Why Would You Need A Good Water and Dust Resistance Cover for Your Peloton Bike

I love my Peloton, and when it comes to looking after it, I always allow time. You would be surprised at how far a little Peloton accessory such as Peloton bike cover and Peloton monitor cover, and a little maintenance goes. For example, wiping it down every so often and making sure everything is nice and tight, I’m sure, has saved me from repair bills in the past.

Recently I moved from a flat into a house with my partner and brought my Peloton across with me. When it was in my apartment, I had it in a spare room, and that room was my Peloton and Workout room. My new house now has a garage and is a little more rough and ready than the room. This arose a few issues for my lovely Peloton and me.

I started to find condensation on the bike in winter, and we all know what a bit of surface water can do to metal. It can make it rust. I don’t want a rusty Peloton, personally. The next thing I found was dust. My partner, while moving, used the garage a lot for storage and sorting, and throughout opening the door and sorting, I found my bike covered in dust. I know these are only little things, but over months or years can have a significant effect on the bike.

I needed a solution, and this came into getting a dust and water-resistant exercise bike cover for the Peloton. Most people who have to move their bikes around from place to place will use one. Still, I also found many people who wanted to hide their bike away from visitors or protect it from other people in the house you may live in used a protective cover for the Peloton bike to conceal it away. I understand the cycles are not cheap, and you don’t want anyone to touch that Peloton seat height or smudging up your screen.

I was lucky enough to try quite a few waterproof and dust-proof exercise bike covers for the Peloton, and in this article, I want to run through the best ones that I found online. It’s a funny market, and I found many sellers were using regular indoor and outdoor exercise bike covers, and it just didn’t work and do the job as it should have done. The size of the screen made this completely useless, and it just didn’t look terrific.

How do we rate an excellent indoor cycling protective cover for Peloton Bike Plus and Peloton Original? Just like when buying a Peloton mat, we look at the material, and it has to be defensive and do a proper job. The next thing we look at is how well and quickly it fits the bike.

Then we look at the style and if it will look good sitting in your house or flat. Then we look at anything special about it which sets it apart from the rest. We then summarise the price and my final thoughts. Waterproof and Dustproof covers for the Peloton bike, covers for indoor and outdoor use came very hard to find.

Mini Lustrous Exercise Bike Cover

 in stock

Ok, let’s start here with the Mini Lustrous. The material is light and waterproof, moves around well, and is very easy to fit. You have to cover the bike then use a pull cord mechanism to tighten it all together. It’s not going to turn any heads. If I’m honest, I think it looks a bit basic.

It’s a generic cover, so you find that might be a bit of an eyesore when it comes to having it in a living space as it isn’t designed to fit a Peloton, especially it is designed for every bike on the market. There’s not much really that sets it apart from its competition as a product, but it does have one big difference.

Price, this is a very cheap cover. It’s less than half any of the other others on this list. Coming in at about $14, it’s a massive bargain, and if you’re not so worried about the way it looks, then that’s the perfect product to buy. It will do the same job as the others. In summary, it does the job but doesn’t give an ideal fit or look too impressive.

Oxford Waterproof Fabric Exercise Bike Cover

 in stock

Now we come to the Oxford Cover. Waterproof and lovely and lightweight, and also highly packable. It comes with its carry bag too, which I thought was a nice touch. It fastens via a rope cord, the same as the Mini Lustrous. Unlike the Mini Lustrous, it takes a lot less time to fit, and there’s no fussing about it. It’s nice to look at, and honestly, I was pleasantly surprised.

It again is a generic cover, but as far as it goes seems to be pretty perfect for a Peloton. It looks pretty nice, and I feel if you were trying to hide it in plain sight, you would get away with it, in my opinion. What sets this apart for me is that the design is suited to fit the bike. It’s not just a waterproof sheet.

As far as price goes, it is about double the Mini Lustrous, but honestly, I can appreciate it is a lot nicer in my opinion, and I’d personally spend the extra money. To summarise, it’s a great cover, and I feel it would suit anyone looking for an excellent looking easy-fit waterproof bike cover.

Cycling Deal Waterproof Bike Bicycle Cover

 in stock

Generally, I wouldn’t entertain this product with a name like Cycling Deal, but I can say here I have been proven wrong. I thought I’d try this because it was very different from the other’s cover, and I’m happy I did. It’s a great fit and has been designed to work with big screens with exercise bikes; this includes your Peloton and other bikes such as the Nordictrack. It fastens via velcro straps, unlike the Oxford and the Mini Lustrous. The material is thick, and I get the feeling it will protect my bike.

The fit is perfect, and with these straps, it does come up trumps when it comes to locking your bike down. You can tell it has been designed for the shape of the cycle. It has a very bold look. As you can see, it has black outsides with a logo on the side, and the top is a bright silver reflective style material. I like it, but for me, the silver is very bold, but it did make it stand out enough for me to want to order one and try it.

It’s $50 and the most expensive on this list, but I believe it’s worth it as it is of lovely quality. To summarise, the fit is excellent, and it’s a bold-looking cover, it’s a strong material and well worth the amount, compared to Oxford, would I spend the extra money? Yes, I think I would.

Aerow Waterproof Exercise bike Cover

 in stock

The final cover on our list and probably my favorite is the Aerow. It has been designed especially for the Peloton, and me which makes all the difference. It’s a solid heavy-duty waterproof throw-over cover made of a thick material that holds its shape well. It fastens just like the Mini Lustrous and the Oxford with having a fastening strap rope around the bottom, which works fantastically as the fit is just so good.

As I mentioned before, it has been made for the Peloton, and when it comes to putting it on and removing it makes it so easy. There’s no faffing involved. Just throw it over, and it will fall on seamlessly, then tighten the cord. It looks the best out of them, all clear straight lines and a beautiful matt black finish. The thick material helps the covers shape memory, and no matter how many times you take it on and off, it will sink in nicely. As far as a cover goes, it has a grand piano shape and looks just as classy as far as covers go.

It’s the second most expensive and comes in at $45. I feel it is incredible value for money, and to be honest, I expected it to cost way more. Compared to the others, I think it just offers the best solution to protecting your bike and making it look nice.

My Final Thoughts

All these covers have a place in the market. The Mini Lustrous because it is very cheap and will do the job to protect your bike. The Oxford is again great for the price and will do the job with a little more style. Then we get the Cycling Deal. A healthy thought-through design and a very bold color system. Then finally, the Fandgok great design and looks the part.

Although all of them are good, I know precisely the cover I want for my bike, and it’s the Aerow. It looks incredible, and it’s no faffing easy fitting. Over time, it holds its shape and hides the Peloton beautifully in my garage alongside protecting it from all the elements.


Hi there, I'm Sayed Hamed Hosseiny, the founder and one of the authors at yourexercisebike.com (YEB). I am a former indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. With a passion for indoor cycling, I have spent years designing cycling parts, repairing, and importing exercise bikes. All the articles, tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on YourExerciseBike.com (YEB) reflect my personal opinion and expertise in the field. I'm excited to share my knowledge with fellow exercise bike enthusiasts and help people find reliable indoor cycling information and the best exercise bike for their needs. If you have any questions or suggestion, you can contact me at sayed@yourexercisebike.com.

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  1. Are you using the Fandgok on a Bike+? Just curious, as I assume it will work for either model, but I’m wondering if the slightly different dimensions of some parts of the Bike+ would effect the fit. Thanks!

    • Hi Woods, thanks for stopping by

      I wouldn’t use the Fandgok for the Peloton Bike+. At 23.6 inches, it’s 0.2 inches narrower than the bike’s screen (23.8 inches). Get the CyclingDeal cover, it’s much better quality and fits both models without any problem.

  2. Can’t find the Fanegok online. Has it been discontinued? Thanks

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