Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

One of the top-of-the-line Sunny spin bikes is the Evolution Pro and it’s also one of our best sellers. This Sunny indoor cycling bike is built for residential use with a heavy-duty solid frame and components. While considered a mid-price indoor bike, this Sunny Health and Fitness Cycle Trainer offers what you get in the best spin bikes.

Sunny Health and Fitness Evolution Pro features a silent magnetic resistance. This allows you to workout without bothering other members of the family with the noise. Another advantage of magnetic resistance is that you don’t have to change brake pad so there is no extra cost and maintenance. Sunny Health And Fitness Evolution Pro also feature belt drive which together with magnetic resistance makes this Sunny spin bike near to silent.

Sunny Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt drives indoor cycle comes with 44-pound chrome flywheel which provides a real road cycling experience with a good pedal stroke for an intense workout. Heavy flywheel and sturdy frame can provide the spinning workout for users up to 330-lbs. The seat of this home exercise bike is 4-way adjustable and cushioned.

The handlebars of the Evolution Pro Sunny Belt drive indoor cycle are also 4-way adjustable. It means most users can find the perfect natural cycling position on this Sunny exercise bike. As far as the Q-factor goes, the Sunny Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt drive indoor cycling exercise bike sits in the wide Q-factor category. It’s 216mm (8.5-inch) which is wider than some other indoor cycling bikes.

The pedals of Evolution Pro Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bike feature toe cage only. They don’t have spd cleat. However, the pedal thread is standard so you might want to change them to a set of Shimano pedals. There are two strong transport wheels in front of the frame, and 4 levelers below the frame to make sure your Sunny indoor bike doesn’t rock during the workout.

What we don’t like about this Sunny spin bike is the lack of a console. You can’t track your workout progress unless you go with one of the options mentioned at the top of this Sunny exercise bike reviews.


Sunny Health And Fitness Indoor Cycle

One of the most popular budget Sunny spin bikes is the SF-B1509. This indoor cycling bike by Sunny Health & Fitness has been upgraded with belt drive, better saddle, and spd pedals. You have probably seen videos of indoor cyclists pairing up this Sunny exercise bike with Wahoo speed and cadence sensors to join the cycling Apps.

And they chose this Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycle because of its budget price, professional look, durable frame, and heavy flywheel. The SF-B1509 Sunny stationary bike comes with a 40-pound chromed flywheel that provides a natural cycling experience. The belt drive offers a smooth and very quiet ride as well. It also means you don’t need to deal with tools adjusting or lubricating the mechanism, unlike chain drive.

The resistance of this Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycle is our least favorite feature. It’s friction which means it makes noise and requires maintenance compared to magnetic resistance. However, it’s well protected from sweat with a cover all around. You also need to keep in mind that friction resistance is not a surprise in this price range.

As far as the pedals go they are well-made with SPD and toe cage, like a few other products in this Sunny spin bikes review. You can ride the bike with mountain biking shoes or with regular athletic shoes.

SF-B1509 Sunny spin bike is designed with a wide Q-factor which is above standards. While it’s perfect for larger users, it can cause minor injuries in the long run for average users. In terms of adjustment, the seat can be moved up&down fore/aft, while the handlebars are only vertically adjustable.

The seat is a bit hard, so you may want to consider a gel cover for it. Like most Sunny spin bikes, the SF-B1509 doesn’t have a computer to track your progress. There are two transport wheels and four adjustable feet levelers to keep you and the bike firm and stable during intense cardio workouts.



One of the best-selling Sunny spin bikes is the SF-B1002. This Sunny Health Fitness bike is absolutely the best spin bike for under $300. With a 49-pound chromed solid flywheel, SF-B1002 Sunny Health bike offers a very smooth and close-to-real cycling workout.

The maintenance-free and quiet belt drive adds up to the value of this Sunny Health & Fitness spin bike. In this price range, most indoor cycling bikes come with chain drive which requires lubrication, maintenance and it makes noise. As you might have already expected, the SF-B1002 Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycling bike comes with friction resistance because in this price range it’s not easy to find a good quality spin bike with belt drive and magnetic tensions.

However, you should know that the resistance is applied from the top of the flywheel which is better than the old Sunny spin bikes with resistance brakes on the sides of the flywheel. Unlike other Sunny spin bikes, the SF-B1002 Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bike has a wider Q-factor. With 8.5″ distance between the pedals, it’s not in the Sunny spin bikes narrow Q-factor category. In other words, SF-B1002 Sunny indoor bike’s Q-factor is not narrow but it’s not too wide either, it’s average.

As far as the seat it goes, it’s fully adjustable to accommodate users of different heights. However, it’s a bit hard and you either want to switch it to a padded seat or purchase a gel cover. In terms of adjustment, we don’t like the handlebars as they are only vertically adjustable, but adjusting the seat properly, most users should be able to find a natural cycling position.

The SF-B1002 Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bike comes with toe cage pedals only. It means you can exercise with regular shoes but not with cycling shoes unless you switch the pedals. That will cost you another $30-$40. Like the majority of Sunny spin bikes, the SF-B1002 doesn’t have the computer to display calories, distance, or RPM. There is a water bottle holder on the side of the frame, transport wheels in front of the frame and adjustable foot levelers at the bottom of the frame.

10. SUNNY HEALTH AND FITNESS SF-B1001-Indoor-Cycling-Bike


In our top 10 Sunny Health and Fitness reviews, the SF-B1001S occupies the last place. There are a few reasons that made us decide to put this Sunny spin bike in 10th place rather than 9th, in case you were wondering about the differences.

The frame is weaker, the weight capacity is less, the handlebars are only up and down adjustable, and the flywheel is lighter compared to the Sunny indoor bike in the 9th place. So, if you can afford to spend more, go for a Sunny Health Pro indoor cycling bike that ranked higher in this review and comparison article

However, if the budget is your concern and you are just starting indoor exercising, this indoor cycling bike is known as one of the best spin bikes under $200 and can offer a good cardio workout for you. With a 30-lb chromed flywheel, it provides a pretty good cycling motion for users under 220 pounds.

The resistance is friction, it makes a bit of noise and probably needs some maintenance from time to time but it shouldn’t be a problem. The pedals are toe cage only, so you can’t use them with mountain biking shoes unless you switch the pedals to spd foot pedals.

This Sunny spin bike features a chain drive which is quite normal for spin bikes under $200. It’s not as good as the belt drive because it makes a bit of noise and requires maintenance and lubrication.

While the seat is for/aft up and down adjustable it’s not well padded, so for extra comfort, you need to consider a seat gel which normally costs around $15. The handlebars of the SF-B1001S Sunny spin bike are also only vertically adjustable so you can’t adjust them toward the seat or forward which might cause a bit of a problem for shorter users because they might need to overstretch to reach handles.

Like the rest of Sunny Health and Fitness spin bikes, this one also has a water bottle holder, transport wheels, and floor levelers. However, it lacks a fitness tracking computer so you can’t monitor your exercise progress.

Accessories to Consider

Note: A few things to consider while purchasing one of the Sunny spin bikes are listed below, including both problems and solutions.

  • Computer feature and heart rate tracking
     Problem: Most Sunny spin bikes don’t have a computer to allow you to track your exercise.
    ☞ Solution #1: Buy a Spinning BIO HR Wireless Computer. It’s a console, a wireless chest strap, and a sensor that gets mounted on a fork arm of your spin bike. It allows you to track Cadence, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate.
    ☞ Solution #2: This package has a speed sensor and a cadence sensor that can be attached to the cranks and flywheel. They are Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible. It means they connect and send speed and RPM data to your devices. There is no computer included in this package so you need to use your own device/tablet, phone or iPod to see the data. Wahoo sensors let you connect your Sunny spin bike to the cycling Apps online. Note: Installation for either of these options shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.
  • Pedals
    ➽ Problem: The majority of Sunny spin bikes come with toe cage pedals only so you can’t clip in your specific Look or SPD pedals.
    ☞ Solution: Get a set of indoor bike pedals, they allow you to exercise with spd cycling shoes and gym shoes.
  • Tablet and phone holders
    ➽ Problem: Except for ASUNA 6001, the rest of the Sunny spin bikes don’t have a decent tablet holder to offer a screen viewing angle.
    ☞ Solution: Purchase an adjustable bike tablet holder and phone holder to have your devices available on the bike directly in front of your eyesight.
  • Seat & mat
    ➽ Problem: Some Sunny spin bikes come with hard seats and none of them come with a mat. It’s important to have a mat because these indoor cycling machines can scratch your floors.
     Solution: Get one of soft seat gel and this bike mat to protect your floor from sweat and scratches.

Last Word on Sunny Health and Fitness Bikes

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Sunny Health & Fitness has become a household name across the US for its quality and highly affordable health and fitness products.

Thanks to their large network of manufacturers in China and other countries, they can deliver good-quality products at competitive prices. Home use Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycles have become extremely popular fitness products in the last few years and a vast majority of spinning enthusiasts like them.

Aside from being easy to assemble which is convenient for home use, a few models of Sunny indoor cycles are also very durable and sturdy, which is why they’re a favorite among many.

Additionally, Sunny Health and Fitness has professional customer service staff to attend to you and solve your problems in case their products have technical glitch during use.

On top of all the mentioned pros, what I like the most about Sunny Health Fitness is that they are an established company. So, if you need a part for your Sunny spin bike a couple of years later, you wouldn’t need to throw away your bike.

A simple email or phone call to the company will get you the replacement part. Unfortunately, this is a major problem when dealing with small Amazon sellers whose contacts/suppliers in China stop making the products.

Overall, Sunny Health and Fitness fitness equipment, especially some of their indoor bikes have competitive prices and good quality. While the company has many models, we have decided to cover only a few of their best-selling indoor cycles.

8Expert Score
Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycles

Sunny Health and Fitness offer affordable spin bikes for home indoor cycling workouts. They are not the most advanced indoor bikes on the market but some of them like 1805 are extremely durable and sturdy. Generally speaking, I wouldn’t recommend them for people who like automatic resistance, incline and decline systems, or high-tech monitors like Peloton or Nordictrack. But for anyone who wants an affordable low-maintenance, low-tech indoor bike, Sunny Health, and Fitness is the brand worth looking into.



Hi there, I'm Sayed Hamed Hosseiny, the founder and one of the authors at (YEB). I am a former indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. With a passion for indoor cycling, I have spent years designing cycling parts, repairing, and importing exercise bikes. All the articles, tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on (YEB) reflect my personal opinion and expertise in the field. I'm excited to share my knowledge with fellow exercise bike enthusiasts and help people find reliable indoor cycling information and the best exercise bike for their needs. If you have any questions or suggestion, you can contact me at

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  1. Hi. I looks like you might be getting your Q factors from amazon (at least for the Sunny bikes) and they are incorrect. If you go to Sunny’s website the Q factors are much larger. And I confirmed with a phone call to the company. FYI
    I am looking for a low Q factor and why I noticed this detail.
    However the other info you provided was very helpful.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Debbie
      Thank you for letting us know, it’s taken care of now. It was the Sunny Health and Fitness who recently changed the Q-factor information on their website.

      As for the narrow Q-factor bikes, the IC031 EFITMENT is a good choice. It features magnetic resistance, belt system, heavy flywheel, fully adjustable handlebars, and seat and 6.8″ Q-factor.

  2. I’m trying to decide between the Ausuna 7150 and the Sunny SF-B1805. Both look like good options but would like to see your opinion on which is the better choice as the B1805 is considerably more expensive. Thank you.

    • Hi Steve,
      ASUNA 7150 has SPD pedals and features commercial grade frame and parts which is good if more than one person uses the bike. But if it’s only you who do spinning, I suggest the SF-B1805. It has a heavy flywheel and a simple design which is very easy to maintain. Ever since this Sunny bike came out, many readers have purchased it through our website but none of them returned it and that’s always a good sign. You can read more about it here in our top magnetic spin bikes 2018.
      Let us know how it goes and if you are happy with your purchase.
      Wish you good luck Steve

  3. Which spin or upright bike would you recommend for a beginner level couple? We are 5’0″ and 5’7″ in height and finding it difficult to find bikes which can work for both of us, have magnetic resistance, belt-drive (quiet to use while watching TV not disturbing others) and reasonably priced (less than $500?).

  4. I have been looking at the Sunny SB-B1709. I don’t see that model reviewed on your site. Do you have thoughts on that model? The price isn’t too bad and it has SPD pedals and a basic monitor.

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for reminding us, it was part of our 2019 tasks but things came up and we totally forgot.

      My colleagues are working with Sunny to complete the SF-B1709 review as I am replying to you and soon it will be live on the website.

      Thanks again,

      YEB Team

  5. Hi there – thanks so much for your detailed reviews! They’re the most reliable I’ve found — I’ve been researching exercise bikes for what feels like forever. Do you have any thoughts on the “new releases” that Sunny has with the Synergy Magnetic SF-B 1879 and Synergy Pro Magnetic SF-B1851? They seem to be very affordable with lots of bells and whistles. Thanks!

    • Thanks a lot, we do our best to make sure our reviews remain independent, honest, and accurate

      As for your questions, we believe the SF-B 1879 is overpriced for $430. It comes with magnetic resistance, 30-lb flywheel, and a very basic monitor. There is another spin bike (Maxkare Black) with the same features, plus three superior features; vertically and horizontally adjustable handlebars, chromed seat, and handlebar posts, and a more comfortable seat for $330. So, we don’t recommend this newly released Sunny spin bike, at least not until they reconsider their prices.

      As far as the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1851 go, I believe it is a good bike. However, for $600 it is too expensive, there is a better value spin bike by Finer Form for $390 that has identical features except for 5-lb lighter flywheel which shouldn’t make that much differences in price.

      To find out more about the Maxkare Black and the newly released Finer Form, use the “search” button on the top right corner of our website.

      I hope I answered your questions but if you have any other questions or concerns, please leave a reply.


      Your Exercise Bike Team

  6. Sunny health bike have very poor service for part.

    • Hello Fred, I am sorry to hear that

      Sunny doesn’t offer great warranties but they almost always have spare parts available for purchase which makes them stand out among new competitive brands that appear on the market for a couple of months and disappear in less than a year.

  7. I experienced problems with my bike during the first thirty days. It took several emails over four weeks to receive a response. Now let’s see how long it takes to get a replacement part. I cycle mainly as a warm up under 30 minutes. I am not impressed with the quality or the service. I thought I did my homework by relying on sights like yours.

    • Hello Susan, thanks for stopping by

      I am sorry about what happened and I wish you had asked us via comment or email so we could offer up-to-date advice. Can you please share with us which model you bought and what was the problem you are dealing with?

      Although it is not common, this could have happened with indoor bikes from other brands as well. The downside to all of these budget spin bikes is that they don’t always receive the best quality inspection or even the same quality parts. As far as the brand goes, Sunny does offer shorter warranties but at least they are based in the US and although late, they get back to you with a solution. Plus, if you need parts two years later, you can rest assure they are going to be around to sell you that part so you don’t need to throw away your bike (unlike some other companies that basically don’t exist in the US and run directly from China allowing them to disappear from Amazon whenever they want).

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