Peloton Bike Plus vs MYX II Bike: Peloton is Better!

The main difference between the Peloton plus and the MYX II fitness bike is that one uses magnetic resistance while the other uses friction resistance.

Aside from that, Peloton has a greater indoor cycling library. The Peloton plus and the MYX II bikes are high-quality bikes with high-performing characteristics.

Though both bikes possess certain similarities, they have significant differences between them that may influence your buying decision.

So if you are considering getting either of the two bikes but can’t reach a tangible decision, this comparison article will help you make the right decision! So read on and take in every detail!

Don’t leave if you’re in a bit of a hurry. We’ve got a comparison table for you.

Peloton Bike+ vs. MYX II BikeEpic battle
Peloton Bike Plus
Superiority and FeaturesWhich bike has better features
Screen SizeWhich bike has a bigger screen
Resistance LevelLevel of resistance
Not Marked
Resistance TypeWhich one has better resistance
Electronic Magnetic (Superior)
Manual Friction (Inferior)
Automatic Resistance ChangeCarries out the instructor’s commands
Online Workout VerityWhich one offers more virtual workouts
Live ClassesWhich one has more daily live classes
SoftwareWhich bike has a more responsive app
Full Access MembershipHow much they charge per month
PedalsType of pedals
LOOK Delta
SPD and Cage
TransmissionType of drive system
Poly-V Belt
Poly-V Belt
AssemblyWhich one comes pre-assembled
WarrantyPart and Labour Warranty
Weight CapacityHow much weight do these bikes support
Bike PriceWhich one is more affordable
Flywheel WeightWhich bike has a heavier flywheel
Handlebar AdjustmentHorizontal Handlebar Adjustment
Incline and DeclineWhich bike has incline/decline system
Multi-app ConnectivityWhich bike connects to more than one application
Customizable Gear RatioWhich bike has a physical or virtual front and rear gearing system
Better AlternativeWhat is a better alternative bike
Nordictrack S22i
Nordictrack S22i

Which one has the Best Framework?

Without a doubt, the Peloton Bike Plus and the MYX II Bikes are made out of quality materials and hardware.

They are both built like rock and guarantee long-lasting use. But if we are considering aesthetics, the Peloton Plus has a slight upper hand here.

It’s available in a nice black color. In contrast, the MYX II comes in while and charcoal color. Granted, visual appeal isn’t a core factor to consider when buying a bike, as functionality takes more precedence.

But let’s face it, there’s something inspiring and gratifying about using a bike that looks good. Nonetheless, visual appeal is subjective, so some folks may prefer the Peloton’s black color.

Which one has the Best Resistance?

The biggest difference between the Peloton plus bike and the MYX II bike is the resistance system. The Peloton plus uses advanced electronic magnetic resistance, while the MYX II bike uses friction resistance.

However, the MYX II comes with a 41-Ibs flywheel, so it feels better than cheaply made friction-based resistance bikes.

Nonetheless, friction resistance doesn’t hold a candle to Peloton’s magnetic resistance. Magnetic resistance is a lot smoother and quieter than friction or contact resistance. Thus, you can use the bike conveniently in residential settings without disturbing others.

Plus, magnetic resistance is low-maintenance compared to friction resistance. And it’s not only that, Peloton Bike+ has smart electronic magnetic resistance that automatically changes when an instructor tells you to change resistance. All this considered, the MYX bike loses to the Peloton plus bike in this category!

Which one has the Best Tech?

The Peloton plus and the MYX II bike both include an HD touchscreen tablet. The MYX II and Peloton Bike screens treat users to 360 degrees of rotation.

The rotation ability means when you are out of the bike, you can turn the screen toward you and follow Yoga, Strength, or other exercise classes.

Now, one of the main differences here is the size of screen. While MYX II has a 22″ screen, Peloton Bike+ has 23.8″ screen which is a bit bigger. On top of that, Peloton Bike+ is compatible with Apple Watch while MYX II is not.

Although both monitors do not sync to the Apple Watch, the MYX II provides a seamless contraption that works. You can connect your

Apple Watch to the MYX companion app and the app conveys the Apple Watch statistics to the bike. The MYX II bike is the more technical of the two! Plus, you get a free Polar Heart rate monitor with the MYX II bike.

That said, Peloton has announced they are working to make the Bike+ fully compatible with the Apple Watch. So, it’s just a matter of time before the software is taken care of. Again, in this category, I think Peloton wins over MYX II with a larger screen.

Which one has the Best Workout Classes?

Undoubtedly, the Peloton bike plus has a more expansive and immersive class portfolio than the MYX II bike.

The Peloton app is famous for its engaging on-demand and live studio classes. The MYX’s Open Fit and BODi memberships simply do not compare in this category.

As far as live classes go, Peloton is leading the board with up to 14 live online classes every day and 5000+ on-demand classes.

Peloton also has a better selection of classes as they have been on the market for years and has learned and improved so much over the years.

On the other hand, the MYX has been there only a few years and their daily live classes are limited. Their app itself is also not as responsive and well looked after as the Peloton application. So, once again, Peloton wins the battle against the MYX II bike.

Which one is More Comfortable?

The Peloton plus bike features handlebars with a more comfortable grip than that of the MYX II bike. It also has more hand positions that allow users to comfortably vary their grip.

Additionally, the Peloton plus includes light dumbbell holders, strategically located behind the seat for convenience.

Water bottle holders maximize a bike’s comfort, and it is a good thing that both the Peloton bike plus and the MYX II feature handy water bottle holders. However, the Peloton’s holders are on the smaller side, but this does not affect its overall function.

Seats are another factor that determines a bike’s comfort level. On this note, both bikes have similar seat designs with a similar level of comfort. On the whole, the Peloton bike plus feel more comfortable than the MYX II bike.

Which one offers a Larger Weight Capacity and Support?

As far as weight limit or capacity is concerned, the MYX II is a bit more accommodating than the Peloton bike plus. The MYX II supports a user weight capacity of up to 350 pounds; whereas the Peloton supports 297 pounds. Hence, people with varying body weights can effectively use the MYX II bike.

In addition, the MYX II Bike offers a 4-way adjustment system as opposed to Peloton’s 3-way adjustment system. With these adjustment settings, users can adjust the handlebar to complement their height. Thus, taller and shorter individuals will find a better fit on the MYX II bike than on the Peloton bike.

While the Peloton bike offers Delta clips that require special cycling shoes, the MYX II bike comes with both clips and toe cages so users can use both cycling and non-cycling shoes. Ultimately, the MYX II bike grants more support than the Peloton bike plus.

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Which one is More Expensive?

The Peloton bike plus costs about $2,495 and offers a membership subscription for $39 per month. The MYX II bike, on the other hand, sells for $1,599 with a membership subscription of $39 per month which is similar to Peloton except it has less to offer.

If you consider the cost of cycling shoes along with the MSRP, the peloton bike is much more expensive than the MYX 11 bike. You don’t have to buy special cycling shoes or extras like a heart rate, and dumbbells as the MYX II offers those free of charge.

So if you are working with a tight budget, you may want to consider the MYX II bike, which I would vote against it, given its outdated resistance and membership cost. If you don’t mind splurging on a high-end bike, then the Peloton plus bike is a good enough option.

Which one has the Best Warranty and Return Policy?

While The MYX II comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, the Peloton includes a 5-year warranty on frame, 12-month on parts and a year for labor. Both bikes also offer a 30-day return policy governed by terms and conditions.

Considering the price tag attached to these bikes, one would expect a more extensive warranty, but that isn’t the case. The MYX warranty, in particular, leaves a lot to be desired.

If you want an alternative bike with a more extensive warranty. You should consider the NordicTrack S22, it is similar to the Peloton plus, and the MYX II bike in terms of quality and value.

The NordicTrack S22i offers a 10-year warranty on the frame, a 2-year warranty on parts, and a year for labor. Plus it has incline and decline system which is missing on Peloton Bike+ and MYX II, MYX II Plus, Echelon EX7s, and even the Bowflex VeloCore bike.

All that aside, the Nordictrack is much cheaper when you consider its iFit “Individual Package” that costs $180 per year and has up to 7 live daily classes plus thousands of on-demand and cycling classes.

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Final Verdict

It is hard to choose between the Peloton bike plus, and the MYX II bike as both bikes are good bikes! But to be fair, the MYX II bike doesn’t stand a chance against the Peloton bike. For one, the Peloton bike employs smart electronic magnetic resistance, which automatically adjusts, is smoother, and quieter than the MYX II’s friction resistance.

Additionally, magnetic resistance is easier to maintain than friction resistance. And even though the MYX II (or MYX II Plus) is a more affordable Peloton alternative, I wouldn’t recommend you to buy it. At $1500 you can do much much better than MYX II bikes.

If you ask me, I would say forget about MYX II and buy a Nordictrack S22i. It costs as much as MYX 2 but comes with many, not just one, superior features including incline/decline, electronic magnetic, cooling fan, cheaper membership, and better warranty.

So, now that you know where I stand with years of experience, it’s up to you to make the final decision between Peloton bike and MYX ii. Which do you think is better? The MYX bike or the Peloton bike? Let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions About MYX II Bike and Peloton

Can peloton bike connect to Zwift?

You can open the Zwift app on Peloton bike, but data can’t be transmitted to Zwift. In order to use Zwift on a Peloton bike you need power meters or cadence sensors, which is not currently available for purchase.

Is MYX bike available in UK?

Yes, MYX bikes are available in the UK! You can find them at select retailers, or order one online through MYX Fitness website.

Does MYX bike work without a subscription?

Yes, it works but membership is required for full MYX functionality. MYX II and Plus bikes require a monthly subscription fee. without a subscription, you will not be able to access any of the content or features on MYX Fitness Bike’s screen.

Does MYX bike work with Zwift?

MYX does not work with Zwift. While they are both cycling-based fitness platforms, MYX bike is designed to be used with their application only so that they can make more money off your bike. It’s similar to what Peloton, and Nordictrack do.

Nordictrack vs MYX II?

The Nordictrack bike has more features, including adjustable electronic magnetic resistance and incline-decline system. It is also sturdier and has a longer warranty than the MYX II bike.

Which is better, Peloton or MYX II?

Peloton is definitely the better of the two options. MYX II may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Peloton has a much nicer bike, better classes, and more features.

Plus, the delivery and brand and community support is a lot smoother with Peloton Bikes. Overall, Peloton Bike and Bike+ are just far superior indoor bikes.

Peloton vs Nordictrak?

Both have their pros and cons, but overall I would say Peloton is the better choice. Peloton has a much better track record for customer service, and their bikes are also more luxe and high-quality.

Nordictrack, while cheaper, can be a bit more difficult to assemble and can be prone to breaking down due to its extra advanced incline and decline feature.

MYX II Plus vs MYX II Bike?

The MYX II Plus bike is an upgraded model of the original MYX II bike. It has a larger frame and comes with additional accessories such as dumbbells and heart rate readers.

If you’re looking for a high-quality bike that will provide hours of comfortable riding, the MYX II Plus is a better choice. Thanks to its durable construction and well-thought-out features, it works for cyclists of all ages and experience levels.

Does MYX bike work with Peloton?

The MYX bike screen is only compatible with approved built-in apps and Peloton is not one of the built-in applications on MYX bike II and Plus models.

There are some tricks that might allow you to install the Peloton app on the screen but that doesn’t mean the MYX bike will actually transmit data (cadence, watt, speed, etc) to the Peloton app. Due to security risk, MYX Fitness recommends not installing other applications on your bike.


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