Best Peloton Shoe Racks and Why You Should Use one of These Hangers

Pelotons are a fantastic machine, and they have so much to offer. Not only do I get a good experience from riding it, but I’m also really proud to have it in my home gym. Over the years I have owned it, I have been buying Peloton accessories to upgrade the setup and recently came across shoe hangers for the Peloton bike. Although it might not seem like much, these shoe racks for Peloton bikes play a vital role in keeping your shoes fresh and have some excellent advantages to upgrade your Peloton Setup. In this article, I want to run through some of the best Peloton Bike Shoe Racks.

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Why Do We Use Peloton Shoe Racks?

Shoe racks, when it comes to indoor cycling, play a very vital part, similar to Peloton phone holders. We use them for various reasons. Firstly, when people get off the bike and chuck our shoes on the floor, laying them flat helps sweat gather into the sole. When hanging them, it leaves any stagnant sweat to run down to the bottom or top, keeping them fresher and cleaning for longer. The less we can wash out shoes, the better as hot water can damage the glue that holds them together. Secondly, it keeps them nice and organized. I have often spent twenty minutes just looking for where my shoes have run away to, always worried that I have left them in the gym or found a new place for them and forgotten that place. Using a wall rack for Peloton bikes will prolong the life off your Peloton bike shoes and other equipment.

What do we look for in a Peloton Shoe Hanger?

Being a shoe hook hanger for a Peloton bike guide, there are certain things we need to look at to make sure it is going to work and do the job well. Firstly we look at how it mounts. Although this doesn’t sound like much, the last thing we want is a shaky rack rattling away while you’re riding. Secondly, we look at how it connects to the shoes and how many sets of shoes it can cater for. Then finally, we look at the design and any attractive features, such as do they come in different colors. So now let us look at these shoe hook hangers for Peloton Bikes.

ATP Sports Shoe Rack

 in stock

The ATP Sports Shoe rack is a superb product and offers many of the other racks. They come in at around $25, and the concept is straightforward. It just clips straight onto the weight rack on the rear. The first thing to mention is this Shoe rack for Peloton bike won’t work on the new Bike+ as it has a different weight rack, and it can’t be modified.

They can hold two sets of shoes and take no time at all to install. One thing you will find is when you are taking shoes on and off, you have to grab them both at the same time, or one does lose balance and will fall. This didn’t bother me personally though.

The design is straightforward, and they have done well to replicate the same tubing as the weights holder. I like the fact they come with two holders meaning they are great for couples.

Comes as a Pair
Blends great with bike

It doesn’t fit Bike+

Peloton Shoe Hanging Hooks

 in stock

These shoe-hanging hooks I have seen used on Pelotons all the time, and I like what they have done with the product. It comes in at less than $10 and is a straightforward solution to a problem.

The shoe holder can clip on to anything, meaning it doesn’t have to just be mounted on the bike but can be put on a wall or anywhere you, please. It’s made of plastic, and when taking the shoes on and off, unlike the ATP, it doesn’t require each shoe to be counterbalanced.

They come in two different colors, red and black, so you have the main two Peloton colors to choose from. They are very lightweight and are sold singularly. It is a bigger unit, though, and when being used, they can get a little bit in the way and don’t look as flush as the ATP.

Can buy Singular

Plastic not metal

Flush Peloton Shoe Hanger

 in stock

This next Peloton bike shoe hanger is probably the best on the list to look at. It does blend in much more effectively compared to the other hangers. The first thing to mention is ATP. This will not work on the Bike+.

The intelligent design means you can just slip the bracket onto the weight holder, and it will sit perfectly where it is needed to keep your Peloton shoes away from the bike and out of the way. It doesn’t have the issue of the ATP needing each shoe to counterbalance.

They come in a singular form, and out of all the shoe holders on this list, they are the nicest to look at and do the best job. Also, being made of metal, I feel they are much better protected and will last longer than others.

Perfect Holding

Sold Singular

Spartan Wall Peloton Shoe Hanger

 in stock

This Shoe racks for Peloton spin bike is entirely different from all the other hangers-on on this list. Unlike the others, it doesn’t clip onto the bike. It either sticks or screws onto the wall, which I like.

The wall hangers do require you to use the advised cleats, and clip-in so flush that they compliment any workout room. You can mount them to pretty much any surface, and it does look like a magic trick when mounted.

As much as I love these, I don’t know how I feel like sticking them to my wall or even screwing them. It feels very permanent because I wanted to move the bike around my house for a change every so often. That said, they are the most inventive and the best space-saving out of all the shoe hangers on this list.

Great Looking

Wall mounting
Limited option for cleats

The Final Verdict

Peloton Bike Shoe Hangers
Peloton Shoe Racks

When it comes to mounting shoes, there are more options than most think. I have a favorite in this list, and it is the flush Peloton Bike shoe hangers. I really like that they are designed to clip onto the bike, the design is brilliant, and they just look great. We hope you enjoyed the best racks for Peloton bikes and if your looking for other accessories you can also find an article here on the best Peloton Exercise mats.


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