PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews

The PYHIGH is a short player in the fitness industry, yet, their bikes have managed to join the arena of the best seller budget indoor cycling bikes. PYHIGH indoor cycling bikes came in the market in 2018, now, 1-year later they have been seen in many best affordable spin bikes reviews.

In this PYHIGH spin bike reviews, I am going to cover more in-depth the pros and cons of these top-rated inexpensive bikes to help you decided whether they meet your indoor cycling needs or not. I am also going to compare the two PYHIGH indoor bikes so you can easily the differences.

With no further ado, here is the comparison table for the PYHIGH indoor cycling belt drive stationary bikes. To make it easy for you to navigate through this PYHIGH indoor cycle review, I have also created a table of content below.

PYHIGH Indoor Stationary Bikes Compared

Comparison Table For The PYHIGH S7 and S2 Indoor Cycling Bikes
PYHIGH S7 Indoor Cycling BikeOverpriced (We don't recommend it)Niceday and Echelon EX15 (search our websites for these bikes) Felt-Pad
w/ Sweat Protection and Belt Drive
330 PoundsCalories, Time, RPM, Distance, HRPK Belt48 Pounds
PYHIGH S2 Indoor Cycling BikeOverpriced (We don't recommend it)Bancon and Dmasun (search our websites for these bikes)Felt-Pad
w/o Sweat Protection and Belt Drive
280 PoundsCalories, Time, Distance, SpeedPK Belt35 Pounds

Our Favorite PYHIGH Spin Bikes:

1. PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike w/ 48lbs Flywheel Belt Driven – S7

 out of stock

Comes with racing style design, the high-end multi-grip cycling handlebars, this PYHIGH 48lbs Flywheel cycle provides users with incredible ergonomics and a stable, sturdy frame.

Unlike many other budget exercise bikes, the PYHIGH indoor cycling bike with 48-lb flywheel (fixed, bidirectional) allows for a low-impact enjoyable indoor cycling workout.

Allowing the rider to pedal forward and reverse help simulate different muscle groups for overall toning of the physique. The PYHIGH S7 has a 40-pound flywheel that helps support smooth pedaling and the sensation of outdoor cycling dynamics.

So, you won’t experience the unpleasant jerky motion that comes with many other low-cost exercise bikes. Additionally, the S7 PYHIGH indoor cycling bike has the belt system

This stationary exercise bike’s belt driven mechanism ensures smooth and quiet workouts. Not only it doesn’t require lubing as chain system does, this bike also uses the PK belt, which is highly durable and almost never stretches when used on spin bikes, making this cycle extremely low-maintenance.

Also, the Pyhigh offers the durability and quality of a light-commercial spin bike with a frame that can support up to 330 pounds while it is available at a considerably lower price.

As far as the resistance goes, the PYHIGH S7 indoor bike comes with the friction system. It is a high-quality wool felt-pad that makes relatively less noise and has very little maintenance.

On top of that, the S7 PYHIGH cycle is designed with a resistance protection guard. It keeps the sweat and other elements away from the resistance felt pad and the flywheel. So, they stay dry which ultimately prolongs the life the bike.

Now let’s talk about the best part of the PYHIGH S7 indoor cycling bike which is the handlebar design. This bike is equipped with multi-grip handlebars found on high-end spin bikes.

The anti-skidding handlebar (Dip Process) coated are designed to comfort your arms and provide stability while exercising. Offering multiple riding postures make your training more comprehensive and fun.

Additionally, the Pyhigh S7 spin bike is equipped with a device holder. You may place your notebook, Ipad, smart-phones, even magazines on the holder to make the long-term rides more enjoyable.

Unfortunately horizontal adjustment on the handlebars are not possible. So, riders above 6’3″ may not be able to set up this spin bike for a comfortable and safe workout.

As for the seat, the PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike 48lbs Flywheel Belt Driven with LCD Monitor for Home Cardio Workout features a padded fully adjustable seat. It is one of the best seats I have seen on budget indoor cycling bikes.

The fully adjustable seat offers a completely customizable experience for ultimate user comfort and compatibility. It is also a breathable seat which means it will help keep you cool during long summer indoor rides.

The Pyhigh S7’s fitness monitor is not backlit but due to the size of the screen, it is easy to read and seems fairly accurate. It can track the RPM, Time, Distance, Calories and Pulse (using the built-in sensors on the handlebars). This monitor is not Bluetooth or ANT/+ enabled so you can’t save your workouts.

Pyhigh Fitness S7 indoor cycle features toe caged pedals, so you will need to replace them if you want to ride with clipless indoor cycling shoes. Thankfully, this indoor spinning bike has the standard 16/9″ pedal thread. Therefore, the SPD replacements are available widely.

A few other features of Pyhigh S7 cycle include the transportation wheels to make it easy to move inside the house, shiny corrosion resistance finish, and water bottle holder to keep you hydrated. It also has 4 feet levelers to allow you to adjust the bike to fit for uneven floor and get a stable safe riding.

Lastly, when looking at other options in this price tag, I suggest you remember this amount of user weight support combined with 1-year full bike warranty. It is always a good sign when a brand is willing to stand with their product, especially when it is inexpensive.

PYHIGH S7 Indoor Cycling Bike Specifications:

Q-Factor: N/A
Drive Mechanism:PK Belt drivetrain
Warranty: 1-Year on frame and components
Pedals: Toe cage only, 16/9″ pedal thread
Recommended User Height: 4’9″ to 6’3″
Chest Strap:
Not Compatible
Tracks:RPM, time, calories, distance, scan and pulse
Product Dimensions: 42.5 x 22.5 x 44.1 in (L x W x H)
Shipping Dimensions:42.1″ x 2.6″ x 9.8″
Shipping weight:97 Pounds
Bike Weight:90 Pounds
Handlebars: 2-Way adjustable handlebars w/ drop bars
Seat: 4-Way adjustable w padding
Weight capacity: 330-Lbs
Flywheel: Fixed, 48-Lbs
Resistance type: Manually adjustable felt-pad w/ sweat protection guard.
Assembly tools and instructions: Included
Power Source: Batteries, included
  • Pros:
  • Handlebars allow improving body coordination by different grip positions.
  • With the phone bracket for your device, your exercise will more interesting.
  • Sturdy frame and components with 330 pounds user weight capacity.
  • Easy PYHIGH S7 indoor bike assembly process w/ included tools and instructions.
  • The cushioned seat adjusts fore/aft with minimal effort.
  • KP belt drivetrain ensures rugged durability and reduces maintenance.
  • Free shipping on PYHIGH S7 exercise bike.
  • Small footprint, PYHIGH S7 bike takes up very little space.
  • Good warranty; frame, parts, and electronics are covered for one year, which is a good deal for the $450 price.
  • The PYHIGH S7 spin bike computer indicates your exercise time, distance, RPM and calories burned. It can also display your heart rate via built-in pulse sensors.
  • PYHIGH indoor stationary bike/ exercise bike has heavy-duty transport wheels for easy mobility and TPI bearings that run smooth.
  • Cons:
  • PYHIGH indoor bike 48lbs stationary exercise bike training is equipped with friction resistance.
  • The handlebars are only vertically adjustable.
  • There is no SPD elements on the pedals.

2. PYHIGH Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike Belt Driven w/ LCD – S2

 out of stock

The PYHIGH S2 spin bike is the cheapest model by this brand. Compared to the S7 listed first in this PYHIGH exercise bike reviews, the S2 less durable and has a really poor (dark and small) LCD monitor without the capability of tracking RPM or HR.

Here is a short comparison so you can easier see why the S7 Pyhigh cycle is superior to the S2. The PYHIGH S2 exercise bike supports (280-lb vs 330), has a lighter flywheel (35-lb vs 48-lb), offers less hand-grip positions (very basic handlebars vs high-end racing style handlebars), and less inseam capacity.

Additionally, the S7 has better quality transport wheels and a device holder that can fit tablet, phone, etc while the S2 device holder can only hold a phone size device. Also, the S2 doesn’t have the flywheel and resistance sweat protection guard which is essential to this type of felt-pad friction bikes.

So, if you can afford to spend $150 more, I highly recommend you buying the Pyhigh Indoor Stationary Bike/ Exercise Bike S7. But if your budget is below $300, rest assure this PYHIGH indoor cycling belt drive stationary exercise bike is a good value.

Seen in many budget best indoor bike reviews, the PYHIGH S2 comes with a 35-pound flywheel that significantly enhances the experience a near realistic bike ride whilst ensuring safety.

As expected in this price class, the Pyhigh S2 feature friction resistance, not magnetic which means it will make a bit of noise. Featuring a knob, it allows micro turn adjustment providing smooth and safe transitions to higher intensity levels.

By simply pressing down on the same knob, the emergency braking system activates quickly and safely. One of the factors behind the Pyhigh S2’s success in the arena of budget spin bikes is its high-quality belt system.

It is a PK belt which makes it extremely low-maintenance and durable. It also makes the operation ultra-quiet so you won’t have to worry about disturbing families while you sport during the day.

Note: if you think you will ride the bike early morning or late evening when others are relaxing/resting, it is better to consider a magnetic indoor cycling bike as they are quieter than friction bikes.

As for the monitor, it is very basic and poor. It displays your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and scan which enables you to see some results to keep you motivated and on pace.

Featuring a fully adjustable seat with high-density padding offers a completely customizable experience for user comfort and compatibility. But since the handlebars are only vertically adjustable, the user inseam capacity is limited to under 6’1″.

Pyhigh S2 indoor bike has aluminum alloy cape pedals and adjustable covers that will prevent feet slip and give more support while pedaling. But they are not SPD compatible which is understandable for its price point.

Note: As I mentioned earlier in this PYHIGH stationary bike reviews, the S2 Indoor cycling bike is for short person as well as average heights but not for users taller than 6’1″.

PYHIGH S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Specifications:

Q-Factor: N/A
Drive Mechanism:PK Belt drivetrain
Warranty: 1-Year on frame and components
Pedals: Toe cage only, 16/9″ pedal thread
Recommended User Height: 4’9″ to 6’1″
Chest Strap:
Not Compatible
Tracks:Time, calories, distance, scan and speed
Product Dimensions: 40.2 x 21.7 x 46.1 in (L x W x H)
Shipping Dimensions:42.1″ x 2.6″ x 9.8″
Shipping weight:85 Pounds
Bike weight:75 Pounds
Handlebars: 2-Way adjustable handlebars
Seat: 4-Way adjustable w padding
Weight capacity: 280-Lbs
Flywheel: Fixed, 35-Lbs
Resistance type: Manually adjustable felt-pad without sweat protection guard.
Assembly tools and instructions: Included
Power Source: Batteries, included
  • Pros:
  • Belt driven mechanism to ensure smooth and quiet workouts.
  • Equipped with the rollers, easily move to every place in your home
  • The bike itself is relatively quiet.
  • Performing speed bursts is easy as this bike is stable while riding.
  • Easy assembly following the PYHIGH indoor cycling bike manual.
  • Sturdy steel frame, pro designed to give you a more stable riding experience.
  • Moderately comfortable seat with a hole in the center for breathability and comfort.
  • Equipped with mobile phone bracket.
  • Cons:
  • Small LCD monitor, difficult to see the workout progress.
  • A device holder can only fit small devices like phones, not tablets.
  • No sweat protection guard for the flywheel and resistance pads.
  • Very basic handlebars w/ a few hand-grip options.
  • Not fully adjustable handlebars (only vertically)
  • Limited user height/inseam capacity.
  • Toe cage pedals, no spd elements.
  • Low-quality transport wheels.

Know Before Buying PYHIGH Exercise Bikes:

PYHIGH Fitness Disadvantages:

PYHIGH indoor cycle exercise bikes are equipped with felt fabric brake pad system. Unlike magnetic resistance system found on some of these EFITMENT bikes, the friction wears out and make a bit of noise. So, if noise is a really important factor for you, you may want to consider a magnetic spin bike instead. Note: One of the advantages of friction resistance is that it is unlimited so you can adjust the resistance level as you need for a more effective workout to burn more calories.

Indoor cycle trainers are usually light on console features, and that’s the case with these budget S7 and S2 PYHIGH indoor cycling bikes. Still, you get an LCD monitor with the following readouts: time, speed, (RPM with S7), distance, calorie, and heart rate. The main problems with these monitors are the lack of ability to track your watt/power and the lack of wireless connectives to allow you to save your workouts. Unfortunately, the PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Stationary Bicycle Exercise Bikes with LCD Monitor for Home Cardio Workout Bike Training don’t have back-light. So, you need to keep the room’s light on to see the stats in low-light condition.

The lateral distance between the pedals is referred to as q-factor. Spin bikes with narrower q-factor (less distance between pedals) tend to keep the feet in a natural position aligned with knees and hips. Unfortunately, this Fitness Equipment brands hasn’t disclosed the q-factor sizes for the PYHIGH indoor cycling exercise bike S2 and S7. Usually, brands don’t disclose this information because their bikes feature wide q-factors. Hopefully, it is not the case with PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike-48lbs Flywheel Belt Drive Stationary Bicycle Exercise Bikes with LCD Monitor for Home Cardio Workout Bikes Training.

There are mainly two types of spin bike pedals, the dual-sided SPD compatible to clip-in cycling shoes and the toe cage pedals for regular athletic shoes. The SPD pedals allow you to wear spinning shoes and clip in to exercise more comfortably and safely without the fear of slipping. Unfortunately, the PYHIGH S7 and S2 are equipped with toe cage pedals. So you can only use them with the regular gym shoes, not with clipless spinning shoes. However, both these Pyhigh cycles feature the standard 16/9″ pedal thread size so the SPD replacement pedals are widely available.

Handlebar Adjustments:
To comfortably accommodate all users, horizontal and vertical seat and handlebar adjustment are very important for indoor cycling bikes. Thankfully the PYHIGH exercise bikes feature 4-way adjustable seats but sadly their handlebars are only vertically adjustable. That, plus the compact frame, are the reasons the S2 Pyhigh spin bike can not fit riders taller than 6’1″ tall and the Pyhigh S7 can not fit riders taller than 6’3″ tall. Note that if you are shorter than the mentioned heights, the Pyhigh exercise cycling bikes will fit you with no problem.

PYHIGH Fitness Advantages:

PYHIGH home use exercise bikes are ideal for those families who have one user on a daily basis. These are some of the sturdiest budget bikes around and feature good warranties that tend to be much more generous than a typical cheap exercise bike. As you read before in this PYHIGH indoor cycling bike reviews, the company offers 1-year part and frame warranties for these bikes which is not bad at all compared to other spin bikes in this price class.

Sturdiness and affordability:
Being some of the most affordable spin bikes available, the PYHIGH indoor cycling exercise bike trainers feature very sturdy frames. Additionally, these PYHIGH spin bikes belt-driven have excellent ergonomics and stability. Equipped with wide stabilizer feet and adjustable base levelers, the S7 and S2 PYHIGH exercise bikes provide users with incredible sturdiness during all spinning workouts including out of the saddle rides. Unlike many other home use indoor cycles, the PYHIGH cycles, especially the PYHIGH indoor bike S7 allows for a change in where your workout focuses. From isolating specific muscle groups to an overall toning of the physique, the S7 PYHIGH stationary bike features multi-grip handlebars that give the ability for a better workout.

Heavy Flywheels:
Flywheels weighing in at about 48 pounds keeps things smooth and stable. These PYHIGH indoor cycling bikes come with low-maintenance TPI bearings, along with an extra-heavy flywheel to ensure smoothness. Try the PYHIGH Indoor Bike S, the latest bike that receives rave reviews from users. PYHIGH bikes provide a low-impact workout with heavy flywheels. With PYHIGH indoor cycling bike belt driven, you will enjoy the smooth, natural motion of the indoor cycling that you would get with spin bikes like BodyCraft SPX.

Saddle Comfort and Adjustment:
The PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike trainers come with a unisex considerably comfortable saddle for women and men compared to other spin bikes in this price tag. They are also extra padded cushion and have dual suspension that will help you enjoy your rides for miles and miles, especially if you ride daily. Additionally, the Pyhigh exercise cycles fit universal seat adapters. So, the compatible seat replacements are widely available. On top of that, to fit different riders the bike saddle moves up/down and forward/backward. Making adjustments is quick and easy with a knob pin.

Belt Driven System:
Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike S7 and S2 feature solid leather transmission belt (PK Belt). PK belts are known for durability, the multi-ribbed belt design features the power transmission capabilities of a V belt with the flexibility of a flat belt. These belts run cooler and last longer than a standard V belt found on most indoor cycling bikes. Another good thing about belt system is that it doesn’t need lubing and frequent maintenance like chain-driven bikes.

Exercise bike assembly costs around $70 but I don’t believe you would need to buy assembly for the Pyhigh spin bikes for home use. Because PYHIGH indoor bike assembly is fairly easy. Following the PYHIGH indoor cycling bike manual, it shouldn’t take one person more than 30-40 minutes to put any of these cycles together. Only the seat, handlebars, pedals, and feet need assembly. You will also receive the instruction and the assembly tools when buying Pyhigh spin bikes for home gym.

These indoor cycling bikes for beginners also include free shipping when purchased from Amazon. If you want a faster delivery, you can receive these Pyhigh indoor cycling bikes for home use quickly in just a few days. Note that you might have to pay shipping fee if you decide to purchase these pyhigh indoor cycling bikes for weight loss from other retailers.

Final Word On PYHIGH Stationary Bikes:

Pyhigh Fitness isn’t a popular fitness equipment brand like Sunny Health and Fitness. It is because Pyhigh is a very new name in the fitness world. Another reason is that there are only two indoor cycling bikes by PYHIGH on the market unlike other companies with tens of different models.

With that being said, the PYHIGH affordable spin bikes have been rated way higher than many popular brands that have been manufacturing exercise bikes for years. Thanks to sturdy components and structure used on each PYHIGH budget indoor cycling bike.

Quality combined with low-cost have helped them gather quite the following that purchases their bikes and recommend them to others. These indoor cycles have very little maintenance, heavy flywheels, and quiet drivetrain.

Thankfully, you shouldn’t have to deal with maintenance issues every day as each of PYHIGH inexpensive indoor cycles are created out of good quality materials that will last for years, even with multiple daily users.

The warranties are also good, offering much more generous options than many other brands. If you’re looking for an indoor cycling bike (within an affordable price range) that won’t let you down, then the spin bikes by PYHIGH might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

As expected for this price class, each PYHIGH indoor cycling bike belt drive stationary bicycle comes with certain cons. They are not deal breakers for most riders, especially for novice trainees who don’t expect Watt tracking, SPD pedals and bells, and whistles.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you scroll up and read the PYHIGH bike S7 review and the PYHIGH bike S2 review to make sure you the pros and cons for these spin bikes.

9.8 Total Score

The Pyhigh S7 and S2 indoor cycling bikes are designed with relatively durable construction and can support users up to 330 pounds. These PYHIGH indoor cycling bikes are equipped with a friction resistance system, padded comfortable saddle, and LCD monitors that can track the basic workout metrics to keep you aware of your performance. PYHIGH spin bikes offer comfort factors and the needed adjustment to accommodate most riders. The PYHIGH S2 and S7 are great exercise bikes for intense cardio workouts, intervals, leg muscle strength development, and weight loss.

PYHIGH S7 Indoor Cycling Bike
PYHIGH S2 Indoor Cycling Bike
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  1. How do I get parts for S2? The black clamp that holds the screen is broken. Amazon want to send a new bike just for the clamp.

    • Hello Randy, thanks for stopping by

      On your bike manual, there should be the seller’s email address. I suggest you contact them directly, they respond quickly and provide relatively good services. You can also contact them directly on Amazon if that’s what you prefer.

      Instead of the whole bike, sending and receiving such a small part is more convenient for both sides (seller and buyer).

      Here is the main email that we have for the Pyhigh Fitness:

      I believe they will resolve this issue quickly and send you the new part. We appreciate it if you let us know your experience with the support and this bike in general.

      Thanks again,

      YEB Team

      • Can I swap out the handle bars on the s2 with a better style set?

        • Hello Cody, thanks for stopping by

          We don’t know of any handlebars that would fit this bike but if you can find a compatible one, then I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be able to swap them out

  2. Thank you! I had a monitor question and really wanted to contact them. This helped me a lot, Sally

    • Hello Sally, thanks for stopping by

      We are happy to know our reviews help our readers find their answers easier on the web!

      Thanks again


  3. I purchased the S2 spin bike which I can not use.I need the exercise bike. Is there any way I can make a switch ?

    • Hello Peter, thanks for stopping by and I am sorry to hear this.

      What do you mean you need the exercise bike? Spin bike is an exercise bike. Do you need an upright exercise bike or a recumbent exercise bike?

      If you bought the bike within the last 30 days, you should be able to apply for a refund or replacement on Amazon. Otherwise, I am afraid you have to sell it second hand and try to buy a different exercise bike that suits your needs.

  4. i own an S2 and a lot of Apple devices. Are you guys looking to upgrade the read out device to work with Apple Fitness? I would be willing to buy a new piece.

    • Hello Christopher, thanks for stopping by

      I don’t believe guys at Pyhigh will be adding a new model (or upgrading the current ones) in a very long time. But if you want to be 100% sure, you will need to contact them directly via Amazon messages or their email.

  5. I had a pyhigh S2 given to me but its missing the seat stem and the bracket for
    the seat, is there anyway to buy a replacement

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