Schwinn Upright Exercise Bikes Reviews + Comparisons

When thinking about at-home exercise bikes, you are probably picturing the upright type. These are ones that you sit upright on (unsurprisingly) and often have magnetic or friction resistance systems. You generally want quality bikes, but their prices can most certainly climb to some absurd numbers. So we have decided to take a look at some of the cheaper options from one of the better manufacturers: Schwinn.

Most of the bikes that we’re going to take a look at today don’t have any sort of special name or tag that they come with, except for one. However, they are still easier to tell apart than Sunny Health & Fitness bikes. We have the Schwinn 170 upright bike, the 130 upright bike, the 130 “My20” upright bike and the A10 upright bike.

Comparisons of Schwinn 170, 130, 130 MY20, and A10 Exerciser Bikes

Technical Information of Schwinn Upright Bikes

Schwinn Upright Bikes Technical Information Compared
Schwinn 170Schwinn-170-Review300 lbs (136 kg)58.4 lbs (26.5 kg)21.4 in (54 cm)41.3 in (105 cm)55.6 in (141)5’0″ and 6’5″ (153 – 196 cm)
Schwinn 130Schwinn-130-Upright-Exercise-Bike-Review300 lbs (136 kg)58.4 lbs (26.5 kg)21.4 in (54 cm)41.3 in (105 cm)54.5 in (138.4 cm)5’0″ and 6’5″ (153 – 196 cm)
Schwinn 130 MY20Schwinn-130-My20-Review300 lbs (136 kg)70 lbs (31.7 kg)22 in (56 cm)41.3 in (105 cm)58 in (147 cm)5’0″ and 6’5″ (153 – 196 cm)
Schwinn A10Schwinn-A10-Review275 lbs (124.7 kg)62.7 lbs (28.4 kg)19 in (48 cm)27 in (67 cm)50 in (126 cm)5’0″ and 6’5″ (153 – 196 cm)

The first piece of these Schwinn Fitness indoor bikes that we are going to look at is one of the most fundamental: the technical information that they are actually made of. Schwinn is typically known for their quality in the building of their products. The same is generally true here, with one crucial exception – the Schwinn 170 cardio bike.

In terms of the physical footprint and size that the 170 takes up, it isn’t actually that bad. It measures out to be 41.3 in (105 cm) long, 21.4 in (54 cm) wide and 55.6 in (141) tall. It is actually tied for the lightest weight of these bikes, weighing 58.4 lbs (26.5 kg). Despite that, it can still hold a maximum weight of 300 lbs (136 kg). The biggest issue with the Schwinn 170 exercise bike is that some of the elements in the bike are not made for the longer term. Its durability just doesn’t match up to the others.

The size and build of the Schwinn 130 home exercise bike is nearly identical to the 170 and it lacks the same durability flaws. It weighs the same 58.4 lbs (26.5 kg) and can hold the same 300 lbs (136 kg). The footprint of the 130 measures out to be 41.3 in (105 cm) long, 21.4 in (54 cm) wide and 54.5 in (138.4 cm) tall.

The My20 version of the Schwinn 130 cardio bike is actually a bit larger and quite a bit heavier than the regular version. It measures out to be 41 in (104 cm) long, 22 in (56 cm) wide and 58 in (147 cm) tall. It weighs 70 lbs (31.7 kg) and can still hold the same 300 lbs (136 kg) that the previous three can.

Then there’s the Schwinn A10 stationary bike. It is by far the smallest and most basic of the bikes, but it still actually weighs more than the 170 and 130. It measures out to be 27 in (67 cm) long, 19 in (48 cm) wide and 50 in (126 cm) tall. It weighs approximately 62.7 lbs (28.4 kg) and can hold a slightly smaller maximum weight of 275 lbs (124.7 kg).

All of these Schwinn upright exercise bikes have a pretty standard steel frame. While the heights they can comfortably fit on them is not specified, it generally seems that people from 5 feet (or even a little under) to those up to 6’5” can comfortably find a position onboard.

Drivetrain, Resistance, Flywheel & Pedals

Schwinn Upright Bikes Drivetrain, Resistance, Flywheel & Pedals
Schwinn 170Schwinn-170-ReviewBeltNon-slip w/ straps25 Levels Magnetic3-piece13 lbs (5.9 kg)
Schwinn 130Schwinn-130-Upright-Exercise-Bike-ReviewBeltOversized w/ straps16 Levels Magnetic1-piece13 lbs (5.9 kg)
Schwinn 130 MY20Schwinn-130-My20-ReviewBeltPlastic w/ straps16 Levels Magnetic3-piece13 lbs (5.9 kg)
Schwinn A10Schwinn-A10-ReviewBeltOversized w/ straps8 Levels Magnetic1-piece10 lbs (4.5 kg)

Of course, one of the other core elements that make up these Schwinn Fitness exercise bikes are resistance systems, drivetrains and pedals that they provide. They all share general characteristics, but they do have elements that set them apart.

We’ll start with what all of these Schwinn upright bikes share. They are all magnetic resistance bikes that use a belt drivetrain. This makes for a fairly quiet ride and not a lot of maintenance required. Each of the cranks of the pedals (except for the My20) are 1-piece, which is unfortunate. They are inferior to 3-piece cranks, as they are more likely to all break in one incident rather than be independent of one another.

The pedals of these Schwinn cardio bikes are another element that are all pretty similar to one another. None of them particularly do anything special and are all just basic pedals with straps to keep your feet in place. This is fairly normal of cheaper bikes, so we weren’t honestly expecting much else. The Q-Factor of the Schwinn bikes are unknown, which is unfortunate. For those who are unaware, the Q-Factor is the distance between the pedals. If it is too wide, you’ll become quite uncomfortable. If it is too narrow, the same will happen and you even risk injury. The Q-Factor is not a common complaint with any of these Schwinn stationary bikes, so we don’t think it is an issue that you should worry that much about.

What is different about each bike is the flywheel weight and levels of resistance that it can use. Generally, the cheaper of a bike you get, the less resistance levels you get. The Schwinn 170 upright bike has 25 levels, both versions of the Schwinn 130 bikes have 16 levels and the Schwinn A10 upright bike has 8 levels. We don’t know the specific flywheel weight of the My20 bike or the A10, but we know that both the 170 and 130 have a flywheel that weighs 13 lbs (5.9 kg).

Schwinn Bike Handlebars and Saddles

Schwinn Upright Bikes Handlebars and Saddles
Schwinn 170Schwinn-170-ReviewYesNo controls on the handlebarsAngle AdjustableHorizontally & Vertically AdjustableYes
Schwinn 130Schwinn-130-Upright-Exercise-Bike-ReviewNoNo controls on the handlebarsAngle AdjustableVertically AdjustableYes
Schwinn 130 MY20Schwinn-130-My20-ReviewNoNo controls on the handlebarsAngle AdjustableVertically AdjustableYes
Schwinn A10Schwinn-A10-ReviewNoNo controls on the handlebarsAngle FixedVertically AdjustableYes

The handlebars and seating of these Schwinn bikes are another element that they all share similarities between. Each of the handlebars are foam padded and multi grip above the console. Although they are not adjustable in terms of height or width, you can change the angle of them. The foam padding on each also makes it nice to hold onto during the workout.

The seating for each is less enjoyable. On almost all of these Schwinn home exercise bikes, the seat can only be vertically adjusted through about 10 different levels. The only exception here is the Schwinn 170, which has both vertical and horizontal adjustments. Yet, even on this more advanced bike, the seat is not actually that comfortable. For all of these Schwinn upirght bikes, you might want to invest in a cover or even a new seat just to increase your comfort. Otherwise there isn’t that much to say about these seats and handlebars.

Schwinn 170, 130, and 110 Monitors

Schwinn Upright Bikes Monitors
Schwinn 170Schwinn-170-ReviewBacklit LCD MonitorYesTime, speed, RPM, distance, heart Rate and calories29Explore the World app
Schwinn 130Schwinn-130-Upright-Exercise-Bike-ReviewNon-LCD MonitorNoTime, speed, RPM, heart rate, distance, and calories13None
Schwinn 130 MY20Schwinn-130-My20-ReviewNon-LCD MonitorYesTime, distance, speed, RPM, calories burned, and heart rate.13Explore the World app
Schwinn A10Schwinn-A10-ReviewNon-LCD MonitorNo Time, speed, RPM, distance, calories and heart rate.7None

We now get to one of the most important parts of modern upright bikes: the monitors. Because these are cheaper bikes, they generally will have less impressive monitors. This is mostly not the case with these Schwinn bikes, with the only exception being the Schwinn A10. But we’ll start with the Schwinn 170. It has a backlit LCD screen with Bluetooth connectivity and 29 different workout programs. You can connect to apps like MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit and more to transfer data from your workouts. This data comes in the form of stats like your time, speed, RPM, distance, heart Rate and calories burned.

The Schwinn 130 and Schwinn “130 My20” have identical monitors. They both have Bluetooth connectivity, 13 preset programs and can track stats like your time, speed, RPM, distance, heart Rate and calories burned. They can scan through those stats and display them in metric measurements as well.

Finally, there is the Schwinn A10. It is the only monitor without the ability to connect to apps via Bluetooth and only has 7 preset workout programs. However, it can still track stats like your time, speed, RPM, distance, calories and heart rate (via handlebars).

Schwinn Uprights Prices and Warranties

Schwinn Upright Bikes Prices and Warranties
Schwinn 170Schwinn-170-Review$540 10 Years1 Year2 Years90 Days
Schwinn 130Schwinn-130-Upright-Exercise-Bike-Review$520-350 10 Years1 Year2 Years90 Days
Schwinn 130 MY20Schwinn-130-My20-Review$400-350 10 Years1 Year2 Years90 Days
Schwinn A10Schwinn-A10-Review$2303 Years1 Year1 Year60 Days

As we’ve mentioned multiple times by this point, these are cheaper bikes. However, Schwinn seems to be one of those companies that will always put guarantees behind their product. On the Schwinn 180 cardio bike and both versions of the 130 you will find a 10 year warranty on the frame, 1 year on the electronics, 2 years on the mechanical parts and 90 days on the labour. Only on the Schwinn A10 will you find a worse warranty, although it still isn’t as bad as you might find elsewhere. You get 3 years on the frame, 1 year on all parts and 60 days on the labour.

As for the pricing that you’ll find these Schwinn exercise bikes coming with, they are actually fairly consistent. There isn’t a whole lot of variation, although there is one more exception. The Schwinn 130 ranges between $520 and $350, which is a fairly large variation. Clearly the lower you can get it, the better. Otherwise, all the prices are fairly consistent. The Schwinn A10 cardio bike sits consistently at $230, the 170 at $540 and the 130 “My20” between $400 and $350.

Other Notable Parts of Schwinn Upright Bikes

Other Notable Parts of Schwinn Upright Bikes
Schwinn 170Schwinn-170-ReviewWith bottle holderYesYesYes41" L x 12"W x 23"H
Schwinn 130Schwinn-130-Upright-Exercise-Bike-ReviewWith bottle holderYesYesYes41" L x 12"W x 23"H
Schwinn 130 MY20Schwinn-130-My20-ReviewWith bottle holderYesNoNo41" L x 12"W x 23"H
Schwinn A10Schwinn-A10-ReviewWith bottle holderYesYesNo39" L x 12"W x 22"H

This is the penultimate part of the review where we check if these Schwinn stationary bikes have the little features that are nice, but don’t really affect the overall rating. Fortunately, most of these bikes are well-equipped with all these features.

All of them have both media trays and water bottle holders, although the media trays can block the monitors on the bikes. The Schwinn 170, 130 and A10 all have MP3 speakers. Interestingly enough, all of these Schwinn upright bikes have transport wheels to help with mobility except for the A10.

What We Think of Schwinn Exercise Bikes

You will normally find some pretty large issues with all sorts of bikes in this price range. However, while these Schwinn upright bikes are most certainly not perfect, they do represent a good amount of value. They each have a good level of resistance that offers good challenge and is quiet due to the belt drive. The monitors are also all quality, even with the least impressive still being more than some other upright bikes offer. The long warranties are even better, especially when looking at some of the durability issues of the Schwinn 170. The one major complaint about these bikes come in the form of the comfortability of the seats. You do have to beware that and might want to invest in a seat cover to make up for this flaw. We would have to say that the Schwinn 170 is the superior model of these four bikes, but they all represent a good deal.

That concludes our review of these Schwinn upright bikes. Hopefully we have informed you of their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with your new knowledge, hopefully you can go out and use these to your advantage. Now get out there and get cycling!


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