Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1913 Indoor Cycle Review


Versatile, sleek, and heavy-duty, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1913 is definitely a powerhouse of an exercise bike. The latest in a quality line of indoor exercise machines from the Sunny Health & Fitness line, the SF-B1913 is a serious machine built for serious cyclists.

The SF-B1913 is widely known as a family machine, but it’s at home in studios and gyms across the world as well and for good reason. The bike’s sturdy yet ergonomic design and its high-powered yet versatile workout options make it a commercial star in every setting, but its true beauty is in its at-home capabilities.

As if its technical qualities weren’t reason enough, the affordable price of this machine is the final crowning glory. Coming in at just under $800 USD, this falls squarely in the lower to middle range of exercise bike cost while providing the same quality and durability of the higher-end range bikes. A perfect addition to a home gym or a public studio, the SF-B1913 indoor bike dazzles no matter where you put it.

Most top indoor cycling bikes on the market include some type of digital console to help cyclists track performance and endurance metrics with ease while they ride. The SF-B1913 is no exception; their simple yet high-performing monitor tracks your speed, cadence, distance, calories, time, and pulse. You can also use the performance monitor on the exercise bike to activate two target modes (time and distance), and a customizable race mode to test your personal records and challenge yourself to scale your workouts to the next level.

With a four-way adjustable seat and well-balanced height and width proportions, this indoor cycling bike was crafted around you. The cushioned bike seat and multi-grip handlebars are designed to move in four directions, becoming perfectly customizable to your body and your needs. This bike can accommodate a variety of riders (leg inseam 29 inches to 39 inches), with total dimensions of 51L X 23W X 48H in and a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

SF-B1913 Comparison!

This is where I compared the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1913 indoor cycling bike with similarly priced indoor bikes on the market and let you know if there is a better option for the price range. Currently, in September 2020, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1913 offers a great deal value for the price.

Unlike the older model (SF-B1805) that came without the SPD pedals and tracking monitor, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1913 has it all. From the dual-sided spin bike pedals to an RPM reading monitor and to the silent drive mechanism.

There are other spin bikes such as Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714 under $1000 but they can’t compete against the Sunny SF-B1913. This bike has great ergonomics including an excellent tablet holder on the handlebar, a great adjustment system, and a really nice/simple design. With that out of the way, if this spin bike is more than $800, I would suggest you consider the Schwinn IC4, it has it all, plus Bluetooth technology for Zwift cycling.

SF-B1913 Review and Specifications:

Cycle Specifications:

Cycle Specifications
  • Width: 23″
  • Length: 51″
  • Height: 48”
  • Bike Weight: 137 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Rider Fit Range: 4’10” to 6’10”
  • Digital Monitor
  • Pulse Sensors
  • Personal Device Holder
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Stability Plates

The SF-B1913 has an extremely sleek design and performance. Thanks to its industrial smooth drive belt system and powerful frame, it feels like a titan of exercise machinery.

The belt and flywheel work in tandem to create a taxing yet quiet workout, and its included transport wheels and stabilizing plates mean that you can easily wheel and plant this bike wherever you want to work out without having to huff, puff, and haul it all over the place.

What really makes this bike stand out, however, is its wide array of technological advances and aspects that really elevate this bike’s performance.

Digital Tracking Monitor:

Digital Tracking Monitor
  • The Digital Monitor console on the SF-B1913 is rider-powered; no need for batteries or other maintenance.
  • Measures speed, avg speed, max speed, cadence, avg cadence, max cadence, distance (miles or kilometers), target distance, calorie, race, time, target time, and pulse.
  • Features a personalizable race mode that puts you in competition with yourself to best personal records and work harder.
  • Does not offer Bluetooth or smart app integration, unlike many competitor models.
  • Can’t sync ride data up with external apps or recorders.

The digital monitor that comes with the SF-B1913 indoor cycling bike is simple, yet effective. It doesn’t require battery power, instead getting all of its juice from the effort you expend while riding on the bike and reducing one area of maintenance for the owner, However, its simple design brings some negatives as well: you can’t export or sync ride data, so if you want to track or transfer your rides you’ll have to hand copy the details off your monitor.

However, the details and modes the monitor does track are very effective. One particular bonus is the cadence monitors: not many digital monitors include such tracking, and built-in cadence sensors make it easy to use the cycle to stay on track with other at-home spin programs, like Peloton. While cycling, there are two key inputs to how hard you’re working – cadence and resistance. As the resistance goes up, it becomes harder to maintain the same cadence, or speed at which you’re pedaling. Cadence is measured in pedal revolutions per minute (RPMs), and measuring and tracking your cadence will help you make your pedal stroke more efficient.

While working out with Peloton or other cycling classes, you’ll hear our instructors place the most emphasis on hitting a target cadence, and then adjusting resistance as needed for your individual effort. In fact, many Peloton workout users praise this bike for its ability to stay up to par with Peloton bikes for just a fraction of the price.

SPD-Equipped Pedals:

SPD Equipped Pedals
  • Pedals are SPD-compatible and have toe cages
  • Dual-sided pedals are compatible with cycling shoes and will accommodate both high-performance SPD cleats and traditional fitness shoes.
  • Sunny Health and Fitness sf-b1805 comes with 182mm q-factor (not bad).

SPD compatibility is a must-have for any serious cyclist. Most SPD pedals are double sided – that means you can clip into either side of the pedal, which makes starting from stationary a lot easier. You can adjust the release tension of the cleat using the small screw at the rear of the pedal (one each side, because they’re double sided).

Some riders prefer the additional security that comes from increased release tension, but if you’re just starting out you may want less tension. Most cleats will offer some ‘float’ in the shoe to pedal interface, letting your feet rotate about a vertical axis without disengaging, for a more comfortable ride. All SPD cleats are made of metal, so they are robust, although you may find that wear to the binding surfaces after a few years’ use means that engagement becomes less secure.

It’s easy to find replacements and they are inexpensive. This means that they can be used with regular shoes and special bike cleats that allow for maximum training and grip during a cycle or spin class. Those are typically useful for people who are looking to take their cycling to the next level or who are doing off-season training indoors.

SF-B1913 Flywheel:

SF-B1913 Flywheel
  • 44 Lb fixed flywheel (bidirectional to target different muscle groups).
  • Durable and stable ride no matter the intensity.
  • Employs sleek and quiet magnetic resistance to drive up workout intensity

Unlike bikes with traditional tension systems, bikes with magnetic resistance never come in contact with the flywheel, resulting in a silent, stable and virtually low maintenance experience. The bike’s flywheel is also fixed, meaning that once you’re in motion the flywheel itself begins propelling your pedals.

So, you’ll have to pedal continuously to keep the wheel running, thus creating a harder workout. The heavy-duty crank system and durable and protected perimeter on the flywheel make it quite resistant to damage.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about bumping it into corners in your home or gym (though you should avoid testing this theory too hard). The flywheel, like the rest of the bike, is built to last, so you’ll have no problem riding it for years to come.

SF-B1913 Resistance:

SF-B1913 Resistance
  • The SF-B1913 features a manually adjustable magnetic resistance system
  • The resistance level isn’t shown on the monitor.
  • Also, it can be changed via third party apps (it’s not electromagnetic).
  • Micro-adjustment knob for fine-tuning resistance levels

The SF-B1913 bike is rather unique in its approach to adjusting resistance. Instead of having a set amount of resistance levels, the micro-adjustment knob allows for the user to adjust the resistance settings to just how they want it at any given point with the simple twist of a knob.

While the process might be more fluid because of the micro-adjustment knob, it does lack the ability to allow the third-party apps like Zwift to automatically simulate the “terrain” that the rider would be riding on.

Unlike friction resistance spin bikes that require frequent maintenance and make noise, the SF-B1913’s magnetic resistance is silent and virtually has no maintenance.

Handlebars and Seat

Handlebars and Seat
  • Four-way adjustable handlebars for maximum customization.
  • Four-way adjustable padded seat.
  • Dipped handlebars for a firm and comfortable grip.
  • Included personal device holder for tablets, phones, or books or magazines

One of the big selling points of the SF-B1913 is the personalization available due to the four-way adjustable handlebars and seat options. They have all the possible positions a rider could want, as both riders who normally train indoors and those who ride outdoors can find their preferred arm positions with little to no trouble adjusting and creating a good fit.

For those in homes with more than one cyclist, especially who are of significantly different builds, this feature makes it much more convenient to switch back and forth from custom seat settings. Because of this adjustability (in all four directions), it allows the SF-B1913 to fit an extremely wide range of users.

Thanks to it’s large media shelf, you can keep your device (tablet or phone) safely on the bike during the exercise. So, you don’t need to spend on additional bike iPad holder.

SF-B1913 Price and Warranty:

SF-B1913 Price and Warranty
  • The SF-B1913 is currently priced at about $800 USD
  • The SF-B1913’s warranty includes:3 years on the frame180 days on the carbon fiber belt3 years on the mechanical system180 days for both the labor and electronics
  • If you need parts for this bike while still under warranty, it’s best to go straight to the source and visit the company Warranty page here: to fill the form to order the part.
  • If your SF-B1913 indoor cycle is no longer under warranty and you still need parts, you should visit the to fill a different form and purchase your replacements.

The affordability of this bike in comparison to the range of features it offers and the range of other bikes available is unparalleled. Every dollar of this bike purchase is well-earned, from quality to endurance to customizable options.

They’re a solid investment for a home or public gym and will not be a disappointment to any exercise enthusiast. Especially, considering that Sunny will be around when many new spin bike brands disappear and leave you without replacements when needed.

As with many Sunny Health and Fitness bikes, the warranties will make sure that if you do decide to drop the money on this exercise machine, it will be protected. The warranties attached to this bike are not super generous or extensive but can guarantee that anything that goes wrong with it will be replaced.

Assembly and Shipping:

SF-B1913 Assembly and Shipping
  • The SF-B1913 manual and assembly tools are included
  • Assembly is fairly easy with only a few parts to install
  • Set-up time is about 30 minutes because the unit arrives mostly assembled
  • Shipping costs depend on where you purchase the bike from, as some carriers include free shipping
  • Your SF-B1913 ships in one box that weighs around 150 pounds
  • Expert assembly is not included

Aside from the bike, there are included bike assembly tools and manuals in the box, so you won’t need to buy, borrow or use other tools for assembly of the SF-B1913 bike.

The assembly manual is very easy to follow as long as you pay attention to detail and can follow basic instructions and diagrams. It is recommended to do the assembly with 2 people.

The parts that you need to assemble are the leg stabilizers, pedals, seat, handlebars, and monitor. The flywheel, drive mechanism and crank arms come pre-assembled.

SF-B1913 Cycle Pros:

Simple yet Powerful Digital Monitor:
The simple but efficient digital monitor allows the rider to keep track of all the statistics that they could want. The fact that it doesn’t require any batteries only adds to the value that you get from this piece of technology. It might not be the most advanced bike console on the market, but it certainly does the job well here, and some users may even enjoy the ease of just hopping on and riding without having to sync to a dozen different apps or docking stations.

Resistance Adjustment:
The micro-adjustment knob on the magnetic resistance is another highlight. It just makes it so much easier to implement personalized resistance levels and needs to your workout without struggling against pre-sets or factory defaults.

The Customizable Setup:
With the combination of the adjustable seat and handlebars, the SF-B1913 is extremely adaptable to just about any cyclist. Both the seat and handlebars can be adjustable in four directions and both can be done in a much quicker fashion than one might expect. This can be really handy if you have multiple users of the bike in your home or just want to try out different settings or styles without having to take apart your entire bike.

Cadence and Pulse Sensors:
The included cadence and pulse sensors are perhaps the best feature of this bike. It allows for seamless use with a variety of studio and workout types and tracks heart rate and cadence rate for intensifying your workout. Not many other bikes offer such benefits for as low a price point as Sunny does, so this is definitely a major pro.

SF-B1913 Cycle Cons:

No Backlit on the Monitor:
It would have been much easier to see the workout progress in the dark if the indoor cycling bike had backlight in the display. But unfortunately, it’s dark and hard to see in low-light conditions. With that said, for the price, it is not super common to get a spin bike with a backlit monitor.

No Bluetooth or ANT/+:
Possibly the biggest con about the SF-B1913 is that it leaves you feeling like there should just be more. Some other bikes offer better digital consoles with backlit, Bluetooth, and ANT+ integration; this bike does not. Including these aspects would truly elevate the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1913 cycle into the spin hall of fame.

Watt & Resistance Not Displayed:
This Sunny spin bike doesn’t show the watt/power output and the resistance level on the monitor. Again this is not very common for spin bikes under $1000 but the lack of it is considered a con, especially if you ride on indoor cycling apps where the instructor gives a certain resistance level and watt/power output.

Final Thoughts on SF-B1913:

Despite its simpler design and electronic capabilities, the SF-B1913 is a showstopper that should be in every fitness enthusiast’s collection. Its highly versatile design allows for maximum customization to the needs of every cyclist. The sleekly integrated flywheel/belt system and micro-adjustment knob make for a simple yet challenging workout design that you can build to your exact needs. The dimensions of the bike are also a pro: sitting at just above four feet tall, it fits comfortably into any location in your home or gym without taking up a ton of space. But you don’t have to take all these pros from just us. Here’s another customer who praised the bike for all the same reasons we’ve identified for you:

“I was looking for solid, good value aerobic exercise equipment since we are planning on avoiding gyms for the near future due to the COVID-19 pandemic … So I did my own research on the Sunny website, looking for the most recent model that had a large 45 lb flywheel, belt drive, magnetic resistance, iPad holder, cadence monitor, 4 way adjustment for the handlebars and seat, and hybrid pedals, the Training Cycling Bike SF-B1913 fit the bill. It’s a solid spinning bike. The cadence monitor helps you sync up better with workouts that use those numbers like the Peloton app which comes cheaper for non-Peloton owners. The larger flywheel allows for better standing up biking moments. The click in pedals for people who have spinning shoes are top quality with the option to have a toe cage if you don’t have special shoes. Very sturdy and quiet. Ordering directly from the Sunny Health and Fitness website worked great. Bike was delivered quickly and very well packaged. Putting the bike together was very easy with easy to read instructions. My wife and I highly recommend this bike! Get it now!”
John F.

At the end of the day, the SF-B1913 is one of the best bikes on the market. Its affordability, durability, and performance metrics are off the charts in every category. The few small cons (mostly underdeveloped technology aspects and limited resistance scale options) are important to remember but easily worked around by adding a tablet onto the included personal device holder or by adding weight training into your spin workout. The SF-B1913 is versatile and flexible in both user audience and user abilities, making it a great across-the-board choice for any cyclist.


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  1. Based on this review and some other web searches, I got the bike last week and took my time putting it together. I have it upstairs and the box was too heavy for me bring safely up by myself, so I unboxed it downstairs and brought it up in sections. Took me 50 minutes. I was going to get the Peloton App, but changed my mind with I saw all the free videos on-line (including the Sunny YouTube Page). Did the Sunny Beginner Cycle Bike Workout (on the Sunny YouTube Channel) as my first workout and it was great and kicked my butt (in a good way). Having a Cadence Sensor is great when doing the on-line spin classes. I’m just over 230 pounds and this bike does not move when I’m in the 3rd (uphill standing) position. My son uses this bike as warm-up before he lifts weights. So far I’m very happy with this purchase. I bought it on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website for $599, which is $200 less than the Sunny Website.

    • Hello Mike, thanks a lot for stopping by, we really appreciate and always encourage our readers feedbacks and suggestions. It helps a lot our audience when trying to make decision.

  2. Anyone know what would have to buy to use Zwift or Ifit or Peleton. I know the IC4/C6 integrates easily, but wondering if there is a way to use this bike for those apps since there is no bluetooth.

    • Hello Sala, there are at least two ways (Power pedals or cadence/speed sensors) to connect this or any other spin bike with the applications that you mentioned.

      Sensors are affordable and work pretty well with this bike. You simply need to stick one to the flywheel and one to the crankarm and you are good to go. But if you want to see your power Power/Watt output, you need to replace your bike’s pedals with power pedals.

      On this website, we have reviewed the best cadence and speed sensors as well as the best power pedals.

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