Comprehensive Review of Spirit Fitness Johnny G Indoor Bike

I recently had the pleasure of putting the Spirit Fitness Johnny G indoor cycling bike through its paces, and I can’t wait to share my personal insights with you.

As someone deeply immersed in the world of indoor cycling, I understand the importance of having a feature-packed bike that truly elevates your workout. The Johnny G spin bike, with its sleek and futuristic design, immediately caught my attention.

It’s clear that Spirit Fitness has gone the extra mile to provide users like you and me with a comprehensive fitness solution. From Bluetooth connectivity that seamlessly integrates with popular training apps like Zwift and Strava to its impressive array of workout modes, this indoor bike holds the promise of enhancing your fitness journey.

But, let’s address the elephant in the room – the price. I’m here to give you an honest assessment from a user’s perspective. While the Johnny G Spirit bike offers numerous benefits, its cost might give you pause. Whether or not the investment aligns with the advantages it brings is a decision you’ll ultimately make.

In this review, I’ll dive deep into the various aspects that define the Johnny G indoor cycling experience. For example, I’ll cover its monitoring capabilities and resistance options, as well as the innovative power generation system. I’ll provide you with practical insights and expert opinions to help you gauge how this bike performs across different performance categories.

By the time we wrap up, I’ll share my personal verdict on whether the Johnny G Spirit bike deserves a place in your home gym. Before going any further, I am also going to name a few comparable alternative indoor bikes that you might want to consider. So, without further ado, let’s embark on our Spirit Fitness Johnny G bike journey together!

Exploring Comparable Alternatives to Johnny G Spirit Indoor Bike

In this part, I will shed some light on comparable alternatives to consider in 2023. As we know, Johnny G Spirit indoor cycle comes with a substantial price tag of $2900, but let me break down why I believe it’s still a reasonable investment, especially considering its classification as a commercial indoor cycling bike.

Now, if you’re a seasoned road cyclist looking for an indoor option that mirrors the feel of your trusted road bike, the Tacx Neo bike is worth your attention. In my opinion, it’s an excellent choice for experienced riders. Not only does it come from a more reputable brand, but it also boasts extra features that can enhance your training. The Tacx Neo bike incorporates a smart magnetic resistance system and offers virtually adjustable front and rear gear/cassette adjustments. What’s particularly appealing is its gear adjusters and brakes, which closely resemble those found on road bikes.

Additionally, the Tacx Neo bike undergoes rigorous quality inspections and offers five-crank-length options for pedal installation, a step up from the single-crank-length provided by the Johnny G bike. If you’re seeking a machine that bridges the gap between a road bike and a spin bike, the Tacx Neo might be your ideal fit.

For those who are budget-conscious but still crave a robust indoor cycling experience, the Echelon EX5 is a wallet-friendly alternative to the Johnny G Spirit bike. While it lacks a built-in console like the one that Johnny G bike has, it matches in quality and compatibility with various cycling applications that the Johnny G bike syncs with.

What sets the Echelon EX5 apart from regular indoor bikes under $1000 is its automatic resistance system, capable of mimicking Zwift terrain and Peloton Power Zone classes. What’s more, it’s often priced under $800, presenting a significant cost savings of $2000 when compared to the Johnny G Spirit indoor bike.

Now, while the Echelon EX5 may not feature the Johnny G indoor cycle’s resistance controls on the handlebars, you have the option to purchase a set of wireless resistance controls for just $35. These controls can be connected to the bike via Bluetooth, granting you the convenience of adjusting resistance with the push of a button, as opposed to twisting a knob.

In summary, the Johnny G Spirit bike remains a solid choice, especially for those looking for a commercial-grade indoor cycling experience. However, if you’re a dedicated road cyclist seeking a closer road bike emulation, the Tacx Neo bike is the perfect match. On the other hand, budget-conscious shoppers can explore the Echelon EX5, which offers affordability and compatibility with various cycling apps while still delivering a rewarding workout experience.

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Johnny G Bike Review and Specs:


  • Height: 49 inches / 124 cm
  • Length: 43 inches / 109 cm
  • Width: 20 inches / 51 cm
  • Item Weight: 151 lbs / 68 kg
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs / 159 kg
  • Runs on: Self-powered

You won’t find too much out of the ordinary with the Johnny G spin bike, outside of maybe the look that could come straight from a cyberpunk game or movie. It doesn’t necessarily take up that much space or is too heavy for a machine like others. The frame is made of solid steel and has multiple layers of protection in order to keep it nice and pristine.

There are a pair of wheels on the front of the bike in order to allow for easy transportation around the home. On both the front and back of the Johnny G stationary bike, you’ll find that there are floor stabilizers in order to keep you in one spot. This will most certainly be appreciated on those more fearsome and intense bike rides.

Jonny G Monitor

The monitor that comes with the Johnny G does quite a good job of integrating technology into the daily experience of the bike. First, we’ll look at the sort of metrics and statistics that it can track. There are 23 different characters with 6 different data metrics that you can see with a simple glance or flicking through the monitor. These include simple measurements like distance, average speed and the time travelled. You also get the option of more complex stats like heart rate average, percentage of time in your “peak zone” and other such abilities.

There are 4 different preset cycling programs that come with the Johnny G indoor cycle. There’s the heart rate zone, power zone, lap program and Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test. Not a vast selection, but should offer something different if you desire it. The monitor of the Johnny G exercise bike is compatible with other fitness apps (like Garmin) through both Bluetooth and ANT+ connections.

Johnny G Flywheel and Resistance

The Johnny G spinning bike has a pretty hefty flywheel, adding a great deal to the max weight. It sits nicely at 46 lbs (21 kg). The drivetrain that powers this flywheel is made of Hutchinson® FleXonic® Poly V® belts and Conti Synchroforce® HT. Now that’s a lot of names, so the normal person should just know it’s a Poly V Timing/toothed belt which is one of the most durable transmissions in the market.

The resistance itself is an electronically controlled magnetic one. Any sort of changes you want to make can be done through the two sets of controls on the handlebars. There are 20 different levels of resistance that come with the Johnny G home bike. We’re actually quite happy with these, as it offers a wide variety of choices for the user for whatever type of workout they are feeling like that day.

Handlebars, Seat and Pedals

The handlebars of the Johnny G indoor cycling bike should do a good job for the vast majority of users. They are adjustable both vertically and horizontally, allowing for more people to situate themselves more comfortably. When a large number of bikes only allow for horizontal adjustments, we’re glad to praise this.

Johnny G’s seat is also adjustable both vertically and horizontally. This is a lot more normal than the handlebars having this feature. Honestly, there isn’t a lot else here to say. It’s a comfortable enough seat, though it won’t blow any minds.

The pedals of the Johnny G indoor bike come caged by default. They are dual-sided and compatible with SPD cleats. The Q-Factor (or distance between the two pedals) is right at 6.6 inches. This should be quite comfortable for the vast majority of people, as it isn’t too wide or too narrow.

Johnny G Price and Warranty

This is the part where the Johnny G stationary bike runs into a bit of an issue for the majority of people. While it makes sense that a quality machine would come with a high price, the sort of pricing that can be found here might be a bit much for the average indoor bike hunter. The base price of the Spirit Fitness Johnny G spin bike sits right at $3,200. The “Web Price” according to their site can drop it about $200, while the Cyber Monday sale that we’re currently looking at can bring it as low as $2,900. This lowest price is probably the most reasonable, as it is the most accurate evaluation of how much the bike is worth.

The Johnny G indoor bike has a decent warranty that comes with it. It has 10 years on the frame, 2 years on the electronics and parts, 2 years on the labour and finally 1 year on the wear items. This is mostly a good deal, though the frame warranty is a little less than we would have liked. This becomes especially evident once you look at some other Spirit cycles that have lifetime warranties attached to them, which is certainly better than 10 years. Though, to be fair, 10 years is not exactly a short amount of time. We would just prefer it to be more so that the customer is favoured and backed up by the company for such an expensive bike.

Assembly and Shipping

The assembly process is somewhat harder to judge than other elements of the Johnny G spin bike. On the surface, one would imagine that it would be a more complex machine to put together. Or perhaps you’d think that because it is so sleek and futuristic that it would be a nightmare to try and assemble for those who are not veterans of the craft.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Spirit Fitness certainly offers more assistance than many other companies do, though it still isn’t the most innovative process that you’ll ever see with one of these machines. It’s hard to estimate just how long it would take the average person, but we can’t imagine that it would be so long that it would cause someone to be frustrated to the point of giving up.

The shipping process is much easier to judge. During a normal section of the year, it shouldn’t take more than 1 (or even 2) weeks to arrive. Of course, these are not particularly normal times. With both COVID and the holiday season approaching (at the time of writing), shipping might be somewhat clogged or slowed down. But there are no reviews that mention their Johnny G arriving too late or in a damaged state, so you shouldn’t have too much to fear.

Spirit Johnny G Indoor Bike Pros:

  • Tailored Comfort For Everyone

The Johnny G Spirit bike offers fully customizable seat and handlebars, allowing you to fine-tune your riding position for optimal comfort and performance. The adjustable handlebars, in particular, stand out as they can be adjusted horizontally, providing greater flexibility and enhancing the overall riding experience

  • Effortless Resistance Customization

The Johnny G Spirit bike features an auto-resistance system with 20 different levels of magnetic resistance, providing users with a wide range of workout intensity options. Additionally, the bike boasts dual sets of resistance controls conveniently located on the handlebars, making it exceptionally user-friendly and simplifying resistance adjustments during your workouts.

  • A Whole Host of Statistics

The monitor that is on the Johnny G indoor bike might not be the best you’ll ever see, but the one aspect that it isn’t lacking in is the statistics that it has. Even if you are not particularly interested in your peak heart rate or the rotations per minute, you’re sure to still appreciate the basic statistics like the time, watt, speed, and distance that are displayed. Considering that some of these statistics certainly go beyond the ones that you would typically find on one of these machines, we’re glad that they are there to keep the more advanced athletes and statisticians interested.

  • General Look and Build

One of our favourite aspects that the Johnny G spin bike brings to the table is the fact that it looks so futuristic and sleek. You will most certainly look cool riding this machine. These slick and smooth looks are also backed up by the metal and general stability that you would expect, allowing you to go for some really intense workouts without having to worry about anything breaking. And even if something does break, the acceptable warranties should have you covered for at least a few years.

  • Self-Powered Performance

The Johnny G Spirit bike features an integrated generator that generates its own power. Its innovative circuit design not only stores workout data for a minimum of 10 minutes but also ensures uninterrupted connectivity with user devices and leaderboards even when pedaling stops. Notably, this bike operates without the need for any batteries.

  • Versatile Workout Options

The Johnny G Spirit bike offers a range of exercise modes, including Warm-up, Manual, HR Zone program, Power Zone program, and LAP program, allowing users to tailor their workouts to their specific fitness goals and preferences.

  • Advanced Connectivity

Equipped with smart technology, the Johnny G Spirit bike boasts Bluetooth® and ANT+™ connectivity, enabling seamless communication with various devices and fitness apps including Zwift for a more interactive and data-rich workout experience.

  • Efficient Power Transfer

The Johnny G Spirit bike features a Conti Syncroforce and FleXonic Timing/Toothed Belt system that delivers a consistent 100% power transfer to the flywheel, regardless of your workout intensity. This unique design requires minimum maintenance and provides a road bike-like feel, ensuring a smooth and authentic cycling experience.

Spirit Johnny G Indoor Bike Cons:

  • It’s a Pricey Bike

This one is fairly straightforward. You’d be dropping a lot of money on the Johnny G, so you had better make sure that you want it. Even at the maximum discount, many people would be reluctant to spend so much on an indoor cycling bike.

  • Limited Console Functionality

One drawback is that the bike’s console does not support the installation of apps, requiring users to rely on their own devices for accessing additional fitness apps or entertainment options during their workouts.

9Expert Score
Spirit Johnny G Indoor Bike

This Spirit Johnny G Indoor Spin Bike is a good piece of equipment. It looks cool (which is always a bonus), performs well and offers a decent amount of customization and adjustability, plus, a self-power system. However, we’d only recommend those who are super serious about cycling to get real interested in this machine. For those who just want a piece of equipment to work out on, a $3,200 (or even $2,900) bike is a lot to invest. But as always, this is our opinion and you should look into other specs and see just how it would match your own home and exercise routines. Now get out there and get cycling!

Warranty and Support
Value for the money


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