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The Sportstech SX500 indoor cycle is a home quality spin bike featuring unique durability. It is a top choice for serious spinners who cannot afford the Sportstech indoor cycle SX600. Sportstech cycle SX500 features a solid frame that can handle even more than two hours of daily use and is designed to run for many years.

The Sportstech SX500 was the result of years of research and manufacturing experience from German engineers. Featuring top-of-the-line design, the Sportstech SX500 was developed with the collaboration and feedback of some of the top experts in the industry.

A hallmark of the Sportstech indoor cycle SX500 is its durability and wide and thick steel tubing. Made of materials protected against corrosion with a belt-drive system that doesn’t require frequent lubing/adjusting, it’s virtually maintenance-free.

This high-quality spin bike by Sportstech offers a computer for convenience and precision and a wide range of leather friction resistance. It’s available with the choice of one colour (a combination of black, steel and red).

Featuring a solid crank system designed to meet the demands of indoor cycling and a 25-kilogram flywheel, with the Sportstech SX500 you can experience the real cycling feel.

Other highlights of Sportstech SX500 exercise bike include wireless heart rate monitoring, RPM computer, Bluetooth connectivity, App compatibility (Fitshow and Kinomap), SPD pedals, quality sport seat, and a comfortable 4-way adjustable handlebar.

All of these features, plus the Sportstech SX600 is backed by a two year part and frame warranty, one of the most generous in the industry for this price class. Its online price of around £700 includes free shipping. To find out more, read our in-depth Sportstech indoor cycle SX500 review.

This is where I compare the Sportstech SX500 SpeedBike with other indoor cycles within the same price range and tell you my honest opinion about whether you should buy the SX500 Sportstech cycle or not.

Considering the fact that I check the entire market on a weekly bases, rest assured that currently (August 2019) there is no spin bike on the UK market under £700 that can beat the quality and features of the Sportstech SX500.

However, if you can afford to spend £1000, I suggest the SX600 indoor cycle. It has a smart resistance system (electromagnetic), 3 in 1 aero handlebars, watt reading, and an awesome Android monitor with several of preset-programs.

To make it easy for you to navigate through our ultimate Sportstech SX500 review, we have created the table of content below.

Technical Information:

SpeedBike SX500 Specs:

  • Height: 127cm
  • Width: 62
  • Length: 140
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Foot Levellers: Yes
  • Bike Weight: 64-kg
  • Max User Weight: 150-kg
  • User Inseam: 5’1″ to 6’7″
  • Shipping Weight: 70-kg (one box)

Featuring compact dimensions and large transport wheels, the Sportstech professional indoor cycle SX500 is easy to store and move from one place to another in the house.

The steel tubing frame and 150-kg weight capacity indicate how sturdy the Sportstech SX 500 bike is. Unlike cheap indoor cycling bikes, this Sportstech indoor cycle has heavy and large stabilisers to prevent rocking during intense exercise so you can concentrate on your pedal strokes.

Additionally, the Sportstech cycle SX500 has 4 adjustable foot levellers. They help protect the floor and can be adjusted to keep the bike stable on uneven surfaces.

But that is just a tiny part of what this Sportstech indoor cycling bike SX500 has to offer. The Sportstech SX 500 is a light commercial bike which means it is more durable than home use spin bikes. So, if also your partner wants to use the bike, you don’t have to worry about excessive maintenance.

You can buy the Sportstech spin bike SX500 for at-home use or for a light commercial setting such as office, hotel, etc. And as far as the inseam capacity goes, the Sportstech exercise bike SX500 adjusts for most users thanks to ergonomic design and fully customisable handlebars and seat.

Sportstech SX500 Monitor:

  • Sportstech SX500 monitor displays the RPM, time, calories, pulse, speed, and distance.
  • The monitor is compatible with Sportstech wireless pulse straps for heart rate-based training.
  • SX500 LCD monitor is not backlit.
  • Sportstech SX500 has a standard Bluetooth connectivity but not ANT/+.
  • The SX500 computer runs on 4 AA batteries (included).
  • Sportstech SX500 apps are Kinomap and Fitshow (not compatible with Zwift, Strava, Peloton, etc). With the compatible apps, it is free to track and save your workouts.
  • Full access to the classes on the Kinomap requires a subscription: monthly €10, yearly €80, and the lifetime one €200.
  • You can also connect your device (Android and IOS phones/tablet) to the bike LCD via a cable.
  • Note: The Sportstech SX500 apps CANNOT change the resistance automatically to simulate the terrain/track.

The SX500 console is compatible with wireless heart rate chest straps, allowing you to stay within target heart rate training zones as you workout. The strap is not included so you will need to buy the Sportstech strap separately.

The LCD monitor is relatively big, which makes it really easy to see and track your spinning workout stats. While this Sportstech spin bike tracks many important spinning feedbacks, it does not track the watts. It also doesn’t have an internal memory or USB port but it does have Bluetooth connectivity.

Therefore, you can connect your device to the bike and save your daily workouts on the compatible spinning apps. They are free to use for tracking workouts but if you want to access classes and cycling videos, you will need a subscription which is also really affordable. Unlike other spinning apps that cost €300 to €400 a year, the Kinomap lifetime subscription costs €200.

If you wish to connect the bike to popular spinning apps such as Zwift, you can always buy a pair of Bluetooth and ANT+ power pedals and enjoy the world of online cycling with pretty much any app in the industry. The power pedals provide more accurate information regarding your workout than 95% of bike computers.

SX500 Pedals and Q-factor:

  • Sportstech spinning bike SX500 comes with dual-sided SPD-compatible pedals for clipless spinning shoes.
  • It also has adjustable toe straps for a safe and comfortable ride with the regular gym shoes.
  • The SX500 Q-factor is not disclosed but considering the pro German engineering, it is expected to be less than 180mm.
  • Sportstech indoor cycle SX500 features the standard 9/16″ pedal thread.

Sportstech stationary bike SX500 features thick and solid crank arms and toe cage pedals. Thankfully the pedals are SPD compatible, which means if you want to use cycling shoes, you don’t need to spend more money to replace the pedals.

Additionally, Sportstech SX500 indoor bike has the standard 9/16″ pedal thread size. So, in case you ever want to change the pedals, the replacements are widely available on the market.

The Q-factor, one of the most important features when buying indoor cycling bikes, is not disclosed. But considering that every part of this cycle is designed ergonomically correct with user comfort as a first priority, we believe it is less than 180mm.

In case you are new to indoor cycling, the q factor is the horizontal distance between the two pedals. Wide q factors tend to keep riders’ feet too far apart which can cause injuries if you have narrow hips.

SpeedBike SX500 Flywheel:

  • Sportstech SX500 flywheel weighs 25 kilograms, which is excellent.
  • It is a machine balanced flywheel for extra smoothness.
  • Flywheel has a protection guard to prolong the life of the bearings and resistance pad.
  • Sportstech indoor bike SX500 has a fixed-wheel system (bidirectional), not freewheel.

The SX500 flywheel is well built with its weight at 25kg. This heavy-duty balanced flywheel provides a smooth ride with a large range of challenges to meet the needs of all indoor cyclists.

It is also chrome-plated, which makes it easy to clean and difficult to scratch. The polished steel flywheel and black and red coating frame match to make it look great in any room of the house.

Just like any other indoor cycling exercise bike under 1500 Pounds, the Sportstech SX500 exercise bike is fixed-wheel. Meaning the flywheel moves and stops with the pedals.

Freewheel bikes are more expensive. They work similarly to bicycles. Meaning even after you stop pedalling, the flywheel still turns. So, you can jump off the bike in case of emergency or take a few second brakes whenever you want, without having to wait for the flywheel to stop.

The good thing about fixed-gear spin bikes is that you can pedal with resistance in both directions and stimulate different leg muscle groups for a more effective workout.

Aside from everything I have mentioned so far in this Sportstech indoor cycle SX500 review, one of the Sportstech SX500 pros is the stylish guard on top of the flywheel that keeps the sweat away from the bearing, flywheel and more importantly, the braking pad. It ultimately helps the Sportstech indoor cycle SX500 have less maintenance.

SX500 Resistance System:

  • Sportstech SX500 resistance is manual friction system.
  • It uses a quality leather-pad which is heat resistance and quieter than wool felt-pads.
  • The SX500 stationary exercise bike features knob adjustment for resistance change.
  • Resistance system along with the flywheel has a sweat protection cover.
  • The resistance knob also functions as an emergency brake.

The SX500 cycle exercise bike from Sportstech Fitness has unlimited resistance system (infinite). While it is not as quiet as a magnetic resistance bike, it provides more resistance than cheap magnetic bikes.

Because unlike magnetic bikes, it doesn’t have certain levels of resistance. Each knob turn provides a challenging workout to suit the needs of both indoor cyclists and mimics real road riding.

When buying the Sportstech SX500 cycle, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the braking pads. They are made of leather material which is known for heat-tolerance and providing a quiet and smooth ride.

There is also a protection guard above the resistance to make sure the braking system stays dry. Overall, it is consistent, durable and quieter than some other cheap friction resistance bikes.

I noticed many people think the Sportstech SX500 spin bike allows automatic resistance change on the apps. It is not correct, the SX500 cycle has the friction resistance which can only be adjusted manually via a knob. The only Sportstech spin bike that automatically changes resistance (uphill/downhill) is the Sportstech SX600. It has a smart “electromagnetic” system that allows the apps to automatically change resistance based on the terrain.

SX500 Drive System:

  • Sportstech SX500 is a belt-driven spin bike.
  • It is quiet, has no vibration, and requires little maintenance.
  • A high-quality belt for minimum maintenance and to prevent belt-slipping during intense exercise.

If you have been reading this Sportstech Professional indoor cycle SX500 review since the beginning, you already know this spin bike is belt-driven. But let’s see why it is better than chain drive bikes.

Belt system doesn’t have hundreds of tiny rings, places, and rollers like a chain do. Therefore, it breaks harder and lasts longer. But that is not the only benefits of belt drive spin bikes.

Featuring belt makes the bike quieter and eliminates the need for oiling. And if the belt is high quality like the one used on the SX500, it doesn’t stretch. So, you don’t need to deal with adjustment tools every week.

The combination of belt and leather friction resistance makes the Sportstech SX500 a perfect bike for all types of environments including apartments. It eliminates the vibration and excessive noise that you would normally experience with the cheap chain-drive felt-pad friction bikes.

Handlebars and Seat:

  • Offers multi-seat and handlebar adjustments for a comfortable spin workout.
  • Sportstech SX500 seat is 4-way adjustable.
  • The seat is also cushioned and has a narrow sport style to support all body types for long spinning sessions.
  • In addition to up/down and fore/aft adjustment, there is also comfortable arm supports.
  • SX500 spin bike features cam lever locking mechanism (more durable and easier to use than knob adjustment).

Designed for comfort, the SX500 features an adjustable seat and fully customisable handlebars that move fore and aft as well as up and down so that the majority of users can enjoy a safe custom fit.

And the full adjustment is the reason that makes the SX500 spin bike by Sportstech able to accommodate users from 5’1″ to 6’7″ tall. For extra comfort, there are also two nicely designed arm supports to allow you to enjoy different riding positions.

Featuring the cam lever locking system makes it relatively easier to adjust compared to the knob adjustment system. They also tighten nicely, so you don’t need to worry about the bike jostling during your indoor cycling workout.

The seat is soft and breathable with a cutout in the centre to keep you cool during summer rides. So, when you buy the Sportstech SX500 Speedbike spin bike, you don’t necessarily need a seat cover or seat replacement. But if you ever want to change the seat, the SX500 fits the standard seat clamp.

SX500 Price and Warranty:

  • Sportstech SX500 price is around 700 Pounds.
  • SX500 Speedbike residential warranty includes:
  • Two years on the frame and all the parts
  • You can send your inquiries to or call them directly at +49 (0)30 220 66 35 20

Depending on where you buy the Sportstech SX500 exercise bike, the price is different. On Amazon UK, you can purchase the SX500 indoor cycle for under 700 Pounds. However, some other third party retailers might have a higher price tag for the SpeedBike SX500 spin bike.

You may also find the Sportstech SX500 discounted sometimes, but that doesn’t happen often because there is a high demand for some of these Sportstech spin bikes. Keep in mind that your investment is more protected when buying the Sportstech SX500 on Amazon.

As far as the warranty goes, this quality piece of equipment features an excellent warranty. Built to last, the Sportstech SX500 warranty is comprehensive and covers the frame and the parts and electronics for two years. It includes repair and parts replacement with shipment cost. Sportstech also offers excellent customer service for their products. They are efficient, prompt, and easy to deal with.

Shipping and Assembly:

  • The Sportstech SX500 manual and assembly tools are included.
  • Sportstech SX500 assembly is fairly easy.
  • Sportstech SX500 shipping is free.
  • This bike ships in one box that weighs around 70 kilograms.
  • Expert assembly is not included.
  • To preserve the floor and minimise the vibration, I recommend you buy a spin bike rubber mat for it to sit on.

The SX500 comes with free shipping and in one big heavy box. Therefore, we suggest you ask the courier to help you bring the bike inside or unbox the bike outside and bring it inside in two pieces.

Aside from the bike, there are the SX500 assembly tools and manual in the box. So, you wouldn’t need to buy, borrow or use other tools for assembly.

Reading the Sportstech SX500 reviews on Amazon, you will immediately notice everyone is talking about how easy it is to assemble the Sportstech SX500. It doesn’t have lots of little bolts and screws and it is relatively straightforward.

Following the SX500 Sportstech manual, it shouldn’t take you more than 30 to 50 minutes to finish the assembly process. The SX500 spin bike is very heavy so it is recommended to do the assembly in 2 people.

The SX500 bike comes about 80% assembled, which is great in many ways. The parts that you need to assembly are leg stabilisers, pedals, seat, handlebars and computer. The flywheel, drive mechanism and crank arms come pre-assembled.

Sportstech SX500 Indoor Cycle Pros:

Bluetooth Monitor
Sportstech indoor cycling bike features a large computer. Unlike cheap monitors, it is much easier to see your stats on the go and in the dark light condition. So, you don’t need to turn on the light and disturb your partner if he/she is resting. It also has Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to save your daily workouts on the apps.

Sportstech SX500 pedals are dual-sided SPD compatible. They allow riding the bike with regular gym shoes as well as proper clip-in spinning shoes. Therefore, unlike many other spin bikes, if you want to use proper spinning shoes, you won’t need to replace the pedals, which makes you save around 80£.

Heart Rate
SX500 Sportstech indoor exercise bike tracks your heart rate “HR” wirelessly and via pulse sensors. Knowing your HR is important if your doctor advises you to stay within a certain HR range. Also looking at the heart rate, you can understand which exercise zone you are working out. For, example 100-120 beats per minute indicate you are in health improvement zone while 120-150 beats per minute indicate you are in the fat-burning zone.

  • With a 25 kilograms heavy flywheel, the Sportstech Speedbike SX500 provides a smooth ride and effectively mimics the feel of a road bike.
  • Featuring belt drive and heat-resistance felt-pad braking system help create a relatively quiet operation.
  • This unit has a stable wide frame base to prevent rocking during intense off the saddle spin workouts.
  • Wired and wireless device connectivity.
  • SX500 cycle has an easy assembly process.
  • 150-kilogram user weight capacity.
  • Generous warranty and good customer services.
  • 4-way adjustable handlebars to provide a customised fit for all riders.
  • Breathable adjustable seat for comfort during longer rides.
  • Arm supports for a comfortable long indoor cycling exercise.
  • Tablet holder and quality wheels
  • Cycling app compatibility

Sportstech SX500 Indoor Cycle Cons:

Friction resistance
It creates noise and requires more maintenance than magnetic spin bikes. That’s because it comes in direct contact with the flywheel and wears out after a while. Note: sometimes serious outdoor bikers and those who take their indoor exercise routine seriously prefer friction resistance because it offers unlimited resistance.

Limited Bluetooth functionality
Sportstech SX500 spin bike is equipped with the Bluetooth connectivity for IOS and Android devices. However, it is capable of sending the workouts (RPM, speed, etc) to only two fitness apps (Kinomap and Fitshow). Therefore, you can’t connect the bike to popular cycling apps such as Zwift, Peloton, Strava, etc.

  • The monitor does not track the Watts.
  • Heart rate chest strap is not included.
  • Doesn’t have a water bottle holder.

Conclusion of the Sportstech SX500 Spin Bike

The very popular Sportstech Speedbike SX500 indoor cycling bike is both an affordable and practical indoor cycle for anyone, including beginners and advanced indoor cycling enthusiasts, looking to get in shape, practice for an outdoor ride, or simply improve their fitness level.

The Sportstech SX500 UK is a durable indoor bike with some nice frills such as boasting an array of computer features and little luxuries. It is ideal for anyone who simply wants a reliable, sturdy bike to work out on in the comfort of their own home.

The Sportstech professional indoor cycle SX500 is a heavy-weight model so it requires a little more effort to move but it is very solid and durable. Thanks to its 25-kg flywheel, it enhances the efficiency of any spin workout.

Sportstech Profi indoor cycle SX500’s adjustable seat, handlebars and level of resistance allow it to be customised to suit any rider. Its stylish red and black design matches with any room decoration.

Bottom line is that if you’re seeking value for money and a bike that has a comfortable ergonomic design, and is able to provide a great spinning workout for years to come, the Sportstech Speedbike SX500 is for you.

Comparable in sturdiness to much more expensive bikes, the Sportstech indoor cycle SX500 is the summation of great design, from its SPD pedals and belt-drive system to its customisable handlebars, making it ideal for anyone looking for a quality cycle under 700£.

9.7 Total Score

The Sportstech SX500 indoor cycle is a mid-level in its series, but this is a highly capable indoor cycling bike with a 25-kg heavy flywheel and fully customizable handlebars. Its smooth operation, ergonomic design, and Bluetooth computer make it popular among pro outdoor cyclists who train indoors. SX500 spin bike also has SPD pedals and suitable resistance levels for a safe high-intensity workout. Now selling for £680 with a good warranty, the Sportstech Indoor Bike Trainer is a recommended buy for all levels.

Sportstech SX500 Indoor Cycle
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