Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B2883 Bike Review

Looking for a piece of exercise equipment can be a tiring one. There are so many options, especially when it comes to the upright stationary bike market. How is anyone supposed to know which ones are quality and which ones are best left gathering dust? That’s where we come in. We’re going through and making a judgement upon all the upright exercise bikes that we can find and put our hands on. Up today is another offered bike by Sunny Health & Fitness: the SF-B2883 upright bike. We’re going to take a peak at all the features that this machine comes with and see just how well it matches up to the price that is asked for it. So with all of that out of the way, let’s hop into our review of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2883.

Cost is the first part of any exercise equipment that people check, as it generally determines whether or not they can afford such gear. The Sunny Health & Fitness (SH&F) SF-B2883 costs in between $360 and $450. This is a fairly wide range of pricing, which makes it a tad harder to gauge its worth. As for how this cost measures up to other upright bikes, it sits in the middle to lower range of prices. It certainly isn’t one of the more expensive options you have. The warranties that come with the SF-B2883 upright bike are the same that you’ll find on just about any piece of SH&F equipment. You get 3 years of backing on the frame of the bike and 180 days on the parts. There are no warranties on the labour. The frame warranty is good, although we’d still like to see more from the parts and labour warranties. As for the shipping process of the SF-B2883, it should generally take about a week or two to arrive. Keep in mind that this can be affected by human error, weather and other factors outside our control. The assembly process of the SF-B883 upright bike shouldn’t be too awful of a process either. Most of the bike is pre assembled, while the rest can be put together using the guide that arrives with it.

Monitors and technology are some of the key features that you can expect on modern exercise bikes. The same is true of the SF-B2883 upright bike, with a monitor that actually shows up many of its Sunny Health & Fitness stationary bike compatriots. The first noticeable aspect that makes this console stand out from others is the amount of programs that it has. Of course, you have manual mode, but you also have a BMI program, custom programs, a watt program and 12 different preset workout programs. In total, there are 24 different modes on the SF-B2883, which is quite a nice bit of content. However, what the console doesn’t have are any Bluetooth features to connect with apps or other elements. The console will display some data based on your exercise performance. These include your time, distance, speed, calories, pulse, RPM, and heart rate (via pulse monitors on the handlebars). It is nice to see all of these statistics, but you will only have the option to read them in imperial measurements rather than any metric forms. Unfortunate, but that is one of the more minor negatives of the SF-B2883’s console. Finally, the LCD monitor is backlit, which is actually a rather positive feature. It makes it easier to see in different lighting conditions, including any of those late night workouts you might want to be going for.

Let’s be quite honest: the reason you’d want to purchase any home stationary bike is because of the fitness and resistance that it can provide. If the bike doesn’t provide a good challenge, then it really isn’t worth getting. Fortunately, you shouldn’t find that to be an issue on the SF-B2883 upright bike. You’ll find the type of resistance here is magnetic, with a belt drivetrain to match. These combine to make the entire ride a lot more quiet and require a lot less maintenance. There are 16 different levels of resistance to choose from, which will give you a good variety to pick from. The top end should also provide a decent challenge. The flywheel of the SF-B2883 upright bike is a pretty light one, only weighing 6.6. Lbs (3 kg). Yet, you shouldn’t notice any lack of resistance on account of that light weight. The crank of the SF-B2883 upright bike is a 3-piece one. This is quite nice, as it is superior to those 1-piece cranks that don’t offer the same sort of stability between the pedals. 1-piece cranks are just basically a piece of metal welded together with the pedals, and the 3-piece is just much better. And it is present here. Excellent. Unfortunately, the Q-Factor of the SF-B2883 cardio bike is not available. For those who are not aware, the Q-Factor is the actual distance between the two pedals. If it is too large, you can get quite uncomfortable while pedalling. If it is too narrow, the same can happen along with a chance of injury. The good news is that the Q-Factor is not complained about in both user reviews and official ones, meaning that it likely is just fine.

Most people want to know how big of a package they are getting when ordering such a bike. The SF-B2883 is actually a fairly small bike, being built more vertically than anything else. It measures out to be 34 in (86.4 cm) long, 22.5 in (57 cm) wide and 55.5 in (141 cm) tall. It weighs 60.9 lbs (27.6 kg), but can only hold 240 lbs (108.6 kg). This is actually less than a lot of other Sunny Health & Fitness upright bikes. There are floor stabilizers on the back of the bike in order to keep you in place when cycling. They do a fairly good job of this. There are transportation wheels on the front in order to help with movement around the home. There aren’t any official height recommendations for the SF-B2883, but you will generally find that those between 5’1” (155 cm) and 6’3” (190 cm) will fit comfortably.

We’ll finish out our examinations with the rest of the physical elements, starting with the handlebars. They are multi-grip, but cannot be adjusted. They have pulse sensors and are covered with a nice foam padding. But that’s about it for them. The saddle is adjustable both vertically and horizontally, which is nice. It adds to the amount of people who can fit comfortably onboard. Vertically it adjusts between 29.5 inches (75 cm) and 39 inches (99 cm). While the seat itself isn’t the most comfortable, it still shouldn’t cause too many issues. You can just get a gel cover if it does become an issue. The seat tube is fairly thin, which might wobble a little on the more intense workouts. However, the floor stabilizers help in this regard. The pedals aren’t anything too special, but are self-levelling with some adjustable straps to keep your feet in place. Last, but not least, there are a couple of bonus features for you on the SF-B2883 upright bike. On the console you get a little media tray in order to be entertained by a phone or tablet. It sits above the monitor proper, so you won’t be able to see the upper half of the dual screen. Then there is the water bottle holder that sits right beneath the console. This is nice for some mid-workout rehydration.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B2883 Bike Pros:

  • Monitor has 24 different programs available, including 12 preset workout programs
  • 16 different resistance levels gives nice levels of variation
  • Magnetic resistance and belt drive makes the workouts much quieter
  • Saddle is 4-way adjustable
  • Transport wheels make it easier to move around
  • Frame warranty is quite good
  • Bonus features like water bottle holder and media tray are appreciated
  • Handlebars have pulse monitors to estimate heart rate
  • The SF-B2883 has a fairly small footprint
  • A 3-piece crank is always a good sign
  • Assembly process is easy and straightforward one
  • Monitor is backlit

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B2883 Bike Cons:

  • Monitor doesn’t offer any online connections
  • Monitor doesn’t offer metric measurements
  • Parts and labour warranties aren’t great for the price
  • Has a smaller weight limit of 240 lbs (108.6 kg)

Final Verdict

The SF-B2883 upright bike is a fairly good piece of equipment. It offers good resistance, a mid-range monitor and a generally solid build overall. It isn’t perfect by any means, but you should find it satisfies most of what people want from these types of equipment. The only wrench that is thrown into this whole equation is the price variety. At the lower end of $360, it is a fairly easy recommendation. You most certainly will get a good deal for that price. However, as you approach that upper price of $450, it becomes less appealing. There are just other options available for similar prices that you might want to look at. But as an overall choice, the SF-B2883 upright bike is most certainly a solid one.

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