L-NOW Indoor Cycling Bikes: No Longer Good Value

If you are looking to buy an L-NOW indoor cycling bike, you already know how popular they have become throughout the last two years. And while they are known as L NOW, they manufacture their bikes under Live In Now name.

The L-NOW bikes were officially introduced in 2016 with quite a few budgets spin bikes. And it took some time for them to establish a name for their spinning bikes.  Now, many spinners are familiars with the L-NOW indoor cycling bikes due to their affordability and quality.

11/06/2023 Update
Although the L NOW exercising bikes used to be a great deal in the past, they have lost their status as the best value for the price. This is because while L-NOW maintained the same price for their spin bikes, other companies began offering superior spin bikes at more affordable prices. As a result, we no longer endorse the majority of L NOW (also known as Pooboo) indoor bikes. Instead, we recommend considering Schwinn indoor bikes, Echelon indoor cycles, and a selection of other spin bikes under $500 that we have recently reviewed.

L Now Pooboo Indoor Cycles Compared

Comparison Table For The L Now Indoor Cycling Bikes
L NOW Pro Indoor Cycling Bike LD501- Exercise Bike Commercial StandardMagneticOverpricedDistance, Time, RPM, Pulse, Speed4-Way
35 Pounds
L NOW Pro Indoor Cycling Bike LD577- Exercise Bike Commercial StandardFelt-Pad FrictionOverpricedDistance, Time, RPM Pulse, Speed4-Way
44 Pounds
L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer Belt Drive and SturdyFelt-Pad FrictionOverpricedDistance, Time, Pulse, Speed4-Way
35 Pounds
L Now Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Smooth Belt Driven -40lb flywheel Commercial StandardFelt-Pad FrictionOverpricedDistance, Time, Pulse, Speed2-Way
40 Pounds
L Now Indoor Cycling Bike Smooth Belt Driven (Model D600)Felt-Pad FrictionOverpricedDistance, Time, Pulse, Speed2-Way
22 Pounds
L-Now Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Driven Exercise Bike D770MagneticGood ValueDistance, Time, Pulse, Speed2-Way
29 Pounds
L NOW Upright Bike Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Indoor Stationary Bike D808MagneticOverpricedDistance, Time, RPM, Calories, Speedtilt
9 Pounds

Top 7 LNOW indoor exercise bikes for home use

1. Professional Indoor Cycling Bike With LCD (LD-501)

 out of stock

The top of the line bike by L-Now is this fully commercial D501 indoor cycling bike with LCD monitor and 35-lb flywheel. This indoor cycling bike is designed to be used in health clubs and cycling studios. Although, if you can afford it, it will make a good spin bike for home.

With 35-pound perimeter weighted flywheel and magnetic resistance, this professional indoor cycling bike by L-NOW provides a real road feeling the users. The heavy-duty steel frame is designed to support up to 440-Lb user weight, which is really unique in the fitness industry. And unlike most other spin bikes, the L-NOW professional indoor cycling bike features a spring to absorb the shock and create a smoother ride for you.

In terms of noise, this exercise bike is really quiet due to the belt drive system. The quality of the belt is also very good as it’s the automotive-grade belt. So, you won’t be dealing with the ripped and broken belt. The resistance is magnetic, which is precise, maintenance-free and silent. The pedals are made from the aluminum alloy and have adjustable straps on one side and SPD compatible on the other side. Therefore, you will be able to use your spinning shoes without changing the pedals.

Bottom line

The L-NOW Professional Indoor Cycling Bike With LCD Monitor and 35-lb flywheel – Commercial Standard is for everyone (short, tall, and average). This spin bike features fore/aft adjustable seat and handlebars.

Therefore, everyone in your family can find a natural spinning position to avoid back injuries. There are also built-in pulse sensors on the handlebars to send your heart rate info to the screen. As far as the LCD display goes, you can track most of your cycling workout stats.

This L-NOW spin bike computer allows you to track the following performance progress stats. Time, speed, distance, calories burned, ODO, RPM and heart rate by hand pulse. Overall it’s a solid and durable spin bike that worth the money. We recommend it for the novice, intermediate and professional cyclists.

2. L NOW Pro Indoor Cycling Bike (LD-577)

 out of stock

There are two L-NOW LD 577 spin bikes. And the only difference is the design of their flywheel (star shape and the regular shape). This review is about the L Now indoor bike with star shape design.

One of our favorite L-NOW indoor exercise bikes is the LD-577. This commercial quality spin bike features a heavy-duty steel frame that has double coats to protect against the corrosion. This indoor cycling bike is built for high-frequency use, meaning spinning studios and gyms. With a 44-pound flywheel, the LD-577 creates a natural 360-degree pedal stroke. The flywheel features a star shape which creates more aggressive inertia compared to regular flywheels.

The resistance is friction and not as quiet as the magnetic bikes but the drive mechanism is the belt. And that makes the L NOW LD-577 quieter than chain drive bikes. To eliminate the unnecessary maintenance, the resistance and the flywheel are protected by a durable cover from excessive sweat. While the pedals are made of high-quality aluminum, they are only sided. Therefore, you can’t use SPD cycling shoes. Although, because the pedal thread is standard, you can separately purchase spd cleat pedals and replace them.

There are two ergonomically-designed water bottle holders on the handlebars to keep you hydrated. And for easy portability, there are two transport wheels on the bottom of the frame. So, you can move the LD-577 indoor exercise bike by L-NOW with no effort around the house.

Bottom Line

L NOW Pro Indoor Cycling Bike LD577- Exercise Bike Commercial Standard can accommodate users of different sizes. With a fully adjustable bike seat and handlebars, all the users can find a natural spinning workout position. The adjustment is done through easy to reach levers, which is better than knobs. The handlebars also have two solid and accurate heart rate sensors.

Therefore, you can stay in a specific heart rate range. Its seat is designed with a deep curve in the middle to provide a good air permeability and heat dissipation. The Large LCD Screen Monitor allows you to track your cycling workout progress. You can see the RPM, time, distance, heart rate and speed on the computer. Although, the LCD is not backlit and it doesn’t save the workout.

So, if you want to compare your progress at the end of the month, you will need to write down the indoor workout progress at the end of each cycling session. Overall the L-NOW LD577 indoor cycling bike is a good value for the money. As explained in the product description, the L-NOW Pro indoor cycling bike LD-577 is built to last and bring results.

3. L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike (LD 528)

 out of stock

Sold in two colors, the white and the black, this L NOW indoor cycling exercise bike boasts tens of reviews. With 35-lb bidirectional flywheel, this standard quality Home spin bike by L-NOW can provide a smooth 360-degree pedal stroke. The steel solid frame and durable components can support up to 300-lb user weight. This L Now exercise bike is designed to offer spinning workouts for novice and elite spinners.

In terms of drive-system, the L-NOW professional home exercise bike features a maintenance-free and quiet automotive-grade belt drive. So, unlike chain drive bikes, this L-NOW cycle wouldn’t need lubrication and adjustment too often. The resistance, on the other hand, is friction and not magnetic. And since the friction resistance works like a brake that comes in contact with the desk, it wears out and makes a bit of noise. Therefore, it’s not as quiet and maintenance-free as the magnetic resistance.

Another feature that we really like about this L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike is the overall compact design. Everything is well thought. There is a large water bottle holder, the tablet holder (designed on top of the water bottle holder), adjustable foot stabilizers and transport wheels.

Bottom Line

One of the selling factors of this spinning bike is the comfortable seat and the fore/aft handlebar adjustment. This Live In Now spin bike makes it possible for people of all body sizes to find natural cycling posture and comfortably exercise.

Therefore, all members of your family can exercise using this bike. The handlebars offer multiple handgrips as well as built puls sensors to allow you to track your heart rate.

This L NOW spin bike also comes with a large non-backlit monitor that tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned, ODO, and heart rate. Overall it’s a good spin bike for at-home cardio workout at an affordable price.

4. L Now Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Smooth Belt Driven C580

 out of stock

The C580, a top-rated L-Now indoor cycling trainer, has made it possible to own a commercial quality spin bike for around $500. This L Now belt-driven stationary bike was released in 2018 and soon after turned into a best seller due to its features, design, and affordable price.

Until now (March 2019) L Now C580 indoor cycling trainer has been rated 5 stars from every consumer. This is very unique, even for $2000 expensive spin bikes. Now, let’s find out why everyone, including some pro cyclists, loves this L-Now stationary bike.

For start, the C580 is a semi-commercial standard which means the bearings, bottom bracket, belt, and every other part is extremely durable and made to last, unlike cheap home standard bikes. The C580 has solid frame and durable three-piece steel cranks arms that support up to 280 pounds in all spinning positions, including riding out of the saddle.

L-Now Pro stationary bike also has one of the best combinations of colors (shiny red, black, and steel) that will work in with pretty much any living room and home gym decoration. It is also corrosion resistance which will ultimately prolong the life of the bike.

The combinations of a 40 pounds inertia-enhanced flywheel and automotive-grade belt deliver a more natural and enjoyable ride. Your spin workout will also be quiet, smooth, and low-maintenance, thanks to the high-quality belt drivetrain.

Unlike chain-driven spin bikes, you won’t have to lube and make a mess on your floor or deal with locked and stiff chain links every week. You’ll feel the difference in your first workout.

Bottom Line

L_Now C580 cycle has felt pad friction resistance system. It is not as quiet as magnetic spin bikes, but for sure it provides more intensity than many magnetic bikes on the market. You can adjust the intensity of your exercise with the convenient tension knob. With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease resistance to choose the difficulty level that is best for you. The knob is also designed as quick-stop braking, you can quickly start and stop at any time after pressing down it.

This Pooboo indoor cycling bike has vertically adjustable no-slip handlebars that offer more hand-grip positions that most of the indoor cycles that I have reviewed in the last years. Additionally, it has pulse sensors and a tablet/phone holder built-into the handlebars. As for the seat, the Pooboo Pro indoor cycle is impressive in its price class. The Pooboo C580 has an ergonomically designed PU center cutout breathable padded seat for optimum comfort and ease.

Lastly, the L Now Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Smooth Belt Driven -40lb flywheel Commercial Standard features stainless steel seat and handlebars posts, transport wheels, and adjustable feet levelers. Note: This Pooboo indoor cycling bike is ideal for 4’9″ to 6’4″ feet tall users.

5. L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike Smooth Belt Driven (Model D600)

 out of stock

The most popular L-Now spinning bike with the highest consumer ratings is the L-NOW D600. This bike has taken a place in our Top 10 spin bikes. With over 30 five star consumer ratings, this L-NOW has been chosen for the Amazon’s Choice Category.

While the D600 indoor cycling bike is a budget spinning bike, it is capable of offering indoor cycling workout for the novice as well as the elite cyclists. With a belt-driven mechanism the L-NOW D600 ensures smooth and quiet indoor workouts. D600 L-NOW indoor cycle has friction resistance but it doesn’t require much maintenance. Because there is a cover that protects the flywheel and the resistance from excessive sweat.

The D600 indoor bike has a heavy-duty steel frame and a 22 lbs balanced flywheel. While the flywheel is not super heavy, it can provide a natural cycling feel for users up to 400 pounds. That’s that something unique for spin bikes under $400. The L Now D600 indoor bike has toe caged pedals and not the spd side. So, if you are thinking of doing spinning exercise with cycling shoes, you need to change the pedals.

Bottom Line

L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike Smooth Belt Driven (Model D600) features 2-way adjustable handlebars and also 4-way adjustable seats. But what’s special about the handlebars is the shape and the hand-grips they offer.

There are racing grips as well as the basic spinning grips. The handlebars are also equipped with pulse sensors. The saddle is soft and has shock springs to provide a smoother and more comfortable indoor cycling workout.

The D600 by L-NOW also features four large adjustable feet levelers to keep the bike stable during all cycling postures. The D600 exercise bike offers a large LCD display to allow you to track the Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, and Odometers. Overall it’s one of the best L-NOW spin bikes under 500 that boasts tens of reviews.

6. L NOW Pro Belt Driven Exercise Bike (D770)

 out of stock

D770 by L-Now is a budget and compact spin bike designed for home use. For less than $400, this indoor cycling bike is capable of providing an effective cardio exercise workout. This spinning bike is compact and has a solid frame that weighs 90 pounds. So, it’s easy for any user to move the bike inside the house. Especially because it has built-in transport wheels.

The D770 home exercise bike by L-NOW features a 29-lb flywheel that can offer a smooth spinning workout for users up to 330 pounds body weight. For resistance, this home spin bike features a friction system that is not as good as magnetic. Because it makes a bit of noise compared to magnetic resistance bikes. However, the D770 is better than many other friction resistance spin bikes because it has a durable cover that protects the flywheel and the brake pads from sweat.

In terms of the drive mechanism, this L Now budget spin bike is as good as some top of the line Sunny Spin bikes. D770 L Now indoor cycling bike features a durable quiet and maintenance-free belt that helps to provide a smooth indoor cycling workout. The pedals of this indoor cycling exercise bike are toe cage/basket and they don’t have SPD side. So, you can’t ride the bike with cycling shoes unless you change the pedals. And in that case, you can buy any of the spin bike pedals we reviewed in this website.

Bottom Line

L NOW Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Driven Exercise Bike features a 4-way adjustable soft comfortable seat. The handlebars are only vertically adjustable which is not something expected in spin bikes in this price range, especially in 2019. However, the handlebars are featured with pulse sensors to allow you to stay within your preferred heart range.

This spin bike with LCD also allows you to tack the Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Odometers, and Pulse. Overall it’s a good budget spin bike that supports up to 330lbs and it’s easy to assemble. Although, if you can afford to add $50 more, we recommend the SV1000. It’s better made and the handlebars are fully adjustable.

7. L NOW Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike D808

 out of stock

If you are looking to also buy an upright indoor Stationary Bike to help the senior members of your family to exercise, the L-NOW D808 is an excellent choice. Unlike home spin bikes, this upright bike requires very little effort to mount and exercise. Therefore, it would also be a wise gift idea for your loved ones who are 50 plus.

Known as one of the best upright exercise bikes, the D808 L NOW magnetic bike boasts many 5 star reviews. Being an upright bike, D808 offers a more comfortable workout. Therefore, senior users can gain exercise bike benefits using this magnetic exercise bike. With a solid compact frame, this indoor exercise bike can support up 300 pounds of user weight. The 66-lb frame is also equipped with two solid transport wheels for easy portability.

And with 8 levels of magnetic resistance, this exercise bike can offer a challenging indoor cardio workout. Due to the magnetic system, the operation on this exercise bike is near to silent. So, you can exercise while your partner is resting or watch a movie during the workout. The large pedals of L NOW Upright Bike Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Indoor Stationary Bike D808 have adjustable straps to keep your feet safely firmed during the exercise.

Bottom Line

Due to the full seat adjustment, most users can find a comfortable upright position using this L-NOW bike. In addition to 4-way adjustment, the seat is also soft and very comfortable. While most upright exercise bikes have fixed handlebars, the LNOW D808 allows you to rotate the handlebars.

Therefore, you can do a comfortable and relaxed exercise or change the handle positions and do a more intense work-out. There are also two well-made accurate pulse sensors on the handlebars to help you see your heart rate on the LCD.

This LNOW magnetic exercise bike allows you to track the heart rate, RPM, speed, distance, and calories on the LCD display. There are also the Recovery and the Body Fat programs that you can use. Last but not least, the tablet holder lets you have your device or book in front of you while burning calories.

Buyer’s Guide – L NOW Indoor Cycling Bikes


All the LNOW indoor exercise bikes mentioned in this review feature the belt-drive system. This feature makes these exercise bikes quieter and smoother compared to chain-drive spin bikes.

Pooboo – L Now

The company has recently started to label some of their indoor cycling bikes as the Pooboo rather than L Now. So, don’t be confused if you come across the word “Pooboo” in this L-Now spin bike review and comparison.


All the 7 home exercise bikes by L-NOW in this review feature computer. So, you can keep track of your daily spinning workout.


Pretty much all the L NOW indoor cycling bikes come with the heavy flywheels to provide a closer to real bike cycling feeling. With friction resistance, the heavy flywheel is an important factor while for magnetic spin bikes, the flywheel weight is not a huge factor.


All the L-NOW indoor spin bikes feature frictions resistance except for Pooboo LD501 exercise bike that features magnetic resistance. (Except for the upright bike). The magnetic resistance spin bikes are quieter and require less maintenance compared to friction resistance.


Most Live In NOW spin bikes come with single-sided pedals and don’t have the SPD side. Therefore, if you want to exercise with cycling shoes, you may as well want to purchase a set of spin bike pedal with clips.

Spinning shorts

When buying Pooboo spin bikes, we recommend you to also consider buying indoor cycling shorts for women and cycling shorts for men. They wick away the moisture, prevent chafing, and provide and soft cushion between your bottom and the seat.

7.2Expert Score
L Now Indoor Bikes, Not Recommended!

Although the L NOW exercising bikes used to be a great deal in the past, they have lost their status as the best value for the price. This is because while L-NOW maintained the same price for their spin bikes, other companies began offering superior spin bikes at more affordable prices. As a result, we no longer endorse the majority of L NOW (also known as Pooboo) indoor bikes. Instead, we recommend considering Schwinn indoor bikes, Echelon indoor cycles, and a selection of other spin bikes under $500 that we have recently reviewed.



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  1. Recently purchased the L Now D 808 MODEL and a plastic piece was missing so l cannot finish the assembly process. Can l contact anyone here in the U. S. to get the he part l need? Thanks

    • The seat adjusting tube is not long enough for my legs or height. Do you offer an accessory extension? Thanks.

      • Hello Marion, thanks for stopping by

        Unfortunately nor we (YEB team) neither the brand (L-Now/Pooboo) offer this accessory extension. If the bike doesn’t fit you properly, I suggest you return it as it can cause discomfort and knee injury down the road.

        I hope it helps


        YEB Team

    • Hi Mike

      Your best bet is to contact the seller to get the missing part. If you bought it on Amazon, I recommend you to notify the company/seller right away. Or you can contact the seller through through this L Now customer service email: “LNOWBIKE@hotmail.com”

      I hope it helps

  2. I’m trying to get ahold of customer service but cant find an email add or contact number. Would appreciate a come come back. Thanks

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  4. where can i get the device to connect to my cell phone

    • Hello Robert, thanks for stopping by

      In order to connect any of these L-Now bikes to your device, you will need cadence and speed sensors.


      YEB Team

  5. My tension rod is stripped out and I haven’t even had it a year ???

  6. You mentioned a device free to help with my purchase and training.

  7. Bought a LD577 in December 2020. The belt has broken and come off.

    How can we go about getting another one?

    • Hello Herman, thanks for stopping by and we are sorry to hear this happened to you

      If it’s still under warranty, you can contact the seller on Amazon or via this email “LNOWBIKE@hotmail.com” and ask them to send you a replacement. Otherwise, you can measure the belt and order a similar size on Amazon or other stores.

  8. Bought a LD577 in December 2020. The belt has broken and come off.

    How can we go about getting another one? When can I expect to hear from someone about this? Have been dealing with this for 2 days and this is first time someone has replied to my inquiry. Is this bike still under warranty?

    • Hello Herman, the bike is under a 1-year warranty, so your bike is still covered. Please contact L-Now (Pooboo) and tell them to send you a replacement belt for the LD577.

  9. Did you get my first inquiry and is their a date I can expect to hear from someone?

  10. I have a bike D808. The wheel does not go round properly. There is irregular resistance. Cure ?

    • Hello Peter, thanks for stopping by

      There are three common issues that can cause this; loose wheel assembly, bad bearings, or unbalanced flywheel. You should also check the resistance cable/wire and make sure it is tight and adjusted. All the mentioned parts are covered so you would need to remove the plastic cover on both side (shouldn’t take too much time) and inspect the mentioned parts.

      Drive system of this upright bike (and in general any manually adjustable magnetic resistance bike) is extremely simple so if you are good with tools, you should be able to fix it (unless the flywheel is unbalanced).

  11. I need to replace the brake pad unit. Where can I order this part?

    • Hello Heidi, thanks for stopping by

      Unfortunately, they don’t have a website so you will need to contact the brand via their email address mentioned in the article or drop them a message on Amazon. They often get back quickly

  12. Hi, received my LD-577 today. Unfortunately, the cover around the petals & wheel is busted. Please respond,
    Thank you
    Myrtle Avant

    • Hi Myrtle Avant, thanks for getting in touch

      Please get in touch with L-Now (Live Now) or sellers on Amazon or direct email at “LNOWBIKE@hotmail.com”. They should be able to send you a replacement pedal.

  13. my owners manual is in km, wondering if i could get a manual in u.s. format i ordered this bike from amazon on feb 20th 2019 with a four year extented warranty. my order # is

    • Hi Carl, thanks for getting in touch

      As far as I know unfortunately that’s not possible with L Now indoor bikes. Did you try to get in touch with the guys at L-Now/Pooboo? They might be able to send one in U.S. format.

  14. How do I get a drive belt for a Cycool W258 Blue Home cycling Magnetic Recubent Exercise Bike?

    • Hi Ed, I assume you already contacted the seller on Amazon but they didn’t have the belt. So, the second best option is to measure the belt (length, and width) and search on Amazon for exercise bike replacement belts. Most exercise bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals use “rubber V-belts” so as long as it’s the same length and width, it should work on your Cycool machine.

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