Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 indoor cycling bike

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 Indoor Cycling Bike is Sunny’s recent models designed for spin workouts and thanks to a recent price-drop, delivers better value than ever.

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 offers unique features that are very rare to find in competitor bikes within the same price tag. Some of these aspects include a quiet drive train, full adjustment, an integrated tablet holder, adjustable stabilizer feet, and transport wheels.

A key benefit of this bike are the excellent adjustment possibilities it provides users. The handlebars are 4-way adjustable to provide a safe bike fit for most users no matter their height.

They are molded to support multiple grip positions, promoting comfort and allowing users to focus on a variety of muscles in the upper body. For the lower body comfort, the saddle is also 4-way adjustable.

But these are just a bit of what this Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 indoor cycle offers. What helps this bike to stand out from the crowd are its silent magnetic resistance and quiet belt drive system.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 resistance is provided with a powerful adjustable magnet and a 44-pound flywheel, which is fairly heavy for its price class and provides a comfortably smooth ride.

Additionally, this bike features a durable frame that simply isn’t found on other budget spin bikes. To keep this heavy frame steady on the gym floor during high-intensity workouts, the frame includes adjustable stabilizers to allow adjusting the bike to your flooring.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 spin bike has an MSRP of $650 but often sells online for as little as $550. When that happens, the Sunny SF-B1805 indoor cycling bike is easily one of the best spin bike priced under $600.

Purchased directly from Amazon and it’s shipped with a warranty package including 3-year coverage for the frame, 90-day on parts and components.

Considering the sturdiness and quality, I strongly believe the Sunny Health and Fitness could offer a better warranty for the SF-B1805. But this fitness equipment brand plays it too safe and does not provide strong warranty packages.

Thankfully the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 exercise bike has great consumer reviews and ratings to give you peace of mind and quality assurance.


This is where we usually tell you the bike is a good value and if they are better options within the same price range. As far as the SF-B1805 bike is concerned, rest assured this bike is one of the best value indoor cycling bikes on the entire market. Similar spin bikes from other brands are priced over or around $700.

Note: There is another indoor cycle (Evo Pro SF-B1714) by Sunny that looks similar to the SF-B1805 reviewed in this article. Although the SF-B1805 costs $50 less, surprisingly, it has two superior features listed below.

The SF-B1805 Q-Factor is 182 mm vs SF-B1714 Q-factor is 216 mm. SF-B1805 is equipped with a built-in tablet holder vs SF-B1714 is not equipped with a built-in tablet holder. I recommend checking out the Sunny Evo Pro as well but personally, I prefer the SF-B1805 because of its tablet holder and narrower q-factor.

Sunny has also released an upgraded version of the bike that we have reviewed in this article. The upgraded version is called Sunny SF-B1913. It is around $200 more expensive but worth extra bucks. It comes with SPD pedals that worths around $50 and a good monitor that worths around $150.

In order to make it easy for you to navigate through this Sunny SF-B1805 belt drive magnetic indoor cycling bike review, I have created the table of content below.

SF-B1805 Technical Info:

Sunny SF-B1805 Specification:

  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs
  • Height: 45″
  • Width: 23″
  • Length: 48″
  • Bike Weight: 125.7 Pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 139 Pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: 41 x 10 x 36 in
  • Max User Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Inseam Capacity: 28″ to 38″
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Base Adjustment Levelers: Yes, 2
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes, 1
  • Power Requirement: N/A

One of the first things to say notice on the SF-B1805 Bike is its sturdy and strong look weighing heavier than 85% spin bikes on the market (125 pounds) that is clearly built to last.

With a max user weight of 333 pounds, this SF-B1805 cycle will help you train like a pro. You can push yourself to the limit with the SF-B1805 cycle exercise bike by Sunny Health and Fitness.

There are two adjustable easy to use foot levelers to help keep your bike firmly against the floor as you push through intense workouts. The integrated transportation wheels make this indoor bike easy to move while not in use.

Overall this particular model looks really simple, yet stylish and strong, thanks to its exceptionally strong steel frame and more importantly, it barely requires maintenance since there is no bells and whistles.

Lastly, the Sunny SF-B1805 cycle exercise bike featuring 28-inch to 38-inch inseam range allows users of different heights to ride comfortably without extra pressure on their back.

Computer options:

SF-B1805 console
  • SF-B1805 exercise bike comes without a console.
  • But there are several affordable options to track workouts.
  • It has a media shelf to allow you to stay entertained with your tablet/phone.

Like the majority of indoor cycling bikes by Sunny Health and Fitness, the SF-B1805 cycle does not have a computer. Some riders consider this a good thing because it cuts the maintenance cost.

But there are many indoor cycling enthusiasts who prefer a bike computer to see their live progress and track daily workouts. If you are one of them, here are your options.

There are several types of monitors on Amazon that are compatible with this Sunny belt drive magnetic indoor cycling bike. They cost as little as $40 allowing you to see the RPM, time, distance, speed, calories and even heart rate.

The problem is that neither of these budget computers can save your daily workouts or allow you to join cycling apps such as Zwift. And that’s why many believe a Bluetooth enabled Wahoo sensors is a better option. Search our website for “spin bike computers” to learn more about what is available for you.

Pedals and Q-factor:

Sunny SF-B1805 pedals
  • SF-B1805 Q factor is 182 MM
  • Sunny SF-B1805 pedals are regular toe cage with adjustable straps.
  • It has the standard 9/16″ thread size.

Mount this durable and solid exercise bike with confidence as you slip your feet into the secure foot pedals with adjustable straps. They fit pretty much all feet sizes. The customizable caged pedals with straps ensure your feet are secure in place keeping balance and comfort.

The pedals are made with standard thread size but unfortunately, they are not SPD compatible to allow you to exercise with clipless cycling shoes.

Therefore, you may want to replace its pedals with dual sided SPD pedals available widely on the market for as little as $40. They allow you to ride with regular gym shoes and with SPD cycling shoes for a safer and more efficient power transfer and weight loss cardio workout.

As far as the q-factor is concerned, the SF-B1805 spin bike with 182 mm is narrower than many cycles. It is one of the selling factors of this bike over the older model, Evo Pro.

The narrow Q-Factor (distance between the pedals) results in a healthy pedaling motion with zero lateral stress on the knees. And the wide q-factors tend to keep the riders’ feet too much apart and not aligned with the knees and hips.

Sunny SF-B1805 Flywheel:

Sunny Fitness SF-B1805 spin bike flywheel weight
  • SF-B1805 spin bike flywheel weighs 44 pounds for an intense workout.
  • The flywheel is chromed for a durable surface that resists wear, impact, and corrosion.
  • The Sunny SF-B1805 indoor cycling bike flywheel is fixed and bidirectional.

SF-B1805 indoor cycling bike comes with a 44-pound flywheel. It is designed to provide smooth high-intensity workout and for maximum stability forces momentum forward in your legs.

The chrome layer provides a hard, durable surface that resists wear, impact and corrosion. You also get a clean, smooth, attractive surface that is easy to clean.

This Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 exercise bike is fixed-gear bidirectional which allows you to pedal reverse and simulate different leg muscle groups. A disadvantage of fixed-wheel (fixed-gear) system is that if you have to get off the bike, you will need to wait until the flywheel stops turning.

Overall this bike is capable of providing a really smooth ride because of its heavy flywheel and a maintenance-free long-lasting belt drive that has a smoother and quieter pedal movement than a chain drive.

What I don’t like about the SF-B1805 is its lack of flywheel sweat protection guard. But it is not a huge issue because this spin bike is magnetic (no wool friction pad to get wet) and the flywheel is chromed. So, it is easy to clean and it doesn’t easily rust.

Magnetic Resistance:

SF-B1805 magnetic resistance system
  • Sunny SF-B1805 has magnetic resistance to provide a smooth, silent and virtually no maintenance workout.
  • It has the emergency push down brake to stop the wheel immediately for safety.
  • Resistance is manually adjustable with a knob.

The main selling factor of the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 is its resistance system. Virtually no maintenance, the magnetic tension system is designed for maximum comfort and stability.

You can experience a smooth and silent ride while you crank up the magnetic resistance for a workout with plenty of resistance adjustment variety. Featuring large magnets, this cycle is capable of providing from easy to a very challenging spinning workout.

Unlike friction resistance bikes, you don’t need to worry about changing brake pads or disturbing your partner if she/he is relaxing. Thanks to the non-touch friction-less Eddy Current resistance system.

This bike doesn’t have resistance levels (1-20) like Keiser M3i and some other bikes. But it has a micro-adjustable magnetic resistance knob that keeps your ride smooth while providing increased resistance as your ride strength increases.

In general, magnetic spin bikes are designed to increase tension easily with the resistance control knob/lever while staying low maintenance and silent.

SF-B1805 Drivetrain:

Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike
  • The Sunny SF-B1805 indoor cycle is belt driven.
  • It has the single belt drive system for a low-maintenance smooth workout.

SF-B1805 spin bike by Sunny Health and Fitness features the belt drivetrain mechanism. Compared to chain indoor bikes, it is smoother and quieter.

This system also requires very little maintenance since the belt is only one piece unlike chains with hundreds of pieces of locks and rings. Therefore, it lasts longer and doesn’t require lubing as chain drive bikes do.

Overall, smooth feel of the belt drive mechanism paired with its sturdy construction, magnetic resistance, and heavy flywheel create optimal feel with low maintenance performance.

Handlebars and seat:

Sunny Fitness SF-B1805 seat handlebars
  • SF-B1805 seat is 4-way adjustable to provide a proper bike fit.
  • The saddle is also padded and comfortable for longer spinning workouts.
  • Seat dimensions: 10L X 8W X 3H inches.
  • Additionally, the seat is center cutout to allow breathability for long summer rides.
  • Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 handlebars are 4-way adjustable to eliminate back injuries and fit all user heights.
  • The handlebars have custom sweat resistant grips built for comfort and to avoid any hand fatigue.
  • These ergonomic handlebars allow overhand front grip, extended grip, time trailing grip, and middle grips.
  • To enjoy your fitness experience, you can securely place your phone or tablet in the media shelf.

Featuring 4-way adjustable seating allows you the comfort to fit properly on the cycling trainer. The Sunny Health and Fitness spin bike SF-B1805 padded seat is completely adjustable for anyone who wants to ride the bike.

SF-B1805 by Sunny Health and Fitness is a tank for everyone in your home featuring handlebars that move forward/backward and up/down for custom fit. Short, average or tall, you can ride this spin bike without adding stress on your back.

Thanks to the SF-B1805 magnetic indoor bike’s fully adjustment possibilities, the riders from 28 to 38 inches inseam can fit the bike correctly for a safe and comfortable workout.

Lastly, the media shelf, utilizing this added accessory allows you to keep track of your fitness progress and follow along to fitness videos and favorite movies or listen to your workout playlist.

Value for money and warranty:

  • SF-B1805 list price is $600.
  • But it is usually on offer and available for less than $600.
  • Sunny SF-B1805 magnetic exercise bike warranty includes:
  • 3-Year structural frame.
  • 180-Days other parts and components.
  • For warranty claim and technical issues visit the “”.
  • When inquiring for warranty services, proof of purchase is needed (a copy of your receipt).
  • You will also need to provide pictures or video of the issue you are experiencing to help speed up the process (12MB File Size Limit).

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 spin bike is a good value for the money considering the smooth, challenging and responsive workout with minimal noise, and with no jolting or movement whatsoever.

Sometimes it is even on offer and can be purchased for as little as $500. But that does not happen too often since it already has a low price tag.

As I mentioned before, the Sunny Health and Fitness equipment feature short warranties. But that does not necessarily make them low-quality bikes and the fact that they are some of the highest rated spin bikes on the market proves that.

If you need to order parts for this or any other Sunny Health and Fitness exercise equipment, you will need to fill the form on the Sunny website. They are helpful and respond promptly, in most cases.

Shipping and assembly:

  • Sunny SF-B1805 assembly tools are included in the package.
  • SF-B1805 manual also comes in the box.
  • The SF-B1805 shipping is free when buying from Amazon.
  • Shipping weight is 139 pounds.
  • Shipping box dimensions: 41″ x 10″ x 34″

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 comes mostly assembled. All you need to do is to attach the pedals, front and rear stabilizer feet (bases), water bottle holder, seat and the handlebars.

Following the instructions, it shouldn’t take more than 40-50 minutes to properly put this bike together. Keep in mind it is a heavy bike so you might need help when you move the bike inside and assemble the front and rear support bases.

Sunny SF-B1805 Indoor Cycling Bike Pros:

Best value
Sunny Health & Fitness’s new spin bike, the SF-B1805 is as affordable as it gets for a fully adjustable, semi-commercial, magnetic, belt driven spin bike with a heavy flywheel. There are a few other indoor cycling bikes for home use in this price class but they don’t have the durability and quality of the SF-B1805 spin bike. And that makes the SF-B1805 indoor cycle one of the best value bikes for the money when it is sold under $600.

Sunny SF-B1805 indoor cycling bike has a heavy-duty steel frame construction that can support users up to 300 pounds without any problems. That plus your weight will help this spin bike to remain completely stable no matter how hard you pedal, thanks to its wide base.

Sunny SF-B1805 indoor cycling bike features a relatively narrow q-factor which is highly recommended for indoor cycling. To understand what q-factor is, read the “pedal and q-factor” section above.

  • Solid heavy-duty steel frame construction similar to commercial quality spin bikes
  • Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic belt drive indoor cycling bike has high weight capacity and heavy-duty flywheel
  • Four large adjustable stabilizers/floor levelers on front and rear bases to eliminate any kind of movements and make the bike completely level.
  • Durable transport wheels for easy mobility
  • 44-Pound chrome flywheel for aggressive inertia and consistent momentum
  • Integrated tablet holder keeps your devices secure and at eye level during workouts.
  • Large inseam capacity – can accommodate users between 4’9″ – 6’5″
  • Three-piece solid crank assembly to support all kinds of spin workouts
  • 4-Way adjustable seat
  • 4-Way adjustable handlebar
  • Sweat resistance multi-grip urethane-dipped handlebar for comfort to avoid any hand fatigue
  • Belt drive for a low-maintenance smooth pedaling and silent operation
  • Silent and consistent magnetic resistance system with virtually zero wear-and-tear
  • Emergency push down brake
  • Bottle holder included
  • Easy to assemble

Sunny SF-B1805 Indoor Cycling Bike Cons:

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 indoor cycle does not have a computer. Therefore, you can not track your workouts and progress. That means if you decided to buy the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 spin bike, you might need to spend another $50-$100 for a monitor. Read the “bike computer” section for more information.

  • Sunny SF-B1805 has regular toe cage pedals, not SPD
  • SF-B1805 comes with a relatively short warranty
  • The SF-B1805 exercise bike does not have a flywheel sweat protection guard

Indoor Cycling Clothing and Accessories:

Bike Mat
When buying the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike, we suggest you consider an exercise bike mat. It helps minimize bike vibration and protect your floor. Search this website for this accessory

Bike Pedals
If you decided to purchase the Sunny SF-B1805 exercise bike and you are committed to workout to reach your goal, I recommend you replace the pedals with SPD dual sided pedals. They let you ride the bike safely and more efficiently with proper cycling shoes. Search our website for these parts

Cycling Shoes and Shorts
Cycling shoes feature hard soles to fully transfer the power that you produce to the pedals. The SPD shoes are also safer than regular athletic shoes because they clip into the pedals so they don’t slip off. Additionally, a pair of padded cycling shorts can significantly change the way you experience spin workouts. Search our website for these spinning clothing

Last Word on Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 Indoor Cycling Bike:

The SF-B1805 Indoor Cycling Bike was a new model for 2018. It is exceptionally strong and stable with a 300 pounds weight capacity.

Featuring a heavy flywheel, magnetic resistance, and belt drive system, the Sunny exercise bike SF-B1805 is capable of delivering a smooth and consistent workout experience that is near to silent in operation.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 spin bike offers an all-around solid value. It has some of the best ergonomics in its price class, provides a solid spinning workout and carries a better warranty compared a few other sunny spin bikes.

Another plus is that you can count on this Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 indoor cycle to adjust and operate quietly and reliably for many years.

This low maintenance bike comes with a 4-way adjustable seat and 4-way adjustable handlebars to give you a personalized fit for optimal workout performance.

While it doesn’t come with a computer, it is fair to say that Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 is an excellent value indoor cycling bike for home users.

For a fraction of bikes such as Keiser M3i, you buy a semi-commercial bike that will last years. So, yes, this bike is a good value featuring a full seat and handlebars adjustments allowing your entire family to comfortably and safely workout and burn calories.

Overall engineered to outperform its competitors, the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 exercise bike is a top recommendation at its price level. This Sunny exercise bike scores well in terms of ergonomics, noise, and durability.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with High Weight Capacity and Tablet Holder – SF-B1805 is an excellent bike for anyone who desires to improve health, lose weight and get in shape in the comfort of their home.

7.5Expert Score
Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 Indoor Cycle

In-depth Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 indoor cycle review including pictures, pros, cons and my personal verdict on whether this bike is a good value or not.

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  1. Do you have a recommendation around this price point that either by monitor or just markings on the knob specifies the resistance levels?

    • Hello Gabe, thanks for stopping by

      Yes, actually there is an excellent indoor bike (Echelon EX15) currently available for less than $500 that we would highly recommend over the SF-B1805. It has 32 resistance levels that can be tracked on any Bluetooth smart device that decide to connect to the bike. You can search for the “Echelon ex15” on our website and read more about this bike in our in-depth review.

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