ProForm Studio Bike Pro 10 Review: I Used the Bike and Liked It

The ProForm Smart Power 10.0 is the second model of indoor cycles in the ProForm Studio Series. Although ProForm Studio Bike Pro 10 is not the top model in the Series, it blends performance and technology with one of the heaviest flywheel weights ProForm offers, and some of the top technology too.

The 10.0 ProForm Smart spin bike is a fairly compact spin bike with a smaller footprint of 21.9″ Width x 56.5″ Depth x 52″ Height and features excellent mobility with large transport wheels as well as greater stability with oversized adjustable levers.

A high-ratio effective-inertia flywheel powers the ProForm studio bike pro that withstands user weights of up to 250 pounds. The commercial-grade steel construction of the frame makes the ProForm PFEX16718 Smart Power 10.0 very sturdy and reliable.

There is no incline and decline adjustment on this ProForm Smart Power 10.0 studio bike but it has 22 “electromagnetic” levels of resistance to choose from. Additionally, it has a knob on the frame to use for emergency stops.

The ProForm 10.0 indoor cycle is also designed with Smart and Silent Magnetic Technology (SMT) which means that you won’t hear a lot of friction, squeaking, and noise from this Studio Bike Pro PFEX16718 when in use.

What I love the most about the “Smart Electromagnetic” resistance (which is very unique in the price class) is that it automatically changes from easy to hard to simulate the terrain that you pick to ride on.

The iFit enabled console features a 10-inch full-color touchscreen display and WiFi connectivity. It is also equipped with Bluetooth and built-in workout programs which is a huge plus for the ProForm Studio Pro indoor cycling bike.

When buying the Smart Power exercise bike by ProForm, you can also enjoy the one-month FREE iFit Coach and choose from over 12000 different workouts including high energy studio workouts and world cycling trails.

With an overall ergonomically designed frame and tone of features, for less than $1000, this ProForm Smart Power 10.0 studio cycle is drawing everyone’s attention on the market these days. But is this Studio Bike Pro worth it?

The answer is a big YES, I personally would buy it, but once my free month iFit subscription ends, I wouldn’t extend the subscription ($400 yearly). Because one of the main reasons I like to invest in fitness equipment is to avoid the gym subscriptions and the crazy iFit subscription defeats that purpose.

But for you to be willing to spend $1000, I am pretty sure you still have tons of questions about the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 exercise bike. And that is why I am going to cover every aspect of this trainer down below in this ProForm Smart Power 10.0 studio cycle review.

ProForm Indoor Bikes Comparison Chart:

ProForm is a leading manufacturer of indoor cycling bikes, and they currently offer three models: the ProForm TDF, Peloton Studio Bike Pro 10, and Peloton Studio Bike Pro 22.

The ProForm TDF is the most affordable option at $599, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it because it doesn’t offer enough to justify the price.

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro 10 and Studio Bike Pro 22 are both good value choices. They are more expensive than the ProForm TDF, but they offer electronic resistance and HD screens that make them worth the extra cost.

If you’re looking for the best indoor cycling bike for your money, either of the ProFrom Studio Pro Bike models is a great choice.

Compare ProForm Indoor Cycling Bikes With us
ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Review22" HD touchscreen24-Level MagneticYesBluetooth and WiFiYes32-LbWithout Tablet Rack$1299
ProForm Studio Bike Pro 10proform studio bike pro review10" HD touchscreen22-Level MagneticYesBluetooth and WiFiYes32-LbWithout Tablet Rack$799
ProForm Carbon CX BikeProform TDF CLC ReviewSmall LCD Monitor16-Level MagneticNoBluetoothNo23.5-LbWith Tablet Rack$599

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 10 Alternatives:

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro is fairly cheap compared to other similar indoor bike models. I am not saying it is the most budget-friendly option, but it is one of the indoor cycling industry’s top-of-the-line models with a few similar features to Peloton except nearly $1800 less expensive.

I honestly never seen any spin bike at $700 with a 10-inch touchscreen monitor. Therefore, as of now, March 2022, our team at has decided to feature the Studio Bike Pro exercise bike for the best magnetic spin bike category under $1000.

You invest less than $700, yet you receive an excellent bike with 1-month iFit membership which values $40. So, you are basically buying the Studio Bike Pro for $650 rather than spending $2000+ for other smart bikes like Peloton or NordicTrack S22i.

Now that you know the Proform studio bike pro 10 alternatives, you should also know that if you are planning to connect your indoor bike with Zwift or Peloton application, this is not the best choice because this model only transmits cycling data to iFit. For Zwift and Peloton cycling, I would recommend the Schwinn IC4 or Bowflex C7 or even better, the actual Peloton Bike. It works better than any spin bike with Peloton application.

Schwinn IC4Best choice at $799. If you want Zwift and Peloton compatibility, there is no better spin bike that could beat the IC4 at this price.LED with Bluetooth, RPM, Speed, and Resistance Readings.Tablet and dumbbell holders plus magnetic resistanceZwift, Peloton, and JRNY (need to use your own tablet)
Sole SB900Wouldn’t recommend it at $800 over ProForm Pro bike. It doesn’t have Bluetooth and console is not backlit. That said, SB900 has a heavier flywheel than all the competitors.RPM and Speed readings but no backlit and resistance reading.Tablet holder and Friction resistanceNone
Bowflex C7A 3-inch smaller screen than ProForm bike, but still a good choice at $799 if you want Zwift and Peloton compatibility7″ Touch with WiFi, Bluetooth, RPM, Speed, and Resistance readings.Tablet and dumbbell holders plus magnetic resistanceZwift and Peloton, (if subscribed to JRNY)
ProForm StudioWith a 10-inch HD touchscreen, I highly recommend this model at $699. I really don’t know any spin bike at this price with such feature.10″ Touch with WiFi, Bluetooth, RPM, Speed, and Resistance readings.Electronic Magnetic resistance with a 10″ touchscreeniFit (1-month free)
ProForm Studio Bike Pro 10 Alternative Bikes
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To help you easily navigate through our ultimate ProForm Smart Power 10.0 spin bike review, I have created the table content below.

Technical Information:

ProForm Studio Bike Pro specification:

  • Height: 44″
  • Width: 21.9″
  • Length: 56.5″
  • Bike Weight: 115 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 250 Pounds
  • Inseam Capacity: 27″ to 39″
  • Shipping Weight: 125 Pounds
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Base Adjustment Levelers: Yes
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes
  • Power Requirement: Power Plugs (no batteries needed)

The weight capacity for the ProForm 10.0 exercise bike is set to just 250 pounds. So, it is going to be just fine for the majority of users. But featuring a commercial quality frame with a lifetime warranty on it, I believe the ProForm is playing too safe not giving this bike more weight capacity.

The low-weight capacity might give you mixed feelings but keep in mind that the ProForm Smart Power indoor cycling bike is engineered and produced with commercial-gauge welded steel and enhanced corrosion resistance construction to last.

Thanks to its adjustable feet levelers, the Studio Pro remains stable and lets you work out as hard as you want. You can adjust the levelers to prevent the bike from rocking on uneven floor surface.

With two huge transport wheels, the Studio Pro is designed to easily be moved. Unlike most spin bikes with little cheap transport wheels that often break easily or scratch the floor during transportation, the Smart Power cycle by ProForm has top-of-the-line wheels for easy and safe transportation.

Whether you’re tight on space, or just like to move things around a bit, the front-mounted transport wheels make it easy to re-position your equipment or move it completely out of the way when your spin workout is finished.

ProFrom Smart Power Computer:

Studio Bike Pro Computer
  • Proform Studio Pro exercise bike monitor runs on AC power (plugs into the outlet, no batteries needed).
  • It has an HD 10″ touch-screen monitor.
  • The computer features “SmartSwivel” design (it pivots 180º to either direction, as well as tilts up and down)
  • The monitor includes an HDMI port to connect the bike to a bigger screen (TV).
  • It has an Auxiliary port so you can listen to the virtual instructors via your headphones.
  • The monitor on the Smart Studio bike Pro by ProForm also has two small speakers.
  • Studio Bike Pro monitor is iFit enabled (not iFit compatible).
  • This ProForm Smart Power exercise bike has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • There are also built-in workouts on board.
  • Studio Bike Pro tracks your RPM, Watt, Calories, Distance, Speed and time.
  • You can also track the maximum and average for the above stats.
  • Additionally, there are 22 buttons on both sides of the screen to change resistance.
  • Studio Pro’s monitor works exclusively with the iFit app. (You can not use it with Zwift app, to surf the web, watch Netflix, YouTube, etc).
  • Note: The monitor does not have internal memory, USB port, or ANT/+ connectivity.

The 10.0 ProForm Smart power bike runs on AC power which means you don’t have to spend extra on batteries or worry about charging them. The disadvantage is that you can not ride the bike unless there is an electrical outlet socket available.

Featuring a 10″ large HD touchscreen display makes it easy to go about your workouts and see exactly what’s going on no matter your workout intensity or speed. Thanks to the full-color screen, you don’t have to bother your partner keeping the light to see the stats in early morning or late evenings.

Something even more special about this ProForm Smart Power 10.0 indoor cycling bike is its SmartSwivel design pivoting screen allowing you to turn the screen 180-degree in right and left directions.

This means when you are off the bike to use the dumbbells you will able to turn the monitor and keep watching iFit dumbbell upper body workouts. On top of that, the monitor can be tilt up or down. It means if you are shorter or taller than average, you can adjust the angle of the monitor for a perfect view.

There are two small speakers built-into the monitor but there is also an auxiliary port so you can connect a better sound system to listen to the iFit spin class workouts.

Additionally, the ProForm Smart Power also has an HDMI port so you can connect your TV or computer to follow the classes on a larger screen. As you read earlier in this ProForm Smart Power bike review, this bike is Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled so you can connect the bike to iFit app or heart rate straps.

But it does not connect to the Zwift and other cycling apps. You also can not use the monitor to interact on social media platforms.

According to ProForm, there are also built-in workouts on the board. That means you can ride the bike without using the iFit which is great for when your free subscription ends.

The 10.0 indoor bike by ProForm features smart electromagnetic resistance which means the built-in programs and the iFit workouts will automatically change the resistance.

It is an awesome feature that simulates the terrain that you pick to ride on iFit. Going downhill and uphill the resistance will vary to make it more real and enjoyable for you.

Last but not least, the Studio Bike Pro is iFit enabled (not iFit compatible). It means, unlike compatible equipment, you don’t need to connect a device (tablet, phone, etc) to follow iFit workout. All the iFit workouts are right there on the monitor without the need for any device. All you need is a WiFi connection.

The only downside to this affordable ProForm 10.0 spin bike is that it doesn’t have USB port and internal memory. So, when your free subscription ends, you can no longer save your daily progress unless you renew the subscription.

Note: I was not 100% sure about the Bluetooth, Watt tracking and Built-in workouts, but the ProForm support ensured me the ProForm Studio bike Pro exercise bike comes with these features.

iFit Membership:

Smart Power Bike iFit membership
  • 1-month Free iFit Coach membership is included with the Studio Bike Pro.
  • The value of a one-month iFit “Family” membership is $39.
  • With iFit you can do live interactive training (the coach can adjust your bike’s resistance).
  • You can create your own workouts (specific miles, time, RPM, etc)
  • iFit membership allows you to access thousands of spinning class and road cycling workouts.
  • With iFit you get the added benefit of personalized coaching that would normally cost much more in the classes.
  • Some of the class and personalized workouts include on and off the bike dumbbell workout (full body cross-training).
  • iFit allows you to save and share your daily workouts.
  • iFit also allows you to pick the terrain that you normally ride with your outdoor bike (via Google Map).
  • And it automatically changes the resistance to simulate the terrain that you ride.
  • From the Google Map you can choose the Satellite view or the Terrain view.
  • You will be able to use the bike without the iFit membership but you won’t have access to iFit classes and can’t save daily workouts.
  • Important Note: After 1 month subscription auto renews with fee ($39) unless you unsubscribe or end the benefits. Or you can switch your subscription from “Family” to “Individual” and pay $144 per year.

One of the things that you need to do is to end your benefits or unsubscribe from the iFit app because the subscription automatically renews with a $39 fee after a month.

“To avoid auto-renewal on your account, you can end your benefits through your settings on iFit website or unsubscribe from the iFit app through your device settings. Once you end your benefits, you will be able to use your membership until the date that your next payment is due.”

This way, it is up to you whether to renew the membership after the free month ends or to stay with them. There are tons of great workouts and features with iFit but it also costs $399 every year, which is a lot.

Aside from ending or renewing your current subscription, you also have another option. Before your free membership is finished, you can switch to “iFit individual subscription”. It costs $144 per year and it allows you to open only one profile rather than 5 profiles.

Being iFit enabled, the 10.0 ProForm Smart Power indoor cycle allows you to access thousands of streamed global and studio class workouts. With iFit indoor cycling studio classes as well as outdoor rides with the best personal trainers are in your home.

Thankfully, you don’t even have to pay for the first month when you buy the ProForm Smart Power indoor cycle which is a great value. Because the 1-month iFit® Coach Membership is included.

iFit combined with ProForm studio bike’s smart electromagnetic resistance, allows your coach to take control of the resistance on your bike to realistically match the terrain of your workout. When your trainer goes up a hill, you’ll feel more intensity.

Additionally, it allows you to check your monthly/weekly progress as every cycling session is automatically recorded and even used to influence future exercises and nutrition plans.

Overall the Smart 10 Studio Cycle represents a new generation of iFit Coach training because it includes on-demand access to spin class videos with the motivating guidance of expert coaches.

Note: iFit is an application that you access via WiFi connectivity. So, if you don’t have a WiFi connection and iFit membership, you will not access any of these features. You also won’t be able to save the workouts on the bike because the monitor doesn’t have internal memory or USB port.

Pedals and Q-factor:

Studio Bike Pro Pedals q-factor
  • ProForm Smart Power pedals are toe clips with straps (16/9″ pedal thread).
  • They are not SPD (clipless shoes) compatible.
  • The ProForm Smart Power q-factor is not disclosed.
  • I will update this Studio Bike Pro 10.0 review when the q-factor size is confirmed.

Featuring wide platform with adjustable straps, these pedals are designed to last, increase stability and keep your feet in place. They are okay if you want to do a full-body workout (cross-training).

Because in order to do cross-training and use the dumbbells, often you have to get off the bike. In this case, you want to wear a pair of regular comfortable gym shoes and avoid the bulky SPD shoe cleats.

However, if you think someday you will be doing only spinning workout on the bike (which is highly possible), I recommend you replace the pedals of ProForm 10.0 spin cycle with dual-sided SPD compatible pedals.

They cost around $40-$50 and offer a great deal of comfort, safety, and efficiency. On one side, they have toe cages for regular gym shoes and the other side, there is the SPD elements for clipless cycling shoes.

Cycling with the SPD shoes and SPD pedals, there is very little chance that your feet slide off the pedals causing injury during the rides. Other benefits of SPD shoes are extra stability/comfort and better power transfer and pedal stroke.

As far as the q-factor goes, I emailed the company and as soon as they get back to me I will update this ProForm smart power 10.0 exercise bike review. My assumption is less than 180 mm which is a good size.

And in case you are new to indoor cycling, the q-factor is the lateral distance between the two pedals. The narrower it is, the better it is. Wide q-factors tend to keep the rider’s feet too much apart not allowing the ankle, knees, and hips to stay aligned, which can cause stress on the knees during long rides.

Studio Pro flywheel:

Proform Smart Power bike flywheel
  • ProForm Studio Bike Pro Exercise bike flywheel weighs 25 pounds.
  • This bike has a high gear-ration fast flywheel.
  • The flywheel is fixed (it is a fixed-gear bike).
  • Studio Bike Pro Exercise Bikes PFEX16718 has a water resistance flywheel protection guard.

You have probably heard of the flywheel needs to be more than 40 pounds to provide a smooth stead pedal stroke. Well, it is not always the case, especially if the bike has a combination of magnetic resistance and high gear-ratio.

For example, the $2000 Keiser M3i, its flywheel is 8 pounds. Yet, some of the world’s best professional cyclists ride and recommend them.

Thankfully, the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 indoor cycle also has a combination of high gear-ratio and magnetic resistance. And that is why this bike’s 25 pounds inertia enhanced flywheel can provide momentum and smooth steady pedal stroke.

On top of that, the faster gear ratio and the effective weight placement on the flywheel deliver a more natural cycling experience while keeping the bike light for easy transportation inside the house.

The ProForm Smart Power 10.0 bike is fixed-gear which is good and bad. The good thing is that it is bidirectional so you can pedal reverse and workout different leg muscles.

The bad is that if you need to get off the bike in case of emergency or take a two-second break, you will have to wait until the flywheel stops turning.

Unfortunately, most spin bikes under $2000 are fixed-gear which means their flywheel and the pedals move and stop moving together. There are some spin bikes such as the Life Fitness IC8 (nearly $3500) that have a free-wheel smart release system.

On free-wheel exercise bikes, you can stop pedaling while the flywheel is turning independently, which is similar to road bikes. Note: Don’t look for free-wheel spin bikes unless your budget is $2000+.

Smart Power Pro Resistance:

Proform Studio Pro spin bike smart resistance
  • Proform Smart Power 10.0 is a magnetic spin bike.
  • This bike has the ProForm’s patented Smart electromagnetic system.
  • There are 22 levels of resistance adjustable via touch on the screen and buttons on both sides of the monitor.
  • There is also a red manual emergency stop knob on the frame. (It is solely to stop the flywheel).
  • You can see the current resistance level on the monitor (no guess workout).
  • Magnetic resistance is a silent and virtually maintenance-free system.

The Proform Smart Power bike has a magnetic resistance system. It allows you to experience a smooth, frictionless, and silent ride. Unlike friction resistance bikes, the magnetic doesn’t come in contact with the flywheel.

Therefore, they make zero noise, and because they don’t touch the flywheel, they don’t wear out. So, you don’t have to change the brake pads or lube them to make them less noisy.

The magnetic system is also smoother (not jerky) during the gear change and high-intensity workouts. Overall it is great because there is no loud annoying noise so both you and your family can have peace during your spinning workout.

Being a magnetic indoor cycling bike is only part of the beauty of Proform Smart Power bike Pro. Because not only this indoor cycle is magnetic but it is also is electromagnetic. And not only it is electromagnetic but it is Smart electromagnetic.

Here is the difference between the “magnetic”, “electromagnetic” and “smart electromagnetic”. “Magnetic spin bikes” have a knob which requires you to manually adjust the resistance. Manually turning a knob is not as precise as an electromagnetic system.

“Electromagnetic spin bikes” change resistance level via buttons/touch. They are more precise than spin bikes with knob adjustment resistance. But many electromagnetic systems are not smart, meaning the resistance doesn’t automatically change based on the type of workout or the terrain.

“Smart Electromagnetic resistance spin bikes” (like this ProForm cycle which is very rare to find) change resistance via buttons or touch. Additionally, they also allow the workout programs to automatically change the resistance based on the type of workouts and the terrain.

Featuring ProForm’s patented Smart Electromagnetic resistance, the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 allows the iFit coaches and the programs (workouts) automatically change the resistance to simulate the type of terrain you ride.

For example, if the workout you picked has an uphill, the resistance will automatically increase when you start going uphill. On top of that, you can always see your current resistance level.

So, you don’t need to guess the resistance level as you would with the 99% of the spin bikes on the market. And to be honest I can’t think of any exercise bike in this price class that would offer a smart interacting magnetic system other than this Studio Bike Pro Exercise Bike.

Note: The watt/power created by resistance is not disclosed. But I believe the 22 levels of resistance and those huge magnets will provide most riders plenty of resistance for a challenging high-intensity workout.

10.0 Smart Power Drivetrain:

Proform 10.0 spin bike drivetrain
  • Proform studio bike pro features belt drivetrain system.
  • It is smoother, quieter and requires less maintenance compared to chain spin bikes.
  • Again, the Studio Pro indoor bike by Proform has a fix-gear drivetrain.

This Smart Power exercise bike by ProForm features a belt drivetrain system that has certain advantages over chain drivetrain bikes. Firs advantage, it does not require lubing so you don’t have to make your hands or gym floor dirty every few weeks.

On top of that, the belt is smoother than the chain system. And even more importantly, the belt system is quieter which makes it more home friendly. Last but not least, the belt has way less breakdown and maintenance than the chain.

Overall belt driven system combined with the magnetic resistance provides a smooth, frictionless, and silent ride allowing you to exercise indoor without interrupting anyone around you.

Handlebars and seat:

Studio Pro seat handlebar adjustment
  • Proform Smart Power seat is 4-way adjustable.
  • The seat adjusts 9″ vertically (10 positions).
  • It has an ergonomically made padded performance seat.
  • The handlebar adjusts 3.75″ vertically (5 positions).
  • Smart Power handlebars are 2-way adjustable (up and down).
  • The handlebar adjusts 3.75″ vertically (5 positions).
  • Two dumbbells and a dumbbell holder are included.
  • Each dumbbell weighs 3 pounds, they are for upper body cross-training workout.
  • Considering the upright frame design and the adjustments, the Proform Studio Pro spin bike accommodates users from 4’9″ to 6’5″ tall.

The Proform Studio Pro exercise bike features two 3-pound dumbbells for upper body workout. They are conveniently built-in in the back of the seat which is easy to reach when you are on or off the bike.

With the 10.0 Studio bike Pro by ProForm not only you can tone your legs, but using these dumbbells, you can also do cross-training workouts that will pump your upper body as well as your legs. There are also many cross-training workouts (mix dumbbell and cycling classes) on iFit that you can pick to follow.

The ProForm Studio Cycle an ergonomic seat. Unlike cheap seats found on the majority of indoor cycling bikes, the Smart Studio bike Pro by Proform has a performance comfortable seat. The seat is narrow (not wide) which minimizes the saddle sore, friction and chafing on the sensitive areas.

As for the handlebars, they are only up/down adjustable (not fore/aft) which usually not a good sign for spin bikes because not all riders can find a good fit.

But that is not the case with the Proform Studio Pro indoor cycle because of its upright frame. It is ergonomically designed for perfect bike fit and comfort, while the multi-position non-slip adjustable handlebars cut down on fatigue so you can ride longer.

Value for money and warranty:

  • Proform Studio Pro indoor cycling bike retails for less than $1000.
  • THE best value spin bike on the market under $1000.
  • The Smart Power Studio Pro by Proform is covered by;
  • Lifetime on frame
  • 3-Year on parts
  • 1-Year labor warranty

Considering, the commercial-quality structure, smart technology, and free iFit membership, the Proform 10.0 Studio Pro indoor cycle is the best value spin bike on the market for this price.

Practically, you pay only $650 for a smart high-tech bike with a 10″ touch-screen because right away the company gives back $40 with a monthly iFit subscription.

Even without the iFit, is there any spin bike on the market with the commercial-quality, smart electromagnetic system, dumbbell integration, belt-driven, 10″ touch-screen monitor with RPM and Watt for under $1000. The answer is NO.

For someone who has been riding and reviewing spin bikes for years, I can say with full confidence that there is no indoor cycling bike that can beat the Proform Smart Power 10.0 spin bike under $1500.

As for the warranty, not only does this ProForm bike Studio Pro offers a steel commercial frame construction, it is also covered with a lifetime warranty to confirm the commercial quality.

Additionally, the 3-Years warranty on all parts, including the monitor provides peace of mind. In fact, there are a few companies that would stand behind their equipment with such a generous warranty.

As far as the labor warranty goes, I believe one year is not bad at all for this price class. Many bikes around the same price don’t even come with the labor warranty or if they do, it is only limited to 90-day.

For example, the Sunny Health and Fitness bikes. Some of their cycles retail for the same price, yet they don’t even have a labor warranty and their part warranties don’t exceed beyond 6 months.

If you have any questions regarding the warranty, you will need to visit ProForm’s website, fill in the form with your name, phone number, time zone, and the best time to call you.

Shipping and assembly:

  • Proform 10.0 Smart assembly tools are included.
  • The Proform 10.0 Studio Pro manual is also included.
  • Proform Studio bike Pro shipping in free in the U.S.
  • This cycle comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Parts needed assembly are the;
  • Seat, handlebars, pedals, stabilizer rear and front feet, and the bike computer.

Following the Proform Studio Pro indoor cycling bike manual/instruction, the assembly shouldn’t take more than 40-60 minutes. All the needed tools are also included.

As you can see there aren’t many parts to assemble but if you are not sure you can do it, it is better to buy an exercise bike assembly ($60) and have the machine assembled properly. Because if you fail to assemble it correctly, the warranty won’t cover the damage.

ProForm Studio Bike Pro Exercise Bike Pros:

ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Spin Bike Pros

1-Month Free iFit membership:
The iFit membership allows you to access thousands of spin workouts and provides you with guidance as you go about your workout session. This iFit membership costs $38 per month but for you, it is FREE for one month.

10” Smart HD Touchscreen Display:
Studio Bike Pro PFEX16718 is the only spin bike under $1500 with a high-tech 10″ Bluetooth and iFit enabled HD screen on the entire market. This touchscreen display allows you to save your workouts and follow along with your iFit programming.

Integrated Weight Lifting:
Just like Peloton, except $2000 cheaper, the Proform Studio Pro exercise bike comes with the two 3 pound dumbbells and dumbbell holder. Built into the bike, it is prefect for those who want to mix upper-body strength training with lower body cardio workout. Lucky there are tons of mixed spinning and dumbbell (cross-training) workout videos available on the iFit to choose from.

  • Watt and RPM tracking.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
  • 22 Levels of precise Smart electromagnetic resistance for a smooth, challenging and silent workout.
  • Extra-large transport wheels make the Proform Smart Power 10.0 commercial bike’s mobility a breeze.
  • Racing saddle for a comfortable chafe-free indoor cycling workout.
  • 4-Way adjustable monitor. (Tilt-adjustable and 180-degree pivoting screen for a perfect screen view on and off the bike).
  • Generous warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on the commercial frame construction.
  • Low maintenance quiet belt drivetrain to provide an enjoyable indoor cycling exercise.
  • High ration inertia-enhanced 25-pound flywheel.
  • HDMI port to connect the bike to a bigger screen.
  • Built-in dual 2-inch speakers.
  • Audio auxiliary port to listen to the videos with higher quality speakers.
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee.

ProForm Studio Bike Pro Exercise Bike Cons:

Studio Bike Pro Exercise Bike PFEX16718 Cons

Tablet Holder:
As I mentioned before in this Proform Smart Power bike Pro review, there are a few cons with this cycle but they are not deal-breakers. This indoor cycling bike does not feature a tablet or phone holder. Thankfully the handlebars are compatible with most tablet holders on the market.

Toe cage pedal:
These pedals don’t allow you clip-in SPD cycling shoes for a safer, more efficient and comfortable spinning workout because they don’t have the SPD elements. But it can be fixed for less than $50. Thankfully, the Proform Studio Pro spin bike features the standard 16/9″ pedal thread. So, the SPD replacements are widely available.

iFit renewal:
It is not necessarily a con as you don’t have to renew the iFit subscription for the Proform Smart Power bike. But if you want to record your workouts and watch spinning classes or ride on the road from inside your home, you will need to pay $144 (individual package) or $399 (family package) to subscribe after your free month subscription ends.

  • Studio Bike Pro by Proform does not have incline/decline capability (check out the NordicTrack S15i if you prefer incline adjustment).
  • No cool air fan.
  • 2-Way adjustable handlebars.
  • It is not iPod compatible.
  • 10.0 Studio bike Pro by ProForm does not have the ANT/+ connectivity.

Last Word on ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Spin Bike:

Quiet, versatile, smooth, comfortable and affordable are the five words to describe the Proform Smart Power spin bike. From multiple adjustable features like adjustable seat and tilt/pivoting adjustable monitor, to luxurious options like large iFit enabled 10” touchscreen display, this Proform Smart Power bike is fully loaded with user-focused features.

The Proform Smart Power cycle isn’t only about working your legs. Studio Pro bike has two 3-pound dumbbells so you can exercise on and off your bike doing cross-training workouts that will pump your upper body as well as your legs.

You can tell that ProForm really took some extra time in rethinking the overall user experience with the Studio Bike Pro. They have included commercial quality construction, adjustable features as well as a high-tech console that is convenient and easy to use.

On top of that, the iFit Coach allows you to experience a different workout every day. Exercise never feels too predictable or boring, and the app makes it easy to find or create ideal challenges.

There are a few cons to know about the Proform 10.0 indoor cycling bike. I covered them and made sure you know all the cons before buying this ProForm exercise bike. But overall it’s an excellent choice for almost anyone.

8Expert Score
Great Value!

This is a high-performance indoor cycle with commercial quality that will meet almost all riders’ needs. Compared to many spin bikes, the Proform Smart Power 10.0 magnetic spin bike is cheaper and more affordable, especially the Peloton. The 10-inch console is attractive and highly functional with a full touchscreen display and iFit enabled and the adjustable saddles and handlebars features make this spin bike easily adaptable for users of varying sizes and fitness level. Once connected to the iFit, there are tons of workout options to mix up your workout, and paired with a great variety of programs, you won’t let boredom get the best of you with the Proform Studio Pro indoor cycle.

Customer Support
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  1. Can you please let me know what the difference is between iFit enabled and iFit compatible? Thank you.

  2. You should probably let people know that this model has been discontinued and that the ProForm sales department could not guarantee parts are service availability, despite the 3-year warranty.

  3. Did not know it was discontinued and just part this. The magnetic brake will not change from the highest settings and having major issues.

    • Hello Shamese, thanks for stopping by

      Had an extensive talk with guys at ProForm on various topics and they ensured me this bike is not discontinued.

  4. Can you confirm to me that without the IFIT subsicription it is not possible to connect the screen to a google map? In other words one must have the ifit memdership in order to do the road workouts?
    thank you

  5. I have the Pro-Form smart power 10.0 indoor bike and the quality is superb. Unfortunately the iFit software is atrocious and I am still in daily communications with iFit regarding their not fit for purpose software, which has been on going for 4 months now. The model that I have also doesn’t come with HDMI as reported, but you can log out of the iFit software with a few taps on the screen and use the tablet to access the internet like any other tablet. Overall I am disappointed with the product, which is severely let down by software. If only this bike could use something else such as zwift

    • Hello Simon, thanks a lot for letting us and our reader know the issue with the software

      There is a big chance it is an isolated issue and it’s possible that this problem has something to do with the monitor rather than the iFit application/software. So, ultimately you should be either able to ask ProForm to send you a new monitor/tablet or send someone to repair the issue if it is still under warranty.

      Best regards,

      Sayed (YEB Team)

  6. I also have had problems with the iFit app. I recommend “downgrading” from the Studio Bike Pro to Proform’s cheaper Carbon CX bike ($600, including free shipping) which is what I own. The bike only has a very simple LCD display, but you can add your own tablet to the bike or use your TV or a computer to watch the bike classes. The benefit of using your own technology (TV, tablet, laptop, etc.) is that you can use any biking app you want (e.g. Peloton) instead of being stuck with iFit. If you use a tablet, I recommend adding a clamp-on tablet mount to hold it (the built-in tablet holder is not very good and using it blocks the buttons you need to press to adjust the bike’s resistance). I also added a gel cushion pad for the seat, bike pedals that allow me to use biking shoes with clips, and I already had a heart rate monitor (the kind with a chest strap that has bluetooth). All of these additions are optional. The bike itself is really great and an incredible value for $600. I previously purchased a $450 bike from Amazon and experienced several problems with the quality. This bike is very solidly built. It is almost silent. The “electromagnetic” levels of resistance are a huge benefit. Once you get used to the bike, you learn how an “8” differs from a “12” on the resistance. The Carbon CX only has 16 levels of resistance, but the range is sufficient, in my opinion. 16 is very tough to pedal. I still recommend installing the iFit app on your phone (iPhone or Android) and using it in “manual workout” mode (no subscription required). It pairs with the bike via bluetooth and shows a ton of data about your ride including cadence, speed, resistance level, watts, distance and heart rate (if you have a bluetooth heart rate monitor).

    • Updates:
      I was mistaken about the iFit app. Even if you want to use it in manual mode, it still requires a subscription. The good news is that subscriptions are much less expensive than suggested. iFit offers an individual subscription for $120 per year and it is fine for everyone in the house to use it. You can also buy iFit membership gift cards on eBay that drop the monthly cost below $8. I continue to love the bike and use it with the Peloton app and watching rides from “The Cadence Club” on YouTube. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to measure the Q-factor.

    • Hello Jamie, is it possible for you to measure the Q-factor of your ProForm indoor bike and comment it here?

      It would be greatly appreciated


      YEB Team

    • Great information Jamie, thanks a lot for stopping by and letting our readers know your tips and experience

      Angela (YEB Team)

  7. Can anyone help. My screen wont turn on. I bought a new power adapter and tried resetting screen.What else could it be? A fuse?

  8. Can I put my SPD pedals off my road bike on my pro form 10 stationary bike? Can I put my bike seat off my road bike on my pro form 10 stationary bike?

    • Hello Joan, thanks for stopping by

      This indoor bike comes with a 9/16″ pedal thread size and standard seat post. So, if your road bike has the same pedal thread and seat post (95% of the bikes come with 9/15″ pedal thread and standard seat post), you can easily replace them. Note. If your road bike has a rail mount, you will need to use the seat clump of the ProForm bike to mount the seat.

      I hope it helps

      Sayed (YEB Team)

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