The 5 Best Peloton Seat Cushions For a Painless Comfortable Ride

The Peloton bike plus and Peloton original are fantastic bikes. I never realized how much I could enjoy exercise until I had it. Not only that, being part of the community has been fantastic. I ride the Peloton most days, and the more I do, the more I enjoy it. I can highly recommend a Peloton to anyone.

It wasn’t always like that, though. I found the Peloton bike saddle very uncomfortable when I first started riding. I used to get about 30 minutes in, and I just wanted to get off. The reason being was my behind. I couldn’t get comfortable on the saddle at all.

Unfortunately, bike saddles like the one that comes with Peloton takes time to get used to. You might also find if you have a sensitive behind, you might struggle forever to get used to it.

I have seen many Peloton riders give up their bikes due to not being that comfortable. It is a shame to give up on such a fantastic indoor cycling bike, which can completely change your life. Thankfully, there are two solutions that help get rid of Peloton saddle sore: Using a comfortable Peloton replacement seat or/and adding a Peloton seat cushion.

Many people turn to using seat cover. One of the best Peloton accessories, many people use seat covers because they increase comfort, but they have a vast range of other benefits. In this article, I want to tell you all about the benefits of using a Peloton seat cover and then tell you about the best seat covers for the Peloton Bike on the market and tell you where you can get them.

Why Should you use a Peloton Bike Seat Cover?

Additional Comfort

There’s nothing worse than buying a bike like a Peloton knowing you’re going to spend a lot of time on it and it is not feeling right. We call this saddle sore in the spinning industry, and there can be many reasons why people feel like this. Firstly, you are not used to sitting on bike seats, and it could take time to adjust. Secondly, the Peloton seat is a road racing bike seat with little padding, which, if you are not used to these, can be pretty uncomfortable.

More Hygienic

Many Peloton users use a seat cover for reasons of Hygiene. When we use a spinning bike, we sweat a lot, and all of it gets soaked onto the seat. If you are in a household where multiple people are using the Peloton, it can be beneficial to have a seat cover you can use for yourself. Then take it off and wash it every few rides. When using Hotel Pelotons, I feel having a seat cover is also an excellent habit to have.

Extra Protection

Many people commonly use a Peloton bike seat covers to protect the saddle from wearing. Also, to catch the sweat to defend it so it doesn’t go onto the bike and get into the drive chain. Which in time can cause that nasty bearing click they make down but the pedals.

Things to think about when using a Peloton seat cover

Make sure you have attached it properly.

When using the Peloton bike seat cover, the last thing you want is to be moving around as this can interfere with your rides, especially those live rides when you want to stay high up on that leaderboard. Also, if it does slip, it can end up marking the original seat.

Wash it

Most seat covers are not waterproof, and they catch the moisture off your body. Make sure you wash these regularly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you do, as washing them incorrectly can harden the padding. This will keep the cover fresh, and it stays nice and sponge.

How do we pick our seat covers?

Firstly we look at the design. I think this is important because the Pelton is an impressive machine, and we don’t want to take away from that. Then we look at how it attaches to the seat. If the seat cover doesn’t stick well, it can make for an uncomfortable spinning session. Then we look at the padding and internal filling. Finally, there are unique features that the seat cover might have.

Roam Padded Seat

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The Roam is an excellent example of what to look for in a padded seat cover. Firstly it looks bold and does come in different colors to suit your bike. Secondly, it is made and shaped to suit the Peloton style saddle to fit perfectly. It also has a tie cord to attach it with and a safety strap to reinforce the hold on the seat. It is multi-layered with Silicone, Neoprene, and Polyester, giving you a considerable amount of support while riding.


  • Look great with Color Options
  • Multi-layer padding
  • Extra safety strap
  • Fitted for Peloton


  • It stands out a lot
  • Does raise you higher

As far as seat covers go, this has everything. I highly recommend the Roam, it does stand out, and it is not to everyone’s taste, but as far as a functional piece of equipment for your bike, it’s fantastic. The only thing is it is pretty tall and will make you feel a little higher.

Cevapro Bike Seat Cover

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The Cevapro bike seat is a much subtler cover compared to the Roam, and it looks much more stealthy and does tie in with the Matt black look of the Peloton bike. It is made to fit a Peloton style saddle and has a unique double strap attachment method which I much prefer to the drawstring style seat covers. It is a Silicone cover and has a non-slip finish on it. Another unique feature of this saddle is its ventilation point in the center.


  • Look great and suits the Peloton
  • Silicone internals
  • Unique mounting straps
  • Air ventilation channel
  • Non Slip material


  • Looks very subtle

The Cevapro is a lovely saddle. It suits the Peloton, has an excellent mounting system, and the air channel will make a huge difference. All this and still look nice and streamlined. Well worth the money.

Luxobike Gel Seat

 in stock

The Luxobike Gel Seat for a Peloton bike is very similar to the Cevapro. It is much simpler but shares the same mounting style with those twin straps. The underside of the saddle has a gripping agent on it, ensuring it stays nice and tight. It has a mix of memory foam and silicone to create the padding. This is a brilliant system, and this will improve the comfort of your riding. It’s probably one of the most comfortable seat cushion for a Peloton Bike.


  • Subtle looking
  • Memory foam and Silicone internals
  • Great mounting System
  • Air Channel
  • Non-Slip seat grip


  • Looks basic
  • Quite a large saddle

The Luxobike seat cover is good. It does look bare, and it is pretty large, but it has anti-slip on the underside and memory foam internals which are very supportive for you behind.

Bikeroo Bike Seat Cover

 in stock

The Bikeroo is very similar to the Zacro, but it has a unique difference that makes it stand out on this list. Firstly the color range is good, but the way they have made the gel internals instead of being in a semicircular center is a straight through to create better airflow. It fastens with a drawstring and safety strap and is a good fit for a Peloton Seat. It’s a great seat gel cover for a Peloton bike.


  • Great Color Range
  • Drawstring and Fastening strap
  • Gel internal
  • Air Flow Channel


  • Basic looking
  • No anti-slip on the underside

The Bikeroo is an excellent seat cover, but it does look basic. Although very similar to the Zacro, it will give the rider a different feel, and I can understand why they have gone with this design. I like it, and it is worth the money they are asking.

Zacro Gel bike Seat Cover

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The Zacro bike Seat cover gives you the most options when it comes to making your bike stand out. It comes in a good range of colors. It’s very bold to look at, and I like it because of this. It has Gel internals that channel in a semi-circle in the saddle’s center. It is an easy fit with a drawstring and a fastening strap. It’s a straightforward but efficient design.


  • Great Color Range
  • Drawstring and Fastening strap
  • Gel internal


  • Basic looking
  • Old Technology for the padding

Although on the surface, this looks pretty simple, this is a convenient seat cover. It is very bold in color and what I like about it is how quickly it fits into the correct position and how easy it is to remove. Great if you are going to spin classes as well as using a Peloton and want to take a cover to a class.

Final Verdict

Peloton saddle cushions

They are all great comfortable seat covers to use with the Peloton spin bike. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have made it on this list. If I had to pick a stand out favorite, it would have to be the Cevapro Peloton seat cushion. It looks impressive and fits in with the Peloton colors. This particular Pelton bike seat cover has an excellent padding system that isn’t too bulky, and it has a brilliant strap mount system. On top of all this, it’s fantastic value for money. We hope you enjoyed this article and leant what seat cover to use with your Peloton indoor bike.


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