Sole Fitness Exercise Bike Reviews and Comparisons: Why they are great

Sole Fitness is a leading popular brand of light commercial and residential cardio exercise bikes with global distribution. Sole has managed to earn an enviable reputation for using high-quality parts and new technology on all its fitness machines and yet offering relatively low prices compared to all the other brands on the market.

Sole exercise bikes are sold with up to 50% online discounts with free shipping and generous long warranties included. Sole also provides impressive customer services based in North America.

While they don’t offer a million models of cardio machines, they offer two to three models of fitness machines and any of them is durable enough to be used by an elite exerciser. Sole equipment is either mid-range or high-end. There is no Sole low-level cheap product. While they offer low prices, they don’t cut off from the quality, the bells, and whistles.

Currently, there are 6 models of Sole exercise stationary bikes on the market and pretty much all of these Sole bikes are light commercial quality which makes them perfect and last ages for home use. Out of six Sole exercise bikes, two of them are spin bikes, two of them are upright bikes and two of them are recumbent bikes. 

In this Sole exercise bikes Review, we will include 2 upright and 2 spin bikes pointing out their pros, cons and unique specs. While they are all known as exercise bikes, they offer different exercises and have different features.

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1. Sole Spin bike SB900 and Sole Spin Bike SB 700

The Spin bikes are great for the younger users who have no problem getting on the saddle and bending on the bike to reach the handles. They provide a more serious cardio workout and obviously allow the user to burn more calories compared to other types of Sole bikes. Read the Sole SB700 vs SB900 bike comparisons.

2. Sole Upright Bike LCB and Sole Upright Bike B94

The upright bikes are the most popular types of indoor stationary bikes. Because they offer a low impact cardio workout, pretty much everyone can use them. Unlike spin bikes, it’s easy to get on an upright bike and the users can sit in a straight position which is very easy on the back. The saddle is also wider and more comfortable compared to spin bikes. The downside is that you can’t burn as many calories as you would on a good spin bike.

3. Sole Recumbent Bike LCR and Sole Recumbent Bike R92

The recumbent bikes are popular for providing the lowest-impact cardio workout. Because they feature backrest and step-through design, all users (seniors, young or anyone in between) can walk to them and set on the recumbent bike as if they set on the chair. The pedals are located in front of the bike rather than undernet and the seat is cushioned and wide to provide a very comfortable cardio workout.

Sole Spin bikes Review

1. Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle

Sole SB900 Exercise Bike
Sole SB900 Exercise Bike

Sole SB900 cycle is one of the top-of-the-line indoor exercise bikes with a solid steel frame. This Sole exercise bike has been ranked in the first and second place of the many top 10 reviews globally.

With 48 Lb balanced flywheel and quite maintenance belt drive, this Sole exercise stationary bike provides a 360 pedal stroke and smooth ride. Combined with magnetic resistance this bike takes away the burden of dealing with adjustment tools, lubrication, and technicians. This combination of new technology on the Sole spin bike SB900 also provides a super quiet experience.

There is also a well-thought emergency brake lever below the resistance knob that stops the flywheel when needed. This Sole spin bike SB900 is very quiet so, you can burn calories while you are watching a movie, unlike chain drive and friction resistance bikes.

The handlebars are well designed and constructed for proper spinning exercise. They are 4-way adjustable with easy lever adjustment rather than boring time-consuming knobs. The handlebar shaft/post fits perfectly inside the frame so, after tightening the levers, there is no wobbling or noise.

The saddle is of this Sole spin bike is high-quality and designed perfectly for indoor cycling. It has a ventilation area and it’s soft to bring comfort during cycling. It features a standard post, which means you can change it to another seat if you want to. SB900 Sole cycle also features 4-way seat adjustment to accommodate users with different heights. The adjustment levers make it easy to change the seat height.

Sole Exercise bike SB900 also features dual-sided pedals. It means you can exercise on Sole SB900 with regular athletic shoes and also with SPD cycling shoes. While the crank arms are made of durable steel, the Q-Fator is a bit wider compared to some other spin bikes on the market. Sole SB900 features 8-inch q-factor/gap between pedals.

Looking at the frame of this Sole Fitness Stationary bike anyone can easily say how solid it’s made. There is a full coverage around the flywheel and a resistance system to protect them from sweating. It’s also very important since indoor cycling makes you sweat a lot. Sole Fitness SB900 indoor cycle can take up to 300 pounds of user weight which is not bad for a compact spin bike.

There are 4 point foot levelers to keep this Sole SB900 indoor cycle stable during intense cycling. Therefore, if your floor is not leveled/even, you can adjust the frame levelers so the bike doesn’t rock. For easy transportation, there are two wheels located in front of the frame. There are also two large water bottle holders to help you keep you reachable and stay hydrated.

The sole SB900 spin bike features a non-backlit wireless Console that displays the Cadence/RPM, Time, Distance, Speed, and Heart Rate (requires chest strap). Sole Stationary bike SB900 doesn’t display the WATTS and it’s not Bluetooth compatible either. Therefore, you can’t go online and join the cycling Apps. However, there is a solution and we will talk about it at the bottom of this Sole stationary bike Review and Buying Guide.

7.5Expert Score
Sole Fitness SB900, Sturdy But Expensive!

SB900 is the best spin bike that Sole Fitness has ever constructed. It’s made to provide cycling exercise for all levels of cyclists for home use and commercial use. If you want it for your personal use, rest assured that Sole Spin Bike SB900 will give you years of workouts to help you achieve your goals and improve you Fitness every day. The Sole SB900 indoor cycle does not disappoint when it comes to durability and sturdiness.

However, because Sole doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity and its resistance is only manually adjustable (not electronically), an alternative spin bike like Schwinn IC4 might be a better fit for you. Especially if you like to connect your bike to online cycling applications like Zwift or if you like applications to change the bike’s resistance automatically.

2. Sole SB700 Spin Bike

Sole SB700 Exercise Bike
Sole SB700 Exercise Bike

Sole SB700 exercise bike with 48-lb balanced flywheel, Belt drive, and sexy design, is the second model of the Sole spin bikes. SB700 is one of the best sellers mid-price indoor cycles with identical features to the SB900. The only two major differences between these two Sole bikes are the resistance type and pedals.

Sole SB700 features friction/brake pad resistance while the SB900 features magnetic resistance. Sole SB700 stationary bike comes with one-sided pedals while the Sole SB900 comes with dual-sided SPD pedals. If you can afford to spend the extra $300, we recommend the SB900 because it has better features and also has a good protection guard around the wheel and resistance.

Sole exercise bike SB700 features durable and easy-to-adjust levers for handlebars and seat posts. You can adjust the handlebars 4-ways to find the perfect cycling position so you don’t hurt your back or joints.

The seat is also 4-way adjustable to accommodate users of different heights. The shape and materials used in the seat are standard for indoor cycling with the ventilation area. With that being said, Sole SB700 features a standard seat post. So, you can swap it for another seat if you want.

The size of the Q-factor is not available but it says standard Q-Factor (possibly 6-7 inches). Pedals are one-sided (not spd) but they feature standard cycling thread size so, you can swap the pedals to Shimano PD-R540 and exercise with cycling shoes.

The belt drive provides and smooth and maintenance-free ride. It’s also quieter than the chain drive. SB700 features friction resistance which is the only downside of this Sole spin bike because it makes a bit of noise and requires maintenance from time to time.

The frame on the Sole SB700 spin bike is made of durable steel and it’s designed to be as compact as possible. Sole SB700 can support up to 300 pounds of user weight. SB700 remains stable during all cycling positions including standing. There are 4-foot levelers to prevent this Sole cycle from shaking/rocking on uneven floors. For easy portability, there are two strong wheels located in front of the frame.

Sole Spin bike SB700 features a non-backlit 3″ X 4″ LCD. It displays the time, RPM, Speed, and Heart Rate (requires chest strap). The console doesn’t display the WATTS and it’s also not Bluetooth-enabled. It means the bike doesn’t connect to the virtual environment. However, there is a solution to it. Go all the way down and Read how to connect Sole Spin Bikes to the cycling training Apps.

7Expert Score
Sole SB700, Solid but Outdated!

While in 2022 the Sole SB700 is not considered one of the best spin bikes because of its outdated console and resistance system, it’s still a durable solid option in its price class for newcomers to spin bike workouts.

The Sole Fitness SB700 indoor bike can provide an intense workout and help cycling enthusiasts manage their weight without stressing their lower body joints or dealing with technicians every day.

But if you like a more updated indoor bike with app connection possibility, you should choose an alternative upright bike such as Echelon EX3 or Schwinn IC4. Unfortunately, this Sole spin bike doesn’t feature a wireless connection, therefore, it can’t be paired with an iPad or tablet to deliver extra-motivating training sessions. Its resistance is also frictions so even if you manage to connect the bike to indoor cycling apps with additional accessories, you still won’t be able to set up auto-resistance on applications like Zwift.

Sole Fitness SB700 vs Sole Fitness SB900










Sole spin bike sb900SOLE
Sole Spin bike SB700SOLE
8 to 8.2"FIXED, 48-LBS

While Sole SB 700 and SB900 spin bikes look the same, they have detailed yet very important differences. The comparison table shows the major difference between SB700 vs SB900. However, there are few other detailed differences as well that you will read here.

 Sole Fitness SB700 Bike vs SB900 Bike – emergency brake.

Sole SB900 has easy to reach lever designed particularly for the emergency brake. It’s located right below the adjustment knob. Sole SB700 uses the same adjustment knob for the emergency brake as well.

 Sole Fitness SB700 vs SB900 Spin Bike – adjustment levers.

The sole SB900 spin bike has longer levers located on the side of the bike which is easier to reach. You can adjust the handlebars and the seat on SB900 without getting off the bike. The sole SB700 spin bike has shorter adjustment levers located underneath the handlebars and seat. Therefore, adjustability is a little more time-consuming.

➽ Sole Fitness SB700 Spin bike vs SB900 Spin Bike Flywheel guard.

SB900 features a heavy-duty made guard that covers all around the flywheel, resistance and the entire frame from excessive sweat. However, SB700 has a very tiny guard that can barely protect the resistance from sweat.

The cover is an important feature for a spin bike with the flywheel located in front of the frame under the sweat zone. If these Sole spin bikes featured rear flywheel like Keiser M3i, it wouldn’t be a huge factor.

➽ Sole SB700 vs SB900 Indoor Bike – Weight difference.

SB900 spin bike features a 20-pound heavier frame, which means it’s sturdier and stronger.

➽ Sole Fitness SB700 vs SB900 Exercise Bike – Resistance.

Sole SB900 spin bike features powerful, silent and maintenance-free magnetic resistance while the Sole SB700 features friction/brake pad. Friction resistance touches the flywheel to add tension therefore, it wears out and makes noise while magnetic resistance doesn’t touch anything.

So, it doesn’t make noise and also doesn’t wear out. Therefore, the magnetic allows you to listen to a music or watch TV or even cycle indoor while your partner is sleeping.

➽ Sole Fitness SB700 vs SB900 – Pedals.

SB900 spin bike features a pair of dual-sided toe cages and spd pedals while the SB700 features single-sided toe cage pedals. Both of these Sole spin Bikes feature standard thread, so, you can always swap the pedals to a set of popular affordable Shimano pedals.

➽ Sole SB700 vs SB900 – Q-factor.

SB900 indoor cycle features 8″ Q-factor while  SB700 Q-factor is not disclosed. The average q-factor size is between 6-8 inches. Q-Factor is the gap between the pedals.  Narrow q-factors allow your hips, knees, and ankles stay aligned with each other. Therefore, there is less pressure your lower body joints.

➽ Sole Fitness SB700 and SB900 Common Features.

Both of these Sole exercise bikes feature quiet belt drive, wireless chest strap compatibility (not included), the same wireless consoles, the same transport wheels, same warranty terms ( Lifetime frame, 3Yrs parts & 1 Yr labor), same seats, the same height and weight capacity, the same handlebars, the same foot levelers and the same dimensions.

Sole Upright Exercise Bikes Review

1. Sole Fitness LCB Exercise Bike

Sole  LCB Exercise Bike
Sole LCB Exercise Bike

Sole is currently manufacturing two top upright bikes with light commercial-grade parts and frames. While they are mid-priced bikes, they still feature the bells and whistles you can find on more expensive bikes.

Sole LCB Stationary bike can provide up to 5 hours of daily workout and features a large 10 inches Blue-backlit LCD display. This size of the console is considered very motivating throughout the exercise.

The console is also Bluetooth Enabled. It means you can interact with the virtual environment and connect the Sole LCB bike to some of the compatible Apps to save and track your progress. You can connect the Sole LCB upright bike to Zwift, Peloton and many other applications through the QZ application.

Basically, you will first need to install the QZ application on your phone and then connect the bike to the QZ app via Bluetooth. Then you will need to install Zwift (or any other app that you prefer) on your iPad/tablet (or PC and Mac) and pair/connect zwift with the QZ on your phone. As simple as that you will be able to connect the Sole Fitness LCB bike to Zwift or Peloton and other indoor cycling applications. Applications like Zwift can also control the resistance of the Sole Fitness LCB because this bike has a smart electronic magnetic resistance system.

You can track the Calories, RPM, Distance, Resistance Level, Time, and Heart Rate. Sole LCB upright bike allows you to monitor the Heart with built-in pulse sensors on the handlebars and also with the wireless chest strap.

To provide extra entertainment and keep you fresh the console features high-quality speakers and a cooling fan. There are also two inputs on the console, one for the headphone and to connect your MP3/iPod. The media holder allows you to have your tablet in front of you while it’s connected to your Sole Bike using Bluetooth. You can flip pages online while the workout metrics are being collected and saved.

Sole LCB Exercise Bike features a unique 40 levels of magnetic resistance levels. It provides enough power to make the cardio exercise challenging for all levels of athletes. You can easily adjust the resistance from the console through buttons. Sole LCB bike also has 10 preset programs (6 standard, 2 Custom, and 2 Heart Rates). The heart rate programs change the resistance automatically to keep you within your target heart rate range.

Sole LCB comes with 31 lb steel flywheel, which is unique for the upright bike. This heavy flywheel provides a very smooth pedal motion for users up to 300-pound weight. While the handlebars are fixed, the seat of fully adjustable.

The seat of this Sole exercise bike is known as one of the most comfortable upright bike seats. You can adjust the seat fore/aft up&down to find the perfect biking positions for your height. The pedals are oversized with a 2-degree inward slope and adjustable straps to provide an extremely comfortable workout.

8.5Expert Score
Sole Fitness LCB, Advanced and Smooth!

The Sole LCB Exercise bike is an excellent purchase for any purchaser,  it’s one of those exercise bikes that meet everybody’s needs. LCB is Sole’s highest model of an upright bike and it’s built like a tank with all the bells and whistles. Regardless of your height, age or your athletic level, this Sole exercise bike provides a challenging commercial-grade cardio workout.

Sole upright bike LCB has a high-tech console and very engaging electronics and a durable frame structure that contributes to the price of this exercise bike. Sole LCB bike is ideal for elite users and pro-club trainers looking for a low-impact solid tough challenging workout.

The Sole LCB stationary bike could be exactly what you are looking for. However, if you are tight on budget, you might prefer another Sole stationary bike such as the B94 or the Nautilus U618. Both alternative upright bikes provide a good quality workout at almost half the price.

2. Sole Fitness B94 Exercise Bike

Sole B94 Exercise Bike
Sole B94 Exercise bike

The second model of the Sole Fitness upright bike is the B94. It’s a level below the Sole LCB upright bike with few differences and half the price. However, it’s still one of the best stationary bikes on the entire market.

Therefore, if you can’t afford to go with the LCR, we strongly recommend the Sole stationary bike B94. This Sole bike comes with a 20-lb flywheel to provide a decent cycling motion for users up to 300-pound weight.

This Sole upright bike features belt drive which is both quiet and maintenance-free compared to other types of drive. Sole B94 features 20 magnetic resistance levels which are half of what you get on the Sole LCR model.

Magnetic tension combined with belt drive provides a maintenance-free and silent enjoyable ride. Sole B94 also features 10 preset-workout programs, 6 standard, 2 custom programs, and two heart rate programs. Each custom program allows you to create your own program and save your daily workout in the profile.

Therefore, two people can have their workout progress saved on the console for comparison at the end of each month or so. The heart rate programs automatically change the tension to keep you in the targeted heart rate range. You can set a minimum and maximum heartbeat per minute and the B94 Sole stationary bike makes sure you don’t exceed that preference.

Sole exercise bike B94 comes with a white backlit 9 Inch LCD display. The values are big and easy to view during the day and in the dark light condition. The console is Bluetooth-enabled, it means you can connect the Sole B94 indoor bike to Sole and other fitness-compatible Apps.

Although right out of the box, it will not connect with the Zwift, you can use the QZ application to completely sync the Sole Fitness B94 with Zwift and many other cycling applications including but not limited to the Peloton, and Kinompa.

The awesome part is that not only you can connect the Sole B94 to Zwift (and other apps) but you can also set the applications to control the resistance of the bike so when you go uphill, it automatically gets harder to pedal and when you go downhill, it automatically gets easier to pedal.

Basically, you would first need to install the QZ application on your phone and connect the Sole Fitness B94 bike to the QZ via Bluetooth. Then you need to install the Zwift on your iPad (or whatever device you prefer) and connect the Zwift to the QZ. Following these few little easy steps, you will be able to connect the Sole B94 exercise bike to the application of your choice, all thanks to the QZ app.

There is a large media rack to allow you to have your tablet in front of you watching videos while the progress is being saved in the background. To keep you entertained, fresh and motivated there is a sound system, cooling fan, a headphone, and MP3/iPod inputs. You can plug your device into the console and listen to your music through the speakers instead of the annoying headphones.

Sole B94 features fixed handlebars which are common in the upright bike category. The handlebars offer multiple positions, unlike most upright bikes that offer only one boring position.

Another good feature of this sole upright bike is the chest strap compatibility (included) and the built-in accurate pulse sensors. As far as the pedals go, they are oversized and ergonomically designed with adjustable foot straps to keep your feet stable during intense cardio performance.

The seat is breathable and soft to provide a comfortable ride during the exercise. The seat on the Sole B94 stationary bike is 4-way adjustable to accommodate short, tall and anyone in between. For easy portability, there are two transport wheels in front of the frame and a lift handle at the back. Sole B94 exercise bike also features a large water bottle holder so you can keep your keys and extra devices on the bike with you.

8Expert Score
Sole Fitness B94, Durable and Affordable!

The Sole B94 with a large seat is particularly designed to offer a comfortable workout with no impact on your joints. It has earned a reputation for its affordable price, yet sturdy high-quality parts and frame. Beyond this, it is also known to encourage to burn as many calories as possible because of the entertainment features.

The 9-inch backlit LCD is compatible on Sole and other fitness Apps and allows you to track and interact in the virtual environment while allowing you to listen to your music which leads your workouts to a more effective and also provides you with a better feeling of accomplishment.

This feeling and interaction with the virtual environment will encourage you on to your next day of exercise, unlike the old traditional stationary bikes that can leave the user feeling tired and discouraged.

There is really nothing on the market to compare to Sole B94 in terms of price and features. However, if you are an elite exerciser looking for a more challenging workout and extra resistance levels, you should go with the Sole LCR Stationary bike.

Sole B94 Upright Bike vs Sole LCR Upright Bike











Sole Stationary Bike ReviewsSOLE
Sole exercise bikesSOLE

➽ Sole LCB vs B94 Upright Bike – Resistance, EMS vs ECB.

Sole LCB Stationary bike features Electro Magnetic System (EMS) which delivers consistent tension, more resistance, and a smoother ride. The resistance levels change quickly and they can be programmed to vary resistance during the exercise which is a good feature when doing HR training and intervals. Sole B94, on the other hand, features Eddy Current Magnetic (ECB) which is also a quiet maintenance-free system but it’s not as accurate as the EMS.

➽ Sole LCB vs B94 Upright Bike – Display, EFT vs LCD.

Sole LCB features a Blue Backlit 10.1-inch Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) Display which is more clear and has more engaging colors. The Sole B94 upright bike features a White Backlit 9-inch non-TFT LCD.

➽ Sole LCB vs B94 Upright Bike – Pulse, Salutron vs pulse sensor.

Sole LCB upright bike has a built-in Salutron heart rate sensor system on the handlebars which delivers a more accurate heart rate. Sole B94 exercise bike features basic pulse sensors.

➽ Sole LCB vs B94 Upright Bike – Warranty.

Sole LCB comes with a Lifetime on frame, 5 Yrs all parts and 2 Yrs Labor while Sole B94 stationary bike comes with a Lifetime on frame, 3 Yrs all parts and 1 Yr Lab. The extra 2-year warranty comes in handy, especially when an expensive part breaks.

➽ Sole LCB vs B94 Upright Bike – Weight Capacity.

Sole LCB stationary bike supports up to 350 pounds of user weight while the B94 supports 300 pounds.

➽ Sole LCB vs B94 Upright Bike – Flywheel.

Sole LCB Upright bike comes with 31-Lb heavy-duty flywheel while Sole B94 exercise bike comes with 20-Lb flywheel. The weight of the flywheel helps the bike to provide a smooth ride and a good cardio workout for heavier users.

➽ Sole LCB vs B94 Upright bike – Quality.

LCB features a more durable frame and parts that can provide cardio workouts up to 5 hours every day. The sole indoor stationary bike is also light commercial grade but can’t offer more than 2-3 hours daily workout.

➽ Sole LCB vs B94 Upright Bike – Pedals.

LCB pedal features adjustable straps and a 2-degree inward slope that provides an extremely comfortable workout. B94 features basic non-slip pedals with adjustable strap.

➽ Sole LCB vs B94 Upright Bike – Chest Strap.

While both Sole exercise bikes are compatible with a wireless chest strap, only the B94 comes with the strap in the box. Sole stationary bike B94 helps to save $50 which is nice, considering it’s half the price of LCB.

➽ Sole B94 Upright bike vs LCB Common Features.

Both of these Sole stationary bikes feature a belt-drive, wireless heart rate monitor compatibility, the same seats, the speakers and fans, and the same user height capacity.


The Sole Fitness line of exercise bikes are a popular choice for at-home fitness. They come in a variety of price points and styles, so it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you.

In this post, we compared the two most popular models: the Sole SB900, SB700, Sole LCB, and Sole B94 exercise bikes.

The Sole SB900 has more features than the SB700, including a magnetic resistance system and belt driven transmission, as well as tablet holder to help you reach your workout goal.

The SB700, on the other hand, does not have these features, but it is still a high-quality bike that is perfect for someone just starting out or looking for something basic.

Overall, we would recommend the Sole Fitness SB900 in spin bike category and the Sole LCB in upright bike category.


Hi there, I'm Sayed Hamed Hosseiny, the founder and one of the authors at (YEB). I am a former indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. With a passion for indoor cycling, I have spent years designing cycling parts, repairing, and importing exercise bikes. All the articles, tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on (YEB) reflect my personal opinion and expertise in the field. I'm excited to share my knowledge with fellow exercise bike enthusiasts and help people find reliable indoor cycling information and the best exercise bike for their needs. If you have any questions or suggestion, you can contact me at

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  1. I didn’t see any information referenced on how to connect the SB700/900 to apps.

    • Hi Bill

      As far as I know, neither of these Sole Fitness spin bikes are compatible with apps. They don’t have Bluetooth, WiFi, or ANT/+ technology and one of these connectivities is required to connect these bikes with devices (phone, tablet, PC, etc).

      Check out the Proform Smart Power . It is a good bike with some unique features that can only be found on this bike in its price range.

      Thanks for dropping by

  2. In the section on SB700 you say: Go all the way down and Read how to connect Sole Spin Bikes to the cycling training Apps.

    However, I don’t see anything regarding connecting sole spin bikes to the apps!

    • Hello Shashi, thanks for stopping by

      Sorry we removed that part from the review and wrote a full article on Bluetooth-enabled spin bike sensors that can connect almost any spin bike to fitness apps.

      I hope it helps


      YEB Team

  3. In an email dated May 24, 2021, Sole Fitness rep stated that SB900 has a 7″ Q factor not 8″. Has the bike been updated?

    • Hello Sahnnon, thanks for stopping by and sorry the late reply

      I am aware they brought changes to the appearance of the bike but not sure they improved the q-factor as it requires too much work including crank replacement (in some cases), bottom bracket and other bits and pieces.

      I would say you ask them to double check the q-factor and let them know that that it is an important factor for you.

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