Best Peloton Phone Mounts to Keep Your Phone and Accessories on the Bike

I love my Peloton and probably spend way more time on it than I should. One thing I have struggled with is where to put my phone.

I like to have it in front of me while I’m training in case of essential calls or sometimes just because, well, did you even train if it’s not on Instagram stories? I’m kidding. We all have our reason to have our phones with us.

Nothing can be more irritating than missing an important call. This led me to search for some of the best Peloton Phone Mounts I could find.

I was surprised at how many choices were on the Market for the Peloton Bike and Bike + Phone Mounts. It even made me look at Tablet and laptop trays for the Peloton Bike so I bought some of those too and reviewed them in a separate article.

What We Look for in a Phone Holder for Peloton Bikes

Firstly we look at how it mounts to the bike, where it sits on the bike, then we look at what it looks like, the user experience, and finally our thoughts on design, price, and any special features. We also look at how other people have reviewed it and take into account their experiences.

Crostic Phone Holder

 in stock

We’re starting strong here with the Crostic Peloton phone holder, as this is excellent. This Peloton Bike + and Bike compatible phone holder sits right in front of you on the handlebars and is entirely out of your way using the bike.

I love how this phone bracket for Peloton bike looks because it looks in place and like it is meant to be there. It attaches with a sturdy plastic clip and holds well.

It’s about $15 and great value for money; it has a fantastic design feature having cutouts in the sides and top so you can lean a phone or a tablet in and use it as a screen.

It’s a really intelligent design and a great idea that even Peloton hasn’t done. I can see other companies picking up on this design soon and using it.

This particular Peloton cell phone holder is also capable of holding your tablet safely at the same time as your phone. It also has these two cuts on the edge that allows you to put your tablet in front of you.

Great Design


WF Sports Phone Mount

 out of stock

Now, if you have a big phone, then you probably already have your eye on this. It’s made for a decent size phone.

It sits just in front of you on the handlebar beam and again, like the COOLWUFAN out of the way of the screen and yourself while you are riding.

It attaches with rubber cords which is an exciting idea. I prefer the clip of the previous phone mount.

This phone tray for Peloton Bike is about $20, so a bit more expensive than some other mounts on this list, but it’s still ok value for money.

I am not the biggest fan of how it looks; you would need a phone to cover it up and smarten the look while you’re riding.

It does come with a lifetime guarantee, but I can see myself needing to use it on a product like this.

Larger than most

Mount Rubbers

Peloton Screen Phone Mount

 out of stock

When I first saw this, I liked how flush it looked. Unlike the other mounts that sit on the bars in front of you, this sits on the screen where you spend most of your time looking.

It mounts freely with a rubber gravity mount and sits pretty on the top. It Looks efficient and unique. You can only put your phone one way straight up, and you couldn’t fit a tablet in.

It’s $30 and one of the more expensive mounts compared to the WF and COOLWUFAN. It does look great, though, and with the prices of Pelotons, $30 isn’t too bad to spend on an accessory, in my opinion. I like the design, and although higher in price, the quality is there.

Sweat Free Zone

Limited Capability

TDF Peloton Phone Holder

 in stock
2 new from $19.99
Free shipping

This phone holder is different from the rest of the Peloton phone holders and trays that I tried. First of all, it’s by TDF which I highly trust when it comes to making bits and parts of the Peloton bikes.

They have been making Peloton accessories including Peloton handlebar adjusters and Peloton laptop holders. So, they know what they are doing.

I found this TDF Peloton phone holder to be sturdy really nice and very adaptable compared to the others on this list. The first thing to mention is you’re going to fit any phone size in it.

But, it’s also minimal and doesn’t take over the view of anything while you are training. It mounts with clips and can be installed anywhere on the handlebars.

The installation is extremely simple so there is no prep and work to get this on right. Though you can mount it anywhere, it does look good and rotates 360 degrees so you can adjust the angle.

It’s one of the cheapest on the list at $14, and it does come with soft protective paddings to make sure your phone is not scratched. I tried it on Peloton bike Original but I know it also works on Peloton Bike Plus.


The clamp quality could have been better

The ATP Peloton Holder

 out of stock

The ATP is entirely different from the other phone holders on here and will suit some riders compared to others.

It is blotted onto your handlebar post, unlike the other, and sits in front of you between your knees while you ride. Where it’s situated doesn’t give you the option to read the screen while riding. It is out of the way.

It’s the most expensive of all the phone holders coming in at about $33, but it is made of very high-quality metal and not plastic like some other brands on this list.

It also has a holder for headphones which I thought was a nice touch. I can see my phone getting very sweaty in this place, but for others, it could work.

Out of sight


Black Harp Peloton Cellphone Holder

 in stock
2 new from $14.99
Free shipping

Although it is at the very bottom of the list, this Black Harp phone holder is an excellent choice for the Peloton Bike Orginal and Peloton Bike Plus.

As shown in the pictures and my youtube video down below, this Peloton cellphone holder is different from the rest of the products I have reviewed and listed here.

You can attach it anywhere you like on the handlebars so it stays out of the way and doesn’t block your Peloton Bike’s screen which is a big plus.

It’s also designed with a proper grippy edge all around to keep the phone securely in place even during intense Peloton spin classes.

The main downside to this specific product was the fact that you can’t place your accessories such as keys or headphones on it. Its silicon straps are also a little weak and not the highest quality but if you handle them carefully during installation, you have nothing to worry about.

You could fit any smartphone size because of its stretchable material and there are two colors available to choose from.

At $14, this Peloton Bike Accessory is a great value and it’s a good iPhone and Galaxy phone holder for Peloton Bikes. I know it’s built for Peloton bikes but you could install it on an elliptical, upright bike, recumbent bike, treadmill, and pretty much any other exercise equipment that has a fixed bar. So, it’s pretty universal and therefore comes in handy in many situations for indoor use.

Great design and easy to install
Stays out of the way
Keeps the phone in place
Works well with Peloton Original and Plus
You can use it on other fitness equipment as well

Strap quality is not the best
Can’t place additional accessories on the holder

The Final Verdict

There’s a great variety of phone holders on this list, and all of them are going to do a great job. I do feel some are going to work better than others, though. The Crostic for me is, I think, situated well, and mounted perfectly, and the cutouts for tablets or to angle your phone is such a great idea, also.

To add to that, the price is on point. Though you might like your phone on the screen in view at all times, so you might prefer the Peloton Screen Mount, this all I think comes down to personal preference.

The Peloton phone trays are good value for money, though, and wouldn’t be a bad idea. We have also reviewed some of the best Peloton screen adjusters that you might want to consider if you do off-the-bike workouts and need to rotate the monitor to watch Yoga, strength, and other out-of-the-bike Peloton classes.


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