MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews and Comparison

Are you looking for in-depth MaxKare indoor cycle reviews? You landed in the very right place, we have reviewed the top three MaxKare indoor cycling bikes and compared them against each other to help you pick the best option.

For someone who has been spinning and writing spinning bike reviews for years, it didn’t take me long to appreciate the design, quality, and sturdiness of MaxKare stationary exercise bikes.

And I am sure you didn’t accidentally stumble on the MaxKare spin bike reviews. You are here because MaxKare indoor cycling bikes have become popular. And there are several good reasons for it that you will learn them below.

Max-Kare Fitness is not a huge name in the fitness industry, but it has been importing some top-seller fitness equipment such as recumbents, ellipticals, folding exercise bikes, and exercise bikes for the last few years.

When buying a MaxKare spin bike or any other fitness equipment from this brand, you will receive good customer services and excellent warranty despite their low-priced tag.

MaxKare Fitness spin bikes are the very first to feature the combination of full adjustments (seat and handlebars), belt and magnetic resistance for less than $350.

Before MaxKare, the only company that introduced budget (under $500) magnetic spin bikes was the Efitment. MaxKare beat them by providing the same high-quality indoor cycle trainers but for $100 cheaper.

This MaxKare exercise bike review includes all the three MaxKare spin cycles. Depending on the quality, features, and sturdiness we ranked the MaxKare stationary bikes from number 1 to number 3.

If you can afford to buy a MaxKare exercise bike featured in the first place, don’t buy the one in the second or third place. They might look the same to you, but each MaxKare indoor bike has different features that set them apart from each other.

We still don’t know why, but this Brand has been removed from Amazon. You can get get in touch with their support email “” but I recommend against that because our readers reported that they will ask for credit card information.

MaxKare Spin Bikes Comparison Table

Comparison Table For MaxKare Exercise Bikes
Bike NameVerdictSeatPostsResistanceAdjustmentMonitorDrivetrainPedals
MaxKare Magnetic Stationary Belt Drive Indoor Cycling BikeGreat ValueCenter
Stainless Steel w/ Lever Adjustment SystemMagnetic
4-Way Seat
& 4-Way
Speed, Time, Calories, HR, DistanceBelt Drive
Toe Caged
MaxKare Magnetic Belt Drive Exercise Bike BeltGreat ValueCenter
Steel w/ Knob Adjustment SystemMagnetic
4-Way Seat
& 2-Way
No Fitness
Belt Drive
Toe Caged
MaxKare Exercise Stationary Magnetic Indoor Cycling BikeGreat ValueNot
Steel w/ Knob Adjustment SystemMagnetic
4-Way Seat
& 2-Way
Speed, Time, Calories, HR, DistanceBelt Drive
Toe Caged
MaxKare Stationary Belt Drive Spin Bike with 44lbs FlywheelOverpricedNot
Steel w/ Knob Adjustment SystemFelt-Pad
4-Way Seat
& 2-Way
Speed, Time, Calories, HR, DistanceBelt Drive
Toe Caged
MaxKare Budget Exercise Bike With Magnetic ResistanceGood ValueNot
Steel w/ Knob Adjustment SystemMagnetic
4-Way Seat
& 2-Way
Speed, Time, Calories, DistanceBelt Drive
Toe Caged

Quick Scroll: Find the Best MaxKare Indoor Cycles

  1. MaxKare Magnetic Stationary Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike
  2. MaxKare Magnetic Belt Drive Exercise Bike Belt
  3. Maxkare Indoor Cycling Bike With Tablet Holder
  4. MaxKare Stationary Belt Drive Spin Bike with 44lbs Flywheel
  5. MaxKare Budget Exercise Bike With Magnetic Resistance

1. MaxKare Magnetic Stationary Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

 out of stock

Those willing to make a budget-purchase can have a look at this model. MaxKare magnetic is the latest MaxKare spin bike that will soon get featured in many of the best spin bikes reviews.

This spin bike was just released and has already become one of the best-sellers. Thanks to its affordable price, Eddy Current resistance system, and full adjustment. Additionally, this MaxKare magnetic spin bike is known for its durability and incredible features that bring the users a good experience of indoor biking.

If your budget is under $500 and you are looking for a quiet bike featuring magnetic resistance, belt drive, heavy flywheel, and full adjustment to fit everyone in your family, the MaxKare magnetic indoor cycling bike is your best option.

MaxKare magnetic indoor cycle bike features a 30-pound flywheel that is capable of providing a high inertia consistent pedal stroke for an enjoyable low-impact workout. Thanks to its heavy flywheel, this MaxKare bike provides more resistance than the cheaper models. So, you can do a high-intensity workout in addition to high cadence exercise.

The manually adjustable magnetic resistance system is combined with a durable belt for an ideal home use indoor cycle experience. Unlike friction resistance chain drive bikes, the magnetic MaxKare belt drive indoor cycling bike is super quiet and has very little maintenance.

The belt doesn’t require lubing so you can save time, money and prevent the mess on your home gym floor. Additionally, this MaxKare magnetic spin bike has a relatively narrow that keeps your feet aligned with your knees and hips.

As I stated earlier in this MaxKare indoor cycle review, this model is the best value bike and there are several features that contribute to it. One of those features is the full seat and handlebar adjustment.

This MaxKare exercise bike’s seat and handlebars adjust vertically and horizontally to comfortably and safely accommodate riders of different heights from 27″ Min to 38″ Max inseam. There are also heart rate sensors on the handlebars to keep you aware of your heartbeat during a spinning workout.

The seat itself is good quality breathable, large and cushioned which provides extra support for long rides. Most riders find it comfortable but it can cause friction depending on your body shape. So, I suggest you ride the bike for a while to see if it is comfortable before buying a gender-specific or narrower seat.

As far as the computer is concerned, it is very basic which is common for this price. It is not Bluetooth or ANT/+ enabled and it is not backlit either but it does keep you on track with your time, speed, distance, pulse, and calories. This Max Kare magnetic exercise bike also has a media shelf for your device.

Finally, the pedals, the Maxkare magnetic cycle comes with regular toe caged pedals which means you can not use the bike with clipless cycling shoes. But thankfully this spin bike features the standard 9/16″ pedal thread. This means pretty much all the SPD pedals available on the market are compatible for this bike.

A few other noteworthy features include four adjustable base leveling feet to eliminate wobbling, a water bottle holder and two wheels for easy transportation. Note: MaxKare indoor cycling bike has a sturdy frame but it is not for commercial use. Therefore, it can not support more than 2 hours of daily use for riders up to 300 pounds.

Note: Here are the reasons that made me decide to feature the MaxKare Black indoor cycling exercise bike in the first place instead of second place. This is the only model that is equipped with the 4-way adjustable handlebars, stainless steel marked seat and handlebar posts, fitness computer, durable and convenient levers for adjustments (instead of knobs).

Read the full MaxKare Black Magnetic indoor cycle review

2. MaxKare Magnetic Belt Drive Exercise Bike Belt

 out of stock

Affordable doesn’t mean minimal when it comes to the MaxKare magnetic stationary belt drive indoor cycling bike. This workout cycle is decked out with a 30-pound flywheel, belt-driven system and magnetic resistance technology.

This MaxKare indoor cycling bike is the very first indoor bike under $300 in the US market that features the combination of belt and magnetic resistance. Thanks to its affordable price, it is now one of the best budget spin bikes.

Today, in 2019 the MaxKare magnetic belt drive exercise bike belt retails for around $300 which is a fair price for a quality magnetic spin bike. In this price class, there is no other cycle with the combination of magnetic resistance, a durable frame, comfortable seat, heavy flywheel, and belt drivetrain.

Here are the differences between this MaxKare and the Maxkare cycle which has been ranked first in our Maxkare spin bike reviews. This one doesn’t have an LCD monitor and lack in 4-way adjustable handlebars. Other than that, pretty much everything else on these Maxkare magnetic indoor cycle bikes is the same.

As for which one we suggest, it is the MaxKare indoor cycling bike listed first in this review. Now let’s see what you get if you buy this MaxKare indoor cycle. This bike has a 30-pound flywheel that is capable of offering a smooth pedal stroke and enjoyable indoor cycling experience.

But what makes the Max-Kare indoor cycle bike getting featured in pretty much every best spin bike review is the combination of belt and magnetic resistance. When these two features are combined together, the bike becomes extremely quiet and low-maintenance.

Unlike a chain, the belt does not require lubing and unlike friction resistance, the magnetic resistance never wears out and makes zero noise. Therefore, this top MaxKare stationary bike turns into an ideal cycle for home gyms.

Additionally, this Efitment fitness bike has a bio-mechanically correct narrow q-factor that keeps your feet aligned with knees and hips for a low-impact cardio workout.

Thanks to its adjustable seat, the riders between 5 to 6.4 feet can set up the bike for a comfortable and safe indoor cycling workout without adding unnecessary stress on the back and shoulders.

The MaxKare spin cycle comes with a device holder that allows you to prop up your tablet, laptop or portable device to watch your favorite movies, shows, or online classes.

Lastly, the pedal, this compact exercise bike by MaxKare has the regular toe cage pedals. They are not SPD compatible but they are built with the standard 9/16″ thread size. So, the replacement pedals are widely available for this MaxKare magnetic exercise bike.

Note: Here are the reasons that made me decide to feature the Gray MaxKare indoor cycling exercise bike in second place instead of the first place. This model does NOT have a computer, the handlebars are not 4-way adjustable, the seat and handlebar posts not marked or stainless steel. It is also NOT equipped with the lever system for adjustments (it has cheap knobs that are not as convenient or durable).

3. MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bike with Tablet Holder

 out of stock
2 new from $269.99

This newly release Maxkare spin bike brings professionalism, comfort, and precision to the spin experience in a straightforward and user-friendly format for an affordable price. The efficient and high-quality offering from the illustrious Maxkare line streamlines the spin experience and adds multiple innovations into its design process to create one of the best spin bikes on the market. This new Makxare indoor cycle puts luxury, elegance, and boutique performance elements into your spinning experience, making anyone into a spin enthusiast from the comfort of your own home for less than $300.

This specific model appeals to every type of spinner due to its personalized intensity and powerfully ergonomic spin design that will let you keep up with any spin class or workout. Having a private, spin boutique-quality spin bike in your home is a huge convenience everyone will be able to enjoy.

This good-quality exercise bike is available for a very affordable price of just $250 depending on the retailer, placing it on the lower end of spin bike prices but at the top of the charts in performance and value and can totally compete with most spin bikes under $700 and $800.

Built with a 35-pound alloy steel front-mounted flywheel that pairs seamlessly with an industrial-grade magnetic resistance system that manages to maintain the same powerful drive of an outdoor bike, this cycle provides an effortless push and intense spin for maximum workout progress no matter how hard you’re pedaling on your ride.

The reinforced belt drive ensures a smooth and hard-working drive, integrating both resistance and power into your workout in one motion. Every level of spinner from newbie to advanced will begin to enjoy this effortless and powerful bike that brings the art of spinning and cycling to new levels, making this Maxkare the perfect bike for the versatile world of spin.

The power transmission and resistance system drive forceful yet smooth and quiet pedalling, pairing with the standard saddle and pedal locations to create a maximum workout with minimum strain on your body. High-performing and low-maintenance, the Maxkare spinning bike measures just 51″ L x 22″ W x 53” H, standing out as a compact and portable wonder of fitness equipment in any home, workout space or personal gym.

But what really standing up in this Maxkare indoor cycling bike is its perfectly angled tablet holder that allows you to keep your device on the bike and follow you show or spin class during the ride. Last but not least is the child-safe fully covered flywheel that keeps the curious fingers away from the sharp edges.

4. MaxKare Stationary Belt Drive Spin Bike with 44lbs Flywheel

 out of stock
2 new from $279.99

In the same price range as the S2 Pyhigh indoor cycle, this MaxKare has a substantially heavier flywheel (44 pounds) that provides extra resistance and a comfortable ride without being overly-aggressive or putting too much strain on the knees.

Yellow MaxKare indoor cycling bike is a compact and comfortable bike efficient for cyclists looking for an indoor cycle that provides good cardio for an affordable price. Because it is friction (not magnetic), this model is a bit cheaper compared to the MaxKare cycles ranked first and second in this MaxKare spin bike reviews.

To make up for the type of resistance, the MaxKare Yellow indoor cycle comes with armrests for a comfortable triathlon bike position. Additionally, this MaxKare spin bike also comes with two pulse sensors to give you an idea of your heartbeat per minute.

Featuring the quiet and low-maintenance belt drivetrain with a heavy 44 pounds flywheel, the Yellow MaxKare exercise bike is capable of providing a smooth workout and consistent pedal stroke.

Unlike other MaxKare indoor cycling exercise bikes, the Yellow MaxKare Fitness indoor cycling bike also has a felt-pad friction resistance system. While it makes a bit of noise compared to the magnetic system, it offers unlimited resistance for the riders.

The Yellow MaxKare stationary bike is a compact spin bike with 2-way adjustable handlebars (not 4-way adjustable handlebars). Therefore, it has a limited user inseam capacity. It is perfect for rides from 4’9″ to 6’4″ tall.

As far as the seat goes, it is 4-way adjustable so the riders can enjoy the fast and easy bike set up for a comfortable exercise. But unlike the other two MaxKare indoor cycle trainers, it doesn’t have the quality padding and the center cutout design for extra comfort and breathability.

Overall, this bike is extremely affordable, easy to move (thanks to its durable wheels) and provides your basic necessities for an indoor trainer. Featuring adjustable base levelers, this MaxKare stationary bike allows you to enjoy a stable and rock-solid ride.

The MaxKare indoor cycling bike yellow is also equipped with a basic computer. It is not backlit and doesn’t track the RPM or watts but it does help you stay aware of your speed, time, distance, calories and scan of all the above.

Last but not least the Yellow MaxKare indoor cycling bike has regular toe cage pedal. While they are durable and non-slip, they don’t have spd elements to clip-in cycling shoes.

As for the assembly, the MaxKare indoor cycling bike manual and its assembly tool will make the process super easy. The MaxKare spin bike assembly includes front and rear stabilizer feet, seat, handlebars, pedals, and the monitor. It is lightweight and easy to assemble so it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

According to many reviewers on Amazon, this MaxKare model exceeded expectations based on the price featuring a sturdier frame and heavier flywheel than competitors.

Overall the MaxKare Fitness indoor cycling bike, belt-driven was built to make the most of your fitness workout. Even though this bike does not have many bells and whistles, it does provide a comfortable and relatively quiet ride at a reasonable price.

Note: Here are the reasons that made me decide to feature the MaxKare indoor cycling exercise bike in third place instead of the first or second place. This model does NOT have a breathable seat, 4-way handlebar adjustments, and magnetic resistance.

5. MaxKare Budget Exercise Bike With Magnetic Resistance

 out of stock

Featuring magnetic resistance, this model was the very first spin bike under $200 on the US market (as far as we know). After the brand’s success in the first three models, especially the Maxkare exercise bike Black model, they decided to import a budget magnetic resistance spin bike.

Not long after it became available on Amazon, this budget model attracted tens of consumers and to be a low-priced spin bike, it has been receiving excellent consumer reviews across the web.

With that being said, the budget Maxkare exercise stationary bike is not ideal for every, especially if you are serious about indoor cycling. This model is designed for low-impact and relatively less intense spin workouts which is ideal for starters who simply want to stay active and do some basic indoor cycling.

If you are overweight or thinking of doing some serious spinning workouts, I suggest you consider the Black Maxkare stationary bike. Now that you know who this affordable indoor cycle is for, here is a list of features that it is equipped with.

MaxKare budget comes with a 20-pound flywheel that keeps the bike lightweight for easy transportation and prolongs the life of bearings. But since it doesn’t have a high-gear ratio, the low-weight of flywheel can’t provide a completely natural 360-degree pedal stroke, especially when off the saddle.

However, thanks to its magnetic resistance (and the price), the weight of the flywheel shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for starters because unlike friction resistance, magnetic can provide an acceptable pedal stroke even with lightweight flywheels.

Maxkare budget is capable of accommodating users from 4’1” to 6’1″ and up to 220-lb weight. As expected, it is not as durable as other models but that shouldn’t be a problem for a lightweight beginner.

Other features include belt transmission which is great and a basic seat that can support a 40-minute ride. But not a comfortable a cushioned center-cut out the breathable seat (available on other models). Therefore, if you go with this model, you might need to buy one of the padded gel spin bike seat cushions we have featured on our website.

The on-board monitor is very basic and dark but it is totally common for the price. It can track your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and scan. Thankfully, it has a media shelf so you can keep your tablet/phone and watch spinning videos or your favorite show.

All in all, for the right person, it is a good value spin bike as it comes with magnetic and belt-system. But if you can afford to spend $100 more, I suggest you buy the Maxkare cycling bike Black because it has a heavier flywheel, better handlebars, and a more durable structure.

Indoor Spinning Clothing and Accessories:

Spinning shoes:

When buying a MaxKare spin bike, you will some special clothing for a comfortable ride. Spinning shoes, for example, provide precision ergonomic fit, adding comfort and security to all of your rides.

They allow you to get the most out of every pedal stroke with fiberglass-reinforced sole, which provides optimal stiffness and maximizes power transfer. For extra comfort buy gender-specific clipless shoes.

Indoor Cycle shorts:

Unlike regular shorts, the bike cycling shorts with padding do not irritate the skin. They are designed with skin-friendly materials. The bicycle shorts have a great moisture feature and a four-way performance stretch and multi-panel anatomic design for superior chafe-free comfort.

We highly recommend you consider a pair of spinning shorts when purchasing MaxKare stationary indoor cycle trainers. They provide the required support for long rides.

Exercise bike mat:

Exercise equipment usually vibrates and scratch the floor on the hard surface. Buying a floor protection mat for spin bike can save your carpets and hard floors from damages of stationary bikes and other heavy exercise equipment.

Dense mats can also absorb vibration, noise, and impact caused when exercising on cardio equipment. Spin bike floor mats are also easier to clean compared to hardwood floors or carpet.

Bike seat and cushion:

Max-Kare exercise bikes stationary features padded unisex seats. They are comfortable but they are not as comfortable as gender-specific bike seats. Therefore, if only one person uses the bike, you may want to consider changing the seat.

Before doing that, I suggest you consider adding a seat cushion. They are cheap and provide good support for spin exercise.

MaxKare Spin Bikes Buying Guide:

MaxKare Indoor Bike Warranties:

There are a few things to know When buying MaxKare exercise bikes. One of them is that MaxKare Fitness still does not have direct contact information or a website.

Therefore, if you need to order parts under warranty, you will have to contact the seller on Amazon. In most cases, they responded promptly but sometimes they seem to have ignored the costumers’ first email.

One of the most noteworthy advantages of Maxkare indoor cycling bikes is the warranty. The company offers 24 months of warranty and 3 months of refund for each MaxKare cycle. Safe to say that no other spin bike brands offer such generous warranty for this price tag.

MaxKare Indoor Cycle Resistance System:

Spin bike resistance is mainly divided into two categories, friction (leather or felt-pad) and magnetic (magnets). Of course, the best type of resistance is the magnetic system which is what you get with two of the MaxKare spin bikes.

They provide quick, easy and reliable changes to the resistance level. Magnetic resistance is generated by single or multiple metal disks through a magnetic field providing infinite levels of resistance.

The closer the magnet is to the flywheel, the greater the pedal resistance will be. Unlike bikes with traditional tension systems (friction), bikes with magnetic resistance never come in contact with the flywheel, resulting in a nearly silent, stable and virtually low maintenance experience.

Bidirectional fixed-wheel (fix-gear):

Earlier in this MaxKare spin bike reviews, I mentioned these bikes are fixed-wheel and bidirectional. What it means is that the flywheel and the pedals are fixed together.

The disadvantage to this system is that in case of emergency, you will need to wait for the flywheel to stop turning before you can get off the bike. The advantage is that you can pedal forward and reverse to simulate more leg muscles.

Fixed-gear is not a deal-breaker in this case because usually spin bikes that cost above $2000 feature freewheel system.

MaxKare Stationary Bike Handlebars:

The adjustable handlebar allows for multiple people in your household to use the equipment comfortably and efficiently. Having the correct handlebar adjustment is important to assure you won’t hurt your back while giving it your all.

While two of the MaxKare indoor stationary exercise bikes don’t allow 4-way adjustment (fore/aft up/down), there is one that allows full customization on the handlebars. It is $50 more expensive but it is worth every penny.

As for the other Maxkare indoor cycle trainers, they feature excellent parallel frames that make sure the riders fit the bike comfortable. It is the same frame type found on the Life Fitness IC2 bike. So, as long as you fall within the recommended inseam, these MaxKare spinning bikes should be fine for you.

MaxKare Bike Q-Factors:

One of my most favorite features that I have already talked about in this MaxKare exercise bike reviews is the q-factors. According to the consumers, these MaxKare spin bikes feature narrow q-factors (less than 190 mm).

Unlike wide q-factors which is too common in the budget spin bike category, the MaxKare exercise bikes narrow q-factors keep your feet aligned with your knees and hips for a low-impact workout.

The Q factor is one of the most important features to look at on a Spin Bike. It is the distance between the inside of the pedal attachments on the crank arms on either side or, more simply, the width of the gap between the two paths your feet.

MaxKare Bike Computers:

When buying MaxKare indoor cycling bikes, you will receive a basic computer. Like all the spin bikes under $500, they are not ANT/+ or Bluetooth enabled so you can’t track daily workouts on the apps.

These computers don’t have backlit which means if you want to see the stats, you will have to keep the light of the room on during the low-light condition.

Note: MaxKare stationary belt drive spin bikes come with device holders to allow you to stay entertained and follow spinning videos online via your tablet/phone.

Spin Bike Cost:

If you are looking around, whether online or in the store, you will see that there is a huge difference in the price class. This is down mostly to the adjustment, drive system and computerized features.

The indoor cycles range from home use to professional and many in between, but again, don’t buy the first one you see because it’s all shiny, you need to buy within your price range, once you find the one that works best for your needs.

As far as the MaxKare exercise bikes are concerned, they are the best value in their price category. I can not think of any other fully adjustable, belt-drive magnetic spin bike within the same price range of MaxKare indoor cycles.

Spin bike Flywheel:

The weight of the flywheel is a very important feature to look at when buying a spin bike. Especially if the bike has a friction resistance system similar to one of these MaxKare indoor cycling bikes.

Light flywheels tend to be jerky and not stable, especially during high-intensity. The heavier the flywheels tends to provide more momentum and a smoother ride. Thankfully, MaxKare spin cycles feature 35 to 45 pounds flywheels that significantly enhance the experience of a near realistic bike ride whilst ensuring safety.

Note: The weight of the flywheel is not a huge factor only when the bike is built with the combination of magnetic resistance and high gear ratio which is not for budget exercise bikes.

Final Word On MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bikes:

MaxKare isn’t a super popular fitness equipment brand like Sunny Health and Fitness. It is because MaxKare is a very new name in the indoor cycling world. Another reason is that there are only three indoor cycling bikes by MaxKare on the market unlike other companies with tens of different models.

With that being said, the MaxKare spin bikes have been rated way higher than many popular brands that have been manufacturing exercise bikes for years. Thanks to sturdy components and structure used on each budget MaxKare indoor cycling bike.

Quality combined with low-cost has helped them gather quite the following that purchase their bikes and recommend them to others. These MaxKare indoor cycles have very little maintenance, heavy flywheels, and quiet drivetrain.

Thankfully, you shouldn’t have to deal with maintenance issues every day as each of MaxKare indoor cycle bikes are created out of good quality materials that will last for years, even with multiple daily users.

The warranties are also good, offering much more generous options than many other fitness equipment brands. So, if you’re looking for an indoor cycling bike (within an affordable price range) that won’t let you down, then the spin bikes by MaxKare might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

As expected for this price class, each MaxKare belt drive spin bike comes with certain cons. They are not deal breakers for most riders, especially for novice trainees who don’t expect Watt tracking, SPD pedals, bells, and whistles.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you scroll up and read the MaxKare spin bike reviews to make sure you are aware of the pros and cons of these excellent spin bikes.

6.5Expert Score
Maxkare Indoor Cycling Bikes

Overall these MaxKare indoor cycling bike trainers are designed with all the basic necessities to help you stay on top of your fitness goals. They are not for pro cyclists but with no doubt, the MaxKare spin cycles provide everything a novice trainee needs. The close to natural pedal stroke, comfortable feel of the bike’s saddle, adjustable handlebar and seating keep these exercise bikes the perfect cycling trainer for your in-home gym. Additionally, these affordable top stationary indoor exercise bikes by MaxKare feature a combination of belt drivetrain and magnetic resistance which offer a smooth and quiet workout.


Hi there, I'm Sayed Hamed Hosseiny, the founder and one of the authors at (YEB). I am a former indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. With a passion for indoor cycling, I have spent years designing cycling parts, repairing, and importing exercise bikes. All the articles, tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on (YEB) reflect my personal opinion and expertise in the field. I'm excited to share my knowledge with fellow exercise bike enthusiasts and help people find reliable indoor cycling information and the best exercise bike for their needs. If you have any questions or suggestion, you can contact me at

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  1. Hello this is a great article as I am looking to get a MaxKare indoor bike. I am confused on one thing. There appear to be 2 black MaxKare bikes on amazon, do you happen to know the difference? One is $309 while the other is priced $315. Thanks.

  2. Nice article, I bought the $315, is very good bike but will like to get a better computer and be able to track resistance specially. Can I buy a better compatible computer for this bike and use the same wired connection? And be able to track more info in my phone?

    • Can the pedals be changed out? The ridges on the pedals hurt my feet through my tennis shoes.

      • Hello Frazet, thanks for stopping by

        Yes, they can be replaced. Maxkare indoor bikes come with 9/16″ pedal thread size and they are widely available on the market. You can search our website for “best spin bike pedals” there are many different options you can purchase the Maxkare indoor bikes.


        Will (YEB Team)

    • Hi Guillermo,
      Thanks, we are glad the MaxKare spin bike review was helpful

      None of the separately sold spin bike computers can track resistance but there are computers that you can buy. They cost anywhere from $60 to $200, yet the only extra feedback they provide is the RPM. I personally suggest you use the one that comes with the bike and if you want RPM, buy a Wahoo RPM sensor ($34). It sticks to the flywheel and sends the stats to your smart devices via Bluetooth. Using this wireless sensor, you can also record your daily workouts on the free Wahoo app. If you are interested, search our website for spin bike computers, in that article you should be able to find more information about Wahoo and spin bike monitors.

      Let us know if you have any question


      YEB Team

  3. Thank you for this useful article. I think I have narrowed my search down to Sunny B-1709, MaxKare Black and Joroto X2. I like the MaxKare Black but the biggest things holding me back are questions about resistance on the high end and whether the bike is sturdy enough. Several earlier reviews on Amazon mention inadequate resistance, but since then the company has increased from 4 magnets to 5 magnets. But more recent reviews still mention issues with resistance, as well as movement on the bike during heavier climbs. I’m 5’10” and 165 lbs so I’m not sure how much I would have to worry about wobbling but I’m happy to spend more if it means that I’m getting a sturdier bike that will last longer. Hence the Sunny B-1709 and Joroto X2 on my list. It would be nice if there were measurements for resistance and sturdiness. For someone my size do you think the MaxKare Black would be sufficient or should I consider higher priced options?

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for stopping by and sorry for the late reply

      Great job, from hundreds of bikes you narrowed down your options to literally the best spin bikes under $600!

      Yes, I do believe the Maxkare Black would be just fine for you but if you want a sturdier cycle for more intense workout, I suggest you go for Joroto XM30 rather than X2.

      Please let us and our readers know your personal experience with whichever of these indoor cycles you end up buying.


      YEB Team

      • 1. Would you recommend the Joroto XM30 over the MaxKare Black? I like the resistance HIGH.

        2. Are you certain the MaxKare black flywheel is only 30lbs? Many people on Amazon report the flywheel is 40lbs (some even say 44lbs).

        3. Would a 40lbs wheel be better for a higher resistance & smoother ride when standing?

        Thanks for all the information

  4. Hello. So glad to read these three bikes reviewed. On Amazon there are many people saying the Black bike has a standard 40lb flywheel. Some people also said heavier (like 44). Are you absolutely certain the flywheel is 30lbs?
    And does a 40lb wheel make for stronger resistance?

    • Hi Vic, thanks for stopping by

      The current version of the Maxkare Black and Gray spin bikes come with a 30-lb flywheel. Yes, the heavier flywheels add extra resistance and help with the smoothness of pedal motion. It is an important factor for spin bikes such as Maxkare Black that come with low-gear ratio and insufficient magnets.

      If you prefer to do more high-intensity workouts, I recommend you to check out the new Goplus magnetic spin bike. It costs a bit more but offers better resistance.

      I hope it helps

      Please let us and our readers know your experience with the one you decide to buy


      YEB team

  5. where are they manufactured?

    • Hi Joe, Maxkare along with 99.9% of other spin bikes on Amazon are made in China. The only brand (that we know of) that designs and makes their products 100% in the United States is the Keiser. All their M Series indoor bikes are completely made in the US with unique and top-of-the-line quality.

  6. Hello. I hope that you can help me. I purchased one of the bikes from eBay and it did not come with screws. I have tried to contact the seller and have had no avail. Unfortunately, I cannot install the bike without screws. Can you help me find a company to purchase them? Please help.

    • Hello Dianne, the easiest way would be to contact the seller on eBay or Amazon. They will able to assist you further with the missing parts.



  7. MaxKare offers no replacement parts. If you have a need to replace a worn part, such as pedals, and the bike is beyond its warranty period (MaxKare customer service says one year, not two) there is no support, period. For warranty, it’s all about having you paperwork. If you buy one of these, hang on to your purchase order; otherwise you’re SOL. But no replacement parts nor referrals to any source for them, is I think inexcusable.

  8. I received a Maxkare Indoor Exercise bike (model XB-SJ102) as a gift today. The left peddle is stripped and will not screw in.

    • Hello Cathy, thanks for stopping by

      I am sorry about this but you need to contact the seller on Amazon and ask for the replacement. They have to send you a new pedal or refund you.

  9. Thanks for posting the review. I need a bike that will support 300 lbs, however I notice when pulling these up on Amazon they all show a max weight of 264 lbs, is that information not correct?

    Black bike with a current price of $319.99
    Product details
    Date First Available : May 3, 2019
    Manufacturer : MaxKare
    ASIN : B07RKFMB59

    Black bike with a current price of $314.99
    Date First Available : July 5, 2019
    Manufacturer : MaxKare

    Can you please confirm if one of these would support 300 lbs and if so can you please confirm the ASIN id number? If neither would support 300 lbs is there another bike in this class that you could suggest?


    • Hello Roman, thanks for stopping by and sorry for the delay

      I see they lowered the weight capacity for the new Mackare, it is now 265-lbs but it used to be 330 lbs. I highly recommend the KOUZ Live. It has several superior features compared to Maxkare (heavier flywheel, better handlebars with convenient bottle holders, more weight capacity). It is also a new bike on the market which means it will be affordable for a while but will possibly be more expensive after a couple of months.

      I hope it helps, if you have any other questions, please let me know.


      YEB Team

  10. II.Maxkare exercise bike right paddle broke, how can I repair it, I got from Costco over year old.

    • Hello John, thanks for stopping by

      It depends on which part of the pedal broke (straps, bearings, thread, etc). If you REALLY want to fix it, you can, but in most cases, it is not worth trying to fix it as you can purchase a new pair of 9/16″ caged pedals (we reviewed some on this website) for less than $30 and keep one for spare parts.

      Let me know if you have any other questions


      YEB Team

  11. Hello
    I need a drive belt for my Maxkare bike I purchased June 28, 2019. Model: DB-MKD901
    Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hello Victor, thanks for stopping by

      If you measure the transmission belt, you don’t necessarily need to buy it from Maxkare as any Poly-V belt that measures the same can be used on the Maxkare bikes. But if you really want to buy the exact belt, you need to contact the Maxkare seller on Amazon and ask them to send you the part.


      Will (YEB Team)

  12. Hello, someone gave me ASIN: B07L3TK4FF bike and the pedals stripped and fell off. I need to get some replacement pedals. Where can I purchase them?

    • Hello Julie, thanks for stopping by

      Maxkare bikes are built with 9/16″ pedal thread size and they are widely available on Amazon. If you use the bike with “specific clip-in indoor cycling shoes”, it is better to buy a pair of “dual-sided pedals” otherwise you can buy toe-cage “single-sided pedals”. Both types are featured in our spin bike pedal reviews (you can find it on the navigation menu on top of the page). The very last one on the list is single-sided (similar to what you received with your Maxkare bikes).

      I hope it helps

  13. Hi!

    I purchase the yellow MaxKare model on Amazon and realized the pedals do not have clips. I am used to this type of pedal and do not care for the cage type. Is this bike also a 9/16? I found dual sided pedals on Amazon and want to be sure they are compatible. Please advise.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by

      True, the Maxkare indoor bikes come with toe-cage pedals which is pretty common for the price. The good thing is that all the Maxkare spin bikes are designed with 9/16″ standard pedal thread so you wouldn’t have any problem finding SPD pedals for these bikes.

  14. If any of you are reading these reviews as you can tell the pedals suck!!!!! I had the same problem and you can’t get parts. I would not waste your money on the bike. It’s should claimed as a scam!!!

  15. I bought a Maxkare recumbent bike on Amazon a year ago. The seller is no longer listed on Amazon and “” is hacked (the response is fishing for credit card info).

    I need a replacement 8-level tension control knob but cannot find a retailer other than ordering a quantity on Alibaba.

    Any suggestions on how to get a response from Maxkare?

    • Hello Ernie,

      I am sorry to hear about this, I just updated the reviews, thank you for letting us know

      I would say go on Sunny Health and Fitness website, checkout their recumbent bikes, zoom on the knob images to see which one is more similar to the on your exercise bike, then you can contact them and buy that part from them.

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