Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycle Review | Great Quality But Overpriced

The Life Fitness IC4 is one to consider when you’re looking to equip your home gym with a solid spin bike. The IC4 exercise bike by Life Fitness is an award-winning and one of the best-selling models with adjustable features and ergonomic design.

This IC4 is a step below the IC5 bike and one of the mid-range models in the ICG indoor cycle series by Life Fitness. And it retails for a fairly affordable $1400 price range.

The ICG 4 rear drive bike can withstand user weights of up to 330 pounds with its fully shrouded frame that is very durable and safe if you have kids in the house.

ICG 4 Life Fitness bike features convenient dual bottle holder and transport wheels for easy mobility. There are multiple adjustable features to this model that include fore/aft handlebar adjustment, multiple levels of resistance, and adjustable seat.

Featuring a rear-drive aluminum flywheel and 1:10 gear ratio for high-speed inertia and road-feel, the Life Fitness IC4 spin bike is a great choice.

Sturdy, ergonomically designed and lightweight, the Life Fitness IC4 exercise bike offers great value for money and comes with a five-year frame warranty and a parts guarantee for three years, proving its quality and reputation as one of the best spin bikes on the market based on facts.

Additionally, the Life Fitness ICG IC4 indoor cycling bike has the cycling industry’s leading q factor. Featuring a narrow 155mm q factor makes this ICG indoor cycle a favorite of elite cyclists and spin class instructors.

But that’s just the beginning. We’ll cover everything you need to know in our full Life Fitness IC4 exercise bike review below. For start, you need to know that the Life Fitness IC4 is commercial quality.

The Life Fitness IC4 indoor bike is a high-quality cycle ideal for spinning classes and anyone else seeking to improve their spinning workout level. Again, its magnetic resistance combined with the belt drive system makes for an exceptionally smooth ride.

Among Life Fitness ICG IC4 spin bike major advantages, center cutout seat keeps you cool while the SPD pedals allow you to wear clipless cycling shoes. This indoor bike is perfect for a daily intense and basic cardio routine.

Life Fitness ICG Bikes Comparison

Discover the Ultimate Comparison: Life Fitness Indoor Cycles from IC1 to IC8! Find out which model suits your needs best with our comprehensive breakdown of features, pricing, and verdicts. From monitor capabilities to pedal types, adjustment options, resistance systems, and added extras, we've got you covered.
Life Fitness IC1 Indoor Cycle$400 Overpriced at $900Backlit with RPM reading (sold separately)Toe-cageVertically adjustableFriction ResistanceDurable Built
Life Fitness IC2 Indoor Cycle$400 Overpriced at $1000Backlit with RPM reading (sold separately)SPD dual-sidedVertically adjustableFriction ResistanceDurable Built
Life Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycle$550 Overpriced at $1200ANT+, Backlit with RPM reading (sold separately)SPD dual-sidedFully adjustableFriction ResistanceConvenient bottle holders
Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycle$500 Overpriced at $1500No monitor for this modelSPD dual-sidedFully adjustableMagnetic ResistanceConvenient bottle holders
Life Fitness IC5 Indoor CycleGood Value at $1900ANT+ and Bluetooth, backlit with RPM and Direct WattSPD dual-sidedFully adjustableMagnetic ResistanceDirect watt tracking
Life Fitness IC6 Indoor CycleGood Value at $2000Self-powered, ANT+ and Bluetooth, backlit with RPM and Direct WattSPD dual-sidedFully adjustableMagnetic ResistanceDirect watt tracking
Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle$500 Overpriced at $2700Self-powered, ANT+ and Bluetooth, backlit with RPM and Direct WattSPD dual-sidedFully adjustable and Gas-assisted technologyMagnetic ResistanceToothed belt and direct watt
Life Fitness IC8 Indoor Cycle$700 Overpriced at $3500Self-powered, ANT+ and Bluetooth, backlit with RPM and Direct WattSPD dual-sidedFully adjustable and Gas-assisted technologyMagnetic ResistanceRight and left leg power balance, Free-wheel

Life Fitness has manufactured 8 models of indoor cycling bikes. From the most basic model which is Life Fitness IC1 to the most recent model, the Life Fitness IC8, each one of them has its differences, pros and cons.

As for the Life Fitness IC4, it is the first model in the series that was designed with magnetic resistance system. The other three models before the IC4 (IC1, IC2, and IC3) were designed with wool-pad friction resistance system and front drive heavy flywheels. For when they were built, they were considered top-notch but in 2022 they are consider outdated.

Although the Life Fitness IC4 is not an outdated indoor bike yet, it is really overpriced when compared to other companies like Peloton, Nordictrack, and Echelon.

The Life Fitness IC4 model does not have a monitor. and it is not compatible with the popular ICG Couch by Color monitor, but it does come with a phone holder to allow you to use your own device on the bike.

You can read more about the monitor solutions below in this ICG IC4 review. However, if you want a Life Fitness spin bike with a monitor and can stretch your budget to $1900, you can check out the IC5 cycle.

There is also the IC6 which cost a little more but doesn’t have enough to justify the price tag in 2022. The IC7 on the other hand is a great spin bike but it has issue connecting with third party applications. And as you would expect, my favourite indoor cycle from Life Fitness is the IC8 which is the recent bike by the company. But it comes with such a high price tag that makes me consider alternative modes.

So, basically in 2022, I don’t think I would buy a Life Fitness indoor bike. Not because they are not good exercise bikes, but because there are better options on the market. Here I will list a few Life Fitness IC4 alternative indoor bikes that would cost less or around the same price but have more features.

Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Bike Alternatives (2022)

In 2016 when there weren’t that many different types of indoor cycling bikes on the market, and one in particular that seems to be gaining a lot of popularity was the Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Bike. At the time, the ICG 4 indoor bike was known for its comfortable ride and multitude of features.

However, in 2022 for the $1500 price tag, the Life Fitness IC4 is too expensive and can be intimidating for many people. The competition in indoor cycling industry has changed drastically in the last 7 years and today there are many better indoor bikes than IC4 for the price.

I am going to point out four different models of indoor cycling bikes that I think are affordable alternative to the Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Bike. Here are fourth different spinning bikes that are comparable in quality and price but have more features.

The Peloton Bike Original and the Nordictrack S15i are both great choices. The Schwinn IC4 indoor bike is also a good option, and Diamondback 1260 bike offers a similar experience to the Life Fitness IC4.

However, if you’re looking for the best possible workout and virtually cycling classes, you should consider opting for the Peloton Bike Original or the Nordictrack S15i.

Although they often cost less than Life Fitness IC4, they both have HD touchscreen monitors and the technology to synch with iFit and Peloton application.

Both of these indoor cycling exercise bikes offer a high-quality workout experience that is sure to get you in shape in no time.

No matter which one of these Life Fitness IC4 alternatives you go with, you are sure to get more and spend less than what you would spend on a Life Fitness IC4 exercise bike.

You should know that I have nothing against Life Fitness and I think it’s one of the top-notch spin bike brands on the market. But if they want to compete on the market with their basic indoor bikes (from IC1 to IC5) they should lower their prices.

Diamondback 1269$999Zwift + more3-inch LCDManual magneticNoNo
Schwinn IC4$999Zwift + more3-inch LEDManual magneticNoNo
Nordictrack S15i$1499iFitSwivel 15-inchAutomatic magneticYesYes
Peloton Original$1599PelotonSwivel 22-inchManual magneticNoNo
Life Fitness IC4 Model alternatives

Technical Information:

IC4 Specs:

  • Height: 47.2″
  • Width: 20.5″
  • Length: 52″
  • Bike Weight: 110 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 330 Pounds
  • Inseam Capacity: 27″ to 40″
  • Shipping Weight: 130 Pounds
  • Stretch pads: Yes
  • Floor protection levelers: Yes

The IC4 by Life Fitness features a relatively compact design and it has durable wheels for easy mobility. Therefore, you can use the bike in the living room and store it in another room easily.

Team ICG 4 bike weighs 110 pounds and it is completely shrouded which offers long-lasting durability and less maintenance. Every bit of the bike is covered with a durable plastic guard to prevent humidity, sweat, and dust from entering the bearings and drive-train.

Additionally, the plastic cover keeps kids’ naughty fingers away from sharp edges and holes. So, if you have kids in the house, you will have peace of mind knowing all the sharp corners are covered.

But that is not all the benefits of the IC4’s shrouded frame. These covers are fairly easy to clean after cycling and have a nice combination of colors to make your room look even nicer.

With the unique frame shape, the ICG IC4 exercise bike does not let the sweat run toward the drive mechanism. How? Unlike any other bike, the ICG 4 frame is steeped toward the front of the bike, not the middle or rear.

You will have very little and easy cleaning to do after an indoor cycling session. Combined with the modern design and high-grade mechanical components, the IC4 exercise bike provides a comfortable premium riding experience.

Last but not least in this section is the stretch pads and the floor protection levelers. Before exercise, you can warm up your lower body using the stretch pads and the adjustable levelers to have a solid ride on uneven floors.

Bike Monitor:

IC4 monitor
  • The IC4 indoor cycle comes without a monitor.
  • It is not compatible with MyRide VX Personal.
  • Find the computer solution for the ICG IC4 exercise bike below.
  • IC4 bike has a tablet holder built-on the handlebars.

Reading this IC4 indoor cycling bike review, you already know the ICG 4 bike comes without a console and it is compatible with MyRide VS Personal tablet. But here is what you may not know.

You can use this quality bike without paying for technology you may not need. But if you do want to track your progress and join indoor cycling Apps such as Zwift, you can use a pair of watt pedals.

They cost anywhere from $400 to $800 and easily replace your IC4’s pedals. Featuring Bluetooth and ANT/+ connectivity, they pair up with your smart devices (tablet, phone, TV, etc).

Depending on the model of the pedals, you can track your RPM, Watts, speed, time, distance and a few other useful metrics. Wearing a chest strap, you can also track your heart rate.

As a matter of fact, if you want to ride and compete online, we recommend the ICG spin bike IC4 instead of IC5, IC6 or IC7 bike. Because they cost $2000 to $3000, yet, they can’t pair up with popular cycling Apps such as Zwift. Spending $1400 for the IC4 bike and $500 for the pedals, you can ride this bike with any cycling apps you like.

Note: If you don’t want to spend much, you can buy a Bluetooth Wahoo RPM/Cadence sensor and enjoy your ride on the spinning apps online. It doesn’t track your watts as pedals do but it costs less than $40.

Pedals and Q-factor:

Life Fitness IC4 pedals
  • Life Fitness IC4 pedals are SPD on one side.
  • And toe cage for regular shoes on the other side.
  • The IC4 Q factor is 155mm.

The Life Fitness ICG IC4 exercise bike features dual-sided SPD compatible pedals. You have the option to use your regular gym shoes or wear specific cycling shoes for a more intense and safer indoor cycling workout.

Looking at the ICG IC4 exercise bike review across the web, one thing that you find in common that most experts talk about is the Life Fitness Q-factor technology.

This fitness equipment company uses expert and skilled engineers to create ergonomic machines. From top to bottom, they make sure the exercise machine is comfortable and safe for the user.

And that is one of the reasons, the ICG IC4 indoor bike is a little more expensive than some other bikes. Featuring a narrow q-factor that eliminates unnecessary pressure on your joints.

In case you are new to the indoor cycling world, the distance between the two pedals is called the q-factor. Too much distance between the pedals keeps your feet wider than your hips and knees.

Therefore, you might feel extra pressure and sometimes it can even cause injuries for the knees and ankles. But thankfully you don’t need to worry about this issue when buying this Life Fitness spin bike. Because Life Fitness stationary bike IC4 has a narrow industry-leading q factor.

IC4 Flywheel:

Life Fitness IC 4 flywheel
  • IC4 flywheel weighs 9 pounds.
  • The flywheel materials are aluminum.
  • This Life Fitness bike has a fixed-wheel mechanism.
  • Life Fitness exercise bike IC4 features a rear, evenly-weighted flywheel.
  • There is a full flywheel protection guard for safety.

You might think that the spin bike flywheel needs to be heavy for every kind of bike, but that’s not always the case. In two cases the weight of the flywheel is an important factor.

When the bike has a friction resistance system or when it has magnetic but does not have two small pulleys combined with a big ring pulley. You will learn more about this in the drive section below in this Life Fitness exercise bike review.

With a 9-pound flywheel, the ICG series IC4 flywheel provides a truly unique high-speed inertia. And that is exactly one of the reasons some of the world’s most professional cyclists choose the Life Fitness indoor bikes for exercise.

The flywheel on the IC4 indoor cycle is in the back of the bike which is great because it is away from the sweat zone and it is also easier to clean, unlike spin bikes with the flywheel in front of the frame.

All around the flywheel is protected by a durable plastic guard. It keeps the curious finger away and protects the flywheel when moving the bike. It is a well-thought detail that can be found on this and other Life Fitness ICG exercise bikes.

As I mentioned earlier in this Life Fitness IC4 reviews, the flywheel is fixed, unlike Life Fitness IC8 that has the smart release. What it means is that the flywheel and the pedals move and stop together.

So, when you are riding the bike, you can not immediately jump off the bike in case of emergency, you need to wait for the flywheel to stop turning. Then you can take a two-second break to refresh after HIIT session.

The smart release works similar to outdoor bicycles. Even when you stop pedaling the wheels/tires keep turning. Unfortunately, most spin bikes under $2000 don’t have the smart release system. For now, the only Life Fitness ICG spin bike with smart release technology is the IC8 bike.

ICG 4 Resistance:

IC4 resistance
  • The IC4 bike has a magnetic resistance system.
  • ICG IC4 cycling bike features an easy to use and reach lever adjustment (no knob).
  • There is one hundred resistance levels to meet all users’ needs.
  • But unlike Life Fitness IC5, there is no monitor to see your resistance level.

One of the selling factors of the Life Fitness ICG IC4 cycle is the magnetic resistance system. This service-free technology provides a substantial resistance range.

It is friction-free and doesn’t come in contact with the flywheel. Therefore, it doesn’t make any noise no matter how challenging the resistance is. You can watch TV or listen to music while cycling without having to put the volume up.

Your partner also wouldn’t be disturbed if she/he is resting or relaxing while you are cycling. Additionally, the Eddy Current magnetic resistance tends to provide a smoother and more consistent ride compared to the majority of friction bikes.

Overall magnetic resistance is a great feature. Especially, if you live in apartments and would like to do spinning workout early morning or late evenings.

There is one last special feature about this Life Fitness bike’s resistance. And it is the resistance lever/shaft that allows quick adjustment. Located directly beneath the handlebar, the vertical adjustment lever is easy to reach from all riding positions.

As you might have read the Life Fitness Indoor bike reviews across the web, this bike has 100 precise resistance levels. But unfortunately, the IC4 bike doesn’t have the Coach by Color monitor. So, you can not see which resistance level you are cycling on.

Life Fitness IC4 Drive-System:

IC4 drivetrain
  • Life Fitness IC4 indoor cycle has a single belt drivetrain.
  • It has a durable Poly-V belt which does not stretch easily.
  • IC4 cycle has a dual pulley system with 1:10 gear ratio.
  • Drivetrain and bearings feature full protection guard.

The Poly-V belt can transfer extreme levels of torque smoothly. It also has less maintenance and noise compared to chain-driven spin bikes because it is one piece and not 100 pieces of plates, rollers, and pins.

But belt drive system is not a huge deal these days since almost all indoor cycling bikes feature belt drive system. What is really special about this Life fitness exercise bike is the quality and design of the drive-train.

Featuring car-grade Poly-V belt, it is safe to say that you won’t be dealing with a stretched belts for years. Unfortunately, that is a common issue if you buy a cheap spin bike.

As for the drive mechanism design, this ICG spin bike features a top of the line 1:10 gear ratio system. It means, the belt-ring will make 1 turn for every 10 turns of the small pulleys that are attached to the flywheel.

And that is how this Life Fitness exercise bike manages to generate an incredibly fast flywheel speed and smooth 360 pedal strokes without the need for a heavy flywheel.

Handlebars and Seat:

Team ICG IC4 Seat handlebars
  • ICG IC4 Life Fitness handlebars feature Gas-assisted technology.
  • The handlebars are 4-way adjustable and feature Ergo-formed, multi-position, soft PVC.
  • IC4 has easy to reach dual water bottle holder integrated on the handlebar.
  • This Life Fitness cycle features pin-to-lock adjustment.
  • Life Fitness IC4 seat is unisex and has a center cutout for extra comfort.
  • Four-way adjustable seat.
  • Seat and handlebar posts & sliders Aluminum.
  • Handlebar and seat are marked for easy adjustment.

Normally, I only mention if the seat and handlebars are adjustable. But the Life Fitness IC4 bike has so many great little details that wouldn’t be fair if I ignore them and don’t mention them.

The seat and handlebars are adjusted quickly with a unique pull-pin system. The four-grip position handlebars are great for utilizing different riding positions.

To make the handlebar adjustments even simpler and easier, the Life Fitness came up with the “Gas Assisted” system. Meaning when you pull the adjustment pin, the handlebars extend vertically.

The handlebars are also completely customizable to the rider of all heights. The handlebars themselves provide the user with four different grip positions to accommodate riding styles.

There are two large and easy to reach water bottle holders built on the handles that can hold your water and some accessories such as keys, phones, etc. They also have soft PVC cover for extra comfort during longer rides.

While the IC4 does not have arm-rests, the handlebars also flat curves to support your elbows during triathlon/Time Trail position. They are not as comfortable as but they are better than round bars which is what you find on most spin bikes.

For now, the only Life Fitness ICG exercise bike with built-in arm-rest is the IC8 and that bike around $3500. As far as the seat goes, you get top of the line performance saddle with this Life Fitness exercise bike.

IC4 cycling bike has a padded and comfortable unisex saddle that has a center cutout to minimize the pressure and provide support for the riders. It also helps to keep you cool during summer indoor cycling rides.

Last but not least is the materials of posts that many people overlook when buying spin bikes. All the posts and sliders are made of aluminum which makes it durable, rust resistance, and lightweight for effortless adjustment.

IC4 Bike Price and Warranty:

  • Life Fitness IC4 price is around $1400 which is $500 cheaper than IC5.
  • The Life Fitness IC4’s warranty includes:
  • 5 Years structural frame
  • 3 Years mechanical components
  • 1 Year other parts
  • 1 year labor

Clicking on the link, you can see the price for IC4 bike on Amazon. But I want to mention here is a few things that you might come across when buying the Life Fitness IC4 spin bike from other retailers.

I personally just searched for the Life Fitness IC4’s price and I found various results because some websites are selling the bike more expensive than the price on Amazon.

Now it is up to you where you buy this Life Fitness exercise bike, but keep in mind that on Amazon it is less than $1500 and your investment is often safer by Amazon.

As you read earlier in this Life Fitness bike review, the warranty is EXCELLENT. For this price range, it is not so easy to find a spin bike with 3-year mechanical component warranty.

But I am not suprised because unlike the majority of other bikes in this price tag, the ICG 4 is made for commercial use. So, it has to be tough and sturdy to handle hours of daily use by experts and instructors who love to push to their limits.

To order parts for a unit under warranty, you must first create an account on Then you can enter the product’s serial number and the part number to easily do a search and find the needed part.

You can also contact the “Home equipment service and parts” directly. Here is the phone number: 1.800.351.3737. They are available from Mon-Fri. 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. CST.

If you are no longer covered by the warranty and you need a part, you can contact the same number. The International costumers can contact the “1.847.288.3700”.

Assembly and shipping:

  • This Life Fitness indoor cycling bike ships in one single box that weighs 130 pounds.
  • The shipping is free for ICG 4 indoor cycle.
  • Life Fitness IC4 assembly is very easy but it is not included.
  • The Life Fitness IC4 manual and assembly tools are included.

Pretty much all ICG cycles are easy to assemble because they all come mainly pre-assembled. Lucky you, the Life Fitness IC4 assembly is even easier because this bike does not have a console.

So, all you need to do is to attack the front and rear base supports, the handlebars, seat, and the pedals. The drive-train, flywheel, crank-arms, magnets and the rest of the bike come assembled.

Note that it is much easier to put the bike together if you do it in two. Last but not least, the Life Fitness ICG IC4 shipping is free when buying from Amazon. Here is a link to the manual, follow it for easier assembly.

Life Fitness IC4 Pros:

ICG Group Cycling IC4

Q factor
With no doubt, the Life Fitness IC4 spin bike has the industry-leading q factor. Like every other detail of this cycle, the q factor is biomechanically correct to provide a safer cardio exercise.

Off-set frame
Life Fitness ICG indoor cycling bikes feature V-shape frame which is similar to Keiser M Series bikes. The good aspect of this design is that all users including tall riders can set up the bike to have a bio-mechanically correct position.

  • Gas-assisted handlebars provide easy and quick adjustment.
  • The ergo-formed handlebars feature unique curves and soft PVC coding to reduce the pressure on the rider’s hands.
  • The handlebars offer road riding, mountain biking, and time triathlon hand positions.
  • Poly-V belt has fewer break downs, creates less noise and delivers ultra-smooth rides.
  • Featuring a unisex comfort performance saddle with a center cutout to reduce pressure and provide the needed support for the riders.
  • Magnetic resistance offers a silent smooth ride with gradual resistance changes over a wide range.
  • Commercial quality
  • Generous warranty
  • Dual-sided SPD compatible pedals.
  • Dial and levers adjustment.
  • Aluminum, pin-to-lock adjustment.
  • Dual water bottle holders integrated on the handlebar.

Life Fitness IC4 Cons:


The only design issue I was able to find about the Life Fitness IC4 bike is that the handlebar needs tightening up once every few months. It requires unscrewing 3 bolts of the handle slider and tightening the bolt that connects the handle to the handle post which is pretty easy. Note that not all the people who purchased the IC4 bike have experienced this issue.

I understand this ICG bike is cheaper than a few other ICG cycles which is why it does not have the popular ICG Couch by Color computer. But it would have been nice to receive some sort of monitor to track the RPM, Watts, Heart Rate, Time, Distance or Speed.

  • IC4 is not compatible with the ICG Training Apps.
  • Life Fitness IC4 is not compatible with Myride VX Personal tablet.

Final Word on Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycle:

Life Fitness IC4

Indoor cycling is really fun with the Life Fitness IC4 cycle. This bike provides the speed, quality, and sturdiness that is needed to get a solid workout in the comfort of your home.

Designed for spin classes, it has all the features and functions to provide a comfortable and safe indoor cycling workout. From 100 resistance levels to SPD pedals, the Life Fitness IC4 indoor Cycle is made to work your muscles and get your heart pumping.

The best spin bike reviews certainly put this Life Fitness product high up on the quality list, and we regard it as the second-best indoor cycling bike option on our top spin bike list, beating the BodyCraft SPX, which really says something!

Check out what the consumers say about Life Fitness IC4 indoor cycling bike and find out if this is the fitness bike to add to your home gym. With power and performance, this might be the best cycling bike to make use of.

Note: If you need to capture the stats and effort of your exercise, then we recommend the IC5 or IC6. The IC5 has a battery-powered WattRate Coach by Color LCD computer while the IC6 cycle has a self-powered Coach by Color TFT computer.

8Expert Score
Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycle

Check any Life Fitness IC4 bike review on this particular Life Fitness product and you will see that they are all very positive indeed – confidence from the get-go. Choose from the mix of red and black, the bike is made of high-quality aluminum and steel and has protective cover all around, which is semi-waterproof to stop the sweat from getting in the drive system. This Team ICG Group Cycling bike is feature-rich which is why writing this IC4 review took days and nearly 4000 words. We highly recommend this spin bike but to make sure it can meet your needs, read the pros, cons and the IC4 bike reviews thoroughly.

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  1. Hello There! I am curious about the cycling shoes I should wear and are compatible with IC4, would you mind suggesting some? Thankyou so much!

    • Hi Marvelyn, there are so many SPD (2-bolt) shoes that you can choose for the Life Fitness IC4. I suggest checking the TIEM Slipstream women’s shoes. They are really comfortable, nice looking, and fit 2-bolt (SPD/MTB) cleats.

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