Stamina Air Resistance Exercise Bikes Comparison

In these times that we are spending more time at home, exercising can become a lot harder, as there is not as much access to pieces of equipment. Naturally, this means that some people turn to exercise bikes for an answer. There’ are at least 7 types of exercise bikes but non of them is quite like air resistance exercise bikes. Thanks to the dynamic resistance and moving handlebars, you can get a proper high-intensity (not good for low-intesity) “full-body” (not just lower body) exercise. The dynamic resistance system removes all the complications or difficulties of having set resistance and replaces it with nature at work. All you have to do is put in the work and the bike will fight back against you. Because these stationary bikes are so useful, we’re going to look at some of the best air bikes; specifically from makers Stamina.

We’re going to compare and review three different Stamina air resistance stationary bikes: the 876 Air Bike, the Airgometer, and the Stamina X Air Bike. We’ll examine each part of them and see which ones excel in which fields. This will be everything ranging from their technical specifications to their prices and other notable parts. Once we’re done with our Stamina air bikes comparison, we’re going to finish by giving our thoughts on Stamina air resistance bikes and which one we think is best. So with all of that out of the way, let’s hop right into our Stamina air resistance bike reviews!

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Stamina Air Exercise Bikes Comparison:

Technical Information

Stamina Technical Information
Stamina X350 Lbs4’10” -6’4”W 23 x L 53 x H 54145 lbsHeavy Steel FrameWith Floor LevellersPlastic Wheels
Stamina Airgometer300 Lbs4’10” -6’2”W 23 x L 49 x H 5082 lbsLight Steel FrameWithout Floor LevellersPlastic Wheels
Stamina 876250 Lbs4’10” -6’2”W 20 x L 46 x H 4540 lbsLight Steel FrameWithout Floor LevellersWithout Wheels

Up first, we are going to examine the technical information of each of these Stamina air resistance exercise bikes. This is what the bikes are made up of, what kind of people can fit on board and how large of a footprint the various Stamina hitt exercise bikes take up. Let’s start with the Stamina Air Resistance Bike 876. This is by far the lightest of the Stamina air resistance bikes and also happens to be the smallest of them. It weighs 40 lbs (18 kg) and has a max user weight of 250 lbs (113 kg). As for how much space the 876 Air Bike takes up, you’ll find that it really isn’t that much at all. It measures out to be 46 inches (116 cm) long, 20 inches (51 cm) wide and 45 inches (114 cm) tall.

The Airgometer is slightly larger than the 876, although it is double the weight. It’s still not so heavy that you cannot move it around, but it is certainly much heavier compared to the previous bike. The weight of the Airgometer is right around 82 lbs (37 kg), while the maximum weight it can hold is 300 lbs (136 kg). The Airgometer is 46 inches (117 cm) long, 23 inches (58 cm) wide and 50 inches (127 cm) tall.

Finally, we have the Stamina X Air Bike. This is the heaviest of the Stamina air resistance workout bikes by far, but still it doesn’t take up that much more room than the others. It weighs a hefty 145 lbs (65.7 kg), which means that it can also carry a maximum weight of 350 lbs (159 kg). It measures out to be 53 inches (134 cm) long, 22.75 inches (58 cm) wide and 54 inches (137 cm) tall.

All three of these Stamina air stationary bikes can hold users who are between 4’10” and 6’2” tall, as they are adjustable enough to allow them to fit comfortably.

Drivetrain, Resistance, Flywheel & Pedals

Drivetrain, Resistance, Flywheel & Pedals
Stamina XBeltBasic CagedDurable 3-Piece CrankDynamic Air ResistanceUnspecified SizeN/A
Stamina AirgometerBeltCheap w/o CagesCheap 1-Piece CrankDynamic Air ResistanceUnspecified SizeN/A
Stamina 876BeltCheap w/o CagesCheap 1-Piece CrankAir and Belt ResistanceUnspecified SizeN/A

Up next in our Stamina air bikes review, we’re going to cover some of the most important elements to any indoor cycling bikes, air resistance or otherwise. These are the drivetrains, the types of pedals, the resistance, flywheels and the Q-Factor. Unfortunately, not all of these aspects are provided for these Stamina air resistance bikes. The Q-Factor and flywheel weight in particular are not mentioned anywhere in regards to the specs of the bikes, which is rather annoying. For those who are unaware, the Q-Factor is the distance between the pedals and can lead to comfort issues if it is too wide or too narrow. Many people also put emphasis on the weight of the flywheel (although not often for air resistance bikes), and it would still be nice to know it.

However, with all of that aside, there isn’t a whole lot of differences between these 3 Stamina air bikes in regards to these elements. They all obviously use air resistance. However, the Stamina 876 also has a resistance knob, which changes its base resistance. They also all have belt drives in order to make it at least somewhat quieter and requires less maintenance than a chain drive.

The biggest difference between the Stamina air resistance home bikes in this area are the pedals that they use. The Stamina 876 Air Bike only has textured pedals and that is it. This means that they aren’t just metal and your feet will slip off every chance they get, but they certainly don’t do anything to help keep them there. In comparison, the Airgometer has slip-resistant pedals and the Stamina X Air Bike has toe cages with straps in order to keep your feet in place.

Stamina Bikes Handlebars and Saddles

Stamina Bikes Handlebars and Saddles
Stamina XDippedMulti-GripVertically & Horizontally AdjustableWith a Tablet RackGoodFixed Handlebars
Stamina AirgometerFoam PaddedSingle-GripOnly Vertically AdjustableWithout Tablet RackBasicFixed Handlebars
Stamina 876Foam PaddedSingle-GripOnly Vertically AdjustableWithout Tablet RackCheapFixed Handlebars

Now, in this part of our Stamina air exercise bike comparisons, we’re going to check out what you’ll actually be holding onto and sitting on when interacting with these Stamina air bikes. Once again, there isn’t a whole lot of specifics that are mentioned and/or listed by Stamina, which is rather unfortunate. However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t try to mention what is included here. What is not included here is an element that can be found on many modern spin bikes, of air resistance or otherwise. That is a media try, in which you could place a tablet or phone for some entertainment while you cycle. While it’s not necessary per say, it would be nice to have on any of these machines.

For both the Stamina 876 Air Bike and the Stamina Airgometer, you’ll find that their handlebars are foam padded. This means that they are reasonably comfortable, but the fact that they are not adjustable is rather irritating. In fact, this even extends to the Stamina X Air Bike, as it doesn’t have handlebar adjustments either. What the X Air Bike does have is a multi-grip set of handlebars, which somewhat makes up for that. They all do share the element of being dual action, allowing you get some upper-body workouts alongside your lower-body ones.

As for the actual seat that you would be sitting on in all of these Stamina air resistance exercise bikes, the 876 Air Bike has a molded, padded seat which has 10 levels of adjustment. The Airgometer has a wider, cushioned seat that is more comfortable than the former and puts you in a better cycling position. Interestingly enough, the Stamina X Air Bike goes back to the molded and padded seat of the 876 Air Bike. This is a shame, as it is not a particularly comfortable seat, especially for longer rides.

Monitors and Programs of Stamina Fan Bikes

Monitors and Programs of Stamina Fan Bikes
Stamina XLarge LCD Monitor without backlitTime, calories, distance, target heart rate2 Presets | 1 Custom4Compatible with 5kHz heart rate transmittersNone
Stamina AirgometerSmall LCD Monitor Without BacklitTime, distance, speed and calories burnedNoneNoneNoneNone
Stamina 876Small LCD Monitor Without BacklitTime, distance, speed and calories burnedNoneNoneNoneNone

Now we get to the part where the electronic technology comes into play. Whereas there are some stationary air resistance bikes these days that have some extremely advanced monitors and consoles, the same is not true of these Stamina air bikes. They still have monitors that will allow you to keep track of your high intensity interval training, but don’t do too much more.

Both the Stamina 876 Air Bike and the Stamina Airgometer have a similar monitor, despite the latter having its name the “InTouch® Fitness LCD Monitor”. They both track stats like the time, distance, speed and calories burned. It also has a scan mode available, allowing you to see all of the stats as it shuffles through them while you work out. However, that’s about the limit of what this monitor can do. The only difference between the pair of them is that the Airgometer’s monitor is slightly larger and more readable while you are exercising.

The major difference in this realm between the three Stamina fan resistance bikes comes in the form of the Stamina X Air Bike LCD Monitor. It allows you to track a lot more statistics than the other monitors, despite having a less fancy name than the one that comes with the Airgometer. It can track the time, target calories, target distance and target heart rate. It can also offer intervals of 10/20, interval 20/10 and custom intervals. Similar to the previous monitors, there is also a Scan mode available in order to let you see as many statistics as you can.

Overall, there isn’t a whole lot that is impressive about the electronics on the Stamina air bikes. They all do the job, but none of them can truly stand out in today’s markets. Obviously the X Air Bike has the best monitor among them. However, it doesn’t exactly have such a magnificent monitor that it will blow your mind and change your life forever. As such, don’t set the expectations too high for these monitors.

Stamina Air Bikes Prices and Warranties

Stamina Air Bikes Prices and Warranties
Stamina X$13005-Years90-DaysNoneFreeBatteries (included)
Stamina Airgometer$5003-Years90-DaysNoneFreeBatteries (included)
Stamina 876$1701-Year90-DaysNoneFreeBatteries (included)

Finally, we arrive at the part where most people will make the call. The pricing and warranties that come with these Stamina air resistance bikes. To be fair, these aren’t the most expensive air spin bikes that you’ll find on the market, but that also means that they won’t come with the best backing either.

The cheapest by an absolute continent’s worth is the Stamina 876 Air Bike. This bike only costs $170. However, this does mean that it comes with absolutely pathetic warranties. It only has 1 year on the frame and a 90 day warranty on the various parts. There is no warranty on the labour at all. This bike is clearly meant for those who want to spend the minimum amount on one of these air resistance bikes.

The Stamina Airgometer falls right in the middle of the pack in terms of price. It costs $500, although it doesn’t exactly come with far superior warranties. It has a 3 year warranty on the frame, with the 90 day warranty on the parts making their way over to this bike as well. There is no labour warranty here either. This bike is clearly meant for those who want to still get a fairly cheap air bike, but want a little bit more quality than the 876.

The Stamina X Air Bike is by far the most expensive of these bikes. It costs more than twice the amount that the Airgometer does, coming in at $1300. Despite this, it still retains the poor warranties that plague the others. While the frame warranty is 5 years (not terrible), the parts warranty continues to be stuck at 90 days. This is rather horrific and only adds to the misery of still having no labour warranty. This bike is meant for those who want to enter the low end of the medium-to-higher tier air resistance bikes, although the warranties might put that thought on pause.

Other Notable Parts of Stamina Air Exercise Bikes

Other Notable Parts of Stamina Air Exercise Bikes
Stamina XGood Quality but $700 Overpriced at $1300YesWith bottle holderL 50" x W 37" x H 30"160 lbs
Stamina AirgometerLow Quality and $250 overpriced at $500YesWith bottle holderL 40" x W 35" x H 30"95 lbs
Stamina 876Low Quality and $50 overpriced at $170NoWithout bottle holderL 40" x W 35" x H 30"53 lbs

This is just a brief section that we wanted to use to cover any other features that these Stamina air resistance stationary bikes might come with that don’t necessarily fit under any other category. For example, the water bottle holders that come with the Stamina Airgometer and Stamina X Air Bikes. These allow you to just stick a water bottle or other source of liquid onto the bike that you can easily access during your workout. It’s unfortunate that the 876 doesn’t have this, but the fact that it is so cheap means that this omission is unsurprising.

Another pair of bonuses that the Stamina Airgometer and the Stamina X Air Bike come with are the footrests that are built-in. These allow you to take a break from the actual pedalling and focus more on the upper body workouts if you so choose. This is nice, as it allows you to focus on a different part of your body and simply gives more options to you as you work out with this equipment. Once again, the 876 Air Bike does not get this sort of benefit.

So there’s nothing major in terms of added benefits. However, there are just a couple of nice bits that add to the value of the air bikes.

What We Think of Stamina Air Resistance Bikes

Now we come to the part where we give our thoughts on which of these Stamina air exercise bikes provides the best sort of value for what you’d be paying for it. First up is the Stamina 876 Air Bike. This is an OK piece of equipment for anyone who is searching to pay as little as possible for one of these exercise bikes. However, we’d still warn against it. It has an awful warranty and a less than comfortable seat. Reviews about the bike also don’t back up its durability. You don’t want to drop even $170 for something that will break on the 92nd day. It’s also a little overpriced, for $50 less, you can get one of the similar Sunny Health and Fitness air bikes.

The Airgometer is actually a better deal, despite it being more expensive. Yes, it still has a poor warranty, but it has many other elements that make it better. Its seat is more comfortable, it has a water bottle holder, the monitor is more visible and it has pedals that are more slip-resistant. This very well might offer the best value of the lot, as it is pretty cheap in the grand scheme of things, yet offers a pretty good value. However, if you don’t mind spending an extra $50, I highly recommend you to look at one of the Marcy air bikes, the AIR-1.

The Stamina X Air Bike is a tricky one. It’s technically a better bike than the other two, but for such an increase in cost, that value is put into question. The monitor is objectively better, but the seat regresses to the 876 quality. There are better options in this sort of price range, which is what ultimately means we can’t fully endorse this bike. It’s still good, but just not the best. For this price tag, I highly recommend you to look at the Schwinn Airdyne bikes, more especially, at the AD7. It is superior in many ways.

And that concludes our Stamina Air Bike review. As always, we recommend taking a look at these Stamina air resistance stationary bikes on your own and see if you agree with us. If not, and you decide that one of them fits your situation better, then by all means go for it. This is just a recommendation rather than law. Now get out there and get cycling!


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