Sole SB900 Review | See What I Think After 2-Years

With over 100 listed indoor cycling bikes on Amazon under $1000, the Sole SB900 bike overshadows 99% of them! If you have done any research on indoor cycling bikes for home use, you probably came across the Sole Fitness SB900 spin bike.

The Sole Fitness SB900 has been one of the bestselling indoor cycles, so it is seen and reviewed on a lot of websites. Although the Sole SB900 bikes sell for less than $1000, it has pretty much everything you need in an indoor bike.

From top to bottom, this light commercial grade Sole Fitness SB900 is virtually indestructible and is tough enough to be used in small offices and homes.

Featuring magnetic resistance combined with the high-quality belt system, the Sole Fitness SB900 exercise bike provides a near-to-silent workout. The magnetic resistance is the chosen resistance type of almost every elite indoor cyclists and you want to find out why, you better read my spin bike resistance guide.

In fact, the best commercial quality spin bikes that you see in cycling studies have a combination of belt and magnetic resistance. But the drive system is not the only good feature of the Sole SB900 spin bike.

When buying the Sole SB900 exercise bike, you will receive a generous warranty. This Sole spin bike is covered by a lifetime frame warranty, 3 years all parts and 1-year labor warranty.

After years of writing tens of spin bike reviews, we can say Sole Fitness is the only company that offers such a generous warranty for an indoor cycle at this price range. With this warranty, you now know the Sole SB 900 light commercial has to be a good quality bike!

The pros and cons of SB-900 are hard to spot at first glance until we used this bike and created this ultimate sole SB900 review. So, I suggest you keep reading this Sole SB900 spin bike review to find out the drawbacks and goods of this bike before buying.

Sole SB900 Comparison

Now it comes the Sole Fitness SB90 bike comparison part! At the very beginning I told you Sole SB900 overshadows 99% of the competitors on the market. Here I will tell you the 1% that can actually stand above this bike in 2022.

The two competitors that I know are actually better value for money at moment are; Schwinn IC4 and Bowflex C7. They both come from brands that physically exist in North America so you can get a good level of customer support from those.

But what really makes these two bikes better than Sole SB900 is their monitors and prices. Often IC4 and C7 are available for as little as $800. So, you save $100 over SB900. But what you actually get with those bike that you don’t get with SB900 is Bluetooth and indoor cycling application connectivity.

Both these Sole SB900 competitors allow you to connection to Zwift, Peloton, JRNY. On top of that, these two Sole SB900 competitors have dumbbell holders, and resistance/gear readings which again, you don’t get with SB900. Now that you know which indoor bikes can kick SB900 out of the game, it’s up to you to make the decision. I leave the comparison table below.

Everything said, you should also know that SB900 Sole Fitness bike is one of our picks for best spin bikes picks for under $1000. Considering we are well aware and up-to-date with all the available spin bikes on the market and we do daily research to find and review them, you can rest assured this Sole indoor cycle is a good quality to be listed in our top choices under 1000!

If you don’t want the magnetic resistance (which I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want it) or don’t want to spend $900 on a Sole exercise bike for home use, the Sole SB700 is something you might want to take a look at.

It is the older model with friction resistance, chain-drive, toe caged pedals, and costs $700. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it but it’s good to know you have that option too especially if you prefer chain driven systems. You can read more about chain drive vs belt drive system in my detailed guide.

Note! The Sole SB900 exercise bike reviews on Amazon might give you a mixed feeling and make buying the Sole SB900 bike a difficult decision, because there are a few people who rated the Sole Fitness SB-900 only one star.

They purchased the bike a couple of years ago before Sole released the improved New Sole SB900 indoor bike. You also need to consider thousands of SB900 indoor cycles have been sold, yet, there are only a few bad consumer reviews with 1 star.

Also, note that they bought the bike for $1500 (original price) which explains why they expected more. I combed through tens of reviews from different sources across the web and a vast majority of them gave this spin bike a five-star review. Plus, I have used the SB-900 Sole Fitness spin bike and I completely agree.

Schwinn IC4Best choice at $799. There is no better spin bike that could beat the IC4 at this price.LED with Bluetooth, RPM, Speed, and Resistance Readings.Tablet and dumbbell holders plus magnetic resistanceZwift, Peloton, and JRNY
Sole SB700Wouldn’t recommend it at $700. It’s chain driven, friction resistance, and there is no Bluetooth.No-Backlit with RPM and Speed readings but no resistance reading.Tablet holder and Friction resistanceNone
Bowflex C7At its current price of $899, I would recommend it without hesitation. It’s also often available for discounted price of $700.7″ Touch with WiFi, Bluetooth, RPM, Speed, and Resistance readings.Tablet and dumbbell holders plus magnetic resistanceZwift, Peloton, and JRNY
Sole SB900I can’t recommend the Sole SB900 at $899. It should be at least $150 cheaper than IC4 and $200 cheaper than C7 for me to recommend it.No-backlit with RPM and Speed Readings but without Bluetooth or resistance readings.Tablet holder and Magnetic resistance with a heavier flywheel.None
Sole SB900 Bike Comparison
Last update was on: May 18, 2024 7:14 am

To help you easily navigate through this Sole Fitness SB900 indoor cycle trainer review, we have created the table of content below.

Technical Information:


Sole sb900 spin bike
  • Height: 42″
  • Width: 21″
  • Length: 40″
  • Bike Weight: 160 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 300 Pounds
  • User Inseam: 28″ – 40″
  • Shipping Weight: 175 Pounds

Weighing 160 pounds indicates the quality and durability of the Sole spin bike SB 900. The thick steel frame has a scratch and corrosion resistance coat to protect against humidity.

The SB900 bike is available in red and black colors. So, you can choose the one that matches better with your home decoration. Featuring a very compact design and transport wheels, the Sole Fitness sb900 exercise bike is easy to move after use for storage.

There are also four adjustable feet levelers to allow you to adjust the bike for extra stability. It’s a really good feature in case your home gym floor is not even. The rubber levelers also help to protect your floor from scratches.

We contacted the Sole Fitness and asked them to confirm that the inseam capacity of Sole stationary bike SB900. They have confirmed that 28″ is the minimum and 40″ is the maximum user inseam capacity for this bike. You have an adjustable range of about one foot.

As for the max user weight capacity, Sole says 300 pounds max which is not huge. But considering all specs, we do believe Sole Fitness is playing safe and the SB900 bike by Sole Fitness can handle more.

Pedals and Q-factor:

sb900 cycle pedals
  • Sole SB900 bike pedals are dual-sided SPD compatible.
  • And toe cage with adjustable straps.
  • SB900 Q-factor is 8″ wide.

One of the reasons that you will barely find a second-hand Sole Fitness SB900 exercise bike is that it has everything. So, the owners rather stick with it and don’t get rid of it.

Featuring dual-sided SPD and two-clip pedals, this Sole exercise bike allows you to use the specific cycling shoes as well as regular gym shoes.

95% of spin bikes in this price tag don’t have the Shimano compatible SPD pedals. So, you would need to buy it separately. But thankfully, the SB900 Sole Fitness bike comes with good pedals.

Sole SB900 features an 8-inch Q-factor. This size is considered maximum for a standard ergonomic bike. It means if the Sole SB900 Q-factor was wider than 8 inches, it would have been a problem.

The q-factor is the distance between the two pedals. If there is too much distance between the pedals, your feet will stay wider than your hips and will not align with them.

Therefore, it will add stress to the lower body joints and cause injuries in the long run. But thankfully with the SB900 Sole indoor bikes, you won’t be facing this problem.


Sole sb900 flywheel
  • 48 Pounds flywheel.
  • Anti-corrosion chrome-plated.
  • Sole SB900 flywheel has a safety and sweat protection cover.

This top Sole exercise bike features not just a heavy flywheel but a chrome-plated flywheel. The chrome plating process requires more resources and money.

That’s why most spin bikes in this price range have painted metal flywheels. The benefits of the chrome layer include corrosion resistance, easy cleaning procedures and provide increase surface hardness.

There are many opinions regarding the flywheel weight. Many cyclists believe it’s not a factor when the bike has magnetic resistance. But some people say no matter the resistance type, the heavier flywheel provides better inertia and pedal stroke.

Either way, you don’t need to worry about the differences of opinions because the Sole SB900 Light Commercial has a 40-pound heavy flywheel. According to the majority of users, it creates a very smooth ride for home cycling.

Durable and heavy-duty plastic covers the flywheel. It covers and protects the resistance system and the flywheel from sweat and corrosion. But it also provides safety, especially if you have kids at home. Because there is very little room for naughty fingers to get into.


sole sb900 resistance
  • Sole SB 900 bike has the Eddy Current magnetic resistance.
  • Turn dial multi-level resistance.
  • Push down emergency stop lever.

One of the selling factors of the Sole Fitness SB900 cycle is the resistance type. Unlike many other friction resistance spin bikes on the market, the SB900 resistance is magnetic.

The magnetic resistance type is popular for providing a virtually maintenance-free whisper quiet operation. Also, the transition between resistance levels is smoother with a magnetic system.

One of the main concerns when buying a magnetic exercise bike is that they may not offer a challenging resistance for the strength workout. Because the magnets don’t come in contact with the flywheel like the friction resistance does. But with the SB900 bike, it is not an issue.

Sole SB900 exercising bike provides adequate resistance for the most intense spinning workout programs. And that’s because of the size and quality of the magnets that cover the flywheel.

The Sole SB900 resistance is controlled by a knob/dial. It doesn’t have numbers or levels. So, it will take a few days for you to learn how many turns is your desired resistance.

Before scrolling down to read the rest of this Sole Fitness sb900 exercise bike review, you should know the SB900 has a great emergency stop lever below the tension knob. I can’t think of any other spin bike that uses such a safe and convenient emergency stop system.

Computer Features:

sole fitness sb900 monitor
  • SB900 bike tracks the RPM, HR, Distance, Speed, Time, and Calories.
  • Sole Fitness SB900 computer is non-coded wireless chest strap compatible.
  • The Sole SB900 monitor has a blue back-lit.
  • The monitor is wireless.
  • And it is battery powered.

The Sole SB900 bike monitor has four excellent features. They include the backlit, chest strap connectivity, wireless connection with the speed transmitter and the RPM.

The bright blue backlit allows you to easily see the stats in the dark without having to use a magnifying glass. This is a problem with many spin bike computers on the market.

Heart rate chest strap connectivity is a fantastic feature that is often found in more expensive indoor cycling bikes. Wearing a non-coded chest strap such as the Polar T1 helps you understand your workout fitness zone. You can learn more about the fitness zone down below in the Pros section.

This Sole spin bike uses the wireless connectivity between the computer and the speed transmitter on the flywheel. Not having to deal with wires on the frame makes your cardio exercise and bike transportation easier. It also looks better than wired computers.

Being able to track the spin bike RPM (revolution per minute) is an important metric, especially when you are watching spinning workout videos. Because the instructors often give specific RPMs to follow.

Seat and Handlebars:

sole sb900 seat
  • Sole SB 900 seat is four-way adjustable.
  • It is cushioned with the center cutout for breathability.
  • The Sole SB900 handlebars are also four-way adjustable.
  • There are two built-in easy to reach bottle holders on the handlebars.

One thing that I always recommend is that if you want to buy a spin cycle, purchase one that is fully adjustable. Adjustable bikes provide a better fit which ultimately provides a safer and more comfortable spinning exercise.

What you need to know is that all spin bikes on the market have vertically and horizontally adjustable seat. But there are only some bikes with horizontally and vertically adjustable handlebars.

Thankfully, the Sole Fitness SB900 exercise bike is one of them. You can adjust this bike fore/aft, up and down by millimeters to get into a better bike fit. The Sole Fitness SB900 accommodates short, tall and average-height users.

As far as the seat comfort and shape go, the SB900 Sole Fitness bike has it all. It’s cushioned and has a cutout in the center to let the air flow keep you cool during the longer rides. You don’t necessarily need a bike seat gel when buying the SB900 by Sole Fitness.

Drive System:

sb900 belt drive
  • Quiet and maintenance-free belt drive system.
  • Car-grade belt quality.

In general, spin cycles come with two different drive systems. Either they have a chain to move the wheel or they have a belt also to move the wheel.

The chain-drive bikes are the older version and are not as good the belt-drive bikes. Because chain-drive requires more maintenance (oiling, adjusting, etc.). A chain is made of hundreds of pieces that include inner and outer links, pins, rollers, etc.

Since it has many moving metal parts, it makes noise. And it’s also not as smooth as the belt, because it’s metal on metal instead of rubber on metal. Hopefully, that makes sense!

But thankfully the Sole SB900 spin bike features a single piece belt drive. It is made of durable rubber so it doesn’t loosen up after a few months of use. The belt drive combined with the silent magnetic is “bread and butter”. It is super quiet and very smooth.

Price and Warranty:

  • Sole SB 900 price is less than $1000 on Amazon.
  • The Sole SB900 warranty includes:
  • Lifetime on frame, 3-year parts, and 1-year labor.

Sole SB900 sells from $900 – $1200 depending on when and where you purchase this bike. On Amazon, the Sole SB 900 light commercial bikes sell for less than $1000. Compared to competitive bikes with the same features, you pay half the price for Sole SB900 bike.

If you have been reading this Sole Fitness sb900 exercise bike review from the beginning, you know how much I love the Sole Fitness warranty. Because I mentioned it quite a few times.

Unlike most cheaply made bikes by less recognized brands, the Sole SB900 exercise bike comes with a generous warranty. It is three years on ALL the parts including electronics, a lifetime on frame and 1-year labor.

But that’s not the best part! The Sole Fitness offers an actual warranty, NOT a “manufacturer’s defect warranty”. What it means is that if your Sole indoor cycle breaks when it is still under warranty, they will have a professional technician come to your home to fix the bike. It is completely free of charge and there is no hidden fee or nonsense excuses.

Unfortunately, many fitness equipment brands advertise the lifetime warranty while in reality, it is a “manufacturer’s defect warranty”. And it is written so small somewhere on their paperwork that you would need a magnifying glass to find it.

This Sole Fitness competitive unique warranty package represents something very special. It tells you (the buyers) how much confidence the Sole Fitness has in their SB900 product. Otherwise, like a Sunny spin bike, they could give you a 3-month instead of a lifetime warranty.

“Sole Fitness spin bikes lifetime warranties are underwritten and backed by a leading insurance agency to make sure that no matter what happens in the future, your warranty coverage is guaranteed”.

Assembly and Shipping:

  • Sole SB900 assembly tools are included.
  • Assembly is extremely easy and takes 30-40 minutes max.
  • Sole SB900 shipping is free.
  • The unit ships in one box.
  • The Sole SB 900 manual/instruction is also included.

SB900 spin cycles are tested before being boxed and shipped to limit the box defects. The bike is then packed securely and properly in foam for extra protection.

The Sole Fitness SB900 spin bike comes in one heavy box that weighs around 170 pounds in total. The bike comes with all the assembly tools and clear instructions. For one person it takes about 30 minutes to assemble the Sole Fitness SB900 exercise bike.

I don’t encourage you to buy expert assembly because this Sole exercise bike comes 80% assembled. The only assembly needed are the pedals, handlebars, monitor, and base. See the assembly video at the end of the review.

Sole SB900 Bike Pros:

Customer support
Sole Fitness is popular for providing quality customer support. If you need to reach out to their service center, you can simply call “866-780-7675” or send them an email. Their technicians are based in the United States.

They have direct access to the production model and with some basic troubleshooting, they can resolve many issues. But if they identify that your bike needs a hands-on approach, they will dispatch a local technician from their nationwide network of independent service providers.

Non-coded HR strap connectivity
The Sole stationary bike SB900 computer tracks the heart rate through chest/wrist straps. It’s more accurate compared to pulse sensors available on cheap spin bikes.

When cycling, you can be on four different fitness zones and it’s only possible to know your fitness zones if you can see your heart rate. Here is a rough guide of these fitness zones.

100-120 BPM (Beat Per Minute) is the health improvement zone, 120-150 BPM is the fitness zone (fat burning), 150-170 BPM is the performance zone, 170-200 BPM is the high-performance zone (for fit athletes). Thanks to the Sole SB900 bike by Sole Fitness, you can accurately see which workout zone you are on.

  • Dual-Sided SPD spin bike pedals with toe cage.
  • Breathable and comfortable seat.
  • Four-way adjustable handlebars.
  • The competitive warranty package.
  • Light commercial quality bike.
  • Quiet and smooth belt drive.
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty frame.
  • Strong magnetic resistance.
  • Heavy chromed flywheel.
  • RPM tracking monitor.
  • Backlit computer.
  • Easy assembly.

Sole SB900 Bike Cons:

No Bluetooth or ANT/+
Bluetooth and ANT/+ wireless connection protocols allow the rider to connect their phone, tablet, or TV to the bikes. So, that they can join spinning Apps online to do live virtual competition or save their daily progress.

Unfortunately, the Sole Fitness SB900 exercise bike does not have this wireless connectivity. But there is an easy and cheap solution. You can use a Wahoo sensor and join the cycling apps. Find out more about this in our spin bike computer review.

Doesn’t track Watts
Watts is the power that you produce on every pedal stroke. It’s an important metric that allows you to compare how much effort you are putting in your exercise. It is not the speed or the distance, it is the power you produce.

For example, you can go 1 mile with little resistance and produce 10 watts or you could go 1 mile but with high resistance and produce 30 watts. You would know that only if your bike tracks the watts.

Some bikes such as this top-of-the-line Keiser M3i allow you to track your Watts. But unfortunately, the Sole spin bike SB900 does not track the watts.

  • The heart rate chest strap is not included and the one that is compatible with the bike has to be a non-coded HRM.

Final Word on Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle:

sole sb900 review

The SB900 by Sole Fitness is the ideal full-body workout machine to put right in your home. And enjoy the indoor cycling benefits for years to come. Also, you don’t need to worry if more than one person uses the bike in your home.

Featuring commercial quality, the Sole SB900 bike can offer up to 5 hours cycling for beginners and professionals alike.

The ruby red and matte black SB900 is Sole Fitness’s top indoor cycle trainer. This high-quality magnetic spin bike features quiet resistance and SPD shoe compatibility.

Its 48-pound flywheel helps provide a natural feel similar to the road bike and makes the Sole SB900 a top favorite among cyclists. The bio-mechanically designed handlebars, seat, and pedals are appreciated by many elite riders.

The Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle Trainer originally sold for $1500 but now has a $999 sale price on Amazon. That includes shipping and a unique warranty.

Belt drive magnetic indoor cycling bikes are the most popular selling combination of drive mechanism for spin class and home cyclists. It’s strong, smooth, and near to silent.

Now that you learned about the features and lack of bells and whistles in the SB900 bike, you should also know that you would need cycling clothing to enjoy this bike.

Spinning comes with thigh chaffing unless you are wearing the right spinning clothing. You can find out more in our men spinning shorts and women spinning shorts reviews. Scroll up to review the pros and cons listed when buying the Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle Trainer.

8Expert Score
Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle

The Sole SB900 Light Commercial is one of the best exercise bikes under $1000. It’s a top option for anyone looking for durability but doesn’t mind about the Bluetooth and ANT/+ connectivity. The SB900 Light Commercial has high-quality components and a steel tube frame. Some of its highlights are SPD pedals, a chromed 48-pound flywheel, belt-drive, chest strap connectivity, RPM tracker computer, and affordable sale priced at $999.

Customer Support


Hi there, I'm Sayed Hamed Hosseiny, the founder and one of the authors at (YEB). I am a former indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. With a passion for indoor cycling, I have spent years designing cycling parts, repairing, and importing exercise bikes. All the articles, tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on (YEB) reflect my personal opinion and expertise in the field. I'm excited to share my knowledge with fellow exercise bike enthusiasts and help people find reliable indoor cycling information and the best exercise bike for their needs. If you have any questions or suggestion, you can contact me at

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  1. Love the site! Is the Sole SB900 Light Conmercial bike better than the Azuna Sprinter? The Sole got a score of 10, which is the highest I’ve seen, higher even than the Keiser and the IC5. Can you please rank those 4? Many thanks!

    • Thanks, Brian
      What you see on the website is not our ratings, it is the readers’ ratings and I believe in some cases they are not completely fair.
      As for the ranking of these bikes, I believe Keiser M3i is the best option. With the new “Keiser Convertable” (sold separately for $150), M3i is compatible with pretty much all the cycling apps on the market. It is also completely made in the US with unique standards.

      Life Fitness IC5 is a good bike but its connectivity is limited to ICG app only. If that’s not important, I suggest the IC5 because it has the “coach by color” technology, built-in bottle holders on handlebars, and “My Ride VX” compatibility.

      SB900 and Sprinter are not comparable with IC5 and Keiser M3i because they have very basic computers, no watt rating capability, no online connectivity, and no commercial quality.

      As far as the Sprinter and SB900 is concerned, I prefer the SB900. It is from a more reliable brand, has a generous warranty, heavier flywheel, and a backlit monitor.

      Here is our ranking conclusion:
      Keiser M3i #1
      Life Fitness IC5 #2
      Sole Fitness #3
      ASUNA Sprinter #4

  2. Any comparison between the Sole900 with the SchwinnIC4? Really torn. If there is another I should be looking at, please feel free to mention. TIA!

    • What bike did you decide on? I am decided those two bikes as well. Thanks.

    • Hello Ronni, thanks for stopping by

      You are looking at the best deals on the market, they are both pretty awesome bikes at reasonable prices. I personally recommend the Schwinn IC4, it comes with a universal Bluetooth system that is capable of sending data to almost all the cycling apps including Peloton, and Zwift. Plus, it is normally about $200 cheaper than Sole SB900!

      I hope it helps

      YEB Team

  3. Great review! I’m really considering buying the SoleSB900, but I have a question about heartrate monitor strap connectivity. Do you know if the Sole computer will connect with a bluetooth monitor like a wahoo tickr or polar h10? I use a wahoo tickr monitor.

    Thanks for any info!

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