Peloton Specialist Protective Sweat Towels For Handlebars and Frame

The Peloton is a great bike and is life changing for so many people. They are an indoor performance cycle, and they are not cheap to buy. Many people take enormous pride in their Peloton bike and use it most days. Most of us who have Pelotons or a spinning bike use sweat towels while riding.

Peloton users have started using sweat catching towels for many reasons other than to catch their sweat, and they have a significant role in protecting the bike. In this article, we will be speaking about why we use protective sweat towels, and I will recommend some great ones on the market for you to purchase.

Why do we use Sweat Towels?

Hygienic Purposes

When it comes to any form of exercise, it’s essential to make sure you stay clean and also make everything hygienic for others to use. This goes for gym equipment and even equipment at home if it’s shared. Wiping down machines in the gym is common practice for many people, and when it comes to bikes, they really need a decent clean.

Bikes have a lot of points that get touched, and unlike weights or machines, you produce a lot more sweat exercising. Sweat towels are an excellent way of keeping a bike clean and also for cleaning the bike after you have done a class. If you share a Peloton with someone, it’s a good habit just to clean it up after.


Unfortunately, Peloton only offers 12 months warranty on your bike, so you need to learn how to protect it from needing any repairs. Many people don’t understand how dangerous sweat can be to your Peloton or Peloton Bike Plus. Sweat is full of salt, and salt has a fantastic ability to rust things. Although the Peloton bike comes protected, a few scratches here and there and the sweat can be getting it.

The next thing we need to speak about is bearings. You will often see on Peloton users groups that people are putting a video up on clicks and bangs on their bikes. A prevalent cause is sweat getting into the bearings and drying them out from the inside. Although most bearings are now sealed, it still has a way of getting in, especially when you are following intense Peloton classes.

What do we look for in a good Sweat Towel

There are a few things we look for in a sweat towel, the first being we look for a good design. We want intelligent thinking, something that fit well and made for the Peloton bike were not looking for universal. Next, we need to look at the material and if it’s actually going to soak up a decent amount of sweat. Then we look for any unique features that they might have.

We have also included sweat towels for different parts of the bike. It’s not all used to protect the handles, and we need to protect the floor and the rest of the bike. Some of the products we tried and reviewed here are; Peloton Handlebar Sweat Towel, Peloton Framewrap Sweat Towel, and Peloton Mat Sweat Towel.

The Mat Sweat Towel

 in stock

The Mat sweat towel is a very unique product for the Peloton spinning bike, and it’s custom made to go round the bottom of the bike and catch anything that might fall. I would highly recommend this for anyone with a floor that might be affected by water or sweat.

The design is fantastic, and I really love the fact it rolls around the feet of the bike. It has a beautiful red trim and is very easy to attach and take off. What I love about this is it makes it so easy to wash. Washing mats is a difficult task, such as rigid mats like what you would use for yoga.

It’s machine washable and very absorbent to sweat and water if you drop any while riding. I would highly recommend this mat and chucking it through the washing machine every few rides. Although keep in mind that it is not the actual floor mat for Peloton. It is what keeps the floor mat and the bike clean and gives you the possibility to to wash the sweat rather than just wiping off.

The Naisi Handlebar fitted sweat towel

 out of stock

I absolutely love this towel because it is such an inventive idea and is just so helpful when using your Peloton indoor bike. Firstly let’s talk about the design. Again this is custom made to fit the Peloton bike but not the bike plus, unfortunately.

It has a beautiful red trim on it and is filled with pockets. Not only will this keep the sweat off your hands, but it will also give you extra grip and a place to keep your phone or anything you might need, like a snack or an extra drink for those longer rides.

Looking at the bigger picture, this towel has a much more critical job than all this. It’s made to protect sweat from getting on the Flywheel. This is the bike’s wheel, at the front of the bike that you have to drive around. Although it might look quite simple, it is full of electronics, and the last thing you want is water and sweat in there.

Seasky Sweat guard

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The Seasky Sweat guard is one of the best Peloton bike accessories on the market. They are amazing and have an essential job. This sweat guard will wrap around and cover your top tube where the resistance dial is. This is for the Peloton bike and the Peloton bike Plus.

Like the other accessories on this list, it looks incredible and has the red Peloton trim to it. It’s a very absorbent material and has an excellent snug fit.

This piece does have an essential purpose though. It is designed to not only catch sweat, but it needs to stop sweat dripping down to your down tube, and to keep it away from the drive chain. The last thing you want is sweat on the belt. It’s a significant bit of kit and well worth every penny for protecting your bike.

The Velotowel Aerowrap

 in stock

The Velotowel aero wrap is a hand towel for the Peloton bike. A lot of thought has gone into this. The design is excellent. It suits the Peloton well. It is custom made for the Peloton bike too. It sits over the Aerobars in a secure position.

It’s straightforward to remove and use and then get back onto the bike, ready for a climb. It is an absorbent material and takes all the sweat away from you. It’s classy and easy to use, what not to like.


Everything on this list is an excellent tool for your bike. It will help you stay hygienic, and it will also protect your bike from nasty sweat and salt. I can highly recommend them all, and you will be presently surprised at the difference having these will make.

If you were only looking at buying one, the Seasky sweat guard is just excellent. It looks the part, and it offers so much protection to your bike. The red trim looks awesome, and the quality is just so good. If you were to pick another item though, you wouldn’t be going wrong.


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