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by Your Exercise Bike • Updated: March 6, 2022

If you are looking to buy a Sprotstech indoor cycling bike, you already know how popular they have become throughout the last two years. Generally, they are known as Sportstech indoor cycles but each one of them is manufactured under a specific name, with different features and price tag.

Most of the Sportstech bikes were in the last two years with quite a few budgets, yet high-quality spin bikes. Soon after the Sprtstech managed to establish a name for their spinning bikes. Now, in 2022, many spinning enthusiasts are familiars with the Sportstech exercise bike due to their affordability and quality.

Currently, there are around 5 Sportstech spin bikes being sold through Amazon as part of the Amazon Prime program. So, those who purchase the Sportstech spin bikes will receive their bikes fast and without shipping cost.

However, while some of these Sportstech exercise bikes were unbeatable a year ago, they are no longer considered the best value for the price. Because Sportstech kept the same price for their spin bikes while other competitors introduced spin bikes with better features and less expensive.

So, what we do in this Sportstech spinning bikes reviews is telling you which Sportstech cycle is the best value for the price and which one is not. Out of the 5 professional indoor cycling bikes by Sportstech, we ranked the best value ones from 1-4 in this Sportstech indoor exercise bike review.

SportsTech Indoor Cycles Compared

Comparison Table For The Sportstech Indoor Cycles
Sportstech SX600 Elite Indoor Cycle BikeGreat ValueElector
and Fitshow,
Free to keep track
BluetoothDistance, Time, RPM, Watts, HR, Speed, Calories, Resistance4-Way
3in1 Aero
26 KG,
SPD & Toe Cage
Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX500Good Value at $650Leather
and Fitshow
Free to keep track
BluetoothDistance, Calories, Time, RPM, Pulse, Speed4-Way
25 KG
SPD & Toe Cage
Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX400Overpriced at $650Felt-Pad
and iBiking
Free to keep track
BluetoothDistance, Calories, Time, RPM, Pulse, Speed4-Way
22 KG
Toe Cage
Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX200Overpriced at $450Felt-Pad
Free to keep track
BluetoothDistance, Calories, Time, RPM, Pulse, Speed2-Way
22 KG
Toe Cage
Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX100Overpriced at 400Felt-Pad
Chest Straps
Distance, Calories, Time, Pulse, Speed2-Way
13 KG
Toe Cage

Top 5 Sportstech Exercise Bikes For Home Use

1. Sportstech SX600 Elite Indoor Cycle Bike

 out of stock

The top of the line bike by Sportstech is the high-quality Speedbike SX600 with the Bluetooth enabled 7-inch Android display (not touch) and 26-KG flywheel. The Sportstech SX 600 indoor cycle is designed to be used at home (not cycling studios) but can easily handle two hours of daily use. Although, we believe the Sportstech SX600 would make a good spin bike semi-commercial facilities such as offices, hotels, fire-departments, etc.

With 26-kb weighted flywheel and 32 levels of computerized Electromagnetic resistance system, the Sportstech SX600 Elite provides a real road feeling for the users. The heavy-duty steel frame is designed to support up to 180-KG user weight, which is really unique in the fitness industry. And unlike most other models of spin bikes in the Uk, the Sportstech SX600 Elite indoor cycle bike is equipped with the “electromagnetic” system (not manual) which creates precise resistance change and a smoother ride for you.

In terms of noise, the Sportstech SX600 spin bike is really quiet thanks to the combination of the belt-drive system and magnetic resistance technology. The quality of the belt is also very good as it’s the automotive-grade belt. So, you won’t be dealing with the ripped and broken belt. The pedals are made from the aluminum alloy and have adjustable straps on one side and SPD-Click compatible on the other side. Therefore, you will be able to use your spinning shoes without changing the pedals.

Bottom line

The Sportstech SX600 exercise bike is for everyone (short, tall, and average). This spin bike features fore/aft adjustable seat and handlebars. Therefore, everyone in your family can find a natural spinning position to avoid back injuries.

There are also built-in pulse sensors on the handlebars to send your heart rate info to the screen. Additionally, the Sportstech indoor cycling bike SX600 has a high-end 3-in-1 handlebar design with Aero position to provide a complete spinning workout.

As far as the LCD display goes, you can track most of your cycling workout stats with the Sportstech SX600 Elite indoor cycling bike. The Sportstech SX600 monitor allows you to track the following performance progress stats; Resistance level, watt, RPM, time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate via hand pulse on the handlebars and Bluetooth straps.

On top of that, the Sportstech indoor cycle SX600 computer is compatible with the Kinomap and Fitshow fitness apps. They are free if you only want to keep track of your progress. But if you want to access the cycling videos and session, you will need to pay and subscribe. Kinomap subscriptions are; monthly (10€), yearly (80€), and the lifetime (200€).

Unfortunately, the Sportstech SX600 apps compatibility is limited to two apps mentioned above. So, you can not connect the Sportstech indoor bike SX600 to other spinning apps such as the Zwift, Peloton, Trainer Road, etc. As for the Sportstech SX600 Bluetooth, it helps to connect the bike to the Android and iOS operating systems.

Last but not least, the Sportstech SX600 indoor cycle is equipped with a tablet holder, two speakers and a USB port which is only used for listening to music or watching a video via thumb-drive. It doesn’t allow to download/upload workouts or charge devices.

In case you are still reading this Sportstech SX600 review, it is important to know the smart electromagnetic technology allows the bike to automatically change resistance to simulate the track/roads that you pick from the Kinompa.

If you are still not convinced to buy the Sportstech spin bike SX600, you need to know the X600 indoor bike includes 12 comprehensive pre-set cycling exercise programs that make your workout more versatile and fun than any other indoor cycle in its price class.

Overall the Sportstech spinning bike SX600 is a solid and durable spin bike with loads of useful and cool features that make it worth the money. We recommend it for the novice, intermediate and professional cyclists. On our website, you can also find an in-depth Sportstech Professional indoor cycle review.

2. Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX500

 out of stock

One of our favorite and best seller Sportstech stationary bikes is the SX500 cycle. This semi-commercial quality spin bike features a heavy-duty steel frame that has double coats to protect against the corrosion. Featuring a pro-engineering and super durable frame, the Sportstech SX500 Speedbike can handle high-frequency use (up to at least 2 hours daily use). With a 25-KG balanced flywheel, the Sportstech SX500 creates a natural 360-degree pedal stroke.

While the resistance is friction and not as quiet as the magnetic bikes, it is made of heat-resistance leather materials which help create a quieter workout compared to felt-pad friction bikes. Additionally, the Sportstech Professional indoor cycle SX500 is equipped with the belt-drive mechanism which lowers the maintenance and makes the spin workout smoother. As for the pedals, the Sportstech cycle SX500 comes with the high-quality aluminum dual-sided SPD compatible. Therefore, you can use your SPD cycling shoes for a more effective spinning workout.

For a comfortable and enjoyable cycling workout, there are two ergonomically-designed arm-supports on the handlebars. And for easy portability, there are two durable transport wheels on the frame. So, you can move the Sportstech SX500 spin bike with no effort around the house.

Bottom Line

Sportstech Speedbike SX500 can accommodate users of different sizes up to 150-KG. With a fully adjustable seat and handlebar, most users can find a natural spinning workout position. The adjustment is done through the lever system, which is easier to use and more durable than knobs. The Sportstech SX 500 handlebars also have two solid and accurate heart rate sensors. Therefore, you can stay in a specific heart rate range.

To keep you comfortable for longer indoor cycling exercise sessions, the Sportstech SX500 comes with a low-friction sport seat. It is designed with a deep curve in the middle to provide a good air permeability and heat dissipation. It moves fore/aft up/down effortlessly. The Sportstech SX500 monitor is considered excellent for the price. It allows you to track your following cycling workout progress: RPM, calories, time, distance, heart rate and speed on the computer.

Unlike the Sportstech indoor bike SX600, the LCD on SX500 is not backlit, doesn’t include preset-programs or track your current resistance level and watt. Although, it does have the Bluetooth connectivity (connects with ios and Android devices) to allow you to save your workouts for free on the two compatible apps (Kinomap and Fitshow). So, you don’t have to write down your indoor workout progress at the end of each cycling session.

Before we wrap up this Sportstech SX500 review, it also worth knowing the SX500 monitor run on 4 AA batteries and it is cable of connecting to Bluetooth heart rate chest straps. Overall the Sportstech spinning bike SX500 is a good value for the money. As explained in the product description, the Sportstech indoor cycling bike SX500 is built to last and bring results.

One thing for you to keep in mind: The Sportstech SX500 resistance is friction and manual. Therefore, every time you want to change resistance, you have to manually turn the knob. The only Sportstech indoor cycle that automatically controls the resistance to simulate the terrain/track that you pick from the Kinomap is the Sportstech indoor cycle SX600. You can scroll up to read the Sportstech SX 600 review.

If you still need information regarding the SX500 Sportstech you can search and find a separate detailed Sportstech Professional indoor cycle SX500 review on our website.

3. Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX400

 out of stock

Sold in stylish black color, the Sportstech SX400 Speedbike boasts several good consumer reviews on Amazon and has been seen on many UK spin bike reviews. With 22-KG bidirectional flywheel, this standard quality home spin bike by Sportstech can provide a smooth 360-degree pedal stroke. The steel solid frame and durable components can support up to 150-KG user weight. This Sportstech exercise bike is designed to offer a good spinning workout for novice and elite spinners.

In terms of drive-system, the Sportstech Professional indoor cycle SX400 features a maintenance-free and quiet automotive-grade belt drive. So, unlike chain drive bikes, this Sportstech cycle wouldn’t need lubrication and adjustment too often. The resistance, on the other hand, is felt-pad friction and not magnetic. And since the friction resistance works like a brake that comes in contact with the desk, it wears out and makes a bit of noise. Therefore, it’s not as quiet and maintenance-free as the magnetic resistance.

Another feature that we really like about this Sportstech Profi indoor cycle SX400 is the overall compact design. Everything is well thought. There is a large water bottle holder, the tablet holder (designed on top of the handlebar), adjustable foot stabilizers and transport wheels. But even more importantly, the SX400 Sportstech is highly customizable which we talk more in down below in this Sportstech indoor cycle review.

Bottom Line

One of the selling factors of this spinning bike is the comfortable sport seat and the fore/aft handlebar adjustment. This Sportstech spin bike makes it possible for people of all body sizes to find natural cycling posture and comfortably exercise.

Therefore, all members of your family can exercise using this bike. The handlebars offer multiple handgrips as well as built puls sensors to allow you to track your heart rate. Additionally, the Sportstech SX400 spin bike is equipped with comfortable arm-supports for enjoyable long rides. As for the adjustment, the Sportstech indoor cycle SX400 features durable lever-system which is more convenient than knob adjustment.

Sportstech exercise bike SX400 also includes 2-years of warranty which includes all the parts and frame. While the Sportstech indoor cycling bike SX400 has durable pedals, they are not SPD compatible. Therefore, you will need to replace them if you like cycling with clipless spinning shoes. The q-factor for the Sportstech cycle SX400 is not disclosed but it should be less than 180mm considering the German engineering used on the Sportstech fitness equipment.

This Sportstech spin bike also comes with a large non-backlit monitor that tracks your RPM, time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate via pulse and wireless straps. Considering the Sportstech SX400 price, the monitor is excellent. It has Bluetooth and connects with two cycling apps (iBiking and Kinompa). They are free if you want to save your daily workout.

But to access all their videos and classes, you will need a paid subscription. Overall the Sportstech spinning bike SX400 is a good machine for at-home cardio workout at an affordable price. We have written an extended Sportstech SX400 review on this website, in case you are interested to learn more about the Sportstech indoor bike SX400.

4. Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX200

 out of stock

The SX200, a top-rated Sportstech indoor cycling trainer, made it possible to own a Bluetooth-enabled spin bike with RPM reading for less than 500€. This Sportstech belt-driven stationary bike was released in 2016 and soon after turned into a best seller. But today, in 2022, the Sportstech indoor cycle SX200 is no longer a good value spin bike.

With the JLL IC300 featuring magnetic resistance and RPM reading available for less than £300, we don’t recommend our readers to buy the Sportstech indoor bike SX200 for £450+. The Sportstech SX200 indoor cycling bike has a bad handlebar design with only two grip positions. And they are only vertically adjustable (not everyone can fit the bike properly). The transport wheels are cheap, bike frame and parts are not as wide/thick (durable) as other models. And finally, its resistance/flywheel doesn’t have a sweat protection cover which is too important for friction bikes because the braking pad can get wet and wear out quickly.

So, now that you know where we stand with the Sportstech spin bike SX200, let’s see the features this bike has to offer. The SX200 has an okay frame and three-piece steel cranks arms that support up to 125-KG in all spinning positions, including riding out of the saddle. Sportstech Professional indoor cycle SX200 also has a good combination of colors (black, and steel) that will work in with pretty much any living room and home gym decoration. It is corrosion resistance which will ultimately prolong the life of the bike.

The combinations of a 22-kg inertia-enhanced flywheel and automotive-grade belt delivers a more natural and enjoyable ride. Your spin workout will also be quieter, smoother, with less-maintenance, thanks to the high-quality belt drivetrain. Unlike chain-driven spin bikes, you won’t have to lube and make a mess on your floor or deal with locked and stiff chain links every week. You’ll feel the difference in your first workout.

Bottom Line

Sportstech SX200 Speedbike has felt pad friction resistance system. It is not as quiet as magnetic spin bikes, but it is infinite so you can do good high-intensity workouts. You can adjust the intensity of your exercise with the convenient tension knob. With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease resistance to choose the difficulty level that is best for you. The knob is also designed as quick-stop braking, you can quickly start and stop at any time after pressing down it.

This Sportstech indoor cycle SX200 has vertically adjustable no-slip handlebars that offer less hand-grip positions compared to Sportstech indoor cycle SX400. Due to the lack of full handlebar adjustment, it is likely that some riders don’t fit the Sportstech spinning bike SX200 comfortably.

As for the seat, the Sportstech exercise bike SX200 is comfortable and fully adjustable. The Sportstech indoor cycling bike SX200 has an ergonomically designed center cutout breathable padded seat for optimum comfort and ease.

The monitor of this Sportstech spin bike runs with 4 AA batteries. It is exactly the same as the SX500 and SX400. It is equipped to record the RPM, time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate by pulse and chest straps. It also has the Bluetooth function to allow you to connect your devices and save your stats on the iConsole+ Training App. But unlike the other models, it is not compatible with the Kinomap. Overall it allows you to see your results to keep you motivated.

Sportstech SX200 pedals are with toe cages and straps. They don’t have the SPD elements for clipless spinning shoes. But the bike has the standard 16/9″ pedal thread. So, the SPD pedals are available widely. Lastly, the Sportstech Professional indoor cycle SX200 features stainless steel seat and handlebars posts, transport wheels and adjustable feet levelers. On top of everything else, a high-quality water bottle is also included with the Sportstech SX200 spin bike.

5. Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX100

 out of stock

The most budget Sportstech spinning bike with some high consumer ratings is the Sportstech SX100. This bike has been seen on a few best spin bikes reviews. But it is not our most favorite indoor cycling bike because we believe it is too expensive. There are similar indoor cycles with the same quality (if not better quality) for less than 180€.

For example, the JLL IC400, it costs 150€ less, yet it is a much better cycle, both in terms of quality, flywheel weight, and adjustment. Therefore, considering such available options on the market, we don’t recommend our readers to buy the Sportstech indoor cycle SX100. But if you are still interested to find out about the SX100, keep reading this Sportstech spin bike review and comparison.

The Sportstech Professional indoor cycle SX100 is capable of offering indoor cycling workout for the novice cyclists but wouldn’t recommend it for elite or even mid-level users. With a belt-driven mechanism, the Sportstech indoor cycling bike SX100 ensures smooth and quiet indoor workouts. The Sportstech Speedbike SX100 has a friction resistance but it doesn’t require much maintenance. Because there is a cover that protects the flywheel and the resistance from excessive sweat.

This Sportstech spin bike SX100 has a standard steel frame and a 13-kg balanced flywheel. Unlike the newer Sprotstech spin bikes, SX200 has a very lightweight flywheel. Therefore, you won’t get the momentum and the resistance that you would get with the SX500 or SX400. As for the pedals, this Sportstech exercise bike is equipped with toe caged and not the spd side. So, if you are thinking of doing spinning exercise with cycling shoes, you will need to change the pedals.

Bottom Line

Sportstech spinning bike SX100 features 2-way adjustable handlebars. You can only adjust them up/down but can’t adjust them fore/aft. Therefore, some users may not be able to fit the bike comfortably. The Sportstech indoor cycle SX100 seat is 4-way adjustable but the seat shape/design and quality are not great so it can’t offer sufficient support for a comfortable long spin workout.

Unlike the SX200 (which is another overpriced cycle by Sportstech) the SX100 handlebar offers all the basic spinning grips. They are also equipped with pulse sensors.

Additionally, the SX100 by Sportstech also features two adjustable feet levelers to keep the bike stable during all cycling postures. Lastly, the Sportstech indoor cycle SX100 has a very basic LCD display. It is small, dark and not easy to see during intense workouts. It tracks Speed, Pulse, Time, Distance, Calories, and Odometers. Overall it is a good spin bike for novice cyclists, but we don’t recommend it unless, by the time you are reading this Sportstech indoor cycling bike review, the SX100 is priced below 200€.

Note: This Sportstech indoor cycle connects to the “telemetry Sportstech chest strap” but it does not have Bluetooth/ANT/+ or app connectivity. It also doesn’t have the tablet holder and the water bottle holder. Additionally, its wheels are low-quality and it only has two base-levelers instead of four.

Buyer’s Guide – Sportstech Indoor Cycling Bikes:


All the Sportstech indoor exercise bikes mentioned in this review feature Belt-Drive system. This feature makes these exercise bikes quieter and smoother compared to Chain-drive spin bikes.

Additionally, these Sportstech Professional spin bikes require much less maintenance compared to chain-drive cycles because the belt is one piece rather than hundreds of rings, pins, and plates. You also don’t need to lubricate and do frequent belt adjustment on the Sportstech exercise bikes thanks to their quality.

Sportstech Bluetooth

With no doubt, one of the selling factors of Sportstech Speedbike spin bikes is the Bluetooth connectivity. Except for the Sportstech Speedbike cycle SX100, the other four Sportstech Professional indoor cycles feature Bluetooth connection.

The Bluetooth functionality allows you to save your daily workout progress on the app. But unfortunately, unlike other spin bikes with Bluetooth, the Sportstech stationary bikes have very limited app compatibility. They can only connect to one or two fitness apps on the market.

Sportstech Computer and apps

All the 5 home exercise bikes by Sportstech in this review feature computer. So, you can keep track of your daily spinning workout. Except for the SX600 which has top-of-the-line Android LCD monitor, the other 4 Sportstech spinning bike monitors are not backlit.

Therefore, you will need to keep your room’s light on during low-light condition if you want to see the progress on the monitor. Note: Except for the SX600, the other 4 Sportstech indoor cycling bikes run on AA batteries (included).

Resistance Sportstech Bikes

Aside from the SX600 which has Electromagnetic resistance, the rest of Sportstech indoor spin bikes feature frictions resistance. Therefore, the only Sportstech Speedbike indoor cycle that automatically changes resistance to simulate the terrain is the SX600.

I read parts of the descriptions for some of the Sportstech Speedbikes on Amazon and they are misleading. And that’s the reason, I added this section to our Sportstech Speedbikes review. Note: Magnetic resistance spin bikes are quieter and require less maintenance compared to friction resistance.

Sportstech Cycle Pedals

Three Sportstech spin bikes (SX400, 200, and 100) come with single-sided pedals and don’t have the SPD side. Therefore, if you want to exercise with cycling shoes, you may as well want to purchase a set of spin bike pedal with clips.

They allow you to have a safer spin workout because they clip into the pedals and don’t slide off. Additionally, the SPD pedals provide a more efficient cycling exercise because they have harder soles than regular cycling shoes.

Sportstech Bike Warranty

Sportstech Professional exercise bike trainers come with a good warranty which ultimately confirms the quality of these indoor cycling bikes. The company covers every Sportstech spin bike with 2 years warranty.

They cover all expenses regarding the shipment of new parts, repairs, replacements, and pick-ups for the 1st year. But if anything happens later, they need to be able to receive a confirmation from you that there was hidden malfunction and issue wasn’t caused by the wrong usage. You can send your inquiries to or call them directly at +49 (0)30 220 66 35 20.

Handlebars of Sportstects Cycles

On top of many things that I like about the Sportstech indoor cycling bikes, there is also the handlebars. This company designed the best handlebars, especially for the SX600 and the SX500 Sportstech indoor bikes.

They are fantastic in terms of multi hand-grips and comfort, not to mention all the Sportstech spin bike trainers include soft arm supports that help with every spin workout.

Sportstech Spin Bike Flywheel

Pretty much all the Sportstech indoor cycling bikes come with the heavy flywheels to provide a closer to real bike cycling feeling. With friction resistance, the heavy flywheel is an important factor while for magnetic spin bikes, the flywheel weight is not a huge factor.

Note: In terms of the flywheel, two Sportstech cycles have issues. The SX200 Sportstech indoor cycle lacks in flywheel/resistance sweat-cover which is too important to miss for bikes with wool felt-pad braking system as they get wet and wear out. The second problem is the weight of the SX100 which I also mentioned earlier in this Sportstech indoor bike review.

Last Word on Sportstech Indoor Cycles

The Sportstech indoor cycling bikes have been seen on many best UK spin bikes and there are quite a few reasons for it. Featuring German engineering, very Sportstech spinning bike is designed ergonomically with durability and user comfort in mind.

We ranked every single Sportstech spin bike in this review based on their features, durability, warranty, frame and part quality. While you might think number 2 and 3 are the same, they are not.

If you read closely, you will notice that every unit in the Sportstech indoor cycle reviews have differences. Based on those differences our expert team ranked every Sportstech indoor spinning bikes.

Therefore, if you can afford to buy the Sportstech Speedbike SX600, then go for it instead of buying the Sportstech indoor cycle SX500 because it has extra features to keep you entertained and longer on the bike.

However, if you think none of these bikes are for you, we recommend you to check out our best UK spin bike picks in 2022. In addition to two Sportstech indoor cycling bikes, you will find some great indoor cycles that are available in the UK.


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